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My Catholic Family Episode 8 Maximilian Kolbe, Evangelization and Martyrdom Formatted by BDC from script provided by producer !

"#$" 8 %music& Male 'nnouncer( My Cat)olic Family * Maximilian Kolbe, Evangelization and Martyrdom +)omas( , -as given t)is boo. as a present/ 'lex( ,s it an adventure boo.0 +)omas( ,t1s about t)e life of 2t/ Maximilian Kolbe/ 'lex( 3), rig)t4 t)e life of a saint/ +)omas( ' saint -)o -as .illed by 5azi soldiers, in t)e concentration camp at 'usc)-itz/ 'lex( 2o6so are t)ere soldiers in t)e boo.0 +)omas( 2oldiers -it) mac)ine guns, and prisoners trying to escape/ 'lex( 7reat8 9ey, -ill you read t)e story to me0 2ara( :es, please, Dad/ +)omas( 3.ay, )ere -e go4 %3/2/& During t)e 2econd ;orld ;ar, t)e 5azis built enormous prisons -)ere t)ey sent )undreds of prisoners/ +)ese prisons -ere called concentration camps/ %& %siren -ails& <risoner =>( 2omeone escaped/ <risoner =#( , )ope )e it/

<risoner =>( ;)at are you saying8 :ou .no- -)at -ill )appen if )e does ma.e it/ +)ey1ll .ill > of us8 % & Maximilian( 9oly Mot)er, )elp )im to escape from t)is )ell/% & 2ergeant( 3n your feet8 3ne of your comrades )as escaped/ 2o > of you are going to starve to deat) in t)e punis)ment bloc./ % & :ou, step for-ard/ :ou/ % & +)omas %3/2/&( +)e sergeant pic.ed > prisoners to be loc.ed up in a prison cell, and left to starve to deat)/ 2ergeant( 'nd you/ <risoner =?( Me0 % & <lease, sir, )ave pity on me/ ,1m a fat)er, -it) a family/ My -ife, my c)ildren4 2ergeant( 7et up8 <risoner =?( ,1m begging you, please4 , don1t -ant to die4 Maximilian( , -ill ta.e )is place/ 2ergeant( ;)at did you say800 Maximilian( , said t)at , am -illing to give my life in exc)ange for )is/ 2ergeant( 2o you -ant to be a )ero0 @ery -ell/ , don1t care -)ic) of you t-o dies/ :ou1re all Aust numbers to me/ +a.e t)em to t)e punis)ment cell/ ;)o1s t)e man -it) t)e glasses0 2oldier =#( Fr/ Maximilian Kolbe, sir, a Cat)olic priest/ % & 'lex( 9e1s so brave8 2ara( Did )e die0 +)omas( :es, )e -as a saint and a martyr/

'lex( 9e must )ave been a real super)ero to do t)at/ %+)omas laug)s& %& +)omas( +)e 2aints are even braver t)an super)eroes/ 'lex( ;o-8 +)omas( Do you .no- )o- )e became suc) a brave man0 % & ;)en )e -as a boy, )is country, <oland, -as invaded by t)e Bussians, and all expression of religious belief -as banned/ %3/2/& ,f t)e Bussian soldiers )eard you praying, t)ey -ould t)ro- you in Aail/ +)ey mig)t even .ill you/ Because of t)is, Maximilian1s parents )ad a little altar )idden inside a -ardrobe and Maximiliam -ent to pray t)ere every day/ +)e @irgin of Czestoc)o-a is t)e patron saint of <oland/ +)e people )ave a great devotion to )er/ 'lex( :ou1d )ave to be very brave to do t)at/ 2ara( :es, because if t)e soldiers found t)e altar4 +)omas( ,t -ould )ave been a terrible tragedy/ But Maximilian1s parents -ere very devoted Cat)olics, and t)eir fait) -as greater t)an t)e t)reat from t)e soldiers/ 'lex( Did t)ey pray in secret0 +)omas( :es/ ,t so )appened t)at one day, Maximilian4 -ell, , s)ould say Baymond4 2ara( Baymond0 +)omas( :es/ :ou see, )is real name -as Baymond/ ;)en )e entered t)e Franciscan order )e became Maximilian/ ;ell, -)at )appened -as, one day, -)en )e -as a boy, Baymond got into a spot of trouble/ Mot)er( Baymond, -)at you )ave done is very bad/ ,f you carry on be)aving li.e t)is4 My c)ild, -)o .no-s -)at -ill become of you8 +)omas %3/2/&( From t)at day on, Maximilian1s attitude c)anged/ 9e became a very Cuiet and serious boy/ 9is parents -ere puzzled/ % &

