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THE TAKING OF CLARA 3: TAKEN BY THE BOSS Sam Crescent Copyright © 2013 Chapter One The anger inside Matthew threatened .

Matthew. His friend moved over to his woman. He stared at her father. No man. wishing he could take the bastard down once and for all. took her chin in hand. “She’s a beauty. not even her father. For some reason seeing his friend touching Clara . I see why you’ve been keeping her to yourself.” Luke said. got to touch Clara unless he said otherwise. Seeing the other man’s arms on his woman filled his mind with so many vile thoughts they threatened to explode out of him. and turned her head this way and consume him.

Go upstairs to our room.” She looked ready to argue. “Don’t speak for him.didn’t fill him with anger. If anyone touched his woman Luke would be the only man he trusted. Matthew turned his attention to Edward Baines. Clara. “What the fuck are you doing in my home?” Matthew asked. “Matthew—” He cut Clara off with a raised hand. Before Matthew got a chance to speak Luke moved away from Clara. Taking . I’ll talk with you later.

His attention moved to her shit head of a father.” He didn’t get the chance to feel the pleasure at his friend’s words. Matthew stared at his woman. she’s submissive all right.his gaze away from her father. “I fucking told you not to get in touch . “You’re right.” Nodding her head. “Don’t argue with me. She took one last look around the room then left. Clara moved away. The older man looked ready to scarper.

He kept a firm grip on his neck. The man before him would only cause more problems than actually solving them. “She’s my daughter.” Matthew grabbed him around the throat and pressed him against the wall. He didn’t like being disobeyed. You can’t keep her away from me. You’ve always been . Instead.” He moved closer.with her. “You’ve never given a shit about her or her problems. wanting to squeeze the life out of him. ready to take Edward down. he kept control of his sanity.

If I don’t get the money to Randal he’s going to kill me. Not a match for the man in front of him. Randal owned half of the illegal gambling strip in Vegas.the fucking cause. defeated.” Matthew knew the name. . “How much do you need?” Matthew asked. what are you doing in my home?” He refused to break his stare. tell me. “I need more money. Now. He wasn’t one of the best men to know. Edward looked down at the floor.

” . I’m going to give it to Randal and I’m going to make sure Clara is never in any danger.“You can’t be serious? If you give this scum the money he’s only going to come back for more. Randal may be a bastard but he’ll listen to me.” He’d warn the man about Edward.” Luke said. “I think you’re stupid. “I’m not giving this shit head the money. The only way to stop her father from constantly appearing on their doorstep would be to go to one of the main sources of his loans.

“I’m not stupid. I’m thinking of my woman. . Matthew cuffed Edward to a chair to keep him in place. When he gave the money to Randal. Staring at Clara’s father felt like a kick to the gut. there would be no chance of Edward getting away with it. requesting the large sum of money out of his bank. In the next moment he phoned his accountant. Luke grabbed a pair of cuffs from Matthew’s playroom.” He didn’t hit Clara’s father even though he wanted to. Edward told him the amount.

Was Clara waiting for him to enter? Clara sat on the end of the bed in a white negligee. The door to his room was open. His friend’s attention lay on the paper in front of him. She looked so tempting to him. Leaning against the doorframe. didn’t he?” she asked.“Keep an eye on him. He made his way up the stairs. I’m going to talk with Clara.” Luke nodded. brushing her hair. “He only came because of the money. . Matthew simply watched her.

He’s got problems and no amount of rehab will help him. “I’m afraid so. She went into his arms without argument.” Her sigh filled the silence. baby.” Matthew wanted to go back . Part of me always wishes he’d come back for something more than money.She looked up at him. Tears shone in her eyes making her look vulnerable. wanting to offer her the comfort he could provide. Matthew moved to her side and pulled her into his arms. “I’m such a fool.

downstairs to show the bastard what he really thought. If you hadn’t have come back I’d have done what he asked because he’s my father.” He caught her chin in his hands. tilting her head back to gaze in her eyes. I could never be angry with you. He plays at it. I hate feeling weak. I’ll never let anything hurt you. You must hate me. “Don’t do it. “I hate this. “I’m not angry with you. He wiped them away.” The tears trailed down her cheeks. baby. . Edward knows you’ll do anything for him.

“I’ve got to go out for a few hours. His hold tightened around her.” Clara nodded.” He brushed his lips against hers.” She wiped them away. Not you.” “I love you the way you are. If you need to cry for something. resting her head against his chest. cry for happiness. I’m leaving Luke here to keep an eye on .Don’t allow yourself to cry for him. He’s the bastard. “I wish I were stronger. “I wouldn’t change a thing about you. He doesn’t deserve your tears.

“Be good and stay safe. Matthew admired her resolve.” He kissed her again. He should learn to work through his own mistakes.” Even though she’d be the first person to help him. I’m going to take care of everything. only this time he took possession of her lips with a firmness that surprised him. “Don’t worry.” “Please don’t help my father out.” He left her to finish combing her .you. baby. While Edward wasn’t in sight she could say those strong words.

