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WHAT: Battle Buddy 101 WHEN: Sunday, November 17th TIME: 0800-1700 hrs WHERE: 957th Quartermaster Company,

3250 Jim Christal Road, Denton, TX 76207

The Denton County MHMR Military Veteran Peer Network is proud to present Battle Buddy 101. Service Members and Veterans are familiar with the P2P model as it is based upon the "Battle Buddy" system used by the US Military. A "Battle Buddy" is a pairing of two Service Members with the expectation that each partner will provide maximum, even life-saving assistance to the other. In the military, these partners ensure for each other's mission preparation, check each other's battle gear, continuously provide protection and support, and work as a team to complete missions and tasks. The bottom line is that these partners "have each other's back," they watch out for each other, work together and take care of each other. The P2P model is designed to help Veterans to learn to help other Veterans by providing basic but essential training in the skills and information needed to serve as a Peer Support Specialist. The P2P model does NOT rest upon or succeed because of any governmental agency, veteran service organization or any other type of formal corporation or entity. The Peer Support Specialist may make use of these agencies to provide support for his or her fellow Veteran, but the power of the P2P model is found in the one on one, individual connection, intervention and care found in a peer relationship. P2P works because YOU work! P2P will work in our community because of those of you trained and willing to step into the chaos of life and engage in meaningful, significant and supportive relationships! The training consists of 8 hours of instruction and role playing. Once you have completed the training you will receive a certificate and will be considered a trained Peer Support Specialist. Preferred class size is about 30. If youre interested in attending free training please email me at Heather Huhnke Certified Peer Specialist Veteran Volunteer Coordinator Denton MHMR 940-536-3264