Mot)er( ,1m -orried about Baymond/ , don1t .no-, ever since , scolded )im t)at time, )e )asn1t been )imself/ 2omet)ing )as )appened to )im/ Fat)er( :es, ,1ve noticed it too/ ;e )ave to tal. to )im/ Mot)er( 9mm4 3)8 +)omas( 9e really -as a different boy/ Maximilian )ad c)anged completely/ 9e still prayed, as al-ays, but -)en )e prayed, )e also cried/ 9is mot)er sa)im crying in prayer and s)e became -orried/ % & Mot)er( Baymond, my c)ild, -)at1s t)e matter0 Maximilian( ;ell, mot)er, do you remember t)e day you told me off0 Mot)er( 3f course , remember/ :ou )aven1t been t)e same since/ Maximilian( Do you remember -)at you said to me0 Mot)er( , don1t remember t)e exact -ords4 Maximilian( :ou said, DMy c)ild, -)o .no-s -)at -ill become of you8E Mot)er( :es, no- , remember/ Maximilian( ;ell, t)ose -ords made me t)in. )ard, and , as.ed t)e @irgin to let me see -)at -ould become of me/ %3/2/& , as.ed )er many times, until one day, t)e @irgin appeared to me/ @irgin( Do you -ant t)ese t-o cro-ns0 Maximilian %3/2/&( 2)e -as )olding t-o cro-ns( one -)ite and one red/ +)e -)ite cro-n meant t)at , -ould al-ays remain pure, and t)e red cro-n meant t)at , -ould be a martyr/ Maximilian( Mot)er, , accept t)em bot)/ %3/2/& +)en t)e @irgin loo.ed at me -it) great tenderness, and disappeared/ +)omas( From t)at moment, )is mot)er )ad an intuition t)at )er son -ould

die as a martyr/ 'lex( Did t)e @irgin really appear to )im0 2ara( 3f course8 :ou don1t t)in. it -as Aust )is imagination, do you0 +)omas( ,t -as all real/ 2o real t)at Maximilian -as transformed/ 's soon as )e could, )e entered t)e Franciscan 3rder, along -it) )is brot)er/ Fr/ Mic)ael( +)e Feast of t)e ,mmaculate Conception is less t)an a mont) a-ay, so , t)oug)t ,1d form an apostolic group/ +)e group -ill be called D+)e Friends of t)e ,mmaculate ConceptionE, in )onor of 2aint Maximilian Kolbe/ 'lex( Maximilian Kolbe8 2ara( +)at1s t)e story Fat)er told us8 Fr/ Mic)ael( '), , see you already .no- somet)ing about t)is saint/ 'lex( :es, -e .no- )e -as very brave/ Fr/ Mic)ael( Maximilian founded a apostolic group called D+)e Militia of t)e ,mmaculataE, -)ose main tas. -as to edit a mont)ly magazine, -)ic) -as called D+)e Knig)t of t)e ,mmaculataE/ ;e1re going to print a magazine too/ 'lex( 7reat8 ;e1ll be Aournalists8 2ergio( :es8 Everyone -ill read our magazine and -e1ll be famous8 Fr/ Mic)ael( 5o-, no-/ +)e magazine is important, but it1s not t)e most important t)ing, and neit)er is t)e fame/ 'lex( 3), no0 Fr/ Mic)ael( 5o/ Fet1s see -)at Maximilian said/ Maximilian %3/2/&( Don1t forget boys, t)e important t)ing is not collecting subscriptions, but saving souls/ Maximilian( ,t1s very important t)at millions of copies of +)e Knig)t are

