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Im Not Cinderella


Brinlee is stuck in a fairy-tale world. Whats the worst that could happen?
Chancing a closer look, I placed one foot on the packed-dirt floor of the kitchen. My other foot followed. I looked back at Cinderella I mean Gabriellawho watched from the other side of the miraculous door. Behind her, I could still see the stacks of boxes in my grandmothers attic. Gazing into reality while standing in a fantasy was a pretty weird sensation. Then, without warning, the door began to close. I scrambled to grab it, but something seemed to force it shut. Perhaps Gabriella, the supposedly sweet angel, had closed the door herself. Gabriella! Help me!


Seventeen-year-old Brinlee is a modern girl living in Idaho. When she discovers a secret portal in her attic bedroom, she accidentally swaps places with the main character from her favorite fairy tale, Cinderella. Lost in Cinderellas world, Brinlee threatens to ruin one of the worlds greatest love stories. New mysteries surround the characters of the beloved tale, and Brinlee is determined to uncover the secrets. Once she entangles herself in the affairs of Cinderellas family and meets not one but two dashing men, can she keep this celebrated romance on track? Youll love this fun reinvention of the classic Cinderella story.
ISBN: 978-1-599928-920 $14.99 C U R R AW O N G

Im Not