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Our program is very old: to live without dead time. We propose to make it known through scandal; there are no other means worthy of such a program. Our existence itself is already a scandal. We are clearly not indispensable, but on many occasions we have had to be so. In social war, no one can be exonerated. Os !angaceiros

Foundational Statement Of The Anarchist International "reliminary !larifications
Geist, noun: the spirit of an individual or group. We are the #narchist International. Our existence has been kept a secret from you for over a century, although it is almost certain that you have been able to discern our actions when they have taken place. $ome would like to argue that the #narchist International came into being in %&'( when the anarchists were expelled from the )irst International, but this is certainly incorrect. *he #narchist International came into being when the first wandering nomads from across the various kingdoms and empires met in smoke filled rooms or desert oases and began to conspire on how to live freely. In the %&+,-s, we attempted to give our shadowy network a visible, above ground platform that has since come to be known as the )irst International. .uring this time period, we worked with communists, socialists, and people of various different political persuasions in an attempt to create an international organi/ation that would coordinate the destruction of the capitalist world system. #s is now well known, the )irst International fell apart due to a split between us and those who wanted to further enslave humanity. 0nable to accept our former comrades1 insistence on centrali/ation and hierarchical authority, we left the )irst International to continue our work. )rom that point on, we have been fighting alone and have watched in horror as our former comrades effectively sapped and destroyed the world revolutionary 2eist throughout the course of the (,th century. #ll of the potential contained in the struggles of 3ussia, 2ermany, !hina, the former 4ugoslavia, 5ietnam, !uba, and 5ene/uela was taken by our former comrades and used to create systems that have continued to keep the people of those countries in bondage. Our former comrades reali/ed the dream of the International and waged a global war against capitalism only to now end up 6ust as miserable, tyrannical, and deformed as their former enemies. *he crushed skulls, surveillance cameras, and ecological devastation of contemporary !hina serve as the perfect proof that our decision to leave the )irst International was not in error. #fter the passing of the 0$$3, the global blit/krieg of neo liberalism, and the complete destruction of the dreams of the )irst International, we found ourselves living in a time that had lost the world revolutionary 2eist. In response to this absence, we started our first offensive against the now triumphant world capitalist system. With this offensive we established the first networks of the new International and with these networks we met with moderate successes in our endeavors. *he ground to air missile launchers guarding the 2& in 2enoa from a terrorist attack, the ferocity of the !arabinieri, and the paranoia of everyone involved were the first signs of what was to come in the fall of (,,%. With the attack on 7anhattan in $eptember came the routing of our first offensive. Our enemy then 8uickly displayed to us its power, its capabilities, and its bra/en brutality. It would not be until (,,' that our second offensive would begin. 9ow, after four years,

we have experienced the initial breakdown of the world capitalist system and felt our own strength multiply in response to our weakened enemy. #nd so it is that, with the eyes of the world population facing our enemy, we announce the existence of the #narchist International. 3emarks on *ime and 2eist Waveform, noun: *he mathematical representation of a wave, especially a graph obtained by plotting a characteristic of the wave against time. # comrade described the #narchist International as a re occurring waveform pattern; that is, a pattern that re occurs throughout time. *his is because the entire membership of the #narchist International is composed of what could be called reincarnated anarchists. :ut to use the term reincarnation is perhaps misleading due to its metaphysical and occult associations. ;owever, reincarnation remains the word we chose to describe our state of flux throughout time. *o illustrate what we mean, we refer you to a small tavern on )riedrichstrasse in :erlin in the year %&<%. $everal young revolutionists are sitting inside, drinking wine or beer, talking amongst themselves, when suddenly one of their friends enters the bar. ;e is wearing glasses and a long dark coat. When he sits down they all proceed to argue and discuss. *he young man in glasses is the only member of the #narchist International present, and so the conversation 8uite naturally turns against him. *he young man with glasses is named 7ax $tirner. #nother young man in the tavern is )riedrich =ngels, the man who would later help >arl 7arx destroy the )irst International. *hese two, $tirner and =ngels, have theoretical disagreements as the discussion and arguments progresses. *hree years later, in %&<<, $tirner publishes The Ego And Its Own, a book that will come to influence anarchists across the world for the next %+, years. )our years later, in %&<&, the first =uropean wide offensive begins, blossoms and is crushed. =ngels and 7arx publish the Communist Manifesto the same year, paving the way for the horror of $tate !ommunism while, at the same time, 7ax $tirner is wandering penniless through the streets, trying to avoid the bankers to whom he owes money. !learly, the %&<,-s proved to be a crucial moment in time for =ngels and $tirner, both of whom created texts and formulated ideas that were to persist long into the future. :ut let us return to the tavern in :erlin in %&<%. *his is same tavern you were in last night, and the theoretical discussions you were having possess the same gravity, potential, and power as the discussions that took place in the %?th century. =ach member of the #narchist International has been in that same tavern and has been having those same discussions, forever. We are the reincarnations of every anarchist who has ever been, and we reappear endlessly throughout time. It is vital that this is understood without reservations or restraint. *o

understand this basic point is to become a member of the #narchist International. *his understanding will allow you to become aware of the importance of everything you say, everything you do, and every action you undertake. $o that the point is not lost, let us take another example. :y %&+&, the world revolutionary 2eist had spread throughout =urope and into 3ussia. *he )irst International had been built and different groups had sprung up in do/ens of cities. In the time period, a young man named $ergey 9echayev began to organi/e with students at a university in $t. "etersburg. 9echayev was soon exposed to the ideas of :akunin and from this moment onwards became a member of the #narchist International. ;e pushed the student group to become more militant, organi/ed, and ruthless. When some students talked of reform, he talked of assassinating the */ar. 9echayev would often find himself embroiled in arguments with his fellow students, and during these arguments, 9echayev succeeded, without reali/ing it, in puncturing through time. In %&+&, 9echayev found himself in the 0niversit@ de $orbonne, "aris, in %?+&, arguing with $talinist students about the need to push the revolution further. *his time travel did not leave an impression on young 9echayev. ;e continued to think that he had never left $t. "etersburg or the year %&+&. #s happens to many new members of the #narchist International, 9echayev thought he was the first to be put in this situation, pushing for revolution amongst those who are afraid to go further. #nd so, unable to comprehend that there were many others who had come before him and many others who would soon follow, 9echayev decided to force his contemporaries into action. ;e had nearly %,, of his fellow students sign a petition for freedom of assembly and then 8uickly handed the list of names over to the police. )eeling alone, possessed by the world revolutionary 2eist, and believing he was the only one who could force the revolution, 9echayev hoped that imprisonment and repression was the only way to push his contemporaries out of their middle class comfort and into action. $oon after this betrayal of his comrades, 9echayev fled to =urope and made contact with members of the )irst International. ;e and :akunin soon made plans to increase the level of agitation and propaganda in 3ussia. :ut 9echayev had still not let go of his belief that his contemporaries in 3ussia would never act unless they were pushed. #nd so, when packages of propaganda were sent to 3ussia, 9echayev insured that the recipients of these packages would be apprehended. #nd indeed some of them were, including a young woman named 5era Aasulich, who was sentenced to five years imprisonment. While she sat in a prison cell, 9echayev wrote Catechism Of A Revolutionary, his manual on amoral agitation and attack. In this text, he stresses the need for pushing people to their breaking point so that they may revolt. ;e also advocated for manipulating and betraying ones comrades in pursuit of the ultimate goal of revolution. #s he sat at his desk writing this, he once again slipped out of time, finding himself living underground, typing a communi8ue explaining why the 3ed

:rigades kidnapped Italian "rime 7inister #ldo 7oro. Once again, he did not notice this slipping out of time and continued to pen his text, never stopping to wonder how his words would reverberate through time, forever. With the completion of this text, 9echayev returned to 3ussia in order to set up more groups for the )irst International. :ut once one of his co conspirators disagreed with one of his plans, 9echayev 8uickly killed him, threw his body into a lake, and then fled back to =urope. *his murder also happened in Bapan in the %?',-s, when the Bapanese 3ed #rmy killed li8uidated over a do/en of its members. *his murder also happened in the 0kraine, when the 3ed #rmy began to hunt and destroy its former anarchist comrades. 9echayev1s deed took place across time and did not stop. #s an unconscious member of the #narchist International, 9echayev mistook the world revolutionary 2eist for something he was creating, something he was forcing onto the world. #nd in doing this, 9echayev unwittingly caused the collapse of the )irst International. 0pon his return to =urope, he become increasingly volatile and erratic. $eeing in 9echayev the untamed 2eist, :akunin continued to defend his young comrade against the attacks of 7arx and =ngels. :ut it was all to no avail. *he anarchists of the International were seen as irresponsible, dangerous elements that would destroy the organi/ations. In %&'%, the 2eist exploded in "aris and took over the entire town. *he work of the )irst International had produced a moment in time where it would have been possible to create a new world. *his moment was lost, however, due in large part to the same divisions that existed within the )irst International. In %&'(, the anarchists were expelled from the International and 9echayev was arrested. In %&'C, 5era Aasulich, one of the people 9echayev had forced into prison, was finally released. $he 8uickly formed a small cell of anarchists in >iev and continued on with the work of the #narchist International. 7eanwhile, 9echayev was busy corresponding with clandestine nihilist groups. When they offered to break him out of prison, something completely possible, 9echayev refused, encouraging them to concentrate all of their energy on killing the *sar. In %&'&, 5era Aasulich, still committed to her mission, killed the governor of a $t. "etersburg 6ail. .ue to the political climate, she was found not guilty. In %&&%, the nihilists succeeded in killing the *sar and a heavy wave of repression descended on 3ussia. In %&&(, 9echayev died in his prison cell. 5era Aasulich, his unwitting protege, traveled to =urope where she soon became a 7arxist. 9echayev had taught her, 6ust as he had taught thousands of young 3ussian revolutionaries, that everything is permitted in pursuit of the revolution and that if people cannot understand or accept the means, they must be forced to. *hus 9echayev, the renegade member of the #narchist International, paved the way for the :olsheviks to sei/e the world revolutionary 2eist and leech off it for nearly a century. ;e was unaware of how long his imprint would linger. If the #narchist International is a waveform pattern, then so are 9echayev and $tirner. *hey both re appear endlessly and their same problems always arise. Bust like $tirner, we are fully aware of the importance of our own ideas and yet we do nothing to put

an end to the ideas of all the =ngles1 we meet at the bar or in our circles. Instead, we wander poor and broken through hostile streets. #nd like 9echayev, we are often are pushed to forsake all attachment, to crush everyone who doesn1t agree with us, and to manipulate those who do. :etween these two polar opposites, egoist inaction and psychopathic fever, lies the domain of the #narchist International. We have re8uired countless generations in order to learn how to balance our conflicting proclivities. #fter each disaster, we have ad6usted. With that ad6ustment, we have always grown stronger and more resilient. #lthough our enemy has ad6usted along with us, every intrusion of our waveform pattern into time increases the chances of our dreams being reali/ed. Whenever a note is strummed on a guitar, the sound of that note can be visuali/ed as a waveform oscillation, constantly moving up and down along a straight line. *he straight line represents time. Whenever the top of the waveform collides the straight line, the #narchist International intrudes upon reality and causes the "aris !ommune, 7ay %?+&, and the .ecember Insurrection. If more notes are strummed on this guitar increasingly faster, the visuali/ation of the waveform pattern stops looking like a smooth oscillation and the fre8uency with which the waveform intrudes upon the straight line of time increases. =ventually, the hyperactive waveform blots out the straight line. *he task of the #narchist International is to intrude upon time more fre8uently than we ever have before, to the point where every single day is as full as the three months of the "aris !ommune and linear time no longer exists. When we appear in linear time, we are always drawn to and infected by the world revolutionary 2eist. 0nlike many others, we let the 2eist articulate itself through us. Others have felt the 2eist before, but they have given it names such as Dthe dictatorship of the proletariat,E the Dworker1s state,E or the Dsustainable community.E *he 2eist can only be felt, it cannot be given a concrete form that will last throughout the ages. If it is given a concrete form, it will degenerate, wither, and eventually die. Bust as we travel through time in a waveform, so does the world revolutionary 2eist. It appears whenever people desire to be free and those desires have a similarity that defies borders or geography. We are currently living in a period of time when the world revolutionary 2eist has returned, and thus, so have we. It is time we remember $tirner, 9echayev, and every other who has come before so that we might recogni/e them when we meet tomorrow, on the street or in a bar.

now coming to an end. Our International will bring down the capitalist world system and allow the 2eist to spread everywhere. #s anarchists, we are committed to nothing more than total freedom, and this will not be achieved as long as anything remains of what enslaved us. #ll theory about the world to be built after this one is meaningless until we get there. Our task in these writings is not to provide any more straws to cling to for those still investing their time and energy in preserving pieces of this world system like industry, work, and obedience. Our task in these writings is to dynamite the imagination and allow new forms to blossom in silent minds. Others have started the offensive of the #narchist International. *heir texts will speak for themselves. We recogni/e the need for practical information regarding attacks to spread internationally. In this recognition, we acknowledge the validity of the new internationalist anarchist offensive taking place in such diverse places as "eru, Indonesia, 3ussia, 2reece, and the 0nited >ingdom Fto name only a fewG. :ut if there is to be an international of attack, there must also be an international of thought. *his is the function we will serve in the world revolutionary struggle. We will be a reflecting pool that mirrors the sordid, violent, and 6oyous undertakings of the International. *he following communications, recommendations, and histories will come in no apparent order and will alter in style dramatically. We hope, amidst the multiplicity of ideas we intend to illuminate, that there will be something that can be utili/ed internationally in the new offensive.

Towards the end of linear time and the defeat of the enemy

Three Unifying Tactics Of The Anarchist International
As an international think tank, we offer the following !asic "rinci"les and tools to all anarchists# These "rinci"les are currently !eing "ut into "ractice across the world# These tools are meant to !e e$"erimented with, transformed, and enhanced#

1: Build and maintain antagonistic infrastructure
*he first priority for anarchists is to build and maintain antagonistic infrastructure. We use this term to mean infrastructure that is inherently conflictual by right of existing. Infrastructure cannot be antagonistic unless its very existence challenges the laws, morals, and e8uilibrium of the world capitalist system. # community garden on land that is purchased by the gardeners merely provides a few lucky people with the chance to grow their own food. :ut if the garden is planted on land that is stolen from a real estate company, that garden becomes antagonistic to capitalism. While the chances of the garden1s complete destruction increase dramatically, the antagonism also increases the chances of the struggle for the garden to resonate with and attract new people into the struggle against global capitalism. In this way, a garden can stop feeding the belly of green capitalism and contribute to the revolutionary anti capitalist struggle.

!oncluding 3emarks
Offensive, noun: #n attitude or position of attack. With these concluding remarks, we would like to make clear and announce a new offensive against the world capitalist system. *he methods, means, and tools we wish to introduce shall be revealed slowly and at later dates. With this statement we make clear our history, provide glimpses of the scope of our pro6ect, and announce our intention. *he #narchist International has always existed to intervene whenever the world revolutionary 2eist manifests itself in reality. Occasionally, we have liberated isolated areas from the control of the world capitalist system. 7ost of the populated world has remained under control for centuries, but that time is

*he taste of impossible freedom is infectious and this is not a slogan. youth focused movement composed of anarchists who wandered the thousands of kilometers of the 0$#. rhi/omatic. such as :elgium. When people no longer need to pay to be somewhere. It is a temptation. It does not immediately take over the whole of a nation state nor seek to imitate its borders and limits. #ntagonistic infrastructure is not meant to be comfortable. it devours it from the inside until it the borders are gone. *o break. the fundamental principle of capitalism collapses in the building or neighborhood that houses the antagonistic infrastructure. . *here is an even greater temptation to organi/e along national borders in the large nation states like 3ussia. the next priority is to dissolve the mental and physical borders of the nation state in which you operate. "aying rent is a choice the organi/ers and creators of infrastructure will make as they see fit. 9ever allow yourself to become neutrali/ed by the safety of legality.!omfort is what appears like a plague when a struggle ends. Our advice. the 0$#. or housing for free. an illegal social center is preferable to a rented one. when legality takes over. that area will no longer replicate capitalist relations. especially in a nation state as small as :elgium. providing everything for free still defies capitalist logic. stealing. and :ra/il. # s8uat that maintains its illegality in the face of law and the police is far more antagonistic than a building that is rented could ever be. :ecause of the isolation of the 0$# relative to =urope and $outh #merica. *he tendency in countries like these is to feel daunted by the si/e of the country and erroneously believe that the most practical solution to this problem of distance is to unify groups of people who are sometimes over two thousand kilometers away from each other. and spreads like thousands of separate cancers. *he national borders of the :elgian state should be ignored.owever. engaging in the same forms of . and provides food. it loses its ability to be hostile to those same laws and methods. #ntagonistic infrastructure must also provide everything that it offers for free. *hese are achievable goals. to unite anarchists according to the official borders that surround them. $truggle is an important variable that can snap people out of passivity by giving them something to fight for. :ut struggling to create something that is free from law. there have been efforts to create a specifically 9orth #merican anarchist movement. put simply. get a building up to code. and eradicate all law is our ultimate goal. Only by looking to the nearest anarchists will there be any escalation of our offensive that is not as illusory as the borders that contain us all.utch speaking cities. internationalism was abandoned in favor of a subcultural. #s long as everything provided by the infrastructure is free. In smaller countries. and transforming whatever you see fit. If infrastructure becomes reliant on capitalist laws and methods to sustain itself. but once they do. : Ignore national or state !oundaries If the first principle is put into practice in your area. the same principle that applies to gardens applies to s8uats. is to break any law that prevents you from building. #narchists in :russels or #ntwerp should focus on first building up their cities and then strengthening their ties with pro6ects and efforts in the outlying towns. or buy land. While maintaining a meeting space. perpetuating the same tactics. :y providing free resources. drifting from town to town. paying rent is not an issue. or people1s kitchen may not allow for the law to be broken. )earing the loss of a bar license or the violation of some petty city council ordinance are completely disabling to a revolutionary pro6ect. :reaking the law while creating infrastructure will increase the chance of that infrastructure not existing. push back. given that these countries are so small. Instead. If there is a concentration of infrastructure in one area that allows free access to buildings. #ntagonism is hostile to comfort and is the only tool the #narchist International can offer to avoid the seemingly inevitable stagnation that has occurred all over the world wherever a scene or milieu has achieved its limited means and cannot imagine itself any further into the future. there should be no emphasis on building a specifically :elgian anarchist movement and more of a focus on building regional ties between either )rench speaking or . #ll plans for creating infrastructure must factor in the cost of providing free resources to everyone before being created. #t various times. but the act of breaking the law will attract support that did not exist before. social center. legali/e a s8uat. It is completely possible to make rent payments. :ut there will never be any substantial unity if people yield to this temptation. where there are two primary languages and four surrounding nation states. comfort is the primary neutrali/er of the practice of freedom. or when it is perceived that there is nothing left to fight for.owever. that is fully self reali/ed. . #ntagonistic infrastructure is an act of war. 0nity of purpose is molecular. Other than death and imprisonment. they become thirsty for more. clothing. *ranscending the law is an experience few people go through. infrastructure can break the dominant way of being in capitalist culture. and that is achieved through struggle is something that is impossible in the minds of many people. encourages people to loiter outside.

mystery. for valleys to disappear. of capitalist normality. #fter successfully creating uncontrollable areas. not anarchist movements that aim to unify a territory that should never have been considered singular in the first place. =ncourage a collective shame for not stealing. dialects. and we need not consider how seemingly insignificant our efforts are..&. *his approach ended around the same time that the global economic collapse began in (. we offer the following outline for challenging all authority. for hording. *he 0$# proved too big to unify. to build a skyscraper. possessing different rhythms. we may consider all tactics legitimate and worthy of repetition. While this point may be basic and self explanatory. :eyond this. )ollow these guidelines as closely as possible or be prepared to suffer moments of extreme boredom. .o not make reasonable arguments. 2rowth should first concern city blocks. *hen begin to have public sex in nearby fields or parks. *here is no legitimate reason for anarchists to replicate national borders in their organi/ing. so to does the capitalist order label us as agents of chaos in order to hide and shelter themselves from the mystery of our existence. We cannot be detected. before any totalitarian nightmare can take over. traffic lights.entertainment. and focusing largely on removing oneself from capitalist culture while simultaneously leaving that culture firmly in place. measured. We need only lift our heads to see a manifestation of the reigning order. *hese prohibitions are psychologically enforced in many different ways. *herefor. but those anarchists should be left to continue on their similar but completely separate pro6ects of molecular growth. with the occasional broken window. constantly struggling to undermine it. languages. #uthority is everywhere and thus so are we. police. !onnections should be made with anarchists in distant cities or towns. *he same is true for the lack of connection between a baker in $aint "etersburg and a farmer outside of #ngarsk. $tart yelling in 8uiet areas. #bandon the private nest. encourage complete non payment of fare. It is as unreasonable and serious as it sounds. there are the laws that are physically enforced. "eople break out of slavery through collective insanity and rage. then surrounding towns. defend them with you body. this approach created a culture that shared similar practices and tactics but remained rootless and disconnected from any specific geographical area. )irst. fellow members of the #narchist International. :efore an area can be thoroughly pacified. Its teeth are nearly invisible to others. I :egin by routinely smoking weed outside a placid cafe or tavern.efend everyone from the police without exception. *he only things that unify the land of 3ussia and the 0$# are fictions. #s long as the chaos. repo men. such as champagne. Wait for people to 6oin you until everyone is doing every drug imaginable. $teal from every store and share it all. $pit venom and throw bricks at parking enforcement. with auto mechanics in 0tah still having no substantial connection with suburban teenagers in Washington . #lso start covering this area with as much graffiti as possible. =stablish public urination areas. and for hills to rise. disappeared. . #lways manifest fire. or plan a water system.isrupt all local government meetings. isolation. . lose control on a busy street corner. then neighborhoods. we wish to make our position clear in the hopes of avoiding any further confusion on the sub6ect.estroy all parking meters. police press ": Undermine all authority #t this point. *he process of molecular growth should not be assumed to aim for a nation. not through logic or reason. =very city is a vampire. =ach region of the world is distinct. It is the most potent element for our purposes. our opponent is everywhere. and ferocity of our actions pierce directly into the heart . and whatever is at hand.!. and defeat. your words. $top paying taxes and create an aura of utter guilt and shame around people who continue to feed the vampire of the city. but not to us. We are the chaos that is tamed in order to construct a road. "ull people into collective moments of insanity. people likes us have to be mislabeled. *here should be many separate geographical areas that have an anarchist presence. there are only a few high capitalists pulling the strings. existential horror. and li8uidated. Bust as scientists build particle colliders in order to explain away the existence of dark matter. !ollectively commandeer trains and buses. Haugh as loudly as possible. 3e establish the practice of burning everything on hand in communal bonfires. and borders. and advocate extreme mental instability in all nearby persons. )ollowing this narrative of the city1s power structure. We must be forgiven for the chaotic nature of what follows. In the end. *hen there is the structure and the administration of the city itself. or sufficiently explained. and for being nervous while committing a crime. authority is everywhere and we are the dark matter behind the authoritarian order of capitalist society. and every other stooge physically enforcing capitalist law. :ra/enness in everything. there are the prohibitions that have been internali/ed by the population. :ut borders appear and disappear all the time. and climates. police. especially the most opulent ones. *his is an incomplete description of ending the psychological slavery and inverted desire caused by submission to capitalist law. 9ext. It takes thousands of years for physical geography to alter. leaving anarchists in the 0$# scattered in a giant nation state with little or no connection to their geographical areas. Waste as many resources as possible. II . Hand is land. and roads. *here is nothing to be gained in considering them.