printed, but it1s even more important t)at eac) one is sent -it) a prayer/ Because every edition must be made -it) prayer/ +)e aim of our group, and t)is magazine, is to convert t)e -)ole -orld t)roug) devotion to t)e Blessed @irgin/ % & Fr/ Mic)ael( Maximilian -as very devoted to t)e @irgin Mary/ ;ell, our first edition -ill come out on t)e 8t) of December, t)e Feast of t)e ,mmaculate Conception, so -e )ave to really get do-n to business, but before -e start, let1s go to C)urc), to pray t)at t)e magazine does a lot of good/ % & ;)en )e -as young, Maximilian al-ays prayed in t)e front pe- so t)at )e -ouldn1t be distracted by t)e people entering and leaving t)e c)urc)/ Fet1s follo- )is example/ % & 2ara( Mom, did you .no- t)at Maximilian -anted to convert t)e -)ole -orld, even Gapan8 Mot)er( ;)en )e )ad to ta.e long train Aourneys, )e used to ta.e t)e opportunity to preac) to )is fello- passengers/ % & Maximilian( +)e @irgin is our Mot)er, and is t)e sure pat) t)at leads us to 9eaven/ % &2)e us feel very loved, especially loved/ 's a good mot)er loves )er c)ild/ % & ,f -e are devoted to @irgin, 2)e -ill ta.e us to 9er 2on, our Ford Gesus/ 7randfat)er( Maximilian loved all t)e latest tec)nology/ 9e didn1t Aust start a magazine, )e also founded a radio station, -)en at t)e time t)ere -as only one Cat)olic radio station in t)e -)ole -orld, @atican Badio/ ,n t)ose days, t)is -as somet)ing very difficult to ac)ieve/ 'lex( ;o-8 9e -as a great Cat)olic Aournalist8 7randfat)er( :es, )e -as/ 'lex( , -ant to be a Aournalist, too/ Do you .no- -)at, -e1re going to publis) a magazine at C)urc)/ +)en , -ant to start a radio station to broadcast to t)e -)ole city/ %7randfat)er laug)s& 7randfat)er( ;ell, t)at1s great, but starting magazines and radio stations is not

t)e most important t)ing/ +)e most important t)ing is to be a saint/ 'lex( 3)0 +o be a saint0 7randfat)er( :es, t)at1s -)at you s)ould aim for/ % & Maximilian( , -ant you all to be saints, and great saints8 Boy( Fat)er, isn1t t)at too muc)0 Maximilian( 5o/ 9oliness isn1t a luxury, it1s a duty and a family commitment/ 7od -ants it( DBe )oly, because , am )oly/E Every c)ild s)ould emulate t)eir mot)er/ 3ur Mot)er is t)e ,mmaculate @irgin, t)e )oly @irgin/ 2o -e s)ould be )oly/ Boy( But4 being )oly is very difficult/ Maximilian( 5o, my c)ildren, it1s simple, it1s easy/ Do you )ave a piece of c)al.0 % & ,1m going to -rite t)e formula for )oliness rig)t )ere, on t)e blac.board/ +)e lo-erHcase - is our -ill/ +)e upperHcase ; is t)e -ill of 7od/ ;)en t)ese -ills clas), it causes pain and suffering/ ;)en t)ese t-o -ills coincide, t)at is to say, -)en -e do -)at 7od as.s, -e )ave peace in our )earts/ ,t1s pretty simple, isn1t it0 Boy( :es, , guess so/ Maximilian( 'nd it is/ Fife is s)ort, so -e must use our time to t)e full, because -e only live once/ ;e must be )oly, not by )alves, but completely, for t)e glory of t)e ,mmaculate @irgin and t)e greater glory of 7od/ % & Fr/ Mic)ael( , )ave some bad ne-s for you/ +)e delivery van )as bro.en do-n, so on December It) -e1ll )ave to deliver t)e magazines on foot/ Come on8 , need a volunteer to )elp me/ % & 5obody -ants to volunteer0 ;ell t)en, -e1ll Aust )ave to dra- lots/ % & 'lex( ;)e-8 ,t1s a good Aob -e -eren1t pic.ed/ 2ergio( :es, t)at -as close/ Go)n( 7uys, -ould you mind doing it0

'lex( ,1m sorry, you dre- t)e s)ort stra-/ 2ergio( ;e1ve got tic.ets for t)e football final/ Go)n( But, it1s Aust t)at it1s t)e day , )ave to visit my grandfat)er in )ospital/ , go every 2aturday/ 'lex( Fisten, do you .no- )o- difficult it -as to get )old of t)ese tic.ets0 Go)n( But my grandfat)er -ill be very sad if , don1t go see )im/ 2ergio( ;ell, ,1m really sorry/ % & +)omas( ,1m going to read you t)e part t)at tells us )o- Maximilian died/ 9e spent >J days loc.ed up in t)e cell/ 'lex( +)ey -anted to starve )im to deat)0 +)omas( +)at1s rig)t/ 9e -as loc.ed up in t)ere -it) t)e ot)er nine prisoners/ %3/2/& 9is fello- prisoners -ere dying one by one/ %& Maximilian( Don1t despair, brot)er/ 9ave fait)/ Dying Man( ,t1s difficult to )ave fait), Fat)er/ ,1m dying/ %Man coug)s& Maximilian( :our suffering )as greater -ort) t)an you realize/ Dying Man( 7reater -ort)0 ;)o cares about my suffering0 ;e are all Aust numbers )ere/ Don1t you understand0 %& Maximilian( :ou are -rong, brot)er/ +o 7od -e are not Aust a number/ ;e are )is c)ildren/ Kiss t)e @irgin/ 2)e -ill give you strengt) to die in peace/ Mary is t)e pat) t)at leads to Gesus/ Best in peace, my son/ Best in peace/ % & %door opens& 2oldier =#( 9as anot)er one died0 :ou don1t even )ave t)e strengt) to spea.,

