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Richard Bach Lingviston

Richard Bach Lingviston

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Richard Bach - Jonathan

Livingston Seagull, a
story. 1970
Photos: Rusell unson
Ρίτσαρντ Μπάχ - Ὁ Γλάρος
Ἑλληνικὴ ἀπόδοση
From Wikipedia, the free
Jonathan Livingston Seagull (ISBN
0380012863), written b !i"har#
Ba"h, is a $able about a seagull
learning about li$e an# $light, an# a
ho%il about sel$&'er$e"tion an#
sel$&sa"ri$i"e( )irst 'ublishe# in
1*+0 as ,Jonathan Livingston
Seagull - a stor., it be"a%e a
$avourite on /%eri"an universit
"a%'uses( B the en# o$ 1*+2, over
a %illion "o'ies were in 'rint,
!ea#er0s 1igest ha# 'ublishe# a
"on#ense# version, an# the boo2
rea"he# the to' o$ the New 3or2
4i%es bestseller list where it
re%aine# $or 38 wee2s( It is still in
'rint as o$ 2006(
Ba"h sai# the boo2 was ins'ire# b
John 5( 6Johnn6 Livingston, a
barnstor%ing 'ilot #uring the 1*207s
an# 1*307s(
4he novel tells the stor o$ Jonathan
Livingston Seagull, a seagull who is
sei8e# b a 'assion $or $light( 5e
'ushes hi%sel$, learning everthing
he "an about $ling, until $inall his
unwillingness to "on$or% results in
9 :;< =;>:?@AB>?< CDA?E?< C?FGHI< B> ὰ ἕ ὑ ὰ
H : J;KLMN>? =O :? =PNL? C?K QONCPRO> ὸ ἐ ῖ ὅ ὁ
,S>=A < TAGB=IC;<U H? V; :H WKCOA@( ὸ ῦ ὶ Ἐ
C?X>MR?L;> C < F?> N?> J H;W>QDX?K: Ὑ ὼ ὅ ὅ ὰ
NH? < =PNL?K< H? BFMA?K Y:MJ;: Q : J ὺ ῦ Ἰ ὲ ὰ
JDF?K: C> : BKAGN?K: CGNY( ὰ ὰ
L ; H H [>[FG?( S? E;AGRO> AGR?:H;( ᾿ ὐ ὸ ὸ ῦ Ὁ
S? QG:O> 9>MH;( \ : O B:YL?: =; B> H ῦ ὸ ὐ ῶ ὶ ὰ ὰ
Ραίη Μπράντμπουρυ
F?> N?> F;HAO@?K: H : FOKJOAG;((( N?> Ὅ ὅ ὴ Ἐ ὅ
CA?EYA? : L CDH;BL; H;: WDA?K: C < ῦ ὲ ὅ ὼ
E?K: QG=>?((( N?> E;GA?:H;> : =M:?K: =MH> ἔ Ὅ ὰ
=;F ( =PLI => : O :;> LP:? B> H : ;KHP ὰ ἀ ἂ ἶ ὰ ὸ ἑ
H?K<)((( N?> WDA?K: C < CMAE?K: => FF; Ὅ ὼ ὑ ἄ
CAMBL;H; NH : =PNL? =H < C ; H C? ὸ ἐ ὸ ἀ ᾿ ὐ ὰ ὺ
];G:?:H;>^ F?> ; H? J COH? : CM:H; L;R Ὅ ὐ ὶ ὰ ῦ ὶ
L H : BFMA? Y:MJ;:( FF?> CMF>, J ὲ ὸ Ἰ Ἄ ὰ
WO]@B?K: B> FGB? N L> CDA?EI COA>CDHO>;, ὰ ὲ ὰ ὑ
BOLMHI X?< => FOKJOAG;( _ HO HN>, O HO ὕ ἐ ἴ ἔ ἴ
FF?> <, O :;> L> NCM:>; LCO>AG;( ἀ ῶ ἶ ὰ ἐ
Ποιὸς εἶναι ὁ Ἰν!"αν#
9 C?AG;` L>=A < Y:MJ;: Q : O :;> ὰ ἀ Ὁ ὸ Ἰ ὲ ἶ
A;BO CMA; :;< CF < BFMA?< C? L;J;G:O> ἄ ἕ ! ὸ ὺ
: COH a b HP, =; HGC?H; FF?a _ :;> ὰ " ὐ ὶ ἄ ἶ
L?:ME; :; FOK= C?KF H < JMF;NN;< =; ἕ ὸ ὶ # ὶ
his ec'ulsion $ro% his "lan( /n
out"ast, he "ontinues to learn,
be"o%es in"reasingl 'lease# with
his abilities an# lea#s an i#lli" li$e(
$lot %&mmary
dne #a, Jonathan is %et b two
seagulls, who ta2e hi% to a ,higher
'lane o$ ecisten"e., where he %eets
other gulls who love to $l( 5e
#is"overs that his sheer tena"it an#
#esire to learn %a2e hi% ,a gull in a
%illion.( Jonathan be$rien#s the
wisest gull in this new 'la"e, na%e#
ehiang, who ta2es hi% beon# his
'revious learning, tea"hing hi% how
to %ove instantaneousl to
anwhere else in the universe( 4he
se"ret, ehiang sas, is to ,begin b
2nowing that ou have alrea#
Not satis$ie# with his new li$e,
Jonathan returns to farth to $in#
others li2e hi%, to bring the% his
learning an# to s'rea# his love $or
$light( 5is %ission is su""ess$ul,
gathering aroun# hi% others who
have been outlawe# $or not
"on$or%ing( glti%atel, one o$ his
stu#ents, )let"her Ln# Seagull,
be"o%es a tea"her in his own right
an# Jonathan leaves to "ontinue his
learning( In so%e was, this se"tion
is as %u"h a stor o$ )let"her0s
reali8ation as o$ Jonathan0s
"ontinue# learning(
h5ILdSdh53 "o%es $ro% the
iree2 wor# %eaning 6love o$
H : :DLY:a ῶ ἀ
S HPHO C < WIBO H;> : HADE?K: ὰ ῶ ἐ ῖ ὰ
=;H?LL@A>; :JAYC?> N F?: H : =PNL? ἑ ἄ ᾿ ὅ ὸ
: B?AMN?K: H : NH?AG; H?K, : ὰ ἀ ὴ $ ὰ
NKLLOA>NH? : H Q>=j H?K LCO>AG;, =; : ῦ ὴ ἐ ὶ ὰ
H : C?JOkN?K:a l>;H [D[;>; BFMA?< ὸ ἀ ὶ ὁ
Y:MJ;: Q : LC?AO : O :;> CA H?<, ? HO Ἰ ὲ ῖ ὰ ἶ ὁ ῶ %
HOFOKH; ?<, C? :HG=AKNO H L;BOG; H : ὁ ῖ ὺ ἀ ὴ ῶ
; JDAY:` m HO CA H?< - HOFOKH; ?<- & % ὁ ῶ ' ὁ ῖ
C? :O>AO@HI=O H : FOKJOAG;((( ὺ ( ὴ ἐ
C?LD:Y<, =MH> FF? CADCO> : O :;> ; H < ) ἄ ὰ ἶ ὐ ὸ ὁ
Y:MJ;:( Ἰ
,_ :;> LG; [AkL>=I NH?AG;U, O CO :;< ἶ * ἶ ἕ
C;C < C H : n;F>]PA:>;, , :; [>[FG? C? " ἀ ὸ ὴ ἕ ὺ
B=AOLGRO> JONL?@<, =; L]>N[IHO H < C> ὶ ἀ ῖ ὶ ὸ
OAD< L;< WGO<, =IA@NN?:H;< H E;FG:YH? * ἀ ὸ ἀ
CMJ?< H < FOKJOAG;<U( :;< FF?< # ἐ + ἄ
OAYLD:?< H N@NHINO NH? < :?AGHO< H?K * ὸ ὺ ἐ
N : ,O ;BBDF>? XKE>= < :;HMNOY<U( ὰ ὐ # ἀ
SOA>=? :;B: NHO< CGNHOX;: C < NH : ὶ ἀ ῶ ὼ ὸ
BFMA? Y:MJ;: =A@[OH;> XKE H : Ἰ ὴ ῶ
FOKJDAY:( FF?> =;KEjJI=;: C < ἐ Ἄ ὼ
:;=MFKX;: H : Q>=P H?K< =PNL?( ἀ ὸ Ὁ
, :;=MFKX; NH : Y:MJ;: H LKNH>= , ὸ Ἰ ὰ ὰ
JOLDF>; H < XKE < L?KU( # #
n; H COA>?Q>= ,\M>LU AkHINO H : ZGHN;AH ὶ ὸ ὸ ὸ
SCME, H : C;HDA; H? Y:MJ;:^ ,SjCY< ὸ ῦ Ἰ
O NHO NO < ; H < BFMA?<aU lDF;NO SCME^ ἶ ῖ ὐ ὸ ὁ ὁ
, BkaU O CO( ,nMJO FF?` Y:MJ;: Ἐ ἶ ἄ ὉἸ
[AGN=OH;> =O , XIFMU, => QO>WO H : ? A;:P, ἐ ῖ ἔ ὸ ὐ
, : B QAk:Y Q =MHY, EHKC>DL;> =; ἐ - ἐ ὼ * ἐ ῶ ὶ
]HOA?=?C , => =PLI Q : LCPAON; : ῶ ἀ ὲ ὰ
COHMWY`U \APC?< H? FDBO>:, ]KN>=M, B>;HG ῦ ὁ
SC E O :;> C> Q;>LP:>?<, C> ,HAOFP<U, ὰ ἶ ὁ ὸ ὁ ὸ
FF =; C> LCO>A?< A;N>HDE:I< ἀ ὰ ὶ ὁ ὸ ἔ ἐ
OA?CPA?< H < LOA>= <( n> N? B> H : ἀ # , # ὅ ὰ ὸ
wis#o%6 It is the stu# o$ belie$s
an# valuesa a sste% $or gui#ing li$e(
/s we gain wis#o% about li$e an#
insight into its %eaning, we begin to
#evelo' our own 'hiloso'h o$ li$e(
In !i"har# Ba"h7s stor o$ Jonathan
Livingston Seagull, the author
'resents his 'hiloso'h o$ li$e( 5e
uses a literar #evi"e "alle#
s%bolis% to get his %ain 'oints
a"ross( / s%bol is so%ething that
re'resents or stan#s $or an abstra"t
(he )e* +ork (ime', ,&ly -,
1es ooines, Iowa, Jul 2 & John 5(
Livingston, the %an who ins'ire#
the best&selling novel 6Jonathan
Livingston Seagull,6 #ie# Sun#a at
the ho%'ano Bea"h ()la() /ir'ort
soon a$ter "o%'leting his last 'lane
!i"har# Ba"h, a $or%er Iowa /ir
iuar# 'ilot, has sai# his best&selling
boo2 about a $ree&wheeling seagull
was ins'ire# b or( Livingston(
Johnn Livingston, as he was
2nown, %ove# %an ears ago $ro%
Iowa to )lori#a( 5e was one o$ the
"ountr7s to' 'ilots #uring the
barnstor%ing #as o$ the nineteen&
twenties an# thirties(
)ro% 1*28 through 1*33, or(
Livingston won +* $irst 'la"es, p3
se"on#s an# 1q thir#s in 13* ra"es
throughout the "ountr, %an o$
BFMA? H?K, ; H < EO> , C?BO>YJO U Q => ὐ ὸ ἔ ἀ ῖ ἐ ῶ
:; EAP:?((( C?KFk:H;< =MC?K q0(000 ἕ
:HGHKC; H : LDA;( ἀ ὴ
2να 34ανα56α6ι7ὸ 4α8α9:"ι
, C LG; C?XIU, O CO :;< =A>H>=P< HI< , ὸ ἄ ἶ ἕ
9D;< PA=I<, ,; H < Y:MJ;: O :;> :; Ὑ ὐ ὸ ὁ Ἰ ἶ ἕ
COFkA>? L;AW>NH>= C;A;L@J>U( \ RjHIL; ὸ ὸ
O :;> LY< C < WKC: < NHOA; C :; ἶ ὅ ῶ . ὕ ἀ ὸ ἕ
HDH?>? C;A;L@J>( n;H H? < ]GF?K< H? ὰ ὺ ῦ
SCME, C> A>L?<( n;H H? < EJA?@< H?K, ὸ / ὰ ὺ ἐ
C> NK:OC;ALD:?< -=; NY< C>=G:QK:?<( ὸ ὶ ἴ ἐ
l>;HG A;BO A:? :H;: F?> ? =QPHO< H < ἄ ἀ ῦ ὅ * ἐ #
LOA>= < : :;FM[?K: ; H H [>[FG? C , # ᾿ ἀ ὐ ὸ ὸ ἐ ὶ
HAG; EAP:>;a ,r : LC?A : =;H;FM[YU, O CO ὲ ῶ ὰ ἶ
:;< C ; H?@<, , : O :;> B> C;>Q> B> ἕ ἀ ᾿ ὐ ἂ ἶ ὰ ὰ ' ὰ
V : H < C;AMWO:O< C?F@EAYLO< C>:;=GQO< H : ὰ ὶ ῶ
L?A]j, :MF?B; L H : =MJO :;B:kNHI( ἀ ὲ ὸ ἀ 0
C>HKEG; H?K LY< ]OGFOH;> NH : CFPHIH; ἐ ὅ ( ὴ !
H? L@J?K =; H < ]jBINI<( ,r : WDAY HG ῦ ὶ # ἀ ὲ
JOF; : C L H : Y:MJ;:U, C;A;QDEHI=O 1 ὰ ῶ ὲ ὸ Ἰ
SCME( ,\ : A; C? H : BA;];, H EDA> ὁ ὴ / ὺ ὸ ἔ ὸ
L?K CjB;>:O LP:? H?K( s < =; H NCAYE:O ὲ ὶ ὸ ἔ
=MC?>?< FF?<( H;: H FDY ; HP, L ἄ Ὅ ὸ ὐ ὲ
C?=;F? : HAOFPU( ἀ ῦ
NY< LY< ? L?A]O< NH?AGO< : L 2 ὅ * 3 * ὰ ὴ
BAM]?:H;> C;A LP:?: HN>^ C :; EDA> ὰ ἔ , ὸ ἕ
C? HADEO> N : HAOF CM:Y H E;AHG, ὺ ὰ ὸ ἀ ὸ
C?HKCk:?:H;< N=DXO>< CFD<, NH?>EO>kQO><, ἀ !
EYA < ]A;NH>= CKA?HOE:jL;H;, EYA < ὶ ὰ ὶ
=A?[;NGO<, FF L :; COAGOAB? ,[MJ?<U( ἀ ἀ ὰ ὲ ἕ
;<<< =>ος#
l>;H ; H H , :;AE>= C;A;L@J>U ὶ ὐ ὸ ὸ ἀ ὸ
Q>;QA;L;HGROH;> NH XI` T;GROH;> N :; ὰ ὕ ᾿ ἕ
CGCOQ? C?F C> CM:Y C H =;JILOA>:P, => ἐ ὺ ὸ ἀ ᾿ ὸ
LY< C?F C> NGB?KA?, C> NH;JOA =; ὅ ὺ ὸ ὸ ὸ ὶ
the% at elevelan#( 5e won $irst
'la"e an# t13,*10 in 1*28 in a
"ross&"ountr ra"e $ro% New 3or2
to Los /ngeles(
or( Livingston leaves his wi$e,
uavelle, two brothers an# $our
; k:>?( EO> : =M:O>, N];F <, L H < & 4 ὰ ἀ ῶ ὲ ὶ
Q?:jNO>< L> < E?AQ <, HO:HYLD:I< C H L> " # ἀ ᾿ ὴ ὰ
=AI H < :JAkC>:I< RY < < H : FFI( n> ἄ # ἀ # 5 ὴ ἄ
: BO::MO> AYHjL;H;, L]>[?FGO<, ἂ ἐ ἀ
=;EKC?XG; NH : CA;BL;H>NH :;B:kNHI, ὸ ὴ ἀ
L;BO@O> LY< H : :? , =; FO=HAGRO> H ὅ ὸ ῦ ὶ 6 ὴ
];:H;NG;((( nMH> HDH?>?, COAGC?K, O :;> ἶ ὁ
BFMA?< Y:MJ;:( Ἰ
To the real Joatha !ea"#ll$
%ho l&'e( %&th& #( all.
Στ ν πρα)ματ*+ Γ,άρο -νά.αν$ ὸ ὸ Ἰ
πο /0 1τ ν +α.2να μα3 ὺ ῖ ὸ
Pa! "#$
It was morning, and the new sun
s'ar2le# gol# a"ross the ri''les o$ a
gentle sea(
/ %ile $ro% shore a $ishing boat
"hu%%e# the water, an# the wor#
$or Brea2$ast )lo"2 $lashe# through
the air, till a "row# o$ a thousan#
seagulls "a%e to #o#ge an# $ight $or
bits o$ $oo#( It was another bus #a
But wa o$$ alone, out b hi%sel$
beon# boat an# shore, Jonathan
Livingston Seagull was 'ra"ti"ing(
/ hun#re# $eet in the s2 he lowere#
his webbe# $eet, li$te# his bea2, an#
straine# to hol# a 'ain$ul har#
twiste# "urve through his wings(
4he "urve %eant that he woul# $l
slowl, an# now he slowe# until the
win# was a whis'er in his $a"e, until
the o"ean stoo# still beneath hi%( 5e
narrowe# his ees in $ier"e
"on"entration, hel# his breath,
Μ%ρος &ρ'το
H;: CAY => =;>:?@AB>?< F>?< F;LC@A>RO 7 ὶ ὁ 8
EAKN;]D:>?< CM:Y NH? < =KL;H>NL? < L> < ὺ ὺ "
:; LGF> C H : =Hj, L> X;AP[;A=; + ἀ ᾿ ὴ ἀ ὰ
C;>RO L H :OAP, =; H N@:JIL; : ἔ ὲ ὸ ὶ ὸ ὰ
L;ROKHO H NL :?< B> CAPBOKL; CDA;NO N : ῖ ὸ # ὰ ὰ
NHA;C NH : DA;, =; HPHO :; N@::O]? ἀ ὴ ὸ ἀ ὶ ἕ
C EGF>?K< BFMA?K< AJO : C;FDXO> C?:IA ἀ ὸ 9 ὰ ὰ
B> : W;N];FGNO> =MC?>; =?LLMH>; HA?] <( ὰ ὰ ἐ #
AE>RO L> =;>:?@AB>; LDA; BOLMHI Q?KFO>M( Ἄ ὰ
T?F C> CDA; LY<, F?LP:;E?<, COHk:H;< ὺ ὸ ὅ ὁ
L;=A> C H [MA=; =; H : =Hj, ὰ ἀ ᾿ ὴ ὶ ὴ ἀ ὁ
Y:MJ;: sG[>:B=NH?: lFMA?< NK:DE>RO H < Ἰ ὶ
N=jNO>< H?K( C X?< =;H CPQ>;, XIF ἀ , ὸ ὕ ἑ ὸ ὰ
NH : ? A;:P, E;LjFYNO H C;F;LYHM H?K ὸ ὐ ὰ
CPQ>;, Nj=YNO H AML]?< H?K =; CMNE>NO : ὸ ὶ ὰ
C>[MFO> NH ]HOAM H?K L> QK:IAj, ἐ ὰ ὰ (
Q@N=?FI, NHA>]H =;LC@FI( S> HDH?>; ὴ ὰ
=;LC@FI H? CDHAOCO : COHMWO> L L>=A ῦ ἐ ὰ ὲ ὴ
H;E@HIH; =; HkA; COH? NO F? =; C> AB ὶ ῦ ὅ ὶ ὸ ἀ ὰ
NC?K :OL?< B>:O :; X>J@A>NL; NH / ὁ ἄ ἔ ἕ ὸ
=G:IH? =MHY( VHD:OXO H LMH>; H?K N ἀ ὰ ὲ
:H;H>= ; H?NKB=D:HAYNI, =AMHINO H : ἐ ὴ ὐ ὴ
$or"e# one ((( single ((( %ore (((
in"h ((( o$ ((( "urve (((( 4hen his
$eathers ru$$le#, he stalle# an# $ell(
Seagulls, as ou 2now, never $alter,
never stall( 4o stall in the air is $or
the% #isgra"e# an# it is #ishonor(
But Jonathan Livingston Seagull,
unasha%e#, stret"hing his wings
again in that tre%bling har# "urve &
slowing, slowing, an# stalling on"e
%ore & was no or#inar bir#(
oost gulls #i#n7t bother to learn
%ore than the si%'lest $a"ts o$ $light
& how to get $ro% shore to $oo# an#
ba"2 again( )or %ost gulls, it is not
$ling that %atters, but eating( )or
this gull, through, it was not eating
that %attere#, but $light( oore than
anthing else, Jonathan Livingston
Seagull love# to $l(
4his 2in# o$ thin2ing, he $oun#, is
not the wa to %a2e one7s sel$
'o'ular with other bir#s( fven his
'arents were #is%ae# as Jonathan
s'ent whole #as alone, %a2ing
hun#re#s o$ low&level gli#es,
5e #i#n7t 2now wh, $or instan"e,
but when he $lew at altitu#es less
than hal$ his wings'an above the
water, he "oul# sta in the air
longer, with less e$$ort( 5is gli#es
en#e# not with the usual $eet&#own
s'lash into the sea, but with a long
$lat wa2e as he tou"he# the sur$a"e
with his $eet tightl strea%line#
against his bo#( uhen he began
:MN; H?K, L Q@:;LI JDFINO : QkNI((( ἀ ὲ ὰ
:;((( =PL;((( =;H?NHP((( =FGNI<((( NH : ἕ ἀ ἑ ὴ
E;NO H : FOBE? => CONO( ἔ ὸ ἔ ᾿ ἔ
m BFMA?>, CY< WDAOHO, Q : EM:?K: C?H H * ὅ ὲ ὲ ὴ
NH;JOAPHIH;, Q : EM:?K: C?H H : FOBEP ὲ ὲ ὸ ἔ
H?K<( 9 EMN?K: H : FOBE? H < CHjNI< H?K< ὰ ὸ ἔ #
O :;> B> ; H? < :HA?Cj, O :;> WOKHOF>NLP<( ἶ ᾿ ὐ ὺ ἶ ἐ
LY< Y:MJ;: sG[>:B=NH?: lFMA?<, C? Ὅ ὁ Ἰ ὺ
QGEY< :HA?C CFYNO W;: H < ]HOA? BO< H?K ὴ ; ὰ ὶ ῦ
COHk:H;< NH : Q>; =OG:I HAOLMLO:I Q@N=?FI ὴ ἴ
=;LC@FI & F? =; C> ABM, C> AB =; ὅ ὶ ὸ ἀ ὸ ἀ ὰ ὶ
CMF> EM:?:H;< H : FOBEP H?K & Q : H;: :; ὸ ἔ ὲ < ἕ
=?>: C?KFG( ὸ
m COA>NNPHOA?> BFMA?> Q :?>MR?:H;> : * ὲ ὰ
LMJ?K: C;A LP:? H C> [;N>= CAMBL;H; ὰ ὰ ὸ ὰ
B> H CDH;BL; - C < : COH? : C H : ὰ ὸ ῶ ὰ ῦ ἀ ᾿ ὴ
=Hj NH : HA?]j H?K< =; CGNY CMF>( l> ἀ ὴ ὶ ὰ
v EO> H CDH;BL;, FF H ];BIHP( l> ἔ ὸ ἀ ὰ ὸ ὰ
H? H?:, LY<, H BFMA? NIL;NG; Q : O EO H ῦ ὅ ὸ ὲ ἶ ὸ
];BIHP, FF H CDH;BL;( TM:Y C =MJO H> ἀ ὰ ὸ ἀ ὸ
FF?, Y:MJ;: sG[>:B=NH?: lFMA?< ἄ ὁ Ἰ
B;C? NO : COHMO>( ἀ ῦ ὰ
:;< HDH?>?< HAPC?< N=DXI< Q : H;:, =;J < + ὲ < ὼ
:;=MFKXO, H =;F@HOA? LDN? B> : BG:O>< ἀ ὸ ὰ ὰ
B;CIH < NH FF; C?KF>M( =PL; =; ? ἀ ὸ ᾿ ἄ , ὶ *
B?:O < H?K :>YJ;: C?B?jHOKNI H;: ῖ ἔ ἀ ὅ ὁ
Y:MJ;: COA:? NO LDAO< FP=FIAO< LP:?<, Ἰ ῦ ὁ
=M:?:H;< =;H?:HMQO< E;LIF < CHjNO>< L ἑ ὲ ὲ
=G:IH; ]HOAM, =M:?:H;< Q?=>LD<( ἀ
r : WOAO FPB?K EMAI H B>;HG, LY<, H;: ὲ 1 ὸ ὅ ὅ
COH? NO CM:Y C H :OAP, N X?< ῦ ἀ ᾿ ὸ ὲ ὕ
L>=APHOA? C H L>N :?>BL; H : ]HOA : ἀ ᾿ ὸ ὸ ἄ ῶ ῶ
H?K, LC?A? NO : LOG:O> NH : DA; ῦ ὰ ὸ ἀ
m CHjNO>< L =G:IH; H ]HOAM H?K * ὲ ἀ ὰ
sli#ing in to $eet&u' lan#ings on the
bea"h, then 'a"ing the length o$ his
sli#e in the san#, his 'arents were
ver %u"h #is%ae# in#ee#(
4h5$ Jo$ %h567 his %other
as2e#( 74h5 &( &t (o har8 to 9e l&:e
the re(t o; the ;lo<:$ Jo6 4h5 <a=t
5o# lea'e lo% ;l5&" to the >el&<a($
the al9atro((6 4h5 8o=t 5o# eat6
Jo$ 5o#=re 9oe a8 ;eather(?7
7@ 8o=t A&8 9e&" 9oe a8
;eather($ B#A. @ C#(t %at to :o%
%hat @ <a 8o & the a&r a8 %hat @
<a=t$ that=( all. @ C#(t %at to :o%.7
7!ee here$ Joatha$7 sai# his
$ather, not un2in#l( 74&ter &(=t
;ar a%a5. Doat( %&ll 9e ;e%$ a8 the
(#r;a<e ;&(h %&ll 9e (%&AA&" 8ee>.
