Tolerances for Sheets/Plates

Tolerances for Sheets/Plates
Width thickness tolerances for Cold-rolled Sheets/Plates according to EN 485-4:2008
Alloy group: I = EN AW -1050A/EN AW -3003/EN AW -5005 II = EN AW -5052/ EN AW - 5754/EN AW -5083/EN AW -6082/EN AW -7075

Width thickness tolerances for Hot-rolled Sheets/Plates according to EN 485-3:2008
Valid for alloy groups I & II

Flatness tolerances
Flatne ss tole rance s for she e ts/plate s are indicate d in the table s down-be low and are e x pre sse d as a pe rce ntage of the le ngth L and /or the width W and/or the m e asure d chord le ngth L. De viation from flatne ss is m e asure d as shown in the figure s using a lightwe ight straighte dge and a fe e le r gauge , while the she e t or plate is re sting on an horizontal base plate concave side upwards. d = De viation from flatne ss l = le ngth of buck le (chord)



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