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My Catholic Family St. Therese and her little way to holiness Ep. 5 Transcriptionist: pg Finished: 3/26/08

9Sarah: Here I am! If you think that Im going to beg for mercy, youre very 10mistaken! I am not afraid to die! 11 12() 13 14Sarah: I hope you understand once and for all; I am Joan of Arc! 15 16(music) 17 18Mom: What are you doing? Why are you dressed up like that? 19 20Sarah: Im Joan of Arc, the greatest saint of all time, the bravest! No one 21can beat me because Im not afraid of anything. 22 23Mom: (laughs) 24 25Sarah: When I grow up Ill become a great saint, St. Sarah! And Ill be in 26every newspaper and everyone will talk about me. Theyll write my life 27story, the story of Sarah, the brave. 28 29Mom: So youre going to be a great saint, are you? 30 31Sarah: Yes, like Joan of Arc. 32 33Mom: Well, in order to become such a saint, you can start by, straightening 34up your room. 35 36Sarah: Thats not heroic. Are you making fun of me? 37 38Mom: No, of course not. Do you know who St. Therese of Lisieux was? 1 1

1 2Sarah: She sounds familiar but Im not sure. 3 4Mom: She was a great saint as well. Pope John Paul II called her the 5greatest saint of modern times. 6 7Sarah: Really? 8 9Mom: Yes. St. Therese of Lisieux is the patron saint of missionaries, no 10less. 11 12Sarah: Wow! 13 14Mom: And do you know why she was so holy? 15 16() 17 18Mom: Because she discovered a little way to holiness, searching for God 19in little things. 20 21Sarah: Things like cleaning my room? 22 23Mom: Yes, for example. St. Therese taught us that we can be very holy and 24go to heaven through little things every day. Youll see. 25 26(music) 27 28Mom: Therese was born into a very Catholic family. Her parents taught her 29to pray from the time she was small. Sometimes Therese went fishing with 30her father and, while he fished, she withdrew to pray for a while. 31 32(music) 33 34Mom: She liked to be alone with God. 35 36() 37

1Mom: Therese's mother died when she was only 4 years old. The poor child 2suffered a great deal and missed her. So, her sister Pauline, who was much 3older, cared for her like a mother. 4__________________________ 5 6Marie: Are you going to become a nun, Pauline? 7 8Pauline: Yes. Ive decided. 9 10Marie: And, Therese? Since mother died, you have been like a second 11mother to her. 12 13Pauline: Therese will be fine because youll take care of her. Promise me 14you will. 15 16Marie: Of course, but when she finds out, Im sure shell be upset. 17 18() 19 20Therese: It is true that you are going to leave me? 21 22Pauline: Oh, my dear 23 24Therese: Who is going to be my mother, now? 25 26Pauline: Honey, Marie will take care of you better than me. 27 28Therese: (sobbing) I don't want you to be a nun. I don't want you to leave. 29 30Pauline: Therese, I want to offer my whole life to God. Being in Carmel is 31like being in heaven, very, very close to God. Ill pray for you every day. 32And Ill be with you, even though you can't see me. 33 34Therese: But Pauline, I want to go with you. 35 36Pauline: Oh, child. You cant come now. Youre still very young. 37 38Therese: Then Ill grow up very quickly. 1

1_________________________ 2 3Mom: From that time, Therese decided that she wanted to be a nun for the 4rest of her life. 5 6Sarah: So, she could be with her sister Pauline? 7 8Mom: No, in order to be close to God. She was convinced that Carmel was 9the desert in which God also wanted her to hide herself. 10 11Sarah: But I don't like to hide. I want to be like Joan of Arc. I don't want to 12be closed up in a convent. 13 14Mom: (laughs) The important thing is to love God. It doesn't matter if 15youre living in a convent or if youre the president of a country. But let me 16tell you more of the story. You see, Therese was the pampered little girl of 17the family. Everyone treated her with much affection and she let them spoil 18her until something happened on Christmas night. 19 20Sarah: What happened? 21 22Mom: Christmas was a very special for Therese. It was a magical and very 23beautiful time. 24 25Sarah: For me, too! I love Christmas! 26 27Mom: Therese left her shoe next to the fireplace to be filled with gifts, as 28always. 29 30() 31 32Mom: And then she went up to her room to change her clothes for supper. 33But when she was going up the stairs, she heard the voice of her father. 34 35() 36 37Therese's father: Im worn out. Thank goodness this is the last Christmas. 38

