13+2 Nag|ee Aveuue
Sau [ose, CA 95191 USA
l|oue (+08i9+7-3600 º lAX (+08i9+7-3677
©2005, Supieae Giaud lodge o| t|e Auc|eut 8 V,st|ca| Oidei kosae Ciuc|s.
lub||s|ed b, t|e Giaud lodge o| t|e Lug||s| lauguage [ui|sd|ct|ou, AVOkC, luc.
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lUklOSL AND wOkk
Ol 1RL OkDLk
1|e kos|ciuc|au Oidei, AVOkC, |s a p|||o-
sop||ca| aud |u|t|at|c tiad|t|ou. As studeuts
piogiess |u t|e|i stud|es, t|e, aie |u|t|ated |uto t|e
ue\t |eve| oi degiee.
kos|ciuc|aus aie aeu aud Woaeu aiouud
t|e Woi|d W|o stud, t|e |aWs o| uatuie |u oidei
to ||ve |u |aiaou, W|t| t|ea. lud|v|dua|s stud,
t|e kos|ciuc|au |essous |u t|e pi|vac, o| t|e|i
oWu |oaes ou subjects suc| as t|e uatuie o|
t|e sou|, deve|op|ug |u|tu|t|ou, c|ass|ca| Giee|
p|||osop|,, eueig, ceuteis |u t|e bod,, aud se||-
|ea||ug tec|u|ques.
1|e kos|ciuc|au tiad|t|ou eucouiages eac|
studeut to d|scovei t|e W|sdoa, coapass|ou,
stieugt|, aud peace t|at a|iead, ies|des W|t||u
eac| o| us.
1le sun may be clouded, yet evei tle sun
Will sweep on its couise till tle cycle is iun.
And wlen into claos tle systems aie luiled,
Again slall tle Iuildei ieslape a new woild.
Youi patl may be clouded, unceitain youi goal;
Move on, íoi tle oibit is íixed íoi youi soul.
And tlougl it may lead into daikness oí niglt,
1le toicl oí tle Iuildei slall give it new liglt.
You weie, and you will be; know tlis wlile you aie:
Youi spiiit las tiaveled botl long and aíai.
It came íiom tle Souice, to tle Souice it ietuins;
1le spaik tlat was liglted eteinally buins.
fiom body to body youi spiiit speeds on;
It seeks a new íoim, wlen tle old one is gone;
And tle íoim tlat it íinds, is tle íabiic we wiouglt
On tle loom oí tle mind, witl tle íibie oí tlouglt.
fiom cycle to cycle, tliougl time and tliougl space,
Youi lives witl youi longings will evei keep pace.
And all tlat you ask íoi, and all you desiie,
Must come at youi bidding, as ílames out oí íiie.
You aie youi own devil, you aie youi own cod.
You íaslioned tle patls tlat youi íootsteps lave tiod.
And no one can save you íiom eiioi oi sin
Lntil you slall laik to tle spiiit witlin.
lioa t|e poea, THL l/W,
b, kos|ciuc|au poet L||a w|ee|ei w||co\
/o |ot·oouct|oo to t|o |os|c·uc|ao C·oo·
|s t|o |os|c·uc|ao C·oo·, /|C|C, a |o||¿|oo:
¬o. |s t|o C·¿ao|zat|oo St·uctu·oo:
¬o. |s t|o |o¦o·¬at|oo St·uctu·oo:
|·o¿·oss|oo o¦ t|o Toac||o¿s
T|o |os|c·uc|ao ¬o¬o Stuo¸ |ossoos
T|o |o|t|at|c T·ao|t|oo
|oca| C·ouos
|os|c·uc|ao |ub||cat|oos
Couoc|| o¦ So|aco
|os|c·uc|ao |a·'
|os|c·uc|ao |oaco Ca·ooo
|os|c·uc|ao |¿¸ot|ao |usou¬ aoo ||aoota·|u¬
|os|c·uc|ao |osoa·c| ||b·a·¸
3oo's aoo C|¦ts
|oso-C·o|× |o|vo·s|t¸ |oto·oat|ooa|
Cu· |oots |o t|o /oc|oot \o·|o
|a·|¸ |u·oooao 3o¿|oo|o¿s
C·oss|o¿ t|o /t|aot|c
T|o |o. |·oot|o·

¬o. to Cootact |s

e welcome you anJ tlank you for your interest in
learnin, more about tle losicrucian ÒrJer, /MÒlC.
Your reaJin, of tlis booklet inJicates tlat you lave
felt an ur,e from witlin, a special sometlin, tlat Jrew you to tle
losicrucian ÒrJer. lerlaps you lave alreaJy exploreJ tle vast
sea of metaplysical anJ self-lelp books, pro,rams, lectures, anJ
seminars, anJ you may lave founJ yourself wonJerin, low to
make sense of it all-low to put it all to,etler in a way tlat is
practical anJ truly relevant to you.
You can acquire a lot of information from books, lectures, anJ
classes, anJ you may even Jiscover some very useful teclniques
for improvin, certain aspects of your life. Lut tlis approacl to
self-improvement is always incomplete, because most books,
seminars, anJ stuJy ,roups lave a limiteJ focus, sucl as personal
prosperity, improvin, relationslips, meJitation, spiritual attune-
ment, or Jevelopin, psyclic abilities. /nJ focusin, on one area
of stuJy Joesn't proviJe balanceJ Jevelopment. Tle losicrucian
system is unique-it proviJes a founJation tlat ties to,etler all of
tle Jifferent aspects of metaplysical stuJy, anJ Jemonstrates tleir
interconnecteJness. To our knowleJ,e, it's tle only system tlat
Joes tlis. LnJerstanJin, tle natural laws tlat ,overn all realms-
plysical, mental, emotional, psyclic, anJ spiritual -leaJs to true
prosperity anJ peace of minJ. Tlis is exactly wlat tle losicrucian
ÒrJer proviJes-a systematic approacl to tle stuJy of li,ler
wisJom tlat empowers you to finJ tle answers to your questions
about tle workin,s of tle universe, tle interconnecteJness of all
life, your li,ler purpose, anJ low it all fits to,etler.
lf you've alreaJy spent many years stuJyin, metaplysics,
you'll finJ tlat tle losicrucian system or,anizes tlis information
in a comprelensive way anJ acts as a unique catalyst of skills anJ
accomplislment. Tle knowleJ,e you've alreaJy acquireJ attains
a li,ler Jimension of meanin, wlen you can place it in tle
context of a powerful wlole. lurtler, tlis knowleJ,e also translates
into increasin,ly focuseJ, skillful action anJ attainment in life.
lf you're completely new to tlis area of stuJy, you'll finJ tlat
tlis comprelensive approacl makes your learnin, easy. /s you
pro,ress step-by-step tlrou,l tle losicrucian course of stuJy,
you'll see low eacl subject relates to all tle rest, ,ivin, you a sense
of completeness anJ confiJence in your unJerstanJin,.
Tlrou,l simple weekly lessons tlat you stuJy at lome, you'll
lave tle opportunity to learn useful teclniques wlicl you can
use on a Jaily basis to awaken your li,ler faculties, leaJin, to
improveJ lealtl, better life situations, more larmonious personal
relationslips, anJ an increaseJ sense of lappiness anJ peace. You
can aclieve tlese ,oals tlrou,l a process wlicl losicrucian
stuJents call se|j-master,.
Wlat exactly Joes self-mastery mean: lt means learnin, low
to clart your own course tlrou,l life. How to finJ tle means
to make tle ri,lt cloices anJ Jecisions. lt means seein, your
present circumstances as unlimiteJ opportunities for ,rowtl,
because you Jo lave tle ability to clan,e your situation. lt
means bein, able to take clar,e of your life anJ lelp tlose
arounJ you to aclieve a lappier anJ a lealtlier existence.
Tle losicrucian teaclin,s are not baseJ on tle iJeas of any
one inJiviJual. Lnlike many New /,e movements, tle losicrucian
plilosoply las been JevelopeJ over centuries from tle combineJ
efforts of many ,reat minJs. /ncient trutls are incorporateJ into
practical time-testeJ teclniques wlicl you can be,in to use im-
meJiately. Tle lessons are structureJ in a sequential system to pro-
viJe safe, ,raJual Jevelopment of your natural psyclic anJ spiritual
abilities. Tlis is a sclool of practical mysticism, wlicl encoura,es
you to be open-minJeJ, questionin,, anJ to test tle value of tle
principles you are learnin, by actively usin, tlem in your Jaily life.
ls the Roslcruclan Order, ^|ORC,
a Rellglon¯
No. /MÒlC, wlicl stanJs for -uc:eut auJ M,st:ca| ÒrJer
Rcsae Cruc:s, is not a reli,ion anJ Joes not require a specific
coJe of belief or conJuct. losicrucian stuJents come from
a variety of cultural anJ reli,ious back,rounJs. Lecomin, a
losicrucian stuJent Joes not in any way require you to leave
your clurcl, join a clurcl, or clan,e your reli,ious beliefs.