e)0 9ey8 Come on, )elp me drag out anot)er corpse8 'lex( 'nd did 2t/ Maximilian die li.e t)at too0 +)omas( 5ot exactly/ :ou see, as t)e days -ent by, )is fello- prisoners .ept dying, but )e defied starvation/ 9e -as sic. and close to deat), but even so )e found t)e strengt) to comfort )is friends as t)ey died/ 'fter >J days, t)e soldiers decided to give )im a let)al inAection to .ill )im/ 'lex( 3)8 +)omas( ;)en )e died t)e soldiers said, D9e -as a real man/E 'lex( 'nd )e -ent t)roug) all t)at because )e1d ta.en t)e ot)er man1s place8 +)omas( MmH)mm/ %3/2/&( :es/ +)at -as )is martyrdom/ 'lex %3/2/&( 'nd -)at )appened to t)e ot)er man0 +)omas %3/2/&( 9e managed to survive in 'usc)-itz until it -as liberated by t)e 'llied troops/ 'lex( 'nd all t)an.s to 2t/ Maximilian/ +)omas( :ou .no-, one time, -)en )e -as a boy, Maximilian -rote do-n a resolution in )is diary, DDevote oneself to ot)ers, even until t)e supreme sacrificeE 'lex( 'nd t)at1s -)at )e did/ %p)one beeps& Go)n0 Foo.4 ,1ve been t) about -)at you said about your grandfat)er and ,1ve decided to s-ap places -it) you/ ,1ll go and deliver t)e magazine so t)at you can go and visit )im/ 'lex( ,t1s o.ay, don1t -orry about it/ :our grandfat)er is more important t)an going to a matc)/ % & :ou1re -elcome/ Bye/ +)omas( , t)in. -)at you1ve done is -onderful/ ,1m very proud of you and ,1m sure t)e @irgin is very )appy/ Fr/ Mic)ael %3/2/&( +oday is t)e Feast of t)e ,mmaculate Conception and , -ould li.e to tell you all a little bit about 2t/ Maximilian Kolbe/ 9e founded

t)e biggest Cat)olic religious community in t)e -orld, called 5iepo.alano-, -)ic) is in <oland/ ,t )ad 8 Franciscan friars, -)o -ere dedicated to spreading t)e -ord about devotion to t)e ,mmaculate 9eart of Mary t)roug)out t)e -orld/ +)ey ran several printing presses, and printed many apostolic publications/ +)e devotion to t)e @irgin fills us -it) peace and )appiness/ % & 'lex( Gesus, please let t)e magazine -e1ve been delivering )elp people to love :ou and t)e @irgin Mary more/ % & , as. :ou t)is t)roug) t)e intercession of 2t/ Maximilian Kolbe/ 'men/ +)omas( :ou .no-, my dear, , t)in. -e )ave t-o -onderful c)ildren/ Elena( :es, ,1m very proud of t)em/ +)omas( , )ope t)e life of 2t/ Maximilian teac)es t)em to love t)e @irgin Mary/ %music& E;+5 BDC

MoAa .atoliK.a druLina Ma.similiAan Kolbe, EvangelizaciAa in muMeniKtvo Epizoda 8 %glasba& MoK.i glas( MoAa .atoliK.a druLina * Ma.similiAan Kolbe, EvangelizaciAa in muMeniKtvo +omaL( Kot darilo sem dobil to .nAigo/ 'le.s( 'li Ae to pustolovs.a .nAiga0 +omaL( Ge .nAiga o LivlAenAu svetega Ma.similiAana K3lbeAa/ 'le.s( 3), prav 4 LivlAenAe svetni.a/ +omaL( 2vetni.a, .i so ga umorili nacistiMni voAa.i v .oncentraciAs.em taboriKMu v 'usc)-itzu/

