Programme Outline This 16 week programme has been designed to provide world-class education to selected women entrepreneurs

with 3 weeks of classroom sessions and 13 weeks of mentoring support on the job. odule !uration in weeks Teaching ethod odule " 1 #lass room session $ #oncepts% #ase discussions% &orkshops odule "" ' (ack to (usiness $ odule """ 1 #lassroom )ession odule "* + (ack to (usiness $ odule * 1 #lassroom )essio odule *" ' (ack to (usiness $ entoring """ entoring "" entoring "

Programme #ontents .conomic and #ompetitive .nvironment.7 + lakhs . Programme (enefits -nderstanding trends in .etwork (asics of /ccounting% 0inance% )trateg1 #apital anagement People anagement anaging .nvironment anaging 0inance and /ccounting !eveloping arket .ntr1 )trategies and . )ustaining )uccess and (uilding 3asting Organisations &ho )hould /ppl14 "n order to ensure that the ma2imum benefit is provided to the most deserving women entrepreneurs the programme is targeted to cover5 &omen entrepreneurs running and managing their own business venture (usiness venture has been in operation for more than a 1ear 6ave e2cellent potential for growth /nnual 7evenue of business venture is ".2ecution (udgeting% arketing and 3eadership )kills.conomic and #ompetitive .stablish (usiness .lements of (usiness 9rowth Plan #reating an entrepreneurial organisation . .ntrepreneurship -nderstanding trends in .+8 3akhs /t the end of this programme the women entrepreneurs will be enabled to5 (uild a robust business b1 refining their business model and moving from start up to entrepreneurial phase Train on different functions and business strateg1 (ridge the gap of a formal management education 9ear up to meet the challenges of growing competition% national and international )election #riteria /pplication 0orm Panel "nterview 0acult1 &orld class e2pert facult1 will ensure that the curriculum is based on cutting edge% research based% relevant knowledge re:uired to be successful in an increasingl1 comple2 business environment.

Overcoming gender specific challenges /c:uiring and retaining customers (alancing 0amil1 and (usiness 3ives .

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