” Luke said. He closed the paper then stared .” “I figured you’d brought me round to be a glorified babysitter.” He grabbed Edward then made his way out of his home. “I want you to stay here. “We’ll talk when I get back. Going back into his office he saw Luke twirling his foot while Edward looked ready to run. Keep an eye on her.

Chapter Two Clara made sure to spend most of her time in her room. Reading about . The man downstairs offered her little comfort. letting her know her father and Matthew were gone. The book by the side of her bed held no appeal. She heard the door close. he meant nothing. He may be Matthew’s friend but to her.

They stared at each other for several moments. She didn’t like to think about the danger he must be in. She’d tried to stay out of his and romance could only keep her attention so much. Her thoughts were on Matthew. Luke sat on the sofa watching a movie. The sound of the television moved her to the sitting room. Neither speaking. He turned as she walked to the door. Her stomach started growling for the seventh time so Clara decided to go downstairs and get something to eat. She didn’t .

During the time she spent in her bedroom night had fallen. She would have recognized him if he’d visited Matthew at work. Do you want anything?” She gazed behind her toward the kitchen. “I’m going to make some food.” Luke said. He stood stretching his arms above his head.know him. fastening the robe closer to her body. “I’ll come with you.” He followed . “You’ve finally decided to venture out of your room. She didn’t know Luke other than the fact he was Matthew’s friend. She tightened the belt around her waist.

She felt his presence at her back. Blocking him out of her thoughts. she moved around the counter putting some distance between them. He’ll be safe. she grabbed some of the chicken from the fridge and wished she was alone. He’s not the best man in the world. Licking her lips.” She started peeling the chicken into a bowl. “Matthew knows what he’s doing.” “I’m not worried about him but what my father will do. He sat at the counter watching her as she worked. .behind her.

” . You’ll flourish under his care. Your submissive nature is hard to ignore.” How should she respond to that statement? She’d only ever talked to Matthew about him being a Dom.” She glanced up at him.“I see what he sees in you. “I know my words have shocked you. Not knowing what to say she continued to peel the chicken. Her cheeks heated. “Matthew’s a lucky guy to have found you. He’s a good Dom and will treat you well.

“You’ve got questions?” She nodded. Turning away from him.” She stopped shredding the chicken to glance at him. He .” His gaze roamed her body. Well.” Matthew understood her more than the man in front of her. Matthew and I haven’t gotten much chance to talk about it. “I can answer some questions you might have. “I’m going to talk with Matthew. she grabbed a few more items out of the fridge. His intense stare startled her.“It’s not that.

” She frowned at him.remained in his seat. The only person she wished to speak to was Matthew.” Luke chuckled. The desire to ask him questions filled her but she kept them under wraps. Your father has taken . Your safety means everything to him. He’s more than a man with money. “I’d rather not talk about such… personal matters with someone I don’t know. “You’re already passing many tests. “Matthew will not allow anything to happen to him.

.” “You know my father?” “I know to avoid him. Matthew must really love you to intercede on your behalf. and wondered how long Matthew would be. He’d invaded her heart and her mind. “You love him?” Luke asked. He’s not got the best reputation. she finished preparing the salad. She couldn’t live without him.” Ignoring the man in front of her. Her hands shook slightly at her father’s panicked words.advantage for the last time. She glanced at the clock. Being without Matthew wasn’t an option.

she inhaled his scent. Once she finished. She ate her salad in silence. His masculine fragrance invaded her senses but his scent was masked by washing powder. Fingering the items he’d worn. Clara went over to the closest that held his clothing.” Clara handed him the plate of food she made. . “I think you should tell him. Closing the door firmly behind her.She jerked her head in acknowledgment. she washed their plates then offered him a good night before going back to her room.

“Where are you?” Nibbling her lip. wishing for the man she loved to be by her side. she tried to calm her nerves. Her father wasn’t a good man and wouldn’t have any problems with causing Matthew pain. She lay back on the bed. Reaching out to his pillow. No matter what she tried to think about her thoughts reverted back to Matthew. . she curled her fingers around the fabric before holding the pillow against her.She sat down on the bed and glanced at the clock.

Their time apart hurt more than she liked to think about. She stared out the window and wondered what he was doing. In the matter of a couple of weeks Matthew had taken over her world. Her thoughts were constantly on him.” she said. .“I miss you.

I’m Clara’s father. Edward looked ready to jump out of the car. “You can’t ignore me.” he said. Matthew.Chapter Three The drive to the hotel where Randal rented a room was uneventful. Matthew kept his attention on the road while ignoring the man at his side. “The best thing for that girl to do is .

I want you out of her life for good. Clara deserved better than what her father had given her.ignore you. Matthew pulled into a parking space.” he said. Tugging the older man at his side. He pulled Edward out of the car then made his way to the front desk.” Matthew said. spoke then pointed toward the elevator. The woman looked at him suspiciously. She lifted the phone. Matthew waited by the elevators. One . “I’m here to see Randal. You’re a bastard who only cares about yourself.