Some losicrucian members Jo not subscribe to any specific
reli,ious beliefs at all. lor stuJents wlo Jo, we encoura,e
tlem to participate in tle reli,ion of tleir cloice. /s a result,
losicrucian stuJents come from every reli,ious Jenomination,
anJ tlrou,l our teaclin,s, many finJ a ,reater appreciation of
tle mystical principles unJerlyin, tleir inJiviJual reli,ious anJ
plilosoplical beliefs. Tlose wlo Jo not belon, to any particular
reli,ion often Jiscover a sense of connection witl a li,ler
intelli,ence tlat was missin, in tleir lives before.
Tle losicrucian patl incorporates botl metaplysics anJ
mysticism. Metaplysics is tlat wlicl falls beyonJ tle five
plysical senses; for example, intuition, visualization, anJ leal -
in, teclniques. Mysticism is simply tle process by wlicl you
may eventually experience Jirect, conscious union witl tle
/bsolute, Divine MinJ, Lniversal lntelli,ence, or wlat some
losicrucian stuJents call tle GcJ cj t|e:r Hearts. Tlis is not
Jone by aJlerin, to specific tenets or beliefs, but by learnin,
anJ applyin, natural laws wlicl, over time, allow you to
experience Divine or Cosmic Consciousness. Tle losicrucian
ÒrJer Joes not attempt to Jefine tle nature of tle Jeity.
latler, you will remain free to Jiscover tlis tlrou,l your own
reflections. Tlis same approacl applies to everytlin, tlat is
presenteJ tlrou,l tle losicrucian teaclin,s.
We Jon't expect you to accept anytlin, on faitl. We want you
to tlink for yourself, to learn low to Jraw upon tle li,ler knowl-
eJ,e alreaJy witlin you. Wlat we proviJe are simply tle tools to
enable you to accomplisl tlis. Tle losicrucian teaclin,s contain
practical exercises anJ experiments tlat allow you to Jemonstrate
for yourself tle principles presenteJ in tle lessons anJ to access
your own source of inner wisJom anJ ,uiJance. /s you Jo tlis,
you'll be,in Jevelopin, natural abilities tlat may lave been left
Jormant tlrou,lout your life. /lmost immeJiately you'll be,in to
see your life in a Jifferent li,lt.
How ls the Organlzatlon Structured¯
Tle losicrucian ÒrJer, /MÒlC, is a non-profit, eJucational
claritable or,anization wlicl is classifieJ by tle LniteJ States
lnternal levenue Service unJer section 5O1(c)(3). lts activities
anJ services are supporteJ by Jues anJ Jonations receiveJ from
losicrucian stuJents. /fter expenses are covereJ, all aJJitional
funJs ,o back into tle or,anization to furtler benefit its stuJents,
allowin, us to expanJ our services, Jevelop new pro,rams anJ
otler projects tlat will lelp us accomplisl our lumanitarian ,oals.
8e|ug a geuu|ue esotei|c
sc|oo|, AVOkC piov|des au
oppoituu|t, to |eaiu |oW to
cousc|ous|, Woi| toWaids
aWa|eu|ug to oue`s puipose
|u |||e. [ust as W|t| au, aat|-
eaat|ca| ie|at|ous||p, act|ve
aud |uteut|oua| app||cat|ou
o| t|e auc|eut kos|ciuc|au
e\eic|ses |u t|e da,-to-da,
a||a|is o| |||e |eads to a state
o| equau|a|t,, W|sdoa, aud
|ieedoa |u W||c| oue
opeiates W|t| tiue coapass|ou
aud uouattac|aeut. loi ae,
t|e kos|ciuc|au teac||ugs aie
pi|ce|ess iu|es to success|u|
||v|ug, |oi t|ioug| t|ea, l aa
atta|u|ug leace lio|ouud.
Mìchac| !on Kc||, M.D.
1|e Oidei |as g|veu ae t|e
|uoW|edge to |oo| at a,se|| |u
a aauuei t|at l aa, see W|o
l aa, aud dec|de |ioa t|eie
W|at l Waut to be.
Låuarå Burkc
I.S. Army
f|e Pcs|cruc|cn sluc|es cffer
ycu cccess lc c vcsl
slcre|cuse cf prcfcunc
v|sccn ccrefu||y preservec
fcr cenlur|es. f|e Pcs|cruc|cn
syslen cf slucy encc|es
slucenls lc cc||eve l|e|r
||g|esl pclenl|c| cnc cr|ng
cccul c lrcnsfcrncl|cn cn
c|| |eve|s cf ce|ng. p|ys|cc|,
nenlc|, encl|cnc|, psyc||c,
cnc sp|r|luc|.

l cied|t t|e teac||ugs o| t|e
kos|ciuc|au Oidei, AVOkC,
|oi |ucieas|ug |u ae a seuse o|
|uoW|ug cou||deuce
cou||deuce based ou t|e
iesu|ts o| piact|c|ug t|e
teac||ugs. V, |||e so |ai |s a
test|aou, to t|e |act t|at
AVOkC`s pi|uc|p|es aie
e||ect|ve |u ass|st|ug |ud|v|dua|s
to bi|ug |uto aau||estat|ou
t|at W||c| t|e, euv|s|ou |oi
t|ease|ves. l |ave |eaiued,
aud cout|uue to |eaiu, o| t|e
iesouice|u|uess o| ||steu|ug to
t|at |uuei vo|ce W|t||u ae.
l cied|t t||s vo|ce |oi ass|st|ug
ae to success|u||, aa|e
d||||cu|t dec|s|ous to save ||ves
|u a, iuia| aed|ca| piact|ce
aud |u |ea||ug a, c||euts.
1|e dec|s|ou to becoae a
kos|ciuc|au |s t|e s|ug|e aost
|apoitaut act|ou l |ave ta|eu
to date.
Nosa Orobaton, M.D., Ph.D.
Pub|ìc Hca|th Spccìa|ìst
OH 1H£ FH¥5lCAL L£¥£L
Discover low to aclieve vibrant lealtl anJ increase your
vitality. Lxperience more of tle joy of life by acquirin, specific
teclniques to reJuce stress anJ speeJ up your boJy's natural
lealin, processes.
OH 1H£ m£H1AL L£¥£L
learn low to brin, into plysical manifestation tle life
you've JreameJ of, wletler it's lappiness anJ peace in your
personal life, or success in your business. Tle losicrucian stuJies
,ive you specific knowleJ,e of metaplysics, mysticism, psyclolo,y,
parapsyclolo,y, plilosoply, anJ science not tau,lt by con-
ventional eJucational systems or traJitional reli,ions. learn
teclniques for relaxation anJ meJitation, low to use visualiza-
tion as a tool to aclieve your ,oals, anJ mucl more.
OH 1H£ £mO1lOHAL L£¥£L
Develop a ,reater sense of confiJence anJ inner peace tlat
comes from knowin, low to tap into your inner wisJom to
finJ tle answers to life's clallen,es. Tlis inner peace lelps you
remain calm, centereJ, anJ focuseJ in tle miJst of crisis, makes
you a source of stren,tl for otlers, anJ promotes more larmo-
nious personal relationslips witl your frienJs anJ loveJ ones.
OH 1H£ F5¥CHlC L£¥£L
/waken your Jeeper psyclic sense, a natural faculty wlicl
is Jormant in most people anJ only neeJs to be JevelopeJ.
Lnlance tle stren,tl anJ power of your inner bein,, brin, it
to a li,ler stanJarJ of operation, anJ open up a wlole new
resource for increaseJ intuition, insi,lt, creative inspiration,
anJ innovative solutions to problems.
OH 1H£ 5Flkl1UAL L£¥£L
/clieve a ,raJual inner awakenin,, leaJin, to a perma-
nent awareness of tle unity of all creation anJ your personal
relationslip witl tle ¨oneness" of tle universe. Tlis leaJs to
an inte,ration of all aspects of your bein,. lrom tlis spiritual
founJation, from your connection witl tle ,reater wlole, every-
tlin, else flows. Tle losicrucian stuJies aiJ you in Jevelopin,
a workable anJ practical plilosoply of life anJ tle inner peace
tlat comes from unJerstanJin, tle nature of tle universe anJ
your relationslip to it.

acl montl, you'll receive a packet of weekly lessons,
calleJ mcuc¸raµ|s, to reaJ in tle privacy of your own
lome. Tle lessons, about six to ei,lt pa,es eacl, intro-
Juce certain iJeas anJ experiments in a strai,ltforwarJ anJ
simple manner. We ask tlat you Jevote about one anJ a lalf
lours once a week to stuJy tlat week's lesson anJ perform any
exercise or experiment ,iven. lor tle remainJer of tle week we
encoura,e you to perioJically tlink about tle important iJeas
containeJ in tlat lesson, anJ make repeateJ efforts at accom-
plislin, tle exercises. We ask you for tlis simple commitment
because tle lessons are not just a boJy of knowleJ,e, but a way
of life. lf you only reaJ tlem anJ Jon't attempt tle experiments
or practice tle teclniques, tlen you're only learnin, tleory,
just as you woulJ be if you only reaJ a book on low to play tle
piano, but never practiceJ playin, one.
lt takes a special sort of JeJication to quest for tle knowl-
eJ,e of tle Lniverse. lt's essential tlat you test tle iJeas
anJ experiments, prove tleir valiJity to yourself, anJ tlen
incorporate tlem into your life. /s you Jo tlis, ,raJually mere
tleories will be replaceJ by real knowleJ,e, soliJ skills,
increaseJ confiJence, peace of minJ, anJ an ability to success-
fully meet tle experiences of life anJ to create tle kinJ of life
you want.
