Preschool should begin with children’s current knowledge. It is important that the children in my class acquire new information through scaffolding. I will involve the children in the planning process for the classroom’s themes, projects, and activities, by including time during large group for the children to express their interests and ask questions about the current projects. I believe the children will have a better understanding of the knowledge, if they are learning about their interests. The activities will be more meaningful because the children will have base knowledge to build on. My curriculum will be play-based and the children will learn through active investigations. It is critical that preschoolers learn in a developmentally appropriate environment. I will provide children with an environment, which is open to explorations and discovery. I will encourage independence and creativity in my classroom. The children will be able to complete most activities on their own, which will increase their confidence. During the investigation and exploring process I will ensure that the activities are well rounded, they will include multiple learning domains. The activities will be able to have adaptations made if necessary to accommodate the children individual needs. Children’s development varies; therefore the activities will be differentiated allowing everyone in the class to participate. Learning is the most meaningful if new information is built upon the child’s existing knowledge. As a teacher I will attend to the children’s social and emotional needs first. Children will only benefit from preschool after their basic needs have been met. In my class the children are going to investigate new concepts through hands-on activities. The children will learn and grow in all of the domains. I will provide activities and

investigations in the following areas physical, creative, cognitive, language, social, and emotional. By completing the activities and investigations the children will be able to expand on their current knowledge. The children’s ideas, interests, and personalities will be included into the topics and concepts taught in my class. I will involve the children in brainstorming ideas for future projects. Several field trips and guest speakers will be a part of my curriculum. Children will gain first-hand knowledge on the topics being investigated through those experiences. Age appropriate books will be available for reference. The children will be encouraged to ask questions, share their ideas, and thoughts during the activities. Their comments will always be respected! I will have a literacy-rich classroom. The children’s bookshelf will continually have new books for the children to explore. I will provide books on the children’s interest and topics being investigate at that time. Their will be age appropriate magazines available for the children to look at. The reading area will have comfortable areas to sit and look at a book or magazine. My classroom will also have a writing center with journals for every child. My classroom and curriculum will celebrate diversity. My classroom will include multiple cultures through children’s books, materials in the dramatic play area, and decorations on the walls. My curriculum will teach acceptance and respect to others! As a teacher I believe that family involvement is imperative in a child’s educational experience. I value having a strong communication line with the parent(s) of the children in my classroom. As stated earlier a child’s social and emotional needs have to be met before any learning is able to happen; having a relationship with the families in the classroom is a way of ensuring these needs are met. Parents can also be great guest speakers! I will send newsletters

home and keep parent(s) informed on the current theme of investigation in my classroom. I believe that this will allow the families to enrich their child’s learning outside of school. Sending a newsletter home also provides the parent(s) with the opportunity to provide additional resources for the classroom. As a teacher I will always appreciate any family member interest in volunteering in the classroom. Having volunteers in the classroom can provide a smaller ratio, which will benefit the children. The children are the main focus of my philosophy. As a teacher I will teach to the whole child through a holistic approach. I will ensure that every individual child is learning in my classroom and will make adaptations if needed. My classroom, materials, and activities will be developmentally appropriate. Children will learn through hands-on meaningful experiences. My activities will be based on the children’s interest and they will learn through exploration. I will include the early childhood standards into their investigations. As I teacher I will always have a child-centered classroom!