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Proof Positive John 5:31-47


August 24th 2008

Jesus healed the invalid at the ool o! "ethesda and told him to ta#e his mat with him. $he religious oli%e saw the man %arr&ing the mat and told him he was brea#ing the law. 'e de!ended himsel! b& telling them that the man who %ured him told him to ta#e u his mat. (nstead o! being awestru%# at the instantaneous healing o! someone that had been an invalid !or 38 &ears) the& were an*ious to %at%h the man who told him to brea# the +abbath rest b& %arr&ing his mat. (t,s hard to believe someone %ould be so dogmati% about their rules) but the& were. $o hel us understand how that was ossible) we have to understand Jewish histor&. -hen the Jews were %arried awa& into %a tivit&) the ro hets told them it was be%ause the& had not #e t their art o! the %ovenant with .od. /art o! that %ovenant was #ee ing the +abbath wee#l& and the on%e ever& 7-&ear +abbath rest !or the !ields. 01eviti%us 25:42 $he 3hroni%les told them the length o! their e*ile was e4uivalent to the number o! &ears the& ignored the +abbath rest !or the !ields. 0Jeremiah 17:27523hroni%les 36:212 .od gave the land that rest b& removing them. 7uring the e*ile and return to the land) movements s rang u that were aimed at seeing the Jewish eo le never %om romise again so the& would not have to endure another e*ile. $hat is how the /harisees be%ame so legalisti%. (t was motivated b& !ear o! 8udgment. 09e%hariah 7:11-122 $he& had a good desire in tr&ing to be !aith!ul to .od) but went so overboard in tr&ing to en!or%e their rules to rote%t the laws that the& ended u brea#ing the s irit o! the laws. 0:ar# 7:132 +o when the& saw the man %arr&ing the mat) their mindset wasn,t about the wonder!ul !a%t that .od was mira%ulousl& resent 0an ob8e%tive o! real +abbath #ee ing2 but instead on #ee ing the eo le obedient to the rules so that .od would not have to 8udge them harshl&. 0;ehemiah 13:17-182 $o have someone telling others to brea# their rules that the& designed to rote%t the +abbath was even a greater threat to holding o!! the wrath o! .od. $hat is what was behind this insane legalism. Jesus res onded to the legalists, a%%usations b& ma#ing some ver& radi%al %laims about 'imsel!. 'e de%lared that 'e %ould give li!e to an&one at will. 'e %laimed to be the Judge o! man#ind. 'e said 'e is +on o! :an) a re!eren%e !rom 7aniel,s ro he%& about the <ne to whom sovereign ower and authorit& would be given) the <ne whom all will worshi . $hat was so radi%al that the& %onsidered it blas hem&. 'ow %an a human %laim those things that belong to .od alone= (n our assage toda&) Jesus ro%eeds to de!end 'is %laims. 31 "If I testify about myself, my testimony is not valid. 32 There is another who testifies in my favor, and I know that his testimony about me is valid. An&one %an ma#e an& %laim. -hen someone sa&s something about them sel!) it o!ten isn,t a valid statement. <ne rabbi even wrote that a erson,s ersonal testimon& in %ourt should not be %onsidered. -e %an overrate ourselves out o! ride. -e %an understate our gi!ts and abilit& through !alse 1

