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Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning e-Portfolio

Welcome to my e-Portfolio presentation.
Over the course of my studies I have been collecting

evidence documenting my understanding and achievement of the Australian Professional Standards for Graduating Teachers
I have presented this information within my e-Portfolio
Today I will be presenting a summary of my work

Following is a brief excerpt of the teaching philosophy that has started to develop as I progress towards becoming a teaching professional
As I embark on my journey towards becoming a teacher, I reflect on the teacher I want to become. I strive to:

Teaching Philosophy

Respect and understand my students differing needs as individuals, creating meaningful relationships guide and facilitate my students along their learning path, accommodate and encourage their individual identities, giving them the best possible opportunity for learning. be aware of influences such as a child's culture, their physical being, their religious beliefs, their social situation and how these factors impact their learning create an inviting and friendly classroom environment where everyone feels welcome, children feel enabled and engaged it their education and there is no judgement, bullying and harassment of any kind be a responsible role model and always act in an ethical and professional manner towards students, parents and carers, other staff members and the community.

be able to manage behaviour effectively using different strategies based on individual situations.

Unit of Inquiry Our World

During my placement I was fortunate to be able to plan, implement and assess an entire unit of work

How the World Works Moving Object Help People Lines of Inquiry:
Movement Design

Tools and Materials

Joining Techniques Usefulness of Technologies

Lesson Planning
Collaborative Unit planning with the Reception team. Developing my own ideas into a coherent unit sequence. Using my unit plan to create individual activities and lesson plans. Ensuring all areas of the curriculum were addressed in an integrated way. Incorporating many different pedagogies and resources to cater

for the diverse interests and abilities of the students.

Assessment and Reporting

Throughout my experience I planned for and implemented many assessment methods to ensure the concepts were being successfully transferred into knowledge and learning was being moved forward. These included: Pre-assessment Formative assessment Questioning and feedback Self Assessment Summative Assessment I also gained experience in the reporting process through: Collecting work samples, organising and compiling Portfolios Collecting data such as sight words recognition, running reading records and alphabet recognition

Reflection and Evaluation

I have been developing my reflective teaching practice on a daily and ongoing basis through:
Daily journal entries and self reflections enabling me to

constructively analyse my own achievements and identify areas for change in future teaching
order to consider the effectiveness of my activities and teaching strategies. Reception team to assess the overall success of the unit and share experiences.

Completing a self evaluation at the conclusion of the unit in

Participating in a collaborative unit reflection with the

Strategies Adopted:

Classroom and Behaviour Management Strategies

Strategically organising classroom seating plan and student grouping to minimise "triggers" of disruptive behaviour. Planning for engaging lessons to reduce unfocused and disruptive behaviour due to lack of interest or understanding in the task. Minimise reinforcing consequences for inappropriate behaviour. E.g. Only responding to children with their hand up and not those calling out or getting out of their seats to gain my attention. Asking students to make "good learning choices. Referring to the classroom agreement. Positive reinforcement: lots of positive praise, table stickers, i pad time, individual stickers, lucky dip box. Negative consequences: sitting out of the group/class, traffic lights, losing play, focus room, communications with parents. Using a mixture of verbal and non-verbal cues

Professional Learning
Cued Articulation Sheena Cameron Clay Animation i-pad Story Creator Kaizen The Walker Learning

Approach Incorporating Inquiry Based Learning into Mathematics

Ethics and Responsibilities

Responding to Abuse and Neglect

Clearly identifying myself at all times

Adhering to Code of Ethics Signing in and out

Attendance records
Obtaining media release from students Ensuring duty of care is always maintained for all students Maintaining student and parent confidentiality at all times Conducting myself in a responsible and ethical manner

inside and out side of school.

Parents, Carers and the Community

Parent Letter 8/11/13 Dear Tracy, Thank you for all of your hard work teaching room 4. I am so happy with the progress Mitchell has made throughout your time in Room 4 and this would not have happened without your warmth and patience with the children. All the best as you move forward with your teaching career. Natalie Rees.

Introduction letter Communication books Daily informal

conversations Weekly sharing Learning Journey Class blog Walk-a-thon Assembly Community visitors tennis, cricket, dog safety, musicians

Thank you
Thank you for you time.

Please access my e-Portfolio through the following link: Password: Inspire01