My Catholic Family
Don Bosco
Eps. 11
Transcriber: KAD
9Female Teacher: Well, everybody, as all of you know, this is a Salesian
10school, which means that it follows the spirituality of St. John Bosco.
11(music) Alex, I was thinking that you could do a presentation on the life of
12St. John Bosco for his feast day.
14Alex: Me? But I…
16Sergio(whispers): That’s what you get for being top of the class, you know.
18Alex (to Sergio): Yeah, very funny.
20(bell rings)
22Paula: Hey, look what I’ve got!
24Sara: The “Fantastic Girls” album!
26Paula: Isn’t it great?
28Sara: Yes, it’s the best! I’m saving up to buy one.
30Paula: What are you waiting for?
32Sara: For my granddad to give me my allowance on Saturday. I can’t wait!
36Alex: It’s not fair. Just because I got good grades, I have to do a project
37about St. John Bosco.
39Sergio: Well, I can help you if you want. I know where we can find lots of
40information. () At the Salesian Youth Center!



2Alex: Is that where you go on Fridays?
4Sergio: Yes. It’s so much fun!
6Alex: What do you do there?
8Sergio: Well… for example, this afternoon we have a talk with Fr. Michael,
9a meal, and a funny movie, too.
11Alex: A funny movie?
13Sergio: Yes. Do you want to come?
15Alex: Okay.
19Alex: There are soooo many books!
21Sergio: I think this is the one you need.
23Alex: The Life of St. John Bosco. Yes, I think that’s what I’m looking for.
25Monitor: Hello, Sergio, who’s your friend?
27Sergio: His name is Alex - it’s the first time he’s come here.
29Monitor: Hello, Alex.
31Alex: Hello.
33Sergio: Alex was really impressed by all the books.
35Monitor: Well, St. John Bosco thought reading was very important. He
36always said "Spread good books. Only in heaven will you realize the great
37good that comes from reading".
39Alex: I really like reading.



40 1 3 . as you know. 36 37John: I… I don’t know what to say. He was born Giovanni Melchiorre Bosco. he decided to study to become a priest. Maybe this will help you with your 15presentation. 28 29Boy #1: Here. His father died. John Bosco’s 9Feast Day very soon. and his mother had to work very hard to 18feed John and his 2 brothers. John. it will be St. everyone. John prayed a lot from a young age. and when 19he turned 16. 22 23Priest: Here. But as he didn’t have 20any money. 7 8Female Teacher: Well.. at the beginning of the 19th century. so I’m going to use today’s class…to tell you a little 10bit about his life. Thank you so much. Alex. in Becchi. all of you. 24 25Mayor: And I bought this hat for you. 34 35Man #2: Or to going around barefoot. 11 12Alex: Great! 13 14Female Teacher: Yes. a small 16town near Turin in Italy. Mayor. John Bosco wrote many 2simple educational books? 3 4Alex: Can I borrow some of them? 5 6Monitor: As many as you want. thanks you so much. 26 27John: Thanks. 32 33Man #1: We don’t want your getting a cold . The people of Becchi loved 21John and his family so much that they all got together to help him. Mr. this coat is your size. 30 31John: Oh. His family 17was very poor. he asked his neighbors for help. I want you to have my jacket.1Monitor: That’s great. Did you know that St. 38 39Priest: We only ask one thing of you.

my son. John Bosco “the apostle of the young. Father. 4 5John: I’ll try as hard as I can. 28 29Sergio: What does “apostolate” mean? 30 31Female Teacher: It means bringing people closer to God. I don’t think this is what God is asking of you. 23 24(music) 25 26Female Teacher: And so he did. 8 9(music) 10 11Female Teacher: John entered the seminary in Turin and after a few years. I’m sure you will. 2 3Priest: That you become a good priest. 13 14John: Father. Unpack 21that suitcase of yours and work with the abandoned children of Turin. I challenge you to a game of basketball. and began his apostolate 27to the poorest children. He stayed in Turin.1John: Ask anything. I want to be a missionary. 15 16Rector: (chuckles) I see you’ve already packed your suitcase! 17 18John: I want to join the foreign missions. 39 40Sergio: Okay. 37 38Martin: Hey.” 33 34(bell rings) 35 36Female Teacher: Well. This 22is what God wants you to do. 6 7Priest: I’m sure you will. Sergio. 19 20Rector: However. That’s why they 32called St. I’ll tell you more about St. 1 4 . 12he was ordained a priest. John Bosco tomorrow.

38 39(music) 40 1 5 .1 2Martin: One-on-one – I’ll wipe the floor with you! 3 4Sergio: We’ll see about that. or. I win! 17 18Sergio: But you cheated! 19 20Martin: Oh yeah? And what are you going to do about it? 21 22(boys laugh) 23 24Alex: Hey. Fr. 9 10Martin: Aw. Michael into this. you’re traveling! 13 14(music) 15 16Martin: Yes. you big bully! That’s not a Christian attitude! 25 26Martin: Oh – did you hear the altar boy? What are you going to do? You 27going to squeal to your pal.. 5 6(music) 7 8Sergio: Hey! That was a double dribble. we have to make him look stupid in front of his friends. shrimp! 32 33(boys laugh) 34 35Sergio: We have to teach Martin a lesson. 30 31Martin: Or what? Don’t you dare threaten me. 36 37Alex:: Yes.. Michael? 28 29Alex: Don’t you bring Fr. be quiet! 11 12Sergio: Now.

