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Home Inspection Agreement

The address of the property is: ________________________________________________________________________________________ This agreement is made between Blue Valley Home Inspection, (Hereinafter known as Inspector) and the undersigned (hereinafter known as !ient)" The #arties $nderstand and %gree as fo!!ows: Inspector guarantees to perform a &isua! inspection of the home and to pro&ide c!ient with a written inspection report identifying the defects that inspector both obser&ed and deemed materia!" Inspector may offer comments as a courtesy, but these comments wi!! not comprise the bargained'for report" The report is on!y supp!ementary to the se!!er(s disc!osure" Inspector agrees to perform the inspection in accordance to the current Standards of Practice for Washington State Licensed Home Inspectors It is understood and agreed that the inspection wi!! be of readi!y accessib!e areas of the bui!ding and is !imited to &isua! obser&ations of apparent conditions e)isting at the time of the inspection on!y" *atent and concea!ed defects are e)c!uded from the inspection" !ient understands that the inspection wi!! be performed in accordance to the aforementioned +tandards, which contain certain !imitations, e)ceptions, and e)c!usions" This inspection and report do not address and are not intended to address the possib!e presence or danger from any potentia!!y harmfu! substances and en&ironmenta! ha,ards inc!uding, but not !imited to radon gas, !ead paint, asbestos, urea forma!dehyde, to)ic or f!ammab!e chemica!s, mo!d spores or water and airborne ha,ards" %!so e)c!uded are inspections of and reporting on swimming poo!s, we!!-septic systems, security systems, centra! &acuum, water softeners, sprink!er systems, fire and safety e.uipment" The inspection and report are performed and prepared for the use of c!ient" who gi&es inspector permission to discuss obser&ations with rea! estate agents, owners, repair persons, and other interested parties" Inspector accepts no responsibi!ity for use or misinterpretation by third parties" The report is not a comprehensi&e e&a!uation of items to be inspected, but on!y of readi!y &isib!e or detectab!e conditions present at the time of the inspection" The report shou!d not be considered an insurance po!icy against conditions, which e)ist as to the items not inspected or to the future condition of items inspected" The ompany sha!! not be !iab!e for the fai!ure to report water !eaks or e&idence of !eakage, which were not apparent at the time of the inspection or concea!ed from &iew, but which may become e&ident at a !ater time" The parties agree that the inspector, assume no !iabi!ity or responsibi!ity for the cost of repairing or rep!acing any unreported defect or deficiency, either current or arising in the future or for any property damage, conse.uentia! damage or bodi!y in/ury of any nature" A Wood Destroying Organism (012) structura! pest inspection wi!! be performed by Trent Tarter 0+1% !icense 3 7 7! using the +tructura! Inspection +tandards of the 0ashington +tate #est ontro! %ssociation" The inspection and report are not intended or to be used as a guarantee or warranty, e)pressed or imp!ied, regarding the ade.uacy, performance or condition of any inspected structure, item or system" The inspector is not an insurer of any inspected conditions" In the e&ent of a c!aim against inspector, c!ient agrees to supp!y inspector with the fo!!owing: (4) 0ritten notification of ad&erse conditions within 45 days of disco&ery, and (6) %ccess to the premises" 7ai!ure to comp!y with the abo&e conditions wi!! re!ease inspector and its agents from any and a!! ob!igations" In the e&ent that c!ient fai!s to pro&e any ad&erse c!aims against inspector in a court of !aw, c!ient agrees to pay a!! !ega! costs, e)penses and fees of inspector in defending said c!aims" If any court dec!ares any pro&ision of this %greement in&a!id or unenforceab!e, the remaining pro&isions wi!! remain in effect" This agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties" 8o change or modification sha!! be enforceab!e against any party un!ess such change or modification is in writing and signed by the parties" This %greement sha!! be binding upon and enforceab!e by the parties and their heirs, e)ecutors, administrators, successors and assignees" !ient sha!! ha&e no cause of action against inspector after one year from the date of the inspection" The parties agree that this report is for the e)c!usi&e use of the c!ient" The inspection report is not to be re!ied upon by any third party nor may it be transferred to a third party" 1istribution of the contents of this report to any third party sha!! be the responsibi!ity of the c!ient" The abo&e is understood and agreed to, and c!ient acknow!edges receipt of a copy of this agreement"

"otal Inspection #ee $ Inspector:Trent Tarter Inspector +ignature___________________________________ 1ate_______________ %lient gi&es Inspector permission to share the report 'ith (ealtors )*S+++ ,O+++ %lient Signature -S. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Date+++++++++++++++ ______________________________________ 1ate_______________ !ients 9ai!ing %ddress_____________________________________________________________________ !ients #hone 1ay ___________________Home ___________________ :mai! __________________________ ;ea!tor-%gents name___________________________________ #hone_____________________:mai!______________________________