1Marie: But, Papa, Therese is so enthusiastic about decorating the house, 2putting her shoe next to the fireplace. 3 4Thereses father: Daughter, Im very tired. Therese is already too old for 5these things. I'm sure shell understand. 6 7Therese: (sobs) 8 9Marie: Therese? 10 11Therese: (crying) Leave me alone. (crying) 12 13Marie: (whispering) Shhhh! Papa is going to hear you. 14 15Therese: I don't care if he hears me. 16 17Marie: Don't care? Papa will be very sad if he thinks youre crying on 18Christmas Night. 19 20Therese: He doesn't like Christmas. 21 22Marie: Of course he likes it! its just that he misses mama and hes 23tired. Thats all. 24 25() 26 27Therese: I miss her as well. 28 29Marie: look, you can't eat supper like this. Stay in your room. Ill say you 30aren't feeling well. If you go to supper sad, the others will also become sad. 31 32Therese: I don't want to be sad, but 33 34Marie: do it for the rest of us. Today everyone should be happy. Please 35don't ruin supper. 36 37(music) 38

1Therese: I will go to supper. 2 3Marie: are you sure? 4 5Therese: yes. Papa was right. Im not a child. Ill wash my face and Ill be 6smiling. 7 8Marie: are you sure? 9 10Therese: I promise. 11 12 13Mom: At that moment, Therese realised it was necessary to forget herself in 14order to please others. 15 16Sarah: But Therese was so sad. 17 18Mom: Yes. Were sad when we think about ourselves, when we spend all 19our time thinking, "I'm sad. "I'm tired." But when we think about others, 20we forget our own problems and were happy because we try to make those 21around us happy. Therese decided to think about others; especially about 22those who needed God's help the most. 23_______________________ 24 25Newspaper seller: Extra! Extra! Murderer condemned to death! He will be 26executed this afternoon! (music) Extra! Read the murderers sentence! 27This afternoon he will pay for his crimes with his life! 28 29Therese: Lord, I ask with all my heart that this man be converted. Please, 30dont let him go to hell. Make him repent of his sins and confess, please. 31Im very sorry for him. Give me a sign so Ill know Youve heard my 32prayer, Lord. You are good. Help him to repent before dying. 33___________________ 34 35Mom: Therese prayed a lot for that man. She didn't know him at all but she 36was very sorry if he were condemned forever. 37

1Newspaper seller: Extra! Extra! Read all about the repentant murderer! 2The murderer asked for a crucifix and kissed it twice! The convict 3confessed and died in peace with God! Read the whole story in this 4mornings paper! 5 6Therese: thank You, Lord. From now on, I know that I want to be a nun so I 7can offer you my entire life in order to save sinners. I know that You always 8hear me. Thank You, Dear Lord. 9 10(music) 11____________________ 12 13Sarah: Wow! Prayer really is very powerful, isnt it? 14 15Mom: Of course it is! What did you think? Prayer reaches God and God 16can do anything. 17 18Sarah: Does God always hear me? 19 20Mom: Yes, God always hears us and especially children. 21 22Sarah: Wow! 23 24Mom: You see, Therese wanted to enter Carmel, which was a convent in 25Lisieux. But they didnt admit her because she was only 15 years old. So, 26you do know what she did? 27 28() 29 30Mom: she went to Rome, to ask the pope to speak with her bishop so that 31they would admit her. 32 33Sarah: To Rome? Ah! 34 35Mom: That's right. 36 37Sarah: How brave! She must have really wanted to enter the convent! 38

1Mom: The pope told her that she had to obey her bishop. Therese was sad 2but then she became very happy because she realized that it was God's Will. 3After a short time, the bishop approved her entrance into Carmel, even 4though she was very young. 5 6Sarah: He let her enter so young because Therese asked many times, right? 7 8Mom: Of course. The bishop realized that although Therese was very 9young, she was very sure that her vocation was to enter Carmel and be a nun 10forever. 11__________________ 12 13Therese: Papa, give me your blessing. 14 15Therese father: Bless you, my child. I bless you. 16 17() 18 19Therese: Lord, Ive come to offer You my entire life. I want to offer You 20each moment of my life to save souls and, especially, to pray for priests. 21______________________ 22 23Mom: Therese served the other nuns all day, helping them with their work 24in the convent. The sister in charge of the sacristy called her affectionately, 25Amen. 26 27Sarah: She called Therese Amen? 28 29Mom: Yes, because Therese was always willing to obey what they told her. 30 31() 32 33Mom: That winter was very hard. Three sisters died and most were sick in 34bed. 35 36() 37

