B. Tech.



SYLLABUS FOR CREDIT BASED CURRICULUM (For Student Ad!"tted "n #$%% & #$%#'



DE(ARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING B.Tech. SYLLABUS (re," ed' For the Students Joining III Semester in 2011 - 2012 The total credits required for completing the B.Tech. Programme in is 1"0. SEMESTER III CODE #211 !!22$ !%21& P'221 %!2"1 !20$ (r-ct"c-. %!2"$ !20, COURSE OF STUDY Special Functions and Statistics #pplied !lectrical !ngineering #pplied !lectronics !ngineering Production Technolog( - I Strength of aterials !ngineering Thermod(namics L $ 2 2 $ $ $ T 0 0 0 0 0 1 ( 0 2 2 0 0 0 C $ $ $ $ $ ) echanical !ngineering

Strength of aterials *a+ achine -ra.ing Tot-. SEMESTER I/

0 0 %*

0 0 %

2 / %#

1 2 ##

CODE #20" T2,2 P'222 !202 !20) !20/ (r-ct"c-. %!200 T2/2 P'2$2 !20"

COURSE OF STUDY Fourier Series and Partial -ifferential !quations !ngineering etallurg( Production Technolog( - II Thermal !ngineering echanics of achines - I Fluid echanics

L $ $ $ $ $ $

T 0 0 0 0 1 1

( 0 0 0 0 0 0

C $ $ $ $ ) )

Fluid echanics *a+ etallurg( *a+ Production Process *a+ Thermal !ngineering *a+ - I Tot-.

0 0 0 0 %0

0 0 0 0 #

2 2 $ $ %$

1 1 2 2 #*


SEMESTER / CODE #$01 ! $1, ! $01 ! $0$ ! $0, ! $0& COURSE OF STUDY 1umerical ethods echatronics %ompressi+le Flo. and Jet Propulsion 2eat and ass Transfer echanics of achines - II #nal(sis and -esign of achine %omponents L $ $ $ $ $ $ T 0 0 0 0 1 0 ( 0 0 0 0 0 0 C $ $ $ $ ) $

(r-ct"c-. I% $1& !$00 ! $11

echatronics *a+ -(namics *a+ Production -ra.ing and %ost !stimation Tot-.

0 0 1 %1

0 0 0 %

2 $ 2 2

1 2 2 #3

SEMESTER /I CODE !$02 !$0) !$0/ !$0" !$10 !$!1 (r-ct"c-. !$12 !$1) !$1/ COURSE OF STUDY Tur+omachines #utomo+ile !ngineering -esign of echanical -ri3es %omputer #ided -esign and -rafting 'efrigeration and #ir %onditioning !lecti3e 4 I L $ $ $ $ $ $ T 0 0 0 0 0 0 ( 0 0 0 0 0 0 C $ $ $ $ $ $

Thermal !ngineering *a+ II #utomo+ile !ngineering *a+ %omputer #ided -esign and -rafting Practice Tot-.

0 0 0 %0

0 0 0 $

$ $ 2 0

2 2 1 #4


1"0 C $ $ $ $ / %0 0 0 0 %0 0 $ 1 3 2 0 0 # 1 $ 0 ## COURSE OF STUDY Industrial !conomics Po. !)0& !)!2 !)!$ (r-ct"c-. SEMESTER /III CODE 2 )02 P')&2 !)!) !)!.). %+ . !)00 !)11 !)1$ etrolog( *a+ %omprehensi3e 7i3a-3oce Pro8ect 9or: Phase 4 I Tot-.1$. %redits for I . !)10 COURSE OF STUDY anagement Principles and %oncepts 'esource anagement Techniques !lecti3e 4 I7 !lecti3e 4 7 Pro8ect 9or: Phase 4 II Tot-.ear %redits for echanical !ngineering <III to 7III Semester= Total %redits L $ $ $ $ 0 %# T 0 0 0 0 0 $ ( 0 0 0 0 1.SEMESTER /II CODE 2 )01 !)0$ !)0.er Plant !ngineering etrolog( and 5ualit( %ontrol 6il 2(draulics and Pneumatics !lecti3e 4 II !lecti3e 4 III L $ $ $ $ $ $ T 0 0 0 0 0 0 ( 0 0 0 0 0 0 C $ $ $ $ $ $ ) . . .

e & II 6 III5 SEMESTER /II CODE !)./ !).%.LIST OF ELECTI/ES E.2 !$.0 !)/1 2 )01 COURSE OF STUDY Industrial Safet( 6ptimi>ation in !ngineering -esign %omputational Fluid -(namics -esign of ?ears and %ams ! S -e3ices 4 -esign and Fa+rication 9elding !ngineering %orporate %ommunication <or= #n( one !lecti3e from other -epartments L $ $ $ $ $ $ $ T 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ( 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 C $ $ $ $ $ $ $ E.1 !).) COURSE OF STUDY Finite !lement ethod #d3anced I.2 !).ect". !ngines L $ $ T 0 0 ( 0 0 C $ $ E.a+le !nerg( #d3anced achining Processes <or= #n( one !lecti3e from other -epartments L $ $ $ $ $ T 0 0 0 0 0 ( 0 0 0 0 0 C $ $ $ $ $ .e & I/ 6 /5 SEMESTER /III CODE !).ect". !).$ !)." !)/0 COURSE OF STUDY Industrial 'o+otics %om+ustion !ngineering -(namics of achiner( 'ene.ect"..e & I5 SEMESTER /I CODE !$.& ! ). .) !).

A Higher Engineering MathematicsA Ehanna Pu+lishersA /th ed.A and EapoorA 7.A A Course in Electrical PowerA S.B.#pplication to ordinar( differential equations and simultaneous equations .BinomialA Poisson and 1ormal distri+utions. 2.ith constant coefficients and integral equations. Torque 4 Slip %haracteristics . %hand G %ompan(A 100&. Re7erence 5 1.Ba(esB theorem 4 'andom 3aria+le 4 densit( and distri+ution functions 4 !Dpectation . ?re.*.conditional pro+a+ilit( .con3olution theorem 4 Periodic functions . Selection of -ri3esF !lectric dri3es 4 Indi3idual and ?roup dri3es 4 Factors go3erning selection of dri3es 4 otors for domestic uses. BesselBs equation 4 Bessel functions ) 'ecurrence formulae . %ranesA *iftsA ?eneral Factor(A TeDtile illA Paper illA ining 9or:A %ement achine ToolsA Belt %on3e(orsA ShipsA 'efrigeration and #ir %onditioning.In3erse *aplace Transform .6rthogonalit( propert(?enerating function.A Fundamentals of Mathematical StatisticsA Sultan %hand and SonsA 2002. Pro+a+ilit( . Eataria G SonsA 100&.E.%.SEMESTER III MA#%% S(ECIAL FUNCTIONS AND STATISTICS (4 & $ & $' 4 *aplace Transforms of standard functions 4 @nit Step functionA -irac deltaA functionA deri3ati3es and integrals . of large num+ers .E.alA B.%entral *imit Theorem.S.%haracteristic function 4 %he+(she3Bs inequalit( .*egendre pol(nomials . *egendreCs equation. 2.A Higher Mathematics for Engineering and ScienceA 1ational Pu+lishing %ompan(A 100&. E. ?uptaA J.!qui3alent %ircuit 4 Starting and Speed %ontrol. oment generating function . EE##4 A((LIED ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING (# & $ & #' 4 #s(nchronous achinesF Three phase induction motors 4 Principle of operation 4 %age and Slip ring rotors.*a. $. 7en:ataramanA .'ecurrence relations. ?amma and Beta functions ) For+enius method of finding series solution of ordinar( differential equation.'odrigueCs formula6rthogonalit( propert( .A Electrical TechnologyA 7ol 4 2A S. Re7erence 5 1. Thera8aA B. illA / . 2001. ?uptaA S. Single Phase induction motors 4 T(pes 4 #pplications 4 @ni3ersal otor.?enerating function .