The elevator stopped and the door pinged open.” Matthew pushed the man inside. “Edward.opened. Matthew wanted to throttle Clara’s father for the danger he’d put her in. Edward stumbled then tried to stand as far away from the men as possible. No one said a word inside the elevator as they travelled upwards. They passed . we thought you’d never arrive. He kept his anger inside. Matthew got in and glared at the older man as the door closed and they rose upward. revealing two men inside.

The man stood at the end of the bed. Matthew spotted Randal instantly. He declined a beer but .more men before another door opened. I’ve heard all about your contract with the lovely Clara. “Ah. Matthew Johnson. Only when Randal completed did he turn to them.” Randal zipped his pants then moved toward them. Edward visibly shook at his side. Matthew shook Randal’s hand before taking a seat. I wondered when you’d turn up. fucking a woman. Her pleasured cries filled the air.

accepted a coffee. The man may be older but what he’d done was fucking low. “I don’t want Clara even though she’s .” He raised his fist in the direction of Edward. You think offering her out will stop people coming after you?” He wanted to kill the bastard. Randal dropped the photograph of Clara onto the table. “What did he offer you?” Matthew asked. The man before him chuckled. “You little fucker. “He offered me her.

“I’m here to make sure nothing happens to Clara. She makes me hard. I will . Also. I know she’s finished with him. you tell me why you’re here?” Randal took control of the conversation. I own her and she’s mine. I’m not interested in more women. She’s my woman.tempting. I don’t want to have to worry about her being approached in the street. Glaring at Edward. and Clara doesn’t have what I need. Matthew turned his attention back to Randal.” “No.” “Then tell me what you do want. All he wants from her is money.

“I agree to make sure your woman is safe I’ll do what is necessary. Being a legal business man put him at risk in Randal’s company. He owes me more than one payment.” If Clara wasn’t in danger he wouldn’t be here with this you what he owes. I’ll take his debt and in return I don’t want you interfering with what I’ve got planned for him. He’d do anything for Clara. but I want your guarantee nothing will happen to Clara.” They all stopped speaking as the .

“No.” Edward started begging on his knees. you can’t leave me.” Matthew shook Randal’s hand then agreed to bring the money to him the following day. Clara will never forgive you if you give me up.woman Randal was fucking when they walked in left the apartment. “I’ll give you the amount you ask. He’ll kill me. “That sounds good to me. .” For a time Clara would be upset but this was for her own good. then I want nothing to do with him.

He’d done what needed to be done.” Matthew pushed the man away then left the apartment. Once he gave his friend an update. he told him what had happened. “You should have thought about that before you brought this shit to my door. Clara may hate him for a short time but he’d done everything to keep her . he drove away from the hotel.He stared down at the man. feeling revulsion rise inside him. The last words he heard was Edward begging. Putting a call through to Luke.

” Luke left him alone with his thoughts. When he pulled into his parking lot relief swamped him. safe. I’m going to stay in the guest room. Matthew. I’m jealous.” “Did she come down?” “Only after her stomach demanded. Luke stood at the door when he entered. Get me up to speed tomorrow. he locked up . Letting out a sigh. protected away from any danger. She didn’t want to talk to me about anything. Inside Clara slept. “You’ve got a beautiful woman. she

She whimpered. The white negligee she wore covered her curves beautifully. He snuggled up behind her. Matthew undressed then moved to climb in the bed. Her eyes opened.the office then made his way up the stairs. Clara lay with his pillow clutched in her hands. The moment she . He’d prefer to see her naked. The sight that greeted him when he opened the bedroom door filled him with yearning. turned over to snuggle against him. Her eyes were closed.

she smiled.saw him. “What happened?” she asked when she broke away.” Taking her lips with his. “I’m back. . “You’re back. I’m not going anywhere. Her moans echoed off the walls as he glided his palm up her thigh. Her soft skin felt damn good against him.” Clara pulled him down for a kiss. “I missed you.” He brushed the curls off her face and smiled down at her. Matthew showed her with his kiss how much he’d missed her.

. “I love you.” he said.” Slamming his lips down on hers.” She nibbled her lip.” He heard the sadness in her voice. “I don’t want to know. baby. He wished there was more he could say to make her feel better but there wasn’t. “I love you too.” he said. “Ask me. She gasped. I’m tired of being worried about him or not knowing if I’ll be able to afford his debts. I’m done with him.“He’s not going to bother you anymore.

Matthew claimed her completely. she allowed Matthew to remove her negligee. Leaving her father to pay for his debts hurt her but she grew tired of defending him. Seconds later the boxer briefs he wore were on the floor. **** Clara whimpered with pleasure at the feel of Matthew’s heat surrounding her. . Shutting out thoughts of her father. He pushed her negligee up to her waist as she pulled the top part down exposing her breasts.

