Math Test Reflections: Algebra and Indices (Chapters 1 and 2

Daniela Toledo

Level 3-4 6. (a)  -Incorrect 2a × 2(a-1) =22a-1 -Correct = 22a-1 -Reflection I think that I did get the correct answer for this problem, I think that it was marked as incorrect because I did not show my work or the method used. The rule for this problem is that you keep the bases and add the exponents. I can improve next time by showing my work on the test paper. Level 5-6 8. (b)  -Incorrect 2x+2 _ x = 6x – 9 6 6 6 2x + 2 – x= 6x – 9 3x + 2 = 6x – 9 -3x -3x 2= 3x – 9 +9 +9 11= 3x 3x = 11 X= 11 3 -Correct

x +1 – x = 2x -3 3 6 2 ×2 ×1 ×3 2x +2 - x = 6x -9 6 6 6 2x +2 - x = 6x -9 x +2 = 6x -9 +9 +9 x +11= 6x -x -x 11= 5x x= 11 5 -Reflection While solving this problem, the base of my working out was correct. My method was correct too. The only problem was that when I got to the step of subtracting a negative number, I got confused and instead did not pay attention to the sign and added by mistake. I corrected this, by noticing that when you subtract a negative number from a geater, positive number…the number will remain positive. After that, it was easy to solve the rest of the problem with no issues. I can improve by double checking my work for “silly” and uncautious mistakes like these ones. 8. (c )  -Incorrect 6x+ 3 _ 1- 4x = 6x +14 12 12 12 6x + 3 -6 -24x = 6x + 14 -18x -3 = 6x +14 +3 +3 -18x -3 = 6x +14 -14 -14 6x = -32 x= -32

6 x= -16 3 -Correct 2x + 1 – 1-4x + 3x +7 4 2 6 ×3 ×6 ×2 6x +3 – 6-24x = 6x +14 12 12 12 6x +3 – 6-24x = 6x +14 -18x -3 = 6x +14 +3 +3 -18x = 6x +17 +18x +18x 0= 24x +17 x= 17 24 -Reflection I did most steps correct in this problem also. I found a common denominator, I grouped like terms, but I did make a mistake when I was meant to add 3 to both sides of the equation. I forgot to add to same equal amount to the RHS of the equation and therefore got an incorrect answer. I corrected this by adding properly to both sides of the equation and then following through with the rest of the problem until I got to the simplified answer of x = 17/24 9. (b)  -Incorrect 32p15 q10 p -Correct = 32p15 q10 p

= 32 × P15-1 +q10 1 = 32p15 q10 = 25 p14 q10

-Reflection During the test, I did attempt to solve this problem, but I did not show much of my work so it is hard to see where I made my mistake. I left my final answer as a fraction, I did not write all integers in index form, and I did not simplify to the fullest possible extent. Other than that, my work seems to be correct. I corrected this by starting the problem with distributing (multiplying) the indices. In this case, 2p 215 becomes 32p15 . then, I used the method shown in the textbook (index laws) to get rid of the fraction and simplify my answer. You first have to divide the whole numbers and then subtract the indices together with the variables. After that, the only step that was left was to simplify any numbers to their index form and then I got my final answer of 25 p14 q10 . I can improve by always trying to find a way to simplify my answer and always use this method instead of other methods to help me with these specific problems. 9. (c)  -Incorrect (no attempt) -Correct
5 √7

1 _ 1 . 71/5


= 7-1/5 -Reflection I simply did not attempt this method because I just did not know the method. After looking through the textbook one more time, I can really see how to follow through with this method and now I know and understand the steps properly. In this case, you first have to follow the method’s rule. When solving these kinds of problems, you will always have to do the same thing. 5 √7 is equal to71/5. And that gets you closer to having your answer written in index form. I can improve in the future by always attempting a problem, especially if I understand the correct method. I can also improve by learning the rules for each method particularly because it does help greatly, especially in a test.