@; 5o# A#(t (t#85$ the (t#85 ;oo8$
a8 ho% to "et &t. Th&( ;l5&"
9#(&e(( &( all 'er5 %ell$ 9#t 5o#
<a=t eat a "l&8e$ 5o# :o%. Eo=t
5o# ;or"et that the rea(o 5o# ;l5 &(
to eat.7
Jonathan no##e# obe#ientl( )or the
nect $ew #as he trie# to be behave
li2e the other gullsa he reall trie#,
s"ree"hing an# $ighting with the
$lo"2 aroun# the 'iers an# $ishing
boats, #iving on s"ra's o$ $ish an#
brea#( But he "oul#n7t %a2e it wor2(
It7s all so 'ointless, he thought,
#eliberatel #ro''ing a har#&won
an"hov to a hungr ol# gull
"hasing hi%( I "oul# be s'en#ing all
this ti%e learning to $l( 4here7s so
%u"h to learn`
HDFO>Y:;: E> L H NK:IJ>NLD:? 3 ὲ ὸ
CF;HN?@A>NL; H : C?Q> : NH JMF;NN;, ῶ ῶ ὴ
FF L :; L;=A@, CF;H ; FM=> =;J < ἀ ὰ ᾿ ἕ ὺ ὐ ὼ
BB>RO H : C>]M:O>; L H CPQ>; H?K ἄ ὴ ἐ ὲ ὰ
OA?QK:;L>= QOLD:; CM:Y NH =?ALG H?K( ἀ ὰ ὸ
H;: AE>NO : BF>NHA B> : CA?NBO>YJO Ὅ ἄ ὰ . ὰ ὰ ῖ
L L;ROLD:; H CPQ>; H?K NH : C;A;FG;, H;: ὲ ὰ ὴ ὅ
QA;N=DF>RO H L =?< H < BFGNHA;< H?K NH : ὸ # # ὴ
LL?, ? B?:O < H?K N;: FjJO>; C?F ἄ * ῖ < ἀ ὺ
C?B?IHOKLD:?>( ἀ
,l>;HG Y:, B>;HGaU AYH? NO LM:; H?K( 2 ῦ
,l>;HG O :;> HPN? Q@N=?F?, Y:, : O N;> ἶ 2 ὰ ἶ
CY< F; H FF; C?KF> NH NL :?<a l>;HG ὅ ὅ ᾿ ἄ ὰ ὸ #
Q : LC?AO < : ]jNO>< H E;LIF CDH;BL; ὲ ῖ ᾿ ἀ ὸ ὸ
NH? < FLC;HA?<, NH? < COFO=M:?K<a l>;HG ὺ ἄ ὺ
Q : HA <a l>P=; L?K, O N;> ]HOA =; ὲ - ἶ ὸ ὶ
,SM:;, Q L CO>AMRO> : L;> ]HOA =; ὲ ὲ = ὸ ὶ
=P=;F?( wDFY LP:? : WDAY HG LC?A =; HG ὰ ῶ ὶ
Q LC?A : =;H?AJkNY NH : DA;( \GC?H ὲ ῶ ὰ ὸ ἀ ᾿
FF?( wDFY : WDAYU( ἄ ὰ
, =?K Q Y:MJ;:U, O CO C;HDA;< H?K, Ἄ ἐ ῶ Ἰ ἶ ὁ
E> QGEY< =;F?N@:I( , EO>L :;< CFIN>MRO>( 3 Ὁ ῶ
m [MA=O< J :;> F>B?NH < =; H ]APX;A; * = ὲ ὶ ᾿ ἀ
J =?FKLC? : [;J>M( : CADCO> =MH> : ὰ ῦ > ὰ
LOFOHjNO><, LOFDH; H : HA?] =; C < : H : ὴ ὴ ὶ ῶ ὰ ὴ
W;N];FGNO><( b H CPJONI L H < ἐ ὐ ὴ ὑ ὲ ὶ
CHjNO>< O :;> C?F =;Fj, FF L> CHjNI L ἶ ὺ ἀ ὰ ὰ ᾿
=G:IH; ]HOA Q : HAkBOH;>( \ WDAO><( S ἀ ὰ ὲ ὸ ὴ
WOE: < C < : COH < O :;> B> : HA <U( . ὼ ἂ " ἶ ὰ ὰ ῶ
Y:MJ;: N=KXO H =O]MF> CM=?K;( l> ὉἸ ἔ ὸ ὑ ὰ
FF?> BFMA?>x CA?NCMJINO NH FjJO>;, ἄ ᾿ ἀ
=AkR?:H;< =; C?FOLk:H;< L H NL :?< ὶ ὲ ὸ #
B@AY NH < C?[MJAO< =; H < X;AP[;A=O<, ὶ ἀ ὶ ὶ
[?KHk:H;< CM:Y N C?=PLL;H; XMA> =; ὲ ἀ ὶ
XYLG( n> LY< Q : H =;HM]OA:O( ᾿ ὅ ὲ ὰ
It wasn7t long be$ore Jonathan iull
was o$$ b hi%sel$ again, $ar out at
see, hungr, ha'', learning(
4he subye"t was s'ee#, an# in a
wee27s 'ra"ti"e he learne# %ore
about s'ee# than the $astest gull
)ro% a thousan# $eet, $la''ing his
wings as har# as he "oul#, he 'ushe#
over into a bla8ing stee' #ive towar#
the waves, an# learne# wh seagulls
#on7t %a2e bla8ing stee' 'ower&
#ives( In yust sic se"on#s he was
%oving sevent %iles 'er hour, the
s'ee# at whi"h one7s wing goes
unstable on the u'stro2e(
4i%e a$ter ti%e it ha''ene#( eare$ul
as he was, wor2ing at the ver 'ea2
o$ his abilit, he lost "ontrol at high
eli%b to a thousan# $eet( )ull 'ower
straight ahea# $irst, then 'ush over,
$la''ing, to a verti"al #ive( 4hen,
ever ti%e, his le$t wing stalle# on
an u'stro2e, he7# roll violentl le$t,
stall his right wing re"overing, an#
$li"2 li2e $ire into a wil# tu%bling
s'in to the right(
5e "oul#n7t be "are$ul enough on
that u'stro2e( 4en ti%es he trie#, but
all ten ti%es, as he 'asse# through
sevent %iles 'er hour, he burst into
a "hurning %ass o$ $eathers, out o$
"ontrol, "rashing #own into the
4he 2e, he thought as last,
r : EO> =;:D:; :PIL;, N=D]HI=O, ]j:?:H;< ὲ ἔ ἀ
N=PC>L; : CDNO>, ]? H : =DAQ>NO L ὰ ἀ ῦ ὴ ὲ
EGF>?K< =PC?K<, L> :HN?@B>; N :;: ὰ ἀ ᾿ ἕ
CO>:;NLD:? BOA?BFMA? C? H : =K:IB? NO( ὺ ὸ ῦ
w LC?A? N; : NE?FIJ F ; H H ὰ ῦ ᾿ ἀ ῶ ὅ ᾿ ὐ ὸ ὸ
Q>MNHIL; L;J;G:?:H;< : COHMY( EO> HPN; ὰ 4
: LMJO> =;:OG<` ὰ
n; C?F N@:H?L; Y:MJ;: lFMA?< ὶ ὺ ὁ Ἰ
W;:M]KBO LP:?< CMF>, CDA; NH :?>EHM, ᾿ ἀ
CO>:;NLD:?<, O HKE>NLD:?<, L;J;G:?:H;<( ὐ
wDL; H;: H;E@HIH;, =; L LG; [Q?LMQ; < ὶ ὲ
WMN=INI L;JO B> H : H;E@HIH; C?FF ἐ ἔ ὰ ὴ ὰ
COA>NNPHOA; C H : C> BAjB?A? BFMA? NH : ἀ ὸ ὸ ὸ ὸ
C EGF>; CPQ>; X?<, ]? =?K:? NO H , ὸ ὕ ἀ ῦ ῦ ὰ
]HOAM H?K N? C> QK:;H LC?A? NO, ὅ ὸ ὰ ῦ
WO=>:? NO LG;: =MJO=HI =;HMQKNI CA < H ῦ ἀ ὸ ὰ
=@L;H;, =; LMJ;>:O B>;H ? BFMA?> Q : ὶ ὶ * ὲ
=M:?K: =MJOHO< =;H;Q@NO>< L FI H?K< H : ᾿ ὅ ὴ
[Q?L :H; LGF>; H : A; =; NH : H;E@HIH; ἑ # ὴ / ὶ ὴ
; H ]HOA? B; ,C;GRO>U, H;: [AGN=OH;> ὐ ὴ ῦ ὅ
NH : CM:Y HI< =G:INI( ὴ
b H B>:O W;: =; W;:M( n;J < H;: ὐ ὸ ἔ ὰ ὶ ὼ <
CA?NOEH>=P<, =; =;J < Q?@FOKO W;:HFk:H;< ὶ ὼ ἐ
FO< H?K H < =;:PHIHO<, E;:O H : FOBEP H?K ὅ ὶ * ἔ ὸ ἔ
:D[;>:O EGF>; CPQ>; XIFM( S FI H?K H , ᾿ ὅ ὴ
Q@:;LI COH? NO CA H; LCA?NHM, => NHOA; ῦ ῶ ᾿ ὕ
L?:?L> <, ]HOA?KBGR?:H;<, AE>RO H : =MJOHI " ἄ ὴ
[?KH>M( \PHO, =MJO ]?AM, A>NHOA ἀ ὴ
]HOA? B; H?K E;:O H : FOBE? NH : CM:Y ῦ ἔ ὸ ἔ ὴ
=G:INI, =;HA;=KF? NO =O :?< CPH?L; ῦ ῖ ἀ
A>NHOAM, E;:O H : FOBE? H < QOW> < ἀ ἔ ὸ ἔ # "
]HOA?@B;< CA?NC;Jk:H;< : H : C;:;]DAO>, ὰ ὴ ἐ
=; H>:;RPH;: N : ]YH> N :; HAOFF ὶ ὰ ὰ ᾿ ἕ ὸ
#ri''ing wet, %ust be to hol# the
wings still at high s'ee#s & to $la' u'
to $i$t an# then hol# the wings still(
)ro% two thousan# $eet he trie#
again, rolling into his #ive, bea2
straight #own, wings $ull out an#
stable $ro% the %o%ent he 'asse#
$i$t %iles 'er hour( It too2
tre%en#ous strength, but it wor2e#(
In ten se"on#s he has blurre#
through ninet %iles 'er hour(
Jonathan ha# set a worl# s'ee#
re"or# $or seagulls`
But vi"tor was short&live#( 4he
instant he began his 'ullout, the
instant he "hange# the angle o$ his
wings, he sna''e# into that sa%e
terrible un"ontrolle# #isaster, an# at
ninet %iles 'er hour it hit hi% li2e
#na%ite( Jonathan Seagull
ec'lo#e# in %i#air an# s%ashe#
#own into a bri"2&har# sea(
uhen he "a%e to, it was well a$ter
#ar2, an# he $loate# in %oonlight on
the sur$a"e o$ the o"ean( 5is wings
were ragge# bars o$ lea#, but the
weight o$ $ailure was even heavier
on his ba"2( 5e wishe#, $eebl, that
the weight "oul# be yust enough to
#rag hi% gentl #own to the botto%,
an# en# it all(
/s he san2 low in the water, a
strange hollow voi"e soun#e# within
hi%( 4here7s no wa aroun# it( I a%
a seagull( I a% li%ite# b % nature(
I$ I were %eant to learn so %u"h
about $ling, I7# have a $al"on7s short
NHA>]H =?KHA?K[MF>;NL; CA < H QOW>M( ὸ ὸ ὰ
FI H?K CA?N?E Q : H;: A=OH B> : Ὅ ὴ ὲ < ἀ ὴ ὰ ὰ
FDBWO> =OG:I H : =G:INI H < ]HOA?@B;<( ἐ ἐ ὴ #
TA?NCMJINO QD=; ]?AD<, =; =MJO ]?AM, ὶ
=;J < WOCOA:? NO H [Q?Lj:H; LGF>; H : ὼ ῦ ὰ ἑ ὴ
A;, B>:PH;: W;]:>= L> :M=;HI LMR; C / ὰ ὰ ἀ ἀ ὸ
\ =FO>QG, N=D]HI=O NH HDF?<, L?@N=OL; ὸ ὸ
=PL; C H :OAP, J O :;> : =A;H < H ἀ ἀ ᾿ ὸ ὰ ἶ ὰ . ὰ
]HOA =G:IH; NH < LOBMFO< H;E@HIHO< & : ὰ ἀ ὶ ὰ
]HOA?KBGRO>< < H CO:j:H; => NHOA; : 5 ὰ ὕ ὰ
=A;H < H ]HOA =G:IH;( " ὰ ὰ ἀ
z;:;Q?=GL;NO C H QK E>F>MQO< CPQ>;, ἀ ὸ ὰ ὸ
=;HA;=KFk:H;< NH [?KH>M H?K, L H AML]?< ὴ ὲ ὸ
N>; =MHY, H < ]HOA? BO< AJM:?>EHO< =; ἴ ὶ ῦ ( ὶ
NH;JOA < LPF>< CMHINO H CO:j:H; LGF>; H : ὲ ὰ ὴ
A;( {AO>MNHI=O HA?L;=H>= Q@:;LI, FF / ὴ ἀ ὰ
=;C: < :O:j:H; LGF>; H : A;( Y:MJ;: ὸ ἐ ὴ / ὉἸ
O EO COH@EO> L> C;B=PNL>; CGQ?NI ἶ ὰ ἐ
H;E@HIH;< B> BFMA?K<` ὰ
:G=I, LY<, Q : [MNH;WO C?F@( \ NH>BL 0 ὅ ὲ ὴ ὴ
C? AE>NO H : :MQKNI, H NH>BL C? ὺ ἄ ὴ ἀ ὴ ὴ ὺ
FF;WO H BY:G; H : ]HOA : H?K, ἄ ὴ ῶ ῶ
:H>LOHkC>NO H : Q>; HA?L;EH>= ἀ ὴ ἴ ὴ
:OWDFOB=HI =;H;NHA?]j, C? L H;E@HIH; ἀ ὺ ὲ
:O:j:H; LGF>; H : A; H : =H@CINO N : ἐ ὴ / ὸ ὰ
=OA;K:P<( Y:MJ;: lFMA?< N=;NO NH : ὉἸ ἔ ὸ
DA; =; B=AOL?HN;=GNHI=O CM:Y N L> ἀ ὶ ὲ ὰ
JMF;NN; N=FIA N : CDHA;( ὴ ὰ
H;: NK: FJO O EO C> :KEHkNO>, => CFOO Ὅ # ἶ ὰ ᾿ ἔ
NH ]OBB;AP]YH? CM:Y NH : C>]M:O>; H? ὸ ὴ ἐ ῦ
COFMB?K( m ]HOA? BO< H?K N;: N * ῦ < ὰ
=?KAOF>;NLD:; =?LLMH>; L?F@[>, FF H ἀ ὰ ὸ
[MA?< H < C?HKEG;< H;: CM:Y NH : CFMHI # ἀ < ὴ
H?K =PL; C> [;A@( w JOFO, HN> Q@:;L?<, ἀ ὸ ἄ ἔ ἀ
wings, an# live on %i"e instea# o$
$ish( o $ather was right( I %ust
$orget this $oolishness( I %ust $l
ho%e to the )lo"2 an# be "ontent as
I a%, as a 'oor li%ite# seagull(
4he voi"e $a#e#, an# Jonathan
agree#( 4he 'la"e $or a seagull at
night is on shore, an# $ro% this
%o%ent $orth, he vowe#, he woul#
be a nor%al gull( It woul# %a2e
everone ha''ier(
5e 'ushe# wearil awa $ro% the
#ar2 water an# $lew towar# the lan#,
grate$ul $or what he ha# learne#
about wor2&saving low&altitu#e
But no, he thought( I a% #one with
the wa I was, I a% #one with
everthing I learne#( I a% a seagull
li2e ever other seagull, an# I will
$l li2e one( So he "li%be# 'ain$ull
to a hun#re# $eet an# $la''e# his
wings har#er, 'ressing $or shore(
5e $elt better $or his #e"ision to be
yust another one o$ the $lo"2( there
woul# be no ties now to the $or"e
that ha# #riven hi% to learn, there
woul# be no %ore "hallenge an# no
%ore $ailure( /n# it was 'rett, yust
to sto' thin2ing, an# $l through the
#ar2, towar# the lights above the
Ear:? 4he hollow voi"e "ra"2e# in
alar%( !ea"#ll( e'er ;l5 & the
Jonathan was not alert to listen( It7s
H [MA?< : H;: A=OH B> : H : ὸ ὰ < ἀ ὸ ὰ ὰ ὸ
C;A;N@AO> C;F < H [KJP, =; : ἀ ὰ 5 ὸ ὶ ὰ
HOFO>k:;: F;( ὅ
n;J < [?@F>;WO E;LIF NH :OAP, L> ὼ ὰ ὸ ὰ
C;AMWO:I =?@]>; ]Y: :HjEINO LDN; H?K( ὴ ἀ
r : CMAEO> HAPC?< : WO]@BY( _ L;> BFMA?<( ὲ ὑ ὰ ἶ
_ L;> C H : ]@NI L?K COA>?A>NLD:?<( : ἶ ἀ ᾿ ὴ >
L?K: ]H>;BLD:?< : LMJY HPN; C?FF B> 1 ὰ ὰ ὰ
H CDH;BL; J E; Q>;BAMLL;H; :H B> ὸ = ἀ ὶ ὰ
LK;FP( : L?K: ]H>;BLD:?< : COHMY N > 1 ὰ ὲ
HDH?>O< H;E@HIHO<, J E; L>=A < ]HOA? BO< = ὲ ῦ
CY< H BOAM=> =; J HAYB; C?:HG=>;, E> ὅ ὸ ὶ ἄ 3
XMA>;( C;HDA;< L?K O EO QG=>?( TADCO> : Ὁ ἶ ὰ
H < WOEMNY ; H < H < HADFO<( TADCO> : ὶ ὐ ὲ ὶ ὰ
COHMWY CGNY NH NL :?< =; : A=ONJ N ὸ # ὶ ᾿ ἀ ῶ ᾿
; H C? O L;>, :;< ]?K=;A>MAI< BFMA?<( ὐ ὸ ὺ ἶ ἕ
]Y: N[INO, Y:MJ;: NKL]k:INO( 0 ὴ ἔ ὁ Ἰ 0
JDNI : < BFMA?K H :@EH; O :;> NH NHOA>M, ἑ ὸ ὴ ἶ ὴ
=> C H?@HI H NH>BLj, A=GNHI=O, J ᾿ ἀ ὸ ὴ ὁ ὰ
B>:PH;: :;< ]KN>?F?B>= < BFMA?<( F?> ἕ ὸ Ὅ
J H;: HN> C> O HKE>NLD:?>( n?KA;NLD:?< = ἔ ὸ ὐ
]KBO C H N=?HO>: :OA =; CDH;WO CA < ἔ ἀ ᾿ ὰ ὰ ὰ ὶ ὸ
H NHOA>M, => O B:YL?:? NO H N; O EO ὴ ᾿ ὐ ῦ ὰ ὅ ἶ
LMJO> B> H WO=?@A;NH? E;LIF CDH;BL;( ὰ ὸ ὸ
,H> L?K:, CMO>, HDFO>YN; L ,H> L;J;( ὅ 1 ᾿ ὅ ἔ
_ L;> BFMA?< CY< =MJO FF?< BFMA?< =; J ἶ ὅ ἄ ὶ ὰ
COHMY N BFMA?<( n> HN> :D[I=O L =PC? ὰ ᾿ ἔ ἀ ὲ
=;H CPQ>; XIF =; ]HOA?@B>NO C> ἑ ὸ ὰ ὶ ὸ
QK:;HM, B> : ]HMNI BAjB?A; NH : =Hj( ὰ ὰ ὴ ἀ
:>YNO =;F@HOA; L H : CP];Nj H?K : 4 ὲ ὴ ἀ ὰ
O :;> LP:? :; CF LDF?< NH NL :?<( r : ἶ ἕ ! ὸ ὸ # ὲ
J H;: C> QOLD:?< NH Q@:;LI C? H : ὰ < ὰ ὴ ὺ ὸ
HAM[IWO NH LMJINI, Q : J C AE;: FFO< ὴ ὲ ὰ ὑ # ἄ
CA?=FjNO>< => FFO< C?HKEGO<( n> H;: ἄ ἀ <
L?A]? : L N=D]HON;>, =; : COH < NH 3 ὰ ὴ ὶ ὰ " ὸ
N=?HMQ> CA < H ] H; CM:Y C H : =Hj( ὸ ὰ ῶ ἀ ᾿ ὴ ἀ
'rett, he thought( 4he %oon an#
the lights twin2ling on the water,
throwing out little bea"on&trails
though the night, an# all so 'ea"e$ul
an# still(((
iet 1own` Seagulls never $l in the
#ar2` I$ ou were %eant to $l in the
#ar2, ou7# have the ees $ an owl`
3ou7# have "harts $or brains` 3ou7#
have a $al"on7s short wings`
4here in the night, a hun#re# $eet in
the air, Jonathan Livingston Seagull
& blin2e#( 5is 'ain, his resolutions,
Short uings( / ;al<o=( (hort
4hat7s the answer` uhat a $ool I7ve
been` /ll I nee# is a tin little wing,
all I nee# is to $ol# %ost o$ %
wings an# $l on yust the ti's
alone` !hort %&"(?
5e "li%be# two thousan# $eet above
the bla"2 sea, an# without a %o%ent
$or thought o$ $ailure an# #eath, he
brought his $orewings tightl in to
his bo#, le$t onl the narrow swe't
#aggers o$ his wingti's ecten#e#
into the win#, an# $ell into a verti"al
4he win# was a %onster roar at his
hea#( Sevent %iles 'er hour,
ninet, a hun#re# an# twent an#
$aster still( 4he wing&strain now at a
hun#re# an# $ort %iles 'er hour
wasn7t nearl as har# as it ha# been
be$ore at sevent, an# with the
V=?HMQ> ` =?@]>; ]Y: NHAGBBF>NO 0 ὴ
HA?L;BLD:I( m B FMA?> C?H Q : * ὲ ὲ
CO H ? : NH N=?H MQ > ῦ ὸ `
Y:MJ;: Q : O EO H : CA?Q>MJONI : ὉἸ ὲ ἶ ὴ ᾿
=?@NO>( \G L?A]; C? O :;>, N=D]HI=O( \ ἀ 3 ὺ ἶ ὸ
]OBBMA> =; H ] H; : HAOL?N[j:?K: CM:Y ὶ ὰ ῶ ὰ
NH :OAP, =; : CFk:?K: LDN NH :@EH; ὸ ὶ ᾿ ! ᾿ ὴ
]YHOA L?:?CMH>;, => F; HPN? O AI:>= => ὰ ὅ & ὰ ᾿
=G:IH;((( ἀ
n;HD[;` m BFMA?> Q : COH? : C?H NH * ὲ ῦ ὲ ὰ
N=?HO>:M` : N?K: ]H>;BLD:?< B> : COH < > 1 ὰ ὰ "
NH N=?HMQ> JM 7EO< LMH>; =?K=?K[MB>;<` wM ὸ
7EO< NEOQ>;BAMLL;H; NH =O]MF> N?K, E> ὸ 3
LK;FP` w 7EO< =?:H ]HOA CY< H BOAM=>` ὰ ὰ ὰ ὅ ὸ
=O , LDN; NH :@EH;, =;H CPQ>; XIF Ἐ ῖ ὴ ἑ ὸ ὰ
NH : DA;, Y:MJ;: sG[>:B=NH?: lFMA?< ὸ ἀ ὁ Ἰ
C;>WO H LMH>( CP:?< H?K, ? C?]MNO>< ἔ ὸ Ὁ * ἀ
H?K B>:;: =;C:P<( n?:H ]HOAM( ἔ ὰ n?:H ὰ
]HOA CY< H BOAM=> ` ὰ ὅ ὸ 9 F@NI` \G ὰ
[FM=;< C? L?K:` S? A=O :; HPN? Q ὺ 1 ῦ ἀ ῖ ἕ ὰ
]HOAP, A=O : :;Q>CFkNY H < ]HOA? BO< ἀ ῖ ᾿ ἀ ὶ ῦ
L?K =; : COHMY LP:? L H < =AO< ὶ ὰ ὲ ὶ ἄ
H?K<` n?:H ]HOAM` ὰ
:D[I=O QK E>F>MQO< CPQ>; CM:Y C H , ὸ ἀ ᾿ ὴ
N=?HO>: JMF;NN; =; QGEY< : NKFF?B>NHO ὴ ὶ ὰ ῖ
? HO NH>BL H : C?HKEG; H JM:;H?, ]OAO % ὴ ὴ ἀ ' ὸ ἔ
H LCA < LDA?< H < =MJO H?K ]HOA?@B;< ὸ ὸ #
N]>EH CM:Y NH N L; H?K, ]INO LP:? N ὰ ὸ ῶ ἄ ὰ
NHO: FOCGQ>; H < =AO< H?K< : WOCOH;EH? : ὰ ὶ ἄ ὰ ῦ
NH : DA;, =; CONO N =MJOHI CHjNI( ὸ ἀ ὶ ἔ ὲ
DA;< L?@BBA>RO N JOA> NH =O]MF> H?K( Ὁἀ ὰ ὸ ὸ
[Q?Lj:H; LGF>; H : A;, :O:j:H;, =;H : ) ὴ / ἐ ἑ ὸ
O =?N> =; C> BAjB?A; =PL;( \kA; CGONI ἴ ὶ ὸ ἀ
H? DA;, NH =;H N;AM:H; LGF>; H : A;, ῦ ἀ ὰ ἑ ὸ ὴ /
H;: C?F F>BPHOAI C ,H> CA : NH < ὺ ἀ ᾿ ὅ ὶ ὰ
[Q?L :H;, =; L L> FME>NHI NHA?] NH < ἑ # ὶ ὲ ὰ ἐ ὴ ὶ
=AO< H : ]HOA : H?K [B =O :OH; C H : ἄ ῶ ῶ # ἄ ἀ ᾿ ὴ
$aintest twist o$ his wingti's he
ease# out o$ the #ive an# shot above
the waves, a gre "annonball un#er
the %oon(
5e "lose# his ees to slits against
the win# an# reyoi"e#( / hun#re#
$ort %iles 'er hour` an# un#er
"ontrol` I$ I #ive $ro% $ive thousan#
$eet instea# o$ two thousan#, I
won#er how $ast(((
5is vows o$ a %o%ent be$ore were
$orgotten, swe't awa in that great
swi$t win#( 3et he $elt guiltless,
brea2ing the 'ro%ises he ha# %a#e
hi%sel$( Su"h 'ro%ises are onl $or
the gulls that a""e't the or#inar(
dne who has tou"he# ec"ellen"e in
his learning has no nee# o$ that 2in#
o$ 'ro%ise(
B sunu', Jonathan iull was
'ra"ti"ing again( )ro% $ive thousan#
$eet the $ishing boats were s'e"2s in
the $lat blue water, Brea2$ast )lo"2
was a $aint "lou# o$ #ust %otes,
5e was alive, tre%bling ever so
slightl with #elight, 'rou# that his
$ear was un#er "ontrol( 4hen
without "ere%on he hugge# in his
$orewings, ecten#e# his short,
angle# wingti's, an# 'lunge#
#ire"tl towar# the sea( B the ti%e
he ha# 'asse# $our thousan# $eet he
ha# rea"he# ter%inal velo"it, the
win# was a soli# beating wall o$
soun# against whi"h he "oul# %ove
no $aster( 5e was $ling now straight
=;HMQKNj H?K =; H>:MEHI=O CA < H CM:Y, ὶ ὸ ὰ
L;=A> C H =@L;H;, N L> NH;EH> [GQ; ὰ ἀ ᾿ ὰ ὰ ὰ ὰ (
=FO>NO NEOQ : FPHOF; H LMH>; H?K 4 ὸ ὁ ὰ
CD:;:H> NH : :OL? => :>YNO E;AM( =;H ἀ ὸ ἄ ᾿ ἔ ) ὸ
N;AM:H; LGF>; H : A;` =; L CPFKH? ὴ / ὶ ὲ ἀ
FOBE?` : [?KHjWY C H CD:HO E>F>MQO< ἔ > ἀ ὸ ὰ
CPQ>;, :H C H QK E>F>MQO<, CPN? ἀ ὶ ἀ ὸ ὰ ὸ
BAjB?A; A;BO((( ἄ
m CA?IB?@LO:?> A=?> H?K WOEMNHI=;:, * ὅ
BAjB?A? :OL?( n> LY< Q : :>YNO :?E?<, ἄ ᾿ ὅ ὲ ἔ ἔ
=;J < =;H;C;H? NO H < C?NEDNO>< C? ὼ ῦ ὶ ὑ ὺ ὁ
Q>?< O EO QkNO>( \DH?>O< C?NEDNO>< O :;> ἴ ἶ ὑ ἶ
LP:? B> H? < BFMA?K< C? C?QDE?:H;> H ὰ ὺ ὺ ἀ ὰ
NK:IJ>NLD:;( C?>?< AGNHOKNO L;J;G:?:H;<, Ὅ ἀ
Q : EAO>MROH;> HDH?>O< C?NEDNO><( ὲ ὑ
S H : :;H?Fj, Y:MJ;: lFMA?< AE>NO ὲ ὴ ἀ ὁ Ἰ ἄ
CMF> H : WMN=INj H?K( C X?< CD:HO ὴ ἐ , ὸ ὕ
E>F>MQO< CPQ>; ? X;AP[;A=O< N;: [?KFGHNO< * <
CM:Y NH FO ? B;F;: :OAP, H VL :?< NH ὸ ῖ ὸ ὸ # ὸ
TAPBOKL; :; E: N@::O]? C ἕ ἀ ὸ ἀ ὸ
L>=A?N=?C>= N=?:M=>;, : NHA?[>FGR?:H;>( ὰ ὰ
H;: RY:H;:P<, HADL?:H;< FGB? C E;AM, 7 ἀ ὸ
COAj];:?< C? =KA>;AE? NO HkA; CM:Y NH ὺ ῦ ὸ
LMROXO H < ]HOA? BO< H?K, CFYNO H < =?:H < ὶ ῦ ; ὶ ὲ
F?W < =AO< H : ]HOA : H?K =; [?@HIWO ὲ ἄ ῶ ῶ ὶ
LDNY< CA < H JMF;NN;( H;: CDA;NO H < ἀ ὸ ὴ Ὅ ὶ
A>;= H;E@HIH;, DA;< H;: :; NHDAO? ὁ ὴ ὁ ἀ < ἕ
]AMBL; E?K CD:;:H> NH C? ? Q : 1 ἀ ὸ ὁ ῖ ὲ
LC?A? NO : =>:IJO C> BAjB?A;( TOH? NO ῦ ὰ ῖ ὸ ῦ
HkA; N>; =MHY, L H;E@HIH; Q>;=PN>; ἴ ὲ
QO=;HDNNOA; LGF>; H : A;( zOA?=;HMC>O, ὴ /
B>;HG WOAO C < : H ]HOAM H?K :?>B;: N 1 ὼ ἂ ὰ ἄ ᾿
; H H H;E@HIH;, J B>:PH;: :; ὐ ὴ ὴ ὰ ἕ
=;H?LL@A>? =?LL;HM=>; BFMA?K( H;E@HIH; ἑ 0
#own, at two hun#re# $ourteen %iles
'er hour( 5e swallowe#, 2nowing
that i$ his wings un$ol#e# at that
s'ee# he7# be blown into a %illion
tin shre#s o$ seagull( But the s'ee#
was 'ower, an# the s'ee# was yo,
an# the s'ee# was 'ure beaut(
5e began his 'ullout at a thousan#
$eet, wingti's thu##ing an# blurring
in that giganti" win#, the boat an#
the "row# o$ gulls tilting an#
growing %eteor&$ast, #ire"tl in his
5e "oul#n7t sto'a he #i#n7t 2now et
even how to turn at that s'ee#(
eollision woul# be instant #eath(
/n# so he shut his ees(
It ha''ene# that %orning, then, yust
a$ter sunrise, that Jonathan
Livingston Seagull $ire# #ire"tl
through the "entre o$ Brea2$ast
)lo"2, ti"2ing o$$ two hun#re#
twelve %iles 'er hour, ees "lose#,
in a great roaring shrie2 o$ win# an#
$eathers( 4he iull o$ )ortune s%ile#
u'on hi% this on"e, an# no one was
B the ti%e he ha# 'ulle# his bea2
straight u' into the s2 he was still
s"or"hing along at a hun#re# an#
sict %iles 'er hour( uhen he ha#
slowe# to twent an# stret"he# his
wings again at last, the boat was a
"ru%b on the sea, $our thousan# $eet
LY< H;: Q@:;LI, =; H;E@HIH; H;: ὅ < ὶ <
E;AM, =; H;E@HIH; H;: CPFKHI L?A]>M( ὶ < ἀ (
AE>NO H : :MNEONI NH EGF>; CPQ>;, ? Ἄ ὴ ἀ ὰ *
=AO< H : ]HOA : H?K HA>R;: => :;[;: N ἄ ῶ ῶ ἔ ᾿ ἄ ᾿
; H H : HA?L;=H>= :OL?, [MA=; =; H ὐ ὸ ὸ ὸ ἄ ὶ ὸ
CF J?< H : BFMAY: AE?:H;: =;H CM:Y H?K # ῶ ἔ ὰ
=; LOBMFY:;: L NHA;C>;G; H;E@HIH;, CM:Y ὶ ὲ ἀ
r : LC?A? NO : NH;L;HjNO>x Q : WOAO ὲ ῦ ὰ ὲ 1
=PL; ? HO C < : NHAGXO> L ; H H : ἀ % ῶ ὰ ᾿ ὐ ὴ ὴ
N@B=A?KNI J NjL;>:O =;A>; ? JM:;H?( 0 ὰ ἀ ῖ
n> HN> =FO>NO H LMH>; H?K( ᾿ ἔ ἔ ὰ
VK:D[I=O =O :? H CAYG, HPHO, LPF>< LOH H ῖ ὸ ὰ ὸ
WILDAYL;, Y:MJ;: sG[>:B=NH?: lFMA?< : ὁ Ἰ ὰ
COAMNO> N N]; A; C H =D:HA? =A>[ < ὰ ῖ ἀ ᾿ ὸ ἀ ῶ
H < NK:MJA?>NI< B> TAPBOKL; H? VLj:?K<, # ὰ ῦ
N : NHA;C L Q>;=PN>; QkQO=; LGF>; H : ὰ ἀ ὴ ὲ ὴ
A;, L H LMH>; =FO>NHM, N :; BA>? / ὲ ὰ ᾿ ἕ ἄ
[?KIH C DA; =; ]HOAM( lFMA?< \@EI ὸ ἀ ὸ ἀ ὶ Ὁ
H? E;L?BDF;NO B> L> ]?A =; =;:D:;< Q ῦ ὰ ὰ ὰ ὶ ὲ
H;: C> Nj=YNO H AML]?< H?K CA < H : Ὅ ὰ ὸ ὸ ὸ
? A;:P, W;=?F?KJ? NO : =>:O H;> N ὐ ἐ ῦ ὰ ῖ ὰ
C@A>:I N]; A; L H;E@HIH; =;H : Wj:H; ῖ ὲ ἑ ὸ ἑ
LGF>; H : A;( H;: N>B N>B ]H;NO NH ὴ / Ὅ ὰ ὰ ἔ ὰ
O =?N> LGF>; =; CFYNO W;: C>HDF?K< H ἴ ὶ ; ὰ ἐ ὰ
]HOAM H?K, [MA=; H;: N XGE?KF? CM:Y < ὰ
V=D]HI=O H JAG;L[?( A>;= H;E@HIH;` ὸ Ὁ ὴ
:;< BFMA?< COH L H;E@HIH; Q>;=PN>; QD=; + " ὲ
HDNNOA; LGF>; H : A;` H;: L> ὴ / 7 ὰ
n;HM=HINI, H;: C> LOBMFI, L?:;Q>= < ὸ ὴ
NH>BL NH : NH?AG; H?K VLj:?K<, =; =OG:I ὴ ὴ * ὶ
H NH>BL LG; =;>:?@AB>; C?E :?>WO B> ὴ ὴ ἐ ὴ ἄ ὰ
H : Y:MJ;: lFMA?( ]? CDH;WO NH ὸ Ἰ , ῦ ὸ
AIL>= HPC? H < WMN=INj< H?K, ἐ ὸ # ἐ
5is thought was triu%'h( 4er%inal
velo"it` / seagull t%o h#8re8
;o#rtee A&le( >er ho#r? It was a
brea2through, the greatest single
%o%ent in the histor o$ the )lo"2,
an# in that %o%ent a new age
o'ene# $or Jonathan iull( )ling out
to his lonel 'ra"ti"e area, $ol#ing
his wings $or a #ive $ro% eight
thousan# $eet, he set hi%sel$ at on"e
to #is"over how to turn(
/ single wingti' $eather, he $oun#,
%ove# a $ra"tion o$ an in"h, gives a
s%ooth swee'ing "urve at the
tre%en#ous s'ee#( Be$ore he learne#
this, however, he $oun# that %oving
%ore than one $eather at that s'ee#
will s'in ou li2e a ri$le ball ((( an#
Jonathan ha# $lown the $irst
aerobati"s o$ an seagull on earth(
5e s'are# no ti%e that #a $or tal2
with other gulls, but $lew on 'ast
sunset( 5e #is"overe# the loo', the
slow roll, the 'oint roll, the inverte#
s'in, the gull bunt, the 'inwheel(
uhen Jonathan Seagull yoine# the
)lo"2 on the bea"h, it was $ull night(
5e was #i88 an# terribl tire#( 3et
in #elight he $lew a loo' to lan#ing,
with a sna' roll yust be$ore
tou"h#own( uhen the hear o$ it, he
thought, o$ the Brea2through, the7ll
be wil# with yo( 5ow %u"h %ore
there is now to living` Instea# o$ our
#rab slogging $orth an# ba"2 to the
$ishing boats, there7s a reason to li$e`
ue "an list ourselves out o$
ignoran"e, we "an $in# ourselves as
Q>CFk:?:H;< H ]HOAM H?K B> : [?KHjWO> ὰ ὰ ὰ
C EH E>F>MQO< CPQ>;, [MFJI=O LDNY< : ἀ ὸ ( ὼ ἀ ᾿
:;=;F@XO> C < : NHAG[O>( ἀ ῶ ὰ
:;=MFKXO C < :; =; LP:? =A>: ]HOA , ὼ ἕ ὶ ἀ ὸ ὸ
: =>:IJO : E>F>?NHP, CA?=;FO LG; L;F ἂ ῖ ἀ ὰ ῖ ὁ ὴ
H;E@HIH;( TA : H LMJO> ; HP, NHPN?, ὶ ὸ ὐ 5
:;=MFKXO C < : =?K:jNO> COA>NNPHOA; ἀ ὼ ἂ
C :; ]HOA N ; H H : H;E@HIH;, ἀ ὸ ἕ ὸ ᾿ ὐ ὴ ὴ
NHA?[>FGRON;> N N];GA; CF?K((( n; ὰ ὅ ὶ ὁ
Y:MJ;: O EO HN> BG:O> CA H?< =A?[MHI< Ἰ ἶ ἔ ὁ ῶ ἀ
H? DA;, CA : C =MJO FF? BFMA? NH : ῦ ἀ ὶ ἀ ὸ ἄ ὸ
r : E;NO =;>A =OG:I H LDA; N =?K[D:HO< ὲ ἔ ὸ ὴ ὲ
L FF?K< BFMA?K< FF NK:DE>NO : COH ὲ ἄ ἀ ὰ ὰ "
NC?K :@EHYNO( :;=MFKXO H : =A?[;H>= / , ὴ ἀ ὴ
NHA?]j, H : AB COA>NHA?]j, H : :MC?QI ὴ ἀ ὴ ὴ ἀ
NHA?]j, H NHA?[GF>NL;, H : H?@LC;( ὸ ὴ
H;: Y:MJ;: lFMA?< ]H;NO =?:H NH Ὅ ὁ Ἰ ἔ ὰ ὸ
VL :?< NH : C;A;FG;, H;: :@EH; [;J>M( # ὴ <
H;: R;F>NLD:?< =; ]?[OA =?KA;NLD:?<( 7 ὶ ὰ
n> LY< MC H E;AM H?K CA?NBO>kJI=O L ᾿ ὅ ᾿ ὴ ὲ
=A?[;NG; =; CA;BL;H?C?>k:H;< FGB? CA : ἀ ὶ ὶ
BBGWO> H Q;]?<, L> W;]:>= CPH?LI ἀ ὸ ἔ ὰ ὴ ἀ
H;: LMJ?K:, N=D]HI=O, H : n;HM=HINI J Ὅ ὴ ὰ
WOHAOF;J? : C E;AM( TPN? C> CF?@N>; ῦ ἀ ὸ ὸ
BG:OH;> HkA; RYj L;<` :H B> H L?:PH?:? , ὶ ὰ ὸ
=?C>;NH>= CjB;>:O => F; NH < X;AP[;A=O<, ὸ ᾿ ἔ ὶ
CMAEO> :; :PIL; NH RYj` SC?A? LO : ὑ ἕ ὴ ῦ ὰ
WOCOAMN?KLO H : B:?>;, LC?A? LO : ὴ ἄ ῦ ᾿
:;B:YAGR?KLO H : ;KHP L;< N : :H; ἀ ὸ ἑ ὰ 3
WOEYA>NHM, WKC:; =; C>QDW>;(SC?A? LO ἔ ὶ ἐ ῦ
: O L;NHO FO@HOA?>` ὰ ἴ SC?A? LO : ῦ ὰ
LMJ?KLO : COH? LO` ὰ ῦ
\ EAP:>; LCA?NHM H?K :HIE? N;: =; ὰ ἀ ῦ ὶ
"reatures o$ ec"ellen"e an#
intelligen"e an# s2ill( ue "an be
$ree` ue "an learn to $l`
4he ears hea# hu%%e# an# glowe#
with 'ro%ise(
4he gulls were $lo"2e# into the
eoun"il iathering when he lan#e#,
an# a''arentl ha# been so $lo"2e#
$or so%eti%e( 4he were, in $a"t,
7Joatha F&'&"(to !ea"#ll?