John was the lam . 0John 1:272 33 $hen Jesus said something that is ver& revealing about 'is attitude toward these religious leaders.t both be right.t li#e the /harisees and +addu%ees. $he religious leaders were 8ust misguided in how to go about it. (! that is the %ase) wh& did 'e s end so mu%h time tal#ing with them= -h& did 'e a%%e t dinner invitations with them= 01u#e 7:362 @emember) . and you !hose for a time to en&oy his li%ht. "ut the whole reason 'e brought u John the "a tist was to tr& to get them to hear and be saved. 0'osea 3:52 Anointed one is Bthe 3hristC in .t matter what men sa&. 3$ John was a lam" that burned and %ave li%ht.s eternal soul saved !rom wrath. and whi!h I am doin%. Jesus said 'e had John as a witness) but 'e also had 'is a%tions as a witness. A%tuall&) Jesus and the religious leaders are tr&ing to a%%om lish the same thing.od loves the world) and that means A11 the eo le in it. 0John 1:1>2 John told them o! the <ne to %ome whose sandals he wasn. -hen man& read the gos els) the& %ome awa& with the im ression that Jesus didn. Jesus ver& well ma& have had this assage in mind. testifies that the (ather has sent me. 3' "I have testimony wei%htier than that of John. 2 . -e get a mu%h more a%%urate estimation i! we as# others who observe us regularl&) es e%iall& someone that is a s irituall& mature erson. 1) "*ere I will make a horn %row for +avid and set u" a lam" for my anointed one. 07euteronom& 17:62 $he 1aw o! :oses re4uired two witnesses to #ee one erson !rom in%riminating someone the& were at odds with. @emember an e*am le o! this at the trial o! Jesus be!ore 3aia has. Jesus was harsh) but 'e was harsh in order to brea# through all the indo%trination the& had grown u with. $he original language has the de!inite arti%le be!ore Blam C. 0:ar# 14:5>2 $he& tried to get two witnesses to agree.ree#. -hile the& are rebu#ing 'im !or brea#ing their rules in order to save (srael !rom wrath) Jesus is telling them some hard sa&ings to tr& to #ee them !rom wrath.t &ou listen to the ro het John=C $o %onvi%t a !ellow Jew o! the more serious %rimes) one had to have two witnesses that agreed.t worth& to tie. $hat is love not animosit&A 1ove is willing to ris# relationshi and a%%e tan%e in order to see someone. ?irst) 'e told them it didn.humilit&. "You have sent to John and he has testified to the truth. $he& %ouldn. 34 ot that I a!!e"t human testimony# but I mention it that you may be saved. (or the very work that the (ather has %iven me to finish. As Jesus is the +on o! 7avid) 7avid is ro heti% :essiani% term. (t would end u resulting in 'is death) but 'e #e t on telling them the truth. $hose that were atta%#ing Jesus had sent a delegation to John the "a tist to as# about his tea%hing. 'e 8ust %ared about what 'is ?ather thought. Jesus was re!erring to something s e%i!i%) erha s the :essiani% redi%tion in /salm 132:17. +o Jesus said) B-h& didn.

3. (n that time) there were the %ommon rabbi) and then there were those who memoriEed the entire 1aw) ro hets) and salms. 0:atthew 8:122 -hat throws us is that 'is li!e ends on the %ross.od be%ame a man) would 'e live an& di!!erentl& than the li!e o! Jesus= 'e showed 'is ower over %reation and %om assion on the si%#.od we will hear 'im sa&) B$his is m& beloved +on whom ( love. You have never heard his voi!e nor seen his form. $he onl& wa& ( %an inter ret this is b& John the "eloved.nd the (ather who sent me has himself testified !on!ernin% me./ $he& had memoriEed huge ortions o! +%ri ture) more than an& o! us) and &et Jesus said . 0:ar# 4:415:atthew 8:162 'e boldl& de%lared who 'e was and 'is mission to save us 0:atthew 20:282) but 'e didn.s voi%e and 'is word did not dwell in them) be%ause the& did not believe Jesus. 'ear 'imAC 0:atthew 3:1751u#e >:352 "ut the& didn. Dou have the ro het John) the mira%les Jesus er!ormed) and .od) 'imsel!) testi!ies o! Jesus. 3) $hin#) !or a moment) about that hrase) Bnor does his word dwell in you.s hard !or us to imagine an& god loving us enough to endure that) but that is be%ause we tend to thin# o! what we would ut u with i! we had all ower.ot man& eo le %an sa& &ou should believe what the& sa& be%ause o! the wa& the& live. da&. (t.m sa&ing is that 'is li!e was greater in humilit&) love and ur ose than we would imagine. .o one but Jesus %an as# !or belie! in them be%ause o! mira%ulous deeds.C $hin# about that. (n 'im) ( am well leased. $here ma& be one more tradition behind Jesus.t %ome %lose to sheer number o! mira%les Jesus er!ormed.s de%laration that the -ord was made !lesh in Jesus. (! &ou were able to do that and two others who were re%ogniEed as that to level o! rabbi %on!irmed that &ou had done so and were worth&) &ou would than attain to that to level o! rabbi. 0John 1:142 (n other words) the -ord o! .Jesus ba%#ed 'is %laim u with 'is mira%ulous deeds. 'e is witness number three) and 'e is the ultimate witness.t hear 'is voi%e at the ba tism) nor do the& hear 'is voi%e in their heart. 'e %ould tell others how to inter ret the +abbath 1aw. 7o we= (! we are in tune with . $hat should be roo! ositive !or an& sin%ere see#er o! the truth. 3 .od. use o! two witnesses. Dou %ould ut all the mira%les o! the ro hets together and the& wouldn.t invite s%rutin&. Jesus ma& have been sa&ing 'e was o! that level and more. $here were onl& a !ew in Jesus. $he %ommon rabbi 4uoted others who had %ome be!ore. for you do not believe the one he sent. 'e #new the +%ri tures and 'is two witnesses were John the "a tist and 'is mira%ulous wor#s. .nor does his word dwell in you.s word did not dwell in them. (! .od. 0/salm 11>:112 $here must be a di!!eren%e between memoriEing +%ri ture and having the -ord live in us. $he religious leaders didn. 'e was %laiming authorit& e4ual to) and greater than) those that the religious leaders based their o inions on. -hat (. . "ut Jesus said in essen%e) B:& li!e testi!ies that ( am heaven sent and that m& %laims are true. $he& dared not inter ret the 1aw themselves.t hear .t shrin# !rom warning o! !inal 8usti%e to those who %lung to evil. -e generall& don. $his highest level o! rabbi %ould inter ret the law and be 4uoted b& others.od is the +on o! the $rinit&) one with the 'ol& + irit.

