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Batman: Year One Batman and the Monster Men Batman: The Man who Laughs Batman: The

Long Halloween Batman: Dark Victory Robin: Year one ****************************Batman: Arkham Asylum batgirl: year one Batman: the saga of ra;s al ghul nightwing year one Batman: another kid on the crime alley Batman: The Killing Joke Batman: The Cult Batman : Death in the family Batman: Blind Justice

Batman: Knightfall Part One - Broken Bat Batman: Knightfall Part Two - Who Rules the Night Batman: Knightfall Part Three - Knightsend Batman: No Man's Land - Volume 1 Batman: No Man's Land - Volume 2 Batman: No Man's Land - Volume 3 Batman: No Man's Land - Volume 4 Batman: No Man's Land - Volume 5 Batman: Evolution - New Gotham Volume 1 Batman: Officer Down - New Gotham Volume 2 Bruce Wayne: Murderer? Bruce Wayne: Fugitive - Volume 1 Bruce Wayne: Fugitive - Volume 2 Bruce Wayne: Fugitive - Volume 3 Batman: Hush Batman: Broken City Batman: Death and the Maidens Batman: War Drums Batman: Under the Hood - Volume 2 Batman: Face the Face Batman: Detective Batman and Son Batman: Death and The City Batman: Private Casebook Batman: The Black Glove Batman: Heart of Hush Batman: R.I.P. Batman: Whatever Happened To The Caped Crusader

You will find that every Batman trade paperback / graphic novel collector has a gap in there reading order / continuity and that gap is Jason Todd. Every collector will go from.... Dick Grayson as Robin Batman: Dark Victory Robin: The Gauntlet Robin: Year One Batman: Haunted Knight Batman: Faces

Batman: Fortunate Son Batman: Tales of the Demon to.... Dick Grayson as Nightwing and Jason Todd as Robin Batman: The Killing Joke Batman: Ten Nights of The Beast Batman: The Cult Batman: A Death in the Family without any books showing this transition and how and why it happened or explain ing who Jason Todd is and what he is about.