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"Education is generation, and the task is to make a whole man.

" By Karl Theodor Jaspers

Elementary School Integrated Chinese Sylla us Instructor! "s. #en$in %huang &ocation! 'oom (() w* http!,,w$*huang.wee
Course Description:
The Integrated Chinese course will focus on a variety of themes that will help students learn Chinese as a second language and reach novice Chinese level. No prior knowledge about Chinese language is required to attend this course. Students will master four relevant Chinese language skills including speaking, listening, reading and writing. uring the class, students will participate in vocabulary and grammar study, discussions, writing activities, and individual!group presentations. The topics covered in this course include" # $reetings # %aking &ppointments # 'amily # Studying Chinese # ates and Time # School (ife # )obbies # Shopping # *isiting 'riends # Transportation

Required Textbook"

Integrated Chinese, Level 1 Part 1 +,rd -dition, Simplified.. /uehua (iu and Tao#chung /ao, Nyan#0ing 1i, (iangyan $e, /aohua Shi. +2334.. 1oston, %&" Cheng 5 Tsui Company, Inc. IS1N#63" 0887276709.


Course website" http"!! )andout, assignments and announcements will be updated periodically. 0lease check it regularly. Integrated Chinese website by the author of the te8tbook"

Materials ist:
ark or 1lue Ink 0ens +!o Red. 0encils (oose#leaf paper ividers (arge three#ring notebook +including four sections" *ocabulary, $rammar, Composition and Notes..

Cate"ories o# $ork:

Wenqin Zhuang

%ssa&s: 9riting your own simple compositions in Chinese will be an important part of the class. /ou will also be required to bring a first draft to class for both teacher and peer feedback guided by revision rubrics before you submit the final version. %xa's: There will be ()*% unit e8ams which will cover all units of the te8t and +!% final e8am which will focus on all chapters that are covered in the class. ,ui--es: -8pect vocabulary qui77es in the beginning of the class after learning new Chinese vocabulary. Class.ork/0o'e.ork: Turn in all assignments on time. &ssignments with too many mechanical errors will be returned to the student for correction before grading.

ate 1ssi"n'ent 2olic&:

Students are e8pected to turn in their assignments on respective due dates. 9ork turned in after the due date will be marked down :3; for the first day late and the assignment is worth 3%R+ point after that day. <nly under e8treme conditions will late assignments be accepted without penalty.

-ach student is e8pected to attend 1 classes. =ne8cused absences will result in point deduction. It is &our responsibilit& to make up any missed work due to an absence. 0lease check the class website or contact me for any missed work. eposit late work in the appropriate basket> do not hand it to me.

&? @ A4 B 633 & @ A: B AC &# @ A3 # AD 1? @ 4C B 4A 1 @ 4D B 4E 1# @ 43 # 4, C? @ CC B CA C @ CD B CE C# @ C3 # C, ? @ EC B EA @ ED B EE # @ E3 # E, ' @ 1elow E3 $rades are calculated on a point system. They are based on total point accumulated on qui77es, tests, homework, class assignment and class participation for this semester. Fubrics will be issued with maGor assessments to guide your work.

Classroo' Rules:

1e prepared for class every day. &lways bring your reading and writing materials to class, including your books, notes, a pen, a pencil and plenty of writing papers with you in class. &ctive participation means contributing to discussions on materials presented in class. No 'ood or rinks are allowed in class with the e8ception of bottled water. No Cell 0hones or -lectronic evices. No Sleeping. 1e <n Time. -very %inute Counts. o not ask to leave the classroom to go to your locker or anywhere else during class.

Wenqin Zhuang

(reedo' 2asses:
/ou will receive two 'reedom 0asses for one semester. -ach can be used either as a late homework pass, which gives you a one#day e8tension on your assignment, or a hall pass to the restroom, or turned in at the end of the quarter for an e8tra 63 points.

T5is 5andout .ort5 67 points i# si"ned b& &ou and a parent/"uardian and turned in b& Monda&8 9epte'ber 2nd8 206:.
0lease sign below and also ask your parent!guardian to sign and provide contact information and turn this in as evidence that you have read and understood the classroom policies and procedures outlined above" HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Student 0rint Name ate HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 0arent!guardian 0rint name ate HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Student signature HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 0arent!guardian signature

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Wenqin Zhuang