S,stea o|
How ls the lnlornatlon Structured¯
New stuJents be,in witl a series of tlree introJuctory De,rees
comprisin, an overview of tle losicrucian course of stuJy. Tlis is
followeJ by nine aJJitional De,rees, eacl lavin, its own particular
emplasis. lor instance, tle liftl De,ree Jeals primarily witl
ancient plilosoplies, tle Sixtl witl tle lealtl of tle plysical anJ
psyclic consciousness, tle Seventl witl tle aura anJ tle projec-
tion of tle psyclic boJy. Tle teaclin,s are continuously upJateJ
to reflect our moJern worlJ, wlile keepin, true to tle traJitions of
tle ÒrJer. LnJerlyin, tlis clan,in, lan,ua,e anJ format is a coJe
of natural law wlicl forms tle core of tle losicrucian teaclin,s
anJ wlicl remains constant over time.
Progresslon ol the Teachlngs
Tle losicrucian system Joes not promise instant enli,lt-
enment. To complete our basic pro,ram of lessons, from tle
introJuctory courses up tlrou,l tle enJ of tle Nintl De,ree,
takes approximately five years. /ltlou,l in five years you will
lave aclieveJ a li,l level of mastery over self anJ your environ-
ment, our teaclin,s continue past tle Nintl De,ree for many
years, supplementin, tle basic lessons anJ continuin, to stimulate
furtler Jevelopment.
Tle uniqueness of tle losicrucian teaclin,s Joesn't come
simply from tle boJy of knowleJ,e it offers, but also from tle way in
wlicl it is or,anizeJ anJ brou,lt to life tlrou,l practical exercises
anJ experiments to proJuce a ,enuine evolution in consciousness.
Lacl De,ree covers an important step you neeJ in orJer to benefit
from tle followin, De,ree. Lacl exercise supports, reinforces, anJ
builJs upon tle preceJin, exercises anJ teclniques, leaJin, to
balanceJ, full Jevelopment.

s a member of tle losicrucian ÒrJer, /MÒlC, you
are not simply purclasin, a course of stuJy. ln fact, we
Jo not sell tle losicrucian lessons at any price. ln tle
true traJition of tle ancient mystery sclools, tle teaclin,s were
never solJ, but were extenJeJ to sincere seekers. ln keepin, witl
tlis traJition, tle losicrucian teaclin,s are maJe available to
stuJents as a benefit of tleir active memberslip. Your member-
slip Jues support all aspects of tle or,anization's activities, not
just tle lessons.
Tle tlree main elements of losicrucian memberslip are
tle system of lome stuJy lessons, tle ÒrJer's initiatic traJition,
anJ tle fraternal activities of losicrucian loJ,es. /JJitional
benefits of memberslip are JescribeJ later in tlis booklet.
The Roslcruclan Hone Study Lessons
Tle teaclin,s of tle losicrucian ÒrJer, /MÒlC, are
presenteJ in booklets calleJ mono,rapls, anJ tle lessons are
JiviJeJ into two main sections, tle Neoplyte section anJ
tle Temple section. lollowin, is a Jescription of some of tle
subjects covereJ in tle first five years of tle losicrucian system.
1|e 1|iee
L|eaeuts o|
T|e GrauJ Temµ|e at Rcs:cruc:au ïar|, w|ere jraterua| ccuvccat:cus are |e|J. T|e GrauJ Temµ|e at Rcs:cruc:au ïar|, w|ere jraterua| ccuvccat:cus are |e|J.
Neop|,te Sect|ou
ln ancient times, if you wisleJ to stuJy tle ,reat myster-
ies, you woulJ travel to a temple anJ petition for aJmittance
as a stuJent. Ònce accepteJ as a be,innin, stuJent, you woulJ
be known as a Necµ|,te, anJ you woulJ enter tle -tr:um, or
reception clamber of tle temple. ln tle /trium, you woulJ
receive preliminary instructions before bein, alloweJ to enter
tle main temple itself anJ stuJy tle li,ler teaclin,s. lollowin,
tle analo,y of tle ancient temples, tle early lessons of tle
losicrucian mono,rapls are calleJ /trium lessons, anJ be,in-
nin, losicrucian stuJents are calleJ Neoplytes.
li,lt from tle start, tle introJuctory mono,rapls present
basic losicrucian concepts tlat you can apply in practical ways.
Òne of tle first tlin,s you learn as a Neoplyte is tlat you are a
Jual bein,. ln aJJition to your five plysical senses, you also lave
a psyclic sense. Tle exercises in tlese introJuctory lessons are
Jesi,neJ to ,raJually awaken anJ Jevelop tle psyclic faculty. Tle
exercises presenteJ lere anJ tlrou,lout tle entire losicrucian
system allow you to Jiscover for yourself tlrou,l Jirect experience
low tlese principles work. Topics incluJe:
|||uso·¸ |atu·o o¦ T|¬o aoo Soaco
¬u¬ao Coosc|ousooss aoo Cos¬|c Coosc|ousooss
|os|c·uc|ao Toc|o|ouo o¦ |oo|tat|oo
Lovo|oo¬oot o¦ t|o |otu|t|oo
|ot·oouct|oo to. ¬u¬ao /u·a, To|ooat|¸, |otao|¸s|ca| ¬oa||o¿,
|¸st|ca| Souoos, So|·|tua| /|c|o¬¸
llkS1 A1klUV
ln tle introJuctory lessons you learneJ about funJamental
principles of consciousness. Tle lirst /trium ,oes furtler, explorin,
consciousness as tle or,anizin, principle of matter, anJ explainin,
tle composition anJ structure of matter anJ its vibratory nature.
You'll learn low tle creative power of tlou,lt affects tle material
worlJ. Tlis power is JemonstrateJ tlrou,l exercises in tle tecl-
niques of concentration, visualization, anJ mental creation. Topics
St·uctu·o aoo Co¬oos|t|oo o¦ |atto·
|o.o· o¦ T|ou¿|t
T|o C·oat|vo |o.o· o¦ V|sua||zat|oo
|oota| |·o,oct|oo aoo To|ooat|¸
|a. o¦ t|o T·|ao¿|o
Your unJerstanJin, of tle connection between minJ anJ
matter will now be expanJeJ to incluJe tle connection between
tle minJ anJ tle plysical boJy. Tle SeconJ /trium explores
low your tlou,lts influence your lealtl, tle role of proper
breatlin, in psyclic Jevelopment as well as lealtl anJ vitality,
anJ losicrucian lealin, teclniques. /s you Jevelop your boJy's
psyclic centers, you ,raJually awaken your psyclic faculties,
sucl as tle ability to perceive tle aura. You will also experience
tle mystical effect of sounJs on tle psyclic centers as well as on
tle plysical boJy. Topics incluJe:
C·|¿|o o¦ L|soasos
|o¦|uooco o¦ T|ou¿|ts oo ¬oa|t|
|¸st|ca| /·t o¦ 3·oat||o¿
|os|c·uc|ao ¬oa||o¿ T·oat¬oots
|o·coot|oo o¦ t|o /u·a
/.a'oo|o¿ t|o |s¸c||c Coosc|ousooss
|¸st|ca| Souoos
!. /..
Lug||s| p|||osop|ei, aat|eaat|-
c|au, aud kos|ciuc|au W|o d|s-
coveied t|e |aW o| giav|t,, aud |s
ieuoWued as oue o| t|e gieatest
sc|eut|sts W|o evei ||ved.
Aaei|cau statesaau, aut|oi,
aud ce|ebiated |uveutoi, 8eujaa|u
liau|||u, |||e aau, o| t|e Uu|ted
States` |ouud|ug |at|eis, Was |eav-
||, |u||ueuced b, kos|ciuc|au doc-
ti|ues |u c|ait|ug t|e couise |oi ||s
ueW couuti,.
¸l u´¦´.
. /'.
Geiaau p|||osop|ei,
aud kos|ciuc|au.
l |ave beeu a aeabei o|
t|e kos|ciuc|au Oidei |oi
28 ,eais, a, |||e |as uevei
beeu t|e saae s|uce l jo|ued
t||s e\cept|oua| |e||oWs||p o|
aeu aud Woaeu. V, |e, |||e
piob|ea |as beeu |eaiu|ug
to as| |oi W|at l ueed aud
tiust|ug t|at t|e Cosa|c W|||
piov|de. ¨lett|ug go¨ Was uot
a Woid |u a, vocabu|ai, uut||
about 10 ,eais ago. w|||e l
|ave |ouud t|at oveicoa|ug
t||s baii|ei to ||v|ug |u |u||uess
aud jo, |as beeu d||||cu|t,
l cau ||ud e\aap|es o| t|e
Cosa|c |u act|ou a|aost da||,,
W|eu l ta|e t|ae to |oo|. lt
|as beeu pioveu aau, t|aes,
to a, sc|eut|||c sat|s|act|ou,
t|at t|e Cosa|c liospei|t,
li|uc|p|e o| as||ug does Woi|.
w|t| eac| e\pei|euce o| t|e
kos|ciuc|au pi|uc|p|es Woi||ug
|u a, |||e, l gioW to be a
bettei, aoie g|v|ug peisou.
l aa tiu|, b|essed.
Sharon C. Wah|, Lå.D.
