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!"#$%&' )* %+& ,$-$'% ./0 .

4"&##5 ,6$5%"7 89$: ;)5<= )* >"<&7%)<' !&&%"#-

;)5<= !&?:&<' "# 5%%&#=5#7&: Chuck C'8ellly, uana !acklns (7:30 deparLure), Serena Leogue, Chrls
1orregrossa, lrank Sherldan, 1ara volgL, 8ruce Chappell, 1om 8lack, 8eLsy Andrews, kurL kohls

@A&#"#-: lrank opened Lhe meeLlng aL 7:00pm.

B<&'"=&#%C' D&A)<%:
lrank revlewed pool condlLlons and Lhe 8oard Loured Lhe pool. 1he whlLecoaL was lasL replaced ln
2007, so abouL 7 years on Lhls surface. 1he whlLecoaL ls x Lo 3/8 lnch Lhlck. lL ls beglnnlng Lo wear.
1here was 1 crack Lhls year and some sLalnlng. We should have 1-3 more years on lL. Caulk should lasL 3
years - Lhls ls noL relaLed Lo Lhe whlLecoaL. WhlLecoaL cosL ls approx. $70k. Lhe lmpeller may also
conLrlbuLe Lo Lhe sLalnlng. ump ls 30 years old. CrysLal replaced Lhe lmpeller wlLh Lhe new plece. 1he
voluLe ls rusLlng & sendlng lron lnLo Lhe pool. $6300 for a compleLe replacemenL, buL Lhe newer ones
wlll noL lasL as long. $4200 for a new voluLe.
lrank revlewed Lhe complalnLs process. Any dangerous behavlor should be lmmedlaLely reporLed Lo Lhe
pool manager. lssues abouL rule vlolaLlons, guard behavlor, eLc. should be reporLed Lo Lhe pool
manager. 1he manager should dlrecL guard behavlor. CLher concerns should fee Lo lrank of Chuck.
1lle repalrs wlll occur ln off-season. 8ruce wlll collecL esLlmaLes and have blds for Lhe CcL mLg.
Chrls wlll coordlnaLe daLes for 2013-2014 8oard MLg daLes.

Ad[ourned aL 8:13pm.