!ta8 to Getre?7 4he fl#er7s wor#s
soun#e# in a voi"e o$ highest
"ere%on( Stan# to eentre %eant
onl great sha%e or great honor(
Stan# to eentre $or honor was the
wa the gulls7 $ore%ost lea#ers were
%ar2e#( d$ "ourse, he thought, the
Brea2$ast )lo"2 this %orninga the
saw the Brea2through` But I want
no honors( I have no wish to be
lea#er( I want onl to share what I7ve
$oun#, to show those hori8ons out
ahea# $or us all( 5e ste''e# $orwar#(
7Joatha F&'&"(to !ea"#ll$7 sai#
the fl#er, 7!ta8 to Getre ;or
(haAe & the (&"ht o; 5o#r ;ello%
It $elt li2e being hit with a boar#(
5is 2nees went wea2, his $eathers
sagge#, there was a roaring in his
ears( eentre# $or sha%e|
I%'ossible` 4he Brea2through`
4he "an7t un#erstan#` 4he7re
wrong, the7re wrong`
7...;or h&( re<:le((
m lFMA?> H;: L;ROLD:?> NH VK:MJA?>NI * < ὴ
H? VKL[?KFG?K H;: CA?NBO>kJI=O =; ῦ ὅ ὶ
=;J < ];G:OH;> H;: =O NKB=O:HAYLD:?> ὼ < ἐ ῖ
C A;( l>;HG, CA;BL;H>=M, COAGLO:;:( ἀ ὸ /
, Y:MJ;: sG[>:B=NH?: lFMAO` VHMN?K NH Ἰ ὸ
nD:HA?`U( \ FPB>; H? lDA?:H; =?@NHI=;: ὰ ῦ ἀ
L LG; ]Y: CDAH;HI< C>NILPHIH;<( ὲ ὴ ὑ ἐ
:HA?C LOBMFI H>Lj( VH nD:HA? B> \>L ὴ ' ὸ ὰ ὴ
H;: HAPC?<, L H : C? ? Q>;=AG:?:H;: ? < ὁ ὲ ὸ ὁ ῖ *
C> LOBMF?> AEIB? H : BFMAY:( S ὸ ἀ ὶ ῶ ὰ
]KN>=M, N=D]HI=O, NH TAPBOKL; H? ὸ ῦ
VLj:?K< NjLOA; H CAY O Q;: H : ὸ ὶ ἶ ὴ
n;HM=HINI` B LY< Q : JDFY H>LD<( r : Ἐ ὼ ὅ ὲ ὲ
C>JKL : BG:Y AEIBP<( wDFY LP:? : ἐ ῶ ὰ ἀ ὰ
L?>A;NH ,H> :;=MFKX;, : QOGWY H? < ῶ ὅ ἀ ὰ ὺ
AGR?:HO< C? CFk:?:H;> LCA?NHM L;<( ὁ ὺ !
=;:O :; [ L; LCAP<( 4 ἕ #
, Y:MJ;: sG[>:B=NH?: lFMAOU, O CO Ἰ ἶ ὁ
lDA?:H;<, ,NHMN?K NH nD:HA? B> 9HA?C ὸ ὰ ὴ
: N Q? : ? N@:HA?]?G N?K BFMA?>`U( ὰ ὲ ῦ *
H;: N : H : O E;: EHKCjNO> L N;:GQ;( 7 ὰ ὰ ὸ ἶ ὲ
\ BP:;HM H?K F@B>N;:, H ]HOAM H?K ὰ ὰ
RMAYN;:, H ; H>M H?K [?@>R;:( VH nD:HA? ᾿ ὐ ὸ
B> 9HA?Cja Q@:;H?` ὰ ,
n;HM=HINI` r : LC?A? : : =;H;FM[?K:` 0 ὲ ῦ ὰ
nM:?K: FMJ?<, FMJ?<`
,(((B> H : C>=G:QK:I :OKJK:PHIHM H?KU, ὰ ὴ ἐ ἀ
N?[;A ]Y: :HIE? NO, ,C? =;H;C;H ὴ ὴ ἀ ῦ ὺ "
H : W>?CADCO>; =; H : C;AMQ?NI H < ὴ ἀ ὶ ὴ #
? =?BD:O>;< H : lFMAY:U((( & ῶ
9 NH;JO NH nD:HA? B> 9HA?C NIL;G:O> ὰ ῖ ὸ ὰ ὴ
C < J H : Q>kW?K: WY C H : =?>:Y:G; ὼ ὰ ὸ ἔ ἀ ᾿ ὴ
H : BFMAY:, CP[FIH? N L?:;E>= RY ῶ ἀ ὲ ὴ ὴ
&rre(>o(&9l5$7 the sole%n voi"e
intone#, 7'&olat&" the 8&"&t5 a8
tra8&t&o o; the H#ll IaA&l5...7
4o be "entre# $or sha%e %eant that
he woul# be "ast out o$ gull so"iet,
banishe# to the solitar li$e on the
)ar eli$$s(
7...oe 8a5$ Joatha F&'&"(to
!ea"#ll$ 5o# (hall lear that
&rre(>o(&9l56 B5 9rother(?7 he
"rie#( 74ho &( Aore re(>o(&9le
tha a "#ll %ho ;&8( a8 ;ollo%( a
Aea&"$ a h&"her >#r>o(e ;or l&;e6
Ior a tho#(a8 5ear( %e ha'e
(<ra99le8 a;ter ;&(h hea8($ 9#t o%
%e ha'e a <ha<e$ let Ae (ho% 5o#
%hat @='e ;o#8...7
4he )lo"2 %ight as well have been
7The Drotherhoo8 &( 9ro:e$7 the
gulls intone# together, an# with one
a""or# the sole%nl "lose# their
ears an# turne# their ba"2s u'on
Jonathan Seagull s'ent the rest o$
his #as alone, but he $lew wa out
beon# the )ar eli$$s( 5is one
sorrow was not solitu#e, it was that
other gulls re$use# to believe the
glor o$ $light that awaite# the%a
the re$use# to o'en their ees an#
5e learne# %ore ea"h #a( 5e
learne# that a strea%line# high&
s'ee# #ive "oul# bring hi% to $in#
the rare an# tast $ish that s"hoole#
NH? < TDA; }AME?K<( ὺ
,(((=MC?>; LDA;, Y:MJ;: sG[>:B=NH?: lFMAO, Ἰ
J LMJO>< C < :OKJK:PHIH; Q : C?QGQO>( ὰ ὼ ἀ ὲ ἀ
RY O :;> H B:YNH? => ; H C? 0 ὴ ἶ ὸ ἄ ᾿ ὐ ὸ ὺ
C;A;LD:O> B:YNH?x :; LP:? O :;> B:YNHP^ ἄ ἕ ἶ
C < AEPL;NHO NH : =PNL? H? H? B> : ὼ ἐ ὸ ῦ ὰ ὰ
HA LO, B> : C;A;LOG:?KLO RY:H;:? N? ῶ ὰ ὰ ὶ ὅ
:;< BFMA?< Q : :H>L>F C?H NH + ὲ ἀ " ὲ ὸ
VKL[?@F>? H? VLj:?K<, FF ]Y: H? ῦ ἀ ὰ ὴ ῦ
Y:MJ;: WDNC;NO( , :OKJK:PHIH;a QDF]>; Ἰ , ,
L?K`U ]k:;WO( ,T?> < O :;> C> CO@JK:?< ὸ ἶ ὸ ὑ
C H BFMA? C? :;=;F@CHO> => ἀ ὸ ὸ ὺ ἀ ᾿
=?F?KJO :; :PIL;, :;: :kHOA? N=?C ἀ ῖ ἕ ἕ ἀ ὸ
NH RYja B> EGF>; EAP:>; HN;F;[?KH? LO ὴ ὰ ῦ
XME:?:H;< : [A? LO X;A?=O];FD<, FF ὰ ῦ ἀ ὰ
HkA; E?KLO :; N=?C NH RY & : ἔ ἕ ὸ ὴ ὴ ὰ
LMJ?KLO, : :;=;F@X?KLO, :M 7L;NHO ᾿ ἀ
FO@HOA?>` r NHO L?K L> O =;>AG; LP:?, ῶ ὰ ὐ
] NHO LO : N < QOGWY HG :;=MFKX;(((U( ἀ # ὰ ὰ ἀ
\ VL :?< J;AAO < C < H;: CDHA>:?( ὸ # ῖ ὼ <
,r : :j=O>< C> NH : QOF]PHIH;U ὲ ἀ ὰ ὴ ,
]k:;W;: F; L;RG, =; L?:?L> < =FO>N;: H ὅ ὶ " ἔ ᾿
; H>M H?K< =; H? B@A>N;: H < CFMHO<( ὐ ὶ ῦ ὶ
Y:MJ;: lFMA?< CDA;NO H < CPF?>CD< H?K ὉἸ ὶ ὑ
LDAO< LP:?<, FF CDH;WO L;=A>M, C> L;=A> ἀ ὰ ὸ ὰ
C H? < TDA; }AME?K<( H;: JF>LLD:?< E> ἀ ᾿ ὺ 7 3
C L?:;W>M, FF B>;HG ? BFMA?> ἀ ὸ ἀ ὰ *
A:jJI=;: : C>NHDX?K: NH LOB;FO ? H < ἀ ὰ ὸ ῖ #
CHjNI< C? H? < COAGLO:Ox A:jJI=;: : ὺ ὺ ἀ ᾿
:?GW?K: H LMH>; H?K< =; : Q? :( ἀ ὰ ὶ ὰ ῦ
LG; [?KH> LC?A? NO : H : [?IJjNO> : ὰ ῦ ὰ ὸ ᾿
:;=;F@XO> H NCM:>; =; :PNH>L; XMA>; C? ἀ ὰ ὶ ὺ
=?FKLC? N;: =?C;Q>;NH QD=; CPQ>; =MHY ῦ ὰ
C H : C>]M:O>; H? =O;:? ^ Q ἀ ᾿ ὴ ἐ ῦ ? ῦ ὲ
ten $eet below the sur$a"e o$ the
o"ean^ he no longer nee#e# $ishing
boats an# stale brea# $or survival(
5e learne# to slee' in the air, setting
a "ourse at night a"ross the o$$shore
win#, "overing a hun#re# %iles
$ro% sunset to sunrise( uith the
sa%e inner "ontrol, he $lew through
heav sea&$ogs an# "li%be# above
the% into #a88ling "lear s2ies((( in
the ver ti%es when ever other gull
stoo# on the groun#, 2nowing
nothing but %ist an# rain( 5e
learne# to ri#e the high win#s $ar
inlan#, to #ine there on #eli"ate
uhat he ha# on"e ho'e# $or the
)lo"2, he now gaine# $or hi%sel$
alonea he learne# to $l, an# was not
sorr $or the 'ri"e that he ha# 'ai#(
Jonathan Seagull #is"overe# that
bore#o% an# $ear an# anger are the
reasons that a gull7s li$e is so short,
an# with these gone $ro% his
thought, he live# a long an# $ine li$e
4he "a%e in the evening, then, an#
$oun# Jonathan gli#ing 'ea"e$ul an#
alone through his belove# s2( 4he
two gulls that a''eare# at his wings
were 'ure as starlight, an# the glow
$ro% the% was gentle an# $rien#l
in the high night air( But %ost lovel
o$ all was the s2ill with whi"h the
$lew, their wingti's %oving a
're"ise an# "onstant in"h $ro% his
uithout a wor#, Jonathan 'ut the%
EAO>;RPH;: C> X;AP[;A=O< =; LC;B>MH>=? ὰ ὶ
XYL B> : C>RjNO>( L;JO : =?>L H;> ὶ ὰ ὰ ἐ 4 ὰ "
NH : DA;, =?F?KJk:H;< :KEHOA>: C?AOG; ὸ ἀ ἀ ὴ
CM:Y NH J;F;NN>: BDA> =; =;F@CH?:H;< ὸ ὸ ἀ ὶ
=;H LGF>; C H F>?[;NGFOL; < H ἑ ὸ ἀ ᾿ ὸ 5 ὰ
WILOAkL;H;( S H : Q>? NYHOA>=P H?K ὲ ὸ ἴ ἐ
FOBE?, COH? NO LDN C [;A> J;F;NN>: ἔ ῦ ᾿ ἀ ὸ ὰ ὴ
LGEFI => :D[;>:O =PL; C> XIF NH : ὁ ᾿ ἀ ἀ ὸ ὰ ὸ
NHA;]HOA =;J;A ? A;:P((( : H : Q>; ἀ ὸ ὸ ὐ ἐ ῶ ὴ ἴ
A; F?> ? FF?> BFMA?> NHD=?:H;: NH / ὅ * ἄ ὴ
NHOA> LDN; NH : =;H;E:> =; H [A?Ej( ὰ ὴ ὰ ὶ ὴ
L;JO : COHMO> L H? < XIF? < :DL?K< 4 ὰ ὲ ὺ ἀ ὺ ἀ
[;J> CM:Y C H NHOA>M, : [AGN=O> =O ὰ ἀ ᾿ ὴ ὰ ἐ ῖ
B> : HA;]O :PNH>L; :H?L;( ὰ ὰ ῖ ἔ
,H> O EO =MC?HO FCGNO> : CA?N]DAO> NH Ὅ ἶ ἐ ὰ ὸ
VL :?< H =DAQ>RO HkA; LP:? B> H : ;KHP # ὸ ὰ ὸ ἑ
H?Kx L;JO : COHMO>, =; Q LOHM:?>YNO B> ἔ ὰ ὶ ὲ ὰ
Y:MJ;: sG[>:B=NH?: lFMA?< :;=MFKXO C < Ἰ ἀ ὼ
CFjWI => ]P[?< => JKL < O :;> ; HG; ᾿ ὁ ᾿ ὁ ὸ ἶ &
C? RY : < BFMA?K O :;> HPN? N@:H?LI, ὺ ὴ ἑ ὸ ἶ
=> H;: ; H EMJI=;: C H N=DXI H?K, ᾿ ὅ ὐ ὰ ἀ ᾿ ὴ
RINO L> CA;BL;H>= L;=A> => O EMA>NHI ἔ ὰ ὰ ὰ ᾿ ὐ
]H;N;: H CPBOKL;, HPHO, =; [A =;: H : 4 ᾿ ἀ ὶ # ὸ
Y:MJ;: : BF>NHAMO> B;Fj:>?< =; LP:?< Ἰ ὰ ὶ
NH : B;CILD:? H?K ? A;:P( m QK BFMA?> ὸ ἀ ὐ * ὸ
C? ]M:I=;: NH ]HOAM H?K N;: =;JMA>?> ὺ ὰ <
N : NHA?]OBB> =; H ]OBB?[PFILM H?K< ὰ ἀ ὰ ὶ ὸ
H;: C;F =; ]>F>= NH : DA; H < [;J> < < ! ὸ ὶ ὸ ὸ ἀ # "
:@EH;<( LY< C> L?A]I C F; H;: Ὅ ὸ 3 ἀ ᾿ ὅ <
QOW>?N@:I L H : C?G; COH? N;:, =;J < ? ὲ ὴ ὁ ῦ ὼ *
=AO< C H < ]HOA? BO< H?K< =?K:? N;: ἄ ἀ ᾿ ὶ ῦ ῦ
NH;JOA =; L =AG[O>; FGB?K< CP:H?K< ὰ ὶ ὲ ἀ
LPF>< C H < Q>=D< H?K( ἀ ᾿ ὶ
rGEY< : CO FDWI, Y:MJ;: H? < [;FO N ὰ ῖ ὁ Ἰ ὺ ἔ ὲ
Q?=>L;NG;, L> Q?=>L;NG; C? =;:D:;< BFMA?< ὰ ὺ
Q : O EO COAMNO> C?HD( NHA>XO H < ὲ ἶ 4 ὶ
to his test, a test that no gull ha#
ever 'asse#( 5e twiste# his wings,
slowe# to a single %ile 'er hour
above stall( 4he two ra#iant bir#s
slowe# with hi%, s%oothl, lo"2e#
in 'osition( 4he 2new about slow
5e $ol#e# his wings, rolle#, an#
#ro''e# in a #ive to a hun#re# an#
ninet %iles 'er hour( 4he #ro''e#
with hi%, strea2ing #own in $lawless
/t last he turne# that s'ee# straight
u' into a long verti"al slow&roll( 4he
rolle# with hi%, s%iling(
5e re"overe# to level $light an# was
~uiet $or a ti%e be$ore he
s'o2e( 7Jer5 %ell$7 he sai#, 7%ho
are 5o#67
74e=re ;roA 5o#r Ilo<:$ Joatha.
