"First World treatment' at Third World prices"

Corporate Profile Medicotreat is a medical travel service provider company based at New Delhi, India. We have associate partners across the world that coordinate and mange the medical tour. Medicotreat is a Meher Pharma International group company. Other sister concern companies are Anis Pharma International, U.SBiotech, Acura Biotech and Meher Pathlabs. Medicotreat outsource medical treatment for both Indian and foreign patients. It is a responsibility of everyone to expel light back to his/her birth place or society or country or to the world. Medicotreat is a dream come true enterprise for Mr.Shahbaz who is a founder of this company. He is a pharmaceutical exporter and social worker based at New Delhi, India. His philosophy or ideology is “To protect humanity and respect humanity”. We are a big family of Adam & Eve. We all are blood relative. Medicotreat has dual business association with the hospitals as we supply medicine on regular basis being a pharmaceutical manufacturer. We get better negotiated price for treatment package from the hospitals with full service guarantee. We'll guide you, step-by-step, through the entire process. Within a short period of time, you'll receive very valuable assistance from our India Program Managers to help facilitate the planning of your medical retreat. Our hospitality will make you feel at home. We will take care of you pre-treatment to post treatment travel services. Medicotreat is committed to donate 100 % net profit to NGO, Rab Di Meher (Blessings of God). Rab Di Meher has its own slogan “Protect Humanity and Respect Humanity”. Medicotreat is ready to sponsor treatment cost of needy patient across the world without regard to religion. Medicotreat associate will get treatment facility at a very lower cost and can pay treatment cost in easy monthly instalment. Vision: Creating affordable treatment to all global citizens. Mission: Connecting hospitals, pathological laboratories and medicine producers to make the treatment cost affordable. Objective: innovating affordable treatment facilities Medicotreat is the first medical tourism service provider company in Indian capital that offer treatment facility to all global citizen depending on the financial health of the patients. Most importantly Medicotreat is also offering monthly instalment facility of payment for poor patients and associates from across the world.

Medicotourism Many of the most advanced medical travel facilities in the world exist outside of the United States and European Union. Best Top 10 Destinations for Medical Tourism in the world is Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador, India, Malaysia, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand and Turkey. Indian healthcare industry is the World’s largest industry with total revenue of US$ 2.8 Trillion, offering employment to around 4 million people. Medical tourism market is valued to be worth over $2 Billion with foreign patients coming by 150,000 every year More than 40 pathological laboratories in India have got CAP (College of American Pathology) accredition where as there is not a single CAP accredited laboratory in whole Middle East countries, forget the other parts of the world. Maximum number USFDA pharmaceutical manufacturing unit is available only in India after USA. Success of physicians and surgeons diagnosis depends on quality of pathological tests and quality of medicine. Fortunately India is the no.1 in the world in terms of quality of medicine and pathological test parameters. Indian private hospitals invested lots on research and development and this is the reason India is the preferred destination in the world for medical tourism. Price advantage is, of course, a major selling point with Medicotreat. The slogan, thus is, "First World treatment' at Third World prices". Don’t think that low prices equal low quality. Quite the contrary. India has got privilege of English speaking and getting translator easily for Russian, Arabic, Persian, Chinese, Japanese, French and German. Indian pathological laboratories are getting pathological test samples from across the world and provide test result via mail instantly. It is clear pathological test results are globally accepted and affordable. India is the 5th largest country in terms of producing medicine. India is exporting medicine approximately all nook and corner of the world and got good acceptance. 1 in 10 doctors practising in UK is from India and so is USA, so is in Europe and so on. Some of the Indian doctors settled in abroad, quiet often come to India for a week or couple of week for consultancy and for doing surgery on call. Delhi being a capital of India has got better treatment facility in comparison to other parts of India. India has got air connectivity from all over the world and specially there is daily flight to Delhi from most of the countries of the world. Apart from these factors, yet another significant factor for India’s popularity as a hub for medical tourism is the Zero waiting periods unlike US, UK, Canada and Europe where people have to wait for a long time for treatments.

