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Doctor Oz

Are you planning to get rid of some extra fats from your body?... Here are 10 Foods That Burn Fat 1. Oats : ts not only tastes great but also redu!es your hunger. Oats !ontains fiber "hi!h helps and stabili#es the le$els of !holesterol. %. &ggs : &ggs are the ri!h sour!es of proteins and lo" in !alories. &ggs helps us to build the mus!les and de$elops the good !holesterol. '. Apples : Apples are enri!hed "ith po"erful antioxidants and other supplements. (ost importantly it !ontains )e!tin "hi!h helps to redu!e the fat !ells in the body. *. +reen ,hillies : +reen !hillies !ontains ,apsai!in "hi!h helps to de$elop the body gro"th !ells and burns the !alories in -ui!. time. /. +arli! : +arli! !ontains Alli!in "hi!h has anti0ba!terial properties helps us to redu!e the fat and remo$es the bad !holesterol. 1. Honey : Honey is the best one to burn fat. Add honey in "arm "ater and ta.e it daily in the early morning. 2. +reen Tea : +reen Tea is the most effe!ti$e one "hi!h helps you to lose "eight. t !ontains Antioxidants "hi!h helps and stabili#es our body "eight.Ta.e daily % !ups of tea for a better results. 3. 4heat +rass : t boosts our metabolism and helps to redu!e the fat. 5. Tomatoes : Tomatoes helps us to burn the fat in -ui!. time. t also helps us to stay a"ay from !an!er. 6o Ta.e tomatoes in your diet regularly. 10. 7ar. ,ho!olate : 7ar. !ho!olate !ontains Fla$onoids8 anti0inflammatory properties "hi!h helps to redu!e the !holesterol le$els in the blood. t boost the gro"th of serotonin in the blood and also burns the fat. For (ore Tips 0 """.fa!eboo..!om9+ar!inia.,ambogia.7r.O# 6HA:& ; <& https:99""".fa!eboo..!om9do!toro#1