4e are 5o#r 9rother(.7 4he wor#s
were strong an# "al%( 74e='e <oAe
to ta:e 5o# h&"her$ to ta:e 5o#
7KoAe @ ha'e oe. Ilo<: @ ha'e
oe. @ aA L#t<a(t M8 %e ;l5 o%
at the >ea: o; the Hreat Bo#ta&
4&8 De5o8 a ;e% h#8re8 ;eet$ @
<a l&;t th&( ol8 9o85 o h&"her.7
7D#t 5o# <a$ Joatha. Ior 5o#
ha'e leare8. Le (<hool &(
;&&(he8$ a8 the t&Ae ha( <oAe to
aother to 9e"&.7
/s it ha# shine# a"ross hi% all his
li$e, so un#erstan#ing lighte# that
]HOA? BO< H?K, => :M=?XO N>B &N>B H : ῦ ἀ ὰ ὰ ὴ
H;E@HIH; N :; LGF> H : A;, NEOQ : ᾿ ἕ ὴ / ὸ
=G:IH?<( \ QK NHA;]HOA C?KF> ἀ ὰ ὸ ἀ ὰ ὰ
:M=?X;: L;RG H?K, L;FM, NH : Q>; CM:H; ἀ ὁ ὴ ἴ
CPNH;NI( WOA;: C < : COH? : ABM( ἀ @ ῶ ὰ ῦ ἀ
rGCFYNO H ]HOAM H?K, =;:O L> H?@LC; => ὰ ἔ ὰ ᾿
]DJI=O N L> =;HMQKNI L =;H : ἀ ὲ ὰ ᾿ ἑ ὸ
[Q?Lj:H; LGF>; H : A;( CON;: L;RG H?K, ἑ ὴ / 4
NCAO< BA;LL < N FM:J;NH? NEIL;H>NLP( ἄ ὲ ᾿ ἀ
\OF>= =;:O H : :MQKNI NH : Q>; ; H ὰ ἔ ὴ ἀ ὴ ἴ ὐ ὴ
H;E@HIH; =; NK:DE>NO N>; CM:Y L> L;=A> ὶ ἴ ὰ ὰ
AJ>; CHjNI( n>:jJI=;: L;RG H?K 3
VK: FJO LPF>< ]H;NO N CHjNI L NH;JOA # ἔ ὲ ὲ ὸ
X?< =; CDA;N;: FGBO< NH>BL < CA : L>FjNO>( ὕ ὶ ὲ ὶ
,T?F =;FMU, O CO, ,C?>? O N;NHOaU( ὺ ἶ ὶ ἴ
,_ L;NHO C H VL :?< N?K, Y:MJ;:( ἴ ἀ ᾿ ὸ # Ἰ
_ L;NHO QDF]>; N?KU( \ FPB>; H;: ἴ ἀ ὰ <
WO=MJ;A; =; AOL;( , AJ;LO : N C LO ὶ 1 @ ὰ ὲ "
XIFPHOA;, : N C LO NCGH>U( ὰ ὲ "
,VCGH> Q : EY( VL :?< Q : EY( _ L;> :;< ὲ ἔ # ὲ ἔ ἶ ἕ
CP[FIH?<( n; COH? LO HkA; NH : =?A] , ὶ ῦ ὴ ὴ
H? DA; H? SOBMF?K }?K:? ( s>B?NH < ῦ , ῦ ῦ ὲ
=;H?:HMQO< CPQ>; =PL; => NHOA; Q J ἑ ἀ ᾿ ὕ ὲ ὰ
LC?A : NI=kNY H BDA>=? H? H? =?AL C> ῶ ὰ ὸ ῦ ὶ ὸ
,n> LY< LC?AO <, Y:MJ;:( l>;HG L;JO<( ᾿ ὅ ῖ Ἰ ἔ
:; NE?FO> HOFOGYNO => AJO A; : + ὸ ᾿ < / ᾿
AEGNO> :; FF?U( ἀ ἕ ἄ
n;J < H : O EO ]YHGNO> FI H?K H RYj, HN> ὼ ὸ ἶ ὅ ὴ ἔ
=;H;:PINI NHA;XO =OG:I H NH>BL B> ἄ ὴ ὴ ὰ
H : Y:MJ;: lFMA?( _ E;: ὸ Ἰ ἶ
QG=>?( SC?A? NO ῦ : COHMWO> C> XIFM, => ὰ ὸ ᾿
O EO AJO> A; : CMO> NCGH>( ἶ ἔ / ὰ
%o%ent $or Jonathan Seagull( the
were right( 5e <o#l8$l higher, an#
it was ti%e to go ho%e(
5e gave one last long loo2 a"ross
the s2, a"ross that %agni$i"ent
silver lan# where he ha# learne# so
7@=A rea85$7 he sai# at last(
/n# Jonathan Livingston Seagull
rose with the two star bright gulls to
#isa''ear into a 'er$e"t #ar2 s2(
A>WO L> HOFOKH;G; L;H> NH : ? A;:P, 4 ὰ ὰ ὸ ὐ
CDA; NH J;KLMN>; NILD:>; EkA; C?K HPN; ὴ ἀ ὅ
,_ L;> H?>L?<U, O CO HOF>=M( n> Y:MJ;: ἶ ἕ ἶ ᾿ ὁ Ἰ
sG[>:B=NH?: lFMA?< :KXkJI=O L H? < QK ἀ ὲ ὺ ὸ
]YHOA? < BFMA?K< B> : E;JO N :; HDFO>? ὺ ὰ ὰ ῖ ᾿ ἕ
N=?HO>: ? A;:P( ὸ ὐ
Pa! ()*
So this is heaven, he thought, an# he
ha# to s%ile at hi%sel$( It was
har#l res'e"t$ul to analse heaven
in the ver %o%ent that one $lies u'
to enter it(
/s he "a%e $ro% farth now, above
the "lou#s an# in "lose $or%ation
with the two brilliant gulls, he saw
that his own bo# was growing as
bright as theirs( 4rue, the sa%e
oung Jonathan Seagull was there
that has alwas live# behin# his
gol#en ees, but the outer $or% ha#
It $elt li2e a seagull bo#, but
alrea# it $lew $ar better than his ol#
one ha# ever $lown( uh, with hal$
the e$$ort, he though, I7ll get twi"e
the s'ee#, twi"e the 'er$or%an"e o$
% best #as on earth`
Μ%ρος +,-τ,ρο
NHO F?>C : ; H < O :;> C;AMQO>N?<, A ὸ ὐ ὸ ἶ ὁ
N=D]HI=O =; E;L?BDF;NO L H : ;KHP H?K( ὶ ὲ ὸ ἑ
r : H;: [D[;>; C?F O F;[>= H : ὲ < ὺ ὐ ὸ ὸ ὰ
LOFOH < H : C;AMQO>N? H : A; =A>[ < . ὸ ὴ / ἀ ῶ
C? COH < B> : H : ]HMNO><( ὺ " ὰ ὰ ὸ
n;J < AEPH;: C H l , CM:Y C H ὼ ἐ ἀ ᾿ ὴ # ἀ ᾿ ὰ
N@::O]; =; N NHO: NEIL;H>NL L H? < ὶ ὲ ὸ ὸ ὲ ὺ
QK F;LCOA? < BFMA?K<, O QO C < =; H Q>=P ὸ ὺ ἶ ὼ ὶ ὸ
H?K N L; B>:PH;: ]YHOA CY< H Q>=P H?K<( ῶ ὸ ὅ ὸ
_ :;> FjJO>; C < [A>N=PH;: =O Q>?< ἶ ἀ ὼ ἐ ῖ ὁ ἴ
:D?< Y:MJ;: lFMA?<, ; H < C? O EO CM:H; Ἰ ὐ ὸ ὺ ἶ
RjNO> CGNY C H EAKN;]D:>; LMH>; H?Kx ἀ ᾿ ὰ
WYHOA>=j H?K LY< XI O EO FFMWO>( ἐ ὅ 3 ἶ ἀ
\ :>YJO N N L; BFMA?K, FF COH? NO ὸ ἔ ὰ ῶ ἀ ὰ ῦ
=>PF;< C?F =;F@HOA; C N? O EO C?H ὺ ἀ ᾿ ὅ ἶ ὲ
COHMWO> H C;F>P H?K N L;( l> ];:HMN?K, ὸ ῶ ὰ
N=D]HI=O, L H L>N CA?NCMJO>;, J COH@EY ὲ ὴ ὴ ὰ
Q>CFMN>; H;E@HIH;, J Q>CF;N>MNY H : ὰ ὴ
CGQ?NI H < =;F@HOAj< L?K LDA;< NH B ( ἐ # ὴ #
\ ]HOAM H?K F;LC@A>R;: HkA; L L> ὰ ὲ ὰ
5is $eathers glowe# brilliant white
now, an# his wings were s%ooth an#
'er$e"t as sheets o$ 'olishe# silver(
5e began, #elighte#l, to learn about
the%, to 'ress 'ower into these new
/t two hun#re# $i$t %iles 'er hour
he $elt that he was nearing his level&
$light %aci%u% s'ee#( /t two
hun#re# sevent&three he thought
that he was $ling as $ast as he "oul#
$l, an# he was ever so $aintl
#isa''ointe#( 4here was a li%it to
how %u"h the new bo# "oul# #o,
an# though it was %u"h $aster than
his ol# level&$light re"or#, it was still
a li%it that woul# ta2e great e$$ort to
"ra"2( In heaven, he though, there
shoul# be no li%its(
4he "lou#s bro2e a'art, his es"orts
"alle#, 7Ka>>5 la8&"($
Joatha$7 an# vanishe# into thin
5e was $ling over a sea, towar# a
yagge# shoreline( / ver $ew
seagulls were wor2ing the u'&
#raughts on the "li$$s( /wa o$$ to
the north, at the hori8on itsel$, $lew a
$ew others( New sights, new
thoughts, new ~uestions( uh so
$ew gulls| 5eaven shoul#
be ;lo<:e8 with gulls` /n# wh a% I
so tire#, all at on"e| iulls in heaven
are never su''ose# to be tire#, or to
uhere ha# he hear# that| 4he
%e%or o$ his li$e on farth was
]YHO>: FOK=PHIH;, =; ? ]HOA? BO< H?K ὴ ὶ * ῦ
H;: FO O< =; HDFO>O< F < => H;: ]@FF; < ῖ ὶ ὲ <
BK;F>NLD:? N L>( AE>NO, F?< E;AM, : H ἀ # Ἄ ὅ ὰ ὰ
B:YAGRO>, : [MRO> Q@:;LI NH =;>:?@AB>; H?K ὰ ὰ
TOHk:H;< Q>;=PN>; CO: :H; LGF>; H : A; # ὴ /
CHjNI< N NH;JOA X?<( VH Q>;=PN>; ὲ ὸ ὕ ὰ
[Q?L :H; HAG;, :PL>NO C < COH? NO N? C> ἑ # ὼ ῦ ὅ ὸ
BAjB?A; LC?A? NO => :>YNO L> F;]A> ῦ ᾿ ἔ ὰ ὰ
C?B?jHOKNI( C AEO =MC?>? A>? NH HG ἀ Ὑ # ὅ ὸ
LC?A? NO H =;>:?@AB>? N L;, =; L?F?:PH> ῦ ὸ ῶ ὶ
H;: C?F :kHOA? C H : C;F>M H?K < ὺ ἀ ἀ ᾿ ὴ
CGQ?NI CHjNI< NH;JOA? X?K<, H;: =; ἐ ῦ ὕ < ὶ
CMF> :; A>?, C? J EAO>;RPH;: LOBMFI ἕ ὅ ὺ ὰ
CA?NCMJO>; B> : H WOCOAMNO>( VH : ὰ ὰ ὸ ὸ
C;AMQO>N?, N=D]HI=O, Q : CAOCO : ὲ ἔ ὰ
CMAE?K: A>;( ὑ ὅ
\ N@::O]; WM:?>W;:, ? NK:?Q?G H?K ὰ *
]k:;W;:, ,{;A?@LO:O< CA?NBO>kNO><,
Y:MJ;:U, =; EMJI=;: NH : ? A;:P( Ἰ ὶ ὸ ὐ
TOH? NO CM:Y C L> JMF;NN;, CA < L> ῦ ἀ ὸ ὰ ὸ ὰ
Q;:HOFYH =Hj( FME>NH?> BFMA?> =;:;: ὴ ἀ Ἐ ἔ
N=jNO>< L H :?Q>= AO@L;H; NH? < ἀ ὲ ὰ ἀ ὰ ὺ
CPH?L?K< [AME?K<( TDA; L;=A> NH ἀ ὰ ὰ
[?AO>:M, NH : =AI H? AGR?:H;, COH? N;: ὴ ἄ ῦ ὁ ῦ
LOA>=? =PL;( n;>:?@AB>; JOML;H;, ὶ ἀ
=;>:?@AB>O< N=DXO><, =;>:?@AB>; AYHjL;H;( ἐ
l>;HG HPN?> FGB?> BFMA?>a C;AMQO>N?< J Ὁ ὰ
CAOCO : LKALIB=>MRO> BFMA?K<` n; B>;HG ἔ ὰ ὶ
O L;>, W;]:>=M, HPN? =?KA;NLD:?<a ἶ
C?HGJOH;> C < ? BFMA?> NH : C;AMQO>N? Ὑ ὼ * ὸ
Q : =?KAMR?:H;> =; Q : =?>L? :H;> C?HD( ὲ ὶ ὲ ῦ
T? H =?KNO ; HPa :ML:INI H < RY < ῦ ᾿ ἄ ὐ 0ἀ # #
H?K NH l AE>NO : N[j:O>( l H;: ὴ # ἄ ὰ 0 # <
:;< HPC?< C?K L;JO C?FF CAMBL;H;, ἕ ὅ ἔ ὰ
O :;> FjJO>;, FF ? FOCH?LDAO>O< AE>R;: ἶ ἀ ἀ ὰ * ἄ
$alling awa( farth ha# been a 'la"e
where he ha# learne# %u"h, o$
"ourse, but the #etails were blurre# &
so%ething about $ighting $or $oo#,
an# being dut"ast(
4he #o8en gulls b the shoreline
"a%e to %eet hi%, none saing a
wor#( 5e $elt onl that he was
wel"o%e an# that this was ho%e( It
ha# been a big #a $or hi%, a #a
whose sunrise he no longer
5e turne# to lan# on the bea"h,
beating his wings to sto' an in"h in
the air, then #ro''ing lightl to the
san#( 4he other gulls lan#e# too, but
not one o$ the% so %u"h as $la''e#
a $eather( the swung into the win#,
bright wings outstret"he#, then
so%ehow the "hange# the "urve o$
their $eathers until the ha# sto''e#
in the sa%e instant their $eet tou"he#
the groun#( It was beauti$ul "ontrol,
but now Jonathan was yust too tire#
to tr it( Stan#ing there on the bea"h
still without a wor# s'o2en, he was
In the #as that $ollowe#, Jonathan
saw that there was as %u"h to learn
about $light in this 'la"e as there ha#
been in the li$e behin# hi%( But with
a #i$$eren"e( 5ere were gulls who
thought as he thought( )or ea"h o$
the%, the %ost i%'ortant thing in
living was to rea"h out an# tou"h
'er$e"tion in that whi"h the %ost
love# to #o, an# that was to $l(
4he were %agni$i"ent bir#s, all o$
: J?Fk:?K:- JKLPH;: =MH> B> H : B :; ὰ ὰ ὸ ἀ ῶ
B> H ];BIHP, C < H;: CP=FIA?<( ὰ ὸ ὼ < ,
rkQO=; BFMA?> C H : =Hj AJ;: : H : ἀ ᾿ ὴ ἀ < ὰ ὸ
NK:;:HjN?K:, QGEY< =;:D:;< H?K< : ᾿
AJAkNO> FDWI( :>YNO LP:? C < H;: ἀ 4 ὼ <
O CAPNQO=H?< =; C < H;: N : NH NCGH> ὐ ὶ ὼ < ὰ ὸ
H?K( H;: L> LOBMFI LDA; H < RY < H?K, 7 ὰ # #
L> LDA; C? H WILDAYLM HI< Q : LC?A? NO ὰ ὺ ὸ ὲ ῦ
C> : H JKLIJO ( ὰ ὰ ὸ ῖ
l@A>NO B> : CA?NBO>YJO NH : C;A;FG;, ὰ ὰ ῖ ὴ
EHKCk:H;< H ]HOAM H?K B> : NH;L;HjNO> ὰ ὰ ὰ
FGB; =;H?NH NH : DA;, =; : NH;JO ἑ ὰ ὸ ἀ ὶ ὰ ῖ
NHOA; C;F NH : LL?( TA?NBO>kJI=;: ὕ ! ὰ ὴ ἄ
=> ? FF?> BFMA?>, FF ? HO :;< H?K< Q : ᾿ * ἄ ἀ ᾿ % ἕ ὲ
]HOA?@B>NO ? HO HPN? QM( TOH>P:H?KN;: NH : % ὸ
:OL?, L AJM:?>EHD< H < F;LCA < ]HOA? BO< ἄ ὲ ( ὶ ὲ ῦ
H?K<, => NHOA; L =MC?>? HAPC? FF;R;: ᾿ ὕ ὲ ἄ
H : =FGNI H : ]HOA : H?K<, NC?K : ὴ ῶ ῶ / ὰ
NH;L;HjN?K: H : Q>; NH>BL C? H CPQ>; ὴ ἴ ὴ ὺ ὰ
H?K< BB>R;: H B ( H;: L> =G:INI L ἄ ὴ # 7 ὰ ὲ
J;KLMN>? FOBE?, LY< Y:MJ;: H;: HkA; ἔ ὅ ὁ Ἰ <
C?F =?KA;NLD:?< B> : H Q?=>LMNO>( ὺ ὰ ὰ ὴ
AJ>?< =O NH : C;A;FG;, CM:H; QGEY< : B ἐ ῖ ὴ ὰ
FOEJO H C;A;L>=AP, C?=?>LjJI=O( ῖ ὸ ἀ
\ < LDAO< C? =?F?@JIN;:, Y:MJ;: ὶ ὺ ἀ ὁ Ἰ
:H>Fj]JI=O C < N ; H : H : HPC? ἀ ὼ ᾿ ὐ ὸ ὸ
LC?A? NO : LMJO> B> H CDH;BL; HPN;, N; ῦ ὰ ὰ ὸ ὅ
O EO LMJO> NH : COA;NLD:I H? RYj( FF L ἶ ὴ ῦ , ὰ ὲ
L> Q>;]?AM( C AE;: Q BFMA?> C? ὰ Ὑ # ἐ ῶ ὺ
N=D]H?:H;: CY< =O :?<( l> H : =;JD:; ὅ ἐ ῖ ὰ ὸ
H?K<, H C> NIL;:H>= CA BL; H;: : ὸ ὸ ὸ " < ὰ
CA??QO@N?K: =; : ]HMN?K: H : HOFO>PHIH; ὶ ὰ ὴ
N ,H> BMCIN;: COA>NNPHOA? NH RYj, => ᾿ ὅ ἀ ὴ ᾿
; H H;: H CDH;BL;( H;: CDA?E; ὐ ὸ < ὸ 7 ὑ
C?KF> F; H?K<, =; CA;BL;H?C?>? N;: H < ὰ ὅ ὶ ῦ ὶ
N=jNO>< H?K< AO< FP=FIAO< =;JILOA>:M, ἀ C ὁ
Q?=>LMR?:H;< H : C> H?FLIA OA?:;KH>=j( ὴ ὸ ὴ ἀ
the%, an# the s'ent hour a$ter hour
ever #a 'ra"ti"ing $light, testing
a#van"e# aeronauti"s(
)or a long ti%e Jonathan $orgot
about the worl# that he ha# "o%e
$ro%, that 'la"e where the )lo"2
live# with its ees tightl shut to the
yo o$ $light, using its wings as
%eans to the en# o$ $in#ing an#
$ighting $or $oo#( But now an# then,
yust $or a %o%ent, he re%e%bere#(
5e re%e%bere# it one %orning
when he was out with his instru"tor,
while the reste# on the bea"h a$ter
a session o$ $ol#e#&wing sna' rolls(
74here &( e'er59o85$ !#ll&'a67 5e
as2e# silentl, ~uite at ho%e now
with the eas tele'ath that these
gulls use# instea# o$ s"rees an#
gra"2s( 74h5 are=t there Aore o; #(
here6 4h5$ %here @ <aAe ;roA there
7... tho#(a8( a8 tho#(a8( o;
"#ll(. @ :o%.7 Sullivan shoo2 his
hea#( 7The ol5 a(%er @ <a (ee$
Joatha$ &( that 5o# are >rett5 %ell
a oeN&NaNA&ll&o 9&r8. Bo(t o; #(
<aAe alo" e'er (o (lo%l5. %e %et
;roA oe %orl8 &to aother that
%a( alAo(t eOa<tl5 l&:e &t$ ;or"ett&"
r&"ht a%a5 %here %e ha8 <oAe
;roA$ ot <ar&" %here %e %ere
hea8e8$ l&'&" ;or the AoAet. Eo
5o# ha'e a5 &8ea ho% Aa5 l&'e(
%e A#(t ha'e "oe tho#"h 9e;ore
%e e'e "ot the ;&r(t &8ea that there
&( Aore to l&;e tha eat&"$ or
l> C?F =;>AP, Y:MJ;: WDE;NO H : =PNL? ὰ ὺ ὁ Ἰ ὸ
C C?K O EO AJO>, H : HPC? =O :? C?K ? ἀ ᾿ ὅ ἶ ἔ ὸ ἐ ῖ ὅ *
BFMA?> NH VL :?< R? N;: L H LMH>; ὸ # ῦ ὲ ὰ
=FO>NH LCA?NH NH E;A H < CHjNI<, ὰ ὰ ὴ ὰ #
EAIN>L?C?>k:H;< H ]HOAM H?K< LP:? N LDN; ὰ ὰ
LO N=?C : [AGN=?K: HA?] =; : ὸ ὰ ὴ ὶ ὰ
HN;=k:Y:H;> C?> < J H : ACMWO>( LY< ὸ ὰ ὴ ! Ὅ
C? =; C? , B> L> NH>BL LPF><, JKLPH;:( ῦ ὶ ῦ ὰ ὰ ὴ
\ JKLjJI=O L> ]?A C? O EO [BO L H : ὸ ὰ ὰ ὺ ἶ ῖ ὲ ὸ
=C;>QOKHj H?K, =;J < W;CPNH;>:;: NH : ἐ ὼ ὴ
C;A;FG; NHOA C L> NO>A COA>NHA?] < ὑ ᾿ ἀ ὸ ὰ ὰ ὲ
L Q>CFYLD:; H ]HOAM( ὲ ὰ
,T? O :;> F?< =PNL?<, VMFF>[;:aU ῦ ἶ ὅ ὁ
HkA; L H : CF HIFOCMJO>; C? ὲ ὴ ! ὴ ὺ
EAIN>L?C?>? N;: ; H? ? BFMA?> :H B> ῦ ὐ ὶ * ἀ ὶ ὰ
NHA>BBF> < =; AO=MNL;H;( ,l>;HG Q : O L;NHO ὲ ὶ ὲ ἴ
COA>NNPHOA?> Q a =O C C?K AJ; ἐ ῶ Ἐ ῖ ἀ ᾿ ὅ 9
C AE;:(((U( ὑ #
(((,{>F>MQO<, C?FF < E>F>MQO< BFMA?>( \ ὲ ὸ
WDAYU( VMFF>[;: =?@:INO H =O]MF> H?K( Ὁ ὸ
, LP:I CM:HINI C? [AGN=Y, Y:MJ;:, 0 ἀ ὺ Ἰ
O :;> C < O N;> NH FjJO>; C H C?KF> ἶ ὼ ἶ ᾿ ἀ ἀ ᾿ ὰ ὰ
C? WOEYAGR?K:, :; NH =;H?LL@A>?( m ὺ ἕ ὸ ἑ *
ABM( TOAMN;LO C :;: =PNL? N FF? ἀ ἀ ὸ ἕ ὲ ἄ
C? H;: NEOQ : C;AMFF;EH?<, WOE:k:H;< ὺ < ὸ ἀ
LDNY< C C? O E;LO AJO>, QGEY< : ἀ ἀ ὸ ῦ ἴ ἔ ὰ
:?>;RPL;NHO B> C? CIB;G:;LO, Rk:H;< ὰ ῦ
NH>BL H NH>BLj( •;:HMNHI=O< C?H CPNO< ὴ ὴ ὲ
RY < CADCO> : COAMN;LO CA : = : : ὲ ὰ ὶ ἂ ὰ
Q>;[FDX?KLO CAkHI ]?A H N=DXI C < ὰ ὴ ὼ
];BIHP, H? < HN;=YL? < H Q@:;LI NH ὺ ὺ ' ὴ ὸ
VL :?<a {GF>O< RYD<, Y:, QD=; E>F>MQO< RYD<` # 2
n> NHOA; FFO< =;H RY < NC?K : ᾿ ὕ ἄ ἑ ὸ ὲ / ᾿
AEGN?KLO : L;J;G:?KLO C < CMAEO> =MH> ἀ ὰ ὼ ὑ
C? FDBOH;> HOFO>PHIH;, => FF; =;H ὺ ᾿ ἄ ἑ ὸ
;&"ht&"$ or >o%er & the Ilo<:6 M
tho#(a8 l&'e($ Jo$ te tho#(a8?
M8 the aother h#8re8 l&'e( #t&l
%e 9e"a to lear that there &( (#<h
a th&" a( >er;e<t&o$ a8 aother
h#8re8 a"a& to "et the &8ea that
o#r >#r>o(e ;or l&'&" &( to ;&8 that
>er;e<t&o a8 (ho% &t ;orth. The
(aAe r#le hol8( ;or #( o%$ o;
<o#r(eP %e <hoo(e o#r eOt %orl8
thro#"h %hat %e lear & th&( oe.
Fear oth&"$ a8 the eOt %orl8 &(
the (aAe a( th&( oe$ all the (aAe
l&A&tat&o( a8 lea8 %e&"ht( to
he stret"he# his wings an# turne# to
$a"e the win#( 7D#t 5o#$ Jo.7 he
sai#, 7leare8 (o A#<h at oe t&Ae
that 5o# 8o=t ha'e to "o thro#"h a
tho#(a8 l&'e( to rea<h th&( oe.7
In %o%ent the were airborne again,
'ra"ti"ing( 4he $or%ation 'oint&rolls
were #i$$i"ult, $or through the
inverte# hal$ Jonathan ha# to thin2
u'si#e #own, reversing the "urve o$
his wing an# reversing it eca"tl in
har%on with his instru"tor7s(
7Fet=( tr5 &t a"a&$7 Sullivan sai#,
over an# over^ 7Fet=( tr5 &t
a"a&.7 4hen, $inall, 7Hoo8.7 /n#
the began 'ra"ti"ing outsi#e loo's(
dne evening the gulls that were not
nightl&$ling stoo# together on the
san#, thin2ing( Jonathon too2 all his
"ourage in his hea# an# wal2e# to
the fl#er iull, who, it was sai#, was
soon to be %oving beon# this
EAP:>; B> : =;H;FM[?KLO C < N=?C < NH ὰ ὰ ὼ ὸ ὴ
RYj L;< O :;> : :;=;F@X?KLO ; H H : ἶ ᾿ ἀ ὐ ὴ ὴ
HOFO>PHIH; =; : H : :;QOGW?KLO( Q>?< ὶ ὰ ὴ ἀ Ὁἴ
=;:P:;< NE@O>, ]KN>=M, =; B> L < HkA;^ & ὶ ὰ "
Q>;FDB?KLO H : CPLO:P L;< =PNL? LDN; C ὸ ἑ ἀ ὸ
H N; L;J;G:?KLO N H? H?:( : Q LMJO>< ὰ ὅ ὲ ῦ > ὲ
=MH>, HPHO CPLO:?< J O :;> L?>?< L ὁ ἑ ὰ ἶ ὅ ὲ
H? H?:, L H? < Q>?K< ]A;BL? < =; H Q>; ῦ ὲ ὺ ἴ ὺ ὶ ὰ ἴ
Nj=YH; [MAI C? J CADCO> : WOCOAMNO><U( ἀ ὺ ὰ ὰ
CFYNO H ]HOAM H?K =; NHAM]I=O CD:;:H> D ὰ ὶ ἀ
NH : :OL?( , N LY<, Y:U, O CO, ὸ ἄ Ἐ ὺ ὅ 2 ἶ
, L;JO< HPN; C?FF L?:?L> <, NHO Q ἔ ὰ " / ὲ
EAO>MNHI=O : COAMNO>< EGF>O< RY < B> : ὰ ὲ ὰ ὰ
]HMNO>< N H?@HIU( ὲ
V L> NH>BL [ADJI=;: CMF> N CHjNI, NH < ὲ ὰ ὴ ὲ ὶ
N=jNO>< H?K<( m COA>NHA?] < N ἀ * ὲ ὲ
NEIL;H>NL H;: Q@N=?FO<, B>;HG NH ὸ < ὸ
:HGNHA?]? L>N Y:MJ;: CAOCO : ἀ ὸ ὁ Ἰ ἔ ὰ
N=D]HOH;> :MC?Q;, :H>NHAD]?:H;< H : ἀ ἀ ὴ
=FGNI H : ]HOA : H?K N CPFKH; AL?:>= ῶ ῶ ὲ ἀ ! ὴ
=AG[O>; L H : =C;>QOKHj H?K( ἀ ὲ ὸ ἐ
, FFI L> Q?=>LjU O CO VMFF>[;: W;: =; Ἄ ὰ ἶ ὁ ὰ ὶ
W;:M^ , FFI L> Q?=>LjU( n; HOF>= ,b H Ἄ ὰ ὶ ὰ ὐ ὸ
O :;>U( n> AE>N;: WMN=INI NH < ἶ ᾿ ἄ ἐ ὶ
WYHOA>= < COA>NHA?]D<( ἐ ὲ
:; [AMQK, ? BFMA?> C? Q : O E;: [A;QK: + * ὺ ὲ ἶ ὴ
CHjNI NHD=?:H;: L;R NH : LL? ὶ ὴ ἄ
[?KHIBLD:?> NH < N=DXO>< H?K<( Y:MJ;: ὶ ὉἸ
=?:H NH lDA?:H; BFMA? C?@, =;J < FOB;:, ὰ ὸ ὼ ἔ
J ]OKBO N@:H?L; C H? H?: H : =PNL?( ὰ ἔ ἀ ὸ ῦ ὸ
,\N>M:=U O CO, FGB? :OKA>=M( BOA?BFMA?< ἶ Ὁ
H : =?GH;WO L =;F?N@:I( ,9;G, B>D L?KaU( ὸ ὲ
:H H EAP:>; : E?K: W;NJO:jNO> H , ὶ ὰ ὰ ἔ ἐ ὸ
lDA?:H;, H? O E;: CA?NQkNO> Q@:;LIx ῦ ἶ
LC?A? NO : C;A;[BO NH CDH;BL; =MJO ῦ ὰ ῖ ὸ
BFMA? NH VL :?<, => O EO LMJO> HOE:>= < C? ὸ # ἶ ὲ ὺ
7Gh&a"...7 he sai#, a little
4he ol# seagull loo2e# at hi%
2in#l( 7Qe($ A5 (o67 Instea# o$
being en$eeble# b age, the fl#er
ha# been e%'owere# b ita he "oul#
out $l an gull in the )lo"2, an# he
ha# learne# s2ills that the others
were onl gra#uall "o%ing to
7Gh&a"$ th&( %orl8 &(=t hea'e at
all$ &( &t67
4he fl#er s%ile# in the
%oonlight( 7Qo# are lear&" a"a&$
Joatha !ea"#ll$7 he sai#(
4ell$ %hat ha>>e( ;roA here6
4here are %e "o&"6 @( there o
(#<h >la<e a( hea'e67
7Ro$ Joatha$ there &( o (#<h
>la<e. Kea'e &( ot a >la<e$ a8 &t
&( ot a t&Ae. Kea'e &( 9e&"
>er;e<t.7 5e was silent $or a
%o%ent( 7Qo# are a 'er5 ;a(t ;l&er$
are=t 5o#67
7@... @ eCo5 (>ee8$7 Jonathan sai#,
ta2en aba"2 but 'rou# that the el#er
ha# noti"e#(
7Qo# %&ll 9e"& to to#<h hea'e$
Joatha$ & the AoAet that 5o#
to#<h >er;e<t (>ee8. M8 that &(=t
;l5&" a tho#(a8 A&le( a ho#r$ or
a A&ll&o$ or ;l5&" at the (>ee8 o;
l&"ht. De<a#(e a5 #A9er &( a l&A&t$
? FF?> LP:? N>B &N>B H < :;=MFKCH;:( * ἄ ὰ ὰ ὶ ἀ
,\N>M:=, =PNL?< H? H?< Q : LC?AO :M :;> ὁ ῦ ὲ ῖ E
C;AMQO>N?<, HN> Q : O :;>aU( ὁ ἔ ὲ ἶ
,S;J;G:O>< CMF>, Y:MJ;: lFMAOU, O CO( Ἰ ἶ
,S HPHO HG NKL[;G:O> C Q =; CDA;a T? ὰ ἀ ὸ ῶ ὶ ῦ
CIB;G:?KLOa r : CMAEO> HPC?< C? :M :;> ὲ ὑ ὺ E
C;AMQO>N?<aU( , E>, Y:MJ;:, Q : CMAEO> B Ἰ ὲ ὑ
HDH?>?< HPC?<( C;AMQO>N?< Q : O :;> HPC?< Ὁ ὲ ἶ
=; Q : O :;> EAP:?<( T;AMQO>N?< O :;> H : ὶ ὲ ἶ ἶ ὸ ὰ
O N;> HDFO>?<U( LO>:O B> FGB? N>YCIFP<( ἶ 4 ὰ
,_ N;> C?F BAjB?A?< BFMA?<, HN> Q : ἶ ὺ ἔ ὲ
O :;>aU( ἶ
,9;G((( L ADNO> H;E@HIH;U, O CO ᾿ ἀ ἶ ὁ
Y:MJ;: =CFI=H?< FF =; COAj];:?< C? Ἰ ἔ ἀ ὰ ὶ ὺ
lDA?:H;< H O EO CA?NDWO>( ὁ ὸ ἶ
,w AEGNO>< : CFIN>MRO>< H : C;AMQO>N?, ᾿ ἀ ὰ ὸ
Y:MJ;:, H NH>BL C? J CFIN>MNO>< H : Ἰ ὴ ὴ ὺ ὰ ὴ
HDFO>; H;E@HIH;( n> ; H Q : NIL;G:O> : ᾿ ὐ ὸ ὲ ὰ
COH < EGF>; LGF>; H : A;, :; " ὴ / ' ἕ
=;H?LL@A>?, : COH < L H : H;E@HIH; ἑ ' ὰ " ὲ ὴ
H? ]YHP<( l>;HG =MJO A>JL < O :;> :; ῦ ὁ ἀ ὸ ἶ ἕ
A>? =; HOFO>PHIH; Q : EO> A>;( HDFO>; ὅ ὶ ὲ ἔ ὅ 0
H;E@HIH;, B>D L?K, O :;> H : [AGN=ON;> ἶ ὸ ὰ
=O U( ἐ ῖ
rGEY< =;LL> CA?O>Q?C?GINI \N> := ὰ ὁ ὰ
W;];:GNHI=O =; W;:;]M:I=O N :; =FMNL; ἐ ὶ ᾿ ἕ
H < NH>BL < NH : =AI H? :OA? CO: :H; # # ὴ ἄ ῦ ῦ #
CPQ>; C> CDA;( NHOA; W;];:GNHI=O =; ὸ : ἐ ὶ
CMF> =; NHMJI=O, NH Q>? E>F>?NHP H? ὶ ὸ ἴ ῦ
QOKHOA?FDCH?K, NH : L? H? Y:MJ;:( ὸ F ῦ Ἰ
,_ :;> C?F Q>;N=OQ;NH>=PU, O CO( ἶ ὺ ἶ
Y:MJ;: NMNH>NO( zDE;NO : AYHjNO> B> ὉἸ ὰ ὰ
H : C;AMQO>N?( ,T < H =;H;]DA:O>< ; HPa ὸ ῶ ὸ ὐ
a8 >er;e<t&o 8oe(=t ha'e l&A&t(.
Ser;e<t (>ee8$ A5 (o$ &( 9e&"
uithout warning, ehiang vanishe#
an# a''eare# at the waters e#ge $i$t
$eet awa, all in the $li"2er o$ an
instant( 4hen he vanishe# again an#
stoo#, in the sa%e %illise"on#, at
Jonathan7s shoul#er( 7@t=( :&8 o;
;#$7 he sai#(
Jonathan was #a88le#( 5e $orgot to
as2 about heaven( 7Ko% 8o 5o# 8o
that6 4hat 8oe( &t ;eel l&:e6 Ko%
;ar <a 5o# "o67
7Qo# <a "o to a5 >la<e a8 to a5
t&Ae that 5o# %&(h to "o$7 the fl#er
sai#( 7@='e "oe e'er5%here a8
e'er5 >la<e @ <a th&: o;.7 5e
loo2e# a"ross the sea( 7@t=( (tra"e.