All of her thoughts were consumed by him. “Please.” He leaned down to circle her left nipple. she begged for him to give her other nipple the same touch. His hand moved down to her pussy. “I’m going to love your body. I need you. I need you.” He nipped at her flesh making it hard for her to think. sending her closer to orgasm. His fingers caressed her clit. She gasped at the intense pleasure from the single touch. Matthew slammed his .They were both naked. Arching her back. Matthew.

” he said. She pumped the shaft relishing the sound of his gasp followed by the way he nibbled at her neck. She gazed down the length of his body to see him align his cock against her then thrust forward. thick. She gripped his hard. gasping for breath at the intrusion. cock in her tight grip. He pushed inside her to the hilt. Matthew pushed her hand away from his cock. She cried out.lips down on hers. “You’re so fucking beautiful. His cum coated the tip of it. .

She cried out his name.” Her mind was no longer her own. Clara pushed her pelvis up to meet him with each thrust. begging him with her words to fuck her harder. He gripped her thigh. Matthew grabbed her hands and pressed them over her head as he pushed inside.“So fucking tight. The change of angle made him penetrate her deeper than before. . moving her leg over his hip. Clara couldn’t think past her name and the pleasure he created with her body.

Every part of her would be possessed by him. In that moment. Ride my cock. baby. Matthew turned her suddenly so she could take control. “That’s it.” he growled the words against her lips. Clara knew he owned her. Take me deep inside.“I’m never letting you go. Fingers teased her nipples as she rode his body. His grip moved to her hips.” She listened to him speak with half an ear. Never. . I want to feel you ride me.

gasping.Her orgasm was close to the surface. “Do you know what you do to me?” . Sir. Please. His dark gaze penetrated her soul. “Please. “Tell me what you want.” His eyes darkened in color looking almost black in appearance.” she said. “Matthew.” Opening her eyes. She cried out. she stared down at him. I won’t give you what you need until you tell me. He pinched her nipples then slapped her ass to get her to move faster.” “I need to come. let me come. let me come.

“Touch your clit. his brand of ownership on her skin. Clara didn’t have time to analyze the sudden change inside him. She couldn’t think past the thrusting. There would be bruises on her flesh the next morning. Matthew took over her body giving her so much pleasure. Her orgasm rolled through her stronger than . The instant she touched herself.he asked. Clara shattered. Matthew’s grip tightened on her hips.” She pressed her fingers to her nub. He pounded inside her.

any wave. Growls shattered the air and they lay together seconds later, exhausted but sated. Matthew ran his hands down her back. “Thank you,” he said, kissing her shoulder. With his cock still inside her, Matthew turned her to the side. “Aren’t you going to pull out?” she asked. “No,” he said, shaking his head. “Why not?” “Because this is where I’m supposed

to be. You’re my woman, Clara. I’ll be sleeping inside your snug little pussy for the rest of our lives.” His body was so much larger than hers. “Will my father—” “Don’t ask about him, Clara. You’ve done everything you can for him. You’re only concern now is me.” “And about your domination?” she asked. He smiled. “Have you been thinking about it?” “I went into the room before my

father interrupted. I’m intrigued about it, and I want to know more.” “I’ll teach you, baby. Everything you need to know. It would be a pleasure for you to be my submissive but I’ve got one more thing to ask you before we move on to that.” “What? What do you need to ask me?” Her curiosity got the better of her. She never intended to deny him. BDSM may not be in her knowledge bank but she was more than happy to learn from him. He chuckled. “All in good time. I

“No. You’re all I care about. having you in my arms. In her mind she finally closed the door on her father.” She snuggled against his solid warmth.want you to sleep. Edward Baines. You need to realize there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.” “And you own mine. in his time.” “How can I sleep?” “I’ve told you to sleep. “This is the best part of my day.” He kissed her nose then settled down. Clara. had caused . You own my heart.” “Going to sleep?” she asked.

That night. Clara finally let go of the soul who’d been destroying her happiness.too much heartache. the main cause of all of her problems. Clara slept peacefully. Her father. Sometimes. . needed to be let go. Once she’d pushed him away for good. people needed to get rid of the people who hurt them the most. in order to move on.

. She looked peaceful in sleep. at least to Matthew. When she made no move to wake. He’d never get tired of it. highlighting her beautiful body.Chapter Four Waking up next to Clara would never get old. The sun shone through the curtains.” he said. “I’ll never let anything happen to you.

“I take it you . She looked exhausted from last night’s love making. Putting on a pair of sweat pants. Her soft sigh escaped only to be replaced by a small snore. Matthew made his way downstairs.” His friend turned to him.” At the raised brow on Luke’s face. “Where’s Clara? I thought you’d be fucking her into this afternoon.he climbed out of bed and chuckled. “I thought I heard you up. He found Luke in the kitchen making coffee. Matthew chuckled.

heard us?” “I heard you. With no dead bodies turning up . There was nothing about dead bodies or anything suspicious. which Matthew felt relieved to know. The paper boy already posted that morning’s paper. You were pounding the wall some with the bed. I’m surprised the house hasn’t fallen down around us.” Matthew poured himself a generous cup of coffee then went toward the front door. Didn’t you feel that?” “You’re only jealous I’ve found a submissive and you’re still training them.

that could only mean Edward was still alive. Clara is my other half. “I’m not looking for a permanent relationship anyway. He checked to make sure nothing about her father appeared inside. Matthew hated the man but Clara would probably be upset if her father died. I’ve never felt more alive than w h e n she’s in my arms.” Luke took a drink of his coffee.” “You say that now. “I like training them.” Matthew . You haven’t lived until you’ve found the right woman to complete your soul.

