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Are you observing changes around you???? With loss of material happiness, you gaining spiritual experiences ?????

Is your chart, making you move to spirituality ??? Check this out !!!!!

8th house is change..!! change from material world to spiritual world..!! change from spiritual to material..! 8th is change..!! Certain events in life bringing sudden changes in your life and within yourself. 12th is withdraw from material world to spiritual world..!! You withdraw from material world and ask for more and more privacy, you may start meditating long long hours, th is philosophy !inner thinking" and #rd is action..!! You observe new philosophies building up and then all ur efforts go towards $pirituality. %etu is true spiritual !de&attached" 'ahu is illusion of turning spiritual..these people act as fake gurus, with lot of material motives in their minds !!! and (oola !most spiritual", )ttarabhadara !kundalini awakening", *ishaka !efforts" . +hese nakshatra energies should greatly support the chart..!! for turning spiritual !! 8th change, th inner thinking !philosophies" , 12th withdraw to spirituality and #rd house actions will make u turn spiritual...a change from 8th house..!!! %etu is truth in spirituality..!!