'le.s( +a.o * ta.o, so v .nAigi voAa.i0 +omaL( @oAa.i s stroAnicami in zaporni.i, .i pos.uKaAo pobegniti/ 'le.s( 2iAaAno8 9eA, alimi prebereK to zgodbo0 2ara( Da, prosim oMi/ +omaL( <rav, pa daAmo 4 Med drugo svetovno voAno so nacisti gradili veli.ans.e AeMe, .amor so poKilAali stotine Aetni.ov/ +e AeMe so imenovali .oncentraciAs.a taboriKMa %& %sirena zatuli& Getni. >( Ae pobegnil Getni.#( Npam, da mu uspe Getni. >( KaA praviK8 @eK, .aA se bo zgodilo, Me se mu posreMi/ Deset nas bodo pobili8 %& Ma.similiAan( 2veta Devica, pomagaA mu, da pobegne iz tega %& 5aredni.( 5a noge8 Eden od vaKi) tovariKev Ae pobegnil/ +a.o vas bo > izstradani) do smrti v .azens.em blo.u/ %& +i, stopi napreA/ +i %& +omaL( 5aredni. Ae izbral > Aetni.ov, da bodo za.lenAeni v AetniK.i celici in Ai) bodo pustili umreti od la.ote/ 5aredni.( ,n ti/ Getni. ?( Gaz0 %& <rosim, gospod, usmilite se me/ 2em oMe, druLino imam/ MoAa Lena, moAi otroci 4 5aredni.( @stani8 Getni. ?( Botim vas, prosim 4 5oMem umreti 4 Ma.similiAan( Gaz bom stopil na nAegovo mesto/ 5aredni.( KaA ste re.li800 Ma.lsimiliAan( Be.el sem, da sem pripravlAen dati svoAe LivlAenAe v zameno za nAegovo/ 5aredni.( +oreA )oMete biti Auna.0 <rav/ 5e zanima me, .do od vaAu dve) umre/ @idva sta zame samo Ktevil.i/ @zemite Ai) v .azens.o celico/ Kdo Ae moL z oMali0 @oAa. #( </ Ma.similiAan Kolbe, gospod, .atoliK.i du)ovni./ %& 'le.s( +a.o Ae pogumen8 2ara( 'li Ae umrl0 +omaL( Da, postal Ae svetni. in muMenec/ 'le.s( <ravi superAuna. Ae moral biti, da Ae to storil/ %+omaL se smeAe& %& +omaL( 2vetni.i so Ke bolA pogumni .ot superAuna.i/ 'le.s( 3suplAivo8 +omaL( 'li veste,.a.o Ae postal ta.Ken pogumen moL0 %& Ko Ae bil deMe., Ae

nAegovo deLelo, <olAs.o, napadla .omunistiMna BusiAa, in vse izraLanAe vers.ega prepriManAa Ae bilo prepovedano/ Oe so vas .omunistiMni voAa.i sliKali moliti, so vas vrgli v AeMo/ Fa).o so vas celo umorili/ Paradi tega so imeli Ma.similiAanovi starKi maA)en oltar, s.rit v garderobni omari, in Ma.similian Ae Kel vsa. dan tAa molit/ Devica Czesto)o-s.a Ae sveta zavetnica <olAs.e/ FAudAe goAiAo veli.o poboLnost do nAe/ 'le.s( @eli.o poguma Ae bilo treba imeti za .aA ta.Knega/ 2ara( Da, .er Me bi voAa.i naKli oltar 4 +omaL( 4 bi bila to stra)ovita tragediAa/ +oda Ma.similiAanovi starKi so bili zelo poboLni .atoliMani in nAi)ova vera Ae bila veMAa od groLenA voAa.ov/ 'le.s( 'li so molili na s.rivnem0 +omaL( Da/ +a.o se Ae ne.ega dne zgodilo, da Ae Ma.similiAan 4 prav, reMi bi moral Baymond 4 2ara( Baymond0 +omaL( Da/ 7leAte, nAegoov pravo ime Ae bilo Baymond/ Ko Ae vstopil v franMiK.ans.i red, Ae postal Ma.similiAan/ <rav, zgodilo se Ae tole( ne.ega dne, .o Ae bil Ke deMe. Ae Baymond priKel v teLave/ Mama( Baymond, .ar si storil danes, Ae zelo slabo/ Oe se boK Ke napreA ta.o obnaKal //3tro. moA, .do ve, .aA bo nastalo iz tebe8 +omaL( 3d tega dne se Ae Ma.similiAanova naravnanost spremenila/ <ostal Ae zelo miren in resen fant/ 5Aegovi starKi so bili osupli/ %& Mati( 2.rbi me za Baymonda/ 5e vem, sem ga ta.rat oKtela, ni veM on/ 5e.aA se mu Ae zgodilo/ 3Me( Da, tudi Aaz sem to opazil/ 7ovoriti morava z nAim/ Mati( 9mm 4 3)8 +omaL( BesniMno Ae bil drugaMen fant/ Ma.similiAan se Ae popolnoma spremenil/ Qe vedno Ae molil, .a.or zmeraA, toda .o Ae molil, Ae tudi 5Aegova mati ga Ae videla, .a.o AoMe med molitviAo, in postala Ae zas.rblAena/ %& Mama( Baymond, otro. moA, za .aA gre0 Ma.similiAan( <rav, mama, ali se spomniK tistega dne, .o si me oKtela0 Mati( 2eveda se spomnim/ 3d ta.rat napreA nisi veM isti/ Ma.similiAan( 'li se spomniK, .aA si mi re.la0 Mati( 5e spomnim se veM toMni) besed 4 Ma.similiAan( si( R3tro. moA, .do ve, .aA bo nastalo iz tebe8S Mati( Da, zdaA se spomnim/ Ma.similiAan/ <rav, te besede so mi dale moMno misliti in prosil sem Devico, da mi po.aLe, .aA bo nastalo iz mene/ @eM.rat sem Ao prosil, do.ler se mi ni Devica ne.ega dne pri.azala/ Devica( 'li )oMeK ti dve .roni0