I’m learning so much from St. out of the 6window. 7 8Alex: Alright! We’ll do it on St. and John tried to separate them. The 2 30boys were cursing. He was great saint. 39 40(music) 1 6 . he tried to end the fight with his fists. But when his attempts 31failed. dad. John Bosco! 22 23Thomas: That’s wonderful. 36 37Jesus: No. He dreamed that he was watching a fight. when he’s 9wearing his best Sunday suit. Did you know that God 24often spoke to him through his dreams? 25 26Alex: He did? 27 28Thomas: He had the first of these dreams when he was nine. Jesus appeared to him. 10 11Sergio: Yes! 12 13(music) 14 15(groans) (splat!) (groans) (girls laugh) 16 17Sergio: It’ll be awesome! 18 19Alex: Yeah. 32 33John: Does anybody else want a punch? 34 35Thomas: Then. John Bosco’s Feast Day.1Sergio: Got it! I know what we can do! 2 3Alex: Let’s hear it! 4 5Sergio: We fill up some water balloons and throw them at him. it’ll teach him a lesson. you must win them over with kindness and love! The 38Virgin Mary will show you how. John. That dream 29was to change his life. 20 21Alex: You know.

I was just thinking that maybe getting revenge isn’t the right 16answer. You 28failed 4 classes! 29 30Friend #2: How’d you do? 31 32Friend #1: I only failed 3. 33 34Martin: Do you want to see a real work of art? () Ta-da!! I failed ‘em all! 35 36(music) 37 38Friend #1: You did what? 39 40Friend #2: Let me see… 1 7 . it’s something I was talking to Sergio about today. () Well. () And it was 8those words: "not with blows. 10 11Alex: Oh wow. 21 22Thomas: St. and then into sheep. 3 4(music) 5 6Thomas: When the Virgin Mary said these words. 12 13Thomas: What is it? 14 15Alex: Nothing.” became the basis of Salesian spirituality. you beat me this semester. 24 25(music) (splat!) (music) (birds chirping) 26 27Friend #1: Let’s see your grades. 17 18Thomas: The answer to what? 19 20Alex: Well. the children were 7transformed. John Bosco said that you achieve much more with kind words 23than with brute force. but with kindness must you win over these 9boys.1 2Virgin: Take your shepherd’s crook and guide your flock. first into wild animals.

1 2Martin: I failed everything. 33 34Martin: Oh yeah? And what else does your mommy say? 35 36Alex: That’s disgusting! 37 38Fr. But if you don’t buy it. can I reserve one of these albums for Saturday? () 15Please… 16 17Store clerk: I don’t know. 20 21Store clerk: Okay. right. 22I’ll have to put it back on sale. I’ll keep it for you ‘til Saturday. you didn’t wash you hands before your meal. Michael: Hello. 39 40Martin: Oh… hello. You’re a real champion. 1 8 . I’m the black sheep of this school. 23 24Sara: Thank you! 25 26(music) (birds chirping) 27 28Sergio: Hey. 29 30Martin: Course not – why should I? 31 32Sergio: My mom says you should always wash your hands. 7 8Friend #1: You can say that again. 9 10(music) 11 12Paula: Look. They’re selling like hot cakes! 18 19Sara: I don’t have the money right now – but I’ll have it on Saturday. Martin. 3 4Friend #2: That’s so cool! 5 6Martin: Yeah. it’s the “Fantastic Girls” album! 13 14Sara: Excuse me.

too. Think about it. John Bosco did. 1 9 . 3 4Martin: Oh yeah. why? What are you going to do? Are you going to beat 5me or something? 6 7Fr. He decided he could do more 40with kind words than with force. 19 20Martin: Is that some kind of joke? 21 22Fr. Michael: You should try to learn some table manners. 32 33(music) 34 35Alex: You know. Michael said to Martin. Do I look as if I’m joking? You could go a long 23way. Michael: If you made more of an effort. 24 25Friend #1: Hear that? Martin – a businessman? (boys laugh) 26 27Martin: Be quiet! 28 29Friend #1: Come on. you could get much better 12grades. I know. Michael: Is that what you think of me? You think I’d beat my friends? 8 9Martin: What .so I’m your friend? 10 11Fr. 36 37Sergio: I was thinking about it. But you have the ability to do 17whatever you want. did you? 30 31Martin: No-one ever told me that I could be someone. I was thinking about what Fr. Michael: Look at me. 38 39Alex: That’s just what St. Who knows. Michael: That’s because you want to be. 13 14Martin: Hadn’t you heard? I’m the black sheep.1 2Fr. 15 16Fr. you didn’t believe all that stuff. some day you might have to eat 18with important politicians or top business people.