The "#ll( %ho (<or >er;e<t&o ;or
the (a:e o; tra'el "o o%here$
(lo%l5. Tho(e %ho >#t a(&8e tra'el
;or the (a:e o; >er;e<t&o "o
a5%here$ &(tatl5. TeAeA9er$
Joatha$ hea'e &(=t a >la<e or a
t&Ae 9e<a#(e >la<e a8 t&Ae are (o
'er5 Aea&"le((. Kea'e &(...7
7Ga 5o# tea<h Ae to ;l5 l&:e
that67 Jonathan Seagull tre%ble# to
"on~uer another un2nown(
7L; <o#r(e$ &; 5o# %&(h to lear.7
7@ %&(h. 4he <a %e (tart67
74e <o#l8 (tart o%$ &; 5o#=8 l&:e.7
7@ %at to lear to ;l5 l&:e
T < :>kJO><a TPN? L;=A> LC?AO < : C <aU( ῶ ὰ ῖ ὰ "
,SC?AO < : C < N C?>? HPC? =; N C?>? ῖ ὰ " ᾿ ὅ ὶ ᾿ ὅ
EAP:? JDFO><U, O CO lDA?:H;<( , B C B; ἶ ὁ Ἐ ὼ #
N C?>? HPC? =; N C?>? EAP:? LCPAON; ᾿ ὅ ὶ ᾿ ὅ
: N=O]H U( n?GH;WO CDA; NH JMF;NN;( ὰ ῶ ὴ
,_ :;> C;AMWO:?( m BFMA?> C? COA>]A?:? : ἶ * ὺ ῦ
H : HOFO>PHIH; B> EMAI H? H;W>Q>? ὴ ὰ ῦ ῦ
CIB;G:?K:((( C?KJO:M, L =;JKNHDAINI( N?> ὲ Ὅ
B=;H;FOGC?K: H H;WGQ>; B> EMAI H < ἐ ὰ ὰ #
HOFO>PHIH;< CIB;G:?K: C;:H? , NH NH>BLj( ῦ ὴ
wKLjN?K, Y:MJ;:, C;AMQO>N?< Q : O :;> Ἰ ὁ ὲ ἶ
:;< HPC?< :;< EAP:?<, B>;HG HPC?< =; ἕ ' ἕ ὁ ὶ ὁ
EAP:?< O :;> CAMBL;H; QGEY< =;:D:; :PIL;( ἶ Ὁ
C;AMQO>N?< O :;>(((U( ἶ
,SC?AO < : L? LMJO>< : COHMY HN>aU, ῖ ὰ ῦ ὰ ἔ Ὁ
Y:MJ;: lFMA?< A>B? NO L H N=DXI C < Ἰ ῦ ὲ ὴ ὼ
J =;H;=H? NO :; =;>:?@AB>? B:YNH?( ὰ ῦ ἕ ἄ
,•KN>=M, : JDFO>< : LMJO><U( ἂ ὰ
,wDFY( TPHO LC?A? LO : AEGN?KLOaU( ῦ ᾿ ἀ
,w LC?A?@N;LO : AEGN?KLO HkA;, : ὰ ᾿ ἀ ἂ
,wDFY : LMJY : COHMY HN>U, O CO ὰ ὰ ἔ ἶ ὁ
Y:MJ;:, => :; C;AMWO:? ] < BKMF>NO NH Ἰ ᾿ ἕ ῶ ὰ
LMH>; H?K( ,TD< L?K HG : =M:YU( ὰ
\N> := LGFINO AB =; C;A;=?F?KJ? NO Ὁ ὰ ἀ ὰ ὶ ῦ
H : :OkHOA? BFMA? L :H?:I CA?NjFYNI( ὸ ὲ ἔ
,l> : COHMWO>< L H : H;E@HIH; H < ὰ ὰ ὲ ὴ #
: AEGNO>< B:YAGR?:H;< C < EO>< =>PF;< ᾿ ἀ ὼ ἔ
\ =PFC?, N@L]Y:; L H : \N>M:=, H;: : ὸ ὲ ὸ < ὰ
CMXO> Y:MJ;: : [FDCO> H : ;KHP H?K ὁ Ἰ ὰ ὸ ἑ
]KF;=>NLD:? N :; COA>?A>NLD:? N L; L ᾿ ἕ ῶ ὲ
:?>BL; ]HOA : :; LDHA? =; CGQ?NI C? ἄ ῶ ἕ ὶ ἐ ὺ
that$7 Jonathan sai#, an# a strange
light glowe# in his ees( 7Tell Ae
%hat to 8o.7
ehiang s'o2e slowl an# wat"he#
the ounger gull ever so
"are$ull( 7To ;l5 a( ;a(t a( tho#"ht$
to a5%here that &($7 he sai#, 75o#
A#(t 9e"& 95 :o%&" that 5o#
ha'e alrea85 arr&'e8...7
4he tri"2, a""or#ing to ehiang, was
$or Jonathan to sto' seeing hi%sel$
as tra''e# insi#e a li%ite# bo# that
ha# a $ort&two&in"h wings'an an#
'er$or%an"e that "oul# be 'lotte# on
a "hart( 4he tri"2 was to 2now that
his true nature live#, as 'er$e"t as an
unwritten nu%ber, everwhere at
on"e a"ross s'a"e an# ti%e(
Jonathan 2e't at it, $ier"el, #a
a$ter #a, $ro% be$ore sunrise till
'ast %i#night( /n# $or all his e$$ort
he %ove# not a $eather&wi#th $ro%
his s'ot(
7Ior"et a9o#t ;a&th?7 ehiang sai# it
ti%e an# again( 7Qo# 8&8=t ee8
;a&th to ;l5$ 5o# ee8e8 to
#8er(ta8 ;l5&". Th&( &( C#(t the
(aAe. Ro% tr5 a"a&...7
4hen one #a Jonathan, stan#ing on
the shore, "losing his ees,
"on"entrating, all in a $lash 2new
what ehiang ha# been telling
hi%( 74h5$ that=( tr#e? @ aA a
>er;e<t$ #l&A&te8 "#ll?7 5e $elt a
great sho"2 o$ yo(
7Hoo8?7 sa# ehiang, an# there was
J LC?A? NO : CA?BA;LL;H>NHO N ὰ ῦ ὰ ῖ ὲ
Q>MBA;LL;( \ =PFC? H;: : WDAO> C < ὸ < ὰ ὼ
CA;BL;H>=j H?K ]@NI R? NO, L H : ῦ ὲ ὴ
HOFO>PHIH; : < BA;]?K A>JL? , C;:H? ἑ ὸ ἄ ἀ ῦ ῦ
=; H;KHPEA?:;, CDA C H E A? =; H ὶ ᾿ ἀ ᾿ ὸ ῶ ὶ ὸ
LDA;, AEGR?:H;< CA : =PL; [BO F>?< ἀ ὶ ἀ ῖ ὁ 8
=; HOFO>k:?:H;< LOH H LONM:KEH;( n; ὶ ὰ ὰ ὶ
C;A FO< H < CA?NCMJO>D< H?K Q ᾿ ὅ ὶ ὲ
LOH;=>:jJI=O ? HO :; ]HOA L;=A> C H % ἕ ὸ ὰ ἀ ὸ ὴ
,zDE:; H : CGNHI`U( \N> := H? H 7FOBO ὴ Ὁ ὰ ῦ ὸ
W;: =; W;:M( ,r : N? EAO>MNHI=O CGNHI ὰ ὶ ὲ ῦ
B> : COHMWO><, EAO>MNHI=O : =;H;FM[O>< H ὰ ὰ ὰ ὸ
CDH;BL;( \ Q>? =; HkA;((( B> ὸ ἴ ὶ ὰ
n; HPHO L> LDA; Y:MJ;:, =;J < ὶ ὰ ὁ Ἰ ὼ
NHO=PH;: NH : =Hj, L =FO>NH H LMH>;, ὴ ἀ ὲ ὰ ὰ
NKB=O:HAYLD:?<, :H>Fj]JI=O NHA;C>; ; ἀ ἀ ῖ
B> HG CA BL; H? L>F? NO \N>M:=( ,SM, ὰ " ῦ ῦ ὁ
O :;> FjJO>;` ἶ ἀ _ L;> ἶ :;< HDFO>?<, ἕ
COA>PA>NH?< BFMA?<`U( :>YNO :; LOBMF? ἀ 4 ἕ
WM]:>;NL; E;A <( "
,b H O :;>`U, O CO \N>M:=, =; ]Y:j H?K ὐ ὸ ἶ ἶ ὁ ὶ
NjL;>:O :G=I(
Y:MJ;: :?>WO H LMH>; H?K( VHO=PH;: ὉἸ ἄ ὰ
LP:?< LO H lDA?:H; N L> FPHOF; ὸ ὲ ὰ ὁ
Q>;]?AOH>= =Hj & L QD:HA; < =MHY NH : ὴ ἀ ὲ 5 ὴ
=AI H < JMF;NN;< =; QK =GHA>:?K< F>?K< ἄ # ὶ ὸ 8
: HA>BKAGR?K: CM:Y C H =O]MF> H?K( ὰ ἀ ᾿ ὸ
, C>HDF?K<, H [A =O<U, O CO \N>M:=, , Ἐ ὸ # ἶ ὁ ὁ
EO>A>NL < LY< CADCO> =PL; : Q?KFOKHO ὸ ὅ ἀ ὰ ῖ
Y:MJ;: H EO E;LD:;( ,T? ὉἸ ὰ E ῦ
vi"tor in his voi"e(
Jonathan o'ene# his ees( 5e stoo#
alone with the fl#er on a totall
#i$$erent seashore & trees #own to
the water7s e#ge, twin ellow suns
turning overhea#(
7Mt la(t 5o#='e "ot the &8ea$7 ehiang
sai#, 79#t 5o#r <otrol ee8( a l&ttle
Jonathan was stunne#( 74here are
gtterl uni%'resse# with the strange
surroun#ings, the fl#er brushe# the
~uestion asi#e( 74e=re o (oAe
>laet$ o9'&o#(l5$ %&th a "ree (:5
a8 a 8o#9le (tar ;or a (#.7
Jonathan %a#e a s"ree o$ #elight, the
$irst soun# he ha# %a#e sin"e he ha#
le$t farth( 7@T 4LTU!?7
74ell$ o; <o#r(e &t %or:($ Jo.7 sai#
ehaing( 7@t al%a5( %or:($ %he 5o#
:o% %hat 5o#=re 8o&". Ro% a9o#t
5o#r <otrol...7
B the ti%e the returne#, it was
#ar2( 4he other gulls loo2e# at
Jonathan with awe in their gol#en
ees, $or the have seen hi%
#isa''ear $ro% where he ha# been
roote# $or so long(
5e stoo# their "ongratulations $or
less than a %inute, 7@=A the
e%<oAer here? @=A C#(t 9e"&&"?
@t &( @ %ho A#(t lear ;roA 5o#?7
lDA?:H;< Q : O EO :HKCYN>;NHO C H Ὁ ὲ ἶ ἐ ῖ ἀ ᾿ ὸ
C;AMWO:? COA>[MFF?: =; Q : QYNO NIL;NG; ὶ ὲ ἔ
NH : AkHINI( ,}A>N=PL;NHO N =MC?>? ὴ ἐ ὲ
CF;:jHI -O :;> ] < ];:MA> - C? EO> ἶ ῶ ὺ ἔ
CAMN>:? ? A;: => : Q>CF NHDA> B> ὐ ὸ ἕ ὰ ὸ ἀ ὰ
F>?U( 8
Y:MJ;: [B;FO L> =A;KB E;A <, => ὉἸ ἔ ὰ ὴ " ᾿
H;: CAkHI H?K ]Y: C HPHO C? O EO < ὴ ἀ ὸ ὺ ἶ
]jNO> H l ( ἀ ὴ #
,S ]KN>=M, BG:OH;>, Y:U, O CO \N>M:=( ὰ 2 ἶ ὁ
,T :H; BG:OH;> H;: WDAO>< HG =M:O><( < ὰ ὅ >
Q? LO HkA; H EO>A>NLP(((U( ῦ ὸ
H;: CDNHAOX;:, H;: C> :@EH;( m FF?> Ὅ ἐ < ὰ * ἄ
BFMA?> =?GH;R;: H : Y:MJ;: L NO[;NL ὸ Ἰ ὲ ὸ
NH EAKN;]D:>; LMH>; H?K<, B>;HG H : O E;: ὰ ὸ ἶ
QO : W;];:GROH;> C H NILO ? C?K ῖ ὰ ἐ ἀ ᾿ ὸ ῖ ὅ
H;: A>RYLD:?< HPNI: A;( < /
r : :HOWO H NKBE;AIHjA>M H?K< ? HO FOCHP( ὲ ἄ ὰ %
, B O L;> :O?]OALD:?< Q ` \kA; LPF>< Ἐ ὼ ἶ ἐ ῶ
AEGRY` B EY : LMJY C N <`U( ἀ Ἐ ὼ ἔ ὰ ἀ ὸ "
, EY =MC?>O< L]>[?FGO< B> ; HP, Y:U, 4 ἀ ᾿ ὐ 2
O CO VMFF>[;:, C? NHO=PH;: CFM>( ,9>kJO>< ἶ ὁ ὺ
F>BPHOA? ]P[? : LMJO>< C N?K< BFMA?K< ὰ ἀ ᾿ ὅ
O Q; H HOFOKH; ; QD=; E>F>MQO< EAP:>;U( \ ἶ ὰ ῖ ὸ
VL :?< LO>:O N>YCIFP, =; Y:MJ;: # ἔ ὶ ὁ Ἰ
=?K:jJI=O NH JDNI H?K LjE;:;( ὴ ἀ
,SC?A? LO : AEGN?KLO Q?KFO> L H ῦ ᾿ ἀ ὰ ὲ ὸ
EAP:?, : JDFO><U, O CO \N>M:=, , NC?K : ἂ ἶ ὁ / ὰ
LC?ADNO>< : COHMWO>< NH C;AOFJ : =; NH ὰ ὸ ὸ ὶ ὸ
LDFF?:( n; HPHO J 7N;> H?>L?< : AEGNO>< ὶ ὰ ἕ ᾿ ἀ
H C> Q@N=?F?, H C> QK:;HP, H C> ὸ ὸ ὸ ὸ ὸ ὸ
Q>;N=OQ;NH>= C F;( w 7N;> H?>L?< : ὸ ἀ ᾿ ὅ ὰ ἕ ᾿
AEGNO>< : COH < XIF =; : WDAO>< H ἀ ὰ " ὰ ὶ ὰ ὸ
7@ %o8er a9o#t that$ Jo$7 sai#
Sullivan, stan#ing near( 7Qo# ha'e
le(( ;ear o; lear&" tha a5 "#ll
@='e (ee & the tho#(a8 5ear(.7 4he
)lo"2 $ell silent, an# Jonathan
$i#gete# in e%barrass%ent(
74e <a (tart %or:&" %&th t&Ae &;
5o# %&(h$7 ehiang sai#, 7t&ll 5o# <a
;l5 the >a(t a8 the ;#t#re. M8 the
5o# %&ll 9e rea85 to 9e"& the Ao(t
8&;;&<#lt$ the Ao(t >o%er;#l$ the Ao(t
;# o; all. Qo# %&ll 9e rea85 to 9e"&
to ;l5 #> a8 :o% the Aea&" o;
:&8e(( a8 o; lo'e.7
/ %onth went b, or so%ething that
$elt about li2e a %onth, an# Jonathan
learne# at the tre%en#ous rate( 5e
alwas ha# learne# ~ui"2l $ro%
or#inar ec'erien"e, an# now, the
s'e"ial stu#ent o$ the fl#er 5i%sel$,
he too2 in new i#eas li2e a
strea%line# $eathere# "o%'uter(
But then the #a "a%e that ehiang
vanishe#( 5e ha# been tal2ing
~uietl with the% all, echorting
the% never to sto' their learning an#
their 'ra"tising an# their striving to
un#erstan# %ore o$ the 'er$e"t
invisible 'rin"i'le o$ all li$e( 4hen,
as he s'o2e, his $eathers went
brighter an# brighter an# at last
turne# so brilliant that no gull "oul#
loo2 u'on hi%(
7Joatha$7 he sai#, an# these were
the last wor#s that he s'o2e, 7:ee>
%or:&" o lo'e.7
uhen the "oul# see again, ehiang
:PIL; H < =;F?N@:I< =; H < BMCI<U( # ὶ # ἀ
TDA;NO :;< L :;<, =MH> C? ]M:I=O ἕ # ' ὺ
COAGC?K N L :;<, => Y:MJ;: L;JO L ὰ # ᾿ ὁ Ἰ ἔ ὲ
C H : =;JILOA>: LCO>AG;, =; HkA; ἀ ᾿ ὴ ὴ ἐ ὶ
:H;< WOEYA>NH < L;JIH < H? Q>?K H? 3 ὁ ὸ ὴ ῦ ἴ ῦ
lDA?:H;, ]?L?GY:O =;>:?@AB>O< QDO< F < => ἀ & ὲ
H;: :;< OA?QK:;L>= < ]HOAYH < < ἕ ἀ ὸ ὸ
C?F?B>NHj<( S HPHO AJO LDA; C? ὑ ὰ 9 ὺ
W;];:GNHI=O \N>M:=( S>F? NO NKE; L ἐ ὁ ῦ 8 ὲ
F?K<, CA?HADC?:H;< H? < BFMA?K< : L : ὅ ὺ ὰ ὴ
CMX?K: C?H : L;J;G:?K: =; : ὲ ὰ ὶ ὰ
W;N=? :H;> =; : C;NEGR?K: : ἐ ῦ ὶ ὰ ὰ
=;H;FM[?K: COA>NNPHOA; CAMBL;H; B> H : ὰ ὴ
HDFO>; PA;HI AE FI< H < RY <( n; HPHO, ἀ ἀ ὴ ὅ # # ὶ
=;J < L>F? NO, H ]HOAM H?K B>:;: F? =; ὼ ῦ ὰ ἔ ὅ ὶ
C> ]YHOA =; HOF>= B>:;: HPN? F;LCOA ὸ ὰ ὶ ὰ ἔ ὰ
C? =;:D:;< BFMA?< Q : LC?A? NO C> : H : ὺ ὲ ῦ ὰ ὰ ὸ
, Y:MJ;:U O CO, => ; H H;: H HOFOKH; ; Ἰ ἶ ᾿ ὐ ὰ < ὰ ῖ
H?K FPB>; ,L CMXO>< : Q?KFO@O>< CM:Y NH : ὴ ὰ ὴ
H;: LCPAON;: : W;:;=?>HMW?K:, \N> := Ὅ ὰ ὁ ὰ
O EO E;JO ( ἶ ῖ
n;J < ? LDAO< COA:? N;:, Y:MJ;: ὼ * ῦ ὁ Ἰ
CGNY NH l C C?K O EO AJO>( : B:kA>RO ὴ # ἀ ᾿ ὅ ἶ ἔ >
H;: [A>N=PH;: =O :; QD=;H? LPF><, :; ὅ ἐ ῖ ἕ ἕ
=;H?NH NHY, C N; B:kA>RO Q , CPN? ἑ ὸ ἔ ἀ ᾿ ὅ ἐ ῶ
NH : LL? => AE>NO : :;AYH>DH;> LjCY< ὴ ἄ ᾿ ἄ ᾿ ἀ
C AEO =;:D:;< BFMA?< =O =MHY C? NY< ὑ # ἐ ῖ ὺ ἴ
BY:>RPH;: : WO]@BO> C H? < ]A;BL?@<, ἀ ὰ ἀ ᾿ ὺ
: QO H :PIL; H < CHjNI< CDA; C H : ὰ ῖ ὸ # ἀ ᾿ ὸ
CF HAPC? LOH;=G:INI< B> : [?KHjWO> :; ! ὸ ὰ ὰ ἕ
WOA?=PLL;H? C L> [MA=; L =?KC>M( NY< ἀ ὸ ὰ ὲ 2
LMF>NH; : C AEO =MC?>?< C? J H : O E;: ὰ ὑ # ὺ ὰ ὸ ἶ
was gone(
/s the #as went 'ast, Jonathan
$oun# hi%sel$ thin2ing ti%e an#
ti%e again o$ the farth $ro% whi"h
he ha# "o%e( I$ he ha# 2nown there
yust a tenth, yust a hun#re#th, o$
what he 2new here, how %u"h %ore
li$e woul# have %eant` 5e stoo# on
the san# an# $ell to won#ering i$
there was a gull ba"2 there who
%ight be struggling to brea2 out o$
his li%its, to see the %eaning o$
$light beon# a wa o$ travel to get a
brea#"ru%b $ro% a rowboat(
herha's there %ight even have been
one %a#e dut"ast $or s'ea2ing his
truth in the $a"e o$ the )lo"2( /n#
the %ore Jonathan 'ra"tise# his
2in#ness lessons, an# the %ore he
wor2e# to 2now the nature o$ love,
the %ore he wante# to go ba"2 to
farth( )or in s'ite o$ his lonel 'ast,
Jonathan Seagull was born to be an
instru"tor, an# his own wa o$
#e%onstrating love was to give
so%ething o$ the truth that he ha#
seen to a gull who as2e# onl a
"han"e to see truth $or hi%sel$(
Sullivan, a#e't now at thought&
s'ee# $light an# hel'ing the others
to learn, was #oubt$ul(
7Jo$ 5o# %ere L#t<a(t o<e. 4h5
8o 5o# th&: that a5 o; the "#ll( &
5o#r ol8 t&Ae %o#l8 l&(te to 5o#
o%6 Qo# :o% the >ro'er9$ a8 &t=(
tr#eV The "#ll (ee( ;arthe(t %ho ;l&e(
h&"he(t. Tho(e "#ll( %here 5o#
<aAe ;roA are (ta8&" o the
=IA@WO> CP[FIH?, : O EO CO =;HML?KHA; , ἂ ἶ ῖ
NH VL :?< H : FjJO>;( n> N? Y:MJ;: ὸ # ὴ ἀ ᾿ ὅ ὁ Ἰ
NK:DE>RO : N=O H;> NH L;JjL;HM H?K ὰ ἀ ῖ ὰ
=;F?N@:I<, => N? Q?@FOKO B> : LMJO> H : ᾿ ὅ ὰ ὰ ὴ
]@NI H < BMCI<, F? =; COA>NNPHOA? JOFO # ἀ ὅ ὶ 1
: BKAGNO> CGNY NH l ( l>;HG, C;A F? H ὰ ὴ # ᾿ ὅ ὸ
L?:;E>=P H?K C;AOFJP:, Y:MJ;: lFMA?< ὁ Ἰ
H;: BO::ILD:?< : BG:O> =C;>QOKHj<, => < ὰ ἐ ᾿ ὁ
Q>=P< H?K HAPC?< : QOGWO> H : BMCI H;: : ὰ ὴ ἀ < ὰ
QG:O> =MH> C H : FjJO>; C? O EO ἀ ᾿ ὴ ἀ ὺ ἶ
:;=;F@XO> N :; BFMA? C? :;RIH? NO ἀ ᾿ ἕ ὺ ἀ ῦ
LP:? : H? Q?JO O =;>AG; : QO LP:?< ὰ ῦ ῖ ὐ ὰ ῖ
H?K H : FjJO>;( ὴ ἀ
VMFF>[;:, L CO A; HkA; N CHjNO>< L Ὁ ὲ ῖ ὲ ὲ
H;E@HIH; N=DXI< =; C? [?IJ? NO H? < ὶ ὺ ῦ ὺ
FF?K< : LMJ?K:, C;ADLO>:O N=O]H>=P<( ἄ ὰ
, Y:, N?K: CP[FIH?< L> ]?AM( l>;HG 2 1 , ὰ
C>NHO@O>< C < :;< C H? < BFMA?K< H? ὼ ἕ ἀ ᾿ ὺ ῦ
=;>A? N?K J N =?@NO> HkA;a zDAO>< H : ῦ ὰ ᾿ ἀ ὴ
C;A?>LG;, => O :;> FIJ>:j^ ,}FDCO> ᾿ ἶ ἀ
L;=A@HOA; =O :?< BFMA?< C? COHMO> ῖ ὁ ὺ
XIFPHOA;U( m BFMA?> C C?K AEON;> * ἀ ᾿ ὅ ἔ
NHD=?:H;> CM:Y NH E L;, =; =AkR?K: =; ὸ ῶ ὶ ὶ
HN;=k:?:H;> LOH;W@ H?K<( }AGN=?:H;> EGF>;
LGF>; L;=A> C H : C;AMQO>N? - =; F < ὰ ἀ ᾿ ὸ ὶ ὲ
C < JDFO>< : H? < QOGWI< H : C;AMQO>N? C ὼ ὰ ὺ ὸ ἀ ὸ
=O C? NHD=?:H;>` Y:, Q : LC?A? : : ῖ ὺ 2 ὲ ῦ ὰ
Q? : ? HO H < =AO< C H < ]HOA? BO< H?K<` ῦ % ὶ ἄ ἀ ᾿ ὶ ῦ
SO :O Q ( }?jJINO H? < :D?K< BFMA?K< ῖ E ῶ ὺ
Q , ; H? < C? [AGN=?:H;> A=OH XIF ἐ ῶ ὐ ὺ ὺ ἀ ὰ ὰ
B> : =;H;FM[?K: HG EO>< : H? < CO <U( ὰ ὰ ἔ ὰ ὺ ῖ
LO>:O B> FGB? N>YCIFP<, => NHOA; O CO^ 4 ὰ ὕ ἶ
,V=DX?K : \N> := O EO BKAGNO> CGNY ἂ ὁ ὰ ἶ
NH? < ὺ Q> =?@< H?K C;F>? < =PNL?K<` T? ὺ ῦ
J [A>N=PN?K: NjLOA;aU( ὰ
\ HOFOKH; ? C>EOGAIL; H;: H ὸ ῖ ἐ < ὸ
C?];N>NH>= => VMFF>[;: O EO QG=>?( ἀ ὸ ὁ ἶ
}FDCO> L;=A@HOA; =O :?< BFMA?< C? COHMO> ῖ ὁ ὺ
"ro#8$ (W#a%:&" a8 ;&"ht&"
aAo" theA(el'e(. The5=re a
tho#(a8 A&le( ;roA hea'e N a8
5o# (a5 5o# %at to (ho% theA
hea'e ;roA %here the5 (ta8? Jo$
the5 <a=t (ee the&r o% %&"t&>(?
!ta5 here. Kel> the e% "#ll( here$
the oe( %ho are h&"h eo#"h to (ee
%hat 5o# ha'e to tell theA.7 5e was
~uiet $or a %o%ent, an# then he
sai#, 74hat &; Gh&a" ha8 "oe
9a<: to h&( ol8 %orl8(6 4here
%o#l8 5o# ha'e 9ee to8a567
4he last 'oint was the telling one,
an# Sullivan was right( The "#ll
"oe( ;arthe(t %ho ;l&e( h&"he(t.
Jonathan stae# an# wor2e# with the
new bir#s "o%ing in, who were all
ver bright an# ~ui"2 with their
lessons( but the ol# $eeling "a%e
ba"2, an# he "oul#n7t hel' but thin2
that there %ight be one or two gulls
ba"2 on farth who woul# be able to
learn, too( 5ow %u"h %ore woul#
he have 2nown b now i$ ehaing
ha# "o%e to hi% on the #a that he
was dut"ast`
7!#ll5$ @ A#(t "o 9a<:$7 he sai# at
last( 7Qo#r (t#8et( are 8o&" %ell.
The5 <a hel> 5o# 9r&" the
e%<oAer( alo".7
Sullivan sighe#, but he #i# not
argue( 7@ th&: @=ll A&(( 5o#$
Joatha$7 was all that he sai#(
7!#ll5$ ;or (haAe?7 Jonathan sai# in
re'roa"h, 7a8 8o=t 9e ;ool&(h?
4hat are %e tr5&" to >ra<t&(e e'er5
Y:MJ;: LO>:O =; Q?@FOXO L H ὉἸ ἔ ὶ ὲ ὰ
=;>:?@AB>; C?KF> C? =;HD]J;N;:, => H;: ὰ ὺ ᾿ <
F; C?F WKC:; L BAjB?AI :HGFIXI NH ὅ ὺ ἔ ὲ ἀ ὰ
L;JjL;HM H?K<( LY<, C;F> ; H B:?>; Ὅ ὰ ὐ ὴ ἔ
H? W;:MAJO =; Q : LC?A? NO : L ῦ ὶ ὲ ῦ ὰ ὴ
N=D]HOH;> C < NY< C AE;: :;&QK BFMA?> ὼ ἴ ὑ # ἕ ὸ
CGNY NH l C? J LC?A? N;:, => ; H?G, ὴ # ὺ ὰ ῦ ᾿ ὐ
HkA; : \N> := O EO AJO> =?:HM H?K H ἂ ὁ ὰ ἶ ἔ ὴ
LDA; C? H : =jAKW;: CP[FIH?( ὺ ὸ ,
HDF?<( ,m L;JIHD< N?K H =;H;]DA:?K: * ὰ
=;FM( SC?A? : : N [?IJjN?K: : ῦ ὰ ὲ ὰ
CA?EYAjNO>< H? < :O?]OALD:?K<U( ὺ
VMFF>[;: :;NHD:;WO, FF Q : Ὁ ἀ ἀ ὰ ὲ
:H>LGFINO( _ CO LP:?^ ,9?LGRY C < J L? ἀ ἶ ὼ ὰ ῦ
,VMFF>, :HA?Cj`U, H? O CO Y:MJ;: ῦ ἶ ὁ Ἰ
C>H>LIH>=M, ,L : O N;> =?KHP<` \G ἐ ὴ ἶ
CA?NC;J? LO : LMJ?KLO =MJO LDA;a : ῦ ὰ >
]>FG; L;< W;AH H;> C CAMBL;H; N : H ἐ " ἀ ὸ ὰ ὸ
E A? =; H EAP:?, HPHO H;: HOF>= ῶ ὶ ὸ ὅ ὰ
WOCOAMN?KLO H E A? =; H EAP:?, JM ὸ ῶ ὶ ὸ
E?KLO =;HMNHAOXO> H : Q>; H : E ὴ ἴ ὴ
QOF]?N@:I` LY< : WOCOAMN?KLO H ἀ Ὅ ἂ ὸ
E A?, Q J L < C?LD:O> C;A H Q ( : ῶ ὲ ὰ " ἀ ὰ ὸ Ἐ ῶ >
WOCOAMN?KLO H EAP:?, Q J L < C?LD:O> ὸ ὲ ὰ " ἀ
C;A H \kA;( n; =;H;LON < NH Q , =; ὰ ὸ ὶ # ὸ Ἐ ῶ ὶ
NH \kA; Q :?LGRO>< C < J [FOCPL;NHO ? ὸ ὲ ὼ ὰ *
QKP L;< C? =; C? aU( ῦ ὶ ῦ
,\AOF C?KFGU O CO L =;F?N@:I( , : ὸ ἶ ὲ >
CMAEO> =MC?>?< C? LC?AO : QOGWO> N ὑ ὺ ῖ ὰ ὲ
=MC?>?: NH l C < : [FDCO> EGF>; LGF>; ὴ # ῶ ὰ
L;=A>M, ; H < JM :;> Y:MJ;: ὐ ὸ E ὁ Ἰ
sG[>:B=NH?: lFMA?<U( n?GH;WO H : LL?( ὴ ἄ
8a56 @; o#r ;r&e8(h&> 8e>e8( o
th&"( l&:e (>a<e a8 t&Ae$ the
%he %e ;&all5 o'er<oAe (>a<e a8
t&Ae$ %e='e 8e(tro5e8 o#r o%
9rotherhoo8? D#t o'er<oAe (>a<e$
a8 all %e ha'e le;t &( Kere.