and it is this fire that we wish to spark everywhere. #s members of the #narchist International. there will be found no negation of capitalism through the truths that hold us together. and water. *he ImpossibleG We who are everywhere homeless. eat them. *his is possible and 8uite insane. Our task is impossible. empty it of its treasures. and unrelenting attack. fierceness. making it meaningful. our greatest loss has not been home itself but rather our ability to leave. an image. =ach time we have run away from home we have been returned to it. and later to a universal condition under the watch of all. congealing them while concealing it. is a blog post. :ecause if it is not here it must be nowhere at all. *he imaginary of capitalism. . It is no longer the case that in the search for what1s absent we can look for it anywhere. at first. and that is why we will triumph. etc. encompasses everything that we could consider falsehood and everything that we could call truth. =n6oy. #round this fire were dark. we were all there. If it were given that capitalism is a universal lie. air conditioning. to speak from a position of anything other than a place of lack is to enable the capture of that position. III. burn them. en6oy those treasures. $weep up everyone in what. to orient oneself. moreover. have orgiastic fren/ies. =mpty supermarkets. act as if there is one final party. stop paying rent. in the end. 0nfortunately. we are at a loss for anywhere to seek what we1ve lost. *he universality of capitalism1s logic assures that no truth is beyond it. 3eturned. lackIit is the collection of all these. is circulating. #onclusion While the first two tactics we have outlined will undoubtedly make more sense than our third. now in the dissolution of the here and the everywhere. we still insist on its relevance. the slightest stirring of desire. To$ards the total trium%h of chaos and the setting of uncontrolla!le fires I. do not let people die of their fever. when witnessed from afar. erect new structures. or a farewell diner preceding the destruction of the old world. !apitalism is never simply a reality nor is it simply a fabrication.? during the collapse of the island1s capitalist economy. eat everything. III *ake over every building. savor them. #ct as antibodies. a news story. we are trapped between the incommunicable nature of what we wish to say and our desire to provide a clear sign that points the way out of this endless death camp. and vampiri/e the vampire without becoming one. It is 8uite difficult to explain what we have only caught glimpses of and has yet to eradicate the capitalist world.ighlight contradictions of civili/ation. instead be there when they awaken from their endless party and point them out of the ruined and desolate metropolis. and circulating as unreality. *here is no waking from this nightmare except into another. *rash the city. amounts to magic but is most often simply dismissed as fren/y. steal all water and electricity. community meetings. *he old is never more than a shell because its essence is always drained. *here is nowhere to be found the much sought after !ommon that could tie back together our lost possibilities. but instead affirms capitalism by applying its logic. In becoming everywhere homeless. a comment. the lie firstly establishes what is true and what is false and secondly forms the rift between the true and the false. no liberation from despondency except the liberation into a cycle of despondency at a higher level. # reality which. *his movement. then. to a specific door under the eye of an officer of the law. # fire was lit in the center of 3eyk6avik in (. *he Jtruth1 that capitalism is a universal lie thus does not negate the oppositional logic of capitalism. :ring on the cold sweats of chaotic fever in everyone. it is always the circulation of an imaginary that is simultaneously a realityIit is the movement of the contradiction between truth and lie. taking up these clay shards it left behind. full of meaning. II. Ha )initude Infinie FOr. shaping them into a cup. not purchased. rage. bringing the chaos we have described above. close roads.. drunk outIwhile the new is ever refilled. for whom the insurrection is only ever an absenceIsomething unreachable that has become more unreachable for our having 8uested after itIthe only home that we could find is in homelessness and absence. !ollectively reclaim space.conferences. *he premise of a universal lie thus leads to the logical conclusion that this lieis also true. *he $trike is 9ot 2oing to Work or. *o inhabit the shell of the old in the creation of the new is to be . *o situate oneself. *he impossible is all that is left. an epic feast. like all realities. We are pluralists in every sense of the word. but also that its outside is nowhere to be found. busy tracing the limits of the real insurrection and its necessarily discarded remains. encourage the abandonment of the city. then remind people that food is grown and harvested. 3espond to all police violence with unreasonable emotion. Heave on all lights. )or this reason we can truly say that home can be found anywhere. radiant people. a vessel to be the bearer of meaning. despondency.

)rom the perspective of the movement. blockade. translated. *he paving stone becomes a statue. Indeed. and everything belongs to time. having everything. )orgetting is the process by which ecstatic recollection is lost and the reason it is able to return. mean something. lost. *he ungraspable slips away precisely at the moment one tries to grasp it. not in that the moment of its flight is fro/en in ecstatic timelessnessIa lodestone resonating purely across time with every other stone whose arc reaches for a cop1s headIbut in that the image of pure vengeance is cast in stone and then cast through time at our own heads. 9othing of it can remain. animating its bones. but recollection is the ecstatic moment whose break with temporality is complete even while it is bounded by the temporal processes by which it is come upon and lost. its colors bleeding and blurring on the surface of time. *he representational image of the infinite strike. *he form in which this representation passes through time is the form of the revolutionary pro6ect. to forgetting. One needn1t be reminded that the rich prefer not to work and. these words from far away. In its contradiction between reality and fabrication. though normality may change in the process. put into circulation and. have to work and those who. *he attempt to rework the division as Dthose who still want to work and those who would prefer not toE is workable only insofar as it makes progress towards the insidious continuation of work by other means. the movement becomes a reality. 5III. to the extent that the event is se8uenced as a thesis. in seeking the end of capitalism. *he difference is only that. I5. It is not simply the possibility of not working but rather a whole convergence of impossibilityIfor instance. 5II. Indeed. its singular atemporality is nullified and its beauty lost. reproduced. #t the end. somehow this will do something. it is temporality1s seeking of IK. the real of the unknown. *he movementIthat is. 5I. do not have to work. its own end point. =ach strike in itself resonates purely out of time with each other strike in itselfImore to the point. #n event is not a thesis. *he revolutionary pro6ect persists as persistence in the loss of the one time. it is the singular point from which temporality emanates as well as its logical end. # break with the temporal takes place and yet everything will be returned to normality by necessity. even as its image is unfurled as the banner of the movement1s aims and inspiration. meanwhile. even as the movement skirts the issue of its own inevitable demise that lies in the reali/ation of its end. *he keeping of such sculpture gardens is only ever the staving off of the end of the revolutionary pro6ect. that end which was always the true beauty to begin with. *o the extent that people believe in the movement. the first attempt to hold on to the truth paradox of the ecstatic out of time marks the very moment when that truth becomes lost. to the movement. against the fact that the stones are not vengeance itself. *he revolutionary pro6ect paves over its own end by sculpting these false idols for us to worship. that unspeakable infinite strike whose remnants include this piece that bears the name JInfinite $trike1. We are meant to repeatedly bang our heads against stones. they don1t have to work because they have everything. *o the extent that the movement is real. and in the manner of this contradiction1s circulation. the reproduction of its gesturesIstrike. riot. 3eality is the product of belief at the same time that reality gives shape to belief. III. disseminated. that which is undone is always what is remembered while that which is to be done is unmemorable and always forgotten. and that the return to the norm is the return of time. *he reason for which the movement cannot touch the truth of our friendships. Host is the singular impetus. time itself will be knowable and measurable by this persistence. *he movement of time is the process by which the infinite is always absent even as it is 8uested after. *he true beauty of the stone thrown at a cop1s head cannot be captured in the logical elaboration of processes. to temporality. the revolutionary movement exists in the manner of all movement and in the manner of capitalism. *here is no recollection not bounded on either side by the process of forgetting. *he sad fate of all times is that class society persists. somehow this will be different and new. nothing is undone and nothing is forgotten. *hus nothing belongs to timelessness. =ven though all the events of the past have brought to us the miserable present. it is the hollow reverberation of the timeless through the logic of time. or. is brought at various points into the fabric of time by the movement. and the mere image of it is left caught between one1s fingers. 5. makes clear the marriage of the norm and the temporal. the revolutionary movement is the movement that seeks its own end. *here is an eternal antagonism between those who. ultimately. these are all in essence a singular point of non work. *he search for truth and the forgetting of it are processes that unfold in time. *hat the break with normality takes place not in time but rather as a break with time. while the moving contradiction of capitalism seeks only its own continuation. #temporality is at once beyond and beneath the process of temporality. these inevitably fail to drag anything of timelessness along but its image. what1s more. an infinite strike. or the purity of infinite strike is precisely because it is movement.bounded and held by a corpse. *imelessness inevitably gives way to duration. people come to believe in it. everything that moves and endures Iexists as the circulated image of the sublime moment whose essence cannot be represented in the images that are inevitably made of it. what endures is this flimsy pamphlet in my hands. everything for everyone and work for noneIthat points . having nothing.

it has become riddled with holes. as a break in the logic of capitalism in which the strikers take a break from the logic of work. but it could be said that their ends are the same. then. K5I. and that they share a singular end. which often produces similar conditions and symptoms in different locations simultaneously. the strike is the only break from work that remains. K5II. there is no longer a distinction between labor time and time itself. :oth the workers1 strike and the weather disturbance emerge as chaotic aberrations within otherwise predictable and ordered systems. *he coincidence of a general strike in one place and a series of blockades in another is not so much the product of active solidarity as it is the product of the unfolding of capitalism. *here can be no transmission of meaningful knowledge from one generation to another because the singular truth of the strike is immediately lost in the return to normality. *he masses plod silently in a world where Work and the Worker have disappeared while the logic of work expands into all times and deepens into the most shadowy of territories. )or those invested in the existent systems as for those invested in revolutionary futures. by the Heft. *he strike is the name for the singular point of non work and. *he myth of full employment and the fable of voluntary self managed work are not two sides of a coin but the twists of a 7Lbius strip that has only one side. One could not yet say that time and work are synonymous. so that today one endures all time and not only the time spent at work. but we will have to like it as well. *he half step. H1appel du vide. the riot. or else it would simply be the violence of everyday life. KI5. immeasurably old. *he cybernetic pro6ect of generali/ed governance and the anarchist ideal of autonomous self governance proceed not on one hand and the other but hand in hand. when all time has become labor time. *he riot. the rending of the fabric. a system failure. seeks its own failure. While labor is indeed duration. What is taking place is not merely the affirmation of work but the proliferation of work by other meansIthe continuation of work by any means necessary. the vengeful return of the riddle. What looming negation whose force and terror hold everything in the tension between annihilation and fixation.It is of the places where the logic of work has not yet been established that the revolutionary movement incites one to speak of in the grand terms of the re6ection and refusal of work. the negation of the future lies. the desperate failure. #ncient rituals. *he violence of the strike is yet the violence of the outsider. #n event is still not a thesis. *his is because the strike is a failure even in the revolutionary movementIthe movement that. of paradoxIthat collapses the divide between truth and falsehoodIthat is to say. rather. )or one to succeed simply means the continuation of the unfolding. the no particular direction but towards the out of time vengeance. unlike capitalism. the irrational desire to 6ump from high places. the cop. KI. the blockade: old gestures. KIII. is always coming. It is not omerta but incitement. not prohibition but arousal. then. for work has followed them out the door. # strike is essentially nonfunctionalIit is a malfunction. like the future. # strike is firstly forged by material conditions and secondly breaks from the process that produces those conditions. in the total absence of time and in every form of absence. that governs speaking of the re6ection of work. but one from which some productivity can be s8uee/ed and profits made. It emerges. and communism entails instead the abolition of the present state of things. between temporal sub6ects but rather the ecstatic comingIof truth. *he break with normality likewise introduces its own epistemology. *he strike and its violence thus do not return to the past so much as they make an ecstatic break with time. . before and after the fact. KII. =ach of these holes is the same as every otherIthey are bound to each other across time by nature of their singularity. K5. *hey affirm more than the mere obligation to Dmake a livingEI they insist that sooner or later we will not only have to make it. and this Jepistemology of the barricades1 is the resonance across time of the singular out of time violence of revengeInot communication. #lthough the strike arises through the pro6ect of universal labor and although that pro6ect survives it. *he negation of the political appeal of futurism lies neither in the present moment nor in any form of presence. *he prediction and management of disruptions in systems are carried out in the same fashion and by application of the same logic. *he extent to which strikes are converted from their essential failure and are made to function as part of a global revolutionary movement is precisely the extent to which revolutionaries are successful in repairing a failure. the strike is an aberrant non functionality. one1s work can be employed first cartographically and then strategically in the struggle of productive logic to root out refusal. !apitalism and class struggle unfold together as one fabric. K. $peaking of refusal is itself productive as by tracing the contours of these mysterious territories. deeply creased but of a single weave. *he loss of all meaning within the fren/ied circulation of meaning has brought the epistemology of cynicism in which there is nothing to be learned. the taking place of the strike means the death of the revolutionary pro6ect. It is always here and yet hopelessly far awayIalways present in its wrenching absence. *he revolutionary movement would infuse these with the hope and promise of an insurrectional process to come. the blockade. !ommunist rewritings of *he "ower of 9ow only accomplish a populist affirmation of the present. What has happened is that a world without any outside has constituted itself as such only at the cost of its own consistencyIby including the outside within itself. :ut the insurrection. In a time when it is not only humans who leave the workplace. it will not work towards any revolutionary pro6ect except to the extent that it can be put to work. as such. and we will manage everything even in the absence of either obligation or oversight. cast each and every thing into uncertaintyIthe electron. for the other to succeed entails the end of the process and the end of meaning.

Hike the dog. one dog that constantly reappears in #thens throughout time. *he dog1s enemy is the police. to be finished. the reflux of despair and the flow into emptiness. always running with the anarchists and leftists. this talent seemed to resemble precognition. *his dog succumbed to a natural death and passed away eventually. finding his greatest 6oy in fighting the very guardians of the city that fed him. *he impossible is the end of all possibilities. It is the point of arrival. but the police are the same people who establish and maintain the brutal order of the city of #thens. the small brown dog follows random people. love and war. and what we wish to leave you with. all possibilities will be normali/ed: the blockade. this dog was at nearly every street battle. people are generally very kind to animals. there has recently been a small brown dog that sits in front of the >allithea metro station. and full. *o many anarchists. It is not something to do. 3eincarnation exists. It exists because of a dog. :ut one thing is clear: this dog is the mirror for our activities and our fate. *his cycle has continued up until the present day. always barking at the police. a new dog appeared soon after the death of their beloved companion. the dogs have no real reason to move other than to find food. It is also unclear why only one dog waveform can manifest in linear time or why it is #thens that is hosting this spirit. *he loss of this dog was a tremendous blow to the anarchists. having nothing better to do. *he dog would not have the strength to constantly fight were it not for the abundance of the city. although it cannot be proven. :ecause their basic needs are met. and charging at the police with them. The 'henomenology Of (iscellaneous Su!)ects "henomenology. bit a cop. there are numerous stray dogs that wander the dirty streets of the eternal city. :ut it has always been precisely what is impossible that is at stake. $ome of them have a very distinct and clear territory. sleep. and there is even a government service to give the dogs name tags that indicate they do not have diseases such as rabies Falthough 6unkies often steal these to tie up their upper armsG. bored. sometimes even walking onto the station platform or across the street and into the school. *here are also three dogs that are almost always lingering around the "anepistimio metro. and wander the eternal streets. *he city keeps them alive and the dogs wander its eternal streets. sometimes not. the dog leaped forward. while to others it was nothing more than acute canine instinct. tired. but seemed to have become increasingly adept at arriving at the sight of a street fight hours before it took place. a dog began appearing at demonstrations. his needs met. It physically resembles all of the others. the riot. *o the surprise of everyone. We cannot help ourselves and always find our way into the eternal struggle. We are unsure as to whether the abundance of the city I&. :ut this dog stays within its territory and seems to en6oy the constant presence of the metro passengers boarding and exiting the train.Het us be 8uite clear that the return to normality cannot be rendered impossibleIwe need only consider the logical impossibility of atemporality having durationIand from now on. it is. 7ost dogs spend their days asleep in the shade. noun: %:The science of "henomena as distinct from that of the nature of !eing (: An a""roach that concentrates on the study of consciousness and the o!%ects of direct e$"erience I: 'henomenology Of *og In #thens. *his dog had all of the same characteristics. never straying too far. sometimes feeding the dog. is the relationship of the city to the dog. #ll possibilities have their end in the impossible while the impossible has no end but in itself. what is to be doneIas in. but as with the previous dog. the center of western civili/ation. *o have reached the point of finalityIla fin. the strike. rather. *he rarest of us is conscious of this ability. *he ma6ority of the stray dogs in central #thens have their basic needs met. 9evertheless. who had come to identify with this dog who was not satisfied to have his belly full. but it is a waveform and spirit that is locali/ed in #thens. *he current manifestation of this spirit F2eistG is a light brown dog with long legs. *his end is the insurrection. #t a point in time which no one clearly remembers. *he luckiest of us possess elements of precognition that are similar to that of the dog. One terrible day. marching with the anarchists and leftists. and was then executed on the street. . when the anarchists were attacking the police. Occasionally. an end that is nothing more or less than an end in itself. Our narration of this waveform begins several years ago. and his life pointless. )or example. none of us are content to 6ust eat. another one appeared with the same characteristics and behaviors. *here are more than enough scraps to eat. *his dog is the canine manifestation of the anarchist waveform pattern and an embodiment of the world revolutionary 2eist FspiritG. What is troubling. something that we in the #narchist International are at a loss to explain. always traveling together. *his dog had lived for more than mere survival in the eternal city. desertion.

but this fight is ultimately suicidal. the overwhelmed police were trying to preserve order when suddenly. this is incorrect.produces the dog. was turned in by his mother. the extinguisher is there to provide assurance that everything will not be destroyed in a bla/e. and is pushed to bite the hand that feeds it. the cop inside lifted his gun and shot !arlo in the head. *he 2reek 7#*. . :ut the behavior of the dog can be seen as some form of death urge. and we will explain why. to know that his action was not singular but timeless and infinitely repeating. the front windows were smashed out. the fire extinguisher does not need to have a counter revolutionary function. (.. !arlo had committed the unspeakable crime of using this tool of order to attack its 6ob is to shadow his coworkers during a 7olotov attack and extinguish any fires that may be burning on or near their bodies. and we have many years of e$"erience in the fire "rotection industry# *uring this time. It is clear./# Island )ire "rotection. and was sent to 6ail for over two years. that the dog is the eternal enemy of the eternal city. nor do we. as if possessed by a ghost. #long the way the dog loves and is final action has become a ghost that continues to haunt our enemy. a young man decided to drop a fire extinguisher on them from the roof of the C&' foot tower. from fire risk assessments. and we are pleased. . commonly known throughout Hondon as J*ory $cum1. fire alarm design.e was in fact all as"ects of fire "rotection re-uirements throughout the . *his drive is powerful and is identical to what propels the #narchist International. 0sually they are kept in glass cases.%. Htd. On 9ovember %. and the angry crowd surged inside. #s he ran towards the car with the extinguisher in his hands. at the peak of the offensive against neo liberal capitalism. we have come to s"eciali+e in all as"ects of fire "rotection . managed. have a unit who is e8uipped with a fire extinguisher. F0>G Island )ire "rotection has undoubtedly filled thousands of buildings with its fire extinguishers. :ut let us look at this paradox and not shy away from its darkness. #s we have said before. but there is only one truth for the dog: to live is to fight. green clad guardians of order. 6ust as he would be. 0sing the dog as our mirror.%. the dog acting as either an antidote or a natural reflex to the intrinsic repression and malaise of the metropolis. II: 'henomenology Of Fire E+tinguisher Island &ire 'rotection have !een esta!lished as a fire "rotection com"any since ())(. . waiting to be used in event of an emergency. fire e$tinguisher su""ly and service. On Buly (. *he car then ran over his body and sped away. (. fire training and fire safety home of the !onservative "arty. .. the dog chooses to fight.own below. it is important that we clarify our own relationship to the city. *he fire extinguisher is intended to have a counter revolutionary function. *he young man missed his target. *he dog does not think twice about fighting against the established order. *he dog utili/es its excess energy to fight.owever unlikely it is that a building will catch fire. . #midst the emptiness of life in the eternal city. *hey trashed the inside of the building and climbed their way up to the roof. and under control. that any damage will be minimal. hundreds of people flooded into the 7illbank * death is still remembered by us all. *he dog is not content to act like the other dogs.owever. installation and service. Hong a symbol of twisted authority. the tower was attacked at its base. . While it might seem that whoever uses a fire extinguisher against the forces of order is inevitably captured or destroyed. and unspeakably alive during his last moment. emergency lighting installation and service. the #narchist International views fire as a force that is vital to our growth. determined. . . however. a young man named !arlo decided to pick up a fire extinguisher and throw it into the window of a police car.

we are referring to the 0nited $tates of #merica. *here are endless tools to use. but most sociali/e. the fire seems to have been contained in the 0>. #s our struggle intensifies and faces repression. When hit by one of these blasts. that subversive knowledge is exchanged between prisoners. and over time have established networks with other prisoners that span . #ll we must do is pick them up.%% was filled with fire. revolutionary function of the fire extinguisher to its non logical conclusion *his person shoots a cloud of gas at the police whenever they try to assault a demonstration. #nd so we return to Hondon. to amplify and augment the final act of !arlo. it is not surprising that it will now spread fire westward into one of the most pacified. a thriving area of criminality. =ast Hondon. #s we write these concluding statements. the eternal city. infected the streets of the city it wishes to invade and sterili/e. $ome spend their time on the phone. is slated to be ripped apart. :irmingham. exchange books. prisoners are able to converse. connections are forged. as the wave form is fond of doing. tell stories. and cleansed for the upcoming Olympics. the anarchists regroup and attack. *he 6ail pod is a hermetic. no different than our beloved !arlo. not allow and encourage them. Our 2reek comrades have re discovered and harnessed the power that our beloved !arlo was executed for using. and hollow countries in the world. Within this limited area. III: 'henomenology Of The 'od . the gas of the fire extinguisher helps dampen the power of the tear gas that the 7#* is constantly hurling at its antagonists. and advice is given. :ut there is another person who is this man1s opposite. #nd he brings the unintended. 3elationships are made. . *his unit performs his counter revolutionary function perfectly. #s you have undoubtedly guessed. 2iven that the eternal city of Hondon was once the epicenter of global capitalist expansion into 9orth #merica. #nd the reason the fires started were because a young man. as our comrades in Hondon have shown. 7ost people in 6ail have been there before. #s the construction of the Olympic facility proceeded onward during the second week of #ugust. interior world that contains all possible social life for those who are incarcerated. and rage. . deal drugs. the city around it exploded. the land of perpetual delusion and distraction. in this space of limited freedom. was shot by the 7etropolitan "olice. It is up to the members of the #narchist International within the 0$ to learn how to turn the dominant system against itself. the second week of #ugust.iding behind this expanding cloud of gas. will most likely return. but despite all of the assurances of safety. 7anchester. =verything that is used to crush us must be subverted and turned into a weapon. Island )ire "rotection has filled many buildings with its product. unable to see anything. often time throwing more 7olotov cocktails. It is the common area in a space that is completely controlled by the authorities. and do a variety of other things. :esides this.E prisoners are allowed to freely associate within the common area.e brings the intended nature of the fire extinguisher to its logical conclusion. :ut that is precisely what it does. more and more anarchists will experience moments of life within the contemporary 6ail pod. (. and 9ottingham. It is here. instruct each other.uring what is known as Dpod time. the 7#* retreats. others watch *5.*he fire that was meant to be contained and controlled by the International Olympic !ommittee has spread beyond its pathetic little torch. rebuilt. degraded. play chess. *he fires spread to :ristol. poverty. lost amidst this gas that was meant to put out fires. *hese connections continue outside 6ail and are often criminal in nature. :ut we at the #narchist International can assure you that it will reappear.