In the oratories there were workshops where boys could learn 32a trade. John Bosco opened a home in a neighborhood called 27Valdocco. 38 39Boy with hammer: Look. Maybe getting Martin back isn’t such a good idea. The idea was to 30bring young people closer to God through kind words and an example of 31cheerfulness. 3Through God’s grace. 7 8Alex: Are you thinking what I’m thinking? 9 10Sergio: You mean about the water balloons? 11 12Alex: Yes. I think he would try and 17help Martin. called the Oratory of St. 13 14Sergio: Yeah. 15 16Alex: I know. helped them learn new skills and taught 29them catechism. Francis de Sales. You win. 33 34(music) 35 36John Bosco: A Salesian should be a friend to everyone. it’s the priest who’s always so cheerful. but it was a great plan. I will. He took in 28children who had been abandoned. it’s right here. and should always be quick to forgive. John Bosco wouldn’t do that. 40 1 10 . but St. “I don’t remember ever punishing anyone. Michael: St. in Turin. 18 19Sergio: Yeah. the number of oratories grew. I have always been able to get the children to follow 4the rules. should never seek 37revenge. okay. In time.1 2Alex: Look. 23 24(music) 25 26Fr. Are you coming to the Salesian Youth Center 20this afternoon? 21 22Alex: Yes.” 5 6Sergio: Right.

1Boy with sandpaper: Yes. don’t say that! 25 26Martin’s mother: Don’t say that? You failed every single class! Where will 27you end up? You’re on a bad path that’s going the wrong way! 28 29(music) 30 31Martin: What do you two want? 32 33Alex: Nothing. you’re wrong. 6 7John Bosco: That’s great. Look. Fr. 8 9Boy with sandpaper: You really think so? 10 11John Bosco: Of course. I feel very disappointed! 23 24Martin: Mom. 34 35Martin: I don’t need your help. 37 38Sergio: Well. Michael told 39you? 40 1 11 . John Bosco was always smiling. because some day they’ll be the most famous carpenters in 13Turin. Since my dad died. Michael: St. 19 20(music) 21 22Martin’s mother: Martin. He was never in a bad 18mood and he gave such good advice that he changed people’s lives. You know. Father. Or have you forgotten what Fr. 2 3John Bosco: How’s the work coming on. We thought maybe we could help. Alberto. He’s the one who tells such great stories. It’s a real work of art. you should take a good look 12at these two. boys? 4 5Boy with sandpaper: It’s going fine. I’ve been a failure and I 36always will be. 14 15(music) 16 17Fr.

John Bosco often spoke about the need to give to the poor. 14 15Sergio: You could come with us to the Salesian Youth Center. 32 33(music) 34 35Fr. 40 1 12 . Martin! I heard you went down to the Salesian 39Youth Center. It is our obligation as Catholics. We can show you how to study. If what we give to others costs us nothing. 10 11Sergio: We’ll help you. our leftovers. 2 3Alex: Come on then. 25 26John Bosco: We must give alms. and have a great time. Stop crying and do something about it. 37 38Friend #1: (boys laugh) Hey. Charity should make the person who is giving 31poorer in some way. 12 13Alex: Right. But we should not 28give only what have too much of. Michael: The point of giving money is to make us a little poorer and to 36offer this little sacrifice to our brothers and sisters who are most in need. we’re not giving. I can’t do that. Come on! 20 21(music) (chirping) 22 23Fr. 8 9Martin: Forget it. 24St. 30but just deceiving ourselves. you mean study? 6 7Alex: Sure. We have to give more than 29just leftovers. The 27people who are most in need are our brothers and sisters.1Martin: Of course not! I’ve been thinking about it all day. Michael: Next Sunday we’re collecting money for the poor of this parish. 4 5Martin: What. 16 17Martin: And what’s that? 18 19Alex: It’s a place where you can study.

13 14Friend #2: Losers? 15 16Friend #1: What happened to our old buddy Martin? 17 18Friend #2: Right. but I think I can get up. 4 5Friend #1: You serious? 6 7Martin: I’m going to change from now on. 29 30Sergio: That’s okay. I’m ready to change my ways. 27 28Martin: Well. I’ll visit you in jail. come on… 10 11Martin: And you two should do the same.1Friend #2: Are you going to become a priest? (boys laugh) 2 3Martin: I’m going to start studying. 8 9Friend #1: Aw. 31 32Martin: You want me to call the school doctor? 33 34Sergio: Thanks. if you don’t want to be total 12losers. I’m very proud of you. 35 36Female Teacher: Martin. You used to be the black sheep – remember? 19 20(music) 21 22Martin: The old Martin was a failure. 25 26Friend #2: Or me. Congratulations for being such a good friend. I don’t think it’s serious. Sorry – that was an accident. 23 24Friend #1: Well. do you know where I can go to Confession? 40 1 13 . That’s the true Salesian 37spirit. 38 39Martin: Hey. I’m not changing a thing.

