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Cell Structure and Microscope Quiz

Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1. A group of organs working together to perform a certain function is a(n) ____. a. organ system c. organ b. tissue d. organism 2. Usually, the largest organelle in a cell is the ____. a. chromatin c. vacuole b. nucleus d. lysosome

3. The smallest unit of life that conducts all life functions is a ____________. a. bacteria c. organ b. tissue d. cell 4. A group of cells working together is called ______________. a. Organ systems c. Organs b. Tissues d. organisms 5. Major structures within a cell that perform life functions are called ____________. a. organs c. organelles b. tissue d. cells 6. Plant and animal cells that have a nucleus are called ____________ a. Prokaryotic cells c. Bacteria cells b. Eukaryotic cells d. organs 7. What is the control center of the cell that contains the DNA? a. Mitochondria c. Nucleus b. Ribosome d. Cytoplasm 8. What is the gel-like fluid inside the cell where organelles are embedded? a. Mitochondria c. Nucleus b. Ribosome d. Cytoplasm 9. What part of a cell produces energy? Also called the Powerhouse. a. Mitochondria c. Nucleus b. Chloroplasts d. Cytoplasm 10. What part of a microscope focuses images under high power? a. Control c. Stage b. Coarse Adjustment Knob d. Fine Adjustment Knob

11. What part of the microscope controls the amount of light available? a. Diaphragm c. Objective Lenses b. Stage d. Eyepiece

12. What is the lighted area you see when looking through a microscope? a. Nucleus c. Field of View b. Highlights d. Objective Lenses
Matching Match each term with the correct description below. a. Vacuoles e. Cell membrane b. Chloroplasts f. Cell wall c. compound light microscope g. Arm d. Stage clips h. Prokaryotic cells

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Cells that ha#e no nucleus $includes %acteria and their relati#es& protecti#e layer around all cells )emporary storage centers that store water and waste products protects the cells of plants Contains green pigment chlorophyll that gi#es plants their green color holds a microscope slide in place supports the body tube of a microscope has at least two sets of lenses to magnify an ob0ect

Label the Microscope Use the word bank below to label A-K of the microscope diagram.

1ord %ank2 Stage 3yepiece Coarse Ad0ustment 4ine Ad0ustment 5e#ol#ing 6osepiece %ase Arm 7igh Power 8ens 8ow Power 8ens 8ight Source 9iaphragm