#t best. read. *here are grander things that have happened when the 2eist invades a prison. If someone is caught smoking a cigarette in a pod. etc. and make love with people of the opposite gender. watch *5. In one of the most sublime examples of this exemplary rage. We feel that this is the primary mechanism through which the reigning order is maintained: through the fear of losing what little freedom has been granted by the authorities. and when the other prisoners regain the ability to watch *5. the less likely it is for prisoners to disobey. When they have regained their pod time. they s8uander it in mindless activity. they can think of nothing else than the destruction of all prisons. this subservience is maintained through collective punishment. to the intrusion and expansion of the world revolutionary 2eist within the common area of the pod. . it is worthwhile to entertain the notion that all of these actions take place within a large recreation yard inside a mammoth open air prison. can either spread to several segments of the prison or take over the entirety of the prison. the smoker will be scolded by the other prisoners more fiercely than the guards. a riot that. several things can and have taken place. Hike prisoners. :ut it is safe to say that these riots have never destroyed the prison system of the various nation states. more freely than they ever had while still inside a cage. their ability to sociali/e. there does exist a way out of this feedback loop of repression and subservience. if organi/ed enough. the privilege will be more precious than it had been before. When this occurs. In most cases. While you made find this assertion to be ludicrous. the only goal of which is to stave of boredom. if only for several days. When the bloodshed and violence of the repression is over. and assassinate guards. write. we chose to play chess. parks. pod time. drink. and parties. We are surrounded by and exist within an apparatus of control that designates certain areas for free association and social life. :ut that moment represents a point in time in which the prisoners possessed infinite potential. a riot takes place within the pod. sit on the beach. that entire pod is punished by having their privileges revoked. "rison and 6ail act as the punishment. for we believe that the 6ail pod is a primary symbol for our times. please take a moment to listen to our reasoning. of course. the storming of the :astille was not enough to prevent the terror of the bourgeois from drenching the ground of the open air prison with the blood of thousands of prisoners. and the ability to purchase !heetos and *op 3amen from the commissary. *his rage has propelled people forward to dig tunnels into 6ails. *he more this process is repeated. and its this simple fact that we wish to analy/e. In its most basic manifestation. :y the time a prison is taken over. We are referring. these riots have been beautiful examples of collective rage and anger in which prisoners kill tyrannical authorities and live. write letters.owever. the external authorities surround the prison and ultimately assault it. potential that was ultimately used and . *he smoker will have their privileges revoked for longer than the other prisoners.thousands of miles. *his addiction and compulsion towards mindless distraction is identical to the force that exists in what the #narchist International will continue to refer to as an open air prison. and when prisoners return to less administered portion of the open air prison. thousands of ex prisoners stormed the :astille prison in "aris and raised it the ground. #s you well know. *his situation is bleak and inspires hopelessness. they cherish their ability to s8uander their time. *he normal functioning of the prison is dependent on the pacification and subservience of the prisoners. *he limited freedom granted within the pod is the microcosm of the freedom we are granted in our living rooms. reforms are sometimes instituted that have historically granted prisoners more privileges. *he 6ail pod is where these networks are born. break out their comrades. bar rooms. 7ost commonly. While we may be able to take walks in the forest. use drugs. It has created a rage in prisoners so deep seated that when they return to the open air prison. exercise. *hese privileges include the *5.

*he events that have transpired over the course of these seriali/ed installments bears out the validity of our assertions. and you will know how to help rebuild the #narchist International. you may have 6ust read as far as you needed to to begin. (. With these words. make no mistake that what you are witnessing is the intrusion of the anarchist waveform pattern into the linear time of the capitalist world. eager to get through another day in the pod.. )or some of you. :efore we launch into our analysis of the Mueen. we are witnessing the explosion of the world revolutionary 2eist all over the planet. )eel free to 6oin in. we will continue to provide you with our analysis and interpretation of events. -orthern Ireland: In the %?'. Hifting our heads and watching the *5. and as we have stated earlier.s8uandered by the merchants and wealthy aristocrats who wanted nothing more than a few more privileges in the open air prison of the >ing. #s a comrade of ours wrote very elo8uently: 0e made gods and %ailers !ecause we felt small and ashamed and alone# 0e let them try us. %?''. we allowed ourselves to !e1sentenced# 2ee3 4ow3 Our sentence is u"# I&: 'henomenology Of The . we will be lucky to see another one.-s. we should never s8uander our time.e and others like him carried our history out of $pain on their backs. $oon. . #t every moment in time. !lose your eyes. While we inhabit the communal areas of the open air prison. Hucio took an interest in any group that fought the capitalist order that had allowed his comrades to drown in blood. *o this end. *he #narchist International has existed throughout time. %?C+. While all of the pieces may not have been assembled for you yet. look for a red light. #fter the defeat of $pain. We will only receive a few chances to act. :ut we must never fall into these petty traps and diversions. a :as8ue anarchist who had robbed banks with )rancisco $abate and guided people across the "yrenees mountains. like shee" to slaughter. will surely alleviate our boredom and despair. %?+&. but as of this writing it is premature to say that we have reached this goal. it is our intent to insure this explosion of the world revolutionary 2eist will be the one that finally brings down the authoritarian world. . there is the potential to set fire to the prisons and free ourselves forever. *he prisons do not function without our complicity and subservience. let us wholeheartedly dive into the new offensive. however. *his is a moment similar to all of the others: %&'%. was named Hucio 0rtubia.ueen Dedication: #nd now we arrive at the saddest portion of our 'henomenology Of Miscellaneous 2u!%ects. #t the time of this writing. We have already begun. %udge us and. *his man from the old world. and when they pass. let us wish you all good luck in your efforts to make the best of the months and years that follow. we will all have collectively articulated the rudiments of the #narchist International1s invisible structure. We have numerous examples from which we can better prepare ourselves for another intrusion of the world revolutionary 2eist. a member of the #narchist International supplied false passports to a ma6ority of the guerrilla groups operating in =urope at the time. he ended up supplying the "rovisional Irish 3epublican #rmy F"rovosG with false papers and money to aid them in their war against the Mueen.&. If you have recently seen the actions of anarchists synchroni/ing to a common rhythm. %???.

owever. "rovo attacks increased in ferocity. *hese paramilitary forces. *he Mueen had been stabbed in the heart. $inn )ein. causing &. the Mueen reali/ed the war would never end. one group began a campaign of bombings and assassinations in the Mueen1s city of Hondon that resulted in the deaths of do/ens of people.espite the complete militari/ation of 9orthern Ireland. *hese cells continued to kill soldiers and bomb targets throughout %?'?. members of the "rovisional I3# began to negotiate with agents of the Mueen. #nd so. . there were over %. the Mueen1s agents were infiltrating the movement and causing internal clashes between the "rovos and the Official I3#.. the "rovos detonated another bomb in %??C.. the "rovos went on to form smaller cells that were harder to infiltrate. she offered a ceasefire that the "rovo leadership could accept. 3ather than blowing up pubs or killing lone figures. . began to grow more popular as a legitimate political movement. million pounds worth of damage. In %?+?. acting on information supplied to them by the :ritish #rmy. another ceasefire was declared and the "rovo leadership continued to attempt to negotiate a withdrawal of :ritish forces from 9orthern Ireland. is the reason we have narrated the basic story of this war. 3efusing to kill "rotestant civilians in revenge. It is important to point out that many anarchists in the 0nited >ingdom supported the struggle of the Irish against the Mueen during this period of time. :ritish soldiers in 9orthern Ireland. *heir campaigns eventually grew to include the bombing of commercial targets linked with the 9orthern Irish government and :ritish interests. *he official program of the "rovos was to inflict as many casualties upon the :ritish #rmy and to defend entire neighborhoods in :elfast and . *his was the closest they ever came to killing the Mueen. While the conservative !atholic beliefs of many Irish fighters were repulsive to them. In %?&%. :ritish soldiers died. years combined. #fter the ceasefire.erry. including a right wing politician. they attacked the "rime 7inister1s office with mortars and detonated a bomb at the :altic =xchange in %??(. 0nderstanding they were fighting a diffuse network of cellular groups that could strike anywhere Feven :ritish targets on the continent of =uropeG agents of the Mueen formed similar groups to begin striking at !atholic targets. proceeded to assassinate civilians in !atholic areas of 9orthern Ireland.-s. In %?'C.-s. *he Mueen refused this offer. . *his campaign continued throughout the %?&. the "rovos detonated a bomb at an oil terminal where the Mueen was speaking at an opening ceremony.*hat war. "rovo cells made their way to Hondon and carried out extensive bombings and assassinations in the center of the Mueen1s empire.. is one of the most bitter and tragic that has ever taken place. *he Mueen knew that if she gave the leaders more . . 9oticing that the tactic of the Mueen was to pacify the fighters with promises of freedom. the "rovos declared a ceasefire in %?'(. In Hondon. $urviving persecution by the 9orthern Irish 2overnment. the "rovos had finally dealt a tremendous blow to the center of :ritish capitalism. the political wing of the "rovos. as many of you undoubtedly know. the "rovos began their guerilla war against the forces of the Mueen in %?'. #fter having split with the Official I3#..uring the %?&. :ut while they were negotiating. . in spite of the anger of the militants. On #ugust ('th of that same year the "rovos killed %& :ritish soldiers with a roadside bomb and assassinated two members of the Mueen1s royal next move. given that the :ritish still occupied 9orthern Ireland. the "rovos began to send their fighters into the heart of the 0nited >ingdom. *he "rovos demanded a withdrawal of :ritish forces by %?'N and the release of all political prisoners. #fter creating a chaotic and deadly situation for the forces of the Mueen in which (N. leading the resumption of the war. *he street was also home to the 3oyal :ank of $cotland and :arclay1s. #fter the bomb went off.. *his one ton fertili/er bomb was placed on the same street as the :altic =xchange. 9egotiations for an end to the conflict had been ongoing for some time.-s. the army of Mueen =li/abeth II was sent into 9orthern Ireland to calm tensions between the !atholics and the "rotestant controlled government of 9orthern Ireland. in spite of the bombs that were killing civilians in their own cities. *he bombing of the exchange caused more monetary damage than all of the bombings in 9orthern Ireland over the previous (.-s and included an assassination attempt on "rime 7inister 7argaret *hatcher. :y the %??.. after the bombings of the early %??. in %??<.owever. *he fighters of the group were not happy with this. # telephone call to the police caused the area to be evacuated. and the reaction of the "rovo leadership to this move. *hese loyalists also supported and often were themselves fascists who killed immigrants in the 0nited >ingdom. the "rovos resumed their war in %?'+. % billion pounds worth of damage had been inflicted in the financial heart of Hondon. In %?'N. In %?'<. causing Hloyd1s of Hondon to nearly collapse as it attempted to pay off insurance claims. >nowing that this was the best way to strike at the Mueen. *he :ritish had to travel with heavy protection and their bases were routinely damaged or destroyed by "rovo mortar attacks. the anarchists did lend their assistance to those who fought :ritish colonialism and fascist terror. the "rovo1s responded to the loyalists with their own wave of assassinations and proceeded to kill the leaders of the Mueen1s militias.

:efore independence. . making its first steps towards global integration. living within the economic policies it decided on. *he Mueen remained untouched. *he population of the 3epublic of Ireland seems to have been too traumati/ed and exhausted to notice. 0pon the conclusions of Ireland1s war for independence. While the civil war took place.power. Hike her father. and smiling for the cameras. published a book in %?<% titled An 56al 5ocht. a faction supporting the newly formed Irish )ree $tate concluded a treaty with the :ritish in which the new state would have to swear an oath to the =mpire. a deal had been brokered between the Mueen and all political parties in 9orthern Ireland. What was left of it was channeled into the nationalist movement that sprung up at the beginning of the twentieth century. %???. *his strategy is ancient and has been used by every con8ueror. becoming the head of what remained of the old :ritish =mpire. or The 'oor Mouth in =nglish. the Irish had struggled to hold onto their culture. *he leaders of the "rovisional I3# were more susceptible to this trick than the fighters because her power infected their minds more directly. :y the end of the war. eventually forming the independent 3epublic of Ireland.ouse. 9orthern Ireland was effectively forgotten and surrendered to the :ritish. each county was given the choice to not 6oin the )ree $tate. a faction of 3epublicans decided to wage a war against the newly establish authority. still having no desire to fight and make sacrifices for the countries that had allowed the :ritish to sub6ugate the assumption was correct and in %?NN the 3epublic 6oined the 0nited 9ations. everyone is starving. Mueen =li/abeth II ascended the throne in %?N(. #s part of this treaty. :ritish capitalism had taken over the large cities of the island. )lann O1:rien. the civil war between Irish factions that followed this forming of a new nation state was far worse. that she mattered more than other people and the reason she smiled so much was because people believed her. *he largely "rotestant 9orthern Ireland voted to remain part of the =mpire. the 3epublic of Ireland became one of the most repressive and conservative countries in =urope. *heir mistake was to listen to the Mueen. #nd the saddest part about this reali/ation is that she is most often correct.ecember (nd. Within the next two years. *he fighting lasted less than a year and the new government 8uickly wiped out its opponents and consolidated its power. $eeing the island split in two and watching the new government betray its own people. *he book was written in 2aelic and did not appear in =nglish until %?'%. uncaring. In (. When the rule of the =mpire became untenable. that the =mpire never left. *he war of independence claimed many lives and was fought to reclaim a heritage and culture that was being suppressed by the forces of the =mpire. as did all of her family. *he second world war had 6ust ended and the 3epublic of Ireland had remained neutral. the "rovos surrendered their weapons. and it is mandatory to not only talk in 2aelic. butchery by the :ritish.owever. they would deactivate their own fighters in order to hold onto that power. Hong before the war for independence. *he anti :ritish rhetoric of the new leaders meant little to the =mpire.. On . the =mpire simply withdrew. 9o one doubted for a moment that the :ritish had been expelled or that brave Ireland had defeated the =mpire. #fter crushing its first rebels. a possible member of the #narchist International. #s long as the 3epublic was participating in the global economy that the :ritish had created. . =mploying an oppressed group to police and control itself has worked for centuries and its persistence throughout time is a testament to the ability of humans to trick and confuse themselves so thoroughly that they willingly enslave themselves to others. the ceasefire was resumed in %??'. *he treaty of %??< was broken in %??+ but once the :ritish agreed to deal directly with $inn )ein. *he fighters were left to lead normal lives under the Mueen1s capitalism. #fter centuries of . and to not reali/e that her greatest trick was to coloni/e Ireland not with an army. $he merely pretended. the :ritish controlled Ireland by utili/ing large segments of its own population against trick was not a sophisticated one. any semblance of a pre colonial culture was completely destroyed by the capitalism that had been imported centuries earlier. triggering a war with the :ritish. *he Mueen destroys her enemies by making them reali/e they are already part of her system. . when the slaves would no longer submit to its authority. . #nd that is precisely what happened. but to also talk about the Southern Ireland We will not retell the full story of $outhern Ireland becoming a nation state separate from the :ritish =mpire. In the years that followed independence. $triking the heart of this economic system scared her and she 8uickly neutrali/ed the leaders of the "rovisional I3# by assigning them a place in the system they had been excluded from. but with an economic system.owever. *he :ritish surrendered $outhern Ireland only because it had leaders that could administer the capitalist economy of that region. they could have all the nominal freedom they liked. the new government maintained a heavy handed policy regarding all internal matters. $inn )ein proclaimed an independent Irish 3epublic. In %?%?. *his was seen as a betrayal of the fighters who had fought and died for independence. to accept any of her terms. Mueen =li/abeth II understood that it would only be a matter of time before the 3epublic would 6oin the world of the same rulers that had allowed the fascists to slaughter millions of people. after the delirium of independence and civil war. *he book takes place in an Irish town where it is perpetually raining. *he leaders continued in their political careers. #nd so they accepted the authority that flowed from Hienster . allowing its servants to be li8uidated by the I3# and trusting that the new leaders would be able to administer the economy. binding itself to an organi/ation that included the 0nited >ingdom. following all the laws it made. $inn )ein had long since become mangers of the capitalist economy of 9orthern Ireland. the peace accord went into effect and the "rovisional I3# had nothing left to do but let the politicians carry out their plans.

knows how to keep the rabble in place.idea of the 2aelic language. $he was also a patron of the arts and loved theater. but 6ust like $inn ) century. endlessly. the Mueen prepared for her visit in 7ay. but the population remained tran8uili/ed by the media that was telling them to be excited for the privilege of being alive to witness such an suspicious event. :ecause of the severity of the global meltdown. but no one cared to remember. was one of the principle architects of what became the global capitalist system and her colony of 5irginia slowly became a fortress of slavery and death. When one passerby took a flier and saw why the group was protesting. *he politicians droned on about the importance of healing and moving on.-s arrested and stupefied the minds of massive numbers of people. Within her =mpire. and 6ust like that country. *his announcement was immediately met with anger and hostility from the conservative $inn )ein. $he waved and smiled and was content with the knowledge that the system her family had left behind was still running. :y the %?'.-s. she cuts their heads off and kicks their bodies into the river. *he streets of . $ometimes they grow angry.-s.-s. the %??. the Irish were slaughtered in pacification campaigns that lasted for years and left the earth blackened. there is very little point in participating in the economy. the land of the Mueen.ueen It is no coincidence that we live now in the world with Mueen =li/abeth II. *he *rade 0nions !ouncil helped bring hundreds of thousands of people to the capital. angered at the collapse of the economy and motivated by a distrust all authority. and factions dominate the left of the 3epublic. bounding after something it cannot see. appeared only as an old relic walking on a collapsing stage.E *his was to be the common reaction of the population. years for the =li/abeth waveform pattern to return. and said DHet her come. however.ouse during the 7arch elections. #nd 6ust like the rest of the world. $inn )ein tried to remind everyone of what the Mueen had done to 9orthern Ireland. #t a protest in front of the Heinster . he handed the flier back. *he instability caused by the conflict in 9orthern Ireland worsened the effect of being connected to the global capitalist system. due in part to the engrained nationalism that was only reinforced by the struggle of the "rovos. the virgin 8ueen. Bust as it did in the rest of the world. however erratically. $he has appeared once before and was responsible for seeding the eastern coast of what is now called the 0nited $tates. but not to such an extent as it had in the 0$. some youths fought the 2arda in the streets. the narrator draws a map of Ireland and re8uests that the reader look at it from a certain angle. It has taken over <. . let alone what her family had done to the $outh. the 3epublic of Ireland found itself in a recession at the end of the year (. shook his head. )ormer I3# fighters were put back in 6ail. sabotage.ublin are filled with boredom and alcohol. =li/abeth I. the Mueen was asked to visit. *he Mueen.. the Mueen1s city of Hondon was shut down and torn apart by rebel segments of the population. When they actually threaten the stability of her =mpire. took over =urope. and when they do she lets them rage up to a certain point. the eternal Mueen. that made a final statement in the midst of the disaster. and spread its new technologies and networks around the world. 3estructuring took place throughout the %?&.. 0nder her reign. and threats being made in the lead up to the visit. $outhern Ireland did not have the memory of a struggle against its own government when it arrived in the economic upswing of the %??. The .& after that markets collapse. With the last vestiges of her old =mpire collapsing in its very center. $he was to be the first monarch to visit the independent nation state. Ireland had 6oined the world economy in a deep recession and palaces and balls are so intoxicating that her enemies 8uickly become her servants upon entering.ublin was militari/ed. as if the population had not been forced to move on by the whims and fancies of the economic system. buts its steps are awkward and slow. *he now restructured capitalist economy isolated and imploded the 0$$3. $he rules through splendor and force. *he book was meant as an attack on the stupefying existence imposed on the population by the 3epublican government and illustrated the narcotic effect that nationalism had amongst the dispossessed. $inn )ein was nearly alone in opposing the visit of Mueen =li/abeth II to the 3epublic in (. her sub6ects stumble about from work to the tavern and on $undays they go see a play. . "arties. 3age and rebellion against the Irish $tate was never able to articulate itself during this time period. many young Irish have fled the country to look for work and opportunities. #t the re8uest of the "resident of the 3epublic. despair. #ll of her slaves know they exist at her mercy . *he population has taken its first steps towards resisting its government. $inn )ein made a spectacle denouncing the traitors in the government. In the book. and the future of life under the rule of the capitalists holds no promise. It is not a far stretch to suddenly perceive the entire island as a dog. Oddly enough. groups. and emptiness. they have mostly fled to the 0nited >ingdom. On 7arch (+th. and everyone watched as the Mueen set foot in her family1s former colony. *here was one group. *he I* bubble expanded in Ireland at the end of the (.%%. *here were bomb threats. $outhern Ireland found its solution in the housing and real estate market. a time that most people remember as being filled with chronic unemployment.

and heading into unknown waters. It is here that 2uy . 5enice holds both the weight of capitalist logic and the lightness of total freedom in its scales. the occupation met at an assembly and decided to reoccupy their campus. as it7s a""roaching. everyone involved remained swept up in the fren/y of their moment. #s always. happened to be at this battle and later remarked that he felt sorry for the police because they were the children of the poor and the students were the children of the bourgeoisie. In Buly of %?+&. throughout time.ebord. highlighting all of its intricacies and labyrinths. We have no doubt that some of their best fighters understood. *he Mueen hides her hand in all matters. <.. and invisible /one imaginable. 6ust as they do.ebord a megalomaniac. :ut what was he looking back uponO What took place in those years between %?+& and %?''O In order to convey our meaning as 8uickly as possible. *hey lash out at each other at all the wrong moments and fight battles that end up being illusions. *hey have been active since %??' and were originally composed of all those who felt betrayed by the treaty with the Mueen. 5enice. if only for a moment. and we would not disagree with them. the lost soul. Once the last of these occupations were crushed by the police. 7ilan. within the twisted canals.espite this. and as we said at the beginning of this narration. the endpoint of so many 6ourneys. the way the world worked. *he remnants of the occupation movement in Italy saw this take place and knew they were not alone in what they had tried to do. a film maker. the )iat factory in *urin was occupied. the insurrection in "aris spread to whole of )rance. they are often simply caught inside those plans. but that is the only accurate way to describe our true enemy: the virus that is multiform and yet singular. heralding the start of the years to come.and that is why their rebellion is often so confused. Het us hasten its death. and leaving it !ehind us. 5enice is falling into the sea. 6ust as we hope you do. :ut clearly the "rovisional I3# discovered a way to harm her. but we know that ours ends here. eternal harbor. In the first months of %?+&. fighting this war. continues to describe the assault he and his friends launched against the capitalist world order: DAlong the way many of us died or were taken "risoner8 many others were wounded and "ermanently "ut out of action8 and certain elements even let themselves sli" to the rear out of lack of courage8 !ut I !elieve I can say that our formation as a whole never swerved from its line until it "lunged into the very core of destruction#E *here are some who have called 2uy . a year when the fighters of the world were in fact plunging into the very core of destruction. the hot autumn followed by the years of lead. infinite departure.E . wrapped in a hallucination of independence and freedom. many &: 'henomenology Of &enice 5enice. causing thousands of people to take over their schools and workplaces. .. but we also believe. anonymous palace. people marched to retake their space on 7arch %st. and when people think they are undermining her plans. we will describe only one moment in time. *wo months later. dark place. 0nder the weight of its commitment to gold. that their time would come again. 5enice contains the full splendor of capitalism. but the Mueen is one of them. DAt first. *he "rovisional I3# split in the period leading up to the ceasefire and a group called the 3eal I3# formed. *he #narchist International has only one enemy. In 3ome. that 2uy . the linear time of capitalist reality is punctuated by these betrayals and conflicts that reappear endlessly. in the city that is sinking from having drunk too much water. 3ome and other cities.ebord and his friends certainly did inaugurate a new offensive against the world capitalist system. *here are certain things that one cannot see until they have been left behind. the last of the occupations were crushed by the police. it is our intention that this current moment of possibility not be s8uandered fighting illusory phantoms pro6ected by our enemy. It also contains every black hole. 7any people 6oined armed groups. caught in a state of perpetual decay. :ut we also are everywhere at once. :y )ebruary.. Bust like the "unta della . "ier "aolo "asolini. *his new group will hopefully understand what the #narchist International means about time and recurrence. you don7t notice it# Then you discover it as you come a!reast of it. the midland between fire and water. We understand the illogical nature of this statement.ogana. *he capitalist system is the ultimate creation of our enemy and it will be its last. people went home bloodied and wounded. together. # fierce battle took place on the streets that night in which %<& police were in6ured and & police cars were torched. a promontory that greets a mariner upon leaving the 2rand !anal. the police were able to repel the assault and nearly N. the virus that devours in multiple places at once. gateway to the sea.ebord made a seemingly insignificant remark about the "unta della .e wrote the words we have 8uoted in %?''. we will not be able to transcend our past until we view it the way it was intended to be seen. and you cannot fail to recogni+e that it was designed to !e seen in this "articular way and no other# 5ut already we are "assing the ca"e. #nd so 2uy . We do not know how many 6ourneys have ended here. Italian students continued their occupations of universities in *urin. .ogana.. knowing that something would happen.

