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<)/.= !&@-&.' "# /%%&#=/#9&: 8lck Wllhelm, 8eLsy Andrews, Maryellen 8agley, Serena Leogue, Chrls
1orregrossa, lrank Sherldan, 1ara volgL

AB&#"#?: lrank opened Lhe meeLlng aL 7:40pm.

C.&'"=&#%D' E&B).%:
lrank reporLed LhaL he has recelved 2 quoLes for Lhe Llle work:
uC 1lle $37k for a compleLe re-do of Lhe Llle
ool Servlce Co $6300 Lo Lear ouL rldges aL Lhe [olnLs and re-do
lrank wlll work Lo geL more quoLes buL Lhe work wlll noL happen unLll SepLember. 1he funds wlll go on
Lhls year's budgeL.
lrank would llke Lo lssue a Survey Monkey quesLlonnalre Lo Lhe members. We wlll do one Lhls sprlng
and anoLher ln !uly or AugusL. lL wlll be less Lhan 10 quesLlons and Lake less Lhan 3 mlnuLes Lo compleLe.
1he vAC 8oard 8runch ls scheduled for Sun Aprll 7 aL Clyde's ln 1ysons aL 10am

:)@@$#"9/%")#': lrank reporLed on behalf of 8lck. 8lck suggesLed lowerlng Lhe cosL of malllng dues by
movlng Lo an emall dlsLrlbuLlon of dues noLlces. MosL of Lhe 8oard felL LhaL Lhls would be
admlnlsLraLlvely dlfflculL, however we are wllllng Lo process Lhe malllng ourselves (raLher Lhan havlng
uonnelley's prlnLers charge us for lL) Lo save $$.

AB&./%")#': uavld wlll be manager, Annle wlll be asslsLanL manager.

F.&/'$.&.D' E&B).%: Maryellen reporLed on Lhe budgeL. We wlll be addlng umbrellas and chalrs Lhls year
- probably 10 umbrellas, 4 Lall chalrs and 3 shorL chalrs - approxlmaLely $2300. 8eLsy wlll order. LasL
year we used MosqulLo Squad buL Lhey were noL very good abouL Llmlng or geLLlng lnLo Lhe pool when
someone wasn'L Lhere. lrank wlll seek a new vendor. lor Lhe gaLe sysLem, 8lck wlll geL an amounL Lo us
as a placeholder. lronL desk sLaff wlll be Sue 8ussell and karlen. $13 per hour and cuL Lhls budgeL Lo
$3300. $200 for sporLlng equlpmenL. $0 for palnLlng. $300 for sand. $8000 for Llle work. $6300 for
lunbrella. $2000 for Lree work. lncrease waLer Lo $16000 (acld wash Lhls year means we wlll have Lo
reflll Lhe enLlre pool).
lrank wlll geL a quoLe from Casey for Lhe lunbrella.

!&@-&.'+"BG 1ara requesLed Lo move AugusL asses Lo go on sale May 1
Lo ellmlnaLe Loo much
acLlvlLy rlghL around openlng day.

Ad[ourned aL 9:13pm.

2012 - 2013 8oard MeeLlng daLes - Marshall 8oad LS aL 7:30pm:
Aprll 18
May 16