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!"#$%&' )* %+& !,- ./0 12.

4"&##, 56$,%"7 89$: ;),<= )* >"<&7%)<' !&&%"#?

;),<= !&@:&<' "# ,%%&#=,#7&: 8eLsy Andrews, Serena Leogue, Chrls 1orregrossa, lrank Sherldan, 1om
8lack, Maryellen 8agley

AB&#"#?: lrank opened Lhe meeLlng aL 7:10pm.

C&D"&E )* !"#$%&'F MlnuLes from Lhe 3/21 and 4/18 meeLlngs were approved.

G<&'"=&#%H' C&B)<%:
no word back from arls & uan !acobs on MasLer's rogram/early swlm. uavld & Annle are conflrmed
for manager and asslsLanL. Alex wlll be head guard. CrysLal noLlfled us LhaL a new supervlsor wlll be
replaclng !ason, buL we don'L know who LhaL wlll be yeL. We had a greaL clean up day wlLh loLs of help.
1om and Lva 8ourborous wlll be [olnlng Lhe 8oard.

IE"@ J&,@F uana !acklns & Alllson CalbralLh are sLepplng ln for Mlchelle & Pelen.

K<)$#=': 8epalr updaLe: replaced llghL bulb ($400) and caulked lnLerlor ($1700) and exLerlor ($900).
$1000 Lo replace dlvlng well covers. 1here ls a cracked sLralner lld ln Lhe pump house whlch we'll prlce
for Llme & maLerlals - Lhen Lhe lmpeller falled (lL ls 40-30 years old). new one ls $4-3k and wlll lasL
abouL 3 years. 1he ldea ls Lo keep Lhe old one & repalr as needed. 8eplaclng Lhe whole moLor ls $4-3k,
buL we can keep lL golng wlLh a used parL (a new-Lo-us lmpeller) 1he new waLer founLaln was $900 (lasL
updaLed abouL 6 years ago). lunbrella hole ls ln, Lhe umbrella lLself wlll go ln shorLly. 1here ls a shower
LhaL may need work.

ropane 1axl order ls ln.

1he CounLy has noL yeL conducLed Lhe lnspecLlon.

J<&,'$<&<H' C&B)<%F lncome lncreased due Lo 83 leases and 33 Aug passes. Changes Lo budgeL as noLed.

AB&<,%")#': Sue 8ussell and Amella wlll be back worklng Lhe fronL desk.

!&@:&<'+"B: Selllng 4 of Lhe unpald shares.

Ad[ourned aL 7:30pm.

**** nexL meeLlng daLe !une 26 for Ceneral MLg!!! *****