Fight Administration’s Apathy and Delaying Tactics: Ensure Speedy Implementation of GSCASH Verdict in the Case Against a Senior

CSRD Faculty Member! JNU Administration Must Ensure an Immediate Change of Supervisor for the Victim!
It is highly unfortunate that no action has been taken by the administration on the report of GSCASH in a case of sexual harassment of a research scholar by a senior faculty member of CSRD. It has been gathering dust in the administration since August, 2013. The complainant research scholar has appraised the JNUSU that GSCASH had found the said faculty member guilty of the alleged charge and that the Vice Chancellor, as per the rules, had met with the GSCASH in the month of September over the GSCASH report. Despite this, no subsequent action has been taken, nor any emergency EC meeting has been called so far to act on the GSCASH verdict. This shows the University’s non-serious, non-committal and apathetic approach to gender justice and an utter lack of sensitivity towards the complainant. The JNUSU in a protest letter to the Vice Chancellor has strongly demanded that the supervisor for the victim be immediately changed and that the GSCASH’s recommendations be implemented without any delay or dilution. The Vice Chancellor has given a verbal assurance of changing the supervisor of the complainant who has been without any supervisor for over an year. The JNUSU’s representative to GSCASH has also learnt that the GSCASH members have received unwarranted communication from the said faculty member which is of objectionable nature, maligning the institution of GSCASH. We strongly condemn this act, as such moves amount to the undermining the integrity of GSCASH. We demand that the administration takes necessary steps against any maligning of the GSCASH by certain vested interests with mala fide intentions. Such communications amount to contempt of GSCASH which is a semi-judicial body and also an instrument for ensuring gender justice. The JNU community will give a befitting response to the administration or anybody who tries to attack or undermine the GSCASH, which has been achieved after a protracted and hard- fought struggle.

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