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;)4<= !&@:&<' "# 4%%&#=4#7&: Chuck C'8ellly, uana !acklns, Allson CalbralLh, Maryellen 8agley, Serena
Leogue, Chrls 1orregrossa, lrank Sherldan, 1ara volgL, 8ruce Chappell, 1om 8lack

AB&#"#?: lrank opened Lhe meeLlng aL 7:10pm. MlnuLes of Lhe May 16 mLg were approved wlLh edlLs.

!&@:&<'+"B C&B)<%:
4 unpald shares were sold, 1ara has noL recelved any commenLs on Lhese sales. AugusL passes are sold
ouL (39 sold, Look approxlmaLely 2 weeks). WalL LlsL Lo purchase remalns aL abouL 2-3 years.

D<&'"=&#%E' C&B)<%:
lrank asked for feedback on Lhe season:

Serena requesLed LhaL we flx Lhe marklngs for Lhe enLrance/exlL Lo Lhe parklng loL. We should also mark
Lhe area by Lhe fence for access Lo Lhe gaLe by Lhe pavlllon. lronL desk sLaff wlll reduce Lhelr hours -
several members commenLed Lhey were Lhere Loo ofLen. lronL desk sLaff should focus on lrldays,
SaLurdays, Sundays and Lhe 4
of !uly.

Chrls commenLed LhaL Lhe speakers could use updaLlng. no noLes on when Lhey were lasL updaLed.

uana lnqulred abouL Wlll and noLed LhaL Swlm 1eam requesLs lL. She added LhaL 8lck ls lnvesLlgaLlng a
wlreless mlc for swlm Leam and could look lnLo speakers as well.

Ad[ourned aL 7:29pm for Lhe sLarL of Lhe Ceneral MLg.