MARILYN BUGARIN BARUA YAP Guest Speaker Introduction By Samuel Baltazar Batara A Foundation Anniversary celebrates through pageantry the very essence of an institution’s existence. It commemorates the joys and aspirations of all stakeholders as the school takes stock of its majestic achievements and presents them as an oblation expressive of the thanksgiving emanating from educated hearts and minds. Ilocos Norte National High School has all the reasons to be joyful and celebrate. She proudly lifts her crowning glories, accumulated over the years, made vivid by the thousands of illustrious graduates who have etched their names in halls of fame at home and abroad. And tonight, one of her diadems is physically personified as we behold a truly successful lawyer and widely acclaimed government official gracing our coronation rites. Our crowning guest was born in Laoag City possessing the basic ingredients needed in attaining success. A consistent first honor student at Laoag Central School obviously graduated the pride of her batch at Ilocos Norte National High School in 1969. Counted with the very few lucky scholars who enter the gates of the premier university of the land, she graduated Cum Laude in English and Literature from the University of the Philippines in 1973. Learning was to her not only unending but to be continued with determination and excellence. She pursued graduate studies at the UP College of Law and passed the Bar in 1985. Never contented in her search for knowledge, she also took MBA at PSBA, Masters in Education at the UP College of Education, and Masters in Public Management at the Ateneo School of Government. Our celebrated alumna tonight has already passed the comprehensive examination towards her Doctorate in Public Administration in the University of the Philippines. Distinction was inseparable from her studies as she constantly received numerous citations, scholarships, gold medals and merit awards. Her scholastic achievements engendered very active involvements and leaderships in countless school, college and professional organizations. The blood of an authentic writer must be running through the elastic veins of our crowning guest. From being tagged as writer of the year and a gold medalist in public speaking during her high school days, she has become a widely read freelance journalist. She has served as Contributing Writer to Government Assessment Repots, to the Review of Women’s Studies, to Channel 7 monthly episodes, and as a Partner with PRIME Consultancy Services which does research, information management and editorial services. A thinker who never stops expressing her thoughts on contemporary issues, she keeps a huge archive of published and unpublished papers. It must be true that a brainy person seeks to further develop the mind through encounters with intellectual kind. Aside from short stints with the Yap, Velasco & Perez, and A.C.C. Law Offices, and doing legal counsel for Union Bank, our inspiration tonight has previously pursued her love for education of hearts and minds and training of skills. She advanced from being a UP English Lecturer to an Ateneo Lecturer in Business Law and an Adjunct Faculty of the UP College of Public Administration and Governance. She has worked as Lecturer Trainor for Congress

Personnel, for the National Commission for Culture and Arts, and as Training and Information Director in the Office of the President. Our distinguished alumna is well acquainted with the ins and outs of the legislative branch of government. It won’t be so hard a deal if she develops an ambition to be our next Congresswoman. In the House of Representatives, she has served sequentially as Supervising Staff Officer, Chief of Staff, and Director IV in the Offices of the Minority and Majority Leaders. The lower chamber may not even be her last stop. In the Supreme Court and in the Senate respectively, she has been a Consultant in the subsequent Offices of then Chief Justice and then Senate President Marcelo Fernan. We should not wonder if we get another lawmaker of our alumni. If through travels a person is made whole by her exposure to various cultures and interactions with peoples of other nations, our celebrity possesses a well-rounded personality. She has jetted around the globe comparable to a commercial pilot. Over the years she has attended meetings and conferences in Switzerland, Rome, Italy, France, South Africa, America, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan. Our guest of honor and speaker must be one who can truly appreciate with us the significance of this cultural reenactment we do tonight. Propelling this history of greatness written on the pages of our star’s book of life is a wonderful family. Sharing a blissful marriage with Atty. David Jonathan Yap, Chief Legal Counsel of the Philippine Senate, they are blessed with equally intelligent offspring: David Joseph Emmanuel, a U.P. Magna Cum Laude graduate of Statistics and Ateneo Master in Economics scholar graduate; Daniel Patrick Jonathan at Cupertino Center for Special Children, and Maria Regina Pauline, a consistent U.P. Scholar. Indeed, our outstanding alumna for the occasion, through myriads of her beautiful experiences, must have tested a chest of the nuggets of wisdom she can share with us. Ladies and Gentlemen, please join me in welcoming a talented lawyer, notable academician, skilled trainer, creative writer, the Valedictorian of Ilocos Norte National High School Class 1969, the present Secretary General of the House of Representatives, ATTY. MARILYN BUGARIN BARUA YAP.

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