Woroni (Canberra, ACT : 1950 - 2007), Wednesday 10 June 1981, page 13

¥-wie Out Near Yass
Several residents of Yass reported seeing the so-called Yass Yowie' last weekend after returning from a trip to the Gund


Mr Jenkins, speaking for the group, said 'We were returning by car along the Gundaroo Road, when a weird bear-like in front of the car.' beast jumped out He described the Yowie as having
a numan iiks iorm out movea in

'loping bounds'. Mr Jenkins told police that he had had to swerve off the road to avoid the creature.

Although the occupants of the car only caught a glimpse of the Yowie as it it their path, they were ran across sure neither a kangaroo nor was a bunyip.
This is the fourth report the Yass police- have received of Yowie sightings since April. Sergeant Hall of the Yass Police said in a statement to Woroni that activity in the area the increased Yowie 'no was for alarm'. cause 'I don't believe in such things', he said. 'Besides, all the sightings happ ened at night.' As a possible explanation Sergeant Hall suggested that a large lame kangaroo for the sight could have been the cause

This would gait which was


for the loping'


Dr Firthson of ANU's Research School of Biological Sciences has been studying the biological possibility that 'yowies, yetties and other creatures with characteristics' could exist. abominable He
also said that while the chance

National Library of Australia


animal mutation is possible, the best explanation 'is that the Yowie is the adult of a child abandoned at birth prob ably on account of being badly mutated.' This theory ties in with explanat


ions given for the existence of the Nepal Yetti. ese Indian scientists working in

the Himalayas have photographic evid ence to back up their belief that the Yetti is the basic mutation of a homo sapien. have documented evidence that the They people who dwell high up in the Yetti infested areas, have practiced abandoning deformed and weak off-spring as they pose too great a burden on a community which struggles to survive in an extraord inarily harsh environment. So it looks as if the Yass Yetti may not be the product of lively imaginations, but the mutated progeny of some back

country Australian folk.


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Marburg march

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