od o! histor& ainted i%ture a!ter i%ture !or us o! 'is +on. You dili%ently study the 1!ri"tures be!ause you think that by them you "ossess eternal life. $he religious leaders had !allen into a tra that we %an easil& !all into as well. $he ro het John said Jesus is the <ne.ow we are getting down to wh& eo le reall& re8e%t Jesus. $he !irst thing Jesus did a!ter the resurre%tion was to e* lain the <ld $estament to the two on the road to Fmmaus. 'is statement wasn. Des) &our heart is beating and &ou are still breathing) but li!e is #nowing . $hat is witness number !ourA Jesus is sa&ing) BDou. 0John 17:32 -ithout that) as alive as &ou thin# &ou are) &ou. .od and 1ord o! all. 01u#e 24:272 $hen when 'e showed u in the room that the dis%i les were hiding in) 'e e* lained it to them as well. (! &ou thin# &our o inion is better than 'is de%laration) let me as# &ou i! &ou %an oint to &our li!e as a reason to believe &ou= Jesus %an oint to 'is li!e and we are still in awe o! how 'e lived even to this da&. BThese are the 1!ri"tures that testify about me.(! the + irit o! . $he& worshi ed the +%ri tures. Det) i! we don.od) but the& don. 0A%ts 3:182 $hat is wh& ( wrote that boo#) Jesus 3on!ealed in the 4ld Testament. $hat was their main message. $he letter is dangerous without the + irit.ve got these !our undeniable witnesses that all agree and &et &ou re!use to %ome to me to have li!eAC .t. manner o! s ea#ing is uni4ue.od was the great rule ma#er in the s#& that doles out 'is love and mer%& on those who er!orm e*a%tl& as 'e has res%ribed.od is not at home in them.s voi%e and believe the one 'e sent. 3orre%t inter retation o! the +%ri tures 0the <ld $estament2 is to see Jesus throughout those writings. (t.t a su osition or a suggestion5 it was a de%laration o! !a%t. $he 'ol& + irit has been at wor# in their li!e) but 'e does not &et live in them. $he %hur%h toda& does not em hasiEe this oint enough. $he <ld $estament is !ull o! ro he%ies and i%tures o! Jesus. 0note2 $he& thought b& #nowledge o! the details the& %ould lease . $he& missed the sim le de%laration o! the /salmist) B$here is none that does good) no not oneAC 0/salm 14:32 30 Jesus is sa&ing something here that the dis%i les too# as a new aradigm. 4 .od s ea#s to our hearts and tells us.t) we will never re%eive li!e. 'ow intolerant o! Jesus to sa& su%h a thing= . $he sovereign .od and 'is word isn.re still dead.s de%larations o! truth. 'is word does not dwell in them.od does not reside in them) there ma& be a million words memoriEed in their head) but the -ord o! . Jesus. -hat more %ould &ou as# !or= $he roblem is we re!use to %ome to 'im be%ause we #now that to do so means to a%#nowledge that 'e is 1ord and we aren. These are the 1!ri"tures that testify about me.od as i! ./ Jesus said.od. 'is mira%les roved it. $he& have not &et heard 'is voi%e.s not !or la%# o! roo!.od and Jesus. BDou don.t living in &ouAC +ometimes we meet eo le that are genuinel& see#ing the truth. 01u#e 24:44-452 $hroughout the boo# o! A%ts the dis%i les and /aul rea%hed Jesus !rom the +%ri tures. 023orinthians 3:62 -hen the + irit is at home in &ou) &ou hear .t hear . 42 yet you refuse to !ome to me to have life.t re%eive Jesus as the +on o! .o) how auda%ious o! man to 4uestion +on o! :an. $he& almost seem to be a %hild o! .