#nd so we say goodbye to 5enice. we assure you that it certainly is irrational and that it is not a trick of your imagination# The Anarchist International has e$isted "er"etually throughout time !ut there are moments where it falls into disre"air.owever it is done. and we burn its foundations once again. that is sufficient. . the internet. >nowing who would be willing to provide these things is important. *he world revolutionary 2eist is everywhere at the current moment and people are strongly receptive to the ideas and memories we have carried with us through time. 3emember the past by forgetting it. *he rest will be sorted out later. it is of the utmost importance that you explain some aspect of it to numerous people around you. now. )or our purposes. *he only mistake we can make from looking at the past is repeating it. We have seen our past in the manner it should be seen and now we are ready to leave it behind.ublin. but the absolute destruction of the enemy. Hondon. *here are many anarchist tendencies but all of them are against capitalism and the state.e!uilding The Anarchist International 0hile it may seem irrational for us to suggest that the Anarchist International must !e re!uilt 9given that it e$ists:. .ebord and all those who plunged with him into the very core of destruction. and in the end everyone was crushed by the forces of order. forgets its own e$istence and must re articulate itself to itself# 0e are currently living in the end of one of those moments of forgetfulness# 0ith the intention of aiding in this re articulation. we offer the following ste" !y ste" instructions for re!uilding what already e$ists# nowPseeP I: Asses lac/ of infrastructure nowP 2iven that anarchists have not been able to build or maintain very much in the grander context of the war. #thens. here. We are plungingPseeP #nd so we conclude our 'henomenology of Miscellaneous 2u!%ects# We will not plunge into the core of our own destruction. vehicles and other necessities to deal with. *owards life nowPseeP &.continued to protest. they must understand you to be one Funless something prevents thisG. Instructions For . It is not important for them to be anarchists but it is certainly ideal if they are. We wave goodbye to the memory of 2uy . 5enice. sailing away to the south to see our comrades. II: E+%lain fragment of the offensi0e to others 2iven that you yourself do not know the full nature of the current offensive. We detonate the rigid minds and blast away the stupor of time. *owards victory. Hinear time is our enemy. *here are some who may be able to do this addressing large crowds. explain it clearly and never waver from what you know anarchism to be. =very city is the eternal city. was a moment identical to this one. supplies. the first half of %?+&. If they are not anarchists. *his moment we wished to describe. *here are issues of food. making a 8uick assessment of what is currently at hand and how it could be used sustainably in the offensive is a vital first step. !learly explaining what anarchism is and is not to large numbers of people will cause an immediate articulation of the #narchist International. We say goodbye to them all. . printing. there are others who can only do it through private conversations and there are some who do it accidentally.

*his is a simple tactic but it is often inexplicably difficult for anarchists to comprehend.uic/ly esta!lish ne$ infrastructure 2iven that a large enough network exists to mobili/e for such an undertaking. )ortunately the 2eist is here and if the previous steps are taken. there will always be conflict amongst incompatible tendencies and proclivities. the infrastructure will maintain itself. Our enemy is hoping to locali/e and contain rebellion in singular areas. however. :y spreading ourselves thin. conspiracy and rebellion. we also weaken our defensive capabilities. this is the final task# Cross the river with "icka$es in your hands# >ead south along the 4ile until you reach Al Ahram and then follow that road south west all the way to the sands of <i+a# Clim! to the to" of the three "yramids and !egin chi""ing away at what remains of their ti"s# If you can do this. by virtue of their resonance with the world revolutionary 2eist. !uilt !y slaves. . friends. Obviously. understand and participate in will draw increasing numbers of people. !ut you will have committed the crime that contains all other crimes# >ave courage. With the world experiencing bursts of mutiny. F&or more information on the su!%ect of infrastructure. buses and trains. we will say it simply: TA12 TO A11 34O 3A-T TO 1ISTE- ideas will spread on their own. it will connect with the entire surrounding region due to the existence of cars. if you can convince the slaves to not only hate !ut to destroy the tem"les of the masters. $o that we are not misunderstood. $wiftness is key. and "re"are yourselves for what we all must do. everywhere# The "yramids have "ersisted through time and so have we# Our time is now# *o what must !e done# 4ow# <o# I&: . #ny plan that is easy to connect with. is the fi$ation that contem"orary wage slaves have in regards to these disgusting tem"les# If you can convince the "o"ulation of Cairo to destroy these relics of tyranny and slavery. it is necessary to openly spread details of initiatives and plans to people who may or may not be anarchists.III: Esta!lish local lines of communication and transmission 2iven that many people are coming into increased contact with anarchists and our ideas. it will be all the easier to begin the process of spreading across an entire city. consult Anarchist International Te$t . # neighborhood cannot be transcended as a territorial limitation until there is no need to repeat the basic tactics described above. it is imperative to continue to spread in every direction. #s we have stated numerous times. it is important to establish clear lines of communication between people who are interested in expanding anarchist practices and infrastructure. however. it is now possible to appropriate property. but with the 2eist that animates the networks of people that bring the infrastructure into being. we win# In no uncertain terms. We need only follow our own ideas. *hat is why the infrastructure we create must be defensible not only with our own bodies and force. land and other such things with more ease than we have previously experienced. intervene in the inevitable civil conflicts that will arise because of them and protect those same territories where our ideas have come to thrive. Once a city has become a cauldron of subversion. have a!sor!ed an inordinate amount of attention and energy# Egy"t has suffered from numerous foreign occu"ations due in no small "art to our enemies fi$ation on what they re"resent: TOTA= CO4TRO=# All invaders have sought to claim the "yramids as their own# 0hat we find most distur!ing. 9eighborhoods will be the first territories affected by the spread of our ideas and tactics. the response to call outs will grow and more people will appear at each action. &I: *estroy the 'yramids of 6i7a 2iven that the previous five steps have been taken. new infrastructure must be created as swiftly as possible. channels must open between diverse individuals and the simplest way to do this is to openly spread information to those who are drawn towards offensive activity. 7etastasi/ing will make it more difficult for the enemy to brutally crush the free spaces we create with overwhelming displays of power that are intended to repel people from our ideas and tactics. it is absolutely imperative that the following message be transmitted to our comrades in =gypt: 4one of us will succeed unless you "hysically destroy the 'yramids of <i+a# 0e understand the im"ortance these relics have for those em"loyed in the tourist industry and the resistance they would "ut u" to defend them# 5ut that is "recisely why they must !e destroyed# These archaic monstrosities.owever. While most anarchists operate in small groups of friends that tend to be closed. *rusted faces will increase. it will be possible to link up with other initiatives in different neighborhoods. Once a neighborhood is sympathetic to Fif not overtly supportive ofG our activities and there are no more petty 8uarrels amongst the population. If these initiatives are sponsored by anarchists. the world revolutionary 2eist is what allows any of what we are describing to take place. you will have won the war# The world may continue to crum!le. our . 7ake no mistake.#(: &: S%read to neigh!orhoods5 cities5 regions 2iven that infrastructure has been 8uickly created in multiple locations.

*he assault on Ira8 in (. *hese people are attempting to create a stable capitalist international in the face of impending disaster. Once an active participant in the communist international1s assault on capitalism Fproviding asylum and logistics to actors in the offensiveG. elections have been held and a new prime minister elected. unstable dictators were unseated. We would have been discouraged by the developments in 9orth #frica had we not also observed what was happening elsewhere.%%. guaranteeing either the eventual surrender or death of 2addafi.uring the first assault on Ira8. but the absence of these actors is very clear. *his effort was identical in intent Fif not in formG to the li8uidation of $addam and his government. he threw the people of his country into war with Iran. over the radio. *he fire that has been traveling the world can never be properly contained by our enemies.&I.. In (. In *unisia. . 9o longer could he think of arming and providing a haven for guerillas. we witnessed the li8uidation of 7uammar 2addafi and his government. Instead. on the internet. the capitalist international showed the world that it would tame and pacify rogue leaders if they did not obey the dictates of systemic stability. nor can they stop people in the 0nited $tates from breaking out of their narcosis and taking their first steps towards freedom. 2addafi had continued to fight the traditional imperialist enemies Ffunding the I3# and other guerrillasG while maintaining an overtly totalitarian dictatorship in his country. # man set himself on fire in *unisia and triggered the current intrusion of the world revolutionary 2eist into our time. When it was clear that the opposition in Hibya was not strong enough to defeat the dictator on their own. *hat is their plan. *he invasion of Ira8 and the execution of $addam . . it can be manipulated by them. Statements On The #urrent Situation The dream lived in the void of my s"irit# 3oberto :olano. mem!er of the Anarchist International The Ignition Of The Fire: !ontrol will be visible. #t most. In *unisia as well as =gypt. It will no longer be a secret. and thrived off the riches of his oil. :ut they cannot stop neighborhoods in :ahrain from rising up and fighting the police. fighting for technocratic capitalism. 9ow that *unisia has a reliable capitalist democracy.C was an effort to stabili/e a world system that would soon reach its limits. We distrust the people who helped push for these limited goals. created a totalitarian dictatorship. *his is the nightmare they are hoping to create. $addam had 8uickly degenerated into a despot willing to collaborate with the highest bidder.ussein was the first assault in this war to stabili/e the capitalist international. =very decision regarding the rate of decay and the severity of austerity will be displayed to everyone on the nightly news. the actors that exacerbated the insurrection have mysteriously vanished. It was highly disturbing to observe how the energy that had spread from *unisa into =gpyt was being used to achieve the capitalist international1s goal of removing all unstable rulers from the world network. *he resources in this country and its proximity to Israel and Iran made stability in Ira8 necessary for the world system to remain sustainable. In =gypt we see a similar pattern cataly/ed by these same actors. *aking its place will be diffuse control. The #ourse Of The Fire: We have all observed the emergence in *unisia of a vast energy that spread to =gypt. *he old world of dictators and overt fascism is being li8uidated. $pecific people and organi/ations Fsuch as the #pril + 7ovementG persistently agitated and organi/ed to implement technocratic capitalism in *unisia and =gypt. managed chaos and total transparency. the capitalist powers intervened. *here is still rebellion and the population knows how to utili/e the tools of the democracy bringers.

#ircling The S8uare: *he world revolutionary 2eist cannot be constrained into a coherent form for more than a brief moment in time. #fter undergoing the process of reclaiming space. dismantle their own respect for property and capital. the #narchist International now finds itself in an open landscape of possibilities that did not exist in the 0nited $tates before $eptember. there have been numerous examples of rebellion and freedom. tolls. and the eventual clearing of the s8uare served to fracture the core of the movement and send it outwards. they would have to first confront the small business owners and petite bourgeois. the idea of occupying a pla/a became intertwined with the idea of the ??Q.In $pain. groceries. Bust as in =gypt. causing large disturbances. how the shadows of former failures have followed us into the present moment. In 2reece. 7icrosoft. doomed to forever replicate only themselves in the same manner as a hologram. *his is how the so called dictatorship of the proletariat was able to sustain itself in 3ussia for over seventy years. utilities. On the day we write these words. facing repression and learning to fight. we have seen the deception of the ??Q become clear to a large number of the movement1s participants. In the wake of these groups. *he current rulers of 2reece are the ones the =uropean 0nion and the capitalist international want installed and everyone knows this. that energy is released and continues to articulate itself. we find the presupposed unity of the ??Q to be a deception. some of them were able to launch wonderful attacks against the capitalist economy and create truly free areas for the participants to taste and experience. 2reece and then. In the midst of these occurrences and events has been the #narchist International. but when it fractures or transcends itself. )rom $eptember %'th to . a whole landscape has been opened for our offensive. *he occupation of $yntagma $8uare then proceeded to open up a space in which the entire crumbling structure of the government was consistently viewed as the enemy by many people who did not view themselves as belonging to any political tendency. =ach movement. shut down its port. from !airo to Oakland. 9ow. *he occupied s8uares and parks have either been raided or have started to decompose. people have walked up to the "arliament that stands above $yntagma $8uare and thrown molotovs at a cowering group of *his is the variable we have identified in what has been called the Occupation 7ovement. =verywhere between these three cities. *hey failed to create a counter power as strong as the one created in =gpyt and so diffused out from the pla/as into smaller assemblies and groups that still strive for the same limited goals. their goal to destabili/e the current rulers of 2reece by encouraging the non payment of fares. 9ew 4ork fostered the fledgling movement by consistently causing large incidents in one of the main centers of global capital and centering everyone1s attention on the international capitalist network. sometimes in the form of deranged cults worshiping the form it took upon its intrusion.%%. *his tactic was replicated in $pain. with the initial fixation on the form of pla/a occupation crumbling and the false unity of the ??Q in 8uestion. While we may empathi/e with the grandness of attempting to unify all but the high capitalists. a broad constellation of forces are in motion. 6ust as had happened in $pain. it is now much easier for people to identify their common enemy. # perfect example of this are the events currently taking place in 2reece. :ecause the capitalist international is li8uidating its traditional opponents. and showed the world that the new offensive had finally reached the pacified and hollow plains of the dark center of our reality. Oakland created a temporary commune. the world revolutionary 2eist is working against their plans the #narchist International. etc. people across the planet are learning the first lessons of what it is to battle a world system that is determined to sub6ugate them. $eattle initiated a fluid movement of people that has consistently challenged the government of the same city that houses $tarbucks.ecember +th of (. flooded the city with people. this has been caused by the work of the #narchist International. and learn to create areas free from capitalist logic. It can act as a containment vessel for anger and rage. the brutal assaults by the police. :efore anyone could conceivably confront and destroy the high capitalists. *he idea of occupying a central pla/a has been circling the planet ever since images of *ahrir $8uare implanted themselves into the minds of millions of people. Whenever the 2eist intrudes upon linear time it leaves its imprint. there were people in the $panish pla/as who frantically worked for a more efficient and humane capitalism. but before that occurred. people are seeing capitalism and its police as the unifying antagonist. 0pon its arrival in the 0nited $tates. *he fact that this knowledge is now common across the world has vastly helped expand the ranks of . Without rival nation states or economic systems to blame or cling to. in the eternal city of #thena. people began to occupy their central s8uares and attempted to replicate what they had seen take place in =gypt. :oeing and #ma/on. fostering free areas where chaos can bloom and discover itself. as in other places. know themselves to be connected. creating a street commune and taking over buildings. it began its replication in 9ew 4ork !ity. *he endless hours of fighting in front of the "arliament.%%. how the terror of the guillotine persisted throughout the )rench 3evolution. If these forms persist after the 2eist has departed from them they will become hollow shells and dead fruit. 9ow. in $eptember of (. *he s8uare movement arrived in #thens 6ust as the anarchists of that city were struggling against a fascist pogrom and a nationalist backlash against the murder of a 2reek citi/en by an immigrant. In some instances.

In this way. in the case of Indonesia. can become a dead shell that has outlived its usefulness. there is the possibility of a truly fluid offensive that is no longer bound to the duty of replicating itself. *he manifestations of this phenomena in Indonesia and the 0nited >ingdom have remained confined to small groups that consistently attacked targets and. We agree that speciali/ation is created when any minority of an antagonist movement begins to attack their enemy. is the #narchist International. but their future lies beyond them. We will say it again. :ut in 7exico. a young anarchist murdered by police on . creating speciali/ation amongst anarchists and alienating people from their own ability to attack. the communi8ues declare support for specific groups and individuals. 7a6or events continue to take place with an increasing fre8uency and the moment of our defeat of linear time is approaching. the free world. It is proving itself to be formidable.&.police. specifically our Three . to identify it and move with it. :ut to act with the 2eist is also to hear what it is saying in the chaos around you. $ome have noticed the ease with which one loses . proceeding with its ob6ective to destroy industrial civili/ation. resulted in some people being captured. *o foster this is the goal of the #narchist International. however.G *he authorities did not anticipate such a bold attack and raided =xarchia that night in retaliation. # singular name. we refer you back to our five previous communications. has not exhausted its usefulness 6ust yet. F*hey did this for #lexis. the people of #thens have grown accustomed to pushing towards the "arliament and it will not be long before we will see it burning. fractured and then diffused into a constellation of extremely diverse actors who have acknowledged the international struggle and moved onward. we simply mean that all of these groups know themselves to be fighting the same fight against the same targets. pushed to their limits and are now diffusing outward into new forms. *hese singular networks and groups have not outlived their usefulness. It is unknown what will emerge next. we have seen some of the tactics play out within the context of the Occupy 7ovement that is taking place in the 0nited $tates. *o act with the world revolutionary 2eist as a fighter is to be swept up. *he different cells across the world communicate to each other through the communi8ues of their actions. :esides giving logistical details to aid in the replication of actions. We would advise all of you to continue to act relentlessly. *his shared idea or thought. and on this we all must be clear. #thens. #onclusion: We have outlined some of our basic tactics in previous communications. however. that giving any group or network a singular name promotes a division between the actors and the observers. 9ow that the names of these groups are starting to mutate and slowly be discarded. Indonesia and 7exico. If you are missing context. this simple knowledge that others act for the same immortal and undying reasons. We find the construction of the Informal #narchist )ederationRInternational 3evolutionary )ront to be a positive development. this tendency of claiming membership in the international group has since grown. whatever it might be. $ome chaotic and free areas were created. *he choice of the target will be obvious and the resonance of the attack will be extraordinary. to instinctively know what needs to be done and to do it flawlessly. ever changing organism of attack.nifying Tactics Of The Anarchist International. *hree years after the murder of #lexis. *o act with the 2eist is to become the 2eist as it intrudes upon the banal monotony of linear time. $ome have argued. (. What started as a call to create a rudimentary federation of independent cells has blossomed into a wave of attacks that has spread from Italy and 2reece to 3ussia. *here is no danger of the world revolutionary 2eist vanishing. is the world we want to see grow and expand. in =xarchia. we have also seen a rapid articulation of the international anarchist guerrilla offensive. like the singular form of the s8uare occupations. among other places such as the 0nited >ingdom. *his current experiment that has grown considerably since its inception. *here is another group that has forsaken its name FIndividuals *ending *owards *he WildG and is now operating in secret. but our ob6ectives and goals remain the same. a basic collectivity has been established between separate and diverse groups of people.ise And E+%losion Of The -e$ 6uerrilla: $ince the beginning of (. Imagine this is 9ew 4ork !ity.ecember +th. It is far too vast and far too necessary to be extinguished by the world governments. Over the four months that have elapsed since we released that information. but we do not believe that a singular name causes this.%%. *here are currently comrades in 6ail for attempting to blow up an I:7 nano technology facility in $wit/erland who have the knowledge that others in 7exico are acting for the same goals as them. :y basic. Imagine this everywhere. *here is currently a 7exican !onspiracy of !ells of )ire that is fighting alongside several other named groups. =very armed or clandestine group that has acted for the same reasons as the population around them has been a catalyst for an insurrection or a revolt. seven months after the occupation of the s8uare. Imagine this in Hondon. whereas in the past this fight was merely presumed to be the same. adaptable and able to live up to its promises of being a fluid. *he chaotic world. The .. It will very soon. *he goal of the armed group should be to act with the world revolutionary 2eist. *he International 3evolutionary )ront will become the :lack International only to one day transcend rational comprehension and defy all laws.