L'er<oAe t&Ae$ a8 all %e ha'e le;t
&( Ro%. M8 & the A&88le o; Kere
a8 Ro%$ 8o=t 5o# th&: that %e
A&"ht (ee ea<h other o<e or
Sullivan Seagull laughe# in s'ite o$
hi%sel$( 7Qo# <raX5 9&r8$7 he sai#
2in#l( 7@; a59o85 <a (ho%
(oAeoe o the "ro#8 ho% to (ee a
tho#(a8 A&le($ &t %&ll 9e Joatha
F&'&"(to !ea"#ll.V 5e loo2e# at
the san#( 7Hoo8N95e$ Jo$ A5
7Hoo8N95e$ !#ll5. 4e=ll Aeet
a"a&.7 /n# with that, Jonathan hel#
in thought an i%age o$ the great
gull&$lo"2s on the shore o$ another
ti%e, an# he 2new with 'ra"ti"e#
ease that he was not bone an#
$eather but a 'er$e"t i#ea o$ $ree#o%
an# $ight, li%ite# b nothing at all(
)let"her Ln# Seagull was still ~uite
oung, but alrea# he 2new that no
bir# ha# ever been so harshl treate#
b an )lo"2, or with so %u"h
7@ 8o=t <are %hat the5 (a5$7 he
thought $ier"el, an# his vision
blurre# as he $lew out towar# the )ar
eli$$s( 7There=( (o A#<h Aore to
;l5&" tha C#(t ;la>>&" aro#8
,lO>; E;AM, ]GFO L?K, Y:U( 2
,lO>; E;AM, VMFF>, J W;:;NK:;:HIJ? LOU( ὰ ῦ
n; L ; H H FPB>; Y:MJ;: =AMHINO ὶ ᾿ ὐ ὰ ὰ ὁ Ἰ
NH N=DXI H?K L> O =P:; C H LOBMF; ὴ ὰ & ἀ ὸ ὰ
VLj:I BFMAY: NH : LL?KQ> L> < FFI< ὴ ἀ ὰ " ἄ
C?E <, =; WOAO L N=ILD:I :ONI C < ἐ # ὶ 1 ὲ ἀ ἄ ὼ
Q : H;: ]HOA =; =P==;F? FF L> HDFO>; ὲ < ὸ ὶ ἀ ὰ ὰ
QD; H < FOKHOA> < =; H < CHjNI<, C? & # " ὶ # ὺ
HGC?H; Q : H : COA>PA>RO( ὲ ὴ
•FDHNOA s :H lFMA?< H;: =PL; A=OH Ὁ ὺ < ἀ ἀ ὰ
:D?<, FF WOAO =>PF;< C < N =;:D:; ἀ ὰ 1 ὼ ὲ
C?KF Q : O EO C?H ]OAJO HPN? N=FIA :; ὶ ὲ ἶ ὲ ῖ ὰ ἕ
VL :?< ? HO L HPNI Q>=G;( # % ὲ ἀ
,r L :?>MRO> HG FD:OU, N=D]HI=O L JKL ὲ ὲ ὲ ὸ
=; L;H>M H?K :;XO =;J < CDH;WO CA < ὶ ἄ ὼ ὸ
H? < TDA; }AME?K<( ,\ CDH;BL; =A@[O> HPN; ὺ ὸ
FF; CAMBL;H; WY C H ]HOA?@B>NL; C ἄ ἔ ἀ ὸ ὸ ἀ ὸ
HPC? N HPC?` =PL; => :;((( :;((( =?K:?@C> ὲ , ἕ ἕ
H =;H;]DA:O> ; HP` A=O L> L>=A ὸ ὐ , ῖ ὰ ὴ
COA>NHA?] B@AY C H lDA?:H;, B> EMR>, ὴ ἀ ᾿ ὸ ὰ
=; :M((( BG:?L;> CP[FIH?<` _ :;> F?>C : ὶ , ἶ ὸ
HK]F?Ga r N=D]H?:H;> H QPW; L;<, H;: J ὲ ὴ ὅ ὰ
LMJ?KLO CA;BL;H>= : COH? LOa ὰ ὰ ῦ
Ur L :?>MRO> HG FD:O( w H? < QOGWY B HG ὲ ὲ ὰ ὺ ἐ ὼ
NIL;G:O> CDH;BL;` w BG:Y CA;BL;H>= ὰ ὰ
CP[FIH?<, : HN> H? < ADNO>( n; J , ἂ ἔ ὺ ἀ ὶ ὰ
H? < =M:Y : LOH;:?>kN?K:(((U( ὺ ὰ
]Y: LC =O LDN; NH Q>? H?K H =O]MF>, 0 ὴ # ὸ ἴ ὸ
=; L?F?:PH> H;: ]Y: C?F C;Fj, H : ὶ < ὴ ὺ ! ὸ
WM]:>;NO HPN?, C? E;NO H : N?AA?CG; H?K ὺ ἔ ὴ &
=; N=P:H;XO NH : DA;( ὶ ὸ ἀ
,S BG:ON;> HPN? N=FIA < L;RG H?K<, ὴ ὸ
•FDHNOA lFMAO( H;: N Q>kE:?K: ? FF?> Ὅ ὲ * ἄ
BFMA?> =M:?K: =;= LP:? NH : ;KHP H?K<, ὸ ὸ ἑ
=; =MC?>; LDA; J H =;H;FM[?K: =; ὶ ὰ ὸ ὶ
=MC?>; LDA; J Q? : ,H> [FDCO>< N@( ὰ ῦ ὅ ἐ
;roA >la<e to >la<e?
M.....a....Ao(W#&to 8oe( that? Le
l&ttle 9arrelNroll aro#8 the Yl8er
H#ll$ C#(t ;or ;#$ a8 @=A L#t<a(t?
Mre the5 9l&86 Ga=t the5 (ee6
Ga=t the5 th&: o; the "lor5 that &t=ll
9e %he %e reall5 lear to ;l56
7@ 8o=t <are %hat the5 th&:. @=ll
(ho% theA %hat ;l5&" &(? @=ll 9e
>#re L#tla%$ &; that=( the %a5 the5
%at &t. M8 @=ll Aa:e theA (o
4he voi"e "a%e insi#e his own hea#,
an# though it was ver gentle, it
startle# hi% so %u"h that he $altere#
an# stu%ble# in the air(
7Eo=t 9e har(h o theA$ Ilet<her
!ea"#ll. @ <a(t&" 5o# o#t$ the
other "#ll( ha'e ol5 h#rt
theA(el'e($ a8 oe 8a5 the5 %&ll
:o% th&($ a8 oe 8a5 the5 %&ll (ee
%hat 5o# (ee. Ior"&'e theA$ a8
hel> theA to #8er(ta8.7
/n in"h $ro% his right wingti' $lew
the %ost brilliant white gull in all
the worl#, gli#ing e$$ortlessl along,
not %oving a $eather, at what was
ver nearl )let"her7s to' s'ee#(
4here was a %o%ent o$ "haos in the
oung bir#(
74hat=( "o&" o6 MA @ Aa86 MA @
8ea86 4hat &( th&(67
Low an# "al%, the voi"e went on
within his thought, #e%an#ing an
answer( 7Ilet<her F58 !ea"#ll$ 8o
VKBEkA; H?K< =; [?jJ; H?K< : ὶ ὰ
TFM> H?K, QK =;H?NH C H QOW> =AI ὸ ἑ ὰ ἀ ᾿ ὴ ὰ ἄ
H < ]HOA?@B;< H?K COH? NO C> F;LCOA < # ῦ ὁ ὸ ὸ
NCA?< BFMA?< NH : =PNL?, BF>NHAk:H;< ἄ ὸ
QGEY< =PC?, QGEY< : =?K:MO> :; ]HOAM=> ὰ ἕ
H?K, L H;E@HIH; C? H;: :kH;HI ὲ ὺ < ἀ
l> L> NH>BL :O;A < BFMA?< :>YNO H ὰ ὰ ὴ ὁ ὸ ἔ ὸ
EM?< LDN; H?K(
CDJ;:;a \G :;> ; HPaU( E ὐ
{;LIF =; B;Fj:>;, ]Y: NK:DE>NO LDN; ὴ ὶ ὴ
NH N=DXI H?K, BKAO@?:H;< LG;: CM:HINI( ὴ ἀ
,•FDHNOA s :H lFMAO( wDFO>< : COHMWO><aU( ὺ ὰ
,9b€, w_s• 9b T_\bz•`U(
,•FDHNOA s :H lFMAO, JDFO>< HPN? C?F : ὺ ὺ ὰ
COHMWO><, NHO : NKBEYADNO>< H VL :?< =; / ὰ ὸ # ὶ
: LMJO><, =; : BKAGNO>< CGNY =MC?>; LDA; ὰ ὶ ὰ
=; : Q?KFDXO>< B> : H? < [?IJjNO>< : ὶ ὰ ὰ ὰ ὺ ὰ
H;: Q@:;H? : CO < XDL;H; N ; H H 7 ἀ ὰ ῖ ᾿ ὐ ὸ ὸ
CDA?E? W>? CFMNL;, N? => : •FDHNOA ὑ ἄ ὅ ἂ ὁ
s :H H;: :; C?F COAj];:? =; [;J> ὺ < ἕ ὺ ὶ ὰ
,wDFYU, O CO C;FM( ἶ ἀ
,\PHO •FDH<U, H? O CO H F;LCOA CFMNL;, ῦ ἶ ὸ ὸ
=> ]Y: H;: BOLMHI =;F?N@:I, , < ὴ < ἂ
AEGN?KLO L H : CHjNI NH;JOA? X?K<(((U( ἀ ὲ ὴ ῦ ὕ
5o# %at to ;l567
7QY!$ @ 4MRT TL IFQ?7
7Ilet<her F58 !ea"#ll$ 8o 5o# %at
to ;l5 (o A#<h that 5o# %&ll ;or"&'e
the Ilo<:$ a8 lear$ a8 "o 9a<: to
theA oe 8a5 a8 %or: to hel> theA
4here was no ling to this
%agni$i"ent s2il$ul being, no %atter
how 'rou# or how hurt a bir# was
)let"her Seagull(
7@ 8o$7 he sai# so$tl(
7The$ Ilet<h$7 that bright "reature
sai# to hi%, an# the voi"e was ver
2in#, 7Fet=( 9e"& %&th Fe'el
Pa! (.$$
Jonathan circled slowly over the
)ar eli$$s, wat"hing( 4his rough
oung )let"her iull ws ver nearl
a 'er$e"t $light&stu#ent( 5e was
strong an# light an# ~ui"2 in the air,
but $ar an# awa %ore i%'ortant, he
ha# a bla8ing #rive to learn to $l(
5ere he "a%e this %inute, a blurre#
gre sha'e roaring out o$ a #ive,
$lashing one hun#re# $i$t %iles 'er
hour 'ast his instru"tor( 5e 'ulle#
abru'tl into another tr at a
sicteen&'int verti"al slow roll,
"alling the 'oints out lou#(
Μ%ρος /ρίτο
Y:MJ;: COH? NO AB N =@=F?K< CM:Y ὉἸ ῦ ἀ ὰ ὲ
C H? < TDA; }AME?K<, C;A;=?F?KJk:H;<( ἀ ᾿ ὺ
b H < =MCY< RPA>=?< :D?<, •FDHNOA ὐ ὸ ὁ ὁ
lFMA?<, H;: :;< NEOQ : HDFO>?< CHMLO:?< < ἕ ὸ *
L;JIHj<( H;: QK:;H < =; F;]A < =; 7 ὸ ὶ ὺ ὶ
BAjB?A?< NH : DA;, O EO LY< =; =MH> C?F ὸ ἀ ἶ ὅ ὶ ὺ
C> NIL;:H>=P^ H : ]F?BOA Q>MJONI : LMJO> ὸ ὴ ὴ ὰ
: COHMO>( ὰ
\?@HI H NH>BL =;HD]J;:O :; ὴ ὴ ἕ
CA?NQ>PA>NH? NH;EH NE L; C?@ [B;>:O ἀ ὶ # E
[?KGR?:H;< C L> =;HMQKNI, =; ἀ ὸ ὰ ὶ
CA?NCOA:? NO N : NHA;C H : =C;>QOKHj ῦ ὰ ἀ ὴ ὸ ἐ
H?K L H;E@HIH; =;H : CO:j:H; LGF>; H : ὲ ἑ ὸ ὴ
A;( NHA>XO CPH?L; CA < H CM:Y / 4 ἀ ὸ ὰ
Q?=>LMR?:H;< FFI L> ]?A H : :?Q>= ἄ ὰ ὰ ὴ ἀ ὴ
7...e&"ht ...&e ...te ...(eeN
a&r(>ee8 ...ele'e ...@N%atN"oo8N
(har>N(to>(Nl&:eN5o#r( ...t%el'e
...th&rtee ...the(eNla(tNthreeN
>o&t( ...%&tho#t ...;o#rtee
)let"her7s whi'stall at the to' was all
the worse $or his rage an# $ur at
$ailing( 5e $ell ba"2war#, tu%ble#,
sla%%e# savagel into an# inverte#
s'in, an# re"overe# at last, 'anting,
a hun#re# $eet below his instru"tor7s
7Qo#=re %a(t&" 5o#r t&Ae %&th Ae$
Joatha? @=A too 8#A9? @=A too
(t#>&8? @ tr5 a8 tr5$ 9#t @=ll e'er
"et &t?7
Jonathan Seagull loo2e# #own at
hi% an# no##e#( 7Qo#=ll <erta&l5
e'er "et &t a( lo" a( 5o# Aa:e that
>#llN#> (o har8. Ilet<her$ 5o# lo(t
;ort5 A&le( a ho#r & the etr5? Qo#
ha'e to 9e (Aooth? I&rA 9#t
(Aooth$ reAeA9er67
5e #ro''e# #own to the level o$ the
ounger gull( 7Fet=( tr5 &t to"ether
o%$ & ;orAat&o. M8 >a5
attet&o to that >#llN#>. @t=( a
(Aooth$ ea(5 etr57
B the en# o$ three %onths Jonathan
ha# sic other stu#ents, dut"asts all,
et "urious about this strange new
i#ea o$ $light $or the yo o$ $ling(
CHjNI L QO=;DWI AB < COA>NHA?]D<, ὲ ἀ ὲ
]Y:MR?:H;< H? < A>JL? < QK:;HM^ ὺ ἀ ὺ
,(( ( =Hk(( ( ::D;((( QD=;((( =?GH; Y:MJ;: ( ἐ Ἰ
EM:Y H;E@HIH;((( :HO=;((( JDFY :; =;F ἕ ἕ ὸ
CPH?L? NH;LMHIL; N : H Q>=P N?K((( ἀ ὰ ὸ
QkQO=;((( : CMAO> AB Q : H ὰ ( ὴ ὲ ὰ
=;H;]DA:Y((( QO=;HAG;((( ; H? ? HAO < ὐ ὶ * ῖ
HOFOKH; ?> CP:H?>((( QGEY<((( QO=;H NNOA((( ῖ ὲ
;E`U( ἄ
NHA?] H? •FDHNOA QGEY< H;E@HIH;, NH : 0 ὴ ῦ ὴ
=?A]j, B>:PH;: =PL; EO>APHOAI C H JKLP ἀ ἀ ᾿ ὸ
H?K =; H L;:G; H?K B> H : C?HKEG;( ὶ ὴ ὰ ὴ ἀ
HN;=GNHI=O BA>; N LG;: :MC?QI ἄ ὲ ἀ
COA>NHA?] =; W;:;[A =O H : ;KHP H?K ὴ ὶ # ὸ ἑ
F;E;:>;NLD:?<, =;H CPQ>; C> E;LIF C ἑ ὸ ὸ ὰ ἀ ᾿
H JDNI H? =C;>QOKHj H?K( ὴ ῦ ἐ
,{M:O>< H : =;>AP N?K L;RG L?K, Y:MJ;:( ὸ Ἰ
_ L;> E;RP<` _ L;> [FM=;<` r?=>LMRY =; ἶ ἶ ὶ
W;:;Q?=>LMRY, FF Q : J H =;H;]DAY ἀ ὰ ὲ ὰ ὰ
Y:MJ;: lFMA?< H : =?GH;WO C XIF ὉἸ ὸ ἀ ὸ ὰ
=; =?@:INO H =O]MF> H?K( ,9M N;> [D[;>?<` ὶ ὸ E
r J H =;H;]DAO>< C?H H;: =P[O>< HPN? ὲ ὰ ὰ ὲ ὅ
CPH?L;( E;NO< N;AM:H; LGF>; NH ἀ 4 ὸ
WO=G:IL;, •FDH<` TADCO> : CIB;G:O>< ὰ
L;F;=M` VH;JOA FF L;F;=M, L H ὰ ἀ ὰ ὴ ὸ
WOE: <`U( .
]DJI=O : CDNO> NH X?< H? :OkHOA?K , ὰ ὸ ὕ ῦ
BFMA?K( , < H Q?=>LMN?KLO HkA; L;RG, N > ὸ ὲ
NEIL;H>NLP( n; CAPNOWO H NHA?] CA < H ὶ ὴ ὴ ὸ ὰ
CM:Y( 9 H : AEGNO>< L;F;=M, L :ONIU( ὰ ὴ ἀ ὲ ἄ
V HAO < L :O< Y:MJ;: O EO FF?K< WI ὲ ῖ # ὁ Ἰ ἶ ἄ ἕ
L;JIHD<( F?> H?K< CP[FIH?>, FF =; Ὅ , ἀ ὰ ὶ
BOLMH?> COA>DABO>; B> ; H : H : C;AMWO:I ᾿ ὐ ὴ ὴ
=;>:?@AB>; QD;^ CHjNI B> H E;A H < & ὰ ὴ ὰ #
Still, it was easier $or the% to
'ra"ti"e high 'er$or%an"e than it
was to un#erstan# the reason behin#
7Ya<h o; #( &( & tr#th a &8ea o; the
Hreat H#ll$ a8 #l&A&te8 &8ea o;
;ree8oA$7 Jonathan woul# sta in
the evenings on the bea"h, 7a8
>re<&(&o ;l5&" &( a (te> to%ar8
eO>re((&" o#r real at#re.
Y'er5th&" that l&A&t( #( %here %e
ha'e to >#t a(&8e. That=( %h5 all th&(
h&"hN(>ee8 >ra<t&<e$ a8 lo%N(>ee8
a8 aero9at&<(...7
(((an# his stu#ents woul# be aslee',
echauste# $ro% the #a7s $ling(
4he li2e# the 'ra"ti"e, be"ause it
was $ast an# ec"iting an# it $e# a
hunger $or learning that grew with
ever lesson( But not one o$ the%,
not even )let"her Ln# iull, ha#
"o%e to believe that the $light o$
i#eas "oul# 'ossibl be as real as
this $light o$ win# an# $eather(
7Qo#r %hole 9o85$ ;roA %&"t&> to
%&"t&>$7 Jonathan woul# sa, other
ti%es, 7&( oth&" Aore tha 5o#r
tho#"ht &t(el;$ & a ;orA 5o# <a (ee.
Drea: the <ha&( o; 5o#r tho#"ht$
a8 5o# 9rea: the <ha&( o; 5o#r
9o85$ too . . .7 But no %atter how he
sai# it, it soun#e# li2e 'leasant
$i"tion, an# the nee#e# %ore to
It was onl a %onth later that
Jonathan sai# the ti%e ha# "o%e to
return to the )lo"2(
n> NHPN?, H? < H;: C> O =?F? : 5 ὺ < ὸ % ὰ
N=? :H;> N Q@N=?FO< C>QPNO>< C;A : ἀ ῦ ὲ ἐ ὰ ὰ
=;H;F;[;G:?K: H N=?C C? =AK[PH;: CGNY ὸ ὸ ὺ
C H CDH;BL;( , =;JD:;< L;< O :;>, NH ἀ ὸ ὸ Ὁ ἶ ᾿
FjJO>;, L> QD; H? SOBMF?K lFMA?K, L> ἀ ὰ & ῦ ὰ
COA>PA>NHI QD; FOKHOA> <U, H? < FOBO ἀ & " ὺ ἔ ὁ
Y:MJ;:, H C?BO@L;H; NH : C;A;FG; ,=; Ἰ ᾿ ἀ ὴ ὶ
CHjNI L CPFKHI =AG[O>; O :;> :; [ L; ὲ ἀ ἀ ἶ ἕ #
B> : CFIN>MN?KLO H : =]A;NI H < ὰ ὰ ὴ ἔ #
CA;BL;H>= < L;< ]@NI<( nMJO HG C? L < # ὺ "
COA>?AGRO> CADCO> : H C?[MF?KLO( n> ὰ ὸ ἀ ᾿
; H < O :;> FPB?< B> H : C? ? ? ὐ ὸ ἶ ὁ ὰ ὸ ὁ ῖ *
N=jNO>< N LOBMFI H;E@HIH;, N L>=A ἀ ὲ ὲ ὴ
H;E@HIH;, =; ? =A?[;NGO<(((U( ὶ * ἀ
((( n; H? < L;JIHD< H?K H? < C;>A:O ὶ ὺ ὺ ἔ ὁ
C:?<, C?=;LYLD:?> =;J < H;: C H < ὕ ἀ ὼ < ἀ ᾿ ὶ
CHjNO>< H < LDA;<( B;C? N;: H : N=INI, # , ῦ ὴ ἄ
B>;HG O EO H;E@HIH; =; BY:G; =; B>;HG ἶ ὶ ἀ ὶ
HAO]O H : CO :; H?K< B> LMJINI C? ἔ ὴ ῖ ὰ ὺ
]?@:HY:O NH =MJO LMJIL;( m HO :;< LY<, ὸ % ἕ ὅ
? HO = : •FDHNOA s :H lFMA?<, Q : % ἂ ὁ ὺ ὲ
]H;NO NH NILO ? : C>NHDXO> C < H ἔ ὸ ῖ ὰ ὼ ὸ
CDH;BL; L H < QDO< LC?A? NO : O :;> HPN? ὲ ὶ & ῦ ὰ ἶ
CA;BL;H>= N? H CDH;BL; L H ]HOA =; ὸ ὅ ὸ ὲ ὰ ὰ ὶ
L H : :OL?( ὲ ὸ ἄ
, F? N;< H N L;, C H : =AI H < L> < Ὅ ὸ ῶ ἀ ὸ ὴ ἄ # "
]HOA?@B;< N;< NH : FFIU, H? < FOBO ὴ ἄ ὺ ἔ
FF?HO CMF> Y:MJ;:, ,Q : O :;> C;A ἄ ὁ Ἰ ὲ ἶ ὰ
Q>; N;< N=DXI, N :; NE L; C? N < ἴ ᾿ ἕ # ὺ "
O :;> A;HP( VCMNHO H QONL H < N=DXI< ἶ ὁ ὰ ὰ #
N;<, =; HPHO, H;KHPEA?:;, J NCMNOHO H ὶ ὰ ὰ
QONL H? NkL;H?< N;<(((U( CY< LY< => ὰ ῦ Ὅ ὅ ᾿
: HP FOBO, =?KBPH;: CM:H; N : =MH> ἂ E ἀ ὰ
O EMA>NH; ];:H;NH>=P, =; H? < EAO>MR?:H;: ὐ ὶ ὺ
=> FF; HDH?>; B> : C?=?>LIJ? :( ᾿ ἄ ὰ ᾿ ἀ ῦ
:; L :; LPF>< ABPHOA; Y:MJ;: O CO + # ἀ ὁ Ἰ ἶ
74e=re ot rea85?7 sai# 5enr
ealvin iull( 74e=re ot %el<oAe?
