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To develop an advance Voting System to speed up the counting process and reduce the cost spent on protecting and securing the voting machines and reduce the proxy voting cases. ABSTRACT: To obtain the above objective we use the following hardware: 1. Bio-metric finger print sensor 2. RF modules 3. Microcontrollers 4. DTMF Decoder 5. LCD Display

Stage 1 Bio-Metric Finger Print Sensor: This is the first stage of the system, where the person fingerprint is taken and checked, with the existing database of the area. This unit works as your voter id where they identify, whether the person resident of that area or not. Any proxy person try to vote and his data was not there means the red light will glow and he is not allowed to enter the voting stage and it also blocks the person who comes to vote twice.

Stage 2 Voting Area: The person who has entered this stage will go to push the button of his choice (colored buttons represents different parties). And the count is stored in microcontroller and send to counting station via GSM/RF immediately.

Stage 3 Counting Area: In this stage the information received from the voting station will be added and displayed parallel on the display, this will happen in real time.


Bio-Metric Finger Print Unit

I/P Switches

Micro C O T R O L L E R

Output LEDs

DTMF Decoder

Micro C O T R O L L E R



Micro C O T R O L L E R



This system reduces the time and cost compared to present voting system.

Hardware: Finger print sensor Microcontroller interface board LCD display RF Tx & Rx DTMF encoder Press button switches Power supply

Software: Embedded c Keil Proload Finger print registration tool


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