.= :=2I99I92 O) HI)= 2-uare# The occu"ation movement that s"rang u" over the ne$t month was to end with the MAT !rutally crushing it as the government made its deal with the IM& and the Troika u" a!ove in the 'arliament# 5ut !efore that ha""ened. thousands of "eo"le had !egun filling u" 2yntagma STA..... all based and plotted on linear time.track of time when one is wandering the intricate pathways of an occupation or the painted hallways of a s8uat. . a lone mem!er of the su""osed Invisible !ommittee gave a lecture to a grou" of "eo"le in Athens who were then a!le to ste" outside of the university halls and into the new world conte$t that had !een "redicted !y the authors in ..< -E3 =O.. the rhetoric and tactics of occu"ation have !ecome the norm in the . 3e !elie0e the ma)ority of the $orld %o%ulation no longer $ishes to remain ensla0ed to the glo!al system or ca%italist time. .C The unintentional "rofundity of his remark cannot !e overstated# After leaving the .. <reece on May EAth.2 #IT=5 (ay >th5 ?115 >:1@ '( 2hortly !efore this lecture.. All anarchists $ho aid the $orld %o%ulation in their li!eration are our comrades..A((# The lecture was "art of the Anarchist Turn conference# The 4ew 2chool for 2ocial Research "layed host to the first instance of the rhetoric and tactics of Boccu"y everythingC a""earing in the .. wages.2 and the western world# 0 ith the release of this te$t we wish to make our first official "u!lic announcement: 3e are a diffuse conglomeration of reincarnated anarchists 9or souls: that reoccur throughout linear time. economy.. *.A((# 0hile the Invisi!le Committee were s"eaking to a large audience inside an underfunded and disintegrating university... .. *OW#3...A((# The ma%ority of the "eo"le who attended this event descri!ed the su""osed authors of *he !oming Insurrection as !eing Bass holesC and Bdicks#C The su""osed authors offered no a"ology or seemed to care a!out the reactions of the "eo"le around them# This "erha"s caused one native Mission resident to remark. O) *I7= #9. .. A &orgotten Transmission &rom The Anarchist International The following te$t is the transcri"tion of a recording of a lecture given at the The 4ew 2chool for 2ocial Research in 4ew ?ork City on May @th..ebt....2.. D6ust because someone expresses themselves poorly and comes from )rance it doesn1t mean they are somehow secretly saying something profound.=#*..AAD# The school was !riefly occu"ied !efore !eing crushed !y the "olice# 2ince then....... investment.. loans.. 6ail sentences. California on A"ril EAth. a similar talk was given in 2an &rancisco.. . a similar !ut vastly augmented lecture was given at the third 5a!ylonia &estival in Athens. 3e 0ie$ the %o%ulation of the $orld as the only ally $ith $hose su%%ort $e can achie0e our o!)ecti0es.AAF# &II. Our intention is to analy7e and encourage $hat $e 0ie$ as %ositi0e de0elo%ments in the struggle against the $orld ca%italist system and linear time....$ *.T ?:?? . Anarchist International .nited 2tates in *ecem!er of . *ime is our enemy and to defeat it is to achieve total victory...= ..

by some universal norm or principle that will be posed or imposed. 9ew 4ork. *he anarchist is the point where the most hardline reformation of all the western fictions. digest them and shit out value. *his world is unified a "osteriori. if everyday capitalism triumphs. $chGrmann rightly characteri/ed our time as a deeply anarchical one. that there is a deep sense of denial of the very fact of confrontation is still a part of this confrontation. but also because it is desirable. 3elationships that are pure estrangement. the death of god. *o claim oneself a nihilist is only claiming ones impotence. the meaning of this war is not understood. represses. it is less between the forces present than over the very definition of the war itself. )or the anarchist. *hat is why so much of all those can be reduced to technological apparatuses: through our cell phones. this norm. for instance. they produce order. *his must be kept in mind when building a revolutionary movement. *hey do not trouble themselves with any principle. empire is not a sub6ect that is in front of me but a milieu that is hostile to me. *hen. )rom there. it1s all about reducing it. locally. they do not prescribe order. *he contemporary figure of the man without 8ualities that we call the :loom is struck by what we must call an ethical impotence. *his world is not unified a "riori by some sumptuous fantasy. too. it1s less existence that is at stake than it is potentiality. or in #sia. in every locality. captures intensities and vitalities in order to chew them up. Without these prosthesis. but it is always a distance. he will collapse on the spot. a time where all the principles of the unification of the phenomenons collapsed. The anarchist is a $estern negation of the $est. It is how empire covers globally the anarchy of our times. *hose who said Dthere are no nihilists. pure incompatibility between bodies. >:"@ *his is what testifies to the insurrectional movements of the last years.Pthe layout of a town like 9ew 4ork. It never is here without his own being here being doubled by the anxiety of not being everywhere else. rightO We need to add towards the sphere of hostility the same non relationship that it imposes within itself. symbolic. pragmatically. there1s only impotence. We manage. I leave you the bill because I don1t know how to tell you how much I hate you. a way to expose to everyone the inert split and malaise of civili/ation. Isolation is a cause for impotence way more dreadful than repression. =verything that is said about the asymetric shape of the so called new wars only adds to the confusion. It can1t be a 8uestion of being victorious over it. =verywhere. the individual. that is permanent and global. logistical. *hat1s why we don1t try to crush any enemies. We call hostility what governs. it1s not merely because it crushes. I invite you to the restaurant because I want to fuck you. in =urope. It means whether. :ecause if there is an asymmetry in the confrontation. internet. DI beat you down because I1m a cop and you1re shit. only of annihilating it. 3e ha0e to thin/ again the $ords5 themsel0es5 in order to forge ne$ conce%ts as $ea%ons. between two antagonistic classes. from perceiving it. In this confrontation. compatible with the other localities. It is what enmity is about. It can take the shape of benevolence or malevolence. the figure of the anarchist indicates the most extreme point of western civili/ation. freedom. *hosePScoughingTPsorryPwho don1t let themselves be isolated do not not let themselves become reduced to impotence. #ll that gives rise to circulation of affects escapes the sphere of hostility. #narchy tells our epochal situation. . coincide with the most declamatory negation. D7y enemy is my own 8uestion taking shape. when directed against the dominant order as it is the case in 2reece. #ll means are not e8ually useful in the confrontation between two political positions. We manage phenomenally. free will. as the . it must be overcome. almost fully. *wo things prevent us from understanding it. exploits. =verywhere are organi/ed the material. That is $hy $e canAt tal/ a!out social $ar5 !ecause if social $ar is a $ar that is led against us5 it cannot symmetrically descri!e the $ar the $e $age from our side5 and vice verca. the paradox of the current historical situation could be formulated like this: E0erything %ro0ed them right5 and no$here did they manage to inter0ene in a decisi0e $ay. everything goes as if life obeyed this principle. repressive conditions of an as if. It is what friendship is about. we try to confront them. *o say it differently. *he ongoing war of which we speak of has a 9apoleonic magnificence of regular wars between two great armies of man. and annihilating it. )irst.E were not mistaken. a political enemy is not to be crushed. #ll the doctrines of governing are anarchist doctrines.E said a horrible 6urist. )or more than a century. 6ustice. *hat is to say. and that is precisely why they are meant to waste the point of anarchists. of taking aim. global transportation. calling oneself an anarchist is to say nothing.istinguishing the sphere of hostility from the one of friendship and enmity lends to a certain ethic of war. pinnacle of the petty organic hipster bourgeoisie. in 7aghreb. that despite all the new pros ofPuhPvarious geo political specialists. *here is a warPuhPa civil war. the relationships between beings. Which means that the obstacle does not come from the situation or from the repression but from the very inside of the anarchist position. 7alatesta had understood that well in his time. #lso.E I think you see what hostility means. It cannot leave one particular thing without worrying about missing everything else. *o say it differently. Or SunknownT all the tiring chattering of the particular anarchist literature is held to this: how to violently affirm that we exist without ever affirming any single ethical content. #ll that we learn to know singularly escapes from the sphere of the non relationship. I don1t stop smiling.

racism. One could $ait for the coming of the messiah5 staying at the 0ery %osition god ga0e him5 or one could %retend to fasten the second coming. *he great evening of the process. 5anguard or mass movement. # commune is two people who meet to become three. or to accommodate his nothings with the latest glosses of the ultra left laboratory. and used it. :ecause we want to get organi/ed. *his said. $chGrmann opposed a faithfulness to the phenomena. but starting from the neighborhood where we live. its constant becoming. that the anarchist breaks itself. it is not what is here. we have time. *o all the metaphysical principles overhanging reality. *here we experience the dis6unction . or to manage society. to become four. We need to settle up with the muted and knotted totality of what underlines all of our actions. Who is on what side can be easily determined. It means there e+ists some messianic5 that the /ingdom is not merely to come5 !ut already5 !y fragments5 here5 among us. DWhat we need to confront is patriarchy.ow many times. *he current fallback towards the most dogmatic. he would prefer to 6uggle with some great folkloric significance. it1s racism. is radically opposed to all who use. We do not think there is any outside to capitalism. it1s exploitation and alienation is only a part of it. 9o. !ommunism is a practice that starts from the sparks from those forms of life. *he front lines can be distinctly seen. What we say is that it is not more urgent to act than it is urgent to wait. !ommunism is an ethical disposition. to become a thousand. unsatisfying. *hat is also what we need to oppose to the political impotence. There is a messianic time that is the a!olition of the time that %asses5 ru%ture of the continuum of history5 the end of $aiting. A commune is only as it !ecomes. but we do not think that reality is capitalist. from the professional sector we are familiar with. That also means there are s%ar/s mi+ed $ith the filthy !lac/ness of reality. What we put behind this word communism. have we had these dead end discussionsO What are we fighting againstO 4ou 6ust have to raise the issue and everyone will go for their own petty fantasy that will in the last result subsume all the others. :ecause. *he political 8uestion never makes sense to him. #ctivism or wait and see. It is necessary to do away with the reigning confusion. 1":1? #nd that is because the 8uestion of the confrontation. words. on the contrary. any stupid affirmation of any neo conservatism is always more reassuring. to debate around the necessity to create ones little own oasis or to wait for the insurrection to come. 9o. which is always at the same time a material 8uestion. it is what takes place. paraly/ing alternative. We said Dall power to the communesE. It refuses itself to him. #nd that is the price to pay for so much superficiality. War also passes through words. :ut the scale of such a task is such for an isolated individual that. to organi/e production. *hat sums up pretty well the impotence to which our full conception condemns us. !ommunism is as much the beyond and below of capitalist misery. only makes sense in a given world. One of the main flaws of the revolutionary movement is to still be imprisoned in faulty positions. the daily. We say false not because it will not express actual differences. 9o. but because it transforms all decisive 8uestions into a binary. *hen the answer is clear. it1s alienation and exploitation is only a part of it. a disposition that lets itself be affected by the contact of beings. after pursuing its finality. and capitalism. It is a practical 8uestion. only achieve to fall into the accumulation of the means. # commune is never something given. *he cybernetic philosopher or the metropolitan hipster is a political 8uestion. or ten people buying a farm. before creating troubles within the radical milieu. . feelings and representations. it1s over the ordinary. *he commune is not two people who meet. to give himself some post maoist or pro situationist thrills. *he ambition to deny everything is what legitimates to never fully deny something and thus to start to affirm something singular. was firstly a theological 8uestion. endlessly walking backwards into abstraction. by what we have in common. it1s capitalism. *hose who believe the contrary. in the end. ideological forms of anarchism or communism. *he only 8uestion for the commune is its own potentiality. the properly political 8uestion. to force ourselves to think in the shackles of these false alternatives. *o become a war machine or collapse in a milieuO *o end up alone or begin to love each otherO *he commune does not enunciate what we organi/e but how we organi/e ourselves. Het1s ask ourselves the same 8uestionPhold onPsorryPlet1s ask ourselves the same 8uestion. in a substantial world. condenses this experience where the price of not missing anything is to not leave anything. to its current dislocation. from the company where we work. towards a fictitious radical political identity come from the same fear to show oneself in the unknown of such an adventure.E *he finest theologians even managed to build a small activist trinity that articulates a triple oppression: sexism. *he desperate conservatism that presently spread in the political sphere expresses our inability to comprehend the ethical underpinnings implicit to western civili/ation. There is another $ay of a different nature. or worse. 9o. #narchism is a spontaneous political consciousness of the :loom. #s a compensation. *here is no preliminary to communism.absolute metropolis. !ommunism is not a different way to distribute the wealth. besides a few harrowing moments. When we1re looking for an enemy we start by pro6ecting ourselves on an abstract scene where the world has disappeared. in activist circles. #ll the good will of the world was never permitted to decisively answer this 8uestion.

It no doubt ushers an impassioned decade in the 0nited $tates. =verything is already 2enoaPthe riots in 2enoaPwould never have been such a summit without the rebellious 2enovese proletarians. from =xarchia to >ablliah. )irst. We must take the insurrectionary situation as our starting point. we must take this origin as given and begin to think and act on that basis. we understand.E #n entire country like 2reece saw the insurrection coming so it ultimately bore it over the course of a month. either democratically by themselves or hierarchically by others. away from the countries they once presumed to lead.. =gypt. # social movement like that of the anti !"= protest in )rance adopted as its slogan Dblockade everything. all the unheard that makes the frame of the world. the nomination of 2eneral "etreaus to the head of the !I#. Only the anarchist gesture sometimes comes to save its prolific consistency. we locate two crucial 8uestions which pose themselves to the revolutionary movement. It begins from the premise that man must be governed. the great battles of our time emanate from a local consistency. as well as the !hinese army. in order to no longer be forced into the field of tactics.. $ince its origin in 2reece. but at the same time it withers. of human beings and their passions. *hat we have to. or Hibya where the determination. is to propose a new concept of war stripped of all its military contents. 1B:CD One has only to look around to see the content of this book is reali/ing itself.uhPor its historical impact. that it emanates from the ethical element. from time to time. all rooted in a readily discernible notion of human nature. even now. at the time. we must overcome the 8uestion of the insurrection. cra/y but also rational to pose the insurrection as the worlds origin. in order to wonder how to arrange those disparate. #t the present moment. that the war against this world must be conceived. disconnected elements. when it is counter insurrection that dominates reality. D*he field of tactics is always the domain of the counter revolution. from the ordinary. obey our identity to reali/e our discursive existence tells a lot about the poverty or our worlds. even here. 9ot to mention *unisia. 5arious political positions organi/e themselvesPSloud coughing in audienceTPultimately according to the answers proposed to this 8uestion. # street vendor who self immolates in front of the local administration after being slapped in public by a police woman. If there actually is an asymmetric $ar !et$een . Its enough to see a special forces soldiers speak of the battle of hearts and minds to understand that they have already lost.between the political and the sensible that is the disastrous background of classical politics. we only obey an order corresponding to our anarchist identity. leave us mute and what we experience in terms of silence that manifests failures we have no words for. If we have a politics to advance. of the ordinary. *he movement provides the only admissible criti8ue of the text. approximate a concept which. :ut doing this gesture. for sure. *o say that the war against =mpire arises from everyday life. #t root. *hose of the self as much as those of society. It has been four years since the publication of The Coming Insurrection. expresses the implicit and adiscursive affirmation of a form of life. to produce a space sufficiently devoid of content. or within society. 3hen $e are forced onto the field of tactics5 $hen $e are only a little ste% ahead5 $hen $e chase after e0ents as they ha%%en5 $e can longer act in a re0olutionary $ay. Its an asymmetrical $ar not !ecause of the forces that are %resent !ut !ecause the insurgents and counter<insurgents are not $aging the same $ar. it is comical to see for the last ten years the strategies of all the western armies. *he same anthropologies underlie the notions of the individualist anarchist who wants to express his own passions fully or govern himself and that of the pessimist for whom man is a hungry beast who will devour his neighbors if only he could only free himself from the binding power of government. the 8uestion of government only poses itself in a void.E one said. Identity politics captures us in the negation of all the implicit. escapes them. :ut in fact. It gi0es rise to the fatal illusion of symmetry in the conflict $ith this society5 that this !attle ta/es %lace o0er the same re%resentation of reality. in passing. *he powerful thing that we leave. that of the exit from the framework of government. even unspoken. it is one which begins from an opposite hypothesis.. One could say that the present period has confirmed this analysis. In case. %eo%le and go0ernments it is !ecause $hat sets us a%art is an asymmetry in the 0ery definition of $ar. This is $hy the notion of social $ar is inade8uate. In any case. One must produce enough of a void around the individual. for reasons of the forms of life. )rom Oaxaca to >eretea. *he 8uestion of the governments. it was the power of this affirmation that took over *unisia. Its limits are becoming apparent. #nd so. to destroy the structures of power remainsPremain exemplary. It1s on the basis of everyday life. or even in him. *hat is to say. It was. *here is no void. politics has carried within itself a metaphysics of order. *his gesture of negation contains a clear affirmation that this life does not deserve to be lived. from the $usa 5alley to $idi :ou/id. *here are still too few heads of the state sunning themselves in $audi #rabia. We1ve called this the ethical element. :ut something is definitely accelerating. In this any casePit is coming to see for the last ten years the strategy of all the western armies as well as !hinaPas wellP asPwhat is going onO Okay. all the invisible. Wittgenstein talked about forms of life. We welcome.

D:"" *o conclude: If we have come here to talk. and controls us. 9evertheless. When the moment comes. for example. healthcare.inhabited. will not fail to produce a scandalPS mum!lesTP as big as the threat it poses to the functioning of everything. this movement was defeated. It means to organi/e. we must be ready. We must investigate. a new way of being in the world. what do we maintainO 3efusing to pose this 8uestion today means that we will be obliged to come back to a normal situation. transportation. to the amusing thought of Wikileaks. 3e need fictions5 or a reason to the $orld5 $hich $ill allo$ us to hang on5 $hich $ill gi0e us !reath. locally. information. the lie can never be defeated by its contrary. *he people who made the blockades were not only those who were working in the places that were blocked. it is a sharing and diffusing of accessible information to everyone which hollows them to feed off or conse8uently paraly/es a country. having reached a certain degree of reality. cities. both remain mesmeri/ed by the contradictions of the SunknownT. an inhabited politics which dismisses the 8uestion of government all together. it is only to aesthetici/e the sensible even further. and regions. and the occupation of the sites of production as a prelude to their takeover by the working class. Whether this was because of the intervention by unions or because of the architectural flows of networks and rapid reorgani/ation in the case of interruption. manages. students. the movement took leave of the classical workers perspective which understood the strike as a prelude to the occupation of the sites of production. #ll power to the communes. what do we turn off. what do we transform. the movement implicitly recogni/ed that it is a physical organi/ation of society that constitutes its real power. the gas supply in )rance. this fear. One could go on and on about the weakness of the movement. the lines that are offered to us. that we can understand the failure of the recent movement of pensioners in )rance. but it is not. . We are. We must be done with radicalism and its meager comfort now. but a political act in each moment the sabotage takes aim at the social machine as a wall. points of intersection. the same chasm opens before our feet. we need to find the level at which we can act without recreating the power that we only 6ust deposed. 8uantities of affects. *here is an open battle between. . to keep it at a distance. *ear down power globally. at once senile and childish. We have to display them in order to move ourselves in between them. to form links and bonds. We could think it is a paradox. *o take partPif taking part is the only option in war. In any case. the academic. are not the ones we should follow. *he blockade was not a prelude to an economic re appropriation. In a world of lies. *he point is not to constitute a void in which we finally begin to recover everything that eludes us but rather that we already have the means to organi/e. in adopting the ethic of a little manager who runs screaming into every single wall before him.ow can we effectPyeahPhow can we effect a shocking exit from the existing order. first of all in the neighborhoods. arms and foodO *o understand that. on the other hand. but also multiple crews of teachers. of families. their particular autism which expresses itself in the valori/ation of even the tiniest aspect of life. . by and for ourselves. it is only because we have been persuaded of this. the activist. which is to say. each of us. )rom the *unisian situation. :y blocking the infrastructure that regulated the country rather than begging for reform or anything. *hat which is certain is that it didn1t have a sufficient knowledge of that which it tried to block. if only to survive. we learn that one cannot separate the tearing down of power from the material establishment of organi/ation. of histories that fundamentally exceed us. a complete reversal of the social relationship. Wherever it captures. food. *his example suffices to understand that we must henceforth understand the materiality of domination. in refusing to think. :y blocking the circulation of commodities rather than occupying the factories. what we need to understand isPwhat do we want toPin the situation where everything is suspended. we must go search and above all share and propagate all the necessary information about the functioning of the capitalist machine. but rather a way of posing problems that dissolves them. from attempts to block economic flows in )rance. 7eanwhile. it can only be defeated by a world of truth.ow is it fed by energy. on the one hand. intellectuals distance themselves from their world so much that it1s intelligence itself that abandons them. It is from this hori/on. to contemplate their life. #nd so the revolutionary imperative reduces itself to a simple formula: to !ecome uncon0erti!le5 and to remain that $ay. *he intellectual. could not be permanently blocked. If hipsters exceed in perceiving the world with precision and subtlety. =verything that organi/esPerP 3ight. =verywhere when power falters. . visibly. !ontrarily. We can believe that such an investigation.ow is it to be doneO We have to figure it out materially but also technically. :y never beginning from their own situation. we must research. We don1t want a program. to promote their own impotence. their beautiful soul and their bike. and trade unionists. that we can only leave on the condition of being governed and. in the state of exception. 3e $ant to constitute a science of a%%aratuses that at the same time re0eals the structures and $ea/nesses of the organi7ation of a $orld and indicate %ractica!le tas/s outside of the current hell. or from the coming insurrection latent in 2reece. which the movement spontaneously chose to target. to play. workers from all from all sectors and trouble makers of every kind. *he commune is not a form. energy. finally collapsing into cynicism.

The %arty must !e that agent of faithful translation of local %henomena5 a force of mutual /no$ledge of e+%eriences and their $eight. *hat is. so it probably will make way more sense that we have aPlikePa general discussion rather us answering I don1t know what 8uestion. *hat1s all. the academic. *hinking.about the very situation here. We have said enough what we want to do with apparatuses. *hat is. herePuhPletting ourselvesPuh. #nd here we see. but as a plane of circulation. instead of being separated in figures. :uilding the party not as an organi/ation. HA""lause from audienceI SMum!ling in &renchT #lright. of strategic thinking. # lot of people here have always wondered E-* &III. starting from those very attachments. the necessity of building the party. :ut rather. 6ust as much of local consistencies. the fundamental division on which western civili/ation has been built. What is at stake is how we extract ourselves from the milieus in which we are stuck. S=aughter from audienceT What is at stake is how we1re able to flee and keep our weapons. If one wondered what Ti--un means. the academics. it could mean. they are the issues that we thinkPuh. express as much a singular attachment to a power asPa commonPamputation. are addressed to all of us. We think there is a possibility to build the party here. whether it is a university or the anarchist scene. people assembled underneath the #cropolis in 7onastiraki $8uare. and maybe while we1re here SnowT. (editations And . what we need to start from. we need to run into the first world we encounter. but there is no situation here. ">:?@ Whether it is a 7arxist theologian or the anarchist anti intellectual. What we need to do isPuhP I donAt /no$. the thought.E *here is no Dno situation.oes that make senseO OrP 4ou know. And it must !e glo!al. 9ot to be here.uhP belong.. for instance. what we1re interested in. those very bonds. *here is threat that weigh on all attacks starting from singular worlds. for sure.uhPthe issues are not only 6ust the issues are addressed to us. *he demonstration had been called by a wide array of people in the anarchist and anti authoritarian spaces. in itself. =ach of these figures. saying. of common intelligence. uhPbecause doing 8uestion and answer is kind of weird for usPuhPlike being like some of central authority or whatever. #ll of this could be the plane of consistency that will actually enable us to draw lines that are way more interesting than the line between those figures. *he purpose of the event was to highlight opposition to the *roika and to distribute information to the . and its that they remain incompressible by lack of translation. DOh. . the recent uprisings in 7aghreb attest to an insufficience of revolution without revolutionaries. the hipster. . I mean. but we would not have come if we didn1t think so. and life. We 6ust need to get organi/ed and not leave the territory to militias.. the political activists. N. #nd for sure. to follow the first line of power that we get to and then everything follows. the hipsters. in coming here. $o maybe what we thought would be maybe nicer is that it seems there is wine and time and so.E It does not exist. all of this is an apparatus. if you understood something of this badly translated thing that we saidPuh. what we thoughtPuh. the activist. acting. living.ow to maintain this.. the separation between the gesture.ecommendations From The Anarchist International Meditation I: On )ebruary <th. 7aybe not. tonight. If the life of militant radicals in western societies show the dissatisfaction proper to our revolutionary existence without a revolution. is to build the party. the identitarian moralist or the playfully transgressive hipster. uhPbeing comfortable in those very splits. in those very amputations.