eldingA resistance . $. Plastics 9or:ingF T(pes of plastics .plastic moulding processes.T(pes and PropertiesA patterns . Re7erence 5 ultipleDers and -emultipleDersA S%' and 1. -ra.eldingA Solid State 9eldingA Thermochemical . EC#%2 A((LIED ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING (# & $ & #' 4 #mplifier circuits 4 '.rolling mill . and SmithA E.ires and tu+es.elding and radiant energ( . Sheet metal forming methodsF ShearingA Blan:ingA BendingA Stretch FormingA deep forming. %oupledA Transformer %oupledA -irect %oupledH -ifferential amplifiers.ingF -ra. Re7erence 5 1. Practice on '. Special casting techniques .A Micro Electronic CircuitsA 6Dford @ni3ersit( PressA 200).ances .*. %oncept of negati3e feed-+ac:H Feed-+ac: amplifiers. Parta+A 2..er suppl( and 'egulator. %lassification of .eldingA #rc .S.eDtrusion equipments . %oupled amplifierA 6P ampA #pplicationsA Po.magnetic pulse forming . ).-i3iderA %omparator . & . (R##% (RODUCTION TECHNOLOGY & I (4 & $ & $' 4 oulding sands .forging defects and inspection. Jain '. ForgingF %lassification of forging processes .E. -onald #.%lassifications of castings . illman and 2al:iasA Integrated ElectronicsA Tata c?ra.elding Bra>ing and soldering .forging processes .$. 1eamenA Electronic Circuit Analysis and esignA Tata c?ra. 2igh 7elocit( FormingF !Dplosi3e formingA !lectro h(draulic forming .defects in castings. !DtrusionF %lassification of eDtrusion processes . 2ughesA !. #pplications of operational amplifiers.elding processF Principle of ?as .S.A Electrical TechnologyA !.%.according to mould materials and moulding methods. In3erting and non-in3erting amplifiersH -ifferentiator 4 and I7 con3erter.mechanical high 3elocit( forming.7I ultipleDersA -igital %ircuits 4 -I# and #I.pneumatic .4 T(pesH Sample and 2old circuit -emultipleDersA -ecoder and !ncoders.t(pes of patternsA selection of patterns pattern allo.A Art & Science of utilization of Electrical EnergyA -hanpat 'ai G SonsA 100&.ing of rodsA . SpinningF Spinning processes. SedraA #. -2illA 100".2illA 2002.%.eDamples. 100/.B. ultiplier .%. 'ollingF %lassification of rolling processes . 2.A Production TechnologyA Ehanna Pu+lishersA 2001.rolling of +ars and shapes.Fettling and finishing of castings .thermal cutting of metalIallo(s.

equations of state.'an:ine c(cle . *td.#ssumptions regarding air standard c(cles .entrop( change of an ideal gas . applied to control massA control 3olumes.er transmissionA strength and stiffness of shafts. Re7erence 5 1. Thermod(namic relations F Partial deri3ati3es aD. of thermod(namics stead( flo. Stress and defection in open helical spring. statements .the ideal gas .IIA 6Dford G IB2 Pu+lishing %o. acaula(Bs method 4 Torsion of solid and hollo. energ( equation .er c(cles .A Strength of Materials%A -hanpat 'ai Pu+licationsA 200. Thic: c(linders 4 *ameBs equationA shrin: fit.-2illA 2002.A !or"sho# Technology. 7ol 4 II edia Promoters G Pu+lishersA 100).A ?ereA .!ffect of pressure and temperature on ran:ine c(cle 'eheat c(cle . $. Plane of maDimum shear 4 ohrBs circle of stresses.#..irre3ersi+le processesA %arnot theoremA %lausius Inequalit( J entrop(A entrop( change for pure su+stances 4 T-S diagramA entrop( change applied to control massA control 3olume-a3aila+ilit( and irre3ersi+ilit(. 2a8ra %houdhr(A Elements of !or"sho# Technology. Timoshen:oA S.A Mechanics of MaterialsA %. CE#0% STRENGTH OF MATERIALS (4 ) $ ) $' 4 #Dial and shear stresses and strains 4 !lasticit(A 2oo:Bs la.Beha3ior of real gases .First la.B. %hapmanA 9. of +asic concepts of thermod(namicsA properties of pure su+stances .'egenerati3e c(cle . 'amamurthamA S.J.P. Production Technology $y HMTA Tata c?ra.J. Strain energ( impact and suddenl( applied loads. $.applications of SF!! .%lape(ron equationA entrop( of a pure su+stance . -eflection 4 The moment area methodA superposition <staticall( determinate +eams onl(=.#ir standard po.A 10"/. 4 *ateral strain 4 PoissonBs ratio 4 7olumetric strain 4 !lastic constants 4 Stress in composite +ars. ME#$4 ENGINEERING THERMODYNAMICS (4)%)$' 3 'e3ie. Principal stresses and their planes. " . Shear force and +ending moment diagrams for +eams su+8ected to different t(pes of loads 4 Theor( of simple +ending and assumptions. circular shafts 4 Po. 7ol . Popo3A !. 7apour po. ).uniform stateA uniform flo. Second la.er c(cles . Thin c(lindrical and spherical shells su+8ected to internal pressure. %ompound c(linders. Isothermal and adia+atic compressi+ilit(.S.6tto A -iesel A dual A Stirling and Bra(ton c(cles. First la. *eaf springA shear stress.A Engineering Mechanics of SolidsA Prentice-2allA 1000.2.A Pu+lishersA 10"0.P.ell relations .. 2.

# and BolesA . !ngine parts .!Dpansion of periodic functions into Fourier series .10"".A c?ra.th ed. $. achine tool components . %hand G %ompan(A 100/.' S 3alue of a function .Fourier Sine and %osine transforms .A Fundamentals of Thermodynamics% /th ed.E.%hange of inter3al-Fourier series for e3en and odd functions .safet( 3al3eA relief 3al3e and non-return 3al3e.A Tata c?ra. Tolerance of form and position . 7al3es .2armonic anal(sis. CE#04 STRENGTH OF MATERIALS LAB ($ & $ & #' % -eflection test on springsA steel +arA cantile3er +eamsA . 2. 1agA P.Fourier series in compleD form .. Shaft %ouplingsF rigidA fleDi+leF cotter 8oints A :nuc:le 8ointsA 2oo:Bs 8oints.stop 3al3e .ing Practice for Schools and %olleges SP5 )/. SEMESTER I/ MA#$0 FOURIER SERIES AND (ARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL E9UATIONS (4 & $ & $' 4 -irichiet conditions .-rill 8igA Tail stoc:A ToolpostA Tool head for shaping machineA machine 3iceA scre. SonntagA '..Stuffing +oDA %onnecting rodA #tomi>erA spar: plugA fuel in8ection pump. Re7erence 5 1. 6stro.iDture of non-reacting gases .FootstepA thrust or %ollar +earingH Plummer +loc: H Pulle(s for flat +eltsA 7-+elt and rope.A and 7an 9(lenA ?. 8ac:.fits -Standard tolerances .-2illA 200/.calculation of %p A %3 A ' and @ A h and s changes for gas miDtures fuels and com+ustion . 2ardness test.E.2alf-range eDpansions.-2illA 200.Interchangea+ilit( .ooden +eams.A A Te't (oo" of Machine rawing% S.A Engineering rawing with CA A##lications% !*BSA 100.grades of tolerance . Torsion test on different grades of steel. %engalA .Parse3alCs relation . !ngineering -ra.com+ustion chemistr( calculation of air fuel ratio .anA '. $..A John 9ile(A 200$.Selecti3e #ssem+l( .Functional and manufacturing datum. 2.A Engineering Thermodynamics% $rd ed.surface finish indication . Bearings Journal .In3erse Fourier Sine and %osine transforms 4 Properties . -ha.A Borgna::eA %. Re7erence 5 1. -efinition of Fourier Transform <finite and infinite= .In3erse Fourier Transform 4Properties .achining s(m+ols . Impact test.#A Thermodynamics& An Engineering A##roach% .s:(A 6.!.Tolerance.-altonCs and #malgamCs model .J.eDhaust gas anal(sis.%on3olution theorem for Fourier Transform. ME#$+ MACHINE DRA8ING ($ ) $ ) *' # Standardi>ation . 0 .