Ma.similiAan( DrLala Ae dve .roni( eno belo in eno rdeMo/ Bela .rona Ae pomenila, da bom vedno ostal Mist, rdeMa pa, da bom muMenec/ Ma.similiAan( Mati, spreAel sem obe/ <otem me Ae Devica zelo neLno pogledala in izginila/ +omaL( 3d tistega trenut.a Ae imela nAegova mati intuiciAo, da bo nAen sin umrl .ot muMenec/ 'le.s( 'li se mu Ae resniMno pri.azala Devica0 2ara( 2eveda8 Menda ne misliK, da Ae bila to samo nAena domiKlAiAa0 +omaL( @se Ae bilo resniMno/ +a.o resniMno, da Ae bil Ma.similiAan preobraLen/ Ka.or )itro Ae mogel, Ae vstopil v franMiK.ans.i red, s.upaA s svoAim bratom/ </ Mic)ael( <razni. BrezmadeLnega spoMetAa Ae manA .ot mesec dni pred nami, zato sem mislil, da bi ustanovili apostols.o s.upino/ 2.upina se bo imenovala R<riAatelAi BrezmadeLnega 2poMetAaS, v Mast svetega Ma.similiAana KolbeAa/ 'le.s( Ma.similiAan Kolbe8 2ara( +o Ae zgodba, .i nam Ao Ae pripovedoval oMe8 </ Mic)ael( '), vidim, da Le ne.aA veste o tem svetni.u/ 'le.s( Da, vemo, da Ae bil zelo pogumen/ </ Mic)ael( Ma.similiAan Ae ustanovil apostols.o s.upino, imenovano R@oAs.a BrezmadeLneS, .atere glavna naloga Ae bila izdaAati meseMno reviAo, naslovlAeno R@itez BrezmadeLneS/ +udi mi bomo tis.ali to reviAo/ 'le.s( Krasno/ Oasni.arAi bomo8 2ergio( Da8 @si bodo brali naKo reviAo in mi bomo slavni8 </ Mic)ael/ Oa.aAte, Ma.aAte/ BeviAa Ae pomembna, toda ni naApomembneAKa, in tudi slava ni naApomemembneAKa/ 'le.s( 3), ne0 </ Mic)ael( 5e/ <ogleAmo, .aA Ae re.el Ma.similiAan/ Ma.similiAan( 5e pozabite deM.ov, pomembno ni zbiranAe naroMil, ampa. reKevanAe duK/ Ma.similiAan/ Pelo pomembno Ae, da so natisnAeni miliAoni izvodov @iteza, toda Ke pomembneAKe Ae, da Ae vsa. od nas poslan z molitviAo/ KaAti vsa.a Ktevil.a mora biti nareAena z molitviAo/ CilA naKe s.upine in te reviAe Ae, da ves svet spreobrnemo s pomoMAo poboLnosti . brezmadeLni Devici/ %& </ Mic)ael( Ma.similiAan Ae goAil veli.o poboLnost do device MariAe/ 5aKa prva izdaAa bo priKla na svetlo 8/ decembra, na prazni. BrezmadeLnega spoMetAa, ta.o da se bomo zares lotili posla, toda preden zaMnemo, poAdimo v Cer.ev in molimo, da bo ta reviAa naredila veli.o dobrega/ %& Ko Ae bil Ma.similiAan mlad, Ae vedno molil v sprednAi .lopi, ta.o da ga lAudAe, .i so

