Naisha Kangheath Sylvestre 311 Aviation Road Marietta, GA 30060 770-420-0822

Career Objective: My career objective is to be a pediatrician. Education:  MCAA (Marietta Center For Advanced Academics) (3rd Grade to Present, 2011- 2013)  Lockheed (Kindergarten- 2nd Grade, 2008, 2011)

Work Experience:  I take care of my little sister.  I garden with my dad.  I do chores like cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, and living room.  I help prepare meals Scholarships and Honors:  Principal’s Award (All throughout elementary school)  A.R. Medal (2nd -4th )  A.R Trophy (4th grade)  All A’s (All throughout elementary school)  Science Fair Honorable Mention (3rd -4th Grade)  Student of the Month (Kindergarten- 5th Grade) th th  Million Words Club (4 -5 Grade)  News Crew (Kindergarten- 5th Grade) Activities: I attend French Class. (2 semesters) Special Skills:  I can speak French and Haitian Creole fluently.  Microsoft Word  Microsoft PowerPoint  Microsoft Publisher,  Edmodo  Voice Thread  Pbworks  Glogster Character Strengths: Responsibility, Respectfulness, Punctuality, Productivity, Truthful, Strong, Original, and Creative

References:  Amy Dillon, Teacher MCAA  Robert Pinto, Teacher MCAA  Kara Householder, Teacher MCAA

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