Go to delivery dashboard for Particular DC, for which Sev-1 has raised

2. Download the Excel

. !a"e out the delivery #u$ber and %o to ! code&'(S)*PPED(+*,,ED

*n this Screen. /ut in Shi//in% Point the DC nu$ber and /ut delivery creation date with in ran%e and Put all delivery #u$ber fro$ Dashboard. Execute .-.

*nvoice #u$ber and Pic"in% details by clic"in% on each tab . 3e can also 4uic"ly analy5e. 1or +etter understandin% of the /ossible issues. Clic" on Su$$ary in to/ 2i%ht hand corner of 2e/ort 1ro$ Su$$ary Details. 3e can also 4uic"ly "now the status of *doc a%ainst Profor$a *nvoice usin% +D9: .doc 0.the ste/ is shared in below docu$ent< Tip to find Idoc No for Billing Docum ents easily. 3e can 4uic"ly analy5e followin% /oints 1. *s Profor$a *nvoice has been created for that7 .0. !he re/ort will be fetched with all Details. 3e can also ex/lore li"e Profor$a *nvoice #u$ber. *s 6ll Deliveries has been /ic"ed7 2. that is for all Profor$a &D82 and &D8 has been tri%%ered usin% #6S! and "now the status -.