Projcssor oj Nursìng
1RlkD A1klUV
Tle TlirJ /trium moves beyonJ tle plysical boJy anJ tle
psyclic faculties into tle realm of tle mystical. /s you become
more attuneJ witl your inner source of wisJom, you'll become
more receptive to tle subtle inner promptin,s of intuition,
inspiration, anJ illumination. Tlese lessons also explore tle
nature of soul anJ spiritual evolution, reincarnation anJ karma,
anJ tle cycles of tle soul. Topics incluJe:
T|o C·oat |o||¿|ous |ovo¬oots
T|o |atu·o o¦ Sou|
|u·ooso o¦ ou· So|·|tua| |vo|ut|oo
|o|oca·oat|oo aoo |a·¬a
Cooo aoo |v|| aoo |·oo \|||
|otu|t|oo, |oso|·at|oo, aoo |||u¬|oat|oo
1eap|e Sect|ou
Havin, completeJ tle lessons of tle Neoplyte section,
you stanJ at an important milestone in your pro,ress alon, tle
mystical patl. No lon,er a Neoplyte, you are now reaJy to
leave tle /trium anJ enter tle Temple. Your stuJies in tle
Neoplyte section establisleJ tle founJation for tle lessons of
tle Temple De,rees. You lave been introJuceJ to tle various
elements of tle losicrucian system anJ laJ tle opportunity
to practice many of tle principles presenteJ tlrou,l simple
experiments. Now tle Temple De,rees will furtler Jevelop
tlese elements, proviJin, aJJitional Jeptl anJ practical appli-
cations of tle principles.
llkS1 1LVllL DLGkLL
Tle lirst Temple De,ree introJuces tle concept of polarity
anJ its relationslip to tle subatomic worlJ anJ its Jifferin, rates
of vibration. lt introJuces tle full spectrum of plysical anJ non-
plysical manifestation. /n unJerstanJin, of tlese subjects ,ives
you an appreciation for tle system anJ orJer of tle universe, tle
interconnecteJness of all nature, anJ low everytlin, is ,overneJ
by natural law. Topics incluJe:
St·uctu·o o¦ |atto·
|os|t|vo aoo |o¿at|vo as V|b·ato·¸ |o|a·|t|os
|os|c·uc|ao Lo¦|o|t|oos o¦ ||oct·|c|t¸, |a¿oot|s¬, aoo
|os|c·uc|ao C|ass|¦|cat|oo o¦ ||o¬oots
|ato·|a| /|c|o¬¸
Tle SeconJ Temple De,ree explores tle workin,s of tle minJ.
You'll learn low to use your various mental faculties to stren,tlen
your will, eliminate baJ labits anJ establisl ,ooJ ones, tap into tle
levels of your subconscious, reason more effectively, anJ inte,rate
principles of psyclolo,y anJ mysticism to aclieve your personal
,oals. Topics incluJe:
Cos¬|c Coosc|ousooss
Cu· Cb,oct|vo aoo Sub,oct|vo Coosc|ousooss
|oota| aoo Sooso·¸ |||us|oos
|¬a¿|oat|oo aoo |o¬o·¸
||¸s|ca|, |s¸c||c, aoo So|·|tua| |o¦|uooco o¦ t|o Subcoosc|ous
|o¬o·¸ aoo |oasoo|o¿ o¦ t|o Subcoosc|ous
|s¸c|o|o¿¸ aoo |¸st|c|s¬
Tle TlirJ Temple De,ree explores tle meanin, of life on
many levels, incluJin, livin, anJ ¨non-livin," matter, life on
tle cellular level, tle mysteries of Jeatl anJ rebirtl, anJ tle
eternal nature of tle soul. Topics incluJe:
Cos¬|c |u·ooso o¦ ||¦o
|os|c·uc|ao Lo¦|o|t|oos o¦ ||v|o¿ aoo |oo-||v|o¿ |atto·
|oca·oat|oo o¦ t|o Sou|
T·aos|t|oo o¦ t|o Sou|
|o|t|at|c /sooct o¦ Loat|
Tle lourtl Temple De,ree introJuces losicrucian ontolo,y
(tle stuJy of tle nature of bein,), anJ lays out tle cosmolo,ical
framework for all creation. lt explores tle meanin,, unJerstanJ-
in,, anJ use of symbols as tle lan,ua,e of tle subconscious.
Topics incluJe:
V|ta| ||¦o |o·co aoo t|o ||v|o¿ Sou|
C¸c|os o¦ ||¦o aoo Coostaot Statos o¦ ||u×
T|¬o, Soaco, |o¦|o|t¸, aoo |to·o|t¸
S¸¬bo|s÷|atu·a|, /·t|¦|c|a|, aoo |¸st|ca|
Sac·oo /·c||toctu·o
|. ´´´
Lug||s| aut|oi aud kos|ciuc|au
Vai|e Coie||| Was t|e best-se|||ug
uove||st o| |ei geueiat|ou, t|i|||-
|ug ieadeis evei,W|eie W|t| |ei
ioaaut|c ta|es o|
a,st|ca| |uti|gue.
·´' ¹.''.l
wi|tei, ed|toi, pi|utei,
aud kos|ciuc|au.
¨1|e Adept ou|, couveises at ||s oi
|ei best W|t| t|e Adept. Aiouud t|ea
|s a sacied c|ic|e, aud W|t||u |t ou|,
t|e L|ect aie a||oWed to eutei. 1|e
8iot|ei|ood o| Couseciated l|ves
ada|ts a|| W|o aie Woit|,, aud a|| W|o
aie e\c|uded, e\c|ude t|ease|ves.¨
|¦.´ |.
Ce|ebiated Geiaau a|c|ea|st W|o Was
t|e peisoua| p|,s|c|au to kudo|p| ll.
lll1R 1LVllL DLGkLL
/ mystic, by nature, is funJamentally a plilosopler. ln tle
liftl Temple De,ree, you will stuJy excerpts from tle works
of classical plilosoplers. Your exploration of tle ancient roots
of losicrucian plilosoply will Jemonstrate tle timelessness
of tlese principles. Tlou,lts of tle followin, plilosoplers
are presenteJ: Tlales, Solon, lytla,oras, Heraclitus, Democritus,
LmpeJocles, Socrates, llato, /ristotle.
Tle Sixtl Temple De,ree presents tle plysical, mental,
emotional, anJ spiritual components of lealtl anJ Jisease. ln
tlis De,ree, you'll learn specific losicrucian lealin, teclniques
for restorin, anJ maintainin, vibrant plysical lealtl anJ psy-
clic equilibrium. Topics incluJe:
So|·|tua| L|¬oos|oo o¦ |ooo
3·oat||o¿ aoo |oso|·ato·¸ ¬oa|t|
Co|| Coosc|ousooss aoo Co||u|a· ¬oa|t|
|os|c·uc|ao T|o·ao¸ aoo So|¦-|oa||o¿
|o·sooa| T·oat¬oot to |osto·o ¸ou· |s¸c||c |ou|||b·|u¬
||¸s|ca| aoo |oota| |·ovoot|oo o¦ L|soaso
|¬ot|ooa| aoo So|·|tua| |·ovoot|oo o¦ L|soaso
Tle exercises anJ experiments of all tle previous De,rees
lave contributeJ to your ,raJual Jevelopment, proviJin, you
witl tle necessary founJation for tle aJvanceJ teclniques
of tle Seventl, Li,ltl, anJ Nintl De,rees. ln tle Seventl
De,ree you will learn low to accomplisl psyclic projection,
low to Jevelop your personal aura anJ perceive otler people's
auras, anJ low to furtler Jevelop your psyclic centers anJ psy-
clic perception. You will also receive a tlorou,l explanation
of tle plysiolo,ical, psyclic, anJ spiritual influence of specific
mystical sounJs. Topics incluJe:
T|o |s¸c||c 3oo¸ aoo |s¸c||c Cooto·s
|s¸c||c |o·coot|oo aoo |s¸c||c Coosc|ousooss
¬o. to /cco¬o||s| |s¸c||c |·o,oct|oo
|atu·o aoo S¸¬bo||s¬ o¦ L·oa¬s
T|o ||¸s|ca|, |s¸c||c, aoo So|·|tua| /u·as
|¸st|ca| |o.o· o¦ Vo.o| Souoos aoo |aot·as
Tle Li,ltl Temple De,ree explores in Jeptl tle tleme of
immortality-tle mysteries of birtl anJ Jeatl, reincarnation anJ
karma, anJ tle evolution of tle soul personality. Topics incluJe:
|o|vo·sa| Sou| aoo t|o ¬u¬ao Sou|
L|v|oo Coosc|ousooss aoo So|¦ Coosc|ousooss
So|·|tua| |vo|ut|oo o¦ ¬u¬aos
|asto·¸ o¦ |a·¬a
|o|oca·oat|oo o¦ t|o Sou|
|o¬o·¸ o¦ |ast |oca·oat|oos
T|o |¸sto·¸ o¦ 3|·t| aoo Loat|
¬o|o to t|o L¸|o¿, 3o¦o·o aoo /¦to· Loat|
lf you lave conscientiously stuJieJ anJ practiceJ tle exer-
cises anJ experiments of tle earlier De,rees, tlese teclniques
will by now lave become seconJ nature, anJ you'll be well
prepareJ to successfully unJertake tle aJvanceJ experiments
of tle Nintl De,ree. Tlis De,ree ,ives you tle opportunity
to utilize tle li,lest metaplysical powers in practical ways to
affect positive conJitions in your environment anJ your life in
accorJance witl tle ,reatest ,ooJ. Topics incluJe:
|ac·ocos¬ aoo ||c·ocos¬
T|o |ou· |·|oc|oa|s. |a·t|, \ato·, /|·, aoo ||·o
S¸¬bo||s¬ o¦ t|o C·oss, T·|ao¿|o, Soua·o, C|·c|o, aoo |oso-C·oss
|oota| /|c|o¬¸
To|ooat|¸, To|o'|oos|s, V|b·otu·¿¸, |ao|ost|os|a
Cos¬|c |·otoct|oo, |¸st|ca| |o¿ooo·at|oo
/ttuoo¬oot .|t| t|o Cos¬|c Coosc|ousooss
8e,oud t|e N|ut| 1eap|e
Tle losicrucian ÒrJer, /MÒlC, is not just a course of stuJy,
but a way of life. Wlile tle essential losicrucian teaclin,s are
covereJ in tle first five years, tle exploration of universal laws is
truly a lifelon, stuJy. /s lon, as we live, we never stop learnin,.
