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Published by: Robert B. Sklaroff on Nov 13, 2013
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The “Morning Joe” crowd has donned sack-cloth and ashes, unsure what BHO can do to interrupt

his well-acknowledged free-fall [ Poll: 52% Say Obama Dishonest, 73% Want Mandate Delayed]; GOODWIN claims Obama's Big Lie destroying his credibility, as Obama’s Promise of “Competition” in ObamaCare is known Also to have been False. Dems are rebelling [CNN’s Dana Bash: House Dems May Vote for AntiObamaCare GOP Bill and Senator [Warner] Disabled Embedding for Health Insurance Pledge Video], although some remain conflicted [although Sen. Kay Hagan’s Website Still Promises You Can Keep Your Insurance., this Vulnerable Red State Dem Wants ObamaCare Investigation]. And a Former Secret Service agent blasted this 'toxic' administration, as Dave Horowitz [at the Heritage Foundation] averred 'The Communist Party Is The Democratic Party.' Valerie Jarrett still claims Insurers [not ObamaCare] forced people off of their plan, ignoring the fact that the insurers did so because they had been forced to comply with ObamaCare; she also averred [yesterday] that “substantial progress” will have been made by month’s end [towards fixing the website], even as the Obama Admin admitted Healthcare.gov Can Only Handle 20K-25K Users at Once and the WaPo admitted that the Site Won't Be Fixed By Month's End. Meanwhile, in CALIFORNIA, 1 MILLION LOSE IT! [health insurance] and Only 1% of Massachusetts Cancellations Enrolled for ObamaCare; Distaste is so extreme that ObamaCare's Mystery Woman [pulled from the front-page, now in-hiding] Said She Fell Victim to Cyberbullies. It was just revealed that ObamaCare Cuts Out Consumer, Pays Subsidy Directly to Insurer, undermining the concept that the patient should [potentially] shop-around for the most cost-effective alternative; perhaps desperate, BHO released Racy Colorado ads using sex & beer to promote ObamaCare. {As Americans struggle to replace canceled plans, apologists such as LARRY SUMMERS] claim this situation is Better than expected, while others admit there is 'No hope left.'} Media defenders continue to exist [CNN's Sanjay Gupta: Millions Losing Health Plans a 'Red Herring'] and advocate [Media Let Democrats Tell New 'You Can Keep Plan' Lie], while others quietly note BHO’s ideological achievement [ObamaCare's Medicaid Enrollments Give Democrats the Last Laugh]; it was, perhaps, inevitable, that at least one of BHO’s greatest advocates would be forced to confess gross error [Paul Krugman openly admits that greater centralized, government control over health-care resources means the near-inevitability of government deciding which health-care ‘needs’ are attended to and which remain neglected. And even Mr. Krugman admits that the name for any such governmentaldecision-making process might be “death panels” (although, suggests he, for supporters of governmentrun health care to call such a decision-making process by such an unappealing name is “snarky”).]. The WSJ notes there was a Response Team That Never Responded, in conjunction with its continued coverage of the health law rollout; BHO introduced a White House "SWAT team" early on that was meant to swoop in and rescue big tech projects before they became epic failures. But when HealthCare.gov landed on a federal high-risk list, the response team failed to respond. Meanwhile, former President Bill Clinton joined a chorus of political figures calling for fixes to the health law. People whose policies are being canceled should get to keep their insurance "even if it takes a change in the law." {It now seems that a Flaw Allows Anyone on Earth To Fraudulently Enroll.} Illustrating the level of [SICK] inside-baseball that has been practiced, WebMD cashed-in without telling readers; of greater import is the fact that Federal officials considered only one firm to design the ObamaCare health insurance exchange website that has performed abysmally since its Oct. 1 debut:

[Author’s comment: ALL OF THIS FALLS UNDER THE 'YOU SCRATCH MY BACK, I'LL SCRATCH YOURS' CATEGORY, TRANSLATED AS: 'YOU CONTRIBUTE BIG-BUCKS TO MY CAMPAIGN AND, WHEN I WIN, YOU'LL GET GREATER BIG-BUCKS CONTRACTS TO LINE YOUR POCKET!'] Rather than open the contracting process to a competitive public solicitation with multiple bidders, officials in the Department of HHS' Centers for Medicare and Medicaid accepted a sole bidder, CGI Federal, the U.S. subsidiary of a Canadian company with an uneven record of IT pricing and contract performance. CMS officials are tight-lipped about why CGI was chosen or how it happened. They also refuse to say if other firms competed with CGI, or if there was ever a public solicitation for building Healthcare.gov, the backbone of ObamaCare’s problem-plagued web portal. Many allegations that emerged relate to Toni Townes-Whitley [Senior Vice President at CGI Federal for Civilian Agency programs]; she was in the Princeton Class of 1985, as was Michelle Obama, and both are members of Association of Black Princeton Alumni. Problematic, also are questionable credentials; the media have not pursued this issue. Also, CGI "donated" $47 Million to Obama's campaign, and CGI executives were large campaign bundlers for BHO; they helped him shut-off all the security features on BHO's campaign donation website in 2008 & 2012, to take multi-millions in foreign donations. Illustrating the profundity of the GOP’s Civil-War is the fact that VA GOP Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling Undermined Cuccinelli Campaign and Joe Scarborough Told 'The View' He'd Vote for a Democrat for President; indeed, such anti-Conservatism is illustrated by how The 'Establishment' Fights Back [Mitch McConnell on the shutdown's failure, ObamaCare's future and his own primary challenge] and by Fox’s Brit Hume [whose commentary on Christie’s 2016 Hopes claimed the Tea Party Doesn’t Care About ‘Electability,’ despite the fact that this criterion IS important [but that it’s not viewed as the primary consideration]. The repercussions of what is occurring to ObamaCare may be reflected in the media, noting Fox Nearly Doubled CNN and MSNBC's Combined Prime Time Viewers Last Week, and that Rats are Leaving the New York Times Sinking Ship. Overseas, Iranian Supreme Ruler's Wealth Exceeds Value of Entire Country, as Iran's Statement on Syria shows signs of desperation and Human Rights Watch said Syria uses Russian-Made Incendiary Weapons. As France Sees Opportunity in U.S. Weakness, Obama and Kerry attempt to mollify Congress on Iran [claiming: You Don't Want War, Do You?], perhaps forgetting the existence of a world-wide Islamist war affecting Africa [Christian-Muslim Bloodbath Devastates Central African Republic] and Israel [Palestinian's Own Words Show Intent in Checkpoint Attack, which killed a 19 year-old soldier today]. {News Flash: 2009 John Kerry Letter Backed Anti-Israel Gaza Flotilla (Mavi Marmara) Activists.} Lest we forget of domestic manifestations of anti-Semitism, know the NYPD is Searching for Black-Teen Gangs Wanted In Series Of 'Knock Out Jew' Attacks, as students are victimized [and no one responds to ongoing anti-Semitism] in Toronto and New York. Efforts to pass mandatory PA-education regarding “Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Violations” [see CCXXIII & CCXXV] are quickening, for the Senate is poised to hold a “second” [of three] “reading” on Monday of the Clymer [watered-down] bill; growing concurrence appears to exist regarding my advice

that an amendment be promulgated by Sen. Williams ASAP [prime sponsor of a comparable proposal] with the concurrence of Sen. Folmer [Chair of the Education Committee] that both bills be supplanted [RESOLVED: Chapter 4 of Title 22 shall be amended to ensure that instruction during Grades 4, 7, 10 and 12 shall include the Holocaust, genocide, and human rights violations.] to “tweak” existing statute. It may be recalled that the current effort [HB 1424] is voluntary [with curriculum composed by the DOE], whereas the original bill by Sen. Williams was perceived as an unfunded-mandate by the GOP [advising teacher-certification]; my suggestion is not “voluntary” and it will be achievable [using a catchphrase learned from the PA Medical Society’s House of Delegates] “within normal organizational resources.” The rationale for this move is based on the fact that current standards do not comply with the way they were characterized in the staff-notes prepared by Rep. Clymer’s Education Committee [“The standards …include cursory references to genocide, WWII, and Nazi concentration camps; albeit without clarification.”]; word-searches [deferring WWII because it’s a bit afield] actually demonstrate that: “Genocide” appears once: Conflict and Cooperation Among Social Groups and Organizations • Domestic Instability (political unrest, natural and man-made disasters, genocide) “Nazi” appears once: B. Evaluate historical documents, material artifacts and historic sites important to world history since 1450. • Documents, Writings and Oral Traditions (e.g., Declaration of the International Conference on Sanctions Against South Africa; Monroe Doctrine, Communist Manifesto, Luther’s Ninety-five Theses) • Artifacts, Architecture and Historic Places (e.g., Robben Island, New York Trade Center, Hiroshima Ground Zero Memorial, Nazi concentration camps) “human rights” and “Holocaust” and “Armenia” and “Cambodia” do not appear at all. * Also problematic is how the concepts are currently classified, for “genocide” should hardly be relegated under the concept of “Conflict” [noting its deep roots that transcend the common usage of that term] and “Nazi” should hardly be relegated under the concept of “Artifacts, Architecture and Historic Places” [noting that this connotes the lack of major contemporary import]. Finally, problematic is the need to specify concerns regarding “human rights” as violated during the past century in otherwise under-appreciated fashions [Armenia, Cambodia], plus others [Ukraine Famine, China/Tibet, etc.]; indeed, the exercise of exploring these additional CRUCIAL facets of “world history instruction” would [one hopes] sensitize the student to detecting manifestations of such tendencies following graduation. It is now easy to envision what can now transpire, namely, that the mandate is passed that these TOPICS be encompassed in four grade-levels; thereafter, multiple quality-organizations can tackle the database [500 school districts, 3,150 schools and 1,793,284 K-12 students] by providing a non-profit resource designed to satisfy the statewide mandate [including curricula, handouts, teacher-education, handouts].

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