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Objective: Education:

Obtaining a part-time or full-time programer job in your company.
1999 - now

Politehnical ni!ersity Timisoara The faculty of automathics and computers #$orea % &losca si &risan' $ighschool Alba (ulia - (nformatics speciali)ation +rd pri)e in the ,ational (nformatics Olimpics /ecrob -... contest participation /icrosoft 0isual 1tudio course attendance




-... -..1

Programming skills:

0ery good C++ 2nowledge 3ood Java, Delp i 2nowledge !"#,$tml 2nowledge 3ood learning ability 4nglish 5writing% spea2ing6 7 good le!el 3erman 5writing%spea2ing6 7low le!el &hess% Programing

%oreign languages: $obbies:

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