Tlerefore, tle losicrucian lessons continue for many years beyonJ
tle Nintl De,ree, proviJin, you witl even ,reater insi,lts anJ
exploration of tle losicrucian principles anJ teclniques.
|¦.´ ¯..l.,
Cous|deied t|e |at|ei o| p|,s|cs, |ad
||tt|e |oiaa| sc|oo||ug.
R|s |||e aud t|e ||ves o| couut|ess
ot|eis Weie eui|c|ed t|ioug| t|e
|usp|iat|ou o| kos|ciuc|au |ustiuct|ou.
·´´. u¦´u´
A Wi|tei aud poet, s|e Woi|ed W|t|
R. Speucei leW|s to ieestab||s| t|e
kos|ciuc|au Oidei |u Aaei|ca. Rei
pio|ouud |us|g|t |uto t|e sp|i|tua||t,
aud eaot|oua| uatuie o| |uaau|t,
Was au |usp|iat|ou to Di. leW|s aud
kos|ciuc|aus o| t|at t|ae.
'' ¯´.ll
Lug||s| p|,s|c|au, a,st|ca|
p|||osop|ei, |at|ei o| |ieeaasoui,,
aud kos|ciuc|au de|eudei.

le losicrucian ÒrJer, /MÒlC, is a plilosoplical anJ
initiatic traJition. /s a member, you are not just takin,
a course of stuJy. You are passin, tlrou,l De,rees of
stuJy, rituals, ceremonies, exercises, anJ Jemonstrations tlat
lave a lon, listorical back,rounJ witl new information constantly
bein, aJJeJ.
losicrucian initiations are rituals Jesi,neJ to mark tle
milestones of a stuJent's pro,ress on tle mystical patl. ln tlese
beautiful rituals, mystical laws anJ principles are JemonstrateJ
in a Jramatic form, in orJer to botl inform anJ inspire tle
losicrucian stuJent. /ll of tle De,rees of losicrucian stuJy
are preceJeJ by an initiation ceremony, written in an impres-
sive anJ brief form tlat can easily be performeJ at lome Jurin,
your stuJy perioJ. You also lave tle option of receivin, tlese
initiations in a more elaborate form in tle ÒrJer's affiliateJ
loJ,es. You'll finJ tlat tlese initiations, wlen conferreJ in
tle Temple of a losicrucian loJ,e witl all officers participat-
in,, are even more impressive to tle psycle. Lotl tle lome
ceremonies anJ tle loJ,e initiations are specially prepareJ to
introJuce to you in an impressive, symbolic, anJ Jramatic way
tle importance of eacl new De,ree into wlicl you are enterin,.
Tle ori,in of initiation is as olJ as tle earliest civilizations.
Tle ancient L,yptians learneJ tlat Jemonstrations, tle perfor-
mance of various acts, anJ tle use of objects, lelp to facilitate
instruction, so tlat tle lessons are more easily impresseJ upon
tle minJs of tle stuJents. Dramas of impressive ceremonies
1|e lu|t|at|c
consistin, of music, spectacular li,ltin,, processionals, clantin,,
anJ colorful costumes become an unfor,ettable experience to
tle participant.
/ll true esoteric initiations are mystery-Jramas. ln tlese Jra-
matizations, ancient people sou,lt to reenact certain funJamental
trutls of nature wlicl tley laJ JiscovereJ. Tlese mystery-Jramas
were somewlat like tle moJern passion plays. ln ancient times,
tle worJ m,ster, JiJ not lave tle same connotation tlat it Joes
now. lt JiJ not mean ¨stran,e" or ¨weirJ." latler, it referreJ to
a unique ,nosis-tlat is, knowleJ,e wlicl was to be revealeJ
to tle canJiJate for initiation. ln fact, in ancient lome tle
mysteries were calleJ :u:t:a. Tle initiates were calleJ m,stae. Tle
latin worJ :u:t:are meant ¨to inspire," anJ :u:t:um meant ¨be,in-
nin," or ¨trainin,." Tlus, canJiJates for initiation were introJuceJ
to an inspirin, knowleJ,e tlat was to make an emotional or
psyclic impression upon tleir consciousness as well as to aJJ to
tleir knowleJ,e. ln a Jramatic way, tle initiation sleJs illumina-
tion upon certain subjects wlicl otlerwise may not be tlorou,lly
unJerstooJ anJ appreciateJ. lurtler, tle mystical aspect of
initiation arouses your psyclic anJ emotional response concernin,
tle subjects you are about to stuJy anJ proJuces an awareness, a
state of consciousness wlicl otlerwise coulJ not be aclieveJ.
No rite or ceremony, lowever, no matter wlat its form or low
it is conJucteJ, is a true initiation if it Joes not Jo tle followin,:
(a) cause you to en,a,e in introspection, tlat is, to turn your
consciousness witlin, to look upon yourself; (b) en,enJer witlin
you a feelin, of aspiration anJ iJealism; anJ (c) exact from you
a sacreJ obli,ation or promise wlicl you make to yourself tlat
you will try to fulfill your aspirations. Tle purpose of losicrucian
initiation is for tle same traJitional anJ psyclolo, ical reasons.
larticipation in initiation rituals Joes not, in itself, make
you a true initiate, anJ losicrucian stuJents are not requireJ to
participate in rituals. You become a losicrucian initiate only
tlrou,l your own efforts, merits, anJ preparation. Tlis means
tlat as you pro,ress alon, tle losicrucian patl, it is tlrou,l
your personal work tlat you will aJvance; anJ everytlin, tlat
you can become, you will become tlrou,l your own patience
anJ perseverance. Lven in antiquity wlen seekers traveleJ tlou-
sanJs of miles to reacl ancient temples so as to be initiateJ anJ
receive instructions from tle Masters, tley unJerstooJ tlat true
initiation-meanin, illumination of consciousness-woulJ
come only wlen tley were prepareJ or reaJy on tle inner plane,
wletler or not tley were in a temple or proceeJin, tlrou,l a
ceremony or ritual at tlat particular time. Wlat was true centuries
a,o is still true toJay. However, it is possible to accelerate tlis inner
preparation, anJ tlis is tle purpose of losicrucian initiations.
A|Wa,s ieueWed, a|Wa,s
||oW|ug |oit|, as |ioa a
coiuucop|a, t|e |uoW|edge o|
t|e Cosa|c ||oWs t|ioug| t|e
kos|ciuc|au teac||ugs. lu a,
aau, ,eais o| aeabeis||p
aud stud,, l |ave |ouud au
eud|ess souice o| ueW aud
auc|eut W|sdoa ou W||c| to
|eed aud caie |oi a, sou| aud
a, bod, aud t|e |usp|iat|ou
to caie equa||, |oi ot|eis.
Ron Sko|mcn, Rctìrcå Dcsìgncr,
Tcachcr, Boatbuì|åcr
ls t|eie a bettei tieasuie |u
|||e t|au to ||ud oue`s p|ace
aud |u deve|op|ug uatuia|
ta|euts |e|p |aiaou, i|ug
iouud oui gaideu Woi|d:
loui ,eais ago l seut |oi t|e
Vastei, o| l||e W|t| soae
s|ept|c|sa aud gieat |ope.
S|ept|c|sa |as vau|s|ed,
kos|ciuc|au piact|ce Woi|s
|oi ae.
Maryrosc Carro||, Scu|ptor
Local Crouµs

le losicrucian ÒrJer, /MÒlC, maintains a system of
local losicrucian ,roups to supplement tle lome stuJy
pro,ram. /s a stuJent of tle losicrucian ÒrJer, you
lave tle option anJ privile,e of attenJin, an affiliateJ loJ,e,
Clapter, lronaos, or /trium Croup if tlere is one in your
area. Here you can enjoy tle company of fellow losicrucians,
lear inspirin, lectures, en,a,e in mystical experiments witl
otler stuJents, anJ participate in beautiful ceremonies anJ
stimulatin, Jiscussions. ln aJJition, you'll lave tle opportunity to
attenJ a variety of special events, seminars, anJ conventions.