1 14 . no? Is it another priest? 11 12Martin: No. it’s really Jesus Who forgives our sins. 2 3Martin: I’ll go this afternoon. it’s incredible that Martin and his friends are going to 25Confession. through Fr. Michael. Are you going to tell Fr. from today. it’s not really Fr. Let’s go to the newspaper stand to buy the album. Fr. then. John Bosco and put all my money in the 40collection box at Mass. 9 10Friend #2: Oh. Michael hears Confession every day before Mass. My Grandpa gave me some money to buy candy. 4 5Friend #1: Hold on. 18 19(birds chirping) (bells ring) (music) 20 21Alex: St. 34 35Sara: No. You can do more with kind words than with 22force. hold on. In the Salesian Youth Center. Michael. 26 27(music) 28 29Paula: It’s Saturday! Today’s the day! 30 31Sara: I know. Michael’s words. John Bosco was right. 16 17Martin: I want to start a new life. Michael all your 6business? 7 8Martin: Well. 32 33Paula: Come on.1Sergio: Of course. 36 37Paula: What? 38 39Sara: I’ve decided to learn from St. 23 24Sergio: Yes. 14 15Sergio: Yes. they explained that even if we see 13Fr.

John Bosco was a great saint. But I’m happy. 33theaters and museums named after him. 14the sick. “Sell 23your possessions. You’ve been very generous. parks. 34 35Alex: And lots of schools 36 37Thomas: Yes. and you will have a treasure in 24Heaven. and those who are most in need and you will receive 15enormous blessings and help from God. 40. 21 22Elena: I’m very proud of you. mom. Look. There are many streets. 13Help of Christians and you will witness true miracles. I await you in Paradise. 39 40Alex: Wow! 1 15 . He was given the title 10"Father and Teacher of Youth" by Pope John Paul II. how did St.000 people! 31 32Thomas: St. That’s why 25you’re happy. 5 6Alex: Fr. Michael. Jesus said to the rich young man. John Bosco die? 7 8Fr.1 2Paula: Are you crazy? 3 4Sara: Maybe I am crazy. laid out in 30church. But you’ve done it.” He didn’t do it and he was sad. John Bosco was declared a saint by Pope Pius XI on the first 9of April 1934. John Bosco. I’m really happy that I gave all my money to the 20poor. give the money to the poor. Michael: St. only 44 years after his death in 1888. 26 27(music) 28 29Alex: 40.000 people filed past the body of St. Help poor children. The money will go to the poor. the old. 11 12John Bosco: Spread devotion to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and to Mary. 16 17(music) 18 19Sara: You know. The Salesian family is one of the largest Catholic groups in 38the world and it’s present in 128 countries.

Vem. da je to knjiga. 15Aleks (Sergiu): Da. Ali hočeš priti? 36Aleks: Prav. ker imam dobre ocene. če hočeš. Zelo je zabavno! 31Aleks: Kaj tam počnete? 32Sergio: Prav … denimo. če si najboljši v razredu. kaj sem dobila! 18Sara: Album »Fantastična dekleta«! 19Pavla: Ali ni čudovit? 20Sara: Da. 21Pavla: Na kaj čakaš? 22Sara: Na mojega starega očeta. najboljši je! Varčujem. () V Salezijanskem mladinskem centru! 29Aleks:Ali je to tam. Komaj 23čakam! 24() 25Aleks: To ni fer. (glasba) Aleks. veš. lahko ti pomagam. mislim. ki jo potrebuješ. kar iščem. Samo zato. kamor hodiš ob petkih? 30Sergio: Da. da sledi 11duhovnosti svetega Janeza Boska. da je to tisto. Michaelom. kar pomeni. 13Aleks: Jaz? Ampak jaz … 14Sergio (zašepeta): To te doleti. 33imamo kosilo in zabaven film. Da. moram narediti projekt 26o svetem Janezu Bosku. 40Aleks: Življenje svetega Janeza Boska. to popoldne se pogovarjamo s p. da mi da v soboto mojo žepnino. 34Aleks: Zabaven film? 35Sergio: Da. kje lahko najdeva veliko 28informacij. 1 16 . da si kupim enega. kot vsi veste je to salezijanska šola. 16(zvonec zazvoni) 17Pavla: Hej. 27Sergio: Prav. zelo zabavno. da bi ti lahko 12predstavil življenje svetega Janeza Boska za praznik. 37(glasba) 38Aleks: Tu je toooliko knjig! 39Sergio: Mislim.1 2EWTN 3KAD 4 5 6Moja katoliška družina 7Don Bosco 8Epizoda 11 9(glasba) 10Učiteljica: Prav. Mislila sem. poglej.

