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GRFD Counseling Checklist

• 90 Days after • Upon return from LDAC

Contracting (Fall, MSIII (July-Aug):
Year): – Go to the Reserve
– Confirm receipt of Accessions flowchart and
upgraded SMP pay access the Reserve’s
– Confirm receipt of MGIB REQUEST system
benefits & Reserve MGIB
Kicker – Determine where the
– Energize ACOS-R and cadet wants to be
HRC-St. Louis benefits assigned, and make a
NCOIC if cadet is not branch decision
receiving right pay & – Complete accessions
kicker packet accordingly
– Contact SMP unit
commander to exchange
GRFD Counseling Checklist (cont.)
• Upon Branch • Upon contacting CMO
Notification (late at HRC-St. Louis)
– Explain to cadet
Nov) importance of taking
– Go back to the ownership of one’s
REQUEST system career
and confirm LT – Ensure cadet actually
vacancy talks to CMO and
updates comms and
– Contact unit addresses
commander – Goal is to attain OBC
– Contact CMO at orders & TPU
assignment orders by
HRC-St. Louis commissioning night
– Maintain periodic comms