pri)aAali v Cer.ev in od)aAali iz nAe, niso motili/ 2ledimo nAegovemu zgledu/ %& 2ara( Mama, ali si vedela, da Ae Ma.similiAan )otel spreobrniti ves svet, celo Gapons.o8 Mama( Ko Ae )odil na dolga potovanAa z, Ae navadno iz.oristil priloLnost, da Ae oznanAal svoAim %& Ma.similiAan( Devica Ae naKa Mati in Ae zaneslAiva pot, .i nas vodi v nebesa/ %& DaAe nam, da se Mutimo zelo lAublAeni, na poseben naMin lAublAeni/ Kot dobra mati lAubi svoAega otro.a/ %& Oe goAimo poboLnost do Device, nas bo vzela . svoAemu sinu, naKemu 7ospodu Gezusu/ 2tari oMe( Ma.similiAan Ae imel rad naAnapredneAKo te)nologiAo/ 5i preprosto zaMel z reviAo, ustanovil Ae tudi radiAs.o postaAo, in to v Masu, .o Ae bila na vsem svetu samo ena radiAs.a postaAa, @ati.ans.i radio/ @ tisti) dne) Ae bilo to zelo teL.o doseMi/ 'lex( Ka.o lepo8 Bil Ae veli. .atoliK.i Masni.ar8 2tari oMe( Da, res Ae/ 'le.s( +udi Aaz )oMem biti 'li veste, da bomo v izdaAali reviAo/ <otem )oMem zaMeti radiAs.o postaAo, da bom oddaAal vsemu mestu/ %2tari oMe se smeAe& 2tari oMe( <rav, to Ae Mudovito, toda zaMeti reviAe in radiAs.e postaAe ni naApomembneAKe/ 5aApomembneAKe Ae postati svetni./ 'le.s( 3)0 <ostati svetni.0 2tari oMe( Da, za to bi si moral prizadevati/ %& Ma.similiAan( 9oMem, da ste vsi svetni.i, in to veli.i svetni.i8 Fant( 3Me, ali ni to preveM0 Ma.similiAan( 5e/ 2vetost ni raz.oKAe, Ae dolLnost in druLins.a zaveza/ Bog Ao )oMe( RBodite sveti, .a.or sem Aaz svet/S @sa. otro. bi moral posnemati svoAo mater/ 5aKa Mati Ae brezmadeLna Devica, sveta Devica/ +a.o bi tudi mi morali biti sveti/ Fant( +oda 4 biti svet Ae zelo teL.o/ Ma.similiAan( 5e, otro. moA, to Ae preprosto, la).o Ae/ 'li imaK .os .rede0 %& Kar tu.aA, na to tablo bom napisal formulo za svetost( 2podnAi v Ae naKa volAa/ PgornAi v Ae BoLAa volAa/ Ko ti dve volAi trMita, to povzroMa boleMino in trplAenAe/ K3 ti dve volAi sovpadeta, to Ae, .o delamo, .ar )oMe Bog, imamo mir v svoAem srcu/ <receA preprosto Ae, mar ne0 Fant( Da, mislim, da res/m Ma.similiAan( ,n res Ae preprosto/ TivlAenAe Ae .rat.o, zato moramo polno uporablAati svoA Mas, saA Livimo samo en.rat/ Biti moramo sveti, ne na pol, ampa. popolnoma, v slavo BrezmadeLne Device in v veMAo BoLAo slavo/ %& </ Mic)ael( Pa vas imam slabo novico/ Kombi za distribuciAo se Ae po.varil,