MT#+# ENGINEERING METALLURGY (4 & $ & $' 4 #tomic #rrangement and Phase -iagrams ) Structure of metals and allo(sF Phase diagramF phase rules.%lar:A and 9il+ur '. 6ne-dimensional . T.*agrangeCs linear equation . 10 .Plain car+on steel and other steels. Eandasam(A P.A Engineering Mathematics% 7ol. %hand G %oA 2001. 2.Fourier series solution. #3nerA S. aterials II ) Impact testingA Fracture toughness.-2illA 10"".-2illA 2001.AMechanical MetallurgyA c?ra.A Higher Engineering MathematicsA Ehanna Pu+lishersA 2001.Solution of standard t(pes of first order equations .*aplace equation in %artesian and polar co ordinates . IIIA S.non .ith constant coefficients. Re7erence 5 1. 2ardness testing. Phase -iagrams and Ferrous #llo(s Fe. Surface hardening process .2.Fe% diagramA %ritical temperature . 7arne(A Physical Metallurgy for EngineersA !ast-9est PressA 1000.ferrous allo(s. equation . Testing of Re7erence 5 1. Fatigue testingF %reep testing. true stress-strain cur3eA stress strain cur3e for t(pical materials. Thilaga3ath(A E. equation in stead( state .A Tata c?ra.EA Testing of metallic materialsA Tata c?ra.method of separation of 3aria+les . E.method of separation of 3aria+les . Suri(anara(anaA #.o-dimensional heat flo. ?re. Testing of aterials I ) Properties e3aluated +( tensile testing procedureA !ngineering stress strain cur3e 3s. $. -onald S.7.IIIA 1ational Pu+lishing %ompan(A 100". .A Engineering MathematicsA 7ol. 2eat Treatment of steelA %%T diagramsA austemperingA martempering ausforrning. 4. 7en:ataramanA .A Introduction to Physical MetallurgyA 2nd ed.alA B. 2. -ieterA ?.Second and higher order homogeneous and non-homogeneous linear equations . and ?una3ath(A E.Formation of P-! .Fourier series solution.a3e equation and one-dimensional heat flo.!.-2illA 100&.S. 3.

%lassification .A A Te't (oo" of Production TechnologyA 7ol II A -hanpat 'ai G SonsA 1002.ariA 1.oram EorenA Com#uter Control of Manufacturing SystemsA c?ra.!lectronic Indicator. achining centreA turning centre. 11 .d(namometers . engines fuels and rating -SI engine air fuel miDture requirements .easurement of friction po. I.ithout clearance .or:ing componentsA .Fuel air c(cles and their anal(sisA %omparison of air standard and fuel air c(cles .3al3e and port timing diagrams .optimum intermediate pressure for perfect inter cooling .or: holding G tool holding de3ices.%om+ustion in SI engines .*osses in actual c(cles.2. 3..:noc: in %I engines .principles of . EhannaA 6.principles of .or:ing componentsA . 2.2eat +alance . illingA ho++ingA +roaching G grinding machines .(R### (RODUCTION TECHNOLOGY & II (4 & $ & $' 4 *athesA capstan G turret latheA drilling and +oring machine -%lassification . ShaperA planner G slotterA machines ) %lassification .o stro:e engines. EundraA T.E.A )umerical Control and Com#uter Aided ManufacturingA Tata c?ra.%ompressor efficiencies and mean effecti3e pressure. T(pes of no>>les . !ngine testing .%om+ustion in %I engines .er .-2illA 2002.Indicated po.motion statementsA additional apt statements.E. #PT programming . Batter( Ignition .-2illA 200/. I.Sca3enging in t. 1% G %1% machine tools and manual part programming 1% part programming.com+ustion cham+ers for SI and %I engines.o and four stro:e engines .A and *alA .effect of engine 3aria+le on :noc: . .-2illA 10"/. Re7erence 5 1.t(pes .magneto ignition and transistori>ed coil ignition .%.Enoc: in SI engines .A 'ao.E. 9or:ing of t. 4.or:ing componentsA .In8ection pump go3ernors.engine efficiencies . %houdhr(A S. Production Technology $y HMTA Tata c?ra.er . ME#$# THERMAL ENGINEERING (4 & $ & $' 4 'eciprocating air compressors .principles of .A Elements of !or" Sho# TechnologyA 7o* IIA edia Promoters G Pu+lishersA 100).-e3iation of engine indicator diagram from air standard c(cles .*. %omputer aided part programming ) #PPF Post processors.Instruments for measuring emission of 16D A %6A @n+urnt 2% and smo:e .-iesel in8ection s(stems .or: of compression .A P.t(pes .%.1.Bra:e po.or: holding G tool holding de3ices.Performance cur3e of an automo+ile car+uretor . 5.or: holding G tool holding de3ices.Jer: t(pe pump .A and Ti.er .Introduction to petrol in8ection.P.construction .effect of clearance 4 ultistaging .

%ompleD cur3e s(nthesis .s .*.A Pennoc:A ?. Plate cams .2(drostatic equations for incompressi+le and compressi+le fluids anometers .63erla( method .Basic h(drostatic equation floating +odies. 2igh speed cams standard motions. 12 ..A Internal Com$ustion Engines% Tata c?ra.A Fundamentals of Internal Com$ustion Engines% c?ra. %ontact ratio. %he+(shc3 spacing for precision positions .ell mechanism.anal(tical method .Re7erence 5 1. Slider cran: mechanisms and four +ar mechanismH 7elocities of points on a rigid +od( relati3e 3elocit( .er motion.%oriolis acceleration . through pipes.A Mechanism and Machine Theory% 2nd ed.2(drostatic force on a su+merged plane and cur3ed surfaces .A Thermal Engineering% Ehanna Pu+lishersA 100/. *aminar and tur+ulent flo..Flo. ME#$* FLUID MECHANICS (4)%)$' 3 anometr( . %ontact ratio.'o+erts %he+(she3 theorem .oodA J. ?anesanA 7.3elocit( pol(gon #cceleration of points on a rigid +od( .profile for gears .?raphical la(outs of cam profiles.A 9ile( !astern *td. !pic(clic gear trains.1a3ier-Sto:es equations.%ontinuit( equation . @ic:erA J. -eri3ati3es of follo. Re7erence 5 1.Buo(anc( and equili+rium of floating +odies .Fluid in rigid motion +odies. Standard and stu+ gear teeth. !..t(pes .relati3e acceleration .acceleration pol(gon .ers.?rashoffCs la. 2e(. 'aoA J.etacentre .A 100. %lassification of cam and follo. and -u::ipatiA '.er . 2.la.B.Fluid properties .A and Shigle(A J. '.In3olute gearing Interchangea+ilit( .Su+merged and Basic concepts . $.Straight-line generators.FrudenstineBs equationH #nal(tical s(nthesis using compleD alge+raH s(nthesis of d.A Theory of Machines and MechanismsA $rd ed. Pressure at a point . Terminolog( and definitions .-2illA 10"". 2. In3ersions of slider cran: mechanismA %oupler cur3esA spatial mechanisms . ?ear trains . Fluid d(namicsH integral and differential formulations .-2illA 200$.Structural error .displacement diagrams .Some eDact solutions of 1a3ier-Sto:es equations . J. Ballane(A P.ith flat face and roller follo. ME#$3 MECHANICS OF MACHINES I (4 ) % ) $' 3 echanisms . of gearing .A 6Dford @ni3ersit( PressA 200$.classification of mechanismsA Einematic in3ersions .Interference and undercutting.S.Parallel aDis gear trains.A Jr.