OUR SERVICES Medicotreat organizes the best health tour packages at the best possible rates as per financial health or based on your request. We plan each step much in advance thereby remove the element of uncertainty from your trip. Once you have arrived in your destination, you are greeted at the airport by our Destination Program Manager. He will further guide you as per predefined schedule. Our valuable assistance is as follows: Tour Package: Assists in selection of medical tourism package tailored to your requirements. Appointments: Takes appoint for timely consultation with the physician Travel Necessities: Coordinates in getting booking of air tickets Digitizing Documents: Digitalises medical documents in compact disc to present physician. Car rentals: we provide cost effective car rental services, affordable tour packages to make your stay more lively and exciting. Accommodation: We also provide you with alternatives on your accommodation ranging from the luxury hotels to smaller boutique and heritage hotels to the less expensive serviced apartments. Traveller Communications: We will provide you local mobile number and internet facility to communicate with your family during treatment in India. First Aids: You will get first aids kit that will include items like band aids, savlon, compression bandage, seizer, antipyretic, analgesic, digestive, antidiarhoeal. Visa & Financing- We will assist you in obtaining Indian medical (M) Visa for you and Medical Ascendant (MX) visa for your companions before you arrive in India. We will also help you getting cash in the local currency after your arrival destination and during stay in India. Toiletries Kit-You will get toiletries kit that will contains ear buds, comb, hair oil, raiser, tooth brush, shaving cream, soap, tooth paste, cotton buds and condom.

CONSULTATION/SECOND OPINION Taking second opinion is good to make bold decision specially to save a life. Those Indians and foreigners who cannot afford services of branded hospitals in India can take consultancy or second opinion quiet often for self satisfaction and for better care. Simultaneously we are providing consultancy to any citizen of the world who so ever want to get second opinion of doctors from United States of America or United Kingdom as well. To make the consultation easy you have to provide us soft copy or scan copy of all pathological test report, radiological test reports and physician prescription copy. Our clinical coordination manager will update you within 48 hours from the date of receipt of your request for normal cases and for emergency cases you will get instant response. You can get prescription after consultation even without conducting pathological tests, it depends on severity of disease or finally by physician. We can arrange and export/courier medicine prescribed by doctors or can guide you to buy in your own country or city. Pathological Test: You can also outsource pathological samples to us for cross check of result. We have association with CAP (College of American Laboratory) pathological laboratory in India and test result from CAP accredited laboratory is globally accepted and proven. Meher Pathlabs takes care all pathological test related query and this is a sister concern company of Medicotreat. Medicine: You can get any medicine from India whether allopathic, herbals or homeopathy. We are authorised exporter of medicine and we are also manufacturer of medicine. We have WHOGMP-Envisa approved manufacturing facility. Through these certification we can sell medicine anywhere in the world.

PANEL HOSPITALS We have more than 50 hospitals in panel that includes category A, B,C and D based on facilities and certifications. You can opt health package as per your financial health and brand image which ever suits to you. Here in India hospitals are specialised and known for particular best treatment. We will share name of best hospitals for your particular treatment need. To name a few hospital speciality wise across India includes: For kidney treatment the no.1 hospital is Batra, for liver treatment the no.1 hosptial is Singhania, for heart and head surgery the no.1 hospital is Escort and for burn no.1 hospital is Safdar Jung etc. The exact cost of treatment or health package will be given to you, once you will share your requirement of treatment or severity of disease and which health category package you are going to opt. Easy step to get cost of the treatment is to fill up patient form online and send us directly. We will confirm you after assessment and after discussion with the management in first 48 hours. But for emergency treatment you will get response in an hour or so. Physicians and surgeons at our panels hospitals have been trained and have experience in Indian and western countries, so they are attuned to the needs, sensitivities, and expectations of patients from abroad and within India. All our panels hospitals have 99% success rate in their fields of medical treatments and have treated national and international patients with care and precision. Medicotreat is the first medical tourism service provider company in the world who categorised hospitals in three categories and included in panel so that every class people can get the treatment whether rich, middle class or below middle class and even poorest of the poor. Link A-Category Hospitals B-Category Hospitals C-Category Hospitals D-Speciality Clinics Email: Mobile: 0091-9818131498/9210210374, Tel; 0091-27514981/27514446

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