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The Eighth Amendment: Excessiveness Abolished

Emerson Graham, Emily Leding Junior Division Group Website

Topic Choice: To determine our topic choice, we chose what category of rights we wanted to do. We chose the Amendments because my brother suggested the Amendments. Now it was up to us to decide which Amendment to choose. We chose the Eighth Amendment because crime and law intrigues us.

Conduction of Research: To conduct our research, we went to the Main Library in Downtown and gathered books and articles on our topic. While in the library, we determined what topics we should include within project. Then individually we found websites and periodicals relevant to the Eighth Amendment. Next, we found major court cases on law websites, and downloaded some of the audio hearings of the cases. Next we picked out the important details and asked my mother, who is a lawyer, if there were any other important court cases or facts that could enhance our project.

Selection of Media: To select our presentation medium, we choose what would best fit us. We both enjoy creating items with technology. We also are very busy due to sports, and this would allow both of us to work on the website from any computer when we needed.

Relation of Theme: The Eighth Amendment is a right that the people, under the Constitution of the United States, are guaranteed because it insures the United States citizens they will be

safe and they will not be wrongly punished. It is also a right of the United States citizens to have these laws to protect themselves and not be harshly and wrongly punished.. It is also a responsibility of the United States citizens to abide by these laws. (273)