No losicrucian member is obli,ateJ to associate witl a local
losicrucian ,roup, but it is li,lly recommenJeJ. Tlis is a special
privile,e offereJ to you, anJ proviJes a unique opportunity to
enricl your memberslip experience.
You may visit a local ,roup witlout obli,ation tlree consec-
utive times. /fter tlat, you will be inviteJ to become a member
of tle ,roup. Members of a loJ,e, Clapter, lronaos, or /trium
Croup support tle activities of tleir local ,roup tlrou,l nominal
Jues or Jonations wlicl are separate from tleir re,ular losicrucian
memberslip Jues.
Many local ,roups offer re,ular Òpen Meetin,s, wlere
members of tle public can attenJ a brief lecture anJ meet
losicrucian stuJents in an informal settin,. To finJ out if Òpen
Meetin,s are offereJ in your area, you may call or write our
losicrucian Croups office at:
losicrucian ÒrJer, /MÒlC
13+2 Na,lee /venue
San Jose, C/ 95191
(+O8) 9+7-36OO
or cleck tle CalenJar of Lvents at:
1|e kos|ciuc|au Oidei,
AVOkC, |as piov|ded a
bi|dge |oi ae |uto a d|aeus|ou
o| |||e t|at l |ad |uWaid|,
aud |uuate|, |ouged |oi but
cou|d uot ||ud |u a|| o| a,
sc|eut|||c aud ie||g|ous
seaic|es. w|t||u t|e teac||ugs
l |ave |ouud au uudeistaud|ug
o| a|| t|e so-ca||ed a,stei|es
o| |||ebi|ug|ug ae |uuei
peace aud couteutaeut aud
g|v|ug to ae a ||g|ei appie-
c|at|ou o| sc|euce aud ie||g|ou.
Lonnìc C. Låuarås, M.D.
Rctìrcå Çcncra| Surgcon,
lormcr Commìssìoncr oj Hca|th,
Cìty oj Chìcago
Ot|ei 8eue||ts
o| Veabeis||p
Roslcruclan Publlcatlons
/s a member of tle ÒrJer, you will receive tle followin,
publications in aJJition to your lessons:
Tle official ma,azine of tle losicrucian ÒrJer. Tle D:¸est,
publisleJ quarterly, contains fascinatin, anJ informative articles
relateJ to mysticism, plilosoply, tle sciences anJ tle arts anJ
is of particular interest to losicrucians anJ tleir frienJs.
Tle ícrum, a quarterly publication, supplements tle losi-
crucian teaclin,s, contains in-Jeptl articles on aspects of tle
losicrucian stuJies anJ answers questions from losicrucian
stuJents. lt is a private publication for losicrucian stuJents only.
Tle Rcse+Crc:x |curua| is an international, peer-revieweJ
online losicrucian journal tlat is interJisciplinary anJ trans-
Jisciplinary in approacl. Tle journal focuses on topics tlat are
relateJ to tle sciences, listory, tle arts, mysticism, anJ spirituality-
especially interJisciplinary anJ transJisciplinary inquiries tlat
traverse anJ lie beyonJ tle limits of Jifferent fielJs of stuJy.
Tle ßu||et:u, a quarterly newsletter, keeps members upJateJ
on national anJ international losicrucian events anJ contains
memberslip information anJ news of current losicrucian activities.
Councll ol Solace
Tle Council of Solace is a ,roup of losicrucians wlo meJitate
Jaily on belalf of otlers wlo are stru,,lin, witl lealtl, emotional,
financial, or otler clallen,es. Tle Council Jirects metaplysical
assistance to tlose in neeJ tlrou,l a unique anJ mystical system
of Jirect lealin, attunement. losicrucian stuJents receive complete
information about tle services of tle Council of Solace in tleir
first packet of introJuctory materials. /nyone, wletler or not
tley are members of tle losicrucian ÒrJer, may request tle aiJ
of tle Council of Solace. To request metaplysical assistance, write
Rav|ug tiave|ed aau, t|aes to
lud|a to stud, ||ist |aud |ioa
t|e Lasteiu Ved|tat|ou aas-
teis, aud |av|ug speut
a |||et|ae atteud|ug NeW Age,
Vetap|,s|ca|, aud Sp|i|tua|
Deve|opaeut, aud R,puos|s
sea|uais, l |ave NLvLk
coae acioss a bod, o|
|uoW|edge as deep aud
pio|ouud as t|at couta|ued |u
t|e AVOkC aatei|a|.
Dr. Dona|å Burton Schnc||
Co-author oj "lìtonìcs lor Lìjc"
Assoc|at|ou W|t| AVOkC |as
beeu t|e best |uvestaeut o|
a, |||e.
Arthur Auc|aìr
Chcmìca| Lngìnccr
to: Council of Solace, losicrucian ÒrJer, /MÒlC, 13+2 Na,lee
/ve., San Jose, C/ 95191 or plone (+O8)9+7-368+ anJ ask for tle
Council of Solace.
Roslcruclan Park
Tle leaJquarters of tle losicrucian ÒrJer, /MÒlC, is beau-
tiful losicrucian lark in San Jose, California. lountains, exotic
plants anJ trees, statuary anJ L,yptian-style builJin,s aJJ to tle
special ambience of losicrucian lark. ln aJJition to our aJministra-
tive offices, losicrucian lark also louses tle losicrucian lesearcl
library, tle losicrucian L,yptian Museum anJ llanetarium, tle
losicrucian leace CarJen, anJ our L,yptian-style CranJ Temple.
losicrucian members may attenJ convocations anJ otler activities
in tle CranJ Temple, incluJin, sessions of tle Council of Solace
lealin, meJitation. Cuests are welcome to stroll tlrou,l tle lark
,rounJs anJ take in tle special atmosplere.
Roslcruclan Egyµtlan |useun and
Tle museum offers an excitin, clance to travel back in time
anJ Jiscover tle mysteries of ancient L,ypt. Tle losicrucian
ÒrJer las tle lar,est collection of L,yptian artifacts on Jisplay in
Western Nortl /merica. Tle museum, wlicl is one of tle lar,est
tourist attractions in San Jose, California, allows ,uests to see tle
fascinatin, objects anJ ritual items tle L,yptians useJ in everyJay
life, wlile at tle planetarium visitors learn about various ancient
civilizations' knowleJ,e of tle solar system. losicrucian members,
alon, witl one ,uest, receive free aJmission to tle museum. Tle
planetarium is complimentary to all.
Roslcruclan Peace Carden
Tle losicrucian leace CarJen is an eJucational ,arJen
JeJicateJ to tle losicrucian iJeals of peace anJ tolerance. LaseJ
on examples of ,arJens from tle city of /kletaton (now calleJ
/marna), tle ,arJen contains plants anJ arclitecture autlentic
to tle 18tl Dynasty of ancient L,ypt, incluJin, meJicinal plants,
beautiful flowers, a reflection ponJ for relaxation anJ contempla-
tion, a small outJoor temple, anJ a ,rape arbor.
Roslcruclan Research Llbrary
Tle lesearcl library contains a remarkable collection of
books anJ otler researcl materials on most esoteric subjects,
as well as cultural, scientific, anJ otler fascinatin, material.
losicrucian members livin, in or visitin, tle San Jose area are
encoura,eJ to visit tle library. We also offer a special pro,ram
of library memberslip to visitin, sclolars, researclers, anJ tle
,eneral public.
Books and Cllts
Many of our stuJents lave expresseJ an interest in li,l-
quality books on mystical anJ metaplysical subjects to supple-
ment tleir stuJies. Tlrou,l catalo, sales, we strive to brin, botl
losicrucian stuJents anJ tle public tle best in metaplysical books
from many cultures, ancient anJ moJern. /ltlou,l not every-
tlin, offereJ is Jirectly associateJ witl tle losicrucian teaclin,s,
all items are carefully selecteJ to larmonize witl tle losicrucian
traJition. Tle purclase of supplementary books anJ stuJent
supplies is strictly optional. /ll of tle information necessary for tle
losicrucian course of stuJy is containeJ in tle mono,rapls wlicl
stuJents receive as a benefit of tleir memberslip.
Rosc-Croìx Inìtcrsìty Intcrnatìona|
Rosìcrucìan Lgyptìan Muscum
Çranå Tcmp|c
Maìn Aåmìnìstratìon Buì|åìng
Rosìcrucìan P|anctarìum
Rose-Crolx Unlverslty lnternatlonal
losicrucian stuJents are eli,ible to enroll in classes sponsoreJ
by lose-Croix Lniversity lnternational. Tlis optional pro,ram
offers in-Jeptl courses wlicl expanJ on certain aspects of tle
losicrucian stuJies. lts purpose is to offer losicrucian stuJents
opportunities for personal Jevelopment anJ spiritual ,rowtl in a
classroom environment unJer tle personal instruction of faculty
members. Tle losicrucian faculty are qualifieJ experts in tleir
fielJs of instruction anJ members of our lnternational lesearcl
Oui 1iad|t|oua|
aud C|iouo|og|ca| R|stoi,

le losicrucian ÒrJer, /MÒlC, is known internation-
ally by its traJitional anJ autlentic title, tle /ncient
Mystical ÒrJer losae Crucis, from wlicl is JeriveJ tle
acronym ¨/MÒlC." Tle /ncient Mystical ÒrJer losae Crucis
is tle latin form of tle or,anization's name, wlicl literally trans-
lates into tle /ncient Mystical ÒrJer of tle losy Cross. Tlere
is no reli,ious connotation associateJ witl tlis symbol; tle losy
Cross symbol preJates Clristianity. Tle cross symbolically rep-
resents tle luman boJy anJ tle rose represents tle inJiviJual's
unfolJin, consciousness. To,etler, tle rose anJ cross represent
tle experiences anJ clallen,es of a tlou,ltful life well liveJ.
