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Northwest Coast

Lucy, Fletcher, and Adonis

Mild and wet climate;cool in the summer, not too cold in the winter Forests of great redwood, fir and cedar trees More than 100 inches of rainfall a year Near the ocean Many streams and rivers Some mountains



Fish Clams Seaweed Sea Otter Whale

Salmon Land Mammals

Moose Mountain Goat Deer Beaver Groundhogs Bear( If it wasn't taboo)

Birds Berries Roots

Men wore aprons, blankets, and tunics Women wore skirts Both men and women wore ponchos Basketlike hats for protection against the rain and sun Clothes made from cedar bark, mountain goat hair, dog hair, and sometimes animal skins

Plankhouses made of cedar planks were used in the north Shelters of woven cedar bark or reeds were used in the south

Tools & weapons

Clubs Daggers Spears Atalt ( Used to launch darts)

Harpoons ( For hunting whales)

Canoes ( Because the forest was thick and difficult to walk through)

Spiritual life
Shamans could be men or women and they cured sickness They were famous for their totem poles (they were the only people who made them) The totem pole showed the status and the ancestry of the family who owned it The natives americans of the northwest believed thhad a spirit, from a pebble to a

Tribal Organization
Families were related by kinship ties
The family you were born into greatly influenced your rights and privilages In the north, the ties were based on the mother's side of the family while it was based on the father's side in the south Tribes were organized into clans, which each had their own crest and traditions There were three ranks; nobles, commoners, and slaves Slaves were captured during raids on other tribes Potlatches were feasts where gifts were given away to the guests

Way geography affected lifestyle and culture

There was an abundance of trees so natives used lots of wood for cedar bark clothing, plankhouses, and art and carvings. There were many streams and rivers so they mainly traveled by canoe. Seafood was the most commonly eaten food because the ocean was near. People usually wore cedar bark clothing because it was waterproof and it rained a lot.

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