1Mom: Therese and 2 other nuns took care of everything. They cared for the 2sick nuns, prepared food, washed clothes... 3___________________ 4 5Sarah: And for that she was made a saint? Just for doing those little things? 6 7Mom: Thats the little way to holiness that Therese discovered. She realized 8that God was behind each sister who was sick, each sheet that she washed, 9each potato that she peeled. 10 11Sarah: But I thought that the great saints had done heroic things. 12 13Mom: Offering to God the little things that we do every day is also heroic. 14______________ 15 16Therese: Lord, I want to be a great saint because I love You very much but I 17know that Im a very little thing. I want to be a missionary in all the 18countries of the world but Im living in Carmel! How can I do that without 19leaving the convent? 20_________________ 21 22Mom: She then discovered that keeping a list of good actions isnt 23important but rather letting God be the One Who does it all, abandoning 24oneself into his hands. In this way, if we know that we have nothing, God 25will provide everything and will act through us. 26______________ 27 28Mom: Therese thought: 29 30Therese: "Since Im such a little thing, I have nothing important to offer 31God. So, I will do for Love all the little things that I do during the day, even 32peeling potatoes! And if I offer these things to God, it will be God Himself 33Who does them." 34_______________ 35 36Mom: That is the little way to holiness. "I must accept myself as I am, 37with all my imperfections and God will say to me: Whosoever is little, let

1him come unto Me. What is important is to do everything for the love of 2God. All our good works are worthless if we dont do them for love. 3 4Sarah: And what does it mean to do them for love? 5 6Mom: It means doing them because we love others as God loves them. 7 8Sarah: Wow! 9 10Mom: In this way, Therese found her true vocation. "My vocation is love. 11May others see in me the love that God has for them and may I see God in 12others. 13 14Sarah: But thats very hard because God loves us very much. He loves us 15more than all the mothers and fathers in the world. 16 17Mom: Yes, but Ill show you a trick. 18 19() 20 21Sarah: A trick? 22 23Mom: That's right. The trick is to see Jesus in others. Treat others as if they 24were Jesus Himself. 25_________________ 26 27Mom: There was a nun who Therese especially didn't like. She had a 28difficult personality and Therese couldn't stand her. Then, she decided to 29treat her as if she were Jesus Himself. 30 31Nun #1: Thank you, Sister Therese. 32 33Therese: you're welcome. 34 35Nun #1: Sister, I would like to ask you why you always smile when you see 36me. Do you really like me? 37 38Therese: Im very pleased to see you, Sister. 1


1_________________ 2 3Mom: The truth is that Therese saw Jesus in that sister. So, she made an 4effort to please her, even though she didn't like her. 5 6Sarah: Its like that pest Paula, who always wants to play with me. I don't 7like her. She's stuck up. She thinks shes the prettiest girl in the class and 8that makes me furious! So, I always make up excuses not to play with her. 9 10Mom: Well, honey. Perhaps youve learned something from St. Therese of 11Lisieux. 12 13Sarah: You're right, mama. I'm going to call her. 14 15() 16 17Sarah: Paula? I was thinking that maybe you would like to get together this 18afternoon to play. () Yes? Then youll come over to my house? () Okay, 19we'll see you at five. () That's all right. Were friends, aren't we? 20Goodbye. 21 22Mom: I think what you just did was very beautiful. 23 24Sarah: She was surprised because I never call her to play with me. In fact, I 25think Im her only friend because the others can't stand her either. She was 26very happy. 27___________________. 28 29Mom: They assigned her to pray for various missionaries, who were leaving 30for missions to Africa and Asia. Therese prayed a lot for them and offered 31small sacrifices to God. 32 33() 34 35Mom: She wrote to them often. She also wanted to be a missionary. She 36wanted it so badly that she wouldnt have been satisfied going to a single 37country. She wouldve wanted to go to all the countries of the world. But 38that was impossible because she was living in a cloistered convent. 1


1___________________ 2 3Mom: You know something? She prayed and offered so many sacrifices for 4missionaries, that after her death she was proclaimed the patron saint of 5missions. 6 7Sarah: The patron saint of missions? But she never went to any mission. 8 9Mom: No but prayers and sacrifices are the most important things for any 10mission. Prayer is like an engine for missionaries. So, Therese, even though 11she was cloistered in a convent, was a great help for missions. 12 13Sarah: Then, even though Im little and in this house, I can do many big 14things for the Church and for the world. 15 16Mom: That's right. You dont need to go far in order to help others. 17 18Sarah: I can even help people that I don't know. It's enough to pray, right? 19 20Mom: That's right. Prayer reaches everyone. Its as if a ray of light goes out 21from you that is so intense that it could light up the whole planet. 22 23Sarah: Wow! 24 25Mom: Therese became ill with tuberculosis and suffered a great deal. She 26coughed without stopping and suffered great pain. 27 28Therese: You know, Pauline? Life is not sad but very joyful because 29everything that happens is God's Will. I want to be sick all my life, if this 30pleases the Lord. I only want what God wants. 31 32Mother Superior: How is she? 33 34Pauline: Shes dying, Mother. 35 36(Mother Superior: Open all the doors. 37