4e=re L#t<a(t? 4e <a=t ;or<e
o#r(el'e( to "o %here %e=re ot
%el<oAe$ <a %e67
74e=re ;ree to "o %here %e %&(h a8
to 9e %hat %e are$7 Jonathan
answere#, an# he li$te# $ro% the
san# an# turne# east, towar# the
ho%e groun#s o$ the )lo"2(
4here was a brie$ anguish a%ong his
stu#ents, $or it is the Law o$ the
)lo"2 that an dut"ast never returns,
an# the Law ha# not been bro2en
on"e in ten thousan# ears( 4he Law
sai# staa Jonathan sai# goa an# b
now he was a %ile a"ross the water(
I$ the waite# %u"h longer, he
woul# rea"h a hostile )lo"2 alone(
74ell$ %e 8o=t ha'e to o9e5 the la%
&; %e=re ot a >art o; the Ilo<:$ 8o
%e67 )let"her sai#, rather sel$&
"ons"iousl(7De(&8e($ &; there=( a
;&"ht$ %e=ll 9e a lot Aore hel> there
tha here.7
/n# so the $lew in $ro% the west
that %orning, eight o$ the% in a
#ouble&#ia%on# $or%ation, wingti's
al%ost overla''ing( 4he "a%e
a"ross the )lo"27s eoun"il Bea"h at
a hun#re# thirt&$ive %iles 'er hour,
Jonathan in the lea#, )let"her
s%oothl at hi right wing, 5enr
ealvin struggling ga%el at his le$t(
4hen the whole $or%ation rolle#
slowl to the right, as one bir# (((
level ((( to ((( inverte# ((( to ((( level,
C < O EO AJO> NH>BL : BKAGN?K: NH ὼ ἶ ἔ ὴ ὰ ὸ
VL :?<( #
,r : O L;NHO H?>L?>`U O CO AAG=?< ὲ ἴ ἕ ἶ ὁ Ἐ
n;F[ :?< lFMA?<( n; Q : J L < QOEH? :` ῖ ὶ ὲ ὰ " ῦ
_ L;NHO CP[FIH?>` r : LC?A? LO : C LO ἴ , ὲ ῦ ὰ "
L H RPA> N :;: HPC? C?K Q L < JDF?K:, ὲ ὸ ᾿ ἕ ὅ ὲ "
Q BG:OH;>`U( ὲ
,_ L;NHO FO@HOA?> : C LO C?K L < ADNO> ἴ ὰ " ὅ " ἀ
=; : LOG:?KLO ; H C? O L;NHOU, ὶ ὰ ὐ ὸ ὺ ἴ
CM:HINO Y:MJ;: => :;NI=kJI=O C ἀ ὁ Ἰ ᾿ ἀ ἀ ᾿
H : LL? =; NHAM]I=O :;H?F>=M, CA < H : ὴ ἄ ὶ ἀ ὸ ὴ
C;HA>= B H? VLj:?K<( ὴ # ῦ
m L;JIH < NHMJI=;: B> FGB? HA?L;BLD:?>, * ὲ ὰ
B>;HG 9PL?< H? VLj:?K< AGRO> C < :;< ὁ ῦ ὁ ὼ ἕ
CP[FIH?< C?H Q : C>NHAD]O>( n> 9PL?< , ὲ ὲ ἐ ᾿ ὁ
Q : C;A;[>MNHI=O ? HO L> ]?A N QD=; ὲ % ὰ ὰ ὲ
E>F>MQO< EAP:>;( 9PL?< FOBO LO :Ox Ὁ ἔ ῖ ὁ
Y:MJ;: FOBO CjB;>:Ox => O EO =>PF;< Ἰ ἔ ᾿ ἶ
Q>;NEGNO> :; LGF> JMF;NN;( : COAGLO:;: => ἕ > ᾿
FF?, J 7]H;:O NH EJA>= VL :?< LP:?< ἄ ὰ ὸ ἐ ὸ #
, =? NHO, LO < Q EAYNH LO C;=? NH , ῦ ἐ ῖ ὲ " ὑ ὴ ὸ
9PL? ]? Q : O L;NHO C> LDF H? ἀ ῦ ὲ ἴ ὰ G ῦ
VLj:?K<( HN> Q : O :;>aU, O CO •FDHNOA 4 ὲ ἶ ἶ ὁ
=MCY< H?FL;( ,n> CO>H;, : BG:O> =;KBM<, ἄ ᾿ ἔ ἂ
JM L;NHO C?F C> EAjN>L?> =O C;A E ὺ ὸ ἐ ῖ ὰ
Q U( ἐ ῶ
n> HN> CFING;N;: COHk:H;< C H QKH>= ᾿ ἔ ἀ ᾿ ὰ ὰ
=O :? H CAY>:P, ? =H N :; Q>CF ῖ ὸ * ( ὼ ᾿ ἕ ὸ
CA>NL;H>= NEIL;H>NLP, L H < =AO< C H < ὸ ὲ ὶ ἄ ἀ ᾿ ὶ
]HOA? BO< H?K< NEOQ : : BBGR?K:( ῦ ὸ ᾿ ἀ
]H;N;: CM:Y C H : =H H? 4 ἀ ᾿ ὴ , ὴ ῦ
VKL[?KFG?K H? VLj:?K< L H;E@H;H; =;H : ῦ ὲ ἑ ὸ
HA>M:H; CD:HO LGF>; H : A;, L H : Y:MJ;: ὴ / ὲ ὸ Ἰ
C>=O];F <, H : •FDHNOA : COHMO> AOL; ἐ # ὸ ὰ 1
NH QOWG H?K ]HOAP, =; H : AA =? n;F[ :? ὸ ὶ ὸ Ἐ ῖ ῖ
the win# whi''ing over the% all(
4he s~uaw2s an# gro"2les o$
ever#a li$e in the )lo"2 were "ut
o$$ as though the $or%ation were a
giant 2ni$e, an# eight thousan# gull&
ees wat"he#, without a single blin2(
dne b one, ea"h o$ the eight bir#s
'ulle# shar'l u'war# into a lan#ing
on the san#( 4hen as though this sort
o$ thing ha''ene# ever #a,
Jonathan Seagull began his "riti~u‚
o$ the $light(
7To 9e"& %&th$7 he sai# with a wr
s%ile, 75o# %ere all a 9&t late o the
Co&N#> . . .7
It went li2e lightning through the
)lo"2( 4hose bir#s are dut"ast` /n#
the have returne#` /n# that ( ( ( that
"an7t ha''en` )let"her7s 're#i"tions
o$ battle %elte# in the )lo"27s
74ell$ L.U.$ the5 Aa5 9e
L#t<a(t$7 sai# so%e o$ the ounger
gulls, 79#t %here o earth 8&8 the5
lear to ;l5 l&:e that67
It too2 al%ost an hour $or the uor#
o$ the fl#er to 'ass through the
)lo"2^ Ignore the%( 4he gull who
s'ea2s to an dut"ast is hi%sel$
dut"ast( 4he gull who loo2s u'on an
dut"ast brea2s the Law o$ the )lo"2(
ire&$eathere# ba"2s were turne#
u'on Jonathan $ro% that %o%ent
onwar#, but he #i#n7t a''ear to
noti"e( 5e hel# his 'ra"ti"e sessions
#ire"tl over the eoun"il Bea"h an#
F?< NEIL;H>NL < BO>AO AB QOW> =;J < ὅ ὁ ὸ ἔ ἀ ὰ ὰ ὼ
H =MJO C?KF =;:O :MC?QI NHA?] B> : ὸ ὶ ἔ ἀ ὴ ὰ ὰ
[AOJ? : W;: NH Q>? X?< => DA;< ῦ ὰ ὸ ἴ ὕ ᾿ ὁ ἀ
m NHA>BBF> < =; ? =AYBL? H < * ὲ ὶ * ὶ #
=;JILOA>: < RY < NH VL :?< =PCI=;: # # ὸ #
W;]:>=M, J;AAO < C < NEIL;H>NL < H;: ῖ ὼ ὁ ὸ <
:; HOAMNH>? L;E; A>, => EH E>F>MQO< LMH>; ἕ ῖ ᾿ ( ὼ
BFMAY: =?GH;R;: CA?NIFYLD:;( \ =;JD:; ὸ
C H =H C?KF>M, L H NO>AM H?K ἀ ᾿ ὰ ( ὼ ὲ ὴ
NHAM]I=O CPH?L; CA < H CM:Y N ἀ ὸ ὰ ὲ
=A?[;H>= COA>NHA?] => =;:O FP=FIAI ἀ ὴ ὴ ἔ ὁ
[PFH; B> : =;H;FjWO> NEOQ : =G:IH? =; ὰ ὰ ὸ ἀ ὶ
: NH;JO CM:Y NH : LL?( ὰ ῖ ὴ ἄ
NHOA;, F < => ; H NK:D[;>:O =MJO LDA;, : ὲ ὐ ὸ ὁ
Y:MJ;: lFMA?< AE>NO H : =A>H>=j H?K B> Ἰ ἄ ὴ ὰ
H : CHjNI( ὴ
,TA H C F;U, O CO L :; ῶ ᾿ ἀ ᾿ ὅ ἶ ᾿ ἕ
=MCY< : CMAOHO H JDNI N;< NH ὰ ὴ ὸ
nMH> N : NHA;C Q>;CDA;NO H VL :?<( m ὰ ἀ ὴ ὸ # *
BFMA?> ; H? O :;> CP[FIH?>` n; ὐ ὶ ἶ , ὶ
n> ; H Q : LC?AO : NKL[O ` m ᾿ ὐ ὸ ὲ ῖ ὰ ῖ *
CA?[FDXO>< H? •FDHNOA B> LMEI Q>;F@JI=;: ῦ ὰ
LDN; NH N@BEKNI H? VLj:?K<( ὴ ῦ
,9;G, ]KN>=M, EO>< QG=>?, O :;> CP[FIH?>U, ἔ ἶ ,
O CO :;< C H? < :OkHOA?K< BFMA?K<, ἶ ἕ ἀ ᾿ ὺ
, LY<, HG :;> H? H? ]GFOa T? LMJ;:O : ὅ E ῦ ῦ ὰ
COH? : HN>aU( ῦ ἔ
{AO>MNHI=O NEOQ : L> A; B> : COAMNO> ὸ ὰ / ὰ ὰ
:H?F H? lDA?:H; N F? H VL :?<^ Ἐ ὴ ῦ ᾿ ὅ ὸ #
B:?O NHO H?K<( BFMA?< C? L>FMO> N :;: , ῖ Ὁ ὺ ᾿ ἕ
CP[FIH? O :;> => ; H < CP[FIH?<( , ἶ ᾿ ὐ ὸ , Ὁ
$or the $irst ti%e began 'ressing his
stu#ents to the li%it o$ their abilit(
7Bart& H#ll?7 he shoute# a"ross the
s2( 7Qo# (a5 5o# :o% lo%N(>ee8
;l5&". Qo# :o% oth&" t&ll 5o#
>ro'e &t? IFQ?7
So ~uiet little oartin uillia%
Seagull, startle# to be "aught un#er
his instru"tor7s $ire, sur'rise#
hi%sel$ an# be"a%e a wi8ar# o$ low
s'ee#s( In the lightest bree8e he
"oul# "urve his $eathers to li$t
hi%sel$ without a single $la' o$ wing
$ro% san# to "lou# an# #own again(
Li2ewise eharles&!olan# iull $lew
the ireat oountain uin# to twent&
$our thousan# $eet, "a%e #own blue
$ro% the "ol# thin air, a%a8e# an#
ha'', #eter%ine# to go still higher
)let"her Seagull, who love#
aerobati"s li2e no one else,
"on~uere# his sicteen&'oint verti"al
slow roll an# the nect #a to''e# it
o$$ with a tri'le "artwheel, his
$eathers $lashing white sunlight to a
bea"h $ro% whi"h %ore than one
$urtive ee wat"he#(
fver hour Jonathan was there at the
si#e o$ ea"h o$ his stu#ents,
#e%onstrating, suggesting,
'ressuring, gui#ing( 5e $lew with
the% through night an# "lou# an#
stor%, $or the s'ort o$ it, while the
)lo"2 hu##le# %iserabl on the
BFMA?< C? =?>HMRO> :;: CP[FIH?, ὺ ἕ ,
C;A;[;G:O> H 9PL? H? VLj:?K<( ὸ ῦ
TFMHO< L NH;EH> ]HOA NHAM]I=;: C ὲ ὰ ὰ ἀ ὸ
=OG:I H NH>BL CD:;:H> NH : Y:MJ;:, ὴ ὴ ἀ ὸ Ἰ
=O :?< LY< Q ]M:I=O : H CAPNOWO( ἐ ῖ ὅ ὲ ὰ ὸ
TA;BL;H?C?GINO H < N=jNO>< H?K =A>[ < ὶ ἀ ἀ ῶ
CM:Y C H : =H H? VKL[?KFG?K =; B> ἀ ᾿ ὴ , ὴ ῦ ὶ ὰ
CAkHI ]?A AE>NO : C>DRO> H? < L;JIHD< ὰ ἄ ὰ ὺ
H?K < H A>; H < =;:PHIHM< H?K<( 5 ὰ ὅ # *
,SMAH>: lFMAO`U, ]k:;WO NH : FFI =AI H ὴ ἄ ἄ ᾿
? A;:? ( ,s < C < WDAO>< : COH < L ὐ ῦ ὲ ὼ ὰ " ὲ
E;LIF H;E@HIH;( r : WDAO>< HGC?H; : Q : ὴ ὲ ἂ ὲ
H C?QOGWO><` T_\b`U( ὸ ἀ
n> HN> L>=A < SMAH>: l?KGFF>;L lFMA?<, ᾿ ἔ ὁ ὸ
=;J < [ADJI=O CAPNLO:; =MHY C H ὼ ἀ ἀ ὸ ὰ
CKA H? =C;>QOKH H?K, WOCDA;NO, ὰ ῦ ἐ #
=CFI=H?< H : ;KHP H?K => B>:O NN?< ἔ ὸ ἑ ᾿ ἔ ἄ
NH < CHjNO>< L L>=A H;E@HIH;( S H C> ὶ ὲ ὴ ὲ ὸ ὸ
C;F BDA> LC?A? NO : =KAHk:O> H ]HOAM ! ὸ ἀ ῦ ὰ ὰ
H?K B> : :;NI=YJO , QGEY< H C;A;L>=A ὰ ᾿ ἀ ῖ ὸ ὸ
]HOA?@B>NL;, C H : LL? < H N@::O]; ἀ ᾿ ὴ ἄ 5 ὰ
=; CGNY CMF>( ὶ
S H : Q>? HAPC? \NMAF< ZPF;:H lFMA?< ὲ ὸ ἴ ὁ
CDH;WO < H : DA; H? SOBMF?K }?K:? N 5 ὸ , ῦ ῦ ὲ
X?< O =?N> HDNNOAO>< E>F>MQO< CPQ>;, ὕ ἴ
=;HD[I=O B;FMR>?< C H : C;BOA A;> ἀ ᾿ ὴ ὴ ἀ ὴ
HLPN];>A;, =CFI=H?< => O HKE>NLD:?<, ἀ ἔ ᾿ ὐ
C?];N>NLD:?< : COHMWO> =PL; C> XIF ἀ ὰ ἀ ὸ ὰ
H : C;@A>?( ὴ ἐ
•FDHNOA lFMA?<, C? B;C?KNO H < Ὁ ὺ ἄ ὶ
=A?[;NGO< N? =;:D:;< FF?<, CDHKEO ἀ ὅ ἄ
C>HDF?K< H : :?Q>=j H?K CHjNI L QO=;DWI ἐ ὴ ἀ ὲ
AB < COA>NHA?] < =; H : C?LD:I ἀ ὲ ὲ ὶ ὴ ἑ
F?=FjAYNO H : CGQ?Nj H?K L HAO < ὁ ὴ ἐ ὲ ῖ
H? LCO< L H ]HOAM H?K : NHAM]H?K: ῦ ὲ ὰ ᾿ ἀ
=MH;NCAO< F>;EHGQO< CM:Y N LG;: LL?KQ> ὲ ἀ ὰ
C?K =MLC?N; LMH>; H : =?GH;R;: NH ὅ ὸ ὰ
uhen the $ling was #one, the
stu#ents relace# on the san#, an# in
ti%e the listene# %ore "losel to
Jonathan( 5e ha# so%e "ra8 i#eas
that the "oul#n7t un#erstan#, but
then he ha# so%e goo# ones that
the "oul#(
ira#uall, in the night, another
"ir"le $or%e# aroun# the "ir"le o$
stu#ents & a "ir"le o$ "urious gulls
listening in the #ar2ness $or hours
on en#, not wishing to see or be seen
o$ one another, $a#ing awa be$ore
It was a %onth a$ter the !eturn that
the $irst gull o$ the )lo"2 "rosse# the
line an# as2e# to learn how to $l( In
his as2ing, 4erren"e Lowell iull
be"a%e a "on#e%ne# bir#, labele#
dut"asta an# the eighth o$ Jonathan7s
4he nect night $ro% the )lo"2 "a%e
ƒir2 oanar# iull, wobbling a"ross
the san#, #ragging his le$t wing, to
"olla'se at Jonathan7s $eet( 7Kel>
Ae$7 he sai# ver ~uietl, s'ea2ing
in the wa that the #ing s'ea2( 7@
%at to ;l5 Aore tha a5th&" el(e
& the %orl8 . . . 7
7GoAe alo" the$7 sai#
Jonathan( 7Gl&A9 %&th Ae a%a5
;roA the "ro#8$ a8 %e=ll 9e"&7
7Qo# 8o=t #8er(ta8. B5 %&". @
<a=t Ao'e A5 %&".7
7Ba5ar8 H#ll$ 5o# ha'e the
;ree8oA to 9e 5o#r(el;$ 5o#r tr#e
nMJO A; =; NH>BL Y:MJ;: H;: =O / ὶ ὴ ὁ Ἰ < ἐ ῖ
NH CFOKA H? =MJO L;JIH , B> : H? ὸ ὸ ῦ # ὰ ὰ ῦ
QOGWO>, B> : H : NKL[?KFDXO>, C>DR?:HM< H?: ὰ ὰ ὸ
COA>NNPHOA?, =;J?QIBk:H;< H?:( TOH? NO ῦ
L;RG H?K< Q>;NEGR?:H;< H :@EH;, H N@::O]; ὴ ὰ
=; H J@OFF;, =; H E;>APH;:, : H ὶ ὴ ὶ ὸ ἐ ῶ ὸ
VL :?< =?@A:>;RO NHA>LYBLD:? LGROA; NH # ὴ
B ( #
H;: HDFO>Y:;: H < CHjNO>< H?K< ? L;JIH < Ὅ ὶ * ὲ
WO=?KAMR?:H;: NH : LL? =; H;KHPEA?:; ὴ ἄ ὶ
=?KB;: C> CA?NOEH>= H : Y:MJ;:( _ EO ἄ ὸ ὰ ὸ Ἰ ἶ
=MH> C;F;[ < QDO< C? Q : LC?A? N;: : H < ὲ & ὺ ὲ ῦ ὰ ὶ
=;H;FM[?K:, FF O EO => FFO< NYNH < C? ἀ ὰ ἶ ᾿ ἄ ὲ ὺ
H < =;H;FM[;>:;:( ὶ
V>B &N>BM, LDN; NH :@EH;, :;< FF?< ὰ ὴ ἕ ἄ
=@=F?< NEIL;HGNHI=O B@AY C H : =@=F? ἀ ᾿ ὸ
H : L;JIH : - :;< =@=F?< C COAGOAB?K< ῶ ῶ ἕ ἀ ὸ
BFMA?K< C? =?KB;: B> AO< NH N=?HMQ>, ὺ ἄ ὰ F ὸ
L H : FCGQ; C < Q J [FOC;: =;:D:; =; ὲ ὴ ἐ ὼ ὲ ὰ ἔ ὶ
Q J H? < [FOCO =;:O < =; EM:?:H;: CA : ὲ ὰ ὺ ἔ ὶ ὶ ὶ
:; L :; LOH H : C>NHA?] CA H?< + # ὰ ὴ ἐ ὴ ὁ ῶ
BFMA?< H? VLj:?K< CDA;NO H Q>;EYA>NH>= ῦ ὴ ὴ
BA;LL =; RjHINO : LMJO> : COHMO>( S ὴ ὶ ὰ ὰ ᾿
; Hj H?K H : :DABO>; \DAO:< sP?KOF ὐ ὴ ἐ ὁ
lFMA?< B>:O C?KF =;H;Q>=;NLD:?, ἔ ὶ
:?LMNHI=O CP[FIH?<x => B>:O BQ??< ( , ᾿ ἔ ὁ 3
L;JIH < H? Y:MJ;:( ὴ ῦ Ἰ
\ : C?LD:I :@EH; ]H;NO C H VL :?< ὴ ἑ ἔ ἀ ὸ ὸ # ὁ
n A= SM„:;AH lFMA?<, COAC;Hk:H;< ὲ
LC;HMF>=; NH : LL?, NDA:?:H;< H A>NHOAP ὴ ἄ ὸ ἀ
H?K ]HOAP, => CONO W;:HFILD:?< NH CPQ>; ἔ ἐ ὰ
H? Y:MJ;:( ,}?jJIND LOU O CO E:M, ῦ Ἰ ἶ ἀ
L>Fk:H;< CY< L>F? : ? H?>L?JM:;H?>( ὅ ῦ * ἑ
,TOA>NNPHOA? C =MJO HG FF? NH : =PNL? ἀ ὸ ἄ ὸ
(el;$ here a8 o%$ a8 oth&" <a
(ta8 & 5o#r %a5. @t &( the Fa% o;
the Hreat H#ll$ the Fa% that @(.7
7Mre 5o# (a5&" @ <a ;l567
7@ (a5 5o# are ;ree.7
/s si%'l an# as ~ui"2l as that,
ƒir2 oanar# iull s'rea# his
wings, e$$ortlessl, an# li$te# into
the #ar2 night air( 4he )lo"2 was
rouse# $ro% slee' b his "r, as lou#
as he "oul# s"rea% it, $ro% $ive
hun#re# $eet u'a "I can fly! Listen!
B sunrise there were nearl a
thousan# bir#s stan#ing outsi#e the
"ir"le o$ stu#ents, loo2ing "uriousl
at oanar#( 4he #on7t "are whether
the were seen or not, an# the
listene#, tring to un#erstan#
Jonathan Seagull(
5e s'o2e o$ ver si%'le things & that
it is right $or a gull to $l, that
$ree#o% is the ver nature o$ his
being, that whatever stan#s against
that $ree#o% %ust be set asi#e, be it
ritual or su'erstition or li%itation in
an $or%(
7!et a(&8e$7 "a%e a voi"e $ro% the
%ultitu#e, 7e'e &; &t 9e the Fa% o;
the Ilo<:67
"The only true law is that which
leads to freedom," Jonathan
said. "There is no other"
7Ko% 8o 5o# eO>e<t #( to ;l5 a( 5o#
, F; F?>CP:U, O CO Y:MJ;:( :D[; L;RG 4 ἶ ὁ Ἰ ,
L?K L;=A> C H B , =; J AEGN?KLOU( ὰ ἀ ᾿ ὴ # ὶ ᾿ ἀ
,S Q : =;H;F;[;G:O><( \ ]HOAP L?K( r : ὰ ὲ ὸ ὲ
LC?A : =?K:jNY H ]HOAP L?KU( ῶ ὰ ὸ
,SM„:;AH lFMAO, O N;> FO@HOA?< : O N;> ἶ ὰ ἶ ὁ
;KHP< N?K, FIJ>: < ;KHP< N?K, Q =; ἑ ὁ ἀ ὸ ἑ ἐ ῶ ὶ
HkA;, =; HGC?H; Q : LC?AO : NH;JO NH ὶ ὲ ῖ ὰ ῖ ὸ
QAPL? N?K( _ :;> 9PL?< H? SOBMF?K ἶ ὁ ῦ
lFMA?K, 9PL?< C? _ :;>U( ὁ ὺ ἶ
,wDFO>< : CO < C < LC?A : COHMWYaU( ὰ ῖ ὼ ῶ ὰ
,sDY C < O N;> FO@HOA?<U( ὼ ἶ
HN> CF =; BAjB?A;, n A= SM„:;AH 4 ! ὰ ὶ ὁ ὲ
lFMA?< :?>WO H ]HOAM H?K, QGEY< =PC?, => ἄ ὰ ᾿
:;NI=kJI=O NH L; A? DA; H < :@EH;<( ἀ ὸ ῦ ἀ #
\ VL :?< W@C:INO W;]:>= L H ]Y:j H?K, ὸ # ὰ ὲ ὴ
N? C> QK:;H LC?A? NO : ]Y:MWO>, C ὅ ὸ ὰ ῦ ὰ ἀ ὸ
CO:H;=PN>; CPQ>; XIFM^ ,SC?A : COHMWY` ῶ ὰ
=? NHO` STmZ• 9b T_\bz•`U( \ , ῦ ὰ
WILOAkL;H; < EGF>; C?KF> NHD=?:H;: WY 5 ὰ ἔ
C H : =@=F? H : L;JIH :, =?>HMR?:H;< ἀ ᾿ ὸ ῶ ῶ
COAGOAB; H SM„:;AH( r : H? < :?>;RO : ὸ ὲ ὺ ἔ ἂ
J H? < [FOC;: E>, => =?KB;:, ὰ ὺ ἔ ' 3 ᾿ ἄ
CA?NC;Jk:H;< : =;H;FM[?K: H : Y:MJ;: ὰ ὸ Ἰ
S>F? NO B> C?F CF CAMBL;H; - C < ῦ ὰ ὺ ! ὰ ὼ
O :;> NYNH B> :; BFMA? : COHMO>, C < ἶ ὸ ὰ ἕ ὰ ὼ
FOKHOA> O :;> CA;BL;H>= ]@NI H < ὰ ἶ ὴ #
C;AWj< H?K, C < ,H> :;:H>k:OH;> N ; H ὕ ὼ ὅ ἐ ᾿ ὐ ὴ
H FOKHOA> CADCO> : H C?AAGCHO>, => : ὴ ὰ ὰ ὸ ἀ ᾿ ἂ
=PL; O :;> =MJO L?A] < H@C?<, ἀ ἶ # '
,9 H C?AAGCH?KLOU, =?@NHI=O L> ]Y: ὰ ὸ ἀ ἀ ὰ ὴ
C H CF J?<, , =PL; => : O :;> 9PL?< ἀ ᾿ ὸ # ἀ ᾿ ἂ ἶ ὁ
;l567 "a%e another voi"e( 7Qo# are
(>e<&al a8 "&;te8 a8 8&'&e$ a9o'e
other 9&r8(.7
7Foo: at Ilet<her? Fo%ell? Gharle(N
Tola8? Mre the5 al(o (>e<&al a8
"&;te8 a8 8&'&e6 Ro Aore tha 5o#
are$ o Aore tha @ aA. The ol5
8&;;ere<e$ the 'er5 ol5 oe$ &( that
the5 ha'e 9e"# to #8er(ta8 %hat
the5 reall5 are a8 ha'e 9e"# to
>ra<t&(e &t.7
5is stu#ents, save )let"her, shi$te#
uneasil( 4he ha#n7t realise# that
this was what the were #oing(
the "row# grew larger ever #a,
"o%ing to ~uestion, to i#oli8e, to
7The5 are (a5&" & the Ilo<: that &;
5o# are ot the !o o; the Hreat
H#ll K&A(el;$7 )let"her tol#
Jonathan one %orning a$ter the
/#van"e# S'ee# hra"ti"e, 7the 5o#
are a tho#(a8 5ear( ahea8 o; 5o#r
Jonathan sighe#( 4he 'ri"e o$ being
%isun#erstoo#, he thought( 4he
"all ou #evil or the "all ou
go#( 74hat 8o 5o# th&:$ Ilet<h6
Mre %e ahea8 o; o#r t&Ae67
/ long silen"e( 74ell$ th&( :&8 o;
;l5&" ha( al%a5( 9ee here to 9e
leare8 95 a59o85 %ho %ate8 to
8&(<o'er &tP that=( "ot oth&" to 8o
%&th t&Ae. 4e=re ahea8 o; the
;a(h&o$ Aa59e. Mhea8 o; the %a5
that Ao(t "#ll( ;l5.7
H? VLj:?K<aU( ῦ
, LP:?< FIJ>: < :PL?< O :;> :PL?< C? Ὁ ἀ ὸ ἶ ὁ ὺ
QIBO NH FOKHOA>MU, O CO Y:MJ;:( ὁ ῖ ὴ ἶ ὁ Ἰ
, FF?< :PL?< Q : CMAEO>U( Ἄ ὲ ὑ
,n; C < COA>LD:O>< : COHMW?KLO LO < ὶ ῶ ὰ ἐ ῖ
CY< COH < N@aU, =?@NHI=O L> FFI ὅ " ἐ ἀ ὰ ἄ
]Y:j( , N O N;> WOEYA>NH < =; Ἐ ὺ ἶ ὸ ὶ
CA?>=>NLD:?< =; JO…=P<, CM:Y C H FF; ὶ ἀ ὸ ᾿ ἄ
,n?GH; H : •FDHNOA` H : sP?KOF` \ : ὸ ὸ ὸ
\NMAF< ZPF;:H` H : \R?@:HI s ` SjCY< ὸ #
O :;> => ; H? WOEYA>NH? =; CA?>=>NLD:?> ἶ ᾿ ὐ ὶ ὶ ὶ
=; JO…=?Ga r : E?K: HGC?H; COA>NNPHOA? ὶ ὲ ἔ
C N <, Q : E?K: HGC?H; COA>NNPHOA? C ἀ ὸ " ὲ ἔ ἀ ὸ
LD:;( LP:I Q>;]?AM, LP:I [;N>=j, 0
Q>;]?AM, O :;> C < AE>N;: : ἶ ὼ ἄ ὰ
=;H;F;[;G:?K: HG CA;BL;H>= O :;>, => ὰ ἶ ᾿
AE>N;: : W;N=? :H;> N ; HPU( ἄ ὰ ἐ ῦ ᾿ ὐ
m L;JIHD< H?K, =H < C H : •FDHNOA, * ἐ ὸ ἀ ᾿ ὸ
=?K:jJI=;: LjE;:;( r : O E;: :H>FI]JO ἀ ὲ ἶ ἀ ῖ
C < ; H =;:;: < HkA;( ὼ ὐ ὸ ἔ 5
\ CF J?< LOBMFY:O =MJO LDA;, AEPH;: : ὸ # ἐ ὰ
AYHjNO>, : F;HADXO>, : EFOKMNO>( ὰ ὰ
,sD:O NH VL :?< C < : Q : O N;> l> < H? ὸ # ὼ ἂ ὲ ἶ ὸ ῦ
:; CAY NH : Y:MJ;: NHOA C H < ἕ ὶ ὸ Ἰ ὕ ᾿ ἀ ὸ ὶ
N=jNO>< N :kH;HO< \;E@HIHO<, ,HPHO ἀ ὲ ,
[AGN=ON;> EGF>; EAP:>; LCA?NH C H : ὰ ἀ ᾿ ὴ
C?Ej N?KU( ἐ
Y:MJ;: :;NHD:;WO( b H O :;> H ὉἸ ἀ ὐ ὸ ἶ ὸ
HGLIL; H < C;A;:PINI<, N=D]HI=O( V # ὲ
C?=;F? : Q>M[?F? N C?=;F? : JOP( ἀ ῦ ' ὲ ἀ ῦ
LCA?NH C H : C?Ej L;<aU( ὰ ἀ ᾿ ὴ ἐ
7That=( (oAeth&"$7 Jonathan sai#,
rolling to gli#e inverte# $or a
while( 7That=( ot hal; a( 9a8 a(
9e&" ahea8 o; o#r t&Ae.7
It ha''ene# yust a wee2 later(
)let"her was #e%onstrating the
ele%ents o$ high&s'ee# $ling to a
"lass o$ new stu#ents( 5e ha# yust
'ulle# out o$ his #ive $ro% seven
thousan# $eet, a long gre strea2
$iring a $ew in"hes above the bea"h,
when a oung bir# on its $irst $light
gli#e# #ire"tl into his 'ath, "alling
$or its %other( uith a tenth o$ a
se"on# to avoi# the oungster,
)let"her Ln# Seagull sna''e# har#
to the le$t, at so%ething over two
hun#re# %iles 'er hour, into a "li$$
o$ soli# granite(
It was, $or hi%, as though the ro"2
were a giant har# #oor into another
worl#( / burst o$ $ear an# sho"2 an#
bla"2 as he hit, an# then he was
a#ri$t in a strange strange s2,
$orgetting, re%e%bering, $orgettinga
a$rai# an# sa# an# sorr, terribl
4he voi"e "a%e to hi% as it ha# in
the $irst #a that he ha# %et
Jonathan Livingston Seagull(
7The tr&<:$ Ilet<her$ &( that %e are
tr5&" to o'er<oAe o#r l&A&tat&o(
& or8er$ >at&etl5. 4e 8o=t ta<:le
;l5&" thro#"h ro<: #t&l a l&ttle
later & the >ro"raA.7
S;=A> N>YCj( ,9 N? C , CHjNO>< HDH?>?K ὰ ὰ ῦ ῶ
O Q?K< H;: CM:H?HO Q>;JDN>LO< Q B> : ἴ < ἐ ῶ ὰ ὰ
H < LMJO> C?>?< JOFO : H < :;=;F@XO>x ὶ ὅ 1 ὰ ὶ ἀ
; H Q : EO> NEDNI L H : C?Ej L;<( NY< ὐ ὸ ὲ ἔ ὲ ὴ ἐ 2
[A>N=PL;NHO C> LCA?NH C H LPQ;( T> ὸ ὰ ἀ ᾿ ὴ ὸ
LCA?NH C H : HAPC? C? COH? :O ? ὰ ἀ ᾿ ὸ ὺ ῦ *
,b H O :;> NIL;:H>=PU, O CO Y:MJ;: =; ὐ ὸ ἶ ἶ ὁ Ἰ ὶ
=@FINO B> : COHMWO> B> FGB? :MC?Q;( ὰ ὰ ὰ ἀ
,b H O :;> C?F =;F@HOA? C H : ὐ ὸ ἶ ὺ ἀ ᾿ ὸ ὰ
[A>N=PL;NHO LCA?NH C H : C?Ej L;<U( ὰ ἀ ᾿ ὴ ἐ
VK:D[I=O L> [Q?LMQ; LPF>< ABPHOA;( ὰ ἀ Ὁ
•FDHNOA QGQ;N=O H [;N>= NH?>EO ; H < ὰ ὰ ῖ #
CHjNI< L LOBMFI H;E@HIH; N L> HMWI C ὲ ὲ ὰ ἀ ὸ
:D?K< L;JIHD<( AE>RO LPF>< H : :MQKNI Ἄ ὴ ἀ
L> < =MJOHI< CHjNI< C ]H E>F>MQO< CPQ>; " ἀ ὸ ἑ ὰ
- L> L;=A> NH;EH> BA;LL N [?FGQ;, ὰ ὰ ὰ ὴ ὰ
FGB?K< CP:H?K< CM:Y C H : LL?KQ> - ἀ ᾿ ὴ ἀ ὰ
H;: :; :O;A C?KF NH : CAkHI H?K Q?=>L ὅ ἕ ὸ ὶ ὴ ὴ
BFGNHAINO NH : HA?E>M H?K =;Fk:H;< H ὴ ὴ
LIHDA; H?K( S LPF>< :; QD=;H? H? ὲ ἕ ῦ
C?]@BO> H :O;AP, •FDHNOA s :H lFMA?< ἀ ὸ ὁ ὺ
=;:O L> =G:INI A>NHOAM, L H;E@HIH; ἔ ὰ ἀ ὲ
CM:Y C Q>;=PN>; LGF>; H : A;, => CONO ἀ ὸ ὴ / ᾿ ἔ
CM:Y N :; COFkA>? BA;:>HD:>? [AME?( ᾿ ἕ
_ EO H : ; NJINI C < [AME?< H;: LG; ἶ ὴ ἴ ὼ ὁ <
HOAMNC; N=FIA CPAH; C? QIB? NO N ὴ ὺ ὁ ῦ ᾿
:;: FF? =PNL?( :; WDNC;NL; ]P[?K =; ἕ ἄ + ὶ
R;FMQ;< =; L;KAGF;<, => NHOA; [ADJI=O ὶ ᾿ ὕ
=K[DA:IH?< N :; C;AMWO:?, C?F ἀ ᾿ ἕ ὺ
C;AMWO:? ? A;:P, L> : WOE:MO>, L> : ὐ ὰ ὰ ὰ ὰ
JKL H;>, =; CMF> : WOE:MO>x ]?[>NLD:?< =; " ὶ ὰ ὶ
LOF;BE?F>= < =; FKCILD:?<((( HA?LOA ὸ ὶ ὰ
]Y: H : CFING;NO CY< H : CAkHI LDA; 0 ὴ ὸ ὅ ὴ
C? NK:M:HINO H : Y:MJ;: sG[>:B=NH?: ὺ ὸ Ἰ
7Ml(o :o% a( the !o o; the Hreat
H#ll$7 his instru"tor sai# #rl(
74hat are 5o# 8o&" here6 The
<l&;;? Ka'e=t . @ . . . 8&8=t @ . . .
