Chapter 12

Contracted Engineering
Whentherequiredengineeringeffortexceedstheresourcesofthelocalplant engineering department, the work must be performed by a contractor. There are several options to contract engineering work:
- A single large engineering firm. -


- A single small or medium sized engineering firm.

The largeengineeringfirmoptionwillbethemostexpensiveandshouldbe avoided unless the project demands a very specific expertise only available through a large firm. Most large contractors, with their elaborate communication and checking procedures, are inflexible and could not function without them. Forcing them to do so would be flirting with disaster. The potential savings of the small project approach would be limited to the hours related to project control function retained by the Owner. No savings should be expected in project management since a large contractor would assign a project manager or project engineer to job the anyway. Whenaspecialexpertise is required, it maybepossibletoavoidthelarge engineering firm by shopping around for individual experts to support the efforts of smaller contractors. Another option is to farm out the detailed engineering among several specialized local firms familiar with the plant and its requirements. This approach would be ideal for a retrofitjob where a local civil engineer can design a couple of foundations and the engineering section of the friendly local electrical contractor so forth.This couldhandleafewmotorsconnectedtoanexistingMCC,and option, although financially attractive, could easily overload the Project Manager to the point where the entire project would suffer. Retaining a small or medium sized full-service engineering firm to perform all the detailed engineering, and even the purchasing, would be the ideal option for the run-of-the-mill project that does not require any particular design expertise. Small contractors usually have, and, in this case, the selected contractor must have:
- AdaptabilitytoacceptthedirectparticipationoftheOwner'sProject

Manager in the design activities.

Qualified personnel with the flexibility to perform without their normal organization constraints.

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