Immigrants are taught 2reek there and food is given out for free. where several "olitical trends came together under the "ro%ectuality of social class counterattack. thousands of counter informative leaflets and te$ts of anarchist agitation were shared out to "assers!y# On some occasions. we need to ensure that the N. the police. comrades can become N... *his action was claimed in solidarity with $tella #ntoniou and the others arrested for being part of the !onspiracy of !ells of )ire in (. We hope many people attend the demonstration called by the 5illa #malias s8uat for 7arch Crd.... We find the sentiment in 2reece to be highly inspiring and eagerly await the impending transcendence of the population and the prolonged and potentially infinite expansion of . While the demonstration on )ebruary <th did not see a mass intrusion of the 2eist. acting together for the singular purpose of destroying capitalism and ending linear time. and a 7inistry of !ulture building in five separate areas of #thens. +..public. being together. however minimally. knowing they are together. engaged in the same struggle. and only a cou"le of "eo"le s"ontaneously %oinedthe march# 0hile the demo was underway. is a process that increases the likelihood of the world revolutionary 2eist entering linear time. people attacked the house of 2reek "resident >arolos "apoulias. *uring the demonstration. acknowledging their shared struggle. On )ebruary (Crd. people can act as a conscious amplification device for the 2eist. We will now 8uote at length a portion of one communi8ue issued after the event: remembered each other on )ebruary %(th.... *hose N. *hese walks can be taken in multiple ways and are in no way confined to the form of the street demonstration.. rather than a "rotest march. and !reaks !etween chanted slogans felt at times as if they reflected our ina!ility to give a firm and decisive res"onse to the hardest issues that we all face today: >ow will we overthrow this system of death. *his was also claimed in solidarity with $tella #ntoniou.. *o use 2reece as the microcosm of the international struggle. various slogans were "ainted on the metro"olitan walls. "eo"le on the sidewalk a""lauded the demonstrators and a cou"le of elderly citi+ens even raised their fists in su""ort8 nevertheless.. It was promised that more attacks would continue. the day the 2eist returned and laid siege to do/ens of cities across 2reece.. *es"ite the massive anarchist "resence on the streets. the demo ga0e the sense of a comradely $al/.. a nameless group of people burnt six #*7s. people *he comradely walk through town is the being together of multiple people. It is wise to view these walks as valuable efforts that will strengthen any future efforts. most of the "assers!y as well as homeless "eo"le across the demo route had !lank and tired stares from the misery of everyday life.=H*# police who tried to capture them.. #s should be obvious by now. a newspaper van..%. individuals who share the same goal of removing the government.. people walking together. which suffocates us on a daily !asisJ We find this comradely walk they speak of to be highly important. *he demonstration will be starting at an occupied market that has been brought to life after seven years of being abandoned. Hater on the day of )ebruary <th. =xperiencing this being together creates strength and confidence in the people involved. two goals of the #narchist International are to forge a stronger collectivity between anarchists internationally and to increase the sense of being together on the planet. those same N. #ll +. people were able to outrun the . acting together. and capitalism from their lives. N..

#s we said in our Three . . It is true that our enemy is constantly . (. it is simply beaten down constantly and kept contained in a city wide 6ail called #thens. we may consider all tactics legitimate and worthy of repetition. !hristos and his comrades re6ect the words and the terminology of the $tate. you dread this will. and consistency. *here is only patience. *he #narchist International endorses the call for an international general strike on 7ay %st. constantly arguing that they are simply anarchists who have decided to attack their enemy. you do not allow us to talk to our relatives and com"anions during trial recesses. we would like to 8uote the words of !hristos *sakalos. problems. *his event could be a powerful moment where massive numbers of us all physically affirm that we are together in our efforts to destroy the capitalist international. away from the silence and "assivity of the mass. will see a new form of mobili/ation that relies predominately on the participation of non union and thus semi autonomous workers. *his will vary to a greater or lesser degree in different regions of the world. a circle of anarchist of "ra$is can terrify an entire 2tate# This shows that. when each section tri"les its mem!ershi"J 0hat will ha""en when each and every mem!er knows !etter than he does now the ultimate o!%ectives and true "rinci"les of the International.%( and recommends the participation of all comrades on that day. those people will mostly be operating under the assumption that our enemy is listening to them. it is the human will for freedom and anarchy# A""arently. also arrested for being a member of the !onspiracy. so you vote new terror laws. ten metres from your court room which is !uilt inside the "rison. $ome cities will see the participation of mass unions while others. mystery. Recommendation I: 0hat will ha""en when the International is !etter organi+ed. It is certainly true that the initial form the general strike will take is going to be a partial strike in mostly non vital industries that takes place prior to a series of marches and gatherings on the streets. As for our terrorism. Bust as 6ail breaks do not occur every day while living in prison. as well as the means to insure its trium"hJ The International will have !ecome an invinci!le "ower# $tatement from the #narchist International. While the participation of mass unions can potentially bring hundreds of thousands of people onto the streets of the cities. We look forward with great anticipation and excitement to the first clear articulation of the new power we are creating together. you take s"ecial security measures. *o conclude.the world revolutionary 2eist. the will of only a few "eo"le is sufficient for your system to !e crushed# It is our hope that !hristos reali/e that the mass he speaks of is not passive. time. and even when you take us to the detention rooms. %&'% *he 0nited $tates finds itself in a uni8ue position with &?Q of its workforce laboring without the economic protection of a union and thus has never had the luxury of contenting themselves with high wages for manual labor. agricultural sections K are enrolled in its ranks. and 8uestions that some of you may have with the current plans. upheavals cannot happen every day either. determination. waiting for coherent arguments and a list of grievances. 0ntil we have all broken free. you handcuff us# This means that you are really scared# This is an honour and "leasure for us. #ll of us are trapped and must make the most of our time in order to have a chance at seeing the endless expansion of the world revolutionary 2eist and the end of capitalist time. *his is very different from places like :elgium or 2reece where the percentage of unioni/ed workers is significantly higher and the members of these unions still retain the hope of forcing the government to agree to their limited demands.nifying Tactics Of The Anarchist International. you esta!lish e$ce"tional court martials.owever. some of us will remain trapped and it is our hope that this is now obvious. especially in the 0nited $tates. there are some reservations. as long as the chaos. !ecause it shows that a grou" of "eo"le. and ferocity of our actions pierce directly into the heart of capitalist normality. when a great many more sections K a!ove all.

#s was stated earlier. We applaud the call by 2erman comrades for an international week of actions leading up to the general strike and during the final week of #pril we expect to see news spaces opened up. because of the wide diversity in geographic locations and social contexts that we cannot advise on individually. that we will view what came out of its intrusion as novel methods and tactics. new forms of solidarity and autonomous organi/ation will inevitably emerge that will be far more antagonistic to capitalism than their predecessors due simply to the very fact of their birth within the current capitalist reality. $hould the populations of the world stop production completely in any location. Once it is achieved. :ut beyond this. We will not know these new forms until the 2eist has withdrawn and it is only in those moments. be it a mass demonstration or a night of insurrection. and with the old ways of thinking. becoming static.' We do not have the ability to offer any specific unifying tactics beyond mere participation in the general strike. and is in the mind to let them all sink into the de"ths of the "ast and to set a!out its own transformation# . *he first instinct of most people is to always replicate the forms of struggle and resistance they have come to know through pattern and repetition. $hould any comrades be unable to muster enough support to have a strong and autonomous presence in their own cities. %&. but that is only Thesis: *he ma6ority of the #narchist International does not reside in the . It will be up to them not to replicate the system they have 6ust destroyed or make deals with the surviving nation states.egel. they should travel to the nearest place where their support would best be able to enhance the autonomous efforts of their neighboring comrades. We are certainly not advocating passive participation in a pro6ect organi/ed by another group.moving to undermine and destroy all mass unions but it is unlikely that they will be able to succeed. Meditation II: Our e"och is a !irth time. when capitalist time has returned. we will have defeated linear time and destroyed capitalist reality. *he only way for these old forms to organically transcend themselves is for them to become inhabited by an excess amount of people and potential. propelled by an eternal spirit of rebellion and freedom. $hould they ever wipe out all of these old union structures or should these unions naturally decompose and vanish into nothingness. leaderless and multiform. Het the 7ay % st 2eneral $trike be an affirmation of our new international. in some cities these unions will be bring out large numbers of people and we cannot discount or ignore the proven fact that the 2eist has turned passive crowds of people into a rebellious force that finally is able to do what it has always wanted to do but never dared: burn down and destroy the houses of governance and capitalism. We support the appropriation of the term general strike in this effort for one reason alone: a true general strike will always be impossible. a dead shell. and bonds strengthened between ourselves and the people who become animated by the 2eist along the way. they will have to provide for themselves without the capitalist world network. ties between comrades affirmed. We recommend that all of you assist these people should they happen to awaken and become animated by a kindred spirit. Within this critical mass of bodies and desires. we have nothing to offer other than our limited services and refer our readers to the previous communications of the International. What role the #narchist International will play in a world outside of time will be determined solely by the extent to which all of us consciously create that world. a gateway to heaven. and a "eriod of transition# The s"irit of man has !roken with the old order of things hitherto "revailing. what was once timeless and unclassifiable is studied and replicated. there is the possibility of the 2eist intruding upon linear time and transforming the old methods and tactics into new forms that defy classification or immediate analysis. *he form of the general strike has persisted throughout linear time and has become a mythological construct. In capitalist time.

*he ma6ority of us inhabit the centers of global capital and spend our lives close to our enemies heart. In each of these examples. first build up membership in the party before engaging in armed conflict. some of the most determined of these people started to wage guerrilla warfare against the enemy and discovered that the interior was the most vital place to strike. and 7arxism. *he permanent capitalist offensive continues everywhere. the purpose of which would be to sei/e the means of production. the )H9 used it to overthrow the )rench government of #lgeria. the workers council. and urban guerrilla warfare are commonplace in nation states such as India.owever. these people replicate the linear time of capitalism and no matter how well intentioned they may be. or some other fiction. 0nfortunately. One side effect of living in such close proximity to these glowing cores of money and power is a confusion as to what reality is like for those who live far away and near the edge. famines.undreds of thousands of people were swept up by the 2eist and in their fever they began to launch a low scale. . =ventually. :y creating the necessary mechanisms to ensure their permanent continuity Fcadres. . *he ma6ority of them believed to be part of the !ommunist International. the end goal of which would be the dictatorship of the proletariat. the economy will be restructured and the population will be reorgani/ed. #thens. )rankfurt. swayed by their delusions of communism. *hese revolutions were seen as the climax of a uniform process that could be implemented anywhere on the planet. civil war. our enemy is still forcefully expanding into the un coloni/ed areas. *his expansion emanates from :ei6ing. *his line of thought is plotted against linear time and relies on worn out theories regarding stages. those who inhabit the interior of the enemy live a life that is characteri/ed by a lack of overt conflict and a militari/ed peace. #ccording to most recollections. We need not look any further than the young girl who was recently tied to a tree and burned to death by loggers who hoped to scare off the rest of her #ma/onian tribe. :ecause of this error. *okyo.o !hi 7inh and the 9H) used it to defeat the 0$ military in 5ietnam. .espite what our comrades might say. :ecause of this. many former and potential comrades have hopelessly cast themselves on a 6ourney that can only ever end in civil war and authoritarianism. the 2eist was ever present during this time period. from the untouched 6ungle to the congested and pacified metropolis.-s. but obviously they do not. #ccording to this thinking. in the small town. these guerrillas limited their imagination to striking targets that related to either their own internal concerns or those of the fighters on the periphery. )idel !astro and his guerrillas used the 2eist to overthrow the capitalist government of !uba. phases. *hose inhabiting the interior sometimes trick themselves into thinking they understand what living in these situations is like. the people1s republic. *he last ma6or intrusion of the world revolutionary 2eist was a period that lasted from the mid %?N.-s to the end of the %?'. the cadre must . *hose who live within the stability of capitalist democracies haunt the camp of the enemy. and periods. and every other center of capital. While it may be the same system the surrounds us all. !hina. and . or on the periphery of capitalism. their ideas will lead them to eventually see the #narchist International for what it truly is: the bringer of chaos and disorder. agitation offensive from within the interior. the 2eist was forcibly suppressed in the post revolutionary nation states and capitalist production restored. partiesG. the 2eist became # tactical error has often been made by viewing resistance in the periphery as something more advanced than what is taking place within the interior. 7exico !ity. the 2eist was largely interpreted through the lenses of 7aoism. Once this occurs. and #fghanistan. the "hilippines. 9ew 4ork !ity. 7ilitary suppression.

It often hosts do/ens of smaller groups that mimic the forms of capitalism. but none of them have come close to overthrowing the state or capitalism. and burning buildings. . It currently exists as a capitalist democracy that continues to 8uell internal resistance far more brutally than its 2erman counterpart.-s. the world revolutionary 2eist was leaving linear time and the interior offensive was becoming desperate and dark. Antithesis *he #narchist International does not view the periphery as the ideal site of our offensive. *he defeat of the 2erman state would result in something we cannot ade8uately imagine. doomed to replicate only itself. Indonesia is now integrated into the global network and performs its function of exportation and importation ade8uately. $uch an event would only ever occur during an intrusion of the 2eist into linear time. It is a place where the militari/ed peace of the interior transforms into an overt war between the state and the population. *he offensive of the !ommunist International failed.stunted in their minds. :y the end of the %?'. it must not be forgotten that the 2erman state would not hesitate to enact identical brutality upon the same type of resistance within its own borders. an area that exists on the periphery of global capitalism. and radio. #sian capital will not withdraw until territorial !hina has been forced to contend with its own rebellious population and ignore its competition with the other collapsing nation states. given its centrality to the network. we have only their own ideas to blame for the ultimate limitations of the groups they helped create. reflecting back the light of the interior.-s until the beginning of the (%st century. One example of what we are talking about is the archipelago state of Indonesia. *he peripheral islands of Indonesia will only be free from the capitalist international when #sian capital can no longer feed its workers and when it can no longer receive the goods it needs to defend itself.owever much we may respect the spirits of 0lrike 7einhof or 7argherita !agol. *he defeat of the Indonesian state would result in its containment and isolation by the rest of the global network. 9umerous factions and forces have arisen throughout the course of the nation state1s history. *he periphery of capitalism is simply a place where the social and physical control mechanisms of the interior do not function smoothly. hi6acked planes. growing blunt and dull. *he periphery is the place of capitalism1s breakdown and decay.owever. and freedom only resides in the cracks and weakness of capital. fighting amongst themselves in order to survive. #ll of this culminated in a spectacular orchestra of murdered politicians. and industrialists. 6udges. . . I It is significant that there are comrades of the #narchist International fighting in Indonesia against capitalism. *he state must always be contended with. newspaper. *he interior is the place of control and imprisonment. sending each other images of kidnapped millionaires. followed by a period of intense counterrevolution that lasted from the %?&. *he guerrillas started to exchange ideas over the television.

!haos is what occurs whenever the #narchist International takes any offensive action.egelian dialectics are an arcane and moronic control mechanism created by a fool. if at all.egelian religion found themselves synthesi/ed by their enemy. :eyond this. *hese wastelands are the microcosm of the peripheral nation states. the world. *hey restrict thought to a bleak trinity that always reinforces order. !haos is what appears in the eyes of the king when his sub6ects stop enriching themselves off his land and risk their lives to burn down his castle. It is to our advantage that we have remained in the multiple hearts of capitalism. exists the periphery. Hondon. our actions. what we aim to accomplish. Instead.). and refuge. *he ob6ective of the #narchist International is to defeat capitalism and linear time. they will be places of freedom. especially logic. something it never has had to do. $Uo "aulo.. in whatever form they may take. 9ew 4ork !ity. *hey will contribute to the offensive by acting as a beacon. Hikewise. ruled by strange laws emanating from the centers of capital. # great dark hole exists in the distance. undermining its every step. "eople are taught to enrich themselves so that they might enrich the king. it is only so that we not forget ourselves as we travel through linear time. we encourage those around us to stop acting in a manner that is comprehensible to the enemy. and :ei6ing must all erupt at once or not at all. the #narchist International considers the interior to be the ideal sight for our offensive. there is the possibility of bringing capitalism to its knees. but now they mutually support each other in the grand harmony of the global network. *he 0$$3 and the 0$# were once antagonistic. #s we have said before. rules that do not have to be followed so closely. Our signifiers exist only to remind us of what did not work. is the breakdown of all order. We will soon experience a more sustained intrusion of the 2eist upon capitalist time. the nation. and definitively chose to never return to the shameful peace of the interior. but away from the metropolis life moves slowly. a reminder of what reality can be outside of capitalist time. now one is gone and the other has absorbed it. !haos. $pace can be carved out for life on these peripheries. !haos is the negation of all order. *he crippling of a city is not solely a military affair. destroy the physical mechanisms of capitalism.)or this reason. If we still hold onto the multitude of anarchist thoughts. despite what our critics may say.. Without these memories the #narchist International couldnVt exist. 9othing changes there aside from occasional development and natural disasters. 'eace E #ity F Shit . We break down the enemies ability to comprehend our actions by virtue of our inherent inexplicability. *he #narchist International has no interest in subscribing to this or any other religion. !hina and the 0$# were once antagonistic. or in the wastelands surrounding . . In the woods outside of $eattle. should cripple the normal functioning of capitalist time and space by their very nature. autonomy. and what we intend to bring to the world. #n event like this will only ever happen when these millions of people stop paying their rent. We are well poised to do so. *here will be no victory without hundreds of millions of people consciously choosing to nullify the capitalist reality they exist in. #ll those who followed the insane . Bakarta. but they will not seriously threaten the functioning of the interior. When the 2eist animates millions of inhabitants in the cities of the interior. start feeding themselves. something that will carry us all away from what we now know. the rest of the conflict resides in the centers of capital. on the outskirts of 7anado.

and cooperatives and communes were established in the 0$.owever. :ecause their craft was so speciali/ed and because the watchmakers operated within a federation. It was this protective and emancipatory tendency that lead to the predominance of anarcho syndicalism throughout the world milieu. . anarchists proceeded to establish similar free areas for themselves across the planet. In addition to taking offensive actions against the capitalists. the limited freedom they obtained for themselves and for their comrades transformed the Bura into a bastion of freedom and rebellion. his theory being that people can only critically think when they do not have to work endlessly and cab become anarchists by learning to provide for themselves. syndicalist unions were formed in )rance. *he symbolism of this location pleases us. a self described lumpen bourgeoise anarchist from the 0$. "easants taught themselves to read in $pain. but our humor is not the sole reason we are advising you to attend. they still sold their goods on the market and they still used money and because of this they never fully escaped capitalist time.%(. It was only by being literally enslaved to capitalist time that the Burassic watchmakers were able to create a place where the anarchists from across the planet came to conspire and gather inspiration and resources for their assault on the early capitalist world system. there will !e no more synthesis. 9evertheless. *he offensive tendencies developed as extensions of these free areas in a time of intense repression and brutality. Only later did they detach from the larger support networks and bla/e off on their own. these watchmakers were able to refine their ideas and 6oin the #narchist International because of the amount of free time they had been able to steal back from the capitalists. "aul 2oodman.We present to you the following conclusion from what we have 6ust written: 0e are in a moment of time that resem!les the onset of the world revolutionary <eist# The Communist International once acted as the unifying myth that connected the "artici"ants in the offensive against the Ca"italist International# 0ith the wreckage of their disaster now far !ehind us. they became anarchist workers who understood the ideas of :akunin and sided with him after the split with the communists in the )irst International. . $wit/erland that is set to take place from the & th to the %(th of #ugust. *his In the years that followed the historic $aint Imier congress of %&'(. 9aturally. fugitives.e identified these people as being largely susceptible to anarchist ideas.uring this time period. . they could dictate their own wages and hours. (. . completely separated them from the ma6ority of =uropean workers who were still toiling in largely unbearable and murderous circumstances. the priority of the #narchist International was the mutual support of all its members. *he conference is being held in the same city in the Bura mountains where the first #narchist International was created in %&'(. often wrote about the ability of artisans and craftsmen to create a degree of autonomy and intellectual freedom for themselves through their self employment. !ountless exiles. and revolutionists passed through this mountainous region before dispersing back into the world. study groups were created in !hina. anarchists pooled whatever resources they had in order to free each other from mental and physical bondage. we affirm the e$istence of the Anarchist International as the new unifying myth and we "ositively state that this will !e the final incarnation of the force we have !een trying to !uild across the centuries# After this. #s "aul 2oodman correctly identified. no more order# 0e will have all esca"ed# Recommendation II: *he #narchist International recommends that as many comrades as possible attend the International #narchism 2athering in $aint Imier. armed with new ideas and powerful friendships. *he watchmakers that :akunin met in the Bura mountains of $wit/erland fall into this category.

:ut as is now clear. We in no way mean to diminish or gloss over any differences that we surely have with each other. :y the %?(. We are aware of the dangers present in any public gathering. the !apitalist International has defeated us because of its ability to give many people an unskilled 6ob that ensured their material survival and guaranteed their dependency to the world system. If possible. this massive explosion of energy was ultimately usurped by the fascists and culminated in the slaughter of millions and the creation of the atomic bomb. In the recent past. :ecause of the repression that followed these acts. comrades. Others chose to feed only their own bellies and take the offensive actions that their comrades would dare not take. some of it came from being able to physically strike the enemy. fueling various revolts and upsurges. We are in a position to return to where we came from and move beyond our origins. but there are conversations that no spy or agent can understand. the gathering will also have a material significance that we can only begin to imagine. *he most dangerous weapons they will find at this gathering will be a handshake and an argument made in good faith. the assassins and bombers continued to inflict whatever damage they could on their ruthless opponent. we recommend that all tendencies of the #narchist International to attend the International #narchism 2athering in $aint Imier. *he symbolic significance of this gathering in $wit/erland is clear. *hese two things will bring us all closer than we have been in decades. we also recommend that similar gatherings be organi/ed on different continents that have the specific intention of bringing us all together. *he wild ones continued to attack their enemy. and accepted without undue hatred or animosity. *hrough social welfare programs and state employment. the !apitalist International competed with the !ommunist International. We believe this is the root of the split in the #narchist International that is only 6ust beginning to heal.Whenever one side could provide more wealth than the other they would succeed in pulling a nation state into their bloc. *he revolution in $pain and the rise of the 9a/is in 2ermany were both brought about with the help of the 2eist. :ut if we truly have the intention of rebuilding the #narchist International. regardless of tendencies. We merely wish to have these disagreements be debated. While the syndicalist unions struggled to maintain their own existences. #nd so. the !apitalist International is collapsing. members of the #narchist International who go to $aint Imier should eventually bring what they have gathered to the far reaches of the world. 2iven this reality. understood.-s. . the capitalists decided to prevent any future upsurges by providing as much wealth to as many people as possible. and both seemed to be hopelessly antagonistic to the other. *he collapse of the world economy in %?(? was triggered by the intrusion of the world revolutionary 2eist into linear time. the cautious ones continued to preserve their watch making. however. most of the free areas that anarchists had been able to build had been significantly reduced. *his will never happen if we cannot even manage to have critical solidarity with each other despite our differences in methods and tactics.-s. concerned only with making the figurative watches that would generate the money that would buy the food that would feed the bellies of the hungry members of the #narchist International. *he #narchist International had once been able to provide limited freedom in times of great poverty and strife. *he hyper exploitation of the world population had created areas of massive wealth that was able to pacify the upper levels of the working classes. #s we all know. $ome of this freedom came in the form of food. Our enemies efforts to destroy us have lead only to their ultimate disintegration. Once the carnage of the war was over. $wit/erland is extremely far away from most other parts of the world and many of us will not be able to attend. *he 2eist would remain in the world throughout the %?C. *his war between the two that lasted until the fall of the 0$$3 left the #narchist International weak and directionless. the syndicalists distanced themselves from their comrades.