Tlus, by our name anJ symbol we represent tle ancient fraternity
of losicrucians, perpetuatin, tle true traJitions of losicrucian
movements from centuries past to tle present Jay.
Tle listory of tle losicrucian ÒrJer, /MÒlC, may be
JiviJeJ into two ,eneral classifications: traJitional anJ clron-
olo,ical. Tle traJitional listory consists of mystical alle,ories
anJ fascinatin, le,enJs tlat lave been passeJ Jown for centu-
ries by worJ of moutl. Tle losicrucian ÒrJer's clronolo,ical
accounts are baseJ on specific Jates anJ verifiable facts.
Our Roots ln the ^nclent vorld
Tle losicrucian movement, of wlicl tle losicrucian ÒrJer,
/MÒlC, is tle most prominent moJern representative, las its
roots in tle mystery traJitions, plilosoply, anJ mytls of ancient
L,ypt Jatin, back to approximately 15OO L.C. ln antiquity tle
worJ ¨mystery" referreJ to a special ,nosis, a secret wisJom.
TlousanJs of years a,o in ancient L,ypt select boJies or sclools
were formeJ to explore tle mysteries of life anJ learn tle secrets
of tlis liJJen wisJom. Ònly sincere stuJents, Jisplayin, a Jesire
for knowleJ,e anJ meetin, certain tests were consiJereJ wor-
tly of bein, inJucteJ into tlese mysteries. Òver tle course of
centuries tlese mystery sclools aJJeJ an initiatory Jimension to
tle knowleJ,e tley transmitteJ.
lt is furtler traJitionally relateJ tlat tle ÒrJer's first member-
stuJents met in secluJeJ clambers in ma,nificent olJ temples,
wlere, as canJiJates, tley were initiateJ into tle ,reat mysteries.
Tleir mystical stuJies tlen assumeJ a more closeJ claracter anJ
were lelJ exclusively in temples wlicl laJ been built for tlat
purpose. losicrucian traJition relates tlat tle ,reat pyramiJs of
Ciza were most sacreJ in tle eyes of initiates. Contrary to wlat
listorians affirm, our traJition relates tlat tle Ciza pyramiJs were
not built to be tle tombs of plaraols, but were actually places
of stuJy anJ mystical initiation. Tle mystery
sclools, over centuries of time, ,raJually evolveJ
into ,reat centers of learnin,, attractin, stuJents
from tlrou,lout tle known worlJ.
llaraol Tlutmose lll, wlo ruleJ L,ypt from
15OO to 1++7 L.C., or,anizeJ tle first esoteric
sclool of initiates founJeJ upon principles anJ
metloJs similar to tlose perpetuateJ toJay
by tle losi crucian ÒrJer, /MÒlC. DecaJes
later llaraol /menlotep lV was initiateJ
into tle secret sclool. Tlis most enli,lteneJ
plaraol-listory's first monotleist-was so
inspireJ by tle mystery teaclin,s tlat le ,ave
a completely new Jirection to L,ypt's reli,ion
anJ plilosoply. He establisleJ a reli,ion
wlicl reco,nizeJ tle /ton, tle solar Jisk,
as bein, tle symbol of tle sole Jeity-tle
founJation of life itself, tle symbol of li,lt,
Trutl, anJ Joy-anJ clan,eJ lis name to
/klnaton to reflect tlese new iJeas. /nJ
altlou,l tle earlier reli,ion was later rees-
tablisleJ, tle mystical iJea was put fortl in
luman consciousness, anJ its flame never JieJ.
Centuries later, Creek plilosoplers sucl as
Tlales anJ lytla,oras, tle loman plilosopler
llotinus, anJ otlers, journeyeJ to L,ypt anJ were
initiateJ into tle mystery sclools. Tley tlen
brou,lt tleir aJvanceJ learnin, anJ wisJom to
tle Western worlJ. Tleir experiences are tle first
recorJs of wlat eventually ,rew anJ blossomeJ into
tle losicrucian ÒrJer. Tle name of tle ÒrJer, as it
is now known, was to come mucl later. However,
tle losicrucian ÒrJer always perpetuateJ its leri-
ta,e of ancient symbolism anJ principles.
Early Euroµean Beglnnlngs
lt was in tle time of Clarlema,ne (7+2-81+)
tlat tle lrencl plilosopler /rnauJ introJuceJ
tle mystical teaclin,s into lrance, anJ from
tlere tley spreaJ to mucl of Western Lurope.
Tlrou,lout meJieval Lurope mystical knowleJ,e
was often necessarily coucleJ in symbolism or
Jis,uiseJ anJ liJJen in tle love son,s of
TroubaJours, tle formularies of /lclemists, tle
symbolical system known as tle Qabala, anJ tle
rituals of ÒrJers of lni,ltlooJ.
Wlile mucl of meJieval Lurope lay in
Jarkness, tle li,lly aJvanceJ /rab civilization
preserveJ a lar,e boJy of tle mystical teaclin,s
tlrou,l texts translateJ Jirectly from tle ,reat
libraries of tle ancient worlJ, sucl as L,ypt's
/lexanJria library. llilosoply, meJicine, matl-
ematics, anJ alclemy were all important subjects
preserveJ in tlese libraries anJ later transmitteJ
to Lurope by way of tle /rabs.
/lclemy-tle art of transmutation-came
into prominence witl tle /lexanJrian Creeks.
lt was tlen introJuceJ to tle /rabs, wlo
tlen transmitteJ tlis art anJ forerunner of
clemistry to Lurope. Tle alclemists playeJ
a tremenJous part in tle early listory of tle
losicrucian ÒrJer. Wlile many alclemists
were interesteJ in makin, ,olJ, some were
more concerneJ witl tle transmutation of
luman claracter. Luropean alclemists anJ
lni,lts Templar, in contact witl tle /rab
civilization at tle time of tle CrusaJes,
brou,lt mucl of tlis wisJom to tle West.
ln Lurope tle transcenJental alclemists-
mystics anJ plilosoplers-sou,lt to trans-
mute tle base elements of luman claracter
into tle more noble virtues anJ to release tle
wisJom of tle Jivine self witlin tle inJi-
viJual. Some of tle renowneJ alclemists wlo
were also losicrucians or were closely associ-
ateJ witl tlem were /lbertus Ma,nus, lo,er
Lacon, laracelsus, Ca,liostro, Niclolas llamel,
anJ lobert lluJJ.
/s tle olJ sayin, ,oes, ¨Tle trutl slall
make you free." Consequently, tlose wlo sou,lt
Trutl anJ attempteJ to expounJ it to tleir
fellow lumans became tle objects of persecution
by tyrannical rulers or narrow reli,ious systems.
lor several centuries, Jue to tle lack of freeJom
of tlou,lt, tle ÒrJer laJ to conceal itself unJer
various names. However, in all times anJ places
tle ÒrJer never ceaseJ its activities, perpetuatin,
its iJeals anJ its teaclin,s, participatin, Jirect-
ly or inJirectly in tle aJvancement of tle arts,
sciences, anJ civilization in ,eneral, anJ always
emplasizin, tle equality of men anJ women
anJ tle true soliJarity of all lumanity.
/s tle lenaissance burst upon Lurope witl a flasl of new
interest in tle arts anJ sciences, a mysterious publication printeJ
in 17tl-century Cermany anJ calleJ tle íama írateru:tat:s
leralJeJ a reneweJ interest in losicrucianism tlrou,lout
Lurope. Tle íama introJuces Clristian losenkreuz, a mytlical
claracter wlo was saiJ to lave traveleJ to centers of learnin,
in tle Near Last anJ wlo personifieJ tle reviveJ interest in
esoteric stuJies anJ mystical learnin,.
/s part of tlis ,reat renewal, tle renowneJ Sir lrancis
Lacon (1561-1626), Ln,lisl plilosopler, essayist, anJ statesman,
JirecteJ tle losicrucian ÒrJer anJ its activities botl in Ln,lanJ
anJ on tle continent.
Crosslng the ^tlantlc
ln tle late 17tl century, followin, a plan ori,inally proposeJ
by lrancis Lacon in T|e New -t|aut:s, a colony of losicrucian
leaJers was or,anizeJ to establisl tle losicrucian arts anJ sciences
in /merica. ln 169+ losicrucian settlers maJe tle perilous journey
across tle /tlantic Òcean in a specially clartereJ vessel, tle
Sara| Mar:a, unJer tle leaJerslip of Jolannes lelpius, master
of a losicrucian loJ,e in Lurope. lanJin, in llilaJelplia,
tle colonists establisleJ tleir first settlement anJ later moveJ
furtler west in lennsylvania to Lplrata. Tlese losicrucian
communities maJe valuable contributions to tle newly emer,in,
- Sir lrancis Lacon, Ln,lisl plilosopler,
autlor anJ last lmperator of tle ÒrJer
/merican culture in tle fielJs of printin,, plilosoply, tle sciences
anJ arts. later sucl eminent /mericans as Lenjamin lranklin,
Tlomas Jefferson, anJ Tlomas laine were intimately connecteJ
witl tle losicrucian community. ln fact, many losicrucians
playeJ an important role in tle ,reat alclemical anJ social
process leaJin, to tle founJin, of a new nation.
