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Organizational Efficiency: Creating A Strategic Plan 2013/2014 Omega Pi Zeta Chapter October 26, 2013 Presenter: Soror Rhonda

a Y. Williams, Zeta Zeta Chapter

Facilitator Mediator, Monitor. Accepts responsibility to help the group move through the agenda in the time available and make necessary decisions and plans for implementation in order to accomplish common goals. Makes no decisions for the group, but suggests ways that will help the group move forward. You as a group are in charge. It is your business that is being conducted, and that each person has a role to play.

My responsibility is to the group and its work rather than to the individuals within the group.

What is Strategic Planning? SWOT Vision, Mission, Values, Programs, Market, Strategic Intentions Goals Participation, Membership, QBM, Financial, People Management, Marketing, Education/Training Action planning Execution Q & A and Feedback

The real path and diligence. It

to greatness, it turns out, requires simplicity

requires clarity, not instant illumination.

It demands each of us to

focus on what is vital

and to eliminate all of the extraneous distractions. - Jim Collins, author

Strategic planning helps you pave the most direct path towards your vision, saving you time and money.



Intentional Planning often results in a successful outcome Unintentional planning can result in a successful outcome, however, this can be more stressful and the results are often not successful


will review SWOT and complete a SWOT analysis of the chapter. This is an exercise that all will participate in for 30 minutes.

Chapter Individual

Chapter Individual

Chapter culture Chapter image Chapter structure Key members Access to resources Operational efficiency Brand awareness Financial resources*

Chapter Individual

Chapter Individual

Target audience Competitors Trends Suppliers Partners Social changes Technology Economic environment Political environment






a vision statement What is the preferred future that the Chapter is aiming to achieve in the next two to six years?


is the reason for being for the Chapter? This should describe the what, how and why of the chapter.

What is your value statement? The value statement details that the Chapter is committed to the provision of safe social and competitive opportunities for all members. It aims to provide all members with fair competition and access to high standard Chapter facilities and property.


are the chapters programs? Education/Training for members Youth Programs Elder Care Programs Z-HOPE


Product 2. Pricing 3. Placement 4. Promotion


include 8 strategic intentions that support the Chapters vision and programs Intentional and Unintentional strategies For our purposes we will identify 4 strategic intentions


will now incorporate Goals into the planning process. We will spend the majority of our timediscussing the 20142020 plan. High level Detail level

Specic Measurable Achievable Relevant Timely

Keep in mind to define the outcome of goals when they are established. This will help define the metrics.


Six year plan Determining and prioritizing achievable goals Developing a roadmap Action Plan

Around the room you will see various boards that summarize the goals for the chapter. We will take time visit each board to capture your thoughts regarding what the goals should be and how they should be accomplished.


Management Recruitment (MIP) Retention Financial Community Service

Does everyone understand the role(s) and responsibilities that are needed to ensure chapter success?
Basileus, First, Second, Third - vacant, Parliamentarian, Tamias, Tamias Grammateus, Grammateus

National Bylaws, Regional, State and Local Executive Board Committee Chairs Dropbox
Committee Members

What are the chapters goals regarding recruitment for 2013-2015? What is your strategy?
What qualities and characteristics are you seeking in new members? Where will you recruit? How will you interact with the potential candidates to determine if they meet membership criteria?

Has an MIP Committee been formed? Has everyone reviewed the sororitys policy regarding Hazing and is in compliance? Has the process timeline been determined? Have you identified venues for various activities related to MIP? What is the observation period? How will you conduct interviews? How will the process procedures be carried out? ETC.

How will you locate inactive sorority members? How will you develop relationships to encourage them to reactivate with your chapter? What activities will you hosts to achieve success? What is the definition of a successful Reclaimation? How important is image in reclaiming inactive sorors?

You recognize the importance of keeping sorors active and financial. Planning your strategy can be an invaluable contributor to a successful program.
Not all turnover is bad. When a soror leaves the chapter, you need to understand why was it financial, was it a bad fit, was there a misunderstanding that could be resolved, was it due to non-professionalism of the chapter?

What is the current process for soror recognition?

Do sorors perceive it as fair?

Are sorors properly trained for their roles? Is leadership encouraged for everyone as a goal to achieve or is it limited to a certain population?


What does your financial plan say about your chapter? What are your goals for scholarship? What type of fundraisers can be successful to generate the funding needed to meet your goals? What are your internal resources? What are your external resources and who are your partners? How can your partners assist you with meeting your goals? Linking your strategy to your financial plan


will be your chapters contributions to Community Service? Storks Nest (501c3) The Senior Project Youth ?

Identifying and tracking progress against organizational goals Identifying opportunities for improvement Comparing performance against both internal and external standards Plan Do Check Act cycle To ensure customer requirements have been met To be able to set sensible objectives and comply with them To provide standards for establishing comparisons To provide visibility and a scoreboard for people to monitor their own performance level To highlight quality problems and determine areas for priority attention To provide feedback for driving the improvement effort

For each goal created, establish metrics for achievement Establish time lines for each goal to monitor success Example: Recruit 10 new members by January 1, 2014 and qualify them for membership class April 2014
Recruit 5 new members for the month of November Recruit 5 new members for the month of December

Review RACI

captured data

Responsible Accountable Consulted Informed

Communicating the strategy to the chapter Schedule evaluation meetings for continual assessment of the strategic plan Goal reviews monthly establish time lines for success Understand that the strategic plan is a catalyst for change; change is not easy and takes time; modification may be necessary