1Mom: Pauline thought that Jesus was saying these same words to his angels 2at that moment: "Open the doors of heaven so Therese may enter". 3______________ 4 5Sarah: You know, Mommy, every morning Ill clean my room before going 6to school and offer to God this small sacrifice, like St. Therese did. 7 8Mom: Im very pleased, my dear. And Im sure that Jesus will also be very 9happy seeing you. 10 11() 12 13Mom: Good night. 14 15Sarah: Good night, Mommy. 16_____________________ 17 18Mom: How are you? 19 20Thomas: Exhausted. Ive had a lot of work today. 21 22Mom: Do you want me to bring you something to eat? 23 24Thomas: Thanks but right now I only need to rest. I don't think I could get 25up, not even with a forklift. 26 27Mom: You know? I told Sarah the story of St. Therese of Lisieux and her 28little way to holiness. 29 30Thomas: That's good, dear. I know we should give them examples in the 31small things that we do for them. 32 33Mom: You're right. And theyll see how you and I walk along that little way 34of holiness. 35 36Alex: Dad, Im not sleepy. 37 38Thomas: You aren't? 1


1 2Alex: I can't sleep. I'm bored. 3 4Thomas: That's okay, champ. Ill go up with you. 5 6Alex: Will you stay with me for a while? 7 8Thomas: Okay. 9 10Alex: And youll tell me a story? 11 12Thomas: You can count on it! 13 14Alex: Good! I want to hear the one about those dwarfs that worked in that 15mine and then the ogre comes and 16 17Thomas: Alright, alright. Ill tell you that story. 18 19(music) 20 21EWTN 22KAD 23 24 25 26Moja katolika druina 27Sveta Terezija in njena mala pot k svetosti 28Epizoda 5 29 30(glasba) 31Sara: Tu sem! e mislite, da bom moledovala za milost, se mono motite! 32Ne bojim se umreti! 33() 34Sara: Upam, da razumete enkrat za vselej. Jaz sem Ivana Orleanska. 35(glasba) 36Mama: Kaj dela? Zakaj si tako obleena? 37Sara: Sem Ivana Orleanska, najveja svetnica vseh asov, najpogumneja. 38Nihe me ne more potoli, ker se ne bojim niesar. 1


1Mama: (se smeje) 2Sara: Ko bom odrasla, bom velika svetnica. Sveta Sara! In v vsakem 3asopisu bom in vsi bodo govorili o meni. Napisali bodo mojo ivljenjsko 4zgodbo, zgodbo o Sari, pogumni. 5Mama: Potemtakem bo velika svetnica, mar ne? 6Sara: Da, kakor Ivana Orleanska. 7Mama: Prav, da postane takna svetnica, lahko zane s pospravljanjem 8svoje sobe. 9Sara: To ni junako. Ali se noruje iz mene? 10Mama: Ne, seveda ne. Ali ve, kdo je bila sveta Terezija iz Lisieuxa? 11Sara: Zveni mi znano, toda nisem prepriana. 12Mama: Tudi ona je bila velika svetnica. Pape Janez Pavel II. jo je imenoval 13najveja svetnica modernih asov. 14Sara: Resnino? 15Mama: Da. Sveta Terezija iz Lisieuxa je zavetnica misijonarjev, ni manj. 16Sara: Osupljivo! 17Mama: In ali ve, zakaj je bila tako sveta? 18() 19Mama: Zato, ker je odkrila malo pot k svetosti, na kateri je iskala Boga v 20majhnih stvareh. 21Sara: V stvareh, kot je ienje moje sobe? 22Mama: Da, denimo. Sveta Terezija nas je nauila, da smo lahko zelo sveti in 23da lahko gremo v nebesa s pomojo tega, da vsak dan opravljamo male 24stvari. Videla bo. 25(glasba) 26Mama: Terezija se je rodila v zelo katoliki druini. Njeni stari so jo nauili 27moliti e v asu, ko je bila e majhna. Vasih je la Terezija ribarit s svojim 28oetom, in ko je ribarila, se je za nekaj asa umaknila v molitev . 29(glasba) 30Mama: Hotela je biti sama z Bogom. 31() 32Mama: Terezijina mama je umrla, ko je imela ele tiri leta. Ubogi otrok je 33zelo trpel in jo je mono pogreal. Tako je njena sestra Pavlina, ki je bila 34precej stareja, skrbela zanjo kot mati. 35Marija: Ali bo postala redovnica, Pavlina? 36Pavlina: Da. Odloila sem se. 37Marija: In Terezija? Odkar je mama umrla, si ji bila kot druga mama. 38Pavlina: Terezija bo dobro, ker bo ti skrbela zanjo. Obljubi mi, da bo. 1