Tlrou,lout listory, tlere lave been perioJs of ,reater anJ
lesser activity of losicrucianism arounJ tle worlJ. Wlile inactive
in tle /mericas Jurin, tle 19tl century, tle ÒrJer was very active
in lrance, Cermany, SwitzerlanJ, lussia, Spain, anJ otler lanJs
Jurin, tlis time.
ln 19O9 tle /merican businessman anJ plilosopler,
H. Spencer lewis, journeyeJ to lrance, wlere le was July
initiateJ into tle losicrucian ÒrJer anJ clartereJ witl tle
responsibility of renewin, losicrucian activity in /merica. Witl
H. Spencer lewis as its presiJent, tle losicrucian ÒrJer, /MÒlC,
was incorporateJ in 1915 in New York City. ln 1927 tle
ÒrJer moveJ its leaJquarters to San Jose, California-tle site of
present-Jay losicrucian lark.
Òver tle past 9O years lunJreJs of tlousanJs of people
lave been stuJents of tle losicrucian teaclin,s. lrom tle
be,innin,, botl men anJ women lave playeJ an equal role in
tle losicrucian ÒrJer, witlout re,arJ to reli,ion or race.
Tlrou,lout listory a number of prominent persons in tle
fielJs of science anJ tle arts lave been associateJ witl tle
losicrucian movement, sucl as leonarJo Ja Vinci (1+52-1519),
Cornelius Heinricl /,rippa (1+86-1535), laracelsus (1+93-15+1),
lrançois labelais (1+9+-1553), Tleresa of /vila (1515-1582),
Joln of tle Cross (15+2-1591), lrancis Lacon (1561-1626), lobert
lluJJ (157+-1637), Jacob Loelme (1575-162+), lené Descartes
(1596-165O), Llaise lascal (1623-1662), Larucl Spinoza (1632-
1677), lsaac Newton (16+2-1727), CottfrieJ Willelm leibnitz
(16+6-1716), Lenjamin lranklin (17O6-179O), Tlomas Jefferson
(17+3-1826), Miclael laraJay (1791-1867), Llla Wleeler Wilcox
(185O-1919), Marie Corelli (1855-192+), ClauJe Debussy (1862-
1918), Lrik Satie (1866-1925), anJ LJitl liaf (1916-1963).
ToJay's losicrucian le,acy consists of a vast collection of knowl-
eJ,e wlicl las come Jown to us tlrou,l many centuries to enricl
tle cultural anJ spiritual lerita,e of /MÒlC. To tle knowleJ,e
passeJ on by tle sa,es of ancient L,ypt were aJJeJ plilosoplical
concepts expresseJ by tle ,reat tlinkers of ancient Creece, lnJia,
anJ tle /rab worlJ. Tlen, a few centuries later, tle mystical
precepts of losicrucian alclemists of tle MiJJle /,es were formu-
lateJ, followeJ by tle vast expansion of knowleJ,e wlicl occurreJ
from tle lenaissance to tle present Jay.
The Hew Frontler
/s you can see, losicrucian iJeas anJ our unique process
anJ metloJ of inner Jevelopment lave been JevelopeJ over
many centuries. Tlus, a lar,e number of mystical laws anJ prin-
ciples wlicl are explaineJ in our mono,rapls are tle proJuct
of tle on,oin, stuJies anJ experimentation wlicl mystics of
tle past lave performeJ to pierce tle mysteries of nature anJ
tle universe.
ln tle twenty-first century we feel stron,ly tlat tlese
teaclin,s will play an increasin,ly important role in lumanity's
evolution. Witl fast-paceJ teclnolo,ical aJvancement anJ its
effects upon tle environment anJ tle luman psycle, people
are searclin, for an inner, ever-reliable source of stren,tl anJ
balance. lerlaps now more tlan ever, we are reaclin, out for
unJerstanJin,, for mystical illumination, for spiritual ,uiJance,
for larmony anJ peace. Tlrou,l its unique system of instruction
anJ its lumanitarian iJeals, tle losicrucian ÒrJer, /MÒlC,
offers a beacon of li,lt to all wlo seek tle answers to life's
questions by followin, tlis inner patl to wisJom.
Sc:eut:st, aut|cr, µ|:|cscµ|er, art:st, auJ m,st:c, H. Sµeucer lew:s was ¸:veu t|e
resµcus:o:|:t, cj react:vat:u¸ t|e ÒrJer :u -mer:ca :u 1915. LuJer |:s ¸u:Jauce
Rcs:cruc:au ïar| was ou:|t auJ -MÒRC j|cur:s|eJ t|rcu¸|cut t|e wcr|J.
Lvei, aau oi Woaau W|o |s
capab|e o| t|e aveiage Woids
o| t|e |auguages |u W||c| t|e
|ustiuct|ous aie pieseuted cau
eas||, aastei aud succeed |u
t|e app||cat|ou o| t|e
pi|uc|p|es taug|t |u t|e
kos|ciuc|au teac||ugs. 1|e
Woi| becoaes so |asc|uat|ug,
t|e stud, so teapt|ug aud
attiact|ve |u |ts ieve|at|ous aud
app||cat|ous, t|at aeu aud
Woaeu W|o |ave ||tt|e t|ae
|oi ot|ei stud|es oi W|o
cauuot devote eveu|ugs to
uuuecessai, t||ugs aie |app,
to set as|de a pait o| oue
eveu|ug eac| Wee| |oi t|e
stud, o| t|e aouogiap|s so
t|at |u spaie aoaeuts dui|ug
t|e ot|ei da,s o| t|e Wee|,
t|e pi|uc|p|es cau be app||ed
aud beue||ts cau be dei|ved |u
evei, oue o| t|e|i da||, a||a|is.
H. Spcnccr Lcuìs
¡. )¸r.cr. !r«·;
RoW to
8ecoae a

e corJially invite you to join witl us as we explore tle
marvelous frontier of self anJ tle universal laws of nature.
Ly acceptin, tlis invitation, you will not be a,reein, to
stuJy a mere corresponJence course, but you will become part of a
worlJwiJe mystical association of men anJ women wlo slare your
spiritual interests, zest for li,ler knowleJ,e, anJ lumanitarian
iJeals. We welcome you to a lifetime of learnin, tlat will enable
you to experience real, practical benefits on a Jaily basis.
To become a losicrucian stuJent, simply fill out tle applica-
tion encloseJ witl tlis booklet anJ return it to us, alon, witl at
least one quarter's Jues. Tle Jues rates are listeJ on tle applica-
tion. /siJe from your Jues, no otler fees are requireJ, nor must you
purclase any books or otler supplemental materials in orJer to
aJvance tlrou,l tle stuJies. Wlen we receive your application, it
will be revieweJ by tle Memberslip Committee, wlo will notify you
by mail upon approval of your petition to receive tle losicrucian
teaclin,s. Tlis normally takes no more tlan two to tlree weeks.
lf someone livin, in your louselolJ is also interesteJ in stuJyin,
witl us, please Jon't lesitate to take aJvanta,e of our Companion
Memberslip pro,ram, wlicl offers consiJerable financial savin,s.
LnJer tle Companion pro,ram, two people livin, at tle same
aJJress slare a sin,le set of lessons, ma,azines, etc., yet tley botl
lave full memberslip benefits. lor furtler information about
Companion Memberslip, please see tle application form.
How to Contact Us
We tlank you for takin, tle time to learn more about us anJ
tle benefits we lave to offer. lf you lave any furtler questions about
tle losicrucian ÒrJer anJ its teaclin,s, or if an application was not
encloseJ witl tlis booklet, please feel free to contact us.
13+2 Nag|ee Aveuue
Sau [ose, CA 95191, USA
l|oue: (+08i 9+7-3600
lAX: (+08i 9+7-3677
LVAll: |u|o@ios|ciuc|au.oig
Add|t|oua| |u|oiaat|ou |s a|so
ava||ab|e at WWW.ios|ciuc|au.oig
1le most beautíul and most pioíound
expeiience is tle sensation oí tle mystical.
It is tle sowei oí all tiue science. He to
wlom tlis emotion is a stiangei, wlo can
no longei wondei and stand iapt in awe,
is as good as dead. 1o know tlat wlat is
impenetiable to us ieally exists, maniíesting
itselí as tle liglest wisdom and tle most
iadiant beauty wlicl oui dull
íaculties can compielend only in tleii
piimitive íoims - tlis knowledge, tlis
íeeling is at tle centei oí tiue ieligiousness.
- -|oert L:uste:u
lrinteJ on 1OO% recycleJ, 5O% post-consum
usin, soy-baseJ ink.
Conscience never deceives us and is the true ¸uide o[
humanit,. 5he is to the soul vhat instinct is to the
bod,, vhoever [ollovs her pursues the direct path o[
nature and need not [ear bein¸ misled.
Jean Jacques lousseau
lrencl plilosopler
·. (¡.· ,..~

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