She’s only agreed to be with you for paying off all of her debts. walking back toward the kitchen.” .smiled. Then he called Clara’s landlord and terminated her contract with him. and I intend to propose to her today. Clara is mine. “That’s a bit heavy handed. she told me she loved me last night.” “No. He checked his mail before calling his banker to arrange for the money he needed. There is more to her feelings than paying her debts. Luke didn’t say a word.

” Luke said. If she couldn’t be part of the BDSM lifestyle then he’d step away from being a Dom. Marrying her could be a huge mistake. He didn’t need control in order to make .” Matthew spent the better part of last night once she’d gone to sleep thinking about their future. “What?” “You’ve not collared the girl or experimented in the lifestyle. If Clara doesn’t like the lifestyle then I’ll leave it behind. “I know what I want.Luke folded his arms and stared at him.

Clara meant more to him than wielding a whip. “I can’t stand by and watch you . “You don’t know what it’s like to have the woman you love by your side. You insult every Dom by saying such a thing.his life work.” Luke looked ready to hit him. “I can’t believe I’m hearing this.” “We are far more than giving a spank. Clara means more to me than giving a spank. You’d give up being who you are for her?” He shrugged.

The robe she wore concealed little with the sunshine behind her. How did his woman always manage to stand in front of the sun that showed her gorgeous body off to perfection? “We’re not fighting about you.destroy yourself. don’t fight because of me.” Clara said. He ignored Luke’s snort and moved closer to her. .” he said. They both turned to see the object of their discussion standing in the kitchen doorway.” “Please.

“You are. I heard everything that you said, Matthew.” He paused in front of her. The hurt in her eyes surprised him. “I promised I’d give everything a try… including that.” She pointed toward his office. “I can wait for that.” He made to go down on one knee. She stopped him. “No, I don’t want you to propose to me. Not when you’re prepared to turn your back on who you are. I could never live with myself if you did that. It’s

unfair of me to even ask that.” She looked around him at his friend. “I’d never dream of coming between you. You’re friends and that should mean something.” Matthew couldn’t bear for her to be in the same room and not touch her. He reached out and stroked her cheek. She didn’t pull away or recoil. Her eyes softened at his touch. “I love you. I love everything about you. I’m not prepared to let you turn your back on something you’ve known your whole life.”

“You’d be willing to try, for me.” She touched his cheek. “I’d try anything for you.” Clara went on her toes and kissed his lips. His love for her became stronger. “Am I wanted? Or should I leave?” Luke asked. “Leave,” Matthew said. When he took Clara to his playroom to explore what he wanted, he didn’t wish for his friend to be present. The sound of the door closing filled the silence between them. Not tearing his gaze away from hers, Matthew walked

“Are you sure about this?” he asked. Matthew placed the key inside the lock. He shook his head.” She reached up.” Taking the key from her. Her back hit the door to his playroom. I want to ask you something. waiting for him to respond. pressed to her front. pulling down the key for him. but refused to open the door. “Let us explore this together. His thick cock.her back to his office. Her eyes .” Clara stared up at him. “I’m sure about you. Matthew got down on one knee in front of her. “No.

“Clara. With Clara in his life he could gladly leave the playroom and the lifestyle behind. will you marry me?” he asked. **** Clara stared up at him shocked by his sudden proposal.widened. Matthew didn’t care if they couldn’t explore domination and submission together. Part of her felt excited about giving herself over to him while another part of . She was more than prepared to explore the lifestyle with him.

“Say something.” He pressed a hand against the door. Clara. Matthew. “You don’t need to propose to me.her feared the unknown.” he said. “You and Luke . I’m staying here with you.” “Why?” “Because I don’t want you to have a reason to run from me.” Matthew stood up.” Clara didn’t want him to feel he needed to propose. “I’m asking you because I want you to be my wife. “I’m not taking you into that room unless you’re my wife.

may think I need this but I don’t. alone. She’d rather cut her own arm off than hurt him. Hurting him never entered her head. She’d hurt him.” Matthew left her standing in his office. She ran to the window in time to see he’d driven away. I love being a Dom. . “I’ve got to go out. The sound of the front door closing pulled her out of her troubled thoughts. I’ll need your answer when I get back. but being a Dom is not the only part of me.” He cupped her cheek and then walked away.

Why had she held herself back? Marrying him would be a blessing. I’ve got to get my mind . Talking to her most trusted friend would be an idea.” Tara said. She dialed her friend Tara. Clara.“Shit. “Hello.” She heard movement over the line. “Hold on. sounding sleepy. followed by a few cuss words. she walked up the stairs to the bathroom. it’s me. “Hiya. Shaking her head at her insane morning.” she said. She took a long shower before going down to the sitting room.