1Marija: Seveda, toda prepriana sem, da bo razoarana, ko to odkrije . 2() 3Terezija: Ali je res, da me bo zapustila? 4Pauline: Oh, ljuba moja. 5Terezija: Kdo bo zdaj moja mati? 6Pavlina: Sladka moja. Marija bo bolje skrbela zate kot jaz. 7Terezija: (hlipaje) Noem, da postane nuna. Noem te pustiti, da odide. 8Pavlina: Terezija, vse svoje ivljenje hoem darovati Bogu. Biti v Karmelu 9je, kakor da si v nebesih, da zelo zelo blizu Bogu. Vsak dan bom molila 10zate. In s tabo bom, eprav me ne bo mogla videti. 11Terezija: Toda Pavlina, jaz hoem oditi s teboj. 12Pavlina: Oh, otrok. Zdaj ne more priti. Zelo si e mlada. 13Terezija: Potem bom zalo hitro odrasla 14 15Mama: Od tistega asa je Terezija sklenila, da hoe biti ves preostanek 16svojega ivljenja redovnica. 17Sara: Da bi tako mogla biti s sestro Pavlino? 18Mama: Ne, da bi bila blije Bogu. Prepriana je bila, daje Karmel 19puava, v katero Bog hoe, da se tudi ona skrije. 20Sara: Toda jaz se ne elim skrivati. Biti hoem kakor Ivana Orleanska. 21Noem biti zaprta v samostan 22Mama: (se smeje) Pomembno je ljubiti Boga. Ni pomembno, e ivi v 23samostanu ali si predsednik drave. Toda dopusti mi, da nadaljujem z 24zgodbo. Vidi. Terezija je bila zdaj razvajana mala punka za vso druino. 25Vsi so jo obravnavali z veliko naklonjenosti in ona jim je pustila, da so jo 26razvajali dokler se na boino no ni nekaj zgodilo. 27Sara: Kaj se je zgodilo? 28Mama; Boi je bil za Terezijo zelo poseben. Bil je magien in zelo lep as. 29Sara: Zame tudi! Ljubm Boi! 30Mama: Terezija je pustila svoj korenj poleg ognjia, da bi bil napolnjen z 31darili, kot zmeraj. 32() 33Mama: In potem je nenadoma la v svojo sobo, da bi se preoblekla za 34veerjo. Toda ko je la gor po stopnicah, je sliala glas svojega oeta 35() 36Terezijin oe:Izrpan sem. Hvala Bogu, da je to zadnji boi. 37Marija: Toda oka, Terezija je tako navduena nad kraenjem hie, svoj 38korenj postavlja poleg ognjia. 1


