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Apple Picking It seems the thieves of New York City have a new hobby- stealing iPhones and iPads.

Thieves even have a name for their new hobby- Apple Picking. There are different ways to steal a phone or tablet. They can be stolen the traditional way for e!ample when victims are distracted in crowded s"bways resta"rants or discos b"t there is also a new method where phones are snatched right o"t of the hands of "sers by thieves who then r"n away. Apple prod"cts are pop"lar to steal beca"se they can be re-programmed easily and sold on the black market. #ere is the story of how one Apple was picked twice. $ne afternoon in %rooklyn a &'-year-old girl was walking thro"gh the park. The girl was listening to m"sic on her iPhone when three boys came to her. $ne of the boys p"lled the phone from the girl(s hand. The boys then ran away b"t the girl noticed the boy who took her phone was wearing pink sneakers. The girl met two police officers in the park and told them what had happened and the police drove the girl aro"nd the park in their car searching for the thief. )eanwhile the thief in pink sneakers was b"sy. *"st min"tes after stealing the iPhone the thief met a man who said he wo"ld like to b"y it. %"t when the boy handed the man the phone the man took it and ran away stealing the already stolen phone from the thief. %"t )r Pink +neakers was not going to let the second thief get away with the phone. #e stopped a passing police car and told the police his phone had been stolen. ,ort"nately for o"r story the second thief wasn(t as fast as the first one and moments later the police fo"nd the second thief and they all went together to the police station. A short time later one of the policeman who was driving the girl aro"nd the park had an idea. +he called the girl(s stolen phone -"st to see if someone wo"ld answer. The girl(s phone rang at the police station and a policeman picked it "p and said hello. .Yo" stole my phone/ said the first policeman .I want it back./ .I didn(t steal yo"r phone I(m a cop./ .Yo"(re a cop0 I(m a cop/ .Yo"(re a cop too0 1hat(s going on here0/ It was soon clear to both policemen what had happened and the girl was driven to the police station where she identified the thief in pink sneakers. +he was also able to "nlock the phone with the pin something the other .victim/ co"ldn(t do. +o in one afternoon two people were arrested for two thefts of one Apple iPhone. No wonder crime is so high in New York.