FoDA '.-rag on flat plates . 1$ . %ali+ration of 3enturimeterA orifice meter and . and c -onaldA #.-2illA 200$. Preparation of specimen for metallographic o+ser3ation of ild SteelA *o. MT #*# METALLURGY LAB ($ & $ & #' % Preparation of specimen for metallographic o+ser3ation of .A Fluid Mechanics% .Buc:ingham K-theorem .9.th ed. Re7erence 5 1.ater meter.-imensionless num+ers. -etermination of minor losses.A John 9ile(A 200$. Flo. 2. .T. %ar+on SteelA edium %ar+on SteelA 2(pereutectoid SteelA 2ardened SteelA Tempered SteelA Tool Steel and Stainless steel. TensileA 2ardness and %reep testing of gi3en metallic materials. 2o++ing 4 Spur ?ear %utting ?rinding 4 Surface I %(lindrical grinding %1% *athe 4 Simple TuringA Step TurningA Thread Turing achining %enter 4 # t(pical 8o+ production. Boundar( la(er concept PrandtlCs equation . -etermination of metacentric height. (R#4# (RODUCTION (ROCESS LAB ($ & $ &4' # *athe 4 Simple I Step I Taper TurningA Thread %uttingA -rilling and Boring.Stream function .A c?ra.eirs. -etermination of discharge coefficients for mouthpiece and orifice.A Introduction to Fluid Mechanics% /th ed.Fluid rotation and deformation . Preparation of specimen for metallographic o+ser3ation of #l 4 Si #llo(sA #l 4 +ron>e #llo(A P+ 4 Tin soldering allo(A P+ 4 Tin antimon( #llo(. 9hiteA F. CE #1$ FLUID MECHANICS LAB ($ & $ & #' % -etermination of pipe friction. Shaping 4 7 4 %utting illing 4 Jo+ requiring IndeDing. -etermination of discharge coefficients for notches and .hite %ast IronA ?ra( %ast IronA 1odular Iron. through helical coils.%ondition of irrotationalit( ?o3erning equations of potential flo. .*aplace equation.

Bisection method . JainA .Ta(lorCs method and 'unge-Eutta method for simultaneous equations and 2nd order equations .Schmidt recurrence relation %ran: . Re7erence 5 1. Stud( and performance testing of air compressor.'.!ulerCs method .Cs method.Solution of one dimensional .?aussian elimination and ?auss-Jordan methods . Stud( and performance testing of I% engines. Eandasam(A P. ($ ) $ ) 4' # SEMESTER / MA 4$% NUMERICAL METHODS (4 & $ & $' 4 Solution of linear s(stem .A A##lied )umerical AnalysisA #ddison 9esle(A 100".E*% )umerical Methods for Scientific and Engineering Com#utationA 9ile( !asternA 10"&. ?eraldA %. !mission measurements.echatronics 1) .ilneCs and #damsB methods.E.ard and di3ided difference interpolation 4 *agrangeBs interpolation 4 1umerical -ifferentiation and Integration 4 Trape>oidal rule 4 SimpsonBs 1I$ and $I" rules .er method to find the dominant eigen3alue and eigen3ector.ethod of least squares and group a3erages. ME4%+ MECHATRONICS (4 & $ & $' 4 INTRODUCTION Introduction #pproach.ultistep methods .a3e equation.Bairsto.ton.A and ?una3ath(A S.6rder of con3ergence 2ornerCs method .%ur3e fitting .'aphson method for f<D= L 0 and for f<DA(= L 0A g<DA(= L 0 .Jaco+i and ?auss-Seidel iterati3e methods sufficient conditions for con3ergence .6. 1e.Secant method .*@ decomposition methods . 1umerical solution of *aplace equation and Poisson equation +( *ie+mannCs method solution of one dimensional heat flo.?raeffeCs method .F.ME#$0 THERMAL ENGINEERING LAB I Propert( determination for fuels and lu+rication oil. to echantronics-S(stems.A and 9heatle(A P. $. Solution of nonlinear equation .ardA +ac:.!ulerCs modified method .%hand G %ompan(A 100". 1umerical Solution of 6rdinar( -ifferential !quations. equation .A )umerical MethodsA S. and JainA '. 2.Bender .tonBs for.'egula falsi method 1e.easurement S(stems-%ontrol S(stems.1icolson method .A Thilaga3ath(A E.Po.A I(engarA S.%routCs method .

td*% +--3* 4* an )ecsulescu% 1Mechatronics1%Pearson Education Asia%.nemonics-TimersA Internal rela(s and counters--ata handling-#nalog InputI6utput-Selection of a P*%. . through 3aria+le area passage ducts .A Fundamentals of 0as ynamics% 2nd ed.s.'a(leigh flo.automatic car par: s(stem -engine management s(stem.!.ah(aA S.er and efficienc( calculations Tur+o8etA tur+ofanA and tur+oprop engines .SENSORS AND TRANSDUCERS Introduction-PerformanceA Terminolog(--isplacementA Position and ProDimit(-7elocit( and Fluid Pressure-Temperature Sensors-*ight Sensors-Selection of Sensors-Signal Processing. $. .A Com#ressi$le Fluid Flow% c?ra.6Indian re#rint7* ME4$% COM(RESSIBLE FLO8 AND :ET (RO(ULSION (4 ) $ ) $' 4 ?o3erning equations for in3iscid-compressi+le flo. DESIGN AND MECHATRONICS Stages in -esigning mechatronic s(stems .Pic: and place ro+ot . 1ormal and o+lique shoc:s . Fanno flo. . and Bi+lar>A 6..Prandtl.A Fundamentals of Com#ressi$le Flow with Aircraft and 8oc"et Pro#ulsion% $rd ed. Isentropic flo.s .td*% 1 Mechatronics 1% Tata Mc0raw Hill Pu$lishing Co* .e(er flo.-.Temperature control-Stepper motor control-Traffic light controller.A John 9ile(A 2002. 6osthui>enA P.%ho:ing of flo. Muc:erA '.55. 0$0+ MICRO(ROCESSOR Introduction-#rchitecture-Pin %onfiguration-Instruction set-Programming of icroprocessors using "0". #ge International Pu+lishersA 200$. 1.Traditional and echatronic design -Possi+le design solutions-%ase studies of mechatronic s(stems . and %arscallenA 9.2..Propulsion c(cle .A 1e.static and stagnation properties speed of sound and ach num+er.Fundamentals of roc:et propulsion.Po. Re7erence 5 1. .* Michael (* Histand and a/id 0*Alciatore% 1 Introduction to Mechatronics and Measurement Systems 1% Mc0raw Hill International Editions% +---* 2* HMT .ongman%Second Edition% +---* .-2illA 100&. instructions-Interfacing input and output de3ices-Interfacing -I# con3erters and #Icon3erters-#pplications. (ROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLERS Introduction-Basic structure-InputI6utput Processing-Programming. otion- Re7erence 5 +* !*(olton% Mechatronics%. 2. Fundamentals of 8et propulsion .

ME4$2 ANALYSIS AND DESIGN OF MACHINE COM(ONENTS echanical engineering design .ME4$4 HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER (4)$)$' 4 %onduction .Fouling factorA * T. 2eat eDchangers ..s .1. 7i+rationH free and forced 3i+rations .ittA -.Fl(..Free con3ection %orrelations.-2illA 100".Blac: and ?ra( +odies .2eat generation pro+lems .heel function and design. ME4$+ MECHANICS OF MACHINES ) II (4)%)$' 3 Static and d(namic force anal(sis of mechanisms .-2illA 100. and -e..A Practical A##roach% c?ra.and 1T@ methods .-esign considerations (4 ) $ ) $' 4 odes of aterial selection - 1/ . 2.Passi3e and acti3e control. Balancing of rotating masses in one and in se3eral planes . 7i+ration control ..A (asic A##roach% c?ra.A John 9ile(A 2002. Re7erence 5 1. ass transfer .Fic:Cs la.s .een surfaces .Boundar( la(er theor( .'adiation shields ?reen house effect. 'adiation *a. ).een heat and mass transfer.P. 2.A Tata c?ra.A 9ile( !astern *td. %engelA .P. . 'aoA J..#.-2illA 10".-2illA 200).Similarities +et.Single degree and multi-degree freedom s(stems. Re7erence 5 1.Balancing of reciprocating masses 4 Single and multi-c(linder engines.equation .%ondensation o3er surfaces.A Theory of Machines and Mechanisms% c?ra.P.?eneral $-. IncroperaA F.Boiling and condensation Boiling regimes and correlationsA 1usseltCs theor( .J.@nstead( state conduction.. $.'adiation eDchange +et.A Heat Transfer .S.Fins .?(roscopic effect. ?o3ernorsH gra3it( and spring controlled go3ernors .A and -u::ipatiA '.A @ic:erA J.A 100. 6>isi:A .!Dternal and internal flo. 2olmanA J. Shigle(A J.A Heat Transfer% 0th ed.A Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer% 9th ed. Forced %on3ection .A Mechanism and Machine Theory% 2nd ed.A Heat Transfer .!.

