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Fight shipyard closure and job losses...

Nationalise to save shipyard jobs


E dEMAnd thE GoVErnMEnt And BAE immediately cancel plans to end shipbuilding in Portsmouth and withdraw all threats of job losses in Portsmouth, Glasgow and Bristol. Loss of jobs is always a disaster for those directly affected and the rest of the community. The economy is already decimated by Tory austerity and the greed for profit of private companies like BAE and their friends in the banks. If BAE refuse to reverse the decision, we call on the government to nationalise the shipyards. Investment in green

jobs, and renewable energy could ensure a future for hundreds of skilled workers set to lose their jobs. We call on the trade unions, trades council and local authorities to do all in their power to resist the closures and job losses wherever they occur. A mass campaign including demonstrations in the affected cities could force BAE to back down. We support any action by BAE workers to defend their jobs. Strikes to stop work currently on the order books would hit the company where it hurtstheir profits.
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This petition has been initiated by Socialist Worker Return to: PO Box 42184, London SW8 2LH