The Characteristic of life creature is


1. Moving Moving is a movement of thing from fist point to other place. Moving consist 2 parts ; ✔ Active movement is a movement to other place, for example ; a movement on people and animal. ✔ passive movement is a movement not other place, for example ; a movement on plants. 2. Respiration Respiration is a process food fragment and energy discharge. 3. Eat Life creature also needs eat to live which maker into energy source. Beside that, it also functions as a growth and to chage damaged cells. 4. Grow and Progress Grow is a progress of size changes and quantity of cells, meanwhile progress is all changes which occuress for life from an organism. 5. Reproduction Reproduction on life creature consist of 2 methods ; ✔ Generatif methods ✔ Vegetatif methods 6. Iritability Iritability is a sensitivity of life creature concerning stimulus from outside for knowing something which is available on surroundings. Life creatures have been completed by equipment. Which mentioned is sensory, sensory is an equipment of body which sensitive concerns to a stimulus. 7. To Excrete Remainder Substance All life creature excretes remainder substance from metabolism process which occurs in the body. Remainder substance have to be excreted because it characterizes poison, the process is mentioned excreation 8. Need a Contain Temperature Mostly life creature needs surrounding temperature around 0*c-43*c for their life.

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