-esign of shafts and couplings . Stud( of transducersF 'T. Fasteners and :e(s .A %harlesA '.A Sundarara8amoorth(A T.Theories of failure .-esign of cotter and :nuc:le 8oints.Factor of safet(.Selection of rolling contact +earings.Stress concentration .elds .-2illA 200).S6P reali>ation. ME 4%% (RODUCTION DRA8ING AND COST ESTIMATION (% & $ & #' # %on3entional 'epresentation of Indian Standards <IS=. -esign of sliding contact +earings . 2. and 'ichardA ?.International Standards <IS-= and 1& .ith accessor( chipH Stud( of -igital ?ates . IC 4%2 MECHATRONICS LAB ($ & $ & #' % 7erification of +asic specifications of operation amplifier from data sheetH 6P-amp %:1 amplifier <in3erting and 1on-in3erting= P-amp %:2 .-esign of ri3eted 8oints. Balancing.N Signal %onditioning %ircuitH Stud( of *7-T . .a3eA triangular .-esign of .!. achine elements . @sage of interruptsA Stepper motor controlA Ee( +oard interfaceA 2eater controlH Stud( of P*%H Stud( of tools such as PSPI%!H @sage of simulators <an( other microprocessor= ME4$1 DYNAMICS LAB ($ ) $ ) 4' # easurement of moment of inertia of rigid +odies.a3e=H 6P-amp %:$ IntegratorA -ifferentiatorH 6P-amp %:) 7-I con3erter G I-7 con3erter.B. microprocessor #dditionA @se of functionsA Peripheral chipsA 9a3eform generation. echanical 3i+rations.7.failure .a3e form generation <square . Shigle(A J. Re7erence 5 1. Stud( of icroprocessor instruction setH Simple programs using "0". and ShanmugamA 1. ?(roscope.A Machine esign% #nuradha #genciesA 200$.elded 8oints .Fillet and +utt . 2elical and leaf springs.!ndurance limit .A Mechanical Engineering esign% &th c?ra. Jump speed of a cam. ed.

ings of components as per current dra. Surface teDture indication on dra.%hart for a gi3en component. 2(draulic tur+inesH PeltonA FrancisA and Eaplan tur+ines .A Hydraulic and Com#ressi$le Flow Tur$omachines% %B*SA 200$.TolerancingA Tolerancing of formA orientationA location and run-outsA -atums and -atum S(stems.orth-2einemannA 200. %entrifugal pumpsH theor(A componentsA and characteristics .E.A Tata c?ra. %entrifugal and aDial flo. Steam tur+inesH +asic c(cleA impulse and reaction tur+ines .er and efficienc( calculations.A Fluid ynamics and Heat Transfer of Tur$omachinery% 9ile(InterscienceA 100.*.ing.s and equations." corresponding to IS6Cs 2.Specific speed . PS0 esign ata (oo"A PS? Boo: -epotA 2010. -iDonA S. ). G Jain P. #t least ten su+assem+liesIassem+lies are to +e completed on #) sheets.10"". Sa(ersA #..-imensional anal(sis . Re7erence 5 1.T.A Butter.ings.?as tur+ineH +asic c(cle and multi-staging . Indian Standards F 10&1)A10&1.S(m+olic representing of dra. ?i3en a su+-assem+l( Iassem+l( to prepare production dra. *a:shminara(anaA B. SEMESTER /I ME4$# TURBOMACHINES (4 ) $ ) $' 4 Introduction .1 to ) F 10&21A 111. ?anesanA 7. Ehan .ing office practice.A10&1/A10&1&A10&10A "1$A010A2&00A"000 A pt. ).A 0as Tur$ines% 2nd ed. %ost !stimation of setting time and machining time . Preparation of process . ?eometric -imensioning and 'epresentation . Re7erence 5 1.#Dial flo..Tur+ine efficiencies .A Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Tur$omachines% .Po. !ngineering -ra.%a3itation .%lassification .A Cost ManagementA T 2 outline seriesA 2nd ed. 2. $.Basic la.A 2000.. compressorsH slipA surging and choc:ing. $.th ed.%a3itation in tur+ines.-2illA 200$..ing Practice for Schools and %olleges SP5 )/. 9elds . pumps Pump s(stem matching. ME4$3 AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING (4 ) $ ) $' 4 1" .estimation of material costA la+our cost and o3erhead cost +ased on supplied data.*imits and Fits ) IT s(stem of tolerancesA de3iations and fits.

er unit.?eneral classification of 3ehicles . *ighting and electrical accessories .Starter motors.er steering . ME4$* DESIGN OF MECHANICAL DRI/ES (4 ) $ ) $' 4 Introduction to transmission elements .orm gears.Preparation of ra( diagram and :inematic arrangement diagram for multi-speed gear+oD.!.A and ?arrettA T.7. PS0 esign ata (oo"A PS? Boo: -epotA 2010. Sundarara8amoorth(A T. Steering s(stems .#utomo+ile air conditioning Trou+leshooting.tonA E.orthsA 10"0.A 10&). Re7erence 5 1.Po. and ShanmugamA 1. 2.Four !lectrical s(stemsH constructionA operationA and maintenance of +atteries .-2illA 10"0.Transmission s(stemH clutchesA couplingsA gear +oDesA and torque con3erters. #Dles .9heel and suspension s(stems .-esign of flat and 7-+elts .Po. 2eitnerA J. -elhiA 2002.are . echanicalA h(draulicA and pneumatic +ra:es .-ifferentials . Shigle(A J.A Machine esign% #nuradha #genciesA 200$. -esign of spur and helical gears +ased on contact and +eam strength.heel dri3e. -esign of multi-speed gear+oD . Eirpal SinghA Automoti/e Engineering% 7ol.A SteedsA 9. 2.Product c(cle .Positi3e and friction +ased dri3es. -esign of +e3el and .#ll components of po.A Mechanical Engineering esign% . 1e.s(stemsH s(stem e3aluationA %#specific II6 de3ices.-esign of rope and chain dri3es.th ed. 3. $. ME4$0 COM(UTER AIDED DESIGN AND DRAFTING (4 ) $ ) $' 4 %#. Automoti/e Mechanics Princi#le and Practice% 2nd ed.E.Po.toolsA %#.er unit . Re7erence 5 1. I G II. Importance of friction +ased dri3es .A c?ra.er +ra:es .A The Motor :ehicle% Butter.hard.%#. 10 .A #ffiliated !ast9est Press *td. Standard Pu+lishersA 1e.Panel +oard instruments .

-iscussion of components of 7. %omfort conditions. Ps(chrometr( 4 -efinitions for properties. Introduction to cr(ogenics. Introduction a+out #ir craft #ir%onditioning.?raphic standards 4 odes of graphics operationA Soft. Food preser3ationA I5F technique and free>e dr(ing etc.P. Stud( and performance tests on air conditioning test rig. Bell 4 %oleman c(cle. anohar PrasadA 8efrigeration and Air Conditioning% 1e.A Prentice-2allA 100&. 2eat transfer eDperiments +ased on radiation. ulti pressure s(stems. #roraA %.A CA .-2illA 200". ME4%$ REFRIGERATION AND AIR CONDITIONING (4 ) $ ) $' 4 Introduction a+out 'efrigeration 4 -efinitions of 3arious terms.ith direct e3aporator and chiller applicationsA Ice plantA refrigerators.CAM Theory and Practice% Tata c?ra. 7acuumi>ing and charging of refrigerant.are odules. %old storage and thermal insulation. Transformation of ?eometric models and 3isual realism .fundamentalsA feature +ased modeling manipulations of solid models. ethods of refrigeration.-. ?eometric modeling 4 T(pes and mathematical representation and manipulation of cur3es and surfaces.#.A 8efrigeration and Air Conditioning% 2nd ed.! and #damsA J. 2eat transfer eDperiments +ased on conduction and con3ection. ME4%# THERMAL ENGINEERING LAB ) II ($ ) $ ) 4' # Stud( and performance tests on refrigeration. Introduction to cooling load calculations. #ge InternationalA 200).-2illA 1000.A c?ra.soft. Properties of refrigerants.#nimation. #ir refrigeration s(stem.-2illA 2000. #ir-conditioning s(stems 4 discussion a+out the central plant . ulti-e3aporator s(stem and %ascade s(stems. Selection of refrigerants. 'ogersA -. MeidA I. Re7erence 5 1.are .%#. 2. -ossat '. !ffecti3e temperature concept. ME4%3 AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING LAB ($ ) $ ) 4' # 20 . $. 2.nd ed. #nal(sis of 7apour compression c(cleA odifications to +asic c(cle.A Mathematical Elements for Com#uter 0ra#hics% .% s(stemA Ser3icing.A Princi#le of 8efrigeration% )th ed. Solid modeling. Re7erence 5 1.A Tata c?ra.