18Aleks: Čudovito! 19Učiteljica: Da. Ali si vedel. 40Duhovnik: Prepričan sem. mestecu blizu Torina v 21Italiji. Janez je veliko molil že od svojih mladih let. 1 17 . kaj naj rečem. 5Sergio: Na Aleksa so vse te knjige naredile pravi vtis. sin moj. 7Vedno je govoril: »Širite dobre knjige. je prosil sosede za pomoč. 37Janez: kar koli zahtevajte. Rodil 20se je kot Giovanni Melchiorre BOsco. kot veste. Njegov 22oče je umrl in njegova mati je morala zelo trdo delati.1Mentor: Živijo. 30Janez: Hvala. 29Župan: In prinesel sem ti ta klobuk. da je nahranila Janeza 23in njegova 2 brata. Šele v nebesih se boste zavedali 8vsega dobrega. 10 11Mentor: To je čudovito. kdo je tvoj prijatelj? 2Sergio: Njegovo ime je Aleks – prvič je tukaj. da boš. Resnično hvala vsem vam. da je sveti Janez Bosko napisal mnogo 12preprostih vzgojnih knjig? 13Aleks: Ali si jih lahko nekaj izposodim? 14Mentor: kolikor želiš. stoletja. 38Duhovnik: Da postaneš dober duhovnik. 15Učiteljica: Prav. na začetku 19. ki prihaja iz branja. 6Mentor: Prav. sveti Janez Bosko je menil. da so se zbrali vsi skupaj. 39Janez: Trudil se bom. da je branje zelo pomembno. v Becchiju. bo kmalu praznik svetega Janeza Boska. 3Mentor: Živijo. Prepričan sem. oče. Aleks. Sergio. Aleks. da te zebe. 4Aleks: Živijo. da bo študiral in postal duhovnik. 28Duhovnik: Želim. Ljudje v Becchiju so imeli 26Janeza in njegovo družino tako zelo radi. Janez. Morda ti bo to pomagalo pri tvoji predstavitvi. 34Mož 2: Ali da hodiš okrog bosonog. je sklenil. gospod župan.« 9Aleks: Jaz imam zares rad branje. 35Janez: Ne vem. kolikor bom le zmogel. zato 16bom današnjo uro uporabila … da vam povem nekaj stvari o njegovem 17življenju. da imaš mojo suknjo. in ko je 24imel 16 let. Toda ker ni imel 25nobenega denarja. da bi mu 27pomagali. Njegova družina je bila zelo revna. 32Janez: Najlepša hvala … 33Mož 1: Nočemo. 31Fant 1: Ta plašč ti bo prav. da boš. 36Duhovnik: Eno samo stvar zahtevamo od tebe.

37Aleks: Da. kar Bog hoče od tebe. 38(glasba) 39Sergio Že vem! Vem. da si že spakiral kovček! 6Janez: Rad bi se pridružil tujim misijonom. Razpakiraj 8svoj kovček in delaj z zapuščenimi otroki Turina. rakec! 35(fantje se smejejo) 36Sergio: Martinu moramo dati lekcijo. ali … 34Martin: Ali kaj? Ne upaj si mi groziti. da bo izpadel bedast pred svojimi prijatelji. 15(zvonec zazvoni) 16Učiteljica: Prav.1(glasba) 2Učiteljica: Janez je šel v torinsko semenišče in čez nekaj let je bil posvečen 3v duhovnika. Sergio. Michaela v to. ti veliki nasilnež! To ni krščanska naravnanost! 31Martin: Oh – ali ste slišali ministranta? Kaj boš pa naredil? Ali boš zatožil 32svojemu pajdašu. 23Martin: Bodi miren! 24Sergio Zdaj potuješ 25(glasba) 26Martin: Da. p. več o svetem Janezu Bosku vam povem jutri. 19Martin: Eden na enega – Tla bom pometal s tabo! 20Sergio: To bomo pa še videli. da je to tisto. 18Sergio: Prav. Ostal je v Torinu in začel apostolat za najbolj 11uboge otroke. 17Martin: Hej. kaj lahko narediva! 40Aleks: Da slišimo! 1 18 . moramo doseči. 21(glasba) 22Sergio: Hey! To je bilo dvojno driblanje. 4Janez: Oče. To hoče Bog od tebe. Michaelu? 33Aleks: Ne vmešavaj p. 9(glasba) 10Učiteljica. zmagujem! 27Sergio: Ampak goljufal si! 28Martin: A res? In kaj boš naredil glede tega? 29(fantje se smejijo) 30Aleks: Hej. btii želim misijonar. Zato so imenovali svetega 14Janeza Boska »apostol mladih«. 5Rektor: (z nasmehom) Vidim. 7Rektor: Vendar ne mislim. izzivam te za igro košarke. 12Sergio: Kaj pomeni »apostolat«? 13Učiteljica: pomeni pripeljati ljudi bliže Bogu. In tako je storil.

