Recipe Name: Corn Fritters Total preparation and cooking time 40 minutes

Ingredient List 500mL cup of Frozen corn kernels 500mL cup of Organic self-rising flour 1 500mL cup of tap water of a cup of shallots $ tablespoons of oil $ free range whole eggs &%olk an' white( 1 tablespoon of salt

Utensil List Large glass bowl 500mL measuring cup Small sharp knife !lastic"#on-stick egg flip Large fr%ing pan Large steel spoon !lastic"woo' chopping boar' !aper towels 1 Plate $ tablespoons

Method: Step 1 $ ,* 4 5* 0 2*

Instruction Chop the shallots finel% with the sharp knife so that %ou ha)e


a cup* +easure out 1 cup of the self-rising flour an' place into the large glass bowl an' a'' the whole eggs an' the 1 tablespoon of salt* +i- the mi-ture of flour an' eggs an' a'' 1 cup of water an' stir until smooth* .'' e-tra flour"water to impro)e the consistenc%* +easure 1 cup of the frozen corn an' a'' to the mi-ture once smooth* +i- the corn in with / of the shallots* Sprea' $ tablespoons of oil onto the fr% pan an' put it on highme'ium heat* +easure out ser)ing sizes of about 1 tablespoon an' flatten out in the hot fr% pan* 1epeat until the pan has reache' its capacit%* Stan' o)er the pan until the bottom of the fritter is gol'en brown
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an' the top is set an' not runn%* 3hen this has happene'4 flip the 5* 6 fritters o)er* !lace the fritters onto a plate with a paper towel on it to absorb e-cess oil* Take off the paper to el and arrange nicel!" #dd the left o$er shallots to garnish"

.ction !lan
Time (M = Minutes) 2:00 – 3M 2:03 – 3M 2:06 – 1M 2:07 – 3M 2:10 – 5M 2:15 – 10M 2:25 – 10M 2:35 – 3M 2:38 – 2M 2:40 – 5M 2:45 – 3M 2.48 – 10M #ction
!ut on hair net an' wash han's* 7ather e8uipment 7et ingre'ients together Organise bench an' ingre'ients in an or'erl% wa%* Start mi-ing the flour4 eggs4 water an' shallots until smooth* +easure out the batter an' out into preheate' fr% pan* Flip o)er fritters when gol'en brown* !lace the fritters onto the plate an' garnish* !ut remaining utensils into sink an' rinse* 3ash up the rinse' 'ishes 9r% up the washe' 'ishes Clean up sto)e4 floor an' sanitise bench*

%$aluation Positi$es - #ot too salt% &1 tablespoon is enough( - :t mi-e' better compare' to before as the water was gra'uall% poure'* Minus& - .lthough the shallots a''e' colour4 the taste was not strong enough* - Fritters 'i' not fr% fast enough* Impro$ements ' !ut re' onions rather than shallots which taste stronger* - +ake fritters smaller an' thinner b% flattening 'own* - 1eplace shallots to garnish with 'ill which will not be o)erpowering together with the shallots*

Master Chef

:n e-periment $ : ma'e corn fritters using the same action plan an' recipe as e-periment 1 but with mo'ifications base' on what happene'* Some negati)e things that happene' 'uring the e-periment were that the fritters 'i' not fr% fast enough* ;his can be impro)e' ne-t time b% making them thinner an' smaller* .lso the shallots coul' not reall% be taste' so it might pro)e )aluable to change from shallots to re' onions which ha)e a stronger taste* :n or'er to change from shallots to re' onions it ma% be worthwhile to change from shallots as a garnish to 'ill4 this is as ha)ing raw shallots with the re' onions ma% be too o)erpowering whereas 'ill is more mute' but will still taste goo'* Some positi)e things were that this time it was not too salt%4 pro)ing that onl% 1 tablespoon was enough* .nother positi)e was that this time it was not too 'ough% meaning that : was effecti)el% managing m% time as : ha' the right amount of time to fr% rather than rushing an' lea)ing them 'ough% in the centre* O)erall4 : think that : ha' greatl% impro)e' from e-periment 1 an' that : now know how to impro)e for ne-t time*

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