” “Don’t worry about it. My mind is open and the scent of coffee is working wonders for my apartment. Clara stared ahead of her. My girl is free to call whenever she’s got a problem. She picked it up. I’m ready to hear you. Her hands shook as the phone rang.” The line went dead. I’ll call you back. “I’m sorry for calling you so early. I . “Now. The only person she trusted was Tara.working.” She chuckled. Placing the phone back in the cradle.

“Matthew proposed. I can’t wait to meet this guy.hope I can help. “Wow. She talked about the dominance along with herself being a submissive. Did you say yes? When is the wedding?” “I… erm…didn’t give him an answer.” Nibbling her lip. Her . Clara wondered if her friend could help.” Tara’s squeal over the line made her chuckle. nervously.” “What?” Clara explained everything to Tara.

” She listened to her friend’s advice.friend asked little questions but listened to everything she said. “I don’t know what to do. . You deserve to be happy. Forget about all the other crap with regards to his lifestyle and concentrate on what makes you happy. Clara felt alone. When Tara needed to leave Clara rang off. Matthew hadn’t called. Without Tara to keep her company. Think about how Matthew makes you feel. “I can’t tell you what to do.” Clara said.

Matthew took a seat at the counter and watched her. Turning the oven on. The scent of baking always calmed her. She loved Matthew’s kitchen. Instead of waiting for him. He walked into the house once she started baking. she decided to take her stresses out on some baking. Clara went in search of the bakery goods she’d need to make a simple sponge cake. She added .Her heart felt heavy inside her chest. The up to date appliances and space made it her favorite place to be.

She stuck her tongue out as she concentrated. . She stared at the yellow batter. “You were gone a long time. He won’t be coming around and upsetting you anymore.” Nodding.” she said. “I’ve got everything sorted with regards to your father.baking powder to the mix. feeling Matthew’s presence deep in her soul. she grabbed the wooden spoon to start mixing the eggs into the butter mixture.

Shock widened his eyes. what?” “Yes. “I don’t need that. On the one condition.” she said. What . Her words startled her.” she said.“Yes. “What condition?” “I want to see Luke with a sub. Baking always cleared her head but never this much. suddenly. I want to see what it’s like with him. Can we do that? Go and witness it?” she asked. I’ll marry you.” “I know that’s what you say. “Yes.

” Matthew held up the box. Please. “You look perfect.” he said. “I agree. He pressed the ring on her finger. She paused in her beating.happens if in ten years you find you do need to be who you are? I don’t imagine being a Dom is a game. give me a chance. This is who you are and I respect that.” She added flour to the mix then another egg. . “Will you wear my ring?” Clara waited as he walked to her. The beating helped to calm her nerves.

“I’ll arrange everything with Luke.” He left her alone to her baking.Matthew kissed her temple before stepping back. . The diamond caught the light with every beat of the wooden spoon.

He stood and waited for Clara to come out of the bathroom. Matthew wore leather pants with a . He’d purchased a deep purple evening dress that molded to her curves in all the right places.Chapter Five Luke agreed to put on a show. Matthew wasn’t surprised by his friend’s desire to help him.

He wasn’t going to be able to keep his hands to himself. She looked simply ravishing. She looked stunning. His cock thickened at the sight. twirling. The door to the bathroom opened then Clara walked out. “I don’t know if Luke is going to . The dark tones of her hair stood out around her.white shirt. Her tits looked large while her waist appeared tiny. “Do I look right for the part?” she asked. The purple matched with her pale skin.

he pulled out of the gate then was on the road. .” The diamond on her finger filled him with immense pleasure. Turning the car over. “How are you feeling?” he asked.” “You do please me.keep his hands off you. driving toward Luke’s house. Clara remained silent beside him.” Brushing his lips against hers. Matthew led her out of his home. Once he seated her safely in the car. he walked around to the other side. “Nervous. I want to please you.

“Stop panicking. . This is us.” “I know you’re not.” “Luke is more into the lifestyle than I am. This is part of that pleasure. Leaning over. He’s not looking for a submissive but something more. fidgeting in her lap. Some of the stuff you see tonight may shock you. This is who you are. He saw the nerves inside her. Matthew.” She smiled then gave his hand a squeeze.Her fingers interlocked. I want to please you. he grasped her hand in his. and I’m not going to let anything happen to you.

Matthew chuckled.” she said. he walked up toward the house. “This house looks bigger than yours. Matthew sent up a little prayer and climbed out of the car.” Holding her against his side. Clara stepped out of the car before he got the chance to open the door. There was nothing else for him to say that would reassure her.They remained silent for the rest of the journey. She stared up at the house in wonder. When he pulled up outside of Luke’s house. There were several other cars . “Luke is a great guy but he likes big things.