34Thomas: Sveti Janez Bosco je rekel. to mu bo dalo lekcijo. Devica 20Marija ti bo pokazala. najprej 25v divje živali in potem v ovce. da mu je Bog 11pogosto govoril po sanjah? 12Aleks: Ali res? 13Tomaž: Prve od teh sanj je imel. 1 19 . 17Janez: Ali hoče še kdo udarec? 18Tomaž: Potem se je pred njim prikazal Jezus. () IN te besede: »Ne z udarci. o čemer sva se pogovarjala s Sergiom glede 33današnjega dne. Toda ko so bili njegovi poskusi neuspešni. oče. 28Aleks: »Oh. 19Jezus: Ne.« postane podlaga salezijanske 27duhovnosti. ko bo imel svojo 3najboljšo nedeljsko obleko. 2Aleks: Prav! To naredimo na praznik Janeza Boska. Premišljeval sem. 31Tomaž: Odgovor na kaj? 32Aleks: Prav. Te sanje so spremenile 14njegovo življenje. 23(glasba) 24Tomaž: Ko je Devica Marija rekla te besede. 9Aleks: Veš. je skušal 16končati boj s svojimi pestmi. Janez. Ali si vedel. kako. ampak s 26prijaznostjo morate premagati te fante. da veliko več dosežete s prijaznimi 35besedami kakor z grobo silo. tako veliko se učim od svetega Janeza Boska! 10Tomaž: To je čudovito. gre za nekaj. Dva fanta sta preklinjala in 15Janez ju je skušal ločiti. da je priča pretepu. ko je imel devet let. osvojiti jih moraš s prijaznostjo in ljubeznijo!. 21(glasba) 22Devica: Vzemi svojo pastirsko palico in vodi svojo čredo. Sanjal je. da mogoče maščevanje ni pravi odgovor. 38Padel si pri štirih predmetih. 36(glasba) (škropljenje) (glasba) (ptiči cvrkutajo) 37Prijatelj1: Poglejmo tvoje ocene () Prav. Bil je velik svetnik. 4Sergio: Da! 5(glasba) 6(vzdihovanje) (škropljenje) (vzdihovanje) (dekleta se smejejo) 7Sergio: To bo čudovito! 8Aleks: Da. 39Prijatelj 2: Kako si ti naredil? 40Prijatelj 1: Padel sem samo pri treh. so se otroci spremenili. v tem semestru si me potolkel.1Sergio: Napolnili bomo nekaj balonov z vodo in jih vrgli nanj skozi okno.« 29Tomaž: Kaj je? 30Aleks: Nič. čudovito.

mogoče boš nekega dne moral jesti 35s pomembnimi politiki ali vodilnimi poslovneži. Ali dajem vtis. Michael. da se šalim? Ti lahko prideš še daleč. Michael: Če bi se malo bolj potrudil. da si moraš vedno umiti roke. toda v soboto ga bom imela. kar koli hočeš. ali lahko rezerviram enega od teh albumov za soboto? () 12Prosim … 13Prodajalec: Ne vem. Martin. Tako je. Shranil ga bom zate do sobote. Michael: Poglej me. Sem črna ovca te šole. 9(glasba) 10Pavla: Glej. Michael: Moral bi se naučiti nekaj vedenja pri mizi. Toda če ga ne kupiš. To vem.1Martin: Ali hočete videti pravo mojstrovino? () Ta-da!!! Padel sem pri vseh! 2(glasba) 3Prijatelj1: Kaj si …? 4Prijatelj2: Daj. ker to hočeš biti. 36Martin: Ali je to neka šala? 37P. 6Prijatelj 2: To je tako kul! 7Martin: Da. Prodajajo se kot vroče žemlje! 14Sara: Zdaj nimam dovolj denarja. ja. pred obrokom si nisi umil rok. Michael: Ali misliš to o meni? Ali misliš. ga 16bom dal nazaj v prodajo. Kdo ve. 8Prijatelj1: Še enkrat reci. 39Prijatelj 1: Ste slišali? Martin – poslovnež? (fantje se smejijo) 40Martin: Bodite mirni! 1 20 . to je album »Fantastična dekleta«! 11Sara: Oprostite. zakaj? Kaj boš naredil? Ali me boš pretepel ali kaj? 28P. 38Premisli o tem. da lahko 34narediš. bi lahko imel veliko boljše ocene. Pravi šampion si. Michael: Živijo. 22Martin: Ah. 32Martin: Ali nisi slišal? Sem črna ovca. da bom pretepal svoje 29prijatelje? 30Martin: Kaj – torej sem tvoj prijatelj? 31P. 15Prodajalec: Prav. 25Martin: Oh … živijo. 27Martin: Oh. Toda imaš sposobnost. ja? In kaj še pravi tvoja mamica? 23Aleks: To je gnusno! 24P. 33P. res. da pogledam … 5Martin: Padel sem pri vseh. 26P. 17Sara: Hvala! 18(glasba) (ptiči cvrkutajo) 19Sergio: Hej. 20Martin: Seveda ne – zakaj pa naj bi? 21Sergio: moja mama pravi.