(! the& re!used to see that) :oses will one da& stand and a%%use them. on whom your ho"es are set. yet make no effort to obtain the "raise that !omes from the only 5od7 (t 8ust isn.t reall& %are what men sa& about us. <n that da& the& aren.t believe :oses) whom the& %ontinuall& studied) the& will never believe the words o! Jesus.od %an. and you do not a!!e"t me# but if someone else !omes in his own name. (t is onl& when we turn !rom the things the world lauds that we %an trul& see# what leases . (! &ou are see#ing the raise o! men) &ou will never ma#e an e!!ort to re%eive the raise that %omes !rom . (! the& don.od too) but Jesus was sa&ing i! one is true the other isn. 4) 8ut sin!e you do not believe what he wrote. 4$ $he Jews o! that da& believed :oses was in heaven inter%eding !or them. (! the raise is valid and not !latter&) it deserves to be laid at the !eet o! Jesus.t ins ired revelation o! the +on o! .od) and then we %an trul& believe in Jesus. redi%tion o! their a%%e tan%e o! !alse :essiahs and the destru%tion o! the $em le %ame to ass. 0:atthew 6:242 $his is a #e& %hallenge !or ever&one that %omes to 3hrist) but es e%iall& !or those who are in the ubli% e&e. I have !ome in my (ather6s name.s wh& their religious li!e was a big show. how are you %oin% to believe what I say7" $he& invested their lives in stud&ing the boo#s o! :oses. Jesus !li ed that idea around and said he is in heaven a%%using them. Jesus is re eating 'is oint that the +%ri tures are all about 'im. 4' If you believed 9oses. 5 .t going to tell :oses that isn. $he& #new the& loved the raise o! men.od) and there!ore &ou will never believe. $his desire !or the raise o! man is what has led to the down!all o! so man&.t. -hen the love o! . Your a!!user is 9oses. for he wrote about me. A!ter Jesus as%ension) a number o! men %ame on the s%ene and %laimed to be the :essiah. 0:atthew 6:52 $he& believed the& loved .od is in our hearts) we don. 0John 15:52 41 -hat a sho%#ing statement this was) and &et what %onvi%tion it must have %arried. $he& wanted to oust @ome) and the& did obtain ba%#ing !rom the religious leaders. 0. Jesus.t be in &ou. 0John 12:432 $hat.alatians 1:102 ( value &our en%ouraging words o! a re%iation) but ( alwa&s have to ta#e them to the 1ord and a%#nowledge that i! an&thing good %ame !rom me) it is all be%ause o! 'im.t ossible. -ithout 'im) ever&one o! us would be in the sandals o! these religious leaders) re!using to %ome to 'im to have li!e. As long as 'e is leased) we are satis!ied."I do not a!!e"t "raise from men.od. 0:atthew 24:52 (! &ou need even more roo!) there it is. 43 *ow !an you believe if you a!!e"t "raise from one another. -hose raise are &ou see#ing= 44 "8ut do not think I will a!!use you before the (ather. -e want to lease the ?ather. you will a!!e"t him. I know that you do not have the love of 5od in your hearts.t what he meant or that what he wrote wasn. you would believe me. 42 but I know you. (! &ou love raise !rom men) the love o! .

'e laid out the roo! !or them and !or us that we might %ome to 'im !or li!e. 01John 2:162 Along %omes this %ar enter rabbi !rom a little rural town and tells them ever&thing is about 'im) but that the& are in%a able o! re%eiving it. -ill &ou %ling to the world and re!use to believe or will &ou let go o! &our own ambitions and %ome to Jesus !or li!e) real li!e) eternal li!e= Are &ou see#ing the raise that %omes !rom .$hese religious leaders had invested their lives in boasting about what the& do. $he boo# o! A%ts tells us that a!ter the resurre%tion man& o! them did believe. Jesus laid it out !or an& honest see#er.od alone= 6 . -e have enough roo!. 0'ebrews 12:252 $hat is the oint o! this assage. 0A%ts 6:72 'is words got through to their hearts and the& were able to leave their worldl& ambitions behind and !ollow. :an& more %ontinued to re!use to believe.

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