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This is an advertisement for Glaceau Smart water. A striking observation from this ad is Tom Brady who is clad in a tailored suit as opposed to his usual football jersey. This unusual choice of attire in this ad gives readers the idea that this "high-class" water can be helpful on and off the field. His shining leather jacket signifies authenticity and class. He is portrayed as an affluent and wealthy business man, who was just dropped off by the helicopter. His pose and stride tell that he is on a mission, and to face that which lies ahead he goes along with two essentials- his suitcase and a bottle of water. His attire shows that the weather is cold, but instead of having a cup of coffee or tea, he is seen with a bottle of water. This shows his preference for water even in the cold! The advert appears on a website. This is a cost effective way to attract customers and reach a global audience at a low cost. The poster indicates that the ad is targeted mostly at the male audience because of the image of the man and the use of blue color; however, the image of an attractive man on the poster would attract a lot of ladies to the poster as well. A superficial interpretation of the Glaceau Smart water ad points to this brand of water as the reason for Tom Brady's success. Therefore, to be successful you have to drink Glaceau Smart water. Less obvious is the relationship the ad makes between this water and other professions apart from sports. Using Tom Brady- a renowned athlete-, the ads main focus is to show Smart Water as a source of life, regardless of ones profession. Ethos is demonstrated nicely with the very attractive image of Tom Brady on the foreground of the ad. The use of celebrity endorsements provides readers with some credibility and trust in the product. By seeing this successful athlete on the poster, people will conclude that by drinking Smart Water, they could become equally successful. Another example of ethos is the

graphical representation of the word "smart" in bold and blue letters. The color blue exudes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith and truth. The Smart water company is trying to persuade its viewers that they can rely and trust in this product to help them take control and do the right things even in difficult moments. It promotes this water as essential to mental capacity and intelligence in the corporate world. They try to market this particular water as better than average water. Furthermore, the "water" in the ad is represented in white letters. White color signifies purity and cleanliness. This goes to say that this particular water is pure and clean. Also, white color depicts strong immunity, low-weight and low-fat in nutrition. The ad captures the hearts of weight-conscious individuals with this representation. Also, "the answer for tom brady" is represented in white. White color also portrays honesty. This increases Tom Brady's credibility as being honest to the fact that his success lies in Smart water. The middle-right area of the poster appeals more to logos. The ad highlights the nutritional benefits of Smart water in the following sentences- "electrolyte enhanced hydration; vapor distilled purity; for takeoffs and touchdowns". The ad emphasizes on these benefits using a 'blue box' as contrast to the background image which is in black and white. The blue box is strategically positioned next to the bottle of water in the man's hand. This aims to draw the attention of readers to Glaceau Smart water so they are not entirely focused on Tom Brady. This is a strategy the company uses to actually market its product as well as the celebrity. This makes this water a superior product, making it a logical choice when compared to other brands of water. Glaceau Smart water ad captures the heart of its customers by appealing to pathos. One example of pathos in this ad is the image of a tall, handsome and attractive man on the poster. This would attract both men and women to this ad. This man is seen looking up and ahead in this poster. His expression seems brazen, focused and prepared to face what lies ahead of him. This

indulges readers into thinking that with Smart water you can face any challenge, and that they can be sure of victory. The most obvious appeal to pathos in this ad is the monochromatic background. Tom Brady is portrayed to be wealthy with the helicopter, tailored suit and shiny leather jacket, yet his life still has no color in it. The background gives a dead, dull, moody and depressed outlook. The only colored object is the bottle of Smart water in his hand. This means that inspite of all the riches he possesses, his brightest source of happiness is the water. It intensifies the impression that water, although so simple, adds color and brightens up your life. It represents water as a source of life. The ad reaches out to more than one target audience with the use of all these persuasive tactics put together. Emotions, statistics and credibility are used to create an ad that is informative and encourages people to drink Glaceau Smart water in other to be like Tom Brady.