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William Lyne Says Clark R. Daniel (bobdee1001) is a Big Fat Lying Liar

William Lyne Says Clark R. Daniel (bobdee1001) is a Big Fat Lying Liar

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Published by philosoph9
A short article regarding a particularly idiotic heckler who knows nothing about Tesla research.
A short article regarding a particularly idiotic heckler who knows nothing about Tesla research.

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Published by: philosoph9 on Aug 10, 2009
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Daniel (“bobdee1001") just doesn’t seem to learn. He reminds me of that little stump of a man in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, with his arms and legs cut off, screaming “Come on back and fight!” It’s humorously pathetic, because he has already lost the argument. He picked a fight he couldn’t win so he lost, and is now trying to save face. A loser is not entitled to continue the fight after a knock-out (once his original argument has been proven fallacious) and no substantive response is warranted. He is a bad loser with sour grapes. While you’re at it, you should read my latest Scribd.com article, “Beware of Anti-Tesla Hecklers” written at least a week ago. Clark Daniel and his two stooge buddies made denials about Nikola Tesla’s technology and statements, and what I said about them, saying I “lied”, and have been proven wrong by documentary evidence. In order for a person to lie, they have to know the truth to begin with, which Clark Daniel apparently didn’t (giving him the benefit of a doubt which he doesn’t deserve). If he knew the truth before—such as, because he was ignorant—it was at the very least brash and stupid of him to deny what is documented that Tesla said, and then to say I lied about it. But after he has been proven wrong, and that I spoke the truth, and yet he continues with his whining and denials, he no longer has any excuse. At this point he is clearly a liar and heckler and we should know it. Once a person’s credibility has been impeached, such as Clark Daniel’s credibility has been, he has no credibility and you can’t trust anything he says. A court of law would discount anything he says thereafter and so will I. You be the judge. He is now a pathetic loser sitting on the side lines shooting a peashooter at players on the field, because he could never “make the team”. It is pathetic to see a loser like Daniel who is not a published author trying to “build a reputation” by tearing someone down. Abraham Lincoln said it best when he said “One man cannot build himself up by tearing another man down.” Daniel is very, very jealous and has low self-esteem. Once Clark Daniel lost the argument, he is not entitled to nit-pick another one. Just like a pleading in court, he is held to what he said in his original complaint, which was not substantive in content, but frivolous, and he is now in contempt and his complaint is dismissed. He never had an argument to begin with but at least he made a good punching bag. William Lyne

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