1Terezijin oe: Herka, zelo utrujen sem. Terezija je e prestara za te stvari. 2Preprian sem da bo razumela. 3Terezija: (zaihti) 4Marija: Terezija? 5Terezija: (joe) Pustite me pri miru. (joe) 6Marija: (epetaje) ! Oka te bo slial. 7Terezija: Pa kaj, naj me slii. 8Marija: Vseeno ti je? Oka bo zelo alosten, e bo mislil, da joe na boini 9veer. 10Terezija: Njemu bo ni ve. 11Marija:Seveda mu je! Samo to je mamo pogrea in utrujen je. To je 12vse. 13() 14Terezija: Tudi jaz jo pogream . 15Marija: Poglej, takna ne more jesti veerje. Ostani v svoji sobi. Rekla bom, 16da se ne pouti dobro. e bo jedla veerjo alostna, bodo tudi drugi postali 17alostni. 18Terezija: Noem biti alostna, ampak 19Marija: Napravi to za nas druge. Danes bi moral vsakdo biti sreen. Prosim, 20ne unii veerje. 21(glasba) 22Terezija: Jaz bom la na veerjo. 23Marija: Ali si prepriana? 24Terezija: Ja. Oka je imel prav. Nisem ve otrok. Oprala si bom obraz in se 25bo smehljala. 26Marija:Ali si prepriana 27Terezija: Obljubljam. 28Mama: V tem trenutku se je Terezija zavedala, da mora pozabiti nase, da bi 29bila ve drugim. 30Sara.: Toda Terezija je bila tako alostna. 31Mama: Res je. alostni smo, ko mislimo nase, ko porabljamo ves svoj as z 32mislijo: alosten sem. Utrujen sem. Toda ko mislimo na druge, 33pozabimo na svoje lastne probleme in smo sreni, ker skuamo osreiti ljudi 34okrog sebe. Terezija se je odloila, da bo mislila na druge: e posebej na 35tiste, ki so najbolj potrebovali Bojo pomo. 36Prodajalec asnikov: Ekstra! Ekstra! Morilec obsojen na smrt! Danes 37popoldne ga bodo usmrtili! (glasba) Estra! Preberite smrtno obsodbo tega 38morilca! To popoldne bo s svojim ivljenjem plaal za svoje zloine! 1


1Terezija: Gospod, iz vsega srca te prosim, naj se ta lovek spreobrnje. 2Prosim te, ne pusti mu oditi v pekel. Daj, da se spokori za svoje grehe in se 3spove, prosim. Zelo al mi je zanj. Daj mi znamenje, da bom vedel, da si 4uslial mojo molitev, Bog. Ti si dober. Pomagaj mi, da se spokori pred 5smrtjo. 6Mama: Terezija je veliko molila za tega loveka. Sploh ga ni poznala, toda 7zelo bi ji bilo al, e bi bil veno pogubljen. 8Prodajalec asnikov: Ekstra! Ekstra! Preberite o spokorjenem morilcu! 9Morilec je prosil za razpelo in ga dvakrat poljubil. Obsojenec se je spovedal 10in umrl v miru z Bogom! Preberite vso zgodbo v asniku danes zjutraj! 11Terezija: Hvala ti, Gospod. Od zdaj naprej vem, da hoem biti redovnica, da 12lahko darujem vse svoje ivljenje za reenje grenikov. Vem, da me vedno 13uslii. Hvala ti, dragi Gospod. 14(glasba) 15Sara: udovito! Molitev je resnino zelo mona, mar ne? 16Mama:Seveda je! Kaj si pa mislila? Molitev dosee Boga in Bog lahko stori 17kar koli. 18Sara: Ali me Bog vedno slii? 19Mama: Da, Bog nas vedno slii, e posebno otroke. 20Sara: Kako udovito! 21Mama: Vidi, Terezija je hotela vstopiti v Karmel, kar je bil samostan v 22Lisieuxu. Toda sestre je niso sprejele, ker je bila stara ele petnajst let. Ali 23ve, kaj je potem storila? 24() 25Mama: la je v Rim in prosila papea, naj govori z njenim kofom, da bi jo 26sprejel. 27Sara: V Rim? Ah! 28Mama: Tako je. 29Sara: Kakopogumno. Morala si je resninoeleti vstopa v samostan 30Mama: Pape ji je povedal, da mora ubogati svojega kofa. Terezija je bial 31tako alostna, toda potem je postala zelo srena, ker se je zavedala, da je to 32Boja volja. Po kratkem asu ji je kof dovolil vstopiti v Karmel, eprav je 33bila e zelo mlada. 34Sara: Vstopiti ji je dovolil, ker je tako pogosto prosila, mar ne? 35Mama: Seveda. kof se je zavedal, da je Terezija sicer zelo mlaa, vendar je 36zelo gotova, da je njen poklic, da vstopi v Karmel in da je za zmeraj 37redovnica. 38Terezija: Oka, daj mi svoj blagoslov. 1