'o+ins P. ME3$4 (O8ER (LANT ENGINEERING (4 ) $ ) $' 4 *a(out . 2(dro po.er plants. Po.er plants. Re7erence 5 1.ith dimensioning #ssem+l( dra. Ignition s(stems . Fuel s(stems.-2illA 200. ).-2illA 200. 'is: and -ecision a:ing 4 Technological %hange in ?lo+al !conom( 4 *ocating the Firm in a glo+al econom( 4 TaDes and -ecision a:ing.er plant economics and en3ironmental ha>ards. #dhi:ar( ana+A (usiness Economics% !Dcel Boo:sA 200). #mirA Soundarapandian Ja(a3elA Com#lete (usiness Statistics% Tata ?ra. #c>el -. -iesel po. 1uclear po.Transmission s(stems .ing . Re7erence 5 c 21 .1. Suspension and +ra:ing s(stems. !Dchange 'ate determination 4 ar:eting 4 Product life c(cle 4 ar:eting research 4 Branding 4 Personalit( 4 oti3ation 4 *eadership 4 9or:ing in Teams. StephenA <rganizational (eha/iourA Prentice-2allA 2002. Trade c(cle 4 Inflation 4 IndeD num+ers 4 %apital +udgeting 4 %ash flo. *a(out of electrical .Steering s(stems.*ight and hea3( 3ehicles. anal(sis 4 Balance sheet.are pac:age Shaft coupling Bearings #utomo+ile parts achine tool parts SEMESTER /II HM 3$% INDUSTRIAL ECONOMICS (4 & $ & $' 4 -emand and Suppl( 4 Forecasting techniques 4 %ost and 'e3enues.iring .ing using modeling soft.. 2. $.A Macro Economics Theory & Policy% Tata c ?ra. %ompetiti3e nature of the firms 4 Ee(nesian economics 4 1ational income. ME4%* COM(UTER AIDED DESIGN AND DRAFTING (RACTICE ($ ) $ ) #' % %omponents dra. -.Stud( on engine components.er plants.3arious components and functions of thermal po..er plants and gas tur+ine.i3ediA -.

1. Re7erence 5 1.6ptical measuring instruments.6.A Princi#les of Energy Con/ersion% Mc?ra.!rrors in measurements .*.Filters and Filtration. 2(draulic pumpsA c(lindersA and motors . ME3$+ METROLOGY AND 9UALITY CONTROL (4 ) $ ) $' 4 Standards . %ontrol 3al3esH pressureA flo.A Measurement SystemsA c ?ra.er s(stem design .A A Course in Power Plant Engineering% -hanpat 'ai G SonsA 2001.. -oe+lin !.A Statistical =uality Control% c ?ra.A Tata c?ra. %ontrol of h(draulic circuits . 2. .-2illA 200).-2illA 10". 1ag.%.9. $.-2illA 10".Pneumatic components and +asic circuits.%ontrol charts . #roraA S. *imits and tolerances. 2. 2.2(draulic oils and fluid properties 4 Seals and Seal materials . #ngle measurements.A Power Plant Engineering% 2nd ed. P.@ni3ersal measuring microscopeA Profile pro8ector .Ser3o-3al3es.arA S.!lectricalA electronicsA and P*% .A Fluid Power with A##lications% . ).Sampling plans.E.*ength measurements..-2illA 2002. ME3$2 OIL HYDRAULICS AND (NEUMATICS (4 ) $ ) $' 4 Basic concepts of fluid po. Statistical 5ualit( %ontrol .%onstructionA si>ingA and selection.th ed. %ulp Jr.%artridge 3al3e circuits.A and direction . !l 9a:ilA .Statistical 5ualit( %ontrol charts.%. Basic h(draulic circuitsA h(drostatic transmission . and -om:und.A Power Plant Technology% Tata c?ra. ($ ) $ ) #' % ME3$1 METROLOGY LAB easurements on precision instrumentsH sine +arA % .#cceptance test for machines. 22 . #. Industrial Hydraulics% 7ic:ers .?ear tooth thic:ness .A Engineering Metrology% -hanpat 'ai G SonsA 200).A #. thread and gear elements .%ali+ration of *7-T . ?rantA !. !sposito.Sperr( anualA 2002.A Pearson !ducationA 200$.%ali+ration . easurement of scre.!lectronic comparatorA optical flatA surface roughness .-2illA 200). Re7erence 5 1. Surface finishH terminolog( and measurements . ?uptaA I. $.##? gear tester .

ME3%% COM(REHENSI/E /I/O)/OCE ME3%4 (RO:ECT 8OR< ) (HASE I ($ ) 4 ) $' 4 ($ ) % ) $' $ 2$ .

Taha 2.A Princi#les of ManagementA Sultan %hand G %oA 2001.!lements of management planningA organi>ingA staffingA directingA coordinatingA reportingA +udgeting. 2.A Princi#les and #ractice of Management% Sultan %hand G SonsA 200/. Panneersel3amA 'A <#erations 8esearchA Prentice 4 2all of IndiaA 1e. $.%ost considerations in pro8ect scheduling. ?uptaA '.A <#erations researchA Prentice 4 2all of IndiaA 1e.athematical model for Transportation pro+lem 4 +alanced and un+alanced pro+lem 4#ssignment pro+lem. -elhiA 1001.introduction to dualit( theor( method . 5ueuing theor( G sequencing . . Financial managementA o+8ecti3esA scopeA Techniques of in3estment anal(sisA Pa(+ac: periodA sources of financingA technolog( managementA product designA and plant la(out. Re7erence F 1. -ecision theor( and replacement anal(sis.T.1.simpleD method .+ig method . ?upta and 2iraA Pro$lems on o#erations researchA S. Pro8ect scheduling -pro8ect net. Significance of 2uman resources managementA 2' PlanningA Jo+ e3aluationA recruitment and selection. Placement and inductionA trainingA Performance appraisalA compensationA Industrial relations.#. -elhiA 2001.or: .SEMESTER /III HM3$# MANAGEMENT (RINCI(LES AND CONCE(TS (4 & $ & $' 4 Introduction to management 4!3olution of scientific managementA modern managementA Principles.#pplications.applications of queuing model -single and multi ser3er model. 2. Re7erence 5 1.determination of critical pathA pro8ect duration and slac: time calculation .%hand G %ompan(A 1e. -elhiA 2002 2) . PrasadA *. In3entor( managementA pro8ect managementA P!'TA %P . (R32# RESOURCE MANAGEMENT TECHNI9UES (4 & $ & $' 4 *inear programmingA graphical method .o-phase Transportation G assignment models .