ta.o da bomo sedmega decembra morali reviAo razdelAevati peK/ <ridite/ <otrebuAem prostovolAca, da mi pomaga/ %& 5oMe ni)Me pomagati0 <rav, potem moramo Lrebati/ 'le.s( <rav/ Dobro Ae, da nismo bili izLrebani/ 2ergio( Da, to Ae bilo blizu/ Ganez( FantAe, ali bi vam bilo zelo narobe, Me bi se tega lotili0 'le.s( Tal mi Ae, ti si potegnil naA.raAKo slamico/ 2ergio( Kupili smo vstopnice za nogometni finale/ Ganez( Da, toda to Ae prav tisti dan, .o moram obis.ati starega oMeta v bolniKnici/ @sa.o soboto grem/ 'le.s( <osluKaA, ali veK, .a.o teL.o Ae bilo dobiti te vstopnice0 Ganez( +oda moA stari oMe bo zelo Lalosten, Me ga ne obiKMem/ 2ergio( Bes mi Ae Lal/ %& +omaL( <rebral vam bom odlome., .i nam govori, .a.o Ae Ma.similiAan umiral/ QtirinaAst dni Ae bil za.lenAen v celici/ 'le.s( 9oteli so ga izstradati do smrti0 +omaL( +a.o Ae/ +am Ae bil za.lenAen z drugimi devetimi Aetni.i/ 5Aegovi tovariKi soAetni.i so umirali drug za drugim/ Ma.similiAan( 5e obupuA, brat/ @eruA/ NmiraAoMi( +eL.o Ae verovati, oMe/ Nmiram/ %MoL za.aKlAa& Ma.similiAan( +voAe trplAenAe ima veMAo vrednost .ot se zavedaK/ NmiraAoMi moL( @eMAo vrednost0 Komu Ae mar za moAe trplAenAe0 +u.aA smo samo Ktevil.e/ 'li ne razumeK0 %& Ma.similiAan( MotiK se, brat/ Pa Boga nismo samo Ktevil.e/ 2mo nAegovi otroci/ <olAubi Devico/ 3na ti bo dala moM, da umreK v miru/ MariAa Ae pot, .i vodi . Gezusu/ <oMivaA v miru, sin moA/ <oMivaA v miru/ %vrata se odpreAo& @oAa. #( ali Ae Ke eden umrl0 5iti toli.o moMi nimaK, da bi govoril, e)0 9eA8 <ridi, pomagaA mi potegniti ven naslednAe truplo8 'le.s( ,n ali Ae ta.o umrl tudi sveti Ma.similiAan0 +omaL( 5e Misto ta.o/ @idite, .o so dnevi minevali, so nAegovi sozaporni.i umirali, on pa Ae izzival stradeL/ Bil Ae bolan in blizu smrti, toda celo ta.o Ae naKel moMi, da Ae tolaLil svoAe priAatelAe, .o so umirali/ <o KtirinaAsti) dne) so voAa.i s.lenili, da mu daAo smrtonosno inAe.ciAo in ga umoriAo/ 'lex( 3)8 +omaL( Ko Ae umiral, so voAa.i deAali( R3n Ae bilzares moL/MS 'le.s( ,5 s.ozi vse to Ae Kel zato, .er se Ae postavil na mesto tega drugega Mlove.a8

+omaL/ MmH)mm/ Da/ +3 Ae bilo nAegovo muMeniKtvo/ 'le.s( ,n .aA se Ae zgodilo z drugim Mlove.om0 +omaL( <osreMilo se mu Ae, da Ae v 'usc)-itzu ostal Liv, do.ler ga niso osvobodile zavezniK.e Mete/ 'le.s( ,n vse to po zaslugi svetega Ma.similiAana/ +omaLU( @este, ne.oM, .o Ae bil Ke deMe., Ae Ma.similiAan v svoA dn?evni. napisal odloMitev( R<osveMati se drugim, tudi do naAviKAega LrtvovanAa/S 'le.s( ,n to Ae tudi storil/ %telefon zazvoni& Ganez0 7leA // <remiKlAeval sem o tem, .ar si re.el o svoAem starem oMetu, in odloMil sem se, da zamenAam mesto s tabo/ Gaz bom Kel in delil reviAo, ta.o da la).o greK in ga obiKMeK/ 'le.s( @ redu Ae, ni ti treba s.rbeti/ +voA stari oMe Ae bolA pomemben .a.or %& P veselAem, LiviAo/ +omaL( Mislim, da si storil ne.aA Mudovitega/ Pelo sem ponosen nate in prepriMan sem, da Ae tudi Devica zelo sreMna/ </ Mic)ael( Danes Ae prazini. BrezmadeLnega 2poMetAa in rad bi vam vsem povedal ne.aA o svetem Ma.similiAanu KolbeAu/ Nstanovil Ae naAveMAo .atoliK.o redovno s.upnost na svetu, imenovano 5iepo.alano-, .i leLi na <olAs.em/ @ nAem Ae Livelo 8 franMiK.ans.i) bratov, .i so se posveMali KirAenAu novice o poboLnosti MariAinemu BrezmadeLnemu 2rcu po vsem svetu/ ,meli so veM tis.arn in so tis.ali Ktevilne apostols.e publi.aciAe/ <oboLnost . devici nas napolnAuAe z mirom in sreMo/ %& 'le.s( Gezus, prosim, daA, naA reviAa, .i Ao razdelAuAemo, pomaga lAudem, da bodo bolA lAubili tebe in Devico MariAo/ %& +o te prosim po priproKnAi svetega Ma.similiAana KolbeAa/ 'men/ +omaL( @eK, draga moAa, mislim, da imava dva Mudovita otro.a/ Elena( Da, zelo sem ponosna nanAu/ +omaL( Npam, da Au bo LivlAenAe svetega Ma.similiAana nauMilo, .a.o lAubiti Devico MariAo/ %glasba& E;+5 BDC