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!"#$%&' )* %+& !,-.

+ /01 /203
4"&##, 56$,%". 78$9 :),-; )* <"-&.%)-' !&&%"#=

:),-; !&>9&-' "# ,%%&#;,#.&: 8ruce Chappell, Serena Leogue, kurL kohls, Maryellen 8agley, Chrls
1orregrossa, lrank Sherldan, Alllson CalbralLh (for swlm Leam)

?@&#"#=: lrank opened Lhe meeLlng aL 7:41pm.

!"#$%&': MlnuLes of Lhe leb 21 meeLlng were revlewed and approved.

A-&'";&#%B' C&@)-%:
lrank revlewed Lhe resulLs of Lhe Survey Monkey (Lhank you 8lck). 1he 8oard dlscussed whlch ldeas we
mlghL llke Lo pursue:
Alllson ralsed Lhe ldea of Wl-ll, and lrank revlewed Lhe reasons behlnd our declslon lasL year Lo
noL pursue Wl-ll for Lhe pool
We dlscussed emall dlsLrlbuLlon of noLlces abouL pool evenLs, closlngs, eLc. LoglsLlcs are an
lssue - who wlll lssue updaLes, how can members opL-ln/opL-ouL of dlsLrlbuLlon llsLs. We wlll
conLlnue Lo posL messages and updaLes on lacebook. kurL wlll conLlnue Lo pursue a
calendar/remlnder sysLem.
CuesL passes - currenLly Lhese are admlnlsLered manually (paper LlckeLs for new members &
Lhose who help on clean-up days). new sysLem may be able Lo help wlLh Lhls.
lood Lruck/snack bar - ls lL posslble Lo brlng ln vendors who would seL up for lrl/SaL nlghL? We
would noL collecL $$ because lL ls a large expense unrelaLed Lo Lhe runnlng of Lhe pool. lrank
wlll call around Lo see lf Lhere ls any lnLeresL from some local places. Alm Lo Lry lL ouL ln !une.

7)>>$#".,%")#': kurL revlewed Lhe check ln gaLe sysLem aL uunn Lorlng and presenLed some screen
shoLs of Lhe sysLem. lL can be Louchscreen and can run reporLs. kurL wlll Lalk wlLh 8alph (aL uL) abouL
guesL passes. WlLh Wlll, 8alph could updaLe remoLely. Members wlll check ln and updaLe lnfo as Lhey
come Lo Lhe pool.

?@&-,%")#': noLhlng Lo reporL.

D-&,'$-&-B' C&@)-%: Maryellen reporLed on Lhe budgeL. We wlll add $2000 for chalrs and umbrellas.
Maryellen moLloned Lo approve Lhe budgeL and lrank 2d. unanlmous approval.

5.%"E"%"&'F Serena reporLed on AcLlvlLles. We wlll have 13 laLe nlghLs/early openlngs. Serena wlll work

G&H :$'"#&'': Alllson wlll Lalk Lo arls !acobs (uan's wlfe) abouL havlng Machlne run a MasLer swlm
program aL vAC. 1hls could be a source for early mornlng swlms.
8ruce wlll look lnLo posslble soluLlons for Lhe muddy area by Lhe gaLe.
lrank wlll look lnLo provldlng feedback on Lhe survey resulLs & wlll posL Lo lacebook.

Ad[ourned aL 9:17pm.