Matthew didn’t recognize her. The Dom in him demanded he take control while the other kept thinking she’d scarper at any second. “This is a good opportunity for you to view several parts of the lifestyle. A naked woman opened the door. wishing his nerves would disappear.” He knocked on the door. which kicked up his nerves. The only clothing on her was the collar she wore around her the driveway. “There are more people here. .” she said.

” . “She’s a submissive. The submissive waited for their coats.” Her head remained lowered to the floor. she’s owned by someone at the party. Clara took his offered hand then followed him through to the party.“Master Matthew. Clara.” Nodding. “I want you to say ‘red’ when you’ve had enough. Master Luke has been waiting for you. See the collar around her neck. “What is going on?” Clara whispered against him. Matthew took Clara inside.

Her grip tightened as they walked over to the far room. Luke wasn’t present. When he’d discussed getting a scene together. Several couples were in the room. I’m not made of glass.” Wrapping his arms around her waist. I’m not going to break at any moment. “I’m fine.“That’s a safe word. Clara kept a firm grip on him. Matthew. “How are you holding up?” he asked. . isn’t it?” Matthew nodded. he’d not anticipated so many people being present.

“They’re subs. A collar attached around her neck with her head bowed in submission.” She took a deep breath and settled by his side.Matthew wished for her bare skin. “Why are there people on the floor with chains around their necks?” she asked. They’re at their master’s feet. Luke walked in with a girl trailing behind him. Matthew couldn’t be sure if he’d trained . Luke stopped at their table. The blonde woman looked familiar.

her once before. Clara froze by his side. “Present yourself,” Luke said. The woman went down on her knees with her legs apart. Her head bowed in submission. “That’s the position of a submissive,” Matthew said. His friend took the seat opposite. “I thought I suggested a smaller get together.” “Clara needs to know everything that is on offer. There is more to life than being someone’s wife or sub. She needs

to know what she’s getting herself into.” Luke’s gaze never left Clara. A sweep of possession went through Matthew. He didn’t like the other man’s gaze on his woman. “She looks superb, Matthew. You bought the dress?” “You damn well know I did,” Matthew growled. * *** Clara felt her man tense by her side. Something was going on between Luke and Matthew. She didn’t understand

what but it clearly made Matthew angry. The woman on the floor looked so beautiful. The pose reminded her a little of a bronze sculpture she’d once owned before needing to sell it for her father’s debts. Her gaze couldn’t move away. She looked so beautiful even in her nudity. She never thought looking at another woman would be all that appealing. Seeing her now, Clara knew there was more to her than sex. The woman, in her submission, offered up her trust.

” Luke leaned back in his seat. He left their table. Don’t worry.“Why don’t you go and get us all a drink. I want to talk with your woman. I won’t scare her away.” Her man looked like he wanted to throttle his friend. “I don’t know what he needs. “Are you willing to try to be what he needs?” Luke asked. She smiled up at him. running a finger across his bottom lip. The woman on the floor remained in her position. Matthew. letting him know she’d be fine. .

“I’m not sure about you. I don’t know whether he’s hoping there is one or if he’s blinded by need to have you. Matthew is convinced he sees a submissive in you.” Heat filled her cheeks at his assessment. Matthew would have grown bored with me after having me. “Matthew trained her. She watched as he reached out to stroke the woman’s hair by his side. “Surely.” .” He chuckled. Her real name is Anne but here she likes to go by Pet.

they were never lovers. Matthew trained her without penetration. didn’t he?” “Anne is my woman. “You’re clearly mistaken about me. I never approached Matthew. only my ownership. Glancing down at the diamond ring on her finger.” He circled the collar around her neck.Clara stared at the woman on the floor. She doesn’t need a wedding band. Clara felt out of place. He . Matthew trained her? “I… erm…” “Don’t worry.

“Matthew may think he can leave all this behind. She’d been content to earn a wage then go home at the end of the day. She’d never done anything to improve her position.” She thought about the ad in the paper along with the change of position with regards to her job. I know him. you should give him what he wants. He’s put his basic nature aside to tend to you. If you loved him as much as he loves you. I’ve known him for a long time.” Glancing down at the woman .came to me at all times.

Anne may not wear Luke’s ring but she wore something far greater. The deeper relationship shone between them. “I keep no secrets from her.” Luke . someone to be passed by because of her weak nature. Clara didn’t see a weak woman. she wore his collar.beside him. She saw a woman of power and strength. The love written on Luke’s face for the woman at his feet filled Clara’s heart with hope. To many people the woman on the floor may look like a slave. Clara felt a great yearning build inside her chest.

Clara wished for the same kind of relationship with Matthew.stroked her cheek. “She’s my everything. I’ve never taken another woman. clearly meant he couldn’t. she took the time to observe him. Matthew could give up the lifestyle of being a Dom but the way he looked at the couples he passed. The yearning on his face displayed an entirely different . Without him knowing she was looking.” Licking her lips. She felt yearning in her heart to be his. She saw him walking toward them.

emotion. He handed her a drink then took a seat next to her. The flush to his cheek could be seen from where she sat. Clara watched everything with a keen eye. They could live happily together but their life wouldn’t flourish the way Anne and Luke’s clearly had. Sipping the strong liquid. Luke smiled then toasted to new beginnings. A woman in the far corner was being spanked over her master’s knee. He missed being a Dom. She stared at the couples and saw everything .

