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Riyadh Cable Profile
Riyadh Cable Profile

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Published by: حازم صبحى on Nov 13, 2013
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Riyadh Cables Group of Companies

Also known as: RCGC

Last Updated On: 29 apr 2013

Fast Facts
Country Ownership Type Company Type Saudi Arabia Private Limited Liability

Principal Activities

Manufacture and distribution of low, medium, high voltage power cables, overhead conductors, electric wires and wiring cables, control cables, service drop cables, telephone cables, fiber optic telephone cables, copper rods, aluminium rods and polyvinyl chloride compounds.

Date of Establishment Year No of Employees Total Production Capacity

1984 2,300 (N/A Company, 2,300 Group, N/A Headquarters) 240,000 tons of copper rods per year Riyadh Cables 30,000 tons of aluminium rods per year 3,000 tons of polyvinyl chloride compounds per year

Brands Zawya Industry Classifications (ZIC)
Sector (Definitions)


(Expand All)

Industrial Manufacturing

Basic Materials and Industrial Products Wires and Cables Makers (Primary Industry) Fabricated Metals Makers


Saudi Arabia (18)

Factories and Plants

Saudi Arabia (13)

Sales Offices

UAE (2) Turkey



Contact Details

00% .riyadh-cables.Address Riyadh Cables Group of Companies Building Riyadh Second Industrial Area 26862 Saudi Arabia City: City Suffix: Tel: Riyadh 11496 +966 11-265-0850 +966 11-265-1415 Fax: +966 11-265-1423 +966 11-265-0942 Email: Website: Region: rcgc@riyadh-cables.00% 100.00% 31.00% 100.com Riyadh Major Shareholders Name Al Zaim family A K Al Muhaidib and Sons Group Type Private Corporate Country Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Holding 69.00% 100.00% 100.00% 100.00% 100.com www.00% Country Kuwait UAE Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Holding 100.00% Direct Investments and Related Entities Subsidiaries/Associates/Affiliates Name Arabian National Electrical Cables Gulf National Electric Cables Establishment Gulf National Electric Cables Establishment Oman Qatar Cables Company Saudi Modern Company for Cables Industry [Riyadh Cables] Saudi Modern Company for Metals Cables and Plastic Industry Limited Saudi Modern Company for Special Electric Wires and Cables Industry Limited [REW] Investments Name Saudi Modern Company for Telephone Cable Industry Limited Agents and Distributors Name Abdulrahman Al Turki Corporation for Trading and Contracting Prakash Trading Company Country Saudi Arabia UAE Holding Country Saudi Arabia Holding 11.

Y K Almoayyed and Sons Bahrain - Financial Results Paid-up capital 31-Dec-09 SAR'000 240.000 31-Dec-10 SAR'000 240.000 yrOnYr Change 0.00 .

Administration Executive Director. Finance Email Mr Hikmat Saaduddin Al Zaim Mr Abulmohsen Al Hureish Mr Omar Al Akeel Mr Bahaa Issa .OFFICERS Last Updated On: 29 apr 2013 Board of Directors Name Mr Hikmat Saaduddin Al Zaim Mr Sulaiman Abdulkader AbdulmohsIn Al Muhaidib Mr Ahmed Samir Hamdi Al Zaim Mr Hamdi Saaduddin Al Zaim Mr Mohammad Hikmat Al Zaim Dr Saad Hamdi Al Zaim Dr Fuad Fahad Mohammad Al Saleh Mr Ammar Abdulwahid Al Khudair Dr Faisal Hamad Abdullah Al Sughair Dr Fahad Abdullah Al Mubarak Position Chairman Vice Chairman and director representing A K Al Muhaidib and Sons Group Director Director Director Director Director Director Director Director Management Name Position Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director General Manager. Commercial General Manager.

Technology and Quality Assurance Executive Director. Administration Assistant Executive Director. Marketing and Sales Executive Director.com Mr Khaled Al Turk Mr Visham Al Ghanama Mr Thangavelu Chandra Mohan Mr Nabil Al Laham Mr Abdullah Al Qahtani Dr Adel Saadoun .Mr Mazen Wahid Al Aswad Executive Director. Operations and Production Executive Director. Commercial Executive Director. Finance Production Manager Production Manager Planning Manager Purchasing Manager Public Relations Manager Human Resources Manager Mr Adib Al Muhaimy Mr Adib Al Mouaini Mr Nabih Al Saati Mr Mohammed Al Selim Mr Mohammed Nasser mohdnasr@riyadh-cables.

press releases. official statements/interviews) and reliable secondary sources (stock markets. . Our researchers then validate this information and source further information by contacting the companies directly.Mr Mazen Al Rabie Information Technology Manager Key Officers Name Mr Mohammed Jaber Position Legal Advisor Company information provided by © 2013 Zawya. reliable third party publications). corporate briefings. Zawya's analysts update company information from primary sources (company annual reports. company websites.

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