Hucio !abaWas had 6oined the group. the $$ patrolled the streets and 9a/i rockets filled the sky. On 4istory5 . *he group was outlawed by the "3I government and 3o6as fled into the mountains and where he soon formed a band of guerrillas. *he old world is gone and the #narchist International persists. 3o6as was eventually captured in %?++ and thrown into prison. . !he 2uevara had been killed by the !I# trained military while attempting to start an insurgency in :olivia. a school teacher named Hucio !abaWas witnessed the police fire on a group of his students who had occupied a school. *he Olympic :rigade had been trained and e8uipped by the !I# to fight the !ommunist International.*S I-FI-I-TE SO1I*A. they fucked in dirty bathrooms knowing the world was against them. marching in the streets against the "3I government.itler killed himself and had his body burnt. they wandered drunkenly down Insurgentes knowing .) and had once studied law at the 09#7. . their blood and life and beauty permanently staining the dry ground of the capitol. )ive months earlier. and they witnessed the tumultuous expansion of the world revolutionary 2eist before their intoxicated eyes. the Bews had been pushed out of sight. *he city was brightened. lingering outside of time on the borderlands between slavery and freedom. #fter this bloodshed. the brutality and pogroms hidden away. 3o6as moved to 2uerrero and formed an above ground group for the defense of peasants and farmers. *hey fought to free their imprisoned friends. *en days prior to the opening of the %?+& 7exico !ity $ummer Olympics. Hong after he died.uring his absence.itler had presided over 7ay . people killed and 3o6as implicated in the death of a cop that had been assigned to follow him. *he group staged its first bank robbery in #pril %?+?. !abaWas fled into the mountains of 2uerrero where he soon 6oined a band of guerrillas. and the shops were open. the "3I government sent a group of paramilitaries called the Olympic :rigade to li8uidate the student movement. *he war he started before his death consigned the world to its current fate of authoritarian domination.their future was gone. 3o6as1 group broke him out of his cage and returned to the mountains of 2uerrero. %?+&.e%ression5 and the Infinite This is the first of three e$"ositions detailing our final three !arriers# 4istory: The Me$ican <uerrilla and &orgetfulness . This concludes our Meditations and Recommendations TO3A. a man who had been a school teacher in the slums of .uring the process. although we may never know to what extent. hundreds of students were killed outright. six months before the student massacre in . the students of 7exico !ity F. . #fter leaving the capitol metropolis. *he guerrillas were lead by 2enaro 5X/8ue/ 3o6as. In %?<N. and withstanding heavy assaults by the police. On #pril ((. many of whom also happened to be Bews. *hree years earlier.).ay celebrations. this group staged a demonstration in Iguala that was attacked by the police. *hey were executed in cold rooms after defending the occupied 09#7.IT= A-* T4E E-* OF TI(E A-A. :efore everyone arrived from abroad. leaving C. In %?+&. and to destroy the capitalist terror around them.#4IST I-TE. *hese two school teachers 8uickly became very close as 7exico plunged into the battle between the capitalists and the communists. :ut time is our enemy and we cannot toil for it any longer.)G began boarding buses and handing out literature. to keep beauty alive. the roads were cleaned. %?+'. *he :rigade was created to cleanse the city and erase all unwanted disturbance. In %?+(. # year earlier.istory tells us that the 9a/is cleansed :erlin of Bews in the days leading up to %?C+ $ummer Olympics. on October ?th. In the "la/a de las *res !ulturas. having successfully hi6acked the ideas of socialism and revolution from the 7arxists. $ome of them were part of the #narchist International. .-ATIO-A1 IX. $ome of us still do. the police We once made watches to buy time for ourselves.

. BI7ve heard of you# In the canyons they say you are !andits# In my village. and leans against a "atch of dark !rown green and !egins to roll a cigarette# I sit in front of him and light the "i"e# Old Man Antonio !egins# B?ou7re not huntingC B?ou7re not on the way to the fieldC I answer# 2omething made me s"eak to him in the "ro"er tense. the !I# instructed the 7exican military on how to crush the band of C.. #fter the authorities released nine political prisoners and paid another N. *iring of these disturbances.. the organi+ation of the villages. %?'%.uerrero. and books released by the Aapatistas speak for themselves. a group of urban guerrillas entered the untamed 6ungles of !hiapas in a desperate bid to relaunch the offensive in 7exico. peso ransom payment. The cold is harsh in these mountains# Ana Maria and Mario are with me on this e$"loration. but they were eventually able to regroup and attempt another action. the #rmy of the "oor. peso ransom. then with the 'lan de Ayala.. %??<. they7re u"set !ecause you are here#C BAnd you. In . one from left to right. the guerrillas kidnapped the head manager of the !ommercial :ank of the $outh from his car on the freeway. we will 8uote at length from one particular communi8ue written by $ubcomandante Insurgente 7arcos in .. the group released their capitalist prisoner.-s. with res"ect.. the other from right to left# >is feet are "ositioned as though he7s standing still or walking and in his ga+e there is something like Bhere I amC or Bthere I goC# There are two staircases# One comes out of the darkness. *he texts. a commando kidnapped a senator from 2uerrero and during an attempt by the authorities to free the captive politician. !ut he never does# In fear that I will disru"t something very serious I ask. *housands soldiers encircled the coastal mountain the group used as its base of operations. do you think we7re !anditsJC I asked# Old Man Antonio releases a huge "uff of smoke. it said8 . 7ost of the insurgencies in !entral and $outh #merica were crushed by the !I# and fascist dictatorships were allowed to flourish. and there are dark skinned Ma"atistas as though they were coming out of something# The other staircase is lighted !ut there is no one and one can7t see where it goes or where it comes from# I would !e lying if I told you that I noticed all those details# It was Old Man Antonio who told me# 5ehind the " comrade Hucio !abaWas took leadership over the group after his death and lead the group out of the encirclement. (A years !efore the dawn of Lanuary# The two have !arely %oined the guerrilla# I am an infantry lieutenant and it is my turn to teach them what others taught me: to live in the mountain# ?esterday I ran into Old Man Antonio for the first time# 0e !oth lied# >e said he was on his way to see his field. coughs. *he counter revolution effected 7exico 6ust as it did the rest of the world. the military cam"aign. that man of undetermined age and cedar skin who I was seeing for the second time in my life# Old Man Antonio smiles and adds.. Old Man Antonio !egins his story which unites and confuses modern times with old times. BAnd Ma"ataJC Old Man Antonio smiles# B?ou7ve learned now that in order to know and walk you have to ask -uestions#C >e coughs and lights another cigarette and out of his mouth come these words that fall like seeds on the ground# Old Man Antonio took from his !ack"ack a little !ag of nylon# Inside there was a very old "icture from ()(A of Emiliano Ma"ata# In his left hand Ma"ata had his sword raised to his waist# In his right hand he had a "istol.. I said I was hunting# 0e !oth knew we were lying and we knew we knew it# I left Ana Maria to follow the "ath and I went towards the river to try to find a very high mountain and Old Man Antonio# >e must have thought the same thing !ecause he a""eared at the same "lace where I found him !efore# =ike yesterday. %?'<. %ust like the smoke from my "i"e and his cigarette which mingle and converge on one another1 1I chew on the now short stem of the "i"e waiting for Old Man Antonio to continue. nearly one year after outbreak of the insurrection in !hiapas.apprehended all of the fighters and recovered the stolen money. the group kidnapped the dual soft drink mogul and !hancellor of the 0niversity of . two cartridge !elts of !ullets crossed his chest. and shakes his head# I7m encouraged and ask him another -uestion# B2o who do you think we areJC BI would "refer if you told meC he says and looks into my eyes BIt7s a long storyC I say# 2o I !egin to talk a!out the times of Ma"ata and Nilla and the revolution and the land and the in%ustice and hunger and ignorance and sickness and re"ression and everything# And I finish !y saying so Bwe are the Ma"atista Army of 4ational =i!erationC# I wait for some sign from Old Man Antonio who never took his eyes from my face# BTell me more a!out that Ma"ataC he says after smoke and a cough# I start with Anenecuilco. On 9ovember %?th. *he circle tightened and eventually the authorities were able to kill 3o6as after he crashed his car during an escape attempt. *heir next action was better prepared and on Banuary Nth. The EG1.... Old Man Antonio sat on the ground.and the 3orld We will not attempt to summari/e the multiform and diverse activities of the =AH9 that have taken place over the past thirty years. the !etrayal at Chinameca# Old Man Antonio continued to stare at me until I finished# BIt wasn7t like thatC he says# I7m sur"rised and all I can do is !a!!le# BI7m going to tell you the real story of Ma"ataC# Taking out to!acco and rolling "a"er. the prospect of stopping the offensive of the !apitalist International appeared uncertain and likely to end in death and oblivion. .ecember. !abaWas was killed in a shootout. . #nd so one day in %?&C.owever.ecember. *he group he led had carried the name "artido de los "obres. communi8ues. guerrillas. :y the %?&. *he group freed him after receiving a N. Over fifty guerrillas were killed in this time period.

.uring the =AH9 visit. .+. )acing death and defeat at the hands of the !apitalist International. Commander in Chief of the 2outher Army# =e <eneral Emiliano Ma"ata. the dictatorship of the "3I was finally unseated from power. writings that we can see something new. they succeeded to greater or lesser extent. (&th. (..) and closed off access to the autonomous area in !hiapas.. *here.. . we will send material aid such as food and handicrafts for those !rothers and sisters who are struggling all over the world. #s everyone saw in the years between %??< and (. Old 7an #ntonio was the person who first began to trust the weary guerrillas in the %?&. and as far as we are a!le. *his was one stop among many in the Other !ampaign1s effort to unite the disparate social movements of 7exico. nor had one been able to create an autonomous area that was public.. demanding an ending of hostilities against !uba. It is in his delirious $hortly after this. *he Aapatistas remained in . *his police action was . all the while ringing church bells encouraging everyone to 6oin the fight. an area on the outskirts of . the 7exican economy began to disintegrate.efense of the =arth.% building up the infrastructure and defenses of the autonomous area. nor had one ever issued such strange communi8ues before. a fight with the police started that lasted all night.B<ral# Emiliano Ma"ata. we can see the world revolutionary 2eist leaping off the page. In his writings. on 7ay Crd. the group that had forced "resident )ox to cancel the plans for the airport only two years into his term.. neo liberal assault of the %??. and resilient. *he next month. an armed guerrilla group had never done such a thing as the =AH9 had.N. he underwent the process of leaving linear time that we have previously described Fsee )oundational $tatement Of *he #narchist InternationalG.uring this time period. Once this collaboration took place and all of the dissidents amassed on the streets. *he police brutali/ed and raped do/ens of the people they captured. and the people pushed the police away from their forces. :ut more importantly.eclaration of the Hacandon Bungle in which they explained how they had spent the years since (. In #pril of (. "eople blocked the main highway.-s and the renewed counter revolution that began in (. the Aapatistas did not abandon their commitment to the struggle against capitalist time.eclaration and begin working on what would become the Other !ampaign. While 7arcos wrote the 8uoted communi8ue. Chef de l7Armee du 2ud# C#()(A# 'hoto !y: Agustin N# Casasola#C Old Man Antonio says to me BI have asked a lot of -uestions of this "icture# That is how I came to !e here#C >e coughs and tosses the cigarette !utt# >e gives me the "icture# B>ereC he says B2o that you learn how to ask -uestions1and to walk#C We hope this passage from the communi8ue will serve to fill the gap between the year %??< and (.+. =ventually. *he flower sellers appealed to the "eople1s )ront for assistance.E *he declaration also called for persons and organi/ations to adhere to the principles of the $ixth . the police assembled enough forces to crush the insurrection. 7arcos is 8uite possibly a member of the #narchist International. the =AH9 met with the "eople1s )ront in .eclaration. due partially to the sheer reality of the =AH9 and the autonomous /one they created in !hiapas.. . something that is distinct from all the previous failures of the !ommunist International. an insurrection broke out in the general area of #tenco after flower sellers were physically prevented by the police from working at a market in *excoco. we can see in 7arcos the story of Hucio !abaWas.+.%. and as he hiked into the 6ungle on his first 6ourney. It is significant to us that 7arcos found it important to publicly remember Old 7an #ntonio at a moment when the autonomous area was about to be assaulted by the military. and we are sure he has thought this himself from time to time.-s and allowed them entry into the 7ayan villages. !hase 7anhattan would send a communication to the 7exican government.espite seeing the strength of their international allies weaken during this time period of repression and totalitarianism. . 7arcos and the =AH9 came to $an $alvador #tenco. visible. 7arcos and the =AH9 followed the 7ayans in their 8uest to free the 6ungle from capitalist time. *he free area they created was able to withstand the tumultuous. 7arcos himself was a teacher. the =AH9 released the $ixth . *hey also declared that they would D forge new relationshi"s of mutual res"ect and su""ort with "ersons and organi+ations who are resisting and struggling against neoli!eralism and for humanity. anti authoritarian. 7arcos chose to remind all those who read his words that the struggle he and the =AH9 fought extended back throughout linear time and would continue forever. On Bune.) that had previously resisted the creation of an airport on their traditional farmland. encouraging them to Deliminate the AapatistasE in order to improve the state of the economy. In his attempts at the peace accords we can see !he 2uevara speaking to the 09.owever. the "eople1s )ront decided to adhere to the $ixth . the flower sellers hid away at a house in #tenco.e was most certainly influenced by the mythos and ideas of the now collapsed !ommunist International. the school teacher who fled into the mountains in %?+'. Lefe del E%ercito 2uriano# <en# Emiliano Ma"ata.

as we have stated previously. With him came the drug wars that we are all now familiar with. one of the main epicenters of this strike. C.. but ultimately the government forced them to retreat 6ust in time for the ascension of )elipe !alderon to the presidency on . was to be a final push to keep alive the international offensive that had begun in %??< against the !apitalist International. . the "3I head8uarters.ecember. .uring this same day. the =AH9 was forced to go largely on the defensive.. the allied rebels formed the "opular #ssembly of the "eople1s of Oaxaca F#""OG and on decided to reoccupy the s8uare on Bune %'th.+ 7exican 2eneral =lection. *he =AH9 called for a series of global blockades to take place on 9ovember %st and (.) for a period of time. an effort that ultimately was unsuccessful. the groups stated their actions were in retaliation for the bloodshed in Oaxaca.'.'.+. thousands kept marching. We have seen the occupation of s8uares across the world so similar in spirit and form to the rebellion in alongside the people of Oaxaca. :etween (.&.. =verything culminated in the attempt to re occupy the s8uare in Oaxaca !ity on 9ovember (Nth. *he hundreds of thousands of people who took the streets that day were largely immigrant workers from !entral and $outh #merica. (.. women took over television stations and released counter propaganda. and the governor hid away in . *hroughout the month of October. one of the largest general strikes in the 0$ took place across the country.owever. the struggle to fight the immigration police apparatus had been largely recuperated by the 0$ government and put s8uarely in the hands of reformists. $hortly after this. . *his spectacular distraction helped the government act with less restraint while it increased its attacks against the "lanton de Oaxaca. 7arcos and the Other !ampaign walked up to the northern 0$ border in !iudad Buare/ and proclaimed that they acted with the people of Oaxaca and that the border before their eyes meant nothing to them.& and (. #t the end of (. that is also the year that the current offensive of the #narchist International commenced. and feeding each other. 9o one was killed in their attacks. In Hos #ngeles on 7ay %st. One of their consistent demands was the resignation of the ruling "3I governor who eventually ordered the police to crush the occupation. *his all took place two months before the (. In their communications to the public.widely seen as the first instance of overt repression against the Other !ampaign and any other social movements that thought to rebel.. blockades in Oaxaca !ity with pirate radios helping to coordinate defenses. *his event. insurgents withstood "3I paramilitary attacks.. the anarchists of the world began to frantically burn marks on the edifice of a collapsing world system. #s if presaging the coming crisis.'. :ack in the capitol. *he large networks that aided the =HA9 in the nineties began to collapse 6ust before the new counter offensive of the #narchist International. (. *his took place concurrently with other efforts across the planet. a teachers strike began in Oaxaca !ity that same 7ay. the police retook the central s8uare and destroyed the encampment once again. the =AH9 held a Aapatista Intergalaktica in !hiapas where conversations were had that led Fin partG to the creation of a network that would ultimately plan an action at the border between the 0$ and 7exico in (. on 9ovember (.. With all of the money and resources that !alderon and the 0$ devoted to the drug war..espite this. the media and the government were busy saturating the public with controversy over who would become the next president in a tight race that had been fraught with irregularities. police cleared the occupation of the s8uare after hours of street fighting. *his effort. with the events in $an $alvador #tenco and Oaxaca about to commence. 9evertheless. was meant to reminded all who fought against the !apitalist International they they faced the same repression. the autonomous area in !hiapas has had to withstand further assaults.. (. throwing molotov cocktails. and the )ederal =lectoral *ribunal were bombed by a coalition of Oaxaca guerrillas. the actions that took place in the 0$ were either suppressed or demoni/ed by the authorities. #t one point. the authorities attempted to destroy the last remaining pirate radio in the occupied university but were repelled by the defenders...+. *he old networks had lost their former power by (.%(. *he teachers occupied the central s8uare of the city for a month. the #narchist International has been significantly rebuilt amidst the current intrusion of the world revolutionary 2eist. On October (?th. Over the course of the next #ugust and $eptember.. *he insurgents burnt many buildings that night during the fighting and they defended the autonomous /one to the best of their abilities. We have also seen the same desire for autonomy and freedom spread in the minds of the millions of people who have been swept up during the events of the past year. The 'resent $ince then. !alifornia. Oaxaca was a relative autonomous /one. )itting with the time period of counter revolution. On 9ovember +th. %st. 0niversities and municipal buildings were occupied. On Bune %<th. along with #tenco and Oaxaca. aimed at exposing the new Immigration and !ustoms =nforcement FI!=G of the 0$ and its own network of immigration prisons. the people were indiscriminately attacked by the police in a public display of brutality meant to terrify the undocumented workers from doing something similar in the future. . a bank. On 7ay %st. *he people succeeded in holding their space and over the next months began to spread their assemblies and occupations to distant towns and urban radio stations. the =AH9 shut down all of the ma6or highway in !hiapas. Once the eviction was over. after the completion of first tour of the Other !ampaign. there were over %. 9early simultaneously. On 9ovember (nd. many people began to die during government

#nyone who threatens the established order that has coloni/ed the minds of others will face instant repression from them. secondly because we found the scope of the pro6ect limited and unable to 8uickly adapt to the ever changing methods and tactics of the !apitalist International. they have ceased to repress themselves. the authority of the !apitalist International has grown increasingly adept at this tactic since the initial offensives of the )irst International in the %&.*he networks of the previous offensive no longer function as they once did. We write this to keep the memory alive and to remind you that nothing is mutually exclusive. *hese unfortunate people act as agents of repression against not only the efforts of the #narchist International but against themselves. no ancestral ties. and no practical way to create a truly autonomous /one in the centers of the metropolis. 7any of us have never set foot in !hiapas and we would like to create our own autonomous areas Fsee Instructions )or 3ebuilding *he #narchist InternationalG from which we can regroup and live free from capitalist time. *hey see the police. *hey are still there and are still under siege by paramilitary forces. 9evertheless.%( and regards the tainting of autonomous water supplies by counter insurgents. .. surrounded by millions of desperate and forgetful people. they stop repressing others. 7any of us remember these things. and experiment. and offer leniency towards those who distanced themselves from all those who dared to act . those who have momentarily escaped linear time appear to them as bandits and criminals. In conclusion. We were unable to adhere to the $ixth . #t the time of this writing. :ecause of this. formulate. #ll options are on the table and everything is possible. we have always offered our critical and practical solidarity to the =AH9 and the indigenous people of !hiapas. <: #ll authority attempts to turn its sub6ects against each other in order to prevent them from rising up against authority. !hiapas served as a stable center to regroup. *he counter insurgency that is still being directed against them takes place amidst the horror of the drug war. If these coloni/ed people did not repress others. introduce uncertainty into the milieu. 9ew souls enter the world and know nothing but law and order as they proceed to live their lives. *his can be as simple as someone telling another person to silence themselves during a discussion or calling the police on a disturbance in the social order. Once you !ring it !ac/ to life5 it immediately !ecomes the future. primarily because we are not an organi/ation. this is where our enemy resides. but when they were on fire and abu// with activity. their most recent communi8ue is dated #pril (<th. *o our comrades old and new. O: #ll those who repress themselves instinctively repress others in order to maintain their sanity. #ll who have attempted to dominate and sub6ugate us point to the laws that have persisted throughout linear time in order to 6ustify their repression. we would like to say that we eagerly await the moment that the =AH9 understand the ideas we have laid out in our previous communications and strives to understand the centrality of the metropolis to the !apitalist International and the nuances involved in sabotaging it. *here is no land to grow enough food. :ack then. *he permanence of these laws is a well maintained illusion. When a person escapes linear time. 3egardless of this. their entire conception of reality would shift and force them to confront the suddenly obvious contradictions and impossibilities of capitalist normality. (. . When a person becomes animated by the world revolutionary 2eist. .-s. It is for you that we write the ma6ority of these words. and death chambers as unchanging and permanent. *he sheer reality of their accomplishment and the undeniable fact of their continued existence is proof to us that the =AH9 was able to keep the 2eist alive in the 6ungle. but there are many who do not. *he #narchist International has had an ambiguous relationship with the =AH9 since its first public appearance. In particular.iscovering ways to not only continue our struggle but to also encourage others to stop repressing themselves are the goals of the #narchist International. no natural drinking water. an offensive that burned its way into !anada and =astern =urope.e%ression: A: 3epression is the very essence of linear time. It is the constraint that is put on us to prevent us from breaking free. in 7exico and elsewhere: remem!er the %ast and ma/e it li0e once more. the courts. *hese agents of repression are simultaneously our nemesis and possible allies. the insurrection in !hiapas signaled the beginning of the offensive against capitalism that came to be known as the anti globali/ation movement. the 6ails. *he initial repressive strategy utili/ed brute repression coupled with an extensive network of spies and provocateurs that were used to infiltrate the circles of the International in order to preempt doomed attacks.eclaration.