She watched the two together. she wondered how long he’d been wanting her.differently. to have missed his friend falling in love. He never has. “Luke doesn’t do love. Luke left with Anne by his side.” Glancing up at the man by her side.” she said. “They’re in love. seeing the love shining between them. .

easy for him to determine.Chapter Six Staring down into her beautiful eyes. They sat together on the sofa near the far wall. Matthew wondered what she was thinking about. Her thoughts were usually reflected in her eyes. He placed his arm across the back of her chair and . No other couples approached them.

She moved to her knees before him. Matthew gasped and turned toward . Her hand rested on his leg. “Do you want this?” she asked. her fingers stroking his thigh.watched the others in the room.” she said. Her lips near his ear. I want this with you more than you could know. Matthew smiled down at her not wanting to answer the question. His cock thickened as she curled around him. “I want to try this with you.

Several scenes took place but he made sure they were not close to the action. A sub got a punishment by her man for not . I want to be your sub. Instead of answering her. “No. Matthew wrapped his arms around her and held her close to him. wondering where her change of mind had come from.her. “You want to be a sub?” Clara shook her head. He gazed at her.” “Do you even have any idea what you’re letting yourself in for?” She shrugged.

When Matthew had enough of watching. he walked round to the driver’s side. He turned the engine over the moment they were safely inside. Ignoring her question. Luke looked startled by his sudden abrupt movement. The Dom inside him demanded he take Clara back to collar her. . Clara stared intently at the scene before them. “What’s going on?” Clara asked.addressing him properly. They witnessed a collaring. he grabbed Clara and moved her out of the house.

” she said.“You didn’t even say goodbye.” “We didn’t need to. “Luke knows you’re going to forget who you are because you think it’s what I need. . Luke understands.” She slapped her thighs. gaining his attention. You shouldn’t close a part of yourself off because of me. Matthew pulled into the first available spot to look at her. Her chest looked flush and her eyes shot fire at him. “What the hell is the matter with you?” he demanded.

Teach me how you want me to be.” .“I’m not prepared to make you choose. “You’re the one I want.” She covered his hands with her own. Train me to be your sub and no one else’s. Matthew.” Clara kissed his palm. “I’m asking you to train me. “I love you. “I don’t know what you’re asking of me. That’s never going to change but trying to pretend you’re something you’re not is wrong. Matthew.” He reached over to cup her face.” Clara sighed looking frustrated. Clara.

“I’m not going to marry you until you train me to be what you need. hearing her say those words had felt a million miles away. “You don’t know what you’re asking for. Matthew kissed her fingers. She pulled away. The last thing you could .His heart stopped. “You’ve given me a great deal in the last few weeks.” He wanted to deny her request. Ever since he’d set eyes on her. Clara held her hand up and stopped him from speaking.” Lifting her finger with his ring on.

.” he denied.” Matthew sighed. Teach me. resting his head against the steering wheel. we’ll learn each other together. Even he felt the words were a lie. “I see it in your eyes. You’re a Dom and you shouldn’t be forced to push that aspect aside because you think you’ll frighten me. I saw it as you walked toward for me is allow me the pleasure of giving myself completely to you.” “But I don’t need it. He wanted to jump at the chance but still he held himself back. Please.

With Clara as his sub. Sir. She’d answer to him. we’ll talk about it.” He pulled away from the spot where he’d parked. “Yes. Clara didn’t have the first clue what she’d let herself in for. He’d been hoping to avoid this. “When we get home.“You won’t marry me unless I train you?” he asked. Clara didn’t have a clue what she was asking for. he’d train her how he wanted her to be. .” she said. His cock hardened.

Pulling up outside of his home several minutes later. then I’ll take that as your agreement. You’ll be my sub and your body will become mine. Clara. “I want you to think before you enter our home. I’ll train you how I see fit. Her training . I’m going to go inside. Clara followed him inside. If you follow me. I will never hurt you or harm you. Matthew cut the engine and stared at her. We’ll talk about your safe word along with everything else. When we go inside you’ll be mine.” Matthew walked into his home.

would soon begin. *THE END* .

About the Author Sam Crescent is passionate about fiction. She began writing in 2009 and finally got that first acceptance in 2011. She loves creating new characters and delving into the worlds that she creates. When she’s not panicking about a story or arguing with a character. she . She loves a good erotic romance and so it only made sense for her to spread her wings and start writing.

Like her stories the creations in the kitchen can be just as dubious but sometimes things turn out great.can be found in her kitchen creating all kinds of havoc. Other books by Sam A Wild Older Woman Ryan's Christmas Miracle Trust Me Bend to His Will The Taking of Clara 1: Taken .

by the Boss The Taking of Clara 2: Taken by the Boss .

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