1Terezijin oe: Bodi blagoslovljena, otrok moj. Blagoslavljam te. 2() 3Terezija_: Gospod, prihajam, da ti darujem vse svoje ivljenje. Darovati ti 4hoem vsak trenutek svojega ivljenja, za reitev du in e posebej kot 5molitev za duhovnike. 6Mama: Terezija je ves dan sluila drugim redovnicam in jim pomagala pri 7njihovem delu v samostanu. Sestra, zadolena za zakristijo, jo je ljubkovalno 8imenovala Amen. 9Sara: Terezijo je imenovala Amen? 10Mama: Da, kajti Terezija je bila vedno pripravljena ubogati, kar so ji rekli. 11() 12Mama: Tista zima je bila zelo trda. Tri sestre so umrle in veina jih je leala 13bolnih v postelji. 14() 15Mama: Terezija in dve drugi redovnici so skrbele za vse. Skrbele so za bolne 16redovnice, pripravljale so hrano, prale so perilo ,,, 17Sara: In za to so jo razglasili za svetnico? Samo zato, ker je opravljala ta 18mala dejanja? 19Mama: To je mala pot k svetosti, ki jo je odkrila Terezijo. Zavedala se je, da 20je Bog za vsako sestro, ki je bolna, za vsako rjuho, ki jo opere, za vsakim 21krompirjem, ki ga olupi. 22Sara: Toda mislila sem, da morajo veliki svetniki delati junake stvari. 23Mama: Darovati Bogu male stvari, ki jih vsak dan delamo, je tudi junatvo. 24 25Terezija: Gospod, biti hoem velika svetnica, ker te zelo ljubim, vendar vem, 26da sem zelo majcena stvar. Biti hoem misijonarka v vseh deelah sveta, 27toda ivim v Karmelu. Kako naj to storim, ne da bi zapustila samostan? 28Mama: Potem je odkrila, da ni pomembno, da ima pri sebi seznam dobrih 29del, ampak to, da pusti Bogu, naj je on tisti, ki vse stori, mi pa se prepustimo 30v njegove roke. e torej vemo, da nimamo niesar, bo na ta nain bog 31poskrbel vse in bo deloval po nas. 32Mama: Terezija je pomislila: 33Terezija: Ker sem takna mala stvarca, ni niesar pomembnega, kar bi 34mogla darovati Bogu. Zato bom za Ljubezen storila vsa mala dejanja, ki jih 35storim ez dan, celo krompir bom olupila. In e darujem te stvari Bogu, jih 36bobog sam storil. 37Mama: To je mala pot k svetosti. Sprejeti moram samo sebe, kakrna 38sem, z vsemi svojimi nepopolnostmi, in Bog mi bo rekel: Kdor je majhen, 1


1mu pustite, da pride k meni. Pomembno je,da vse delam iz ljubezni do 2Boga. Vsa dobra dela so brez vrednosti, e jih ne naredimo iz ljubezni. 3Sara: In kaj pomeni, da jih delamo iz ljubezni? 4Mama: Pomeni, da jih delamo, ker ljubimo druge, kakor jih Bog ljubi. 5Sara: udovito! 6Mama: Na ta nain je Terezija nala svoj pravi poklic. Moj poklic je 7ljubezen. Naj drugi v meni vidijo ljubezen, ki jo ima Bog do njih, in naj jaz 8vidim Boga v drugih. 9Sara: Toda to je zelo teko, ker nas Bog zelo ljubi. Ljubi nas bolj,kakor nas 10ljubijo vse matere in oetje tega sveta. 11Mama: Da, toda pokazala ti bom zvijao. 12() 13Sara:Zvijao? 14Mama:; Tako je, Zvijaa je, da vidimo v drugih Jezusa. Delaj z drugimi, 15kakor da so oni sam Jezus. 16Mama: Bila je redovnica, ki je Terezija e posebej ni marala. Teko osebnost 17je imela in Terezija je ni mogla prenaati. Potem je sklenila, da bo z njo 18ravnala, kakor da je ta redovnica sam Jezus. 19Redovnica 1: Hvala vam, sestra Tereziija. 20Terezija: Prosim. 21Redovnica 1: Sestra, rada bi vas vpraala, zakaj se vedno smehljate, ko me 22vidite. Ali me imate resnino radi? 23 Terezija: Zelo sem vesela, da vas vidim, Sestra. 24Mama; Resnica je, da je Terezija v tej sestri videla Jezusa. Tako si je 25prizadevala,da bi ji ustregla, eprav je v resnici ni marala. 26Sara: Je torej kakor ta mala kuga Pavla, ki se vedno hoe igrati z mano. Jaz 27je ne maram.Domiljava je. Misli,da je najlepa punca v razredu in to me 28razbesni! Tako vedno najdem izgovor, da se ne igram z njo. 29Mama. Prav, mala moja. Mogoe si se kaj nauila od svete Terezije iz 30Lisieuxa. 31Sara: Prav ima, mama. Poklicala jo bom . 32() 33Sara: Pavla? Mislila sem, da bi se danes popoldan mogoe dobili in se 34skupaj igrali. () Da? Potem bo prila okrog do nae hie? () Prav, se vidiva 35ob petih. () Dobro. Saj sva prijateljici, mar ne? Se vidiva! 36Mama: Mislim, da je zelo lepo, kar si pravkar storila.