A The Internal Com$ustion Engines in Theory and Practice% 7ol. #nal(sis of engine c(clesA fuel inta:e s(stems.e I ME4+# FINITE ELEMENT METHOD (4 ) $ ) $' 4 Introduction . #pplications to structural mechanics .7ariational approach . 2e(. !ngine performance and modeling.B..A Internal Com$ustion Engines% 2nd ed. Re7erence 5 1. 2.1umerical integration .P.2eat transfer pro+lems.'a(leigh-'it> method.o-dimensional finite element anal(sisH t(pes of elementsA shape functionsA natural coordinate s(stems. Fluid flo. IIA PressA 10".A Te't$oo" of Finite Element Analysis% Prentice-2allA IndiaA 200$.A Tata c?ra.-2illA 10"". SeshuA P.A Internal Com$ustion Engine Fundamentals% c?ra.J.-(namic pro+lems. ?anesanA 7. SegerlindA *. ME4+3 AD/ANCED IC ENGINES (4 ) $ ) $' 4 !ngine design parametersA properties of . T.9eighted residual methods ?aler:inCs method . Ta(lorA %.Solution of finite element equations. 6ne-dimensional finite element anal(sisH +ar elementA +eam elementA frame element .LIST OF ELECTI/ES SEMESTER /I E. Pollutant formation and control in I% engines.ect". pro+lems . . 2.-2illA 200$.Illustration using spring s(stems and simple pro+lems .oodA J.A A##lied Finite Element Analysis% John 9ile(A 10"&.or:ing fluids. IT 2. Re7erence 5 1. $. %om+ustion in SI and %I engines.

Safet( 6rgani>ation . PIndustrial #ccident Pre3entionO c?ra. Bla:e '. %onstrained optimi>ation.SEMESTER /II E.elding and ?as cutting 4 Safet( in anual and echanical material handlingSafet( in use of electricit( ToDicit(.first aid firefighting equipment 4 flamma+ilit( limit.%. . Jerse(A 10&$ $. ME3+4 O(TIMI=ATION IN ENGINEERING DESIGN (4 & $ & $' 4 Introduction . achine ?uardingA ?uarding of ha>ardsA achine ?uarding t(pes and its application 4 Safet( in . Safet( training 4 creating a.or:A 10"0. Erishnan 1.2allA 100.A 1e. 'ao.e & II 6 III5 ME3+% INDUSTRIAL SAFETY (4 ) $ ) $' 4 !3olution of modern safet( concept.-2ill %ompan(A 1e.A <#timization Theory and A##lications% 9ile( !astern *td.A PIndustrial Safet(O Prentice 2allA Inc. PSafet( anagement in Industr(O Jaico Pu+lishing 2ouseA Bom+a(A 100&.%hicagoA 10"2 2. Speciali>ed algorithms .ardsA cele+rationsA safet( postersA safet( displa(sA safet( pledgeA safet( incenti3e schemeA safet( campaign %oncept of an accidentA reporta+le and non reporta+le accidentsA reporting to statutor( authorities 4 principles of accident pre3ention 4 accident in3estigation and anal(sis 4 records for accidentsA departmental accident reportsA documentation of accidents 4 unsafe act and condition 4 domino sequence 4 super3isor( role 4 cost of accident. of factories act 10)" 4 62S#S-1"000 Re7erence 5 1..T(pes of %hemical 2a>ards-6ccupational diseases caused +( dustA fumesA gasesA smo:e and sol3ent ha>ards. 2.A *ondonA 10"$. . Single and multi 3aria+le optimi>ation.9. 2/ .S.T(pes of fire .safet( polic( .orth G %o. Re7erence 5 1. ).*P? safet( 63er3ie.. 2einrich 2.Safet( %ommittee +udgeting for safet(. John 'idle(A PSafet( at 9or:OA Butter.7.S.B.T*7.6ptimi>ation techniques. #ccident Pre3ention anual for Industrial 6perationsOA 1.IntegerA geometric. 1ontraditional algorithms. S.ect".A 100".arenessA a. -e+A Eal(anmo(A <#timization for Engineering esign% Prentice .control measures Fire triangle.

Sta+ilit( anal(sis. *td.Basics of grid generation. 1umerical solution of elliptical equations . and %hiangA S.. 2.E.A An Introduction to Com#utational Fluid ynamics > The finite /olume method% *ongman Scientific G TechnicalA 100.A 10").ME3++ COM(UTATIONAL FLUID DYNAMICS (4 ) $ ) $' 4 %lassification of partial differential equations . ). 2& .DESIGN AND FABRICATION (4 & $ & $' 4 #n o3er3ie.ith applicationsA c ?ra.s.A Com#utational Fluid ynamics for EngineersA !ngineering !ducation S(stemsA 2000.*.Tangential and Pol(nomial cams.A Com#utational Fluid Mechanics and Heat TransferA 2nd ed..A Tata c?ra.-iscreti>ation methodsH finite difference and finite 3olume formulations.A 0ear Engineering% #.2illA 100.orm .7.A )umerical Heat Transfer & Fluid FlowA 2emisphereA 10"0. 2.heel.orm G .#. Incompressi+le 1a3ier-Sto:es equations and algorithms .A Hand (oo" of 0ear esign% 2nd ed.2. 7ersteegA 2. -esign of cams . #ndeson J. errittA 2.A Ta(lor G FrancisA 100&. BIS standards for gear design..-.. BIS Standards. $. . Re7erence 5 1. aitraA ?. 1umerical solution of para+olic equations . 1umerical solution of h(per+olic equations . Patan:arA S.*inear s(stem of alge+raic equations. of microelectromechanical de3ices and technologiesA and an introduction to design and modeling Standard microelectronic fa+rication technologiesH +ul: micromachiningA surface micromachiningA +onding technologiesA related fa+rication methodsA and creating process flo.spurA helical. $.#.-2illA 200. 2offmannA E. Force anal(sis. ME3+2 DESIGN OF GEARS AND CAMS (4 ) $ ) $' 4 -esign of gears . 2.!.!.T. P3t. Re7erence 5 1. and alalase:eraA 9. 9heeler G %o. TannehillA J.Burgers equation.A %omputational Fluid -(namics 4 The +asics .A and PletcherA '.A #ndersonA -. ME3+1 MEMS DE/ICES . +e3el and .

eldingA plasma arc. 'adio graphsA ultrasonic testing.elds .er control.cold and hot pressure .elds.elding. !lectroslagA electro-gas . #9SA #merican 9elding Societ(A 7olume I to 7A iamiA 10"2.eldingA manualA su+merged arcA TI?A I? . of s(stem d(namics ! S eDamplesA energ( methodsA the thermal energ( domainH modeling dissipati3e processesA Fluids and Trans#ort Te>t Boo? 1.eld s(m+ols..ater .elding processes and equipment Beam po. 2. ME3*%)8ELDING ENGINEERING (4 & $ & $' 4 9elding Processes . Peles:oA -a3id 2. Re7erence 5 1.liquid penetration testA magnetic particle eDamination. ethods . Plastic and ceramic . ohamed ?ad-el-2a:A P ! SF -esign and Fa+rication < echanical !ngineering=OA %'%H 1 editionA 200.elding. Testing .-. Stresses in +utt and fillet . arc J.structural changes in different materialsA effect of pre and post heat treatment. 7isual eDamination . Sami FranssilaA PIntroduction to icrofa+ricationOA John 9ile(H 1 editionA 200).eldments. 2" . !dge preparationt(pes of 8ointsA ..tensileA +end hardness. $. *aser +eam cuttingA under .eldingA pressure .elding. 2.A !elding Methods and MetallurgyA %harles ?riffin G %ompan(A *ondonA 10/&.1eedA Flame Spra(ing.elding. John #.1 ) ?as .. Jac:sonA . Testing #nd -esign of 9eldment ) -esign and qualit( control of . #llied Processes Bra>ingA SolderingA %uttingA Surfacing Plasma Spra(ing. *ife assessment of .eld si>e calculations. -esign for fatigue.elding processes .elding. -iffusion .- 9elding metallurg( . 9elda+ilit(. 9elding Processes .2 'adiant energ( and solid phase .echanicalA thermalA electricalA magneticA opticalA and chemical properties of materials Introduction to lumped modeling of s(stems and transducersH an o3er3ie. BernsteinA P odeling ! S and 1! SOA %'%H 1 editionA 2002. ImpactA notch and fatigue tests. ). icros(stems -esign and anufacturingOA Tata c?ra.eld thermal c(cles and their effects . Tai 4 'an 2suA P ! SG hill !ditionA 200/ Re7erence 1. resistanceA friction and eDplosi3e . adouA PFundamentals of icrofa+ricationA the science of iniaturi>ationOA %'% Press Second !ditionA 2002.

