Interpersonal Communication in Pharmaceutical Care

Dra. Aziza Nuraini, Apt. MM

5. 2.Teknik Komunikasi Interpersonal yang Efektif 1. 6. 3. Effective Questioning Skills Taking Ownership in Language Being Specific Assertiveness Conflict Management Listening and Emphatic Counseling . 4.

5. 4. 3. 6.Effective Questioning Skill 1. 2. Very Open Open Moderately Open Moderately Closed Highly Closed Totally Closed and Leading .

Owning 2. Blaming 3. Denial .Taking Ownership in Language 1.

What behavior? . Who? 2.Being Specific 1. What place? What time? 3.

Assertiveness • • • • • C  Clearly described the situation as you see it L  Listen to what the other person is saying E  Explain the situation specifically while expressing your feelings about it A  Assert your stance R  Result that you expect from the other person’s responses are stated .

• Surviving conflict depends relationship.Conflict Management • Conflict makes us prioritize life. . since most of us are not willing to fight over nothing.

3.Listening and Emphatic Counseling 1. 4. 5. Judgmental Response Advice Giving Response Quizzing Response Placating Response Emphatic Response . 2.

H. Interpersonal Communication in Pharmaceutical Care. New York . Inc.Pustaka Meldrum.. (1994). Pharmaceutical Product Press An Imprint of the Haworth Press.

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