nikoli ne sme iskati 29maščevanja in mora biti hiter v odpuščanju. pomagal jim je. 6Aleks: To je prav tisto. brat Albenrto. 20(glasba) 21P. premišljeval sem o tem. kjer so se fantje lahko priučili poklica. Poglej. 35Janez Bosco: To je čudovito pravo umetniško delo. Po Božji 9milosti sem bil vedno sposoben pridobiti otroke. 36Fant s šmirglpapirjem: Resnično mislite tako? 37Janez Bosko: Seveda. da bi lahko bil nekdo. duhovnik je tisti. imenovani Valdocco. tukaj je. da so upoštevali pravila. Janez Bosko je v soseski. kar je naredil sv. 3(glasba) 4Aleks: Veš. Ideja je bila 25pripeljati mlade ljudi bliže Bogu s pomočjo besed in zgleda veselja. Sčasoma je število oratorijev raslo. 15Alex: Vem. da bi kdaj koga kaznoval. Michael: Sv.« 10Sergio: Res je. oče. saj nisi verjel vsej tej govoranci. dobro pazite na ta dva. mar ne? 2Martin: Nihče mi ni nikoli rekel. V 26oratorijih so bile delavnice. ampak bil je dober načrt. 8Aleks: Glej. ki pripoveduje takšne čudovite 32zgodbe. Mislim. ki so bili zapuščeni. Veste. prav. pridem. 27(glasba) 28Janez Bosko: Salezijanec mora biti vsakomur prijatelj. Ja. da lahko s 7prijaznimi besedami naredi več kakor s silo. 33Janez Bosko: Kako kaj delo. 31Deček s šmirglpapirjem: Da. 11Aleks: Ali misliš. toda sveti Janez Bosko ne bi naredil tega. 30Deček s kladivom. Michael rekel Martinu. Tja je sprejel 23otroke. ki je vedno tako vesel. kar je p. Janez Bosko: Sklenil je.1Prijatelj 1: Daj no. 17Sergiu. Mogoče jo vrniti Martinu ni ravno najboljša ideja. 5Sergio: Tudi jaz sem premišljeval o tem. v Torinu 22odprl dom. On je ta. ker bosta 38nekega dne najbolj slovita tesarja v Torinu . 39(glasba) 1 21 . Ali danes popoldan prideš v Salezijanski 18mladinski center? 19Alex: Da. da bi poskušal 16in pomagal Martinu. 14Sergio: Da. »Ne spomnim se. Poglejte. Zmagal si. 24in naučil jih je katekizma. imenovan Oratorij svetega Frančiška Saleškega. kar tudi jaz mislim? 12Sergio: Misliš o vodnih balonih? 13Alex: Da. da so se naučili novih spretnosti. fantje? 34Fant s šmirglpapirjem: Dobro gre.

Kaj. nekako narediti bolj revnega. 22Martin: In kaj je to? 23Aleks: To je kraj. Janez 26Bosko je pogosto govoril o potrebi. To je naša obveza. ki gre v napačno smer! 8(glasba) 9Martin: Kaj hočeš? 10Aleks: Nič. ne govori tega! 6Martinova mati: Ne govori tega? Iz vseh predmetov si padel. 36Prijatelj1: (fantje se smejijo) Hej. 13Sergio: Prav. sem neuspešen 12in vedno bo tako. motiš se.1P. Ali si pozabil. Tega ne morem storiti. ki daje. 19Sergio: Lahko ti pomagava. Toda 29ne bi smeli dajati samo tega. Michael: Naslednjo nedeljo zbiramo denar za uboge v župniji. Ljudje. 27Janez Bosko: Dajati moramo miloščino. 3(glasba) 4Martinova mati: Martin. 21Sergio: Lahko bi prišel z nama v Salezijanski mladinski center. da bi ti mogoče lahko pomagala. Nikoli ni bil slabe volje in 2je dajal tako dobre nasvete. kar dajemo drugim. Pojdi no! 24(glasba) (cvrkutanje)= 25P. da bi se učil? 17Aleks: Seveda . 20Aleks: Prav. kako se uči. ampak se samo varamo. 11Martin: Ne potrebujem tvoje pomoči. Darovanjska ljubezen mora 32človeka. česar imamo preveč. kjer lahko študiraš in se zabavaš. Pomislila sva. Kje boš 7končal? Na slabi poti si. martin! Slišal sem. ne dajemo. 18Martin: Pozabi. Če nas to. naše ostanke. ki so najbolj v potrebi. Michael: Pri dajanju denarja gre za to. da je z njimi spreminjal življenja ljudi. 16Martin. misliš. 33(glasba) 34P. zelo sem razočarana! 5Martin: Mama. da si šel v Salezijanski 37mladinski center. ki jo imamo kot 28katoličani. Michael: Sv. Dajati 30moramo več kakor samo ostanke. 15Aleks: Potem pa pridi. 38Prijatelj 2: Ali boš postal duhovnik? (fantje se smejijo) 39Martin: Začel se bom učiti. nič ne 31stane. Nehaj jokati in napravi nekaj. Odkar je moj oče umrl. lahko ti pokaževa. 40Prijatelj 1: Ali si resen? 1 22 . Janez Bosko se je vedno smejal. Sv. Michael? 14Martin: Seveda ne! Ves dan že premišljujem o tem. so naši bratje in sestre. da damo ubogim. ki so v največjih potrebah. kaj ti je rekel p. da nas naredi malo bolj revne in da 35darujemo to malo žrtev našim bratom in sestram.