and capitalist time reigned triumphant over the metropolis of Hondon. R: T: #lmost immediately.eptford began blowing up Hondon post offices. *: One notable instance of this took place in Hondon when 7artial :ourdin attempted to blow up the 3oyal Observatory in 2reenwich "ark in %&?<. 9early everyone knew that if capitalist time had been :ourdin1s true and intentional target. =veryone was uncertain as to why something so unexpected had suddenly happened amidst a milieu largely composed of weary refugees from the continent. enact further repression in response to this . 5ery little is known other than that :ourdin fre8uented the #utonomie !lub on Windmill $treet. When an anarchist from . the very fabric of reality would be challenged. the #utonomie !lub was raided. It is this uncertainty that eventually drove anarchists like =rrico 7alatesta. 6ust as the "yramids of 2i/a were commissioned by the pharaohs.that :ourdin was pushed into this action by agents working for the 3ussian Okhrana. they 6ust wanted to set themselves apart from it. #ll those who did not want to 6eopardi/e their sanctuary from the worst of the pan =uropean counter revolution began to distance themselves from the bombers and their methods. the #merican ):I was formed and hardened in its pursuit of the #narchist International. Boseph !onrad wrote his novel The 2ecret Agent based on the incident and the papers were filled with speculation regarding the true motivation.e went to unknown location and received a bomb from an unknown person. anarchists began to look for the people responsible for what had happened. everyone acted to protect only themselves. #nd then the bomb ignited. and "eter >ropotkin to distance themselves from this type of attack. . and walked to the 3oyal Observatory. many viewed these acts as more of the same suspicious incidents. wait for retaliation. :oth learned very 8uickly how to destroy or neutrali/e anarchist networks. ?: :y offering sanctuary. *he pattern they perfected is very simple: enact immediate repression against a small segment of a network. :ritish society supported the repression of anarchists that followed the 2reenwhich tragedy. 9o one knew for certain what had happened. however. *he mystery and confusion that the authorities produced in the minds of the Hondon anarchists was one of the primary goals of this repression. the site of the "rime 7eridian. #s a reaction to this knowledge. *he power these monuments possess is their ability to bring order to the world. "olice documents and whistle blowing have revealed *he 3ussian Okhrana was formed and hardened during its pursuit of the early nihilists. . no one could definitively affirm that an anarchist had consciously attempted to blow up the "rime 7eridian. It would mean the time they lived under was an illusion and capable of being destroyed. . shredding his body to pieces. and the space was closed down. #t the time. :ecause of the repression. *hese structures have a dual symbolic and material power that should not be underestimated. got off at the park. the occupants were interrogated.e was in "aris shortly before =mile . >: *he 3oyal Observatory in 2reenwich was commissioned by >ing !harles II. no one knew this with any certainty. Houis 7ichel.enry1s bombing of the !afe *erminus and police records revealed that the authorities were observing him when he crossed Westminster :ridge and mysteriously disappeared. the calibrator of standard capitalist time. Without this certainty and trust in who had been behind the bomb plot. In the same manner. the :ritish state was able neutrali/e the fiercest elements of the Hondon milieu.e took the train towards =ast 2reenwich. *he "yramids are a reminder that slavery continues. *he Observatory is a reminder to all that capitalist time continues. Hater that evening. the real was enveloped by the false. *he simple idea that a )rench anarchist would attempt to blow up the Observatory was enough to confound and intrigue :ritish society for years.

the -uality of our life will !e enriched# To you anarchists who accuse us of !eing unrealistic. $trikes are breaking out in the cities. 9ot only did the repression cause many comrades to blame the attackers for the crack downs. that the 2eist begins to expand and send its fire outwards. hoping to sever the offensive tendencies from the main body. If that force is divided and fighting itself. adventurist. the initial offensive of the #narchist International had been crushed. the #narchist )ederation recently condemned an armed attack against a nuclear scientist made by an Italian cell of the Informal #narchist )ederation. and the state is desperate to avoid a coherent assault on its body. with your citi+enism you work for the reinforcement of democracy# Always in search of consensus. *he hundreds of thousands of people who had created the "aris !ommune. diverse and fiery. We do not want cauldrons to foment our rebellion. the #narchist )ederation in the 0> made a choice to condemn them for this. dead. without ever crossing over the limit of the B"ossi!leC and the Brational. *his is why we have consistently reiterated the importance of revealing ourselves as anarchists to the population whenever possible and creating free areas where they might escape capitalist time. martyrs. an anarchist similar to the bearded bomb thrower of =dwardian Hondon. animated by the 2eist. only one worker was intentionally in6ured without their consent during the recent armed attack. 0nfortunately. *hey knew that by the time they were dealing with a solid nucleus. may!e !eing indignant# 0e are the cra+y lovers of freedom and we will never renounce the revolution and the com"lete destruction of the state and its violence# In our anarchist and nihilist revolt. or in prison. 7any people claim that anyone who encourages action are police agents. When they were gone. to the best of our knowledge. #fter this. When there is no substantial base of support. I: We find it highly unfortunate that the same centuries old methods of repression are successfully being used against anarchists today. #lso. suicidal.C the only com"ass guiding your action is the "enal code# 0illing to risk only u" to a "oint. encouraged to make simple molotov cocktails by an agent. L: We will 8uote at length from the communi8ue issued by the I#) cell in order to provide the clarity that is necessary to avoid past errors: DIf we were realists we would not take on such risks. the #narchist )ederation stated that they Dcondemn actions that put workers in danger without their knowledge and consent. On the other hand. cost what it may. the authorities are currently attempting to pit anarchists against each other.-s. and maintained the diaspora of the #mericas were all in hiding. In their official condemnation. *he arrest of these young anarchists is then used as a 6ustification for increased repression. all offensive activity will be isolated and easily neutrali/ed. or the early 9a/is. the indigenous are rising up against the capitalist invasion. 4oung men are set up by the ):I in the 0$. it appears certain anarchists are helping them in their efforts amidst the backdrop of =vo 7orales1s grand plan for the further exploitation of :olivian land. *he authorities in the 0$ hope to create their very own anarchist to present to all those who are not animated by the 2eist. It is in these free areas. *he choices of both groups should be looked at for what they are. P: :y the %?C. it simply cannot devote the entirety of its energy towards the unifying goal of ending capitalist time. inexperienced anarchists !< and encourages them to blow up a bridge. very little was left besides the carnage of the second world war. while others speak violent rhetoric and draw the attention of the authorities. ': In :olivia. the rest of the anarchist network would no longer be supporting their former comrades. Bust as we do not forget the fascist infiltration of armed groups in Italy of the %?'. *he only thing that had mattered during the first global offensive was the multitude of people involved. "rovocative. we want oceans. social classes. whether they be as small as a neighborhood or as large as the "aris !ommune. *he ):I gives young. and eventually draw out a hardened core from the pacified network.E *o the best of our knowledge. we say that with your BsocialC struggle. this I#) cell is not the same one that sent the letter bombs that hurt workers in the past. *his particular cell of the I#) made a choice to severely in6ure a specific functionary in the Italian nuclear network. the ho"e of a future without !orders. Only a fierce and large force can succeed in breaking through the threshold of capitalist order. both agencies would attempt to apprehend this core either before or during an attack. it ultimately decreased the chance of large numbers of people escaping capitalist time. *he energy and networks that had spread from =urope to places as far away as #rgentina and !alifornia had been all but destroyed by either the capitalists. it is always worth reaching for. economy. the free $pain of the revolution.retaliation. E: In the 0>. we also do not forget the comfort of some :ritish anarchists. we would live our e$istence "roducing and consuming. always ready to find infinite ideological %ustifications so as not admit to your own fears#E .-s. wars. e$"loited and e$"loiter# The "ossi!ility of reali+ing this dream is for us like a gleam of light in the darkness# >owever dim this gleam may !e. and then sent to prison for years. the communists.

*he upper floors will fall down. both and neither. comprehension. 3ationality creates order to explain itself. Ine8uality exists only with reason. Without time. We hope you have seen beyond the barrier of our name and glimpsed the true nature of what we are. there is no direction. :ut this war will so closely resemble peace that we will be unable to find the words to explain how it is possible to distinguish between the two. Our pro6ect is total. for it is the only balance we are interested in achieving: the end of time. 3ationality will implode like a tower. We write them knowing they will always possess a remainder of rationality. One and all. we would not exist. We will defeat all order and live freely. the infinite peace.5: *he extent to which these conflicts still occur is a measure of the failure of the #narchist International. we know they will happen until they stop. entire cities are turned inside out. It existed always in a moment with no time. waiting. experiencing a world without time. e8ually and perfectly. watching. *he universe did not end. *he opposite it also true. *he shape contorts. *his is what we have been speaking of. 7ontreal exists within the borders of every city on a terrain that cannot be mapped. # green light washes over the ocean. *he black hole grows until it devours all the life and energy of the universe and then transforms itself into the cosmos. *he scope of our pro6ect is larger than workplace struggles or armed attacks. permanently and irreversibly. chaos. Hook up. events. *here is no more order. We are firm believers in what we have 6ust said. traveling towards the infinite in all directions simultaneously. 3ationality will crush itself under the weight of its own pointlessness. . =verything else will always be up in the air or below the ground. While we deplore these conflicts. nor did it begin. clumping together without trying to. they are unavoidable. this chaos. acting. *his happens in both moments. now. no one is at home or in the tavern. .%(. everything becomes warped by the 2eist passing through time. M: When a massive intrusion of the 2eist occurs. *he #narchist International will simply not be articulated fully unless these conflicts come to an end. the image blurs. it is won in (. =veryone is where they have never been before. but we continue to write more confusing words. If the battle is won in%?C+.%(. backward and forward. Our task is simple: to explode away from the black hole while knowing that we will fall back into it. We are the light of the stars bursting forth from the infinite singularity. and life. *he #narchist International will remain trapped in linear time until someone creates it anew in every location across the planet. *his is the impossible shape. *he infinite is both simultaneously. infinitely. no clear se8uence of . Were this not true. multiform nature. We will destroy all order. the triumph of chaos. *his is what must remain forever.ere we all are. the most devastating war this world will ever know. bursting forward in an explosion of possibility. # fighter in #sturias in%?C+ reaches out and fires a rocket at the police in (. While we might despise every word and action that is wasted fighting over our differences. simultaneously and concurrently. guaranteeing the total destruction of those below. and reason. *he offensive begins again and occurs always. nor the absence of contradiction. It arrives and swims through every person and every house. to understand that our struggle is the universe understanding itself. this peace. *he last remnants of rational thought floating in a green lit ocean of irrational chaos: this is perfectly rational. We experience it looking backwards. Where there is no rationality. We in no way wish to erase these conflicts. # frantic and chaotic peace reigns amidst the pointless remains of the old world of capitalist time. We are as aware as you of how difficult it will be to make this happen. It is contradiction and the absence of contradiction. "erhaps these words reveal something of the impossible shape that is the International. 7ontreal witnesses the expansion of the 2eist and its reckless. *he streets of 7ontreal empty out onto the fields of eternity and continue onward. *his peace is also an eternal war. remaining neither and affirming both. there is no direct causality. It is the truth and the false revealed to be what they are while also being neither. 0nlike so many other nights. *here is only the end and the beginning. *he fighting in the hills of #sturias takes place forever. *he world revolutionary 2eist that we have spoken of is nothing more than this knowledge spreading across the planet. *he infinite. !haos is how the world ends. The Infinite 9ot contradiction. forever.ere comes everybody.

We commenced these communications on Buly (. and the Infinite (adrid #s we write these words. *here have some days where it seems as if #thens will host it. #rgentina. our innate desire for freedom. the rose of fire has returned to inhabit :arcelona. =gypt had a long lost column has returned to 7adrid. *here is no end.%%. recommendations. *ime ceases here. $ince we began writing these words. =gypt. It is our hope that this year has been a time of transformation and enlightenment for comrades across the world. Ireland. and $pain was watching its own future unfold in the streets of eternal #thens. when it "roclaims itself as inevita!le# 4ew ideas germinate everywhere. We wish you all well and good luck in all your efforts. *he infinite is our final barrier.%(. *his. If it diminishes it one area. will end at some point during the course of linear time. (. the saga of the Indignados had already passed away into memory. 3ussia. and greed.emar/s . *his revolt is always on the verge of spilling outward into world. Re"ression. co operation. #t a certain point in time. Our unifying tactics. It was only days ago that a column of #usturian miners entered the city. seeking to force their way into the light. domestication. *his concludes On >istory. the logic and the systems that have been created to contain it. the machines. . these moments have had a greater or lesser hold upon the human population of the planet. 0sing the basic tools provides by the anonymous architect of our website. random fires are being lit in the metropolitan streets by rebels in the night. greeted by thousands of cheering people. *he moments that lead up to it will be filled with larger and larger multidimensional shock waves. the 0>. 2reece. $pain. time 8uakes. our effort will instantly overpower theirs. We do not know nor can we predict when or if we will finally succeed in our efforts to destroy this sadistic world of control. is the best illustration of what we have been trying to say in multiple ways. Our intention was to disperse conceptual tools throughout various anarchist networks. infecting it permanently. and mass intrusions of the 2eist. :olivia. We are immortal. *he history of the worlds enslavement is shorter To$ards the destruction of authority and the ignition of life #9#3!. perhaps. When we began writing in Buly of (. and instructions have been made clear in our previous nine communications. as we write these words. *he reign of the =mpire. the world will appear to be filled with fire. (. (. methods.%% and Buly. It exists outside of the time. !anada. Hune Statement: #oncluding . The Spirit of Revolt ?th . and we continue to push everyone around us towards the infinite.I$* I9*=39#*IO9#H X. the reign of capitalism. and slavery. milieus. we were able to perceive that comrades in India. *his effort of theirs has been accompanied by our nearly e8ual but nonetheless greater effort to harmoni/e and enrich the planet through autonomy. we reappear endlessly. #s they have been known up until the present time.%%. and several other nation states were accessing the content of the website. and the streets are filling with thousands of people. *hroughout history there has been an effort by our enemy to expand into and ensnare the entirety of the planet in the webs of law. We are unaware of the extent to which any of our assertions have traveled on their own and are now mutated beyond recognition.uring these moments. 7exico. *here is 6ust one moment in time where an endless instance of revolt is constantly occurring. With this final text we will end our analysis of the time period between Buly. 9ow. *he boundless energy we have been describing for the past year F2eistG can occur simultaneously in different places across the world. We hope they have been of some use. it reappears in another. or other groupings. 6ust as there are others where it could be 7ontreal.egarding The Anarchist International There are "eriods in the life of human society when revolution !ecomes an im"erative necessity. infinitely distant and eternally immanent. and our inability to enslave others. hierarchy. Our new world is on the verge of breaking out somewhere. people are beginning to hurl themselves at the enemy in the city of 7adrid. *o understand it is to become it. social circles. "eru. to find an a""lication in life8 everywhere they are o""osed !y the inertia of those whose interest it is to maintain the old order# "eter >ropotkin.

*he best of these flames were extinguished in the first battles. to the ones we must defeat. :uenaventura . =ach threat must be 6udged accordingly. It is possible to help facilitate a series of phase shifts. *hey were sent to die by the people our former comrades collaborated with. *he )#I contained the uncontrollable element that will always emerge and be best e8uipped to lead us straight to the ones we are afraid of. forever. the rose of fire. this perfect ratio holds the chaos of the infinite. we should aim at the heart of the enemy in whatever manner we see fit to do so. :ut at its heart. )#I.uring the initial efforts to push the fascists out of the eternal city. distrust. )urther hesitation will only worsen the eventual outcome. this could be represented as an electrical line burning itself out. "hi has represented our struggle against linear time. "hi signifies the moment that the waveform changes its relation to the straight line of the wire or the circuit. It is was in 7adrd that . "eople will fight to destroy the fascists as long as someone begins the fight and makes it clear that is what they mean to do. we are only here to point more people away from it. reckless. When the fascists attempted to take power on Buly %?th. glimpsed for only a moment. It is chaotic. $een visually. we must maintain the same antagonism and never relent. chipping away at its defenses and trapping the defenders inside. the fascists besieged 7adrid in %?C+.than the history of its freedom. outlasting even :arcelona. that our world burst into being. . all the tendencies within the anarchist organi/ations were thrust into war along with )#I and it was only where they all were the strongest.urruti was killed in the midst of fighting the fascists and it was this city that would be the last to fall during the war. consumed by the bombs dropped from 2erman planes. %. When electricity falls from the sky. 'hi *he 2reek letter "hi has come to signify many things over the course of time. Our ob6ective is to help break the siege. "hi can also signify the moment when a sine wave undergoes a phase shift. the )#I in $pain waged a struggle against domination that drew the apprehension. *he fascist parasites only inhabit the grander war field controlled by . 0sing all the energy we have available.+%&. many of our former comrades decided to compromise with the people we had been fighting against. the "hi should be viewed as an arrow piercing the heart of authoritarian order and domination. or the corporate overlords. existing as it is. !9*. %?C'. there will be no confusion for the enemy to utili/e against us. the local government. we should overload capitalist linear time and cause it to destroy itself. !lear communication is the only tool that can prevent a fascist strategy of tension from forming. )or month after long month. communist and republican alike. a waveform. =nergy does not wish to be contained and eternally strives to escape from where it is captured. that electricity travels in a sine wave. on the verge of making it explode. :ut when it is captured in a circuit or transmitted through a wire. %?C&. *he uncontrollable must have all our trust.-s. Whether it be the fascist parties. Final Instructions *he metropolis is the sight of our conflict with the enemy but in the end. *he )#I fought until the end and some of them hiked through the mountains with guns on their backs in order to keep fighting long after the war had been lost. It must be destroyed 8uickly.CPPinto the infinite. *hey began to cling to the weapons of the $talinists and lose sight of the irregular and chaotic people that had pushed the fascists out of !atalonia. its signifies the 2olden 3atio. *he siege of 7adrid is still taking place.urruti and his column left !atalonia and traveled eastward to the capitol of the collapsing nation state. the police. *his is true of how we have moved across the planet and how we will all continue to exist until the end of time. and counter productive. but something must surely be done about the rise of fascism in 2reece. *o contemporary mathematicians and philosophers. *hey fought desperately against the very same forces that would ultimately destroy them all. in the land of !atalonia. In the interim. %?C+. magnificent. and scorn of far too many people. *hey shot their enemies and bombed their buildings. *he arrow lies deep in its body. suicidal. and perfect. :ut attention cannot 6ust be paid to the weakest opponent. *he infinite that is contained within the symbol knows no bounds. 5isually. and %?C?. In the early %?C. 0nfortunately. *housands of these same people were torn apart and murdered because of the treachery that occurred in the back rooms of occupied buildings. *he ratio is simple: A E 5 is to A as A is to 5. $ome of them survived to watch their new world slip away. If our intentions are expressed clearly and widely. to increase the fre8uency of rebellion upon the straight line of time. 6ust as we must have theirs. it is perfect. )rom its first articulation as the pentagram to its current manifestations in the carceral architecture that millions are forced to inhabit. *hey were seen as being cra/y.

(. Treat e0ery threat seriously. they will begin to wither and implode. to create more free space for others to thrive and be healthy within. *hese tools have a material basis. To say it all 0ery clearly: esta!lish antagonistic infrastructure in the city and the country. outside or within our free areas. *here can only be purposeful traveling. their human capital. In an urban environment. *o inhabit these places is to build and extend them. *he places we travel to and from must be familiar. Het tomorrow be unlike any other. over a do/en people have been killed at a movie theater in . #ontinuously tra0el !et$een the t$o settings $ith the aim of increasing the densities in !oth. If they are not. #s we write these words. With this tenth and final communication. We will never control or create the weapons they possess. invisible tools that cannot be stolen from us. *he only strength we will possess in these situations will not be arms but the people who agree with us. E+%and until all are free and the enemy is destroyed. To all $ho fight5 to all $ho li0e5 1ong li0e Anarchy 1ong li0e 1ife Fore0er $ith you5 T4E A-A. *hey are our reason for residing in the metropolis and they are the ones who will eventually leave it behind. We can only contribute to an effort. #nd so we conclude our communications on the morning of Buly (. or pro6ect if we are rooted in an area and know the layout. It is here that we will remember what we are fighting for. we will see the worst of humans and what they are capable of. the primary of which is physical space. people can learn to live with the planet and not against it 6ust as they can begin to taste what a life without time is like. *he vast ma6ority of us are not rich and in order to escape the metropolis we will have to secure land that is free and outside the law.enver. :ut these places outside the metropolis will not be places to take a vacation. We believe we have outlined it sufficiently in our previous nine communications.-ATIO-A1 . we must travel back and forth between the rural and the urban. *his applies to the rural and the urban alike. Bust like an alternating current. It is impossible to withstand too much time in these massive slave colonies. In these new worlds. *hose in the urban areas will experience the worst repression. campaign. *hese are the type of occurrences that take place in the con8uered world. *o enter the field of battle against them is not possible in a traditional sense. the enslaved world.the capitalists. *he intention in everything must be clear. *hey were at the midnight premier of the new :atman movie. *hese areas will have to withstand attacks from our opponent. this will most often begin at the smallest level.#4IST I-TE. =nergy cannot stand still. initiative.%(. *here must be a vastness of space to grow and mingle within. to oneself and to others. Fight against $hate0er o%%onent can !e fought against. S%read according to immediate region and remain familiar $ith all territory. If there is no expansion or outward momentum to these groupings. always active. Our program is very simple and very they are much easier to treat as a vacation. 9o matter how difficult. our only weapons are magical instruments. always engaged. space must be taken in the metropolis. #gainst the high capitalists. Only within areas of free thought and free action will people come to reali/e they must leave the city and deprive the capitalists of their wealth. we are hereby announcing that there is one thing you must do with the utmost haste: !uild u% the Anarchist International. In the metropolis. in a structure or encampment.

The circular current of time carries $ith it the remains of all $e ha0e seen 3hat comes $ill !e /no$n li/e the memory of a mirror 'ointed !ac/$ard and reflecting a dream .XI.

ebt 3eloaded C( signalfire.ypothesis indymedia. its occupiedlondon. #gainst Heviathan #t .is story.aggers .org .org.espiv.#ounter Info en.orgRblog waronsociety.rawn with the *he *elescope or the >aleidoscope: # !riti8ue of the =H) !all for Informal #narchist )ederation Y International 9etwork from the !onspiracy of !ells of )ire Hul/ $ecurity .s8uat.acks Infinite $trike #gainst .net blog.EA*I-6 4othing is mutually e$clusive# All o"tions are on the ta!le# :urdened With .efenders and its )alse !ritics # $eason In .org anarchistinternational.ell Insurrectionalist #narchism # !rime !alled )reedom: *he Writings of Os !angaceiros :urning *he !assette *he $un $till 3ises *IMM09 $ituationist International "ost !ivZ: # :rief "hilosophical and "olitical Introduction to the !oncept of "ost civili/ation .net *he !ybernetic en.

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