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Whitney Mae Brown 1 Teacher Work Sample

Learning Environment
Behavioral Expectations 3 Rs 1. Respect Authority a. Every student is to respect the authority in his or her classroom and school. Authority includes the teacher, assistants, school faculty and visitors. Respect is following directions the first time they are stated. 2. Respect Classmates a. Every student is to respect his or her classmates. This includes keeping your hands to yourself and making sure you do not invade other students space. Also respecting classmates is making sure they maintain a safe environment. 3. Respect Yourself a. Every student is to respect him or herself. They are to make sure they are working hard at making sure they complete what is needed for them to do to succeed. Also by respecting themselves they are making sure they remain safe at all times. Hierarchy of Consequences 1st offense: Warning and moving of tag from safe zone to strike one. Warning with sad face drawn on daily behavior chart. 2nd offense: Moving tag to strike two zone. Note sent home on daily behavior chart explaining actions that required child to move tag. Note also requires parents signature. 3rd offense. Moving tag to strike three zone. Phone call to parent to explaining the situation and a different route that needs to be taken to assure the child understands the rules and guidelines. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: If a child has acted in a severe misbehavior that could cause serious injury to another child or adult, the child will be transported to the office and sent home for the remained of the day. Depending on the misbehavior of the child, the child might be placed into custody of the Principal to make further arrangement to provide a safe environment for the other students and adults. Reinforcements As the teacher, I will provide rewards for positive students actions and work. A student will be rewarded when they exceed standards in different areas. The students will be encouraged mostly by intrinsic reinforcements. Students will be encouraged to do their best on all of there work. The classroom will be a positive atmosphere where students are to work to accomplish tasks that make themselves proud of their own work without looking for others for rewards. There will be small extrinsic reinforcements for acts of kindness and manners displayed. Students will receive tickets. For every 5 tickets, the student will be able to choose their own center during center time. For every 10 tickets, the student will be able to sit by a

friend from another class at lunch. For every 15 tickets, the student will be able to sit at the teachers desk during class time. Non-Instructional Routines and Procedures Begin and end class o Beginning class Math morning work displayed on smart board o When the students arrive to class The students will move their clip to which lunch option they choose for lunch for the day. The students will turn in homework at the teachers desk. o Ending class Each table will be called to gather their book bags. Students will have folders on top of desk Teacher will walk around signing behavior charts Students will line up according to their way of transportation. Utilize Student helpers o Each morning the students will be rotated on which job they are assigned to for the day. Each childs name is on a Popsicle stick and will be moved into different envelopes. Jobs are Paper passer, paper gatherer, line leader, door holder, breakfast clean up crew, lunch clean up crew Routines o Every Friday, students will turn in their pencil pouch. The teacher will restock and sharpen pencils. Then the teacher will return pencil pouches to students desk. o Each student is allowed to go to the restroom by asking. If the bathroom is outside of the classroom, they are required to use a bathroom pass. If the bathroom is inside the classroom, they may then use it. The only time bathroom breaks are not allowed is during a lesson. o When transitioning between classes or hallways, students are to clean up their desk. The line leader is to go in front of the door while the door holder opens the door after they have cleaned their personal table. Each table will be called on one by one to line up. o The teacher will rehearse the expectations on how students are to perform during an emergency drill. When we do have a drill, students will line up quickly but safely without commotion on

Whitney Mae Brown 3 Teacher Work Sample where they are in line. These drills will be practice before emergency so the students know the routine before hand.