Speech mechanics 4 !Dtempore speech practice 4 ?roup d(namics 4 Seminar G Presentation s:ills and inter3ie.-2illA 1e. June #.3.#. *ittle *'A !elding and !elding Technology.orld 4 %ommunication process 4 1et.-2illA 2001.2illA 200. -elhiA 10"0. 'a(mond 7.eene(A English for (usiness Communication% %am+ridge @ni3ersit( PressA 100&. Flatle(A (asic (usiness CommunicationA Tata c ?ra. atthu:utt( .riting 4 'eport G !Decuti3e summar( #+stractsA %irculars G 1otices 4 ProposalsA #genda G ar:eting *anguage. . HM3$% COR(ORATE COMMUNICATIONS (4 & $ & $' 4 %ommunication in the corporate .e I/ 6 /5 ME3+# INDUSTRIAL ROBOTICS (4 ) $ ) $' 4 %lassification and characteristics Principles and pro+lems in ro+ot design and control Transmission s(stem. 2.ect". Simon S. Tata c?ra. 7ision s(stem. Programming and languages. ). strategies *istening s:ills G practice 4 Familiarit( to accents and tones 4 7arieties of St(les G 'egisters 4 echanics of technical . SEMESTER /III E. onippall(A (usiness Communication StrategiesA Tata c?ra.*esi:ar G arie !.. inutes 4 Papers for Presentation 4 20 .. 7alladaresA The craft of Co#ywriting% 'esponse Boo:sA 100". Shi3 EheraA ?ou Can !in% acmillanA 100".or:s and %hannels of communication Technolog( for communication 4 'ole of ps(cholog( 4 ental process of spea:ing oti3ation .S. 4. $. Re7erence 5 1. ?eorge !. *innertA !elding MetallurgyA ? * Pu+licationsA South %arolinaA @.A 100).

A 200).A Standard Hand (oo" of industrial Automation% %hapman and 2allA 10"/.o degree of freedom s(stems .Biogas generation . Re7erence 5 1. 2e(.coupled 3i+rations.A Introductory Course on Theory and Practice of Mechanical :i$ration% 1e. ?lassmanA I. TurnsA S. -elhiA 1000. u:undaA 2. $. Forced 3i+rations. %om+ustion in SI and %I engines.+io degradation .oodA J.'.Fuel properties . 2.A 9eissA . 2.T..5uenchingA flamma+ilit(A ignition and flame sta+ili>ation.-.Biomass $0 . and %onsidineA ?. Bio energ( . $.?.or:. Thermod(namics of com+ustion .A #cademic PressA 100/.Solar radiation .A c?ra. Com$ustion% $rd ed. ?roo3erA .7irtual . T. and ?uptaA E.Impulse response . %onsidineA -.-2illA 10"". *aminar and tur+ulent flames . ME3+* DYNAMICS OF MACHINERY (4 ) $ ) $' 4 Single degree of freedom s(stems . . .Solar photo 3oltaic energ(. Solar thermal energ( con3ersion . 'aoA J.nd ed.. 2. 9a3e and !uler equations .Periodic eDcitations . ThomsonA 9.Einetics of com+ustion.-2illA 2000. *td.Thermochemistr( . Re7erence 5 1.S.S.B.!fficiencies .A An Introduction to Com$ustion% .A Theory of :i$ration with A##lications% %BS Pu+lishersA 1e.-2illA 100.A 1agelA '. 7i+ration of continuous s(stems.A and 6dre(A 1.A Industrial 8o$otics% Prentice-2allA 10"".A @nderstanding Com$ustionA acmillanA 1002. #ge International P3t.A Industrial 8o$otics% Technology% Programming% and A##lications% c?ra.A Internal Com$ustion Engine Fundamentals% c?ra. airA ?.P.7i+ration of plates.1. !mission and control methods.Re7erence 5 1.%om+ustion equations and air-fuel ratio calculations. ). ME3+0 RENE8ABLE ENERGY (4 ) $ ) $' 4 Solar energ( .2eat transfer equations.%on3ersion . ME3+3 COMBUSTION ENGINEERING (4 ) $ ) $' 4 %om+ustion of fuels .

$1 .-ata and energ( estimationA %on3ersion .electrical discharge . echanical processes ..!lectrochemical material remo3al.Theory and esign% Pergaman PressA 10"2.ire cutting .gasifier.t(pes of chemical material remo3al .application and limitations . 2. 'aiA ?.electrical discharging machiningA electron +eam machiningA ion +eam machining and plasma arc machining. *e ?ourieresA -. and Parule:arA '.A Energy Technology . 3. Thermoelectrial processes .9ind mill .A #ddison 9esic( Pu+lishing %ompan(A 100&.A )oncon/entional Energy Sources% Ehanna Pu+lishersA 1000. Pande(A P.PerformanceA applications ?eothermal. Tidal energ( Re7erence 5 1.A !ind Power Plant .A Tata c?ra. ME3*$ AD/ANCED MACHINING (ROCESSES (4 & $ & $' 4 1on-traditional machining processes 4 classification. 4..P.roller +urnishing . $. 2ill %ompan(A 200). %hemical and electrochemical processes ) material remo3al .Fuel cell.ater 8et cutting. 'aoA S.thread rolling . Serope Ealpa:8ian% Manufacturing Processes for Engineering MaterialsA $rd ed.a+rasi3e flo.A Solar Energy& Princi#le of Thermal Collection and Storage% 2nd ed. Production Technology $y HMTA Tata c?ra.t(pes .mas:ants and etchants . machining . 9ind energ( .Thermionic . ).or+ital grinding micromachining .% Modern Machining Processes% Tata c?ra.B. 2. Re7erence F 1.-.ultrasonic machining a+rasi3e 8et machining .%..1umerical control and automated processes. Special achining Processes ) pol(gonal turning and drilling deep hole drilling and trepanning .%.thermal de+urring .A )onATraditional Machining ProcessesA S !A ichiganA 10"). 2illA 2002.)oncon/entional% 8enewa$le and Con/entionalA Ehanna Pu+lishersA 100. agneto h(drod(namic . 9ellarA P.shaped tu+e electrol(tic machining . 2illA 2000. Su:hatmeA S.

er plant economics and en3ironmental ha>ards.er plants.-2illA 10"..A #.er plants.arA S.A Princi#les of Energy Con/ersion% Mc?ra. and -om:und.A Tata c?ra.-2illA 10". 1ag. Po.er plants.%. P.9.er plants and gas tur+ine.A A Course in Power Plant Engineering% -hanpat 'ai G SonsA 2001.A Power Plant Technology% Tata c?ra. -iesel po.3arious components and functions of thermal po...A Power Plant Engineering% 2nd ed.-2illA 2002. ".ME3$4 (O8ER (LANT ENGINEERING (4 ) $ ) $' 4 *a(out . 2(dro po. 1uclear po. /. !l 9a:ilA . &. #roraA S. $2 . %ulp Jr. Re7erence 5 .E. .

.-2illA 10". Re7erence 5 . IncroperaA F.?eneral $-.A Heat Transfer .een heat and mass transfer.Boiling and condensation Boiling regimes and correlationsA 1usseltCs theor( . ass transfer .A Practical A##roach% c?ra.-2illA 200).%ondensation o3er surfaces.#.and 1T@ methods . 2eat eDchangers .A (asic A##roach% c?ra.Free con3ection %orrelations. ".A John 9ile(A 2002.Fouling factorA * T.2eat generation pro+lems . Forced %on3ection .s . $$ .P.Fins .Fic:Cs la. /. 'adiation *a.@nstead( state conduction. &. 2olmanA J.ittA -.!Dternal and internal flo. %engelA .P. and -e.A Heat Transfer .'adiation shields ?reen house effect..'adiation eDchange +et.Boundar( la(er theor( .A Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer% 9th ed.een surfaces . 6>isi:A .A Heat Transfer% 0th ed.equation .P.Similarities +et.Blac: and ?ra( +odies .s .-2illA 100"...ME4$4 HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER (4)$)$' 4 %onduction .A Tata c?ra.1.

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