7Lh$ Ilet<h$ <oAe o. Th&:. @; 5o#
are tal:&" to Ae o%$ the
o9'&o#(l5 5o# 8&8=t 8&e$ 8&8 5o#6
4hat 5o# 8&8 Aaa"e to 8o %a( to
<ha"e 5o#r le'el o; <o(<&o#(e((
rather a9r#>tl5. @t=( 5o#r <ho&<e
o%. Qo# <a (ta5 here a8 lear o
th&( le'el N %h&<h &( W#&te a 9&t
h&"her tha the oe 5o# le;t$ 95 the
%a5 N or 5o# <a "o 9a<: a8 :ee>
%or:&" %&th the Ilo<:. The Yl8er(
%ere ho>&" ;or (oAe :&8 o;
8&(a(ter$ 9#t the5=re (tartle8 that 5o#
o9l&"e8 theA (o %ell.7
7@ %at to "o 9a<: to the Ilo<:$ o;
<o#r(e. @='e 9arel5 9e"# %&th the
e% "ro#>?7
7Jer5 %ell$ Ilet<her. TeAeA9er
%hat %e %ere (a5&" a9o#t oe=(
9o85 9e&" oth&" Aore tha
tho#"ht &t(el; . . . 67
)let"her shoo2 his hea# an#
stret"he# his wings an# o'ene# his
ees at the base o$ the "li$$, in the
"entre o$ the whole )lo"2
asse%ble#( 4here was a great
"la%our o$ s~uaw2s an# s"rees $ro%
the "row# when $irst he %ove#(
7Ke l&'e(? Ke that %a( 8ea8 l&'e(?7
7To#<he8 h&A %&th a %&"t&>?
,\ =PFC?, •FDHNOA, O :;> : CA?NC;J? LO ὸ ἶ ὰ ῦ
: WOCOAMN?KLO H? < COA>?A>NL?@< L;< L H ὰ ὺ ὲ ὴ
NO>AM, C?L?:OH>=M( CHjNI LDN; C H ὑ 0 ἀ ᾿ ὸ
[AME? O :;> =MH> C? H :H>LOHYCGR?KLO FGB? ἶ ὺ ὸ ἀ
, Y:MJ;:`U( Ἰ
,l:YNH < =; < l> < H? SOBMF?K ὸ ὶ 5 ὸ ῦ
lFMA?KU, =C;>QOKHj< H? O CO WOAM( ὁ ἐ ῦ ἶ
,S;H =M:O>< Q a \ [AME>;` r : O L;>((( ὶ ἐ ῶ ὰ ὲ ἶ
QD:((( CDJ;:;U(
, ` •FDH<, F; HkA;( V=DX?K( : L? H ἔ > ῦ
L>F < ; H H NH>BLj, HPHO O :;> ];:OA C < . ὐ ὴ ὴ ἶ ὸ ὼ
Q : CDJ;:O<x HN> Q : O :;>a b H C? ὲ ἔ ὲ ἶ ὐ ὸ ὺ
=;HPAJYNO< : =M:O>< H;: : FFMWO>< ὰ < ᾿ ἀ
=MCY< CPH?L; H CGCOQ? H < NK:OGQINj< ἀ ὸ ἐ #
N?K( \kA; J Q>;FDWO>< N@( SC?AO < : ὰ ἐ ῖ ὰ
C;A;LOG:O>< Q =; : LMJO>< N ; H H ἐ ῶ ὶ ὰ ᾿ ὐ ὸ ὸ
CGCOQ? & C? O :;> A=OH XIFPHOA?, Q ἐ ὺ ἶ ἀ ὰ ἐ ῶ
C? H FDLO, C H CGCOQ? C? ]INO< & ὺ ὰ ἀ ᾿ ὸ ἐ ὺ ἄ '
LC?AO < : BKAGNO>< CGNY =; : ῖ ὰ ὶ ὰ
W;=?F?KJjNO>< : Q?KFO@O>< L H VL :?<( ἐ ὰ ὲ ὸ #
m lDA?:HO< FC>R;: C < J NK:D[;>:O * ἔ ὼ ὰ
=MC?>; =;H;NHA?] =; W;]:>MNHI=;: C? ὴ ὶ ὺ
H? < WKCIADHINO< HPN? O =?F;U( ὺ ἐ %
,wDFY : BKAGNY CGNY NH VL :?<, ]KN>=M( ὰ ὸ #
SPF>< AE>N; L H : =;>:?@AB>; LMQ;`U( ἄ ὲ ὴ ὁ
,T?F =;FM, •FDHNOA( wKL N;> HG FDB;LO B> ὺ " ὰ
H N L; L;<, C? Q : O :;> C;A Q>; ὸ ῶ ὺ ὲ ἶ ὰ ἴ
•FDHNOA HG:;WO H =O]MF> H?K => CFYNO Ὁ ὸ ᾿ ;
H ]HOAM H?K => :?>WO H LMH>; H?K =O ὰ ᾿ ἄ ὰ ἐ ῖ
NH [MNI H? [AME?K, =;H;LON < N F? H ὴ ῦ # ᾿ ὅ ὸ
NKB=O:HAYLD:? VL :?<( =?@NHI=O LG; # ,
Dro#"ht h&A to l&;e? The !o o; the
Hreat H#ll?7
7RL? Ke 8e&e( &t? Ke=( a 8e'&l?
EYJ@F? GoAe to 9rea: the Ilo<:?7
4here were $our thousan# gulls in
the "row#, $rightene# at what ha#
ha''ene#, an# the "r 1f†IL` went
through the% li2e the win# o$ an
o"ean stor%( fes gla8e#, bea2s
shar', the "lose# in to #estro(
74o#l8 5o# ;eel 9etter &; %e le;t$
Ilet<her67 as2e# Jonathan(
7@ <erta&l5 %o#l8=t o9Ce<t too
A#<h &; %e 8&8 . . . 7
Instantl the stoo# together a hal$&
%ile awa, an# the $lashing brea2s
o$ the %ob "lose# on e%'t air(
74h5 &( &t$ 7 Jonathan 'u88le#, 7that
the har8e(t th&" & the %orl8 &( to
<o'&<e a 9&r8 that he &( ;ree$ a8
that he <a >ro'e &t ;or h&A(el; &;
he=8 C#(t (>e8 a l&ttle t&Ae
>ra<t&(&"6 4h5 (ho#l8 that 9e (o
)let"her still blin2e# $ro% the
"hange o$ s"ene( 74hat 8&8 5o# C#(t
8o6 Ko% 8&8 %e "et here67
7Qo# 8&8 (a5 5o# %ate8 to 9e o#t o;
the Ao9$ 8&8=t 5o#67
Qe(? D#t ho% 8&8 5o# . . .7
7F&:e e'er5th&" el(e$ Ilet<her.
LOBMFI EF;F? C =AYBL? < =; NHA>BBF> < ὴ ἀ ὸ ὺ ὶ ὲ
H? CFjJ?K< LPF>< =?K:jJI=O( ῦ
,_ :;> RY:H;:P<` b H < C? H;: :O=A < ἶ ὐ ὸ ὺ < ὸ
RO `U ῖ
,\ : BB>WO L H : =AI H < ]HOA?@B;< H?K` ὸ ἄ ὲ ὴ ἄ #
\ : ]OAO CGNY NH RYj` l> < H? ὸ ἔ ὴ Ὁ ὸ ῦ
, E>` \ A:>DH;>` _ :;> Q>M[?F?<` B ὸ ἀ ἶ ὁ
r€b}msmV` AJO : Q>;F@NO> H VL :?<`U( 7 ὰ ὸ #
H;: HDNNOAO>< E>F>MQO< BFMA?> NH CF J?<, 7 ὸ #
]?[>NLD:?> C ,H> O EO NKL[O =; ἀ ᾿ ὅ ἶ ῖ ὶ
=A;KB ,r€b}msmVU CDA;NO LCA?NHM H?K< ὴ
CY< :OL?< NH ]?KAH?K:>;NLD:? ὅ ὁ ἄ ὸ
=O;:P( SMH>; C;BOAM, AML]I =?]HOAM, ?
CFING;R;: B> : =;H;NHADX?K:( ὰ ὰ
,w ; NJ;:PN?K: =;F@HOA;, : ]O@B;LO, ὰ & ἂ
,S H : FjJO>;, Q : JM E; :HGAAINI(((U( ὰ ὴ ἀ ὲ E ἀ
\ : Q>; NH>BL [ADJI=;: : NHD=Y:H;> L;R ὴ ἴ ὴ ὰ ὶ
L>N LGF> L;=A>M, =; H NHA;]HOA AML]I ὸ ὶ ᾿ ἀ ὰ
H? EF?K =FO>N;: H =O:P( ῦ 3 ἔ ὸ
,l>;HG A;BOU, :;AYHjJI=O BOLMH?< C?AG; ἄ ἀ ἀ
Y:MJ;:, ,H C> Q@N=?F? CA BL; NH : ὁ Ἰ ὸ ὸ " ὸ
=PNL? O :;> : COGNO>< :; C?KF C < O :;> ἶ ὰ ἕ ὶ ὼ ἶ
FO@HOA?, =; C < LC?AO : H C?QOGWO> ὶ ὼ ῖ ὰ ᾿ ἀ
LP:? H?K : N=IJO B> FGB?a l>;HG CADCO> :M ἂ ἀ ῖ ὰ
:;> HPN? Q@N=?F?aU( E
•FDHNOA C;>RO =PL; H LMH>; C H : Ὁ ἔ ἀ ὰ ἀ ᾿ ὴ
W;]:>= FF;B H? H?CG?K( ὴ ἀ ὴ ῦ
,\G =;:O< HkA; LPF><a T < ]HMN;L Q aU( ἔ ῶ ᾿ ἐ ῶ
,_ CO< C < JOFO< : WO]@BO>< C H : ἶ ὼ 1 ὰ ἀ ᾿ ὸ
B %orning the )lo"2 ha# $orgotten
its insanit, but )let"her ha#
not( 7Joatha$ reAeA9er %hat 5o#
(a&8 a lo" t&Ae a"o$ a9o#t lo'&"
the Ilo<: eo#"h to ret#r to &t a8
hel> &t lear67
7@ 8o=t #8er(ta8 ho% 5o#
Aaa"e to lo'e a Ao9 o; 9&r8( that
ha( C#(t tr&e8 to :&ll 5o#.7
7Lh$ Ilet<h$ 5o# 8o=t lo'e that?
Qo# 8o=t lo'e hatre8 a8 e'&l$ o;
<o#r(e. Qo# ha'e to >ra<t&(e a8 (ee
the real "#ll$ the "oo8 & e'er5oe
o; theA$ a8 to hel> theA (ee &t &
theA(el'e(. That=( %hat @ Aea 95
lo'e. @t=( ;#$ %he 5o# "et the
:a<: o; &t.
7@ reAeA9er a ;&er<e 5o#" 9&r8$ ;or
&(ta<e$ Ilet<her F58 !ea"#ll$ h&(
aAe. J#(t 9ee Aa8e L#t<a(t$
rea85 to ;&"ht the Ilo<: to the 8eath$
"ett&" a (tart o 9#&l8&" h&( o%
9&tter hell o#t o the Iar Gl&;;(. M8
here he &( to8a5 9#&l8&" h&( o%
hea'e &(tea8$ a8 lea8&" the
%hole Ilo<: & that 8&re<t&o.7
)let"her turne# to his instru"tor, an#
there was a %o%ent o$ $right in his
ee( 7Be lea8&"6 4hat 8o 5o#
Aea$ Ae lea8&"6 Qo#=re the
&(tr#<tor here. Qo# <o#l8=t lea'e?7
7Go#l8=t @6 Eo=t 5o# th&: that
there A&"ht 9e other ;lo<:($ other
Ilet<her($ that ee8 a &(tr#<tor
Aore tha th&( oe$ that=( o &t( %a5
EF?, E>aU( 3 3
,9;G` LY< C < =;HM]OAO<(((U( ὅ ῶ
, CY< =MJOH> FF?, •FDHNOA( S H : Ὅ ἄ ὲ ὴ
< H WILDAYL; H VL :?< O EO WOEMNO> H : I ὸ ὸ # ἶ ὴ
C;A;]A?N@:I H?K, E> LY< => •FDHNOA( 3 ὅ ὁ
, Y:MJ;:, JKL N;> HG O CO< CA : C =;>AP, Ἰ " ἶ ὶ ἀ ὸ
: B;C LO H VL :?< HPN? NHO : ᾿ ἀ " ὸ # / ὰ
BKA: LO CGNY B> : H [?IJjN?KLO : " ὰ ὰ ὸ ὰ
,r : LC?A : =;H;FM[Y C < =;H?AJk:O>< ὲ ῶ ὰ ῶ
: B;C < :;: EF? C C?KF> C? ᾿ ἀ . ἕ 3 ἀ ὸ ὰ ὺ
CA?NCMJIN;: CA : C FGB? : N ὶ ἀ ὸ ὰ ὲ
, ` •FDH<, Q : H B;C < ; HP` r : J ὲ ᾿ ἀ . ὐ ὲ
B;C <, ]KN>=M, H L N?< =; H : =;=G;( ἀ " ὸ ῖ ὶ ὴ
TADCO> : N=IJO < =; : [FDCO>< H : ᾿ ἀ ῖ ὶ ὰ ὸ
CA;BL;H>= BFMA?, H : =;F?N@:I LDN; NH : ὸ ὴ ὸ
=;JD:; H?K<, =; : H? < [?IJjNO>< : H : ὶ ὰ ὺ ὰ ὴ
Q? : => ? Q>?>( b H ::? H;: FDY ῦ * ἴ ὐ ὸ ἐ ῶ ὅ
BMCI( _ :;> LOBMF? =D]>, H;: [AO < H ἀ ἶ ὅ ῖ ὸ
=PFC? B> : H COH@EO><( ὰ ὰ ὸ
UwKL L;>, FPB?K EMAI, :; BA>? :D? C?KFG, " ἕ ἄ
H FDB;: •FDHNOA s :H lFMA?( _ EO LPF>< ὸ ὺ ἶ
BG:O> CP[FIH?<, H?>L?< : C?FOLjNO> H ἀ ἕ ὰ ὸ
VL :?< < H JM:;H?, WO=>:k:H;< : EHGNO> # 5 ὸ ὰ
H Q>=>M H?K C>=A =PF;NI L;=A> NH? < ὴ ὴ ὰ ὺ
TDA; }AME?K<( =; :M, NjLOA; EHGRO>, ὶ
:HGJOH;, H Q>=P H?K C;AMQO>N? =; ἀ ὸ ὶ
=;J?QIBO FP=FIA? H VL :?< N ; H H : ῖ ὁ ὸ # ᾿ ὐ ὴ ὴ
=; B> L> NH>BL ]M:I=O HAPL?< NH LMH> ὶ ὰ ὰ ὴ ὸ
to%ar8 the l&"ht67
7Be6 Jo$ @=A C#(t a >la& (ea"#ll$
a8 5o#=re . . .7
7. . . the ol5 !o o; the Hreat H#ll$
@ (#>>o(e67 Jonathan sighe# an#
loo2e# out to sea( 7Qo# 8o=t ee8
Ae a5 lo"er.. Qo# ee8 to :ee>
;&8&" 5o#r(el;$ a l&ttle Aore ea<h
8a5$ that real$ #l&A&te8 Ilet<her
!ea"#ll. he=( 5o#r &(tr#<tor. Qo#
ee8 to #8er(ta8 h&A a8 to
>ra<t&<e h&A.7
/ %o%ent later Jonathan7s bo#
wavere# in the air, shi%%ering, an#
began to go trans'arent( 7Eo=t let
theA (>rea8 (&ll5 r#Ao#r( a9o#t Ae$
or Aa:e Ae a "o8. L.U.$ Ilet<h6 @=A
a (ea"#ll$ @ l&:e to ;l5$ Aa59e . . .7
7Soor Ilet<h. Eo=t 9el&e'e %hat
5o#r e5e( are tell&" 5o#. Mll the5
(ho% &( l&A&tat&o. Foo: %&th 5o#r
#8er(ta8&"$ ;&8 o#t %hat 5o#
alrea85 :o%$ a8 5o#=ll (ee the
%a5 to ;l5.7
4he shi%%ering sto''e#( Jonathan
Seagull ha# vanishe# into e%'t air(
/$ter a ti%e, )let"her iull #ragge#
hi%sel$ into the s2 an# $a"e# a
bran#&new grou' o$ stu#ents, eager
$or their $irst lesson(
7To 9e"& %&th$7 he sai#
heavil, 75o#='e "ot to #8er(ta8
that a (ea"#ll &( a #l&A&te8 &8ea o;
H?K( , B : =;J?QIB a \G J < : CO < B Ἐ ὼ ὰ ῶ ὲ ὰ ῖ ἐ ὼ
: =;J?QIB a =C;>QOKH < O N;> N@( r : ὰ ῶ Ἐ ὴ ἶ ἐ ὲ
J LC?A? NO< : ]@BO><`U( ὰ ῦ ὰ
,r J LC?A? N;a r :?LGRO>< C < NY< ὲ ὰ ῦ ὲ ὼ ἴ
CMAE?K: FF; NLj:I, FF?> •FDHNOA, C? ὑ ἄ ἄ ὺ
EAO>MR?:H;> :;: =C;>QOKH COA>NNPHOA? ἕ ἐ ὴ
C N? H? H? H VL :?< C? [AGN=OH;> ἀ ᾿ ὅ ῦ ὸ # ὺ
=>PF;< NH QAPL? H?K CA < H • <aU( ὸ ὸ ὸ ῶ
, Bka S Y:, B O L;> :;< =?>: < Ἐ ὰ 2 ἐ ὼ ἶ ἕ ὸ
BFMA?< =; N O N;>(((U( ὶ ὺ ἶ
,((( LP:?< l> < H? SOBMF?K lFMA?K, ὁ ὸ ῦ
C?JDHYaU( Y:MJ;: :;NHD:;WO =; ὑ ὉἸ ἀ ὶ
=?GH;WO CDA; NH JMF;NN;( ,r L EAO>MRON;> ὴ ὲ ὲ
FF? C>M( {AO>MROH;> : W;=?F?KJO < : ἄ ὰ ἐ ῖ ᾿
C?=;F@CHO>< H : ;KHP N?K, FGB? C;A;CM:Y ἀ ὸ ἑ
=MJO LDA;, =O :?: H : FIJ>:P, H : ἐ ῖ ὸ ἀ ὸ
COA>PA>NH? •FDHNOA lFMA?( =O :?< O :;> ἀ Ἐ ῖ ἶ ὁ
=C;>QOKHj< N?K( TADCO> : H : ἐ ὰ ὸ
=;H;F;[;G:O>< =; : N=O N;> L ; HP:U( ὶ ᾿ ἀ ῖ ᾿ ὐ
S> NH>BL ABPHOA; H N L; H? Y:MJ;: ὰ ὴ ἀ ὸ ῶ ῦ Ἰ
=KLMH>RO NH : DA;, NCA?BKMF>RO => AE>NO ὸ ἀ ἀ ἄ
: BG:OH;> Q>M];:?( ,S : H? < ]jNO>< : ὰ ὴ ὺ ἀ ὰ
Q>;QGQ?K: =?KH < ] LO< B> LD:;, : L ὲ # ὰ ' ὰ ὲ
=M:?K: JOP, V@L]Y:?> •FDH<a _ L;> BFMA?<( ἶ
S ADNO> : COHMY, NY<(((U( ᾿ ἀ ὰ 2
,n;ILD:O •FDH<( S C>NHO@O>< ,H> FD:O H ὴ ὅ ὰ
LMH>; N?K( rOGE:?K: LP:? H? < COA>?A>NL?@<( ὺ
9 =?>HMRO>< H : =;H;:PINj N?K, : ὰ ὴ ᾿
:;=;F@CHO>< ,H> B:YAGRO>< QI, =; J QO < ἀ ὅ 1 ὶ ὰ ῖ
C < CADCO> : COH <U( ῶ ὰ "
lFMA?< O EO W;];:>NHO NH : DA;( ἶ ἐ ῖ ὸ ἀ
NHOA; C FGB?, •FDHNOA lFMA?< : ἀ ὸ ὁ
;ree8oA$ a &Aa"e o; the Hreat
H#ll$ a8 5o#r %hole 9o85$ ;roA
%&"t&> to %&"t&>$ &( oth&" Aore
tha 5o#r tho#"ht &t(el;.7
4he oung gulls loo2e# at hi%
~ui88i"all( eo%e on, the thought,
this #oesn7t soun# li2e a rule $or a
)let"her sighe# an# starte#
over( 7KAA. Mh . . 'er5 %ell$7 he
sai#, an# ee# the% "riti"all( 7Fet=(
9e"& %&th Fe'el Il&"ht.7/n# saing
that, he un#erstoo# all at on"e that
his $rien# ha# ~uite honestl been no
%ore #ivine than )let"her hi%sel$(
No li%its, Jonathan| he thought(
uell, then, the ti%e7s not #istant
when I7% going to a''ear out o$ thin
air on our bea"h, an# show ou a
thing or two about $ling`
/n# though he trie# to loo2 'ro'erl
severe $or his stu#ents, )let"her
Seagull su##enl saw the% all as
the reall were, yust $or a %o%ent,
an# he %ore than li2e#, he love#
what it was he saw( No li%its,
Jonathan| he thought, an# he s%ile#(
5is ra"e to learn ha# begun(
N@AJI=O NH : ? A;: =; NHMJI=O CD:;:H> ὸ ὐ ὸ ὶ ἀ
N L> :HOF < =;>:?@AB>; LMQ; L;JIHD<, ὲ ὰ ἐ ῶ ὁ
C? :KC?L?:? N;: B> H CA H? H?K< ὺ ἀ ῦ ὰ ὸ ῶ
,TAkH C F;U, O CO [;A>M, ,CADCO> : ᾿ ἀ ᾿ ὅ ἶ ὰ
=;H;FM[OHO C < :;< BFMA?< O :;> LG; ὼ ἕ ἶ
COA>PA>NHI QD; H < FOKHOA> <, :; L?GYL; ἀ & # " ἕ ὁ
H? SOBMF?K lFMA?K => F? N;< H N L;, ῦ ὅ ὸ ῶ
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FFI, Q : O :;> C;A Q>; N;< N=DXIU( ἄ ὲ ἶ ὰ ἴ
m :O;A? BFMA?> H : =?GH;W;: O AY:>=M( \G * ὶ ὸ &
L;< FDO>, N=D]HI=;:, ; H Q : O :;> =;:P:;< ὐ ὸ ὲ ἶ
=A?[;NG;<( ἀ
•FDHNOA :;NHD:;WO =; W;:MAE>NO( ,{L` Ὁ ἀ ὶ
`,(( C?F =;FMU, O CO =; H? < =?GH;WO L Ἄ ὺ ἶ ὶ ὺ ὲ
; NHIA LMH>( , < AEGN?KLO L CHjNO>< ὐ ὸ > ἀ ὲ
NH;JOA? X?K<U( n; =;J < HP FOBO, ῦ ὕ ὶ ὼ E
=;HMF;[O L?:?L> < C < ]GF?< H?K L " ὼ ὁ ὲ
CPFKHI O F>=AG:O>; Q : H;: C> JO…= < C ἀ & ὲ < ὸ ὸ ἀ ὸ
H : Q>? H : •FDHNOA( ὸ ἴ ὸ
,rGEY< COA>?A>NL?@<, Y:MJ;:aU N=D]HI=O( Ἰ
,\PHO F?>C : Q : CDEO> C?F =;>A < H;: ὸ ὲ ἀ ὺ ὁ ὸ ὅ
J ];:OAYJ LDN C H : DA; NH ὰ ῶ ᾿ ἀ ᾿ ὸ ἀ ὴ Q> => M
N?K C;A;FG;, : N? QOGWY :; QK ὰ ῦ ἕ ὸ
CAMBL;H; B> H < CHjNO><U( ὰ ὶ
n; L?F?:PH> CA?NCMJINO : ];:O ὶ ὰ ῖ
; NHIA < NH? < L;JIHD< H?K, •FDHNOA ὐ ὸ ὺ ὁ
lFMA?< H? < O QO W;]:>= F?K< CY< ὺ ἶ ὰ ὅ ὅ
CA;BL;H>= H;:, B> L> LP:? NH>BLj, => E> ὰ < ὰ ὰ 3
LP:? H?K AONO FF B;C? NO ; H C? ἄ ἀ ὰ ἀ ῦ ὐ ὸ ὺ
O QO( ,rGEY< COA>?A>NL?@<, Y:MJ;:aU ἶ Ἰ
N=D]HI=O =; E;L?BDF;NO( \ Q>=P H?K =K:jB> ὶ ὸ
H < LMJINI< O EO AEGNO>( # ἶ ἀ

his ec'ulsion $ro% his "lan( /n out"ast, he "ontinues to learn, be"o%es in"reasingl 'lease# with his abilities an# lea#s an i# lli" li$e( $lot %&mmary dne #a , Jonathan is %et b two seagulls, who ta2e hi% to a ,higher 'lane o$ ecisten"e., where he %eets other gulls who love to $l ( 5e #is"overs that his sheer tena"it an# #esire to learn %a2e hi% ,a gull in a %illion.( Jonathan be$rien#s the wisest gull in this new 'la"e, na%e# ehiang, who ta2es hi% be on# his 'revious learning, tea"hing hi% how to %ove instantaneousl to an where else in the universe( 4he se"ret, ehiang sa s, is to ,begin b 2nowing that ou have alrea# arrive#.( Not satis$ie# with his new li$e, Jonathan returns to farth to $in# others li2e hi%, to bring the% his learning an# to s'rea# his love $or $light( 5is %ission is su""ess$ul, gathering aroun# hi% others who have been outlawe# $or not "on$or%ing( glti%atel , one o$ his stu#ents, )let"her L n# Seagull, be"o%es a tea"her in his own right an# Jonathan leaves to "ontinue his learning( In so%e wa s, this se"tion is as %u"h a stor o$ )let"her0s reali8ation as o$ Jonathan0s "ontinue# learning( $hilo'ophy h5ILdSdh53 "o%es $ro% the iree2 wor# %eaning 6love o$

Hῶ: ἀ:DLY:a Sὰ HPHO Cῶ< ἐWIBOῖH;> :ὰ HADE?K: ἑ=;H?LL@A>; ἄ:JAYC?> N᾿ ὅF?: Hὸ: =PNL? :ὰ ἀB?AMN?K: Hὴ: $NH?AG; H?K, :ὰ NKLLOA>NH?ῦ: Hὴ Q>=j H?K ἐLCO>AG;, =;ὶ :ὰ Hὸ: ἀC?JOkN?K:a l>;Hὶ [D[;>; ὁ BFMA?< ἸY:MJ;: Qὲ: LC?AOῖ :ὰ Oἶ:;> ὁ CAῶH?<, ?%HO ὁ HOFOKH;ῖ?<, C?ὺ ἀ:HG=AKNO Hὴ L;BOG; Hῶ: ;&JDAY:` m%HO ὁ CAῶH?< -' ὁ HOFOKH;ῖ?<C?ὺ (:O>AO@HI=O Hὴ: ἐFOKJOAG;((( )C?LD:Y<, =MH> ἄFF? CADCO> :ὰ Oἶ:;> ;ὐHὸ< ὁ ἸY:MJ;:( ,_ἶ:;> LG; [AkL>=I *NH?AG;U, OἶCO ἕ:;< C;C"< ἀCὸ Hὴ: n;F>]PA:>;, ,ἕ:; [>[FG? C?ὺ B=AOLGRO> JONL?@<, =;ὶ ἀL]>N[IHOῖ Hὶ< C>ὸ *OAD< L;< ἀWGO<, =IA@NN?:H;< Hὸ ἀE;FG:YH? CMJ?< H#< ἐFOKJOAG;<U( +:;< ἄFF?< *OAYLD:?< Hὸ N@NHINO NH?ὺ< ἐ:?AGHO< H?K Nὰ: ,Oὐ;BBDF>? XKE>=#< ἀ:;HMNOY<U( SOA>=?ὶ ἀ:;B:ῶNHO< CGNHOX;: Cὼ< NHὸ: BFMA? ἸY:MJ;: =A@[OH;> XKEὴ Hῶ: ἐFOKJDAY:( ἌFF?> =;KEjJI=;: Cὼ< ἀ:;=MFKX;: Hὸ: Q>=P H?K< =PNL?( Ὁ NKBBA;]D;< Z;GI SCAM:HLC?KAK OἶCO^ ,,:;=MFKX; NHὸ: ἸY:MJ;: Hὰ LKNH>=ὰ JOLDF>; H#< XKE#< L?KU( n;ὶ Hὸ COA>?Q>=ὸ ,\M>LU AkHINO Hὸ: ZGHN;AH SCME, Hὸ: C;HDA; H?ῦ ἸY:MJ;:^ ,SjCY< OἶNHO NOῖ< ;ὐHὸ< ὁ BFMA?<aU lDF;NO ὁ SCME^ ,ἘBkaU OἶCO( ,nMJO ἄFF?` Ὁ ἸY:MJ;: [AGN=OH;> ἐ=Oῖ, XIFMU, => ἔQO>WO Hὸ: ?ὐA;:P, ,ἐ:- ἐBὼ *QAk:Y ἐQῶ =MHY, EHKC>DL;> =;ὶ ]HOA?=?Cῶ, => ἀ=PLI Qὲ: LCPAON; :ὰ COHMWY`U \APC?< H?ῦ FDBO>:, ]KN>=M, B>;HG ὁ SCὰE Oἶ:;> ὁ C>ὸ Q;>LP:>?<, ὁ C>ὸ ,HAOFP<U, ἀFFὰ =;ὶ ὁ C>ὸ ἔLCO>A?< ἐA;N>HDE:I< ἀOA?CPA?< H#< ,LOA>=#<( n> ὅN? B>ὰ Hὸ:

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