ampak mislim. 9Prijatelj 1: Prav. 27(ptiči pojejo). Več lahko naredite s takšnimi 29besedami kakor s silo. zelo ponosna sem nate. Vendar sem srečna. ničesar ne bom spreminjal.1Martin: Od zdaj naprej se bom spremenil. 31(glasba) 32Pavla: Sobota je! Danes je dan! 33Sara: Vem. Michael spoveduje vsak dan pred mašo. Michaelu ves svoj posel? 21Martin: Prav. da ni nič resnega. Je že dobro. da se bom učila od sv. Da. da lahko zdržim. Michaela.(zvonovi zvonijo) (glasba) 28Aleks: Sveti Janez Bosko je imel prav. ker si tak dober prijatelj. če nočeta biti popolni zgubi. 20Prijatelj1: Poglej. da tudi če 24gremo k p. 30Sergio. Denar bo šel k ubogim. poglej.da pokličem šolskega zdravnika? 14Sergio: Hvala. 39Pavla: Ali si nora? 40Sara: Mogoče sem nora. Pojdiva do kioska s časniki in kupiva album. neverjetno je. Ali boš povedal p. ali veš. Michaelu. 36Pavla: Kaj? 37Sara: Sklenila sem. 15Učiteljica: Martin. V Salezijanskem mladinskem centru so razložili. ne? Ali je to kakšen drug prijatelj? 23Martin: Ne. 2Prijatelj1: Daj no … 3Martin: In vidva morata storiti enako. 12Sergio. 34Pavla: Pridi torej. 11Martin: Prav. nam v resnici Jezus odpusti naše grehe. ne gre v resnici za p. da si kupim sladkarije. kje lahko grem k spovedi? 18Sergio: Seveda. Mislim. obiskal vaju bom v ječi. 4Prijatelj 2: Zgubi? 5Prijatelj 1: Kaj se je zgodilo najinemu staremu tovarišu Martinu? 6Prijatelj 2: Prav. P. 22Prijatelj2: Oh. Oprostita – to je bila nesreča. 17Martin: Hej. po besedah p. 25Sergio: Da. 13Martin. Moj dedek mi je dal nekaj denarja. da bodo Martin in njegovi prijatelji šli k spovedi. 16Čestitam. To je pravi Salezijanski duh. TI si bil črna ovca – se spomniš? 7(glasba) 8Martin: Stari Martin je bil zguba. Pripravljen sem spremeniti svoje poti. Michaela. 26Martin: Začeti hočem novo življenje. Janeza Boska in dala ves svoj 38denar v nabirko pri maši. 35Sara: Ne. 1 23 . 19Martin: Danes popoldan bom šel. Ali hočeš. 10Prijatelj 2: Jaz tudi ne. od danes.

ko je leta 1888 umrl. 23Aleks: Fantastično! 24EWTN 25KAD 1 24 . Glej.Čakam vas v nebesih. Janeza Boska je razglasil za svetnika papež Pij XI. Ti pa si to storila. 20Aleks: In številne šole. Zelo si bila 14velikodušna. resnično sem srečna. Janez Bosko je bil velik svetnik. ki je 17počivalo v cerkvi. mu 4je dal naslov »Oče in učitelj mladih«. parki.000 ljudi! 18Tomaž: Sv.« On 13tega ni storil in bil je žalosten. Janez Pavel II. prvega 3aprila leta 1934. 11Elena: Zelo sem ponosna nate. 40. kar imaš. 6pomočnici kristjanov. in priča boste pravim čudežem. daj denar ubogim in imel boš zaklad v nebesih. kako je umrl sveti Janez Bosko? 2PČ. 5Janez Bosko. Michael: Sv. Mnoge ceste. 15(glasba) 16Alex: 40. 9(glasba) 10Sara: Veš. Salezijanska družina je ena od največjih katoliških skupin v 22svetu in je navzoča v 128 deželah. bolnim. ki so v največji stiski in prejeli boste 8velikanske blagoslove in pomoč od Boga . starim in tistim.000 ljudi se je poslovilo od telesa svetega Janeza Boska. 21Tomaž: Da. Širite pobožnost k Jezusu v presvetem zakramentu in k Mariji. Jezus je rekel bogatemu mladeniču: 12»Prodaj vse. Michael. Zato si srečna. da sem ves svoj denar dala za uboge. gledališča 19in muzeji so imenovani po njem. Pomagajte ubogim 7otrokom. mama.1Aleks: P. samo 44 let potem.

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