1Sara: Preseneena je bila, ker je nikoli ne pokliem, da bi se igrala z mano. 2Dejansko mislim, da sem njena edina prijateljica, ker je tudi drugi ne 3prenaajo. Zelo je bila srena. 4Mama: Naroili so ji,da moli za razline misijonarje, ki so odhajali v 5misijone v Afriko in Azijo. Terezija je veliko molila zanje in je darovala 6male rtve Bogu . 7() 8Mama: Pogosto ji je pisala. Tudi sama je hotela biti misijonarka. To si je 9tako zelo elela, da se ne bi zadovoljila s tem, da bi odla v eno samo deelo. 10Hotela bi oditi v vse deele sveta. Toda to ni bilo mogoe, ker je ivela v 11klavzurnem samostanu. 12Mama: Ve kaj? Tako zelo je molila in toliko rtev je darovala za 13misijonarje, da je bila po smrti razglaena za sveto zavetnico misijonov. 14Sara: Sveta zavetnica misijonov? Pa saj ni nikoli la v noben misijon. 15Mama: Ne, toda molitve in rtve so najbolj pomembna stvar za vsak misijon. 16Molitev je za misijonarje kot motor. Tako je Terezija sicer res bila 17zaklenjena v samostan, vendar je bila za misijon velika pomo. 18Sara: Potem lahko navzlic dejstvu, da sem majhna in da sem v tej hii, 19naredim veliko stvari za Cerkev in za svet. 20Mama: Tako je. Ni ti treba iti dale, da bi pomagala drugim. 21Sara: Pomagam lahko celo ljudem, ki jih ne poznam. Dovolj je, da molim, 22mar ne? 23Mama: Tako je. Molitev dosee vsakogar. Je, kakor da bi iz tebe prihajal 24arek lui, ki je tako moan, da lahko prige ves planet. 25Sara: Sijajno! 26Mama: Terezija je zbolela za tuberkulozo in mono trpela. Nenehno je 27kaljala in je mono trpela. 28Terezija: Ve kaj, Pavlina? ivljenje ni alostno, ampak zelo veselo, ker je 29vse, kar se dogaja, Boja volja. Vse ivljenje hoem biti bolna, e je to ve 30Gospodu. Samo to hoem, kar hoe Bog. 31Mati prednica: Kako je? 32Pavlina: Mati, umira. 33Mati prednica: Odprite vsa vrata. 34Mama: Pavlina je mislila, da je Jezus v tistem trenutku rekel isto besedo 35svojim angelom: Odprite vrata nebes, da bo Terezija lahkovstopila. 36Sara: Ve, mama, vsako jutro, preden grem v olo, poistim svojo sobo in 37darujem Bogu to malo rtev, prav kakor je poela svdta Terehja.


1Mama: Zelo sem zadovoljna, draga moja. In prepriana sem, da bo tudi 2Jezus zelo sreen, ko se bo sreal s tabo. 3() 4Mama: Lahko no. 5Sara: Lako no, Mami. 6Mama: Kako si? 7Toma: Izrpan. Danes sem imel veliko dela. 8Mama: Ali hoe, da ti prinesem nekaj za jest? 9Toma: Hvala, ampak prav zdaj potrebujem samo poitek. Mislim, da ne bi 10mogel dvigniti niti vilice. 11Mama: Ve kaj? Sari sem povedala zgodbo o sveti Tereziji iz Lisieuxa in 12njeni mali poti k svetosti. 13Toma: To je dobro, draga, Vem, da jim morava dati zglede v majhnih 14stvareh, ki jih delava zanje. 15Mama: Prav ima. In videli bodo, kako ti in jaz hodiva po mali poti svetosti. 16Aleks: Oka, jaz nisem zaspan. 17Toma: Mar nisi? 18Aleks: Ne morem spat. Dolgas mi je. 19Toma: Je e dobro, fant. Bom el s tabov sobo. 20Aleks: Ali bo ostal nekaj asa z mano' 21Toma: Dobro. 22Aleks: In mi bo povedal zgodbo? 23Toma: Lahko rauna name! 24Aleks: Dobro! Rad bi slial zgodbo o palkih, ki so delali v rudniku, in 25potem pride velikan in 26Toma: Dobro, dobro. Povedal